Suggestion: Fix Your Javascript...

Every time I go to this website my computer always starts performing worse and worse as time goes on.  Eventually I found out that I needed to regularly CTRL+ALT+DEL the chrome process for this website and refresh wuxiaworld.  However, it ALWAYS quickly started lagging my computer almost immediately again.  Eventually I found a more permanent solution for myself.

Solution: go to chrome's sidebar and enter the settings section->show advanced settings->"content settings" under the "privacy" heading->"manage exceptions" under the "Javascript" heading->add an exception for "" and set it to block.  

I have literally found ALMOST NO DISADVANTAGES to doing this at all.  I am posting in the forums right now with it blocked. I made some chapter comments just a second ago with it blocked.  I can read every chapter and navigate every series with it blocked. 

The only disadvantages I've found is that I can't open the drop down list of chapters when navigating a larger series like coiling dragon.  Also the front page doesn't work properly anymore.  Both are easy to work around and when compared to the HORRIBLE lag I suffer with javascript on, I find there's almost no downsides.  

My conclusion is that javascript does ALMOST NOTHING on this website other than cause UNBELIEVABLE LAG.  

So my suggestion, learn proper javascript...  You are doing something HORRIBLY wrong.  


  • Can I learn JavaScript from you?
    Please teach me master sama
  • Can I learn JavaScript from you?
    Please teach me master sama
    Well, he's not really wrong. Implementing JS in general is not really a great choice. 
  • THIS! but I can't block javascript on WW because of Just Read extension. Well, now I practice opening 1 tab at a time then closing it as early as possible. When I do forgot, I also crawl through my PC to open Task Manager and kill the abomination eating GBs of memory.

    Evil Suggestion: Open 20 tabs of any WW page and leave it open for an hour.
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