[Virus] I am sorry, but wuxiaworld is filled with virus.

This may be because of the ads in the page, or my region, but this is the second time i open Desolated Era to read in my phone (android) and it download the file "hbpix" just by opening the page.
I do use my cell to read novels in other sites and visit all sort of sites and the only site i have this problem is in wuxiaworld, so is unlike that my phone have the virus.

I don't know if this is a problem only in the DE area or any area of the site, since DE is the only novel i am currently reading right now in ww.

On top of that, there was 2 times that my browser redirected me to a fake page of google asking me to download some softwares.

Yes, there is a possibility that my phone have some virus instead of the page, but it is really strange, because i access all sort of webpages and the only one that this problem happens (4 times now) are in the DE page, please look up for the ads of some malicious code that can have in it.


  • It is supposed to be because of their ad platform, which is the worst I have ever seen. Their ads constantly run javascript in the background, forcefully redirect your browser to other pages and try to install files. 
    This has been a huge problem for months, making the site unusable on phones (unless you deactivate the javascript) but nothing has been done by the admins, they ask us to report the bad ads but it's the whole ad provider that is garbage.
    I don't know if they can't dump this provider because of a contract, but it is ruining the user experience on the website
  • Just use a browser with adblock when reading on your phone.
  • Hi. This just happened to me. I entered Wuxiaworld from my PC, and HBPIX downloaded on its own. Anybody know how to fix it? Virus scan shows nothing.
  • Downloading a file doesn't equat to having a virus on your computer. To actually get a virus you need to execute something. With the OS we have today you usually get asked if you want to execute something.

    Anway, for your smartphones there's one nice brower which simply ingores all fancy gimmicks. It requires getting used to, but it's best browser for just reading.

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