(Problem)(suggestion) Why does it take so long to screen through long comments?

I have been attempting to upload an original story. However, after each attempt, the system will respond with "this comment will be posted after approval" or something along those lines. Naturally, the first time, I waited a day, and seeing nothing happened, wrote to Ren and emailed wuxiaworld at [email protected] Fine. I wait a couple of days and it comes out. However, 2 posts come out because I got slightly impatient and sent the same post twice. Afterwards, I decide to edit the post and insert my new chapter so that I don't have to wait so long for the chapter to come out again. Same thing, "this comment.....". I HAVE WAITED A WEEK FOR THE EDITS TO FINISH BUT NOTHING HAS COME THROUGH. What in the world? If this system wasn't so useless and take so long for the comment to be posted I would overlook the 1-2 day requirement but it's been A WEEK. Maybe what you could do to rectify this is perhaps introduce a bot which looks through these posts for certain language which the site could possible deem to be not pg-13. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks


  • ok after waiting for a week the chapter has come out but still please make the system more efficient. thanks
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