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  • So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
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    Rud said:
    So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
    I don't know for later chapters, but Ninedust and Ji Ning became friends after they both got pulled into another universe while fighting each other in Book 30. Once forced into the alternate univers, they swore lifeblood oaths to not backstab each other in order to survive the creatures of the universe they were pulled into (Book 30 and 31). I'll summarize some of it in detail, though you can already read those from the other summaries on the forums.

    Surviving together through all the events they formed good friendship, despite the fact Ji Ning is part of the Brightshore Empire and Ninedust being of the opposing Ancient Cultivator race.

    The Eastroad Sect that Ji Ning brings the treasures of the deceased Daolord who ran that place is desired by Ninedust because of the special temple training place there. Even without seeing it, Ninedust was able to sense his destiny lay on that territory and even managed to sense where it was hidden when he began fighting on that planet. He makes the fights slowly move towards the temples location, then rushes fullspeed towards it while Ji Ning chases after.

    The Temple has a test that increases the number and power of fighting statues it releases, rewarding you if u can reach the end, which the previous owner did manage left notes that it "took everything he had for the final fight".

    However, the treasure ends up reacting to Ninedust and pulls both of them into a far alternate dimension with these undying flame beasts that constantly regenerate. The first one was taxing on them and they soon see / sense there are tons of them so they have to plan how to escape in thise maze of tunnels of flamestone, a stone that they sense is valuable but neither can damage. So, they swear lifeblood oaths to teamup to survive.

    They manage to find an exit due to a planet that seems to ward off the creatures with its light/aura, and head to the planet itself.

    The friendship was established during the fire tunnel survival and solidified with their adventures on this planet, which  the planet and that temple that transported both of them being items of Ninedusts race of Ancient Cultivators. The next plot section is when after gaining further items and knowledge from the planet, they get transported "back" to their universe, but the Universe Treasure that sends them back transports them deep into the middle of the Terror Sea. So then they are now stuck surviving with each other to get OUT of the Terror Sea. The translations are now getting to the part where Ji Ning has to go save Solesky from the Waveshift world, and Ninedust comes with Ji Ning to help. 

    The books are translated by Ren up through Book 31 Chapter 15 as of today if you are a DaoLord donator. Otherwise you will have to wait for the free public release and/or the summaries for books 30 and 31 for the jist of what happened.

    As for your question of him dying or not, I have no idea.
  • Rud said:
    So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
    No, he becomes an eternal emperor after gaining a lot of fortune traveling alongside Ji Ning. They will be traveling together for several more books from now and he's basically the second most focused on character in the later parts  of the series. 
  • Ethereal said:
    Rud said:
    So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
    No, he becomes an eternal emperor after gaining a lot of fortune traveling alongside Ji Ning. They will be traveling together for several more books from now and he's basically the second most focused on character in the later parts  of the series. 
    first one m8?
  • hultak said:
    Ethereal said:
    Rud said:
    So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
    No, he becomes an eternal emperor after gaining a lot of fortune traveling alongside Ji Ning. They will be traveling together for several more books from now and he's basically the second most focused on character in the later parts  of the series. 
    first one m8?
    First question yes, Ninedust is Ji Ning's best friend. 

    Second question: no, he doesn't die. He succeeds in his Dao merger and becomes a hegemon level character.  They both travel together for several books and help each other out back and forth a lot of the way, though Ning inevitably jumps ahead. 
  • hultak said:
    Ethereal said:
    Rud said:
    So, Ninedusk Sectlord becomes Ji Nings best friend?, does he die?
    No, he becomes an eternal emperor after gaining a lot of fortune traveling alongside Ji Ning. They will be traveling together for several more books from now and he's basically the second most focused on character in the later parts  of the series. 
    first one m8?
    First question yes, Ninedust is Ji Ning's best friend. 

    Second question: no, he doesn't die. He succeeds in his Dao merger and becomes a hegemon level character.  They both travel together for several books and help each other out back and forth a lot of the way, though Ning inevitably jumps ahead. 
  • I was about to continue my summaries but I just don't have some energy to read lnmtl. But RWX was just fukin fast in translating DE so i'll just do vol. 35.

    Here we go: Volume 35: Aeonian Empire

    • Scene cuts to Ning and Ninedust shout for joy as they return back to Endless Territories from Hellephant Wall

    • They also become ecstatic while thinking about the loot they got from Hellephant Wall. Ning got 12 Emperor Golems as well as Thousand Leaves Green Spirit. Ninedust got 6 emperor Golems and a Supreme Sovereign(Autarch?) Talisman.

    • They also got Domain Boundary flying shuttle parts

    • According to the captured golems, the Domain Boundary flying shuttle are flying shuttles made by the Sith Clan. It says that it only takes several thousand years to reach from one Domain to another.

    • Because they received permission to enter Supreme Sovereign Bo Lin's trove, they could proceed towards its location which is inside Aeonian Empire

    • But before they proceed Ning tells Ninedust to wait for a couple of days for Ning needs to send some items to Three-Realms

    • While having some small conversations about strengths of their hometowns, Ning's Primaltwin came astonishing Ninedust because only quite few people were aware of Ning's Primaltwin.

    • Ninedust laments because Ancient Cultivators never have Primaltwins. This is because Primaltwins can only be gained during mortal cultivation. But since Ancient Cultivators are born as World Level, it became impossible for them to produce a primaltwin.

    • Ning gives Primaltwin 6 emperor golems as well as Sith plate and other treasures.

    • By going through Brightshore Kingdom they only took 30 years to arrive to Aeonian Clan territory.

    • They stopped for a moment to admire the place before Ninedust activates his token to teleport them to the place. They unknowingly get teleported to the most secret area of Aeonian Clan.

    • They emerge from a spatial crack only to be greeted by a flying vessel  opposite to a warship with three black humanoid lifeforms on three thrones, the warship has Nine levels with each level having Silver Robed Dao Lords totaling to 300 Sith Clan Silver Robed Dao Lords.

    • It took the two of them a moment to realize that something was not right. They have met Sith Race people before and the Sith before them have a different 'breath'.

    • They approach they scene quietly before they notice a floating stele

    • The stele contains the words left behind by Supreme Emperor Bo Lin. It shows the scene wherein Bo Lin's strongest disciple Bai Zhu, someone more formidable than general Hegemons and one of the earliest to die during the war, confronting a squad of the Sith Clan  led by three black clothed emperors.

    • In the end of the confrontation, Bai Zhu managed to kill 126 Silver Robed Dao Lord as well as an emperor of the Sith clan before being overwhelmed to death.

    • It also tells about if the civilization becomes defeated by the Sith Clan, may this recreation be enough to give fighting experience to the survivors against the Sith Clan and may they one day rise up to revolt.

    • It also said that there are 318 stars/planets each with a legacy left behind by Hegemons.

    • Ning and Ninedust become startled for quite some time because of the dreadful war intent left behind by Bo Lin on his writing.

    • Luckily the Sith Clan was defeated in the end.

    • Ninedust went and gave the battle a try before coming back using his undying body because the battle was too hard. Compared to the three clan leaders back during the Hellephant Wall, these Silver Robed beings were far stronger.

    • With 300 Silver Robed People, even Hegemons won't be able to handle them.

    • Ning followed after and gave the battle a try. He commended the Supreme Emperor for being able to recreate the Sith people.

    • Ning retreated after the third Silver Robed Sith came while sighing because he can only manage to go against two.

    • Knowing their limits, the two proceeded to view the 318 legacies left behind by Hegemons.

    • Each legacy has a stele that introduces each Hegemon by mind transmission.

    • They became happy because these legacies, unlike most legacies, does not ask for NDA(lifeblood oath).

    • They encounter one God Emperor He Long's legacy which can combine both Heartforce and Divine Power.

    • After an amount of time, they managed to visit all 318 legacies.

    • Even though they didn't sign the NDA, they decided to not wantonly spread these legacies because they already won and Sith empire is no longer.

    • Ninedust decides to only hand over the knowledge to his Ancient Cultivator Clan if ever he fails his Daomerge or succeeds it.

    • Ning is not anxious to hand over the legacies to the three realms since the other people there are still to weak to use these legacies. Only when formidable people emerge will he gradually hand over such legacies.

    • They went to their own dwellings to absorb these legacies. Ning took to long to finish so Ninedust decides to battle the Sith recreations again.

    • Ning finishes recounting each legacy finding out that of the over 300 that they got only 7 of them are related to the sword.

    • Ning greeted Ninedust while also finding out that Ninedust got more formidable during the time that Ning was meditating.

    • Ninedust responds that there are 25 Water Element legacies and he feels that his Daomerge may be more and more successful. He calculates 10% success.

    • Even though 10% seems so few it is still quite a large chance as normal Daomerge success rate is much much smaller than that

    • Ning is also happy because he obtains these legacies that can help his extremely meager chance of Daomerge success due to his Ultimate Sword Dao. If compared to Ninedust, his Daomerge difficulty is many times more thus making his future uncertain

    • Ning plans that if he fails his Daomerge and Ninedust Succeeds, he can leave Three-Realms to Ninedust's care. Having a Hegemon watch over the Three-Realms can have the Three-Realms people can feel somewhat safe.

    • They went and had a round of battle with the Sith showing some improvements then realizing they still haven't checked out the flying vessel so they went there

    • Heading towards the flying vessel, what met them was a sign that says if they aren't Supreme Sovereign then they should go back

    • Knowing that they can't do anything about it unless the were to succeed their Daomerge, Ning and Ninedust decided to explore the other parts of the secret area since there may be more to be found.

    • Ning manifest his heartworld over the entire area

    • The two of them travel the place while discovering special stars/planets(?)

    • They suddenly came across a strange place where one side has a blazing red sea while the other side is an endless dark blue ocean of water.

    • At the intersection of the two sides there seems to be a thick fog

    • Upon closer inspection Ning  sees that at the crown of a tree can be seen atop the fog

    • He inspects it to be the Ten Thousand Calamities Sacred Blood Fruit. But he becomes confused because instead of its production of 3 fruits per batch, this one has ten.

    • Ning and Ninedust inspect the tree further and discovered that aside from the ten fruits, the height of this tree was 1million zhang, much taller than the 100,000 zhang ordinary TTCSBF tree

    • They fly towards the tree but as they got closer the two sides start to rumble as flood dragons came out of the deep ocean side and fiery four hooved creatures came out of the blazing sea side.

    • The two beasts tell Ning and Ninedust about the trial. Ning and Ninedust , since they are still Daolords, only need to battle one of each beast to pass the trial

    • If, instead, they were Emperors then they need to battle the entire group one after another

    • Ning battles first, he makes a breakthrough with his Heavenbreaker stance during battle now he only needs to fuse all his stances to reach fourth step Daolord

    • He defeats one flood dragon with the stance and proceeds to battle out the four hooved beast to temper himself after the heavenbreaker breakthrough and  winning after he has enough experience

    • Now the clan leaders allow Ning to pick up the fruits of the tree

    • The clan leaders of the two clans commend Ning about his sword arts while at the same time recalling the last time a Daolord challenged the two clans which was invited by flamedragon branch of Aeonian clan

    • Ning and Ninedust then discovers that this Aeonian empire of flamedragon domain was just a branch of the entire Aeonian clan

    • Since Ning already passed the test, Ninedust can opt to not take it on the condition that he doesn’t touch anything inside.

    • According to the clan leaders of the beasts, this Ten Thousand Calamities Sacred Blood tree should be 100 times more valuable than other trees of its type and this tree is the lifeblood of the flamedragon branch of the Aeonian clan

    • Ning, like a fukin’ BAMF, decides to uproot the tree so that he could make it an exchange item for the revival of his wife

    • He spends 18 million years to destroy the formations surrounding the tree

    • After exerting some effort he manages to uproot the tree and place it inside his space dwelling

    • They also notice that even though the clan leaders were surprised they didn’t try to stop Ning from uprooting the tree

    • After uprooting the tree they feel an oppressive feeling from the ground where it was planted

    • On the crater they see what the clan leaders define to be supreme sovereign blood which is the true treasure in this place

    • Because of this blood, the Aeonian clan transplanted the Sacred Blood Tree which lead to why the tree was so large and without the blood, the tree would only be 10 times more valuable than regular Sacred Blood Trees

    • The clan leaders urge Ning to try to collect the Supreme Sovereign blood so that they could be free

    • Ning tries his hardest to lift the Sovereign blood shaking the entire world but at the same time the Aeonian Kingdom Palace also shook

    • The Aeonian Kingdom EEs, An Chen, De Gu, Qi Yin, immediately rushed towards their secret area

    • The three gets angry at Ning and Nine dust because not only did they take away the sacred blood tree, they also tried to take away the Supreme Sovereign blood

    • In anger the three EE immediately flew towards Ning to attack him but the clan leaders as well as their clan members blocked the three of them

    • They, like Ning, also need to pass the trial to proceed but because they are EEs they need to battle the two clans

    • The Aeonian emperors express that this was their Aeonian empire’s secret place only to be corrected by the clan leaders that this was the supreme sovereigns secret place

    • Emperor An Chen calls for the spirit of the secret place to help them attack the clan leaders but instead the spirit trash talks the Flamedragon branch of the Aeonian empire because after all this time they haven’t produced a talented person

    • Apparently the Aeonian clan is the direct descendant of Supreme Sovereign Bo Lin and if an Aeonian race can absorb the supreme blood then they would become technically Bo Lin’s children

    • Since they can’t touch Ning and Nine dust, An Chen told them that if they left behind the tree as well as make an oath to not spread the 300 legacies, then the Aeonian clan won’t pursue them

    • Ning and Ninedust told him to go f*ck himself and then used the supreme talisman to teleport them away while giving An Chen and co. the finger

    • Upon seeing Ning and Ninedust leaving, An Chen immediately commands for the search of the two

    • Story also elaborates about the strength of Aeonian clan being the weakest influence in flamedragon domain but if even one clan member can absorb the supreme blood then they would immediately skyrocket to be the strongest

    • Meanwhile, Ning and Ninedust made a domain to hide in so that they can comprehend the 300 legacies some more

    • While Ning was training, back at Three-Realms, his Primaltwin, Subhuti, and Windfiend were drinking together because the other two wanted to breakthrough towards Dao Lord

    • Ning wanted to see their Dao progress so the two presented their Daos o Ning

    • Ning gets surprised because the two them have Supreme Daos which only people with talent can have. He wonders why a small place like the three realms can have many talented individuals compared to Vastheaven palace.

    • Note that the amount of legacies that the Vastheaven palace have vastly outstrips the three Realms yet it can still produce individuals with supreme Daos. And this is before Ning has gotten his 300 Hegemon legacies

    • Ning tells the two to delay their breakthrough because he will give them Hegemon legacies

    • While Subhuti and Windiend are comprehending Hegemon legacies, Ning directed his gaze towards the entire Three-Realms

    • Compared to the past, the Three-Realms has undergone a major overhaul. With the previous items that Ning has sent gradually in the past, the potential of the inhabitants have skyrocketed

    • The top talents like Subhuti and Winfiend are now preparing for Samsara Daolord with supreme Daos

    • The Buddhas, Monkey King, and other top talents are now breaking through of have broke through World God level. Even Brightmoon has become World Level

    • The probability of breaking through Celestial Immortal has gone up as well. Failing the Celestial Tribulation can now be attributed to bad luck. Even previous Loose Immortals can breakthrough to Celestial Immortal

    • But even counting the many guidance that Ning gave to the Three Realms, it still cannot explain the fact that the potential of the inhabitants are astonishing. Even a world where a Hegemon supervises, the amount of talents that would emerge to World God are still miniscule

    • Ning reckons that the state of the Three Realms has something to do with the Azure Flower Immortal Estate just outside the Three Realms

    • Time passes by, Windfiend and Subhuti breaks through to Daolord

    • They talk about the legacies and to not let anyone know about them and to establish a lifeblood oath whenever someone wants to use them

    • This and that about life and if Ning dies then Subhuti and Windfiend will be the protectors of Three-Realms and Subhuti telling Ning to take a break once in a while

    • Three-Realms scene ends with Ning instructing Brightmoon on sword arts

    • Scene switches to a black robed youth bantering with a green robed female about having huge gains

    • Apparently the youth has met an old man who was fishing and is formidable. The old man gave the male youth a pebble containing profound staff laws

    • The old man turned out to be Ninedust  casually leaving a legacy

    • Ning asks him why, Nine dust tells him that the youth remind him of his young self

    • Another reason is because they opened this world, they have somewhat of a responsibility towards its inhabitants

    • The two continued to fly but all of a sudden the Domain ship part that they acquired back at the Hellephant wall started to have a reaction

    • They fly towards the reaction tearing apart the spacetime to arrive closer

    • They notice that the source of the reaction is also going towards them

    • The other source turned out to be City Lord Redsnow, a city lord of the Dao Alliance’s 8 great holy cities

    • Story introduces Redsnow as someone of evil and ominous origin

    • He is an eternal emperor only weaker than the Hegemons and he possesses a major part of the domain ship

    • Ning and Ninedust quickly made a run for it planning to go towards Brightshore Kingdom

    • They throw treasures in order to buy some time and they establish a formation at the same time

    • Despite their efforts Redsnow eventually catches up to them

    • Ning and Ninedust greets Redsnow but instead, Redsnow attacks them staggering Ning who defends against it

    • Even Ninedust’s water undying body cannot hold on for too much time

    • Ning wants to discuss with Redsnow because dying due to Domain ship parts isn’t worth it

    • Redsnow accepts to not attack them but only if they leave all their treasures, including armors, and let Redsnow freely scan their souls

    • Ning and Ninedust, of course, denies and tells Redsnow that he’s going too far

    • They get angry at Redsnow because of his actions and banter back and forth

    • The two activates the formation to block any attacks from Redsnow

    • Redsnow destroys the formation

    • Ning tells Ninedust to hide inside Ning’s space dwelling because Ning will find a way to escape, Ninedust complies

    • Ning activates the Spacetime Disk that Hegemon Brightshore has given him

    • Redsnow gets caught off guard but immediately encases the surrounding spacetime

    • The Spacetime Disk shatters, unable to withstand Redsnow’s power

    • Redsnow attacks Ning again and he blocks it, but it completely consumed Ning’s reserves

    • Ning tells the messenger clone that he got from Brightshore that he is willing to exchange the 50 coldflame fruits from waveshift realm as well as the other fruits in order for the Hegemon to extinguish Redsnow

    • Ning tries to buy time for the Hegemon to arrive, desperately defending against Redsnow’s attacks

    • Ning isn’t very worried that he would die because he has that Dao Seal back from the alternate universe which can revive him but Ninedust who is currently inside his space dwelling will be killed by Redsnow

    • This thought of saving Ninedust prompts Ning to breakthrough in his Heartsword Art reaching 11th stage

    • This breakthrough made Redsnow more resolved to kill Ning because if Ning breaks through stage twelve it would make their firepower equal

    • Ning continues to fight and delay now that his ability has increased by three times buying him more time for the Hegemon

    • Redsnow hesitates because at this rate he needs to use a treasure in order to kill Ning

    • Hegemon arrives, Redsnow feels his crisis so he uses a black sledgehammer. He threw it towards Ning wrapping Ning’s body in light

    • Hegemon Brightshore becomes angry and rushes to attack Redsnow

    • But it was too late, the sledgehammer already arrived to Ning

    • Ning wanted to tell Hegemon to save Ninedust but his body was turned to dust before he could do so.

    • Ning dies further angering the Hegemon

    • Redsnow tries to take Ning’s treasures but Brightshore arrived before he could do so

    • Redsnow tells Brightshore that he only needs Ning’s space dwelling but Brightshore tells Redsnow to fck off

    • Brightshore examines Ning’s treasures and finds out about Ning’s primaltwin because the items still hasn’t released their ownership

    • Brightshore heads to Vastheaven palace since Ning has a Dharma body there

    --------------------------------------Volume 35 End-----------------------------------------------------------------

  • Awesome!! how about vol 36?  :)
  • Awesome!! how about vol 36?  :)
    doing it right now.. expect maybe tomorrow or the next day
  • God bless you Minerwater. :)
  • Awesome!! how about vol 36?  :)
    doing it right now.. expect maybe tomorrow or the next day
    Thank for your hard work 
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    Hello everyone i can't seem to post the whole summary on this forum yet maybe because it is 6.7k words long. You can see it here but I'll try my best to post it on this thread when possible.

    Edit: it seems to been fixed

    Hello again! I binged up to vol 37 so i might release summaries until that volume.

    Volume 36: Fourth Step Daolord

    • Back at Vastheaven Palace, Ning’s Dharma Body sat crossed legged across the Lifeblood Dao-seal that Emperor Maniseal has given him before to revive his true body.
    • Ning, after being revived, went and had small banter with Souji
    • Hegemon Brightshore arrived, amazed that Ning’s original body is alive
    • Ning explains about the Lifeblood Dao-seal given by Emperor Maniseal
    • Hegemon returns Ning’s treasures making Ning thankful. Ning offers the fruits he promised but Hegemon Brightshore denies them because even though Ning was revived, the original deal was for Hegemon Brightshore to save Ning when he was attacked by Redsnow
    • Ning doesn’t press on further since he also knows the arrogance of being someone of power. He instead offered Brightshore to trade the fruits in turn for some materials needed for Ning’s Sword Dao Body.
    • This trade pleases Brightshore because he knows that if Ning is willing to trade publicly then the Dao Alliance and Ancient Cultivators would be able to provide a much better trade condition
    • Brightshore Hegemon accepts the trade, delivering the items in a month’s time, as well as give Ning advice to hide in Vast heaven palace and not reveal the fact that he’s still alive
    • Brightshore also gave Ning a favor, Ning could call the Hegemon for protection one time while Ning is still hiding inside Vastheaven palace
    • Because the Hegemon didn’t make the conversation private, the nearby Youji managed to hear all of it. The fact that Ning was against City Lord Redsnow worried Youji greatly.
    • Ning tells Youji to keep mum on this information
    • Ning releases Ninedust from his space dwelling. Before Brightshore Hegemon gave Ning his belongings, Ning was very worried for this friend of his.
    • Ninedust told Ning that he’s glad that Ning managed to run away without accident and that he was worried. Ning tells him that his worries are warranted since he actually died during the confrontation.
    • This fact surprised Ninedust but Ning tells him that he has gained a treasure that can revive Daolords
    • After that small talk, Ninedust suddenly turned serious. He told Ning that this encounter with Redsnow made it known to him that there is a big disparity between him, Ninedust, and Ji Ning.
    • Seeing that this is not good for both Ning and Ninedust because on risks that is hard for Ninedust, Ning will find easy and the one that Ning deemed somewhat perilous is, in turn, very dangerous for Ninedust.
    • Ninedust suggests that the both of them separate. Ning goes to continue his cultivation while Ninedust pursues the way of his Daomerge.
    • They made sure to contact themselves if there are matters worth discussing. Ning has a Dharma body in Vastheaven palace so Ninedust can just contact Ning there. And one of the holy cities in the Dao Alliance is controlled by the Ancient Cultivator clan so Ning can send his message there.
    • Ninedust leaves while Ning stays to cultivate in Vastheaven palace. Ning got some insights due to his recent death so he plans to capitalize on it and achieve some breakthroughs.
    • Ning hopes for Ninedust to succeed his Daomerge. Ning also lists his current goals: reach 4th step Daolord which will give him enough strength to fulfill his second goal which is to find enough treasures to exchange for reviving his wife.
    • Ning heads toward Vast heaven Everworld for a stroll. He arrives at an area with which the strongest seem to be at Celestial Immortal level. It is an area where seven kingdoms strive for supremacy, a place where people die every time. Ning decides to stay at this place to comprehend the mystery of life and death.
    • The cultivation in this world is different, three ranks of martial, master, grandmaster where grandmaster equates to Void Immortal level.
    • In a fairly large village, a baby child was born. Ning dressed up as fortune-telling middle aged man carrying a cloth banner with the words “Telling Fortunes”.
    • Ning tries to get inside the village by telling the guards that he is a predestined friend of the newborn baby which turns out to be the village lord’s only son ‘Xu Hu’. Ning gets driven away.
    • Three years later, Ning returned to the village to see more than ten children playing in the mud. He transformed into a child 3-5 years old wearing a red bellyband. Ning and the boy Xu Hu gets into a “fight”. Ning ran away before other people came. Later that night Xu Hu became sick.
    • Xu Hu naturally recovered and continued with his life, reaching Master level by the age of 18. Master level being equal to Zifu and Wanxian level.
    • Ning continues to observe Xu Hu. At age 18, Xu Hu became the strongest person in the surrounding area.
    • At some point Xu Hu led some men to eradicate bandits but gets defeated. He became a fugitive at a mountain village where he met his woman ‘Xiao Hua’.
    • One day Xu Hu and his bae was buying meat from a on old man. After seeing how the old man chopped the meat, Xu Hu begs the old man to teach him his saber art.
    • Xu Hu then became the old man’s meat chopping apprentice. But six month later the old man suddenly vanishes. No matter what Xu Hu did he can’t find the old man, so he decides to take  Xiao Hua to his hometown.
    • The old man( yes you guessed it) is actually Ning. He continues to observe Xu Hu.
    • Xu Hu kills bandits eventually and reaches Grandmaster level. Xu Hu gets invited by the emperor to be a general.
    • Xu Hu became a commander of three hundred thousand troops to guard the border. He did this for 800 years. By this time he has sired three sons and a daughter.
    • Due to internal instability, Xu Hu led the army to retreat. But he became besieged by 8 grandmasters giving him heavy losses but have not died. Instead, he fell ill due to an assassination attempt.
    • In his deathbed, many people surrounded Xu Hu including the emperor and some ministers. Words get exchanged between the emperor and Xu Hu.
    • All of a sudden a white robed youth appeared. Xu Hu can’t help but remember the small child that kicked his foot and caused him to be sick for three days. He also remembered the old man that taught him his saber art. The baby and the old man have the  same eyes as this youth in front of him.
    • Ning does a speech telling Xu Hu about the near millennium that he has been observing the man. Ning tells Xu Hu that he guarantees that Xu Hu won’t lose his memories in this life after reincarnating and that if fate wills it, then they would meet again. Xu Hu dies while muttering “Master, master.”
    • After Ning reincarnates Xu Hu and then went to look for more ‘predestined friends’
    • One life after another Ning finds his ‘predestined friends’ to observe their life and comprehend life and death.
    • On top of the mountain Ning recalls all his experiences. A million years go by and suddenly a boom sounded, Ning’s Dao tree grew and his heartworld expanded further.
    • Instead of absorbing chaos energy outside, he used chaos gems in order to conceal his breakthrough and prevent redsnow and Aeonian clan from tracing his location.
    • Finding out that Ning is still alive isn’t actually a challenge for Redsnow and Aeonian clan because back at Brightshore Empire Ning’s heartlamp still hasn’t extinguished yet.
    • Now that Ning finished his breakthrough to 4th step, Redsnow and the Aeonian Clan cannot threaten him anymore. Ning has also broken through to 12th form of heartsword before, since the 11th and 12th level are of the same stage then it is much easier for a breakthrough.
    • This breakthrough also led him to be able so see Karma, not just feel it.
    • Brief explanation about being able to kill someone through karma. Ning can send his sword energy via karma and kill a person, including the person’s primaltwin.
    • In addition to prior improvements, Ning reaching 4th level of the Omega Sword Dao also gave him an undying body due to his Shadowless stance.
    • Before, Ning has envied Daolords with undying bodies because having an undying body gives you a much greater chance of surviving dangerous situations.
    • Ning reckons that his undying body is much more refined than Redsnow’s undying body. Shadowless is part of the Omega Sword Dao that Ning cultivates. Redsnow cultivates a Saber Dao that doesn’t have and undying body so he also cultivates Dao of Snow/Ice to attain an undying body.
    • With his 4th step Daolord level, as well as his 12th level of Heartsword, Ning is now at the level of the Dao Alliance’s city lords. If there are those who can give him a hard time, then they would be in quite small numbers. Only hegemons can dominate Ning now.
    • These advancements further gave Ning hope in finding something that can move a Supreme Sovereign.
    • After his breakthrough Ning trains again, this time training in the Dividing Light Great Sword Qi to construct a Diffraction Light Sea. This is because the Nine Great Secret Arts that he cultivated before cannot catch up to his current level of advancement.
    • He leaves a legacy site before heading back to Vast heaven Palace.
    • Emperor Solesky met with Ning, telling Ning that he was worried that Emperor Redsnow might find out about Ning and he heard that there are other entities other than Redsnow that are looking for Ning.
    • Ning told Solesky to chill as Ning already know the other entity, Aeonian clan. Ning also told Solesky that Ning was chased by them because of some treasure.
    • Ning also tells Solesky his plans: head back to Brightshore Kingdom, plan to kill Redsnow. He probably can’t kill Redsnow but Ning plans to fck his City up.
    • Ning emits his aura, making Solesky fearful. Solesky wonders how a Daolord can be this powerful.
    • Upon reaching Brightshore Kingdom, Ning caused the place to erupt. Multiple Daolords sending messages all over the place. In a blink of an eye, the entire Endless Territories came to know that Ning has appeared in Brightshore Kingdom. All this time, both Redsnow and Aeonian Clan has been looking for Ning.
    • The reason why Ning went to Brightshore and not Redsnow’s Holy City is because Ning wants to visit the Eternal Weapon stored inside Sword Palace’s Armory.
    • The Eternal Weapon spirit and Ning go back and forth talking but in the end Ning gets denied. Being a Daolord is the most detrimental factor for Ning in acquiring the Eternal Weapon.
    • Ning decides to focus on his Northbow swords and plans to upgrade them further.
    • He approaches Emperor Brightshore and initiates a trade. He shows the emperor Aeonian Clan’s blood fruit. Brightshore identifies it as Eternal Fruit, the lifeblood of the Aeonian Clan. Brightshore reckons that Aeonian Clan is chasing Ning because of this fruit. Little did he know our boi Ji Ning took the entire tree.
    • Ning plans to trade the fruit for treasures needed for the secret technique God Wing Sword Light. Out of all hegemon legacies he can find, this technique and Dividing Light Great Sword Qi technique complement with his Yin Yang Sword Stance.
    • Brightshore accepts, he asks for 15 Eternal fruits and he’ll give it in six months.
    • He also tells Ning that he can help Ning to fight off Redsnow and Aeonian Clan for 10 fruits every time. Once again, little did he know our boi Ning doesn’t give a shit about them anymore.
    • Back at Redsnow’s Holy City, Redsnow receives news that Ning is hiding inside Brightshore Kingdom.
    • He assumes that Ning would either use a space channel with the help of Brightshore to arrive at other major areas or directly leave Brightshore Kingdom by himself.
    • Redsnow asks his subordinate Emperors to guard the three channels that Ning would come out while he will guard the outside of Brightshore Kingdom to kill Ning the moment he comes out.
    • After a few months, Ning finally has gotten his materials needed for God Wing Sword Light. He trains in it and tests it along with Dividing Light Sword Qi for his Yin Yang Stance before leaving Brightshore Kingdom.
    • He leaves Brightshore Kingdom through a space channel. Redsnow is startled because the space channel Ning used is the one closest to Redsnow’s Holy City thinking smug because he has an Emperor standing guard there. Little did he know our boi Ning stronk.  
    • Ning exits space channel and gets greeted by Redsnow City’s Emperor Nightspring. Nightspring “invites” Ning to Redsnow City, he urges Ning to come inside his space dwelling. Ning goes “I’m not and idiot” and iterates Nightsprings wrongdoing of killing babies for his dao. The Emperors residing in Redsnow Holy City are like Redsnow, evil practitioners.
    • Nightspring feels somewhat confident because Redsnow told him that Ning’s power level is one step below City Lords.
    • Ning reks Nightspring. While Nightspring is thinking about escaping, Ning blasts him with Dreamstar Art. Ning executes Nightspring using Heavenbreaker, .
    • Back at Redsnow Holy City, Nightspring’s Dharma body and Rednsow’s Dharma body are talking. Redsnow instructs Nightspring to delay Ning as much as possible but all of a sudden Nightspring’s face became blank due to Ning’s Heartforce art.
    • Upon waking up a moment later, Nightspring shouted at Redsnow telling him angrily how Redsnow deceived him and then he dies afterwards.
    • Redsnow rages about not having Ning get away with killing Nightspring. He didn’t know that Ning is heading towards Redsnow Holy City immediately after killing Nightspring.
    • Scene switches to two extra characters arriving at Redsnow Holy City. They describe how beautiful the place is. They also discuss that even though the place is beautiful, it is a nesting place of evil personages.
    • The two suddenly detects an abnormality, they flew to observe the event only to discover that a huge Heartworld projection enveloping the entire Holy City.
    • The various emperors inside Redsnow city gets enraged and flew out. More than 20 Emperors emerged whether they be Dharma bodies or True bodies.
    • The two decide to run away in order to not get caught up with the clash between supreme beings.
    • As expected, it was Ning who used his Heatworld projection on Redsnow Holy City.
    • Nearby Daolords commend Ning for being fearless even saying that even though Ning will perish they would still remember him forever. They say that even though Daolords are weak, the strongest Dao Lord can contend against City Lords. Little did they know, you know the drill.
    • Ning taunts Redsnow’s squad by telling them to come at him in full force.
    • Our boi Ning rekts the emperors that clashed against him. The observers cannot understand how a Daolord can possibly be stronger that City Lords.
    • Even Brightshore who came to watch was shocked at the level of power that Ning has arrived at.
    • All enemy emperors along with Redsnow assembled themselves into a formation to combat Ning.
    • Ning uses his heartforce eradicator instantly killing five emperor’s Dharma bodies out of the 20 disrupting the formation.
    • Even Ning got surprised as to how strong his heartforce has become.
    • After Heartforce Eradicator, Ning used Dreamstar Art to disorient the enemies.
    • This time 16 fell into the illusion cast by Dreamstar Art collapsing the formation entirely.
    • This time Redsnow is completely scared.
    • Ning starts his counter attack. Wings erupted on his back increasing his speed by ten times. A large sword dao chaosworld also erupted around him setting up the secret arts for Ning to use his Yin Yang stance.
    • He used his Yin Yang stance. With his current body level as well as his hegemon armor, he does not fear these Emperors.
    • Instantly, six emperors get sliced by Ning’s wings crushing them instantaneously. Six emperors died, along with 5 Dharma bodies and all surviving Dharma bodies are under illusion. Redsnow’s ranks immediately retreated.
    • Ning attacks Redsnow, first using shadowless to get close. Upon clashing Ning used Heavenbreaker, freezing spacetime and even Karma has been stopped, shocking everyone, including Brightshore.
    • Redsnow, along with his buddy Bloodcloud, decides to go all out against Ning since if they can’t kill Ning then they’d suffer in hiding for 108,000 chaos cycles. And they are also somewhat confident since Ning doesn’t have an undying body. Little did they know.
    • Redsnow and Bloodcloud each used a treasure to attack Ning, bot attacks are at Hegemon level. Ning successfully repels both attacks one by one.
    • The two are shocked because not only did Ning block the attacks, Ning didn’t even spit out blood.
    • Bloodcloud immediately tells Redsnow that they lost at the same time tearing apart spacetime to escape.
    • Redsnow himself is in a quandary, but decided to escape himself and claiming that he wouldn’t give up.
    • Now at the space above the holy city only Ning is left. Emperors died while some escaped, all surrounding observers sighed because Ning was just too strong. It is now known throughout the Endless Territories that even Holy City Lords are no match against Ji Ning.
    • This news also made its way to Aeonian Clan Emperors making them retreat.
    • As the news spread, reclusive emperors one after another commented about Ning by themselves. Some of these reclusive emperors are striving towards Hegemon level. The fact that Ning has arrived at his current power level attracted them.
    • Brightshore inspected the treasures used by Redsnow and Bloodcloud. He reckons their attack power to be equal to Hegemons Windrain and Netherlily. Now that Ning’s power has reached a very high level, Brightshore concludes that the only flaw to Ji Ning is his lack of an undying body. Little did he motherf*cking know XD
    • Even without using his Shadowess undying body, Ning was able to repel Hegemon level attacks.
    • Above Redsnow Holy City, Ning was flying there staring straight at the city below him. Suddenly, Ning transformed into a giant of a hundred thousand feet tall. He grabbed the city and started to pull.
    • Runes flared up to counteract Ning’s efforts.
    • Ning transforms into his three-heads six arms form. Two arms grabbing the City while the other four holding onto his Northbow swords which will unravel each restriction.
    • Emperor Goldisle arrives and tells basically that there is no need to remove Redsnow holy city. Redsnow Holy City is still one of the Holy Cities of Dao Alliance.
    • Ning gave Goldisle the proverbial middle finger, telling Goldisle that as long as him, Ji Ning, is alive then Redsnow Holy City would not exist.
    • Goldisle reminds Ning that if he continues his destruction of the Holy City the Emperors that have escaped may pose a threat to Ning’s later generations when Ning eventually dies.
    • Ning replies that they could hope to live before he dies if they plan to retaliate.
    • Goldisle shows his surprise as well as commending Ning for his fearless attitude. He says that Redsnow holy city can only have bad luck to offend Ning.
    • In a few breaths of time, Ning has already removed all restrictive formations.
    • He eradicated the entire city and stored it inside his storage.
    • Press ‘f’ for respects towards Redsnow Holy City.
    • Goldisle told Ning to come with him. The Hegemons as well as the reclusive Emperors have gathered and now that Ning has become the strongest Daolord these old bastards want to see him.
    • Brightshore assures Ning that it will be fine. Ning and Goldisle head towards the gathering point which is “Golden World”. Normal Emperors couldn’t even enter this world.
    • Inside the golden world, there are nine clouds each with a narrow table containing different precious fruits.
    • On seven of these clouds sit different personages. Among these people are Hegemon Brightshore, Netherlily, and Windrain as well as Emperor Hei Yun. The remaining three may not be Hegemons but the aura that they emit is as equally imposing. There is a gold haired gold-robed man, and ‘elegant’ woman as well as a black robed youth with silver hair.
    • Goldisle and Ning take their seats upon the remaining clouds.
    • Goldisle says some stuff about being lively and that it has been a long time since these people have seen each other. A gold hair man answered him that the cause would be Ning. The gold haired man dubbed this gathering “Flamedragon Domain Congress”
    • Goldisle proceeds to introduce each person present. Ji Ning already knew Brightshore, Windrain, Netherlilyn, and Hei Yun so Goldisle started with the gold-haired gold-robed man. The gold haired main is Emperor Ji Kong, the oldest Emperor of the Dao Alliance. Ji Kong once was a City Lord but he abandoned it and went into seclusion.
    • The ‘elegant’ female is Huang Qiong, the youngest emperor to be present in this congress.
    • The black robed silver-haired youth is Emperor Qing Shi, the strongest emperor of the Dao Alliance.
    • Brightshore send Ning a mental transmission telling him to be careful. These reclusive people are powerful especially Qing Shi, even though he isn’t a Hegemon he considered as equal to one.
    • Ning asks Brightshore why he didn’t hear about Qing Shi before. Brightshore replies that even though Qing Shi is the strongest Emperor in the Dao Alliance, he is extremely low key.
    • Ning further enquires why even though Qing Shi isn’t a Hegemon he is classified as one.
    • Brightshore tells him that Qing Shi started cultivating as a mortal therefore he has a primaltwin. In the past, Qing Shi once travelled around and he found a sith legacy.
    • He made his primaltwin undergo Sith Clan’s Body Abandonment Ritual making his Primaltwin a Black Clothed Daolord(Hegemon level Sith). Apart from this, Qing Shi has the most treasures in the entire Dao Alliance.
    • Brightshore assures Ning that Qing Shi has a good temperament so he shouldn’t be nervous about Qing Shi.
    • They then proceed to kiss Ning’s ass, saying that he’s the strongest Daolord and so on.
    • While talking they smoothly transition into how Ning arrived at his current level.
    • (not quite sure about this part)Ning told them that what they are doing at their level is fusing different Supreme Daos while Ning’s method is at a higher level. Tells them that his Dao of the Sword is what he thinks is the pinnacle. The people dub it as an ultimate dao.
    • Ji Kong wants him and Ning to exchange Daos. Huang Qiong tells Ji Kong that this exchange is unfair to Ning because Ning’s dao is much more valuable than Ji Kong’s Dao.
    • Huang Qiong suggests to Ning that she wouldn’t make Ning suffer a loss. She pledges that after she takes a look at Ning’s Omega Sword Dao she’ll give Ning an equivalent amount of treasures. Ji Kong and Qing Shi also say that they have treasures.
    • Qing Shi goes further saying that as long as Ning accepts to him taking a look at the Omega Sword Dao then he’ll promise to accept any request Ning will make. Qing Shi can also eradicate all Redsnow Holy City emperors including Redsnow and Bloodcloud.
    • Furthermore Qing Shi also added that aside from the treasure he needs, he’ll give Ning 90% of all his treasures. This condition gave Ning a huge shock, one should know that Qing Shi is the person with the most treasures in the Dao Alliance.
    • Ning states that they already know what he wants, something to make a Supreme Sovereign revive Yu Wei. Qing Shi states that if all people here including the Hegemons contribute then it may be possible, about 50% chance. But the problem is that Hegemons are not that interested in Ning’s Omega Sword Dao.
    • Ning gets bummed out but since he felt the sincerity within Qing Shi, he accepts the guy’s trade.
    • Ji Kong thinks otherwise, stating that Ning became insolent. Ji Kong gets up and states that Ning should lower his head for being insolent. Qing Shi wants to help Ning but our boi tells Qing Shi that Ji Kong needs to be taught a lesson.
    • Ji Kong takes out his weapons, an eternal weapon and five lifeblood weapons. He mocks Ning for not even having an eternal weapon.
    • Ji Kong and Ning have their initial clash. Ning got shaken a bit about Ji Kong’s speed but he reckons that it is understandable since Ji Kong cultivates Dao of Light.
    • Ning attacks using Heavenbreaker, Ji Kong’s expression changed as he retreats. Ji Kong only felt this kind of pressure from Qing Shi.
    • They separate, Ji Kong is extremely enraged. He shouted some things about Omega Sword Dao being uncommon and Ning asking for too much in exchange. He hopes to rally the remaining people to gang up and capture Ning.
    • Qing Shi scolds Ji Kong for being excessive. Ji Kong tells Qing Shi that he’ll help him to capture Ning in which Qing Shi refuses.
    • Brightshore decides to end the congress on this moment. After each Hegemon send their invitations to Ning, they left. After which the other Emperors also left along with Ji Kong.
    • On a certain mountaintop, Qing Shi and Ning proceed with their trade. Qing Shi made an oath to not pass Ning’s Dao to anyone else.
    • Qing Shi never expected Ning to use divine will transmission for his Omega Sword Dao instead of just scrolls. This made Qing Shi happy because Divine Will transmission gave more than just what scrolls can provide.
    • Qing Shi first gave Ning 25 drops of Sith Clan silver clothed Daolord blood. As long as one merges with a drop, they would be able to transform into a Silver robed Daolord.
    • He also gave Ning a golem that can perfectly defend Ning. The golem is a defensive type of golem can defend its master against Hegemons. (not sure about this one)
    • Qing Shi also gave Ning a gourd containing many treasures that QIng Shi has on him.
    • Qing Shi also tells Ning whether he needs to kill Redsnow and Bloodcloud. Ning postpones that request but tells Qing Shi that if in the future Ning fails his Daomerge then he could call upon Qing Shi again.
    • Ning also asks Qing Shi for a detailed map of the Terror Starsea which Qing Shi willingly handed over.
    • They separate after the trade, Ning plans to visit Azureflower estate but before he does so he heads towards Hellephant Wall.
    • Meanwhile, news of Ning’s battle with the Emperors of Redsnow Holy City spread like wildfire. Some are shocked while some are skeptical of this Daolord that can defeat powerful Emperors.
    • Inside his semi-working Domain ship, Redsnow plans his next course of action. He hopes to repair his Domain ship but Ning is too much for him to handle. He heard that Ninedust went to Terror Starsea to seek fortunes so he plans to take Ninedust’s  domain ship part to repair his own.
    • Ning arrives at Hellephant wall. He immediately went towards the three sith clans and destroys their protective formations.
    • Ning took all of their Emperor golems aside from one.
    • After that, Ning went towards the inner secret area of the place. He instructs the defensive golem Bai Rong to guard the entrance. He tells the four Golems to leave and join him outside.
    • Before leaving, Ning and the other Golems scoured the entire place for loot obtaining up to 86 emperor golems as well as energy cores of the entire starship(notsure)
    • It is also explained that the Sith are extremely powerful because of their technology.
    • Outside three-realms, Ning and Primaltwin meet so that Ning can leave the golems in three-realms to protect Ning’s hometown.
    • Scene quickly changes to the area outside Azureflower estate. With his power level, Ning can see how formidable Azureflower estate is just by the fact that the surrounding Primordial Chaos Energy is repelled by the estate. Even Hegemons cannot do this feat.
    • Ning went inside, making sure to keep Bai Rong close to him just in case.
    • He greets the two emperors inside. They tell him that he’s being too rash for trying the trial while still being a Fourth Step Daolord. Ning wants to try it anyway.
    • One old man tests Ning by sending an energy attack. Ning counters it with his Heavenbreaker. The two were surprised and concludes that Ning is sure to be the strongest Daolord in his Domain which Ning didn’t refute.
    • They send ning inside to continue the challenge.
    • Upon arriving inside, Ning discovers that there are multiple being inside, some cross legged, some playing chess and some are merely chatting.
    • When Ning appeared every single one of those being’s attentions became focused on Ning. And old man appeared in front of him and introducing itself as the Treasure Spirit of the Estate.
    • The old man tells Ning that there are three trials in this estate and each stage completed will amount to a gift. Since Ning passed the first stage, the treasure spirit gave Ning a lifeblood seal which gave Ning the information that it is not only Emperor Maniseal that can make these lifeblood seals.
    • There is a bad news, however, because the old man said that these lifeblood seals cannot be used by 4th stage Daolords cultivating an Ultimate Dao. If these types of Daolords wish to revive themselves, they would need a Emperor level lifeblood seal.
    • For the second trial, since he is still a Daolord, Ning is required to defeat 10 of the weakest emperors of the group and then open a door.
    • Ning discovers that these emperors are evil people. He initially plans to kill them but the old man forbade Ning because if these people are killed then who would test the other candidates in the future?
    • Ning defeats all of them as well as easily opening the door. The emperors suspect him to be another emperor but the lack of an emperor’s aura refuted these claims.
    • The old man is amazed and has discovered that Ning has initial perception of fused power due to his Heartworld stance which fuses divine power with heartforce.
    • The old man gave Ning the prize for succeeding in the 2nd trial, a jade slip.
    • Inside the slip is a legacy of another Daolord who, like Ning, cultivates an Ultimate Dao which is the Ultimate Dao of the Flame.
    • This Daolord failed in his Daomerge and came to seek the Azureflower Manorlord to leave behind his legacy.
    • Ning reads the slip and is introduced to a profound level of Flame Dao. Merely the ultimate flame of this Dao can equate to Hegemons.
    • The old man continues to talk to Ning about the Third test of the estate. He also states that the gains that Ning would get should he pass the test would be much more valuable than the Ultimate Dao slip.
    • They go towards some golden pillars with people in them. Ning, in order to pass the third test, needs to defeat a Holy City Lord level emperor since he is still a Daolord. If ever someone is an Emperor when they challenge this test, one would battle against a Hegemon, and a strong one at that.
    • Bit of trashtalk between Ning and his opponent.
    • Ning kills his opponent thus passing the test. The other person who is a Hegemon wonders if it would be Ning who would grant them their freedom.
    • The oldman treasure spirit brought Ning towards a palace hall. Upon looking, Ning discovered the numerous volumes of jade slips in bookshelves.
    • Contained in these bookshelves are the manorlord’s entire collection of books, not only from cultivators but also from Sith clan. Every single one extremely formidable.
    • The manorlord’s wish is to gain a disciple thus the tests. Now that Ning has passed all of them, he gains this entire collection. It is said that even Hegemons would go crazy for this collection of books.
    • Ning asks if the Manorlord is killed by the Sith. Old man treasure spirit scoffs saying that his master isn’t so easily killed because he is a Supreme Sovereign.
    • The old man tells Ning that instead of being killed by the Sith, his old master committed suicide.
    • Nign asks for the Manorlord’s name so that he can honor him.
    • Old man tells Ning that his master’s name is Sovereign Qi.
    • Ning kneels and says some shit he should say to his new master.
    • Ning proceeds to read the slips inside, including ones of the Sith, for a couple billion years inside his time treasure, a couple million outside.
    • After some reading, Ning felt more hopeful for his Daomerge but also felt that the arrogance he had before is somewhat unfounded.
    • He told the old man about these stuff and the old man nods while saying that only Supreme Sovereigns can act arrogant in this universe.
    • The old man then opens a hidden way inside the hall, inside contains some volumes as well as a dazzling Divine Will.
    • The volumes, numbering 11, are all volumes of ultimate Dao. Their original owners all succumbed to their end during their Daomerge. The difficulty of Daomerge for Ultimate Dao Daolords is extremely hard. Afterall, if they ever succeed, their strength would be unfathomable.
    • All in all, Ning now possesses 12 volumes of Ultimate Dao. But he also swore a lifeblood oath to not spread these knowledge to the outside.
    • Afterwards, Ning absorbed the Divine Will. Scene after scene came to him, as a child he was taught, then he became a military man, then finally at hegemon level. Each scene the Supreme Sovereign is preaching. He experience this multitude of scenes for years (not sure about this part)
    • Ning wakes up then realizing that even though countless years have passed in his mind, only a day passed by in the real world.
    • The old man treasure spirit then led Ning to the second hall. The previous hall is called the first hall.
    • Inside the hall are still bookshelves but are comparatively smaller in number compared to the ones in the first hall.
    • In the center of the 2nd hall is an elevated  stone platform furnished with cushions surrounded by eight diagrams.
    • Ning was asked to sit on the stone platform. The moment he started sitting down, Ning discovers that his True Soul’s meditation speed has been increased greatly.
    • The old man tells Ning that the Manorlord Sovereign Qi spent the most effort on this stone platform. This stone platform is the centermost area of the estate. With the amount of formations on this stone platform it wouldn’t be a surprise if one would instantly gain enlightenment upon using it.
    • Compared to the Incense he got before, this stone platform provides a much larger assistance. It can increase Ning’s hope for a Daomerge.
    • The old man then tells Ning about the arrangements of the manorlord. He intends for his disciple, while using the platform, to cultivate Nine Layer Space Technique.
    • It is like the Nine Chaos Seals, it is a technique that hopes to combine all power types such as immortal energy, Heartforce and other types into one, kust like the azure flower the ‘mist’.
    • This technique has brought regret to the manorlord, however. The flaw of this technique is that one has to cultivate it before World Level otherwise one wouldn’t be able to open the Nine Layer Space. The mist produced by the technique also cannot be used externally.
    • The most regrettable fact for this technique is that it can only transform the energies up to Daolord levels.
    • It is said that the reason the master made this technique is because this technique is quite similar to what the Sith clan cultivates. Even the lowest cultivation of a Sith can bring forth a peak level.
    • That’s why the Sovereign has been collecting not only cultivator books but also Sith as well.
    • The sovereign hopes that the successor can achieve the tenth seal to add into the nine seals.
    • The sovereign intends to create a new cultivation path. The bookshelves on the second hall contains all the notes that the sovereign has made throughout the years.
    • Ning starts to achieve this tenth seal but found out that it is extremely hard to do. The old man tells Ning what to do first: Make 10 techniques that are at the level of a Holy City Lord.
    • If Ning manages to create these ten techniques, he could receive another treasure from the master.
    • The old man tells Ning that this treasure can absolutely help Ning with his Daomerge. The fact that he needs to create this City Lord level technique is to prove that he is worth spending resources on. This treasure is much more valuable than multiple Voidsea Jadeseals.
    • Nign accepts the challenge. He needs to create nine more since his Omega Sword Dao can be considered as one.
    • Ning decides to improve upon his illusion technique “Dreamstar Art” and elevate it into City Lord level.
    • After reading both cultivator and sith books about illusion techniques, Ning finally has created his City Lord level illusion technique “Great Pleasant Dream Realm” after 3 billion years. The time it took could be a thousand times more if it weren’t for the stone platform.
    • This technique focuses on the words comfortable and dream. Upon making the enemy enter a dream state, he would feel comfortable and pleasant making him lower his guard.
    • This technique passes the old man’s standards. He commends Ning for his ability to make this in a time just shy of a chaos cycle.
    • Ning retorts that it is only because he has some talent in heartforce that he can do this. He doesn’t know for how long he could create the other techniques.
    • The next Dao that he plans to do is water, then lightning and then flame.
    • He starts his cultivation in the Dao of water. At this point he has already spend more than a chaos cycle inside the Azureflower Manor
    • Scene explains the apparent tranquility of the Endless Territories. Amongst this tranquility they didn’t know that a terrifying Heartforce cultivator has been born. What they only know is that Ning cultivates a terrifying Sword Dao. They only know that compared to City Lords, Ning’s heartforce is quite weak. Little did they know, Ning’s illusion technique is now on par with City Lords.
    • Ning’s Heartworld, due to the stability of his Omega Sword Dao, is now perhaps quite comparable to a Heartforce Class Hegemon.
    • Now that he has this technique, undying bodies are now essentially useless to Ning. Once he uses his Great Pleasant Dream Realm, cultivators cannot maintain their undying body for any longer after which Ning can finish them off.
    • While Ning was cultivating, somewhere inside the terror starsea in a place of extreme flames flickering like avian beings on the sky, Ninedust is being pursued by Redsnow.
    • Using his own Domain ship, Redsnow has managed to track Ninedust inside the Starsea.
    • While being chased Ninedust heads towards the Jade Fire Domain, hoping that this dangerous area would deter Redsnow from chasing him further. But to his misfortune, Redsnow continued to chase him.
    • Back at Vastheaven Palace, Ning and youji drank together. Youji asked about Ning’s dao companion and Ning shares his tales about his Senior apprentice sister. He shares about him striving for a higher level in order to revive her. Youji cheers Ning on.
    • Suddenly Mister Eternal Messenger Solesky (XD)  calls Ning out. He tells him that Ninedust is currently at Starsea’s Jade Fire Domain having a life and death crisis.
    • Jade Fire Domain is once a battlefield between cultivators and the Sith. This is one of the Sith’s bases. Many Cultivators died in this place. It is a dangerous and unknown place because it still hasn’t been completely explored by Hegemons yet.
    • This fact did not faze Ning, however, since he has his Shadowless undying body as well as his defensive Golem Bai Rong.
    • It was Daolord Badlands that divined this fact and had Eternal messenger Solesky relay it to Ning.
    • Ning assures Solesky that he’ll be fine.
    • Back at Azureflower estate, Ning asks for permission for his primaltwin to replace him in the stone platform. After which he left to head towards the Terror Starsea’s Jade Fire Domain.


    ******************************Volume 36 end*********************************


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    Also Anarchs can use a single dao to birth other daos right? What daos do JN birth?
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  • Hello it’s me again. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my summaries :3

    From now on I’ll change Dharma Body to Avatar. 

    Without further ado:


    Volume 37: Fire God Bird


    • While his real body is on its way to Terror Starsea, Ning’s Avatar went to pass a message to Ninedust’s Avatar in Ancient Cultivator clan via the holy city of the Ancient Cultivators that he’s coming.
    • Ninedust is worried that he has become bait for Redsnow to lure Ning in. He wants to persuade Ning to not save him but he knows that it is hard to make Ning change his decisions.
    • Avatar Ninedust went to Vastheaven Palace to meet Avatar Ning. They meet and Ning tells Ninedust that he’ll arrive at most in a millennium.
    • Ninedust noticed something new from his friend but he can’t put a finger on it so he asks Ning. Even though it’s only an Avatar, it still carries the somewhat the same aura as the True Body.
    • In the past, Ning’s aura seems reserved only to feel like a sharp sword when he expresses his powers. Now though Ning feels like an infinite starry sky, like a gentle drop of water, it makes one think of him to be pleasant and favorable.
    • Ning tells Ninedust that he made some gains in his Heartforce/Illusion technique. Ninedust wonders what technique it is for Ning to change this much. Ning lowballs the technique so Ninedust didn’t think much of it.
    • Ninedust tries to persuade Ning into not coming to Jade Fire Domain because surely Ning knows that it is only Redsnow’s bait.
    • Ninedust iterates how he braved the dangers of Jade Fire Domain in hopes that Redsnow wouldn’t follow him. But Redsnow unexpectedly followed him like a lunatic.
    • Ninedust braved the dangers inside while Redsnow pursued him up until Ninedust got trapped in what seems to be a prison. Redsnow this time didn’t follow giving Ninedust temporary safety.
    • In addition to Qing Shi’s map ,Ning also got Brightshore’s. He planned to purchase the map but unexpectedly Brightshore gave it to him. By combining the two maps, Ning could more or less understand what Jade Fire Domain is.
    • According to records, Jade Fire Domain is the place where the Sith detains enemies and then use thing thing called ‘Great Extermination Force’ to kill them. Many cultivators fell in this place. (Basically Sith version of Auschwitz)
    • But because of the previous engagement here, the Great Extermination Force cannot be used anymore which is a plus for Ninedust.
    • Another round of Ninedust telling Ning to not come and Ning telling him that he’ll be fine.
    • After braving the Starsea for 800 years Ning, along with Bai Rong protecting him, arrived at Jade Fire Domain.
    • While observing the beautiful but extremely dangerous vortex of flame of endless proportions, Bai Rong inform Ning that he has come here before.
    • Ning understood that even though Bai Rong has been reduced  to being Qing Shi’s guard, Bai Rong is still a highly important asset for the Sith in the past so being able to visit Jade Fire Domain before is simplicity.
    • According to Bai Rong, while Jade Fire Domain name is given by cultivators the Sith has called this place Seven Fire Prison.
    • In this Seven Fire Prison, the most core area are the seven prisons that also surrounded by other massive ordinary prisons. These prisons also comprise the components for the Seven Fire Prison Extinguishing Great Formation that produces a black flame. This is a black flame that could extinguish lives as long as they are below Supreme Sovereign level.
    • Ever since the defeat of the Sith, the prison formation has been definitely damaged. Therefore, Ning could feel safe because of the lack of black flames.
    • Bai Rong expounds that since Redsnow isn’t in a prison, they he could be the one of the massive passageways. These passages are littered with various formations controlled by the Sith. If one isn’t able to escape in time, then they would definitely be swallowed by the formation.
    • Bai Rong guesses that Redsnow will be using these formations to entrap Ning.
    • But even though these passageways are full of formations, Bai Rong’s previous master was given a cheat sheet by the Sith in charge of the prison.
    • Even though majority of the formations placed on the ground are dangerous looking, if one were to stick close to the ground while traversing these passageways then they are more likely to survive. You may take a couple of beatings, but you can survive if you have enough skills. At most, these ground formations can only injure Hegemons.
    • If you were to fly however, even though you are a Hegemon, then you’re 11 times out of 10 fucked.
    • Ning and Bai Rong head towards the vortex, arriving inside to find many flame channels.
    • While Ning was worried which channel Ninedust and Redsnow went but only knowing the general direction of Ninedust, Bai Rong tells Ning that all these channels would eventually converge with each other.
    • They pick a random channel and continue with their journey.
    • In an area inside the Jade Fire Domain, Redsnow is crossed legged and sensing an induction in his Domain Ship making it know that Ning is close by.
    • Redsnow shows a smile while looking around the various formations around him, quite assured that Ning will be baited. He clearly still hasn’t realized that he’s against the MC.
    • While he’s camouflaged, he gloats to Ninedust as to how his life and death friend will die.
    • At first being cautious, Ning and Bai Rong were treading carefully on the ground of these flame passageways. Only for them to realize that the many formations are out of commission or is in need for a controller to trigger them.
    • While traversing the meandering flame channels, Ning and Bai Rong finally reached the first formation that triggers.
    • Bai Rong goes ‘gotchu fam’ and bitch slaps the formation towards the next IET novel.
    • Seeing Bai Rong’s fierceness, Ning gets delighted knowing that he could depend on this golem that Qing Shi has given him.
    • After walking for about six days, Ning senses that Redsnow is now close by.
    • In the distance, Ning could see A white haired thin man is sitting cross-legged his green eyes also staring back at Ning.
    • They greet each other, Redsnow expresses his admiration for Ning in trying to save his friend. Ning also expresses his admiration for Redsnow for being fearless in traversing the Jade Fire Domain fully knowing the dangers within.
    • Redsnow is confident that even though Ning is now stronger than him because of the thousand formations around him. He states something about if Ning gets closer then he would only die quicker.
    • Redsnow taunts Ning to come not knowing that while he was plotting, Ning was also plotting.
    • Ning let Bai Rong go in front of him as a shield. They get closer and closer to Ninedust.
    • Redsnow in anticipation wanted Ning to come faster but to his dismay Ning is not as anxious as he is. Ning is just like before, walking towards Redsnow.
    • When the distance between the two has come to about hundred thousand miles, an invisible heartforce fluctuation immediately covers Redsnow.
    • Ning used his Great Pleasant Dream Realm technique on Redsnow.
    • Redsnow proceeds to hallucinate. He felt invincible, he became the Realm overlord, sitting on the throne where under him were Brightshore, Windrain, Netherlily and all other Supreme beings.
    • Suddenly, in his eyes a panicked expression could be seen, Redsnow finally understood that he actually fell in an illusion.
    • He struggled strongly for a while before breaking the illusion, getting rid of Great Pleasant Dream Realm finally.
    • While Redsnow is still entrapped inside Ning’s illusion, Ning commanded Bai Rong to capture Redsnow.
    • Just as Bai Rong is about to grasp Redsnow, a seemingly ruined ship appeared in place of him. Even though the ship looked dilapidated, its speed is fearfully quick.
    • Ning became alarmed, he thought there are other people aside from Redsnow. However, on top of the ship one could see two Redsnows standing. One Redsnow is sober while the other is still under the influence of the illusion.
    • Redsnow planned to bait Ning using his Avatar but it actually failed. He never imagined that Ning has progressed this far given the time elapsed between their meetings.
    • Bai Rong tells Ning that what Redsnow had was a completely working Domain Ship, albeit damaged but still functional.
    • Bai Rong defines it as twenty times more valuable than him. 35 Hegemons would need to pool resources in order to afford such a treasure.
    • Ning’s desire for the completed Domain ship flared up. He instructed Bai Rong to come with him and chase after Redsnow.
    • To give himself time and also hopefully get rid of Ning, Redsnow detonated the formations he hid as a trap.
    • Ning survives the explosion and then he and Bai Rong continue to chase the fleeing Redsnow.
    • Bai Rong assures Ning that they’d catch up eventually because Redsnow would stumble upon formations inside the channel more often since he is flying.
    • While Redsnow is obstructed most of the time, Bai Rong was bulldozing formation after formation.
    • The chase continued on until Redsnow got ensnared by a formation. No matter how good the Domain Ship’s defenses and speed are, flying on the channels is a great no-no.
    • Redsnow lashes out on the formations so that he could escape but to his dismay they didn’t break.
    • Even though he’s fcked, Redsnow still taunts Ning to attack him. Hoping to get both of them trapped. Since Ning would only survive for 108,000 chaos cycles, Redsnow could outlive him and hopefully have some friends help him in the future.
    • Ning tries to attack the formation but finds out that he can’t penetrate the formation.
    • According to Bai Rong this formation is used to capture people while the sith comes later to pick them up.
    • Bai Rong, with his Hegemon level strength,  offers to smash the formation which he did. He grasped the Domain ship with his one hand and Redsnow with the other.
    • Ning wraps Redsnow with his heartforce just in case Redsnow uses his undying body to escape Bai Rong’s grasp.
    • Ning tells Redsnow to go inside his space dwelling for a ‘chat’ but Redsnow does a monologue about being an Emperor for countless years but ended up being exterminated by Ning.
    • He cursed Ning for the last time telling our boi MC that someday he’ll also die. After his ‘speech’ his eyes dimmed, Redsnow committed suicide via Soul Dispersion.
    • Press ‘f’ for Redsnow. R.I.P. Redsnow
    • Before killing himself, Redsnow’s Avatar inside his space dwelling told Bloodcloud’s avatar that he has been defeated by Ning and that Bloodcloud should know what to do. Bloodcloud’s avatar nodded before it destroyed itself.
    • In a certain hiding place, Bloodcloud also does his monologue. He sneers while saying that Flamedragon Domain has relations to other Domains. What would other beings do when they came to know that Ning has the Domain Ship as well as other treasures.
    • He dubs it as Redsnow’s last gift to Ning, he hopes to see Ning killed one day. Pffft
    • Ning collects Redsnow’s treasures taking special note of the Domain Ship.
    • While his divine will invaded the ship, the Ship’s spirit greeted him.
    • Ning asks if the ship is capable of long distance spacetime transit. Treasure spirit says that it can but since it is damaged it’ll be at a limited distance. Even though the core is intact, other parts are missing and some even had flaws thus it can only exert low performance.
    • Ning gives the Domain Ship the part that he possesses so that it can further improve its performance.
    • The spirit reports that the Domain ship is a treasure that can self repair but there are some parts that are more crucial and needs precious materials.
    • The spirit is excited to tell Ning that compared to before, the Domain ship has improved its travel distance by about a hundred times.
    • Ning inquired how as to how many pieces are left in order for the ship to be complete. Spirit responds that even though it is 90% complete, it lacks small parts that have a tremendous impact to the ship as a whole.
    • It is stated that Emperors would take probably a million chaos cycles to go from one Domain to another. Hegemons may take fewer but takes a long time just the same. However, if one was to use a Domain ship then it would only take several thousand years.
    • Comparing a few thousand years to a million chaos cycles? Quick maffs can tell you how significant the difference is.
    • Spirit tells Ning that it can sense another part not too far from where they are located (Nine dust’s part). If the ship could acquire that part then it should be able to be restored.
    • Ning thinks in excitement because compared to the Crimsonwave temple, this domain ship has a much bigger chance to please Supreme Sovereigns. With a Supreme Sovereign’s power, reversing spacetime in order to revive his Senior Apprentice sister is simplicity in itself.
    • Without hesitation, Ning would happily trade the Domain ship for the revival of His apprentice sister. Even though he can wander off to different domains, he is still a Daolord with 108,000 chaos cycles worth of lifespan. He hadn’t even explored the entirety of Flamedragon Domain.
    • He proceeds to take a look at Nine dust’s situation.
    • In the Endless Territories, the fact that Redsnow has fallen caused a massive storm.
    • Redsnow, being a city lord himself, has left behind in Dao Alliance’s  Immortal Palace a life tower. Upon Redsnow’s suicide, his life tower in its entirety has collapsed. This news was immediately disseminated throughout the place.
    • Ning doesn’t care too much about this development. He went towards the place where Ninedust has been trapped.
    • Ning sees a silver robed man inside a flaming cage. Ning laughingly calls Ninedust. Nine dust greets back as he reveals a happy expression. Top 10 anime reunions.
    • Ning observes the formation, looking for a method to break it while also talking to Nine dust.
    • Smiling, Ninedust commends Ning for being able to compel Redsnow to suicide. Because Nine dust’s Avatar is in Vastheaven Palace, he gained this information through Ning’s own Avatar.
    • Ning brushes it off shifting the credit to Bai Rong, the Golem he got from Qing Shi by trading Omega Sword Dao.
    • Ning inspects the prison that Ninedust has trapped himself in. Turns out that the prison that Ninedust is in is one of the core prisons.
    • Ning leaves Ninedust for a while to go check on the other prisons.
    • Inside one of the prisons he sees an axe, some armor as well as some other treasures. He identifies the axe to be a universe treasure just by the aura of the item.
    • Ning guesses that the Sith haven’t had the time to take these treasures because at the time they were getting broken into. They only manage to activate the prison’s killing formation to kill the prisoner.
    • The invading cultivators, although they managed to win, couldn’t give a damn about these items because after all the invaders were Supreme Sovereigns. These treasures are just unappealing to them.
    • After a few days of investigations, Ning has a general consensus of the area. The initial seven prisons has been reduced, three of them has collapsed.
    • He tells Ninedust that technically the prisons can be destroyed via brute force but the bad news is that Hegemons may not be able to do so. Also, at the moment, Ning cannot discover flaws since it is very complex.
    • Ning got his Primaltwin to find some flaws for the prison formations but it is still quite complex.
    • Ninedust tells Ning to not overexert himself. He could just do his Daomerge here and if ever he becomes an Emperor he could bit by bit find ways to eventually break out.
    • Ning racked his brain for about eight days but he still hasn’t got a clue. It was at this time that Bai Rong chimed in telling Ning that there could be a master control that could release Ninedust. (seriously Bai Rong? Eight days?)
    • While leading Ning, Bai Rong recounts his experience back when him and his previous master mas visiting the place. He recalls that he felt spatial warping before entering the control area of the prison.
    • Ning used his Shadowless undying body and finds some inconsistencies in the space. He made a space crack and then him and Bai Rong entered.
    • Upon arriving at the other side, they were greeted by an area about ten thousand zhang with a black altar in it. This is where the Sith clan control the entire Jade Fire Domain.
    • As he observes the area, Ning notices that on the black altar there are numerous lines that formed into flowers in full bloom. The flower’s outer circles have flames that leaps around. The changes happen as time goes by and will never duplicate.
    • This is a formation diagram, Ning surmised, the flames that are leaping are the flame channels that connect the entire Jade Fire Domain. Since when the the changes happen cannot be duplicated, when one comes inside the Domain it will become hard to leave.
    • There are seven core stamen and pistil which could be attributed into being the core prisons surrounded by numerous minor prisons.
    • Bai Rong asks Ning if the formation would be helpful in which Ning affirms to it being somewhat useful. However, the formation is too mysterious. It contains Dao of Flame as well as some Dao of Space with which the two are used in unity.
    • Another problem is with the formation itself, it is a complex case in the Dao of Formations. Additionally, the formation should one of the Sith’s which is completely different from cultivator’s formations.
    • Looking at the formation Ning can tell that the difficulty level of such an undertaking as decoding the formation is very high.
    • But Ning still persevered, only through unravelling the formation could Ninedust be freed.
    • Looking at the core parts, Ning can only shake his head. However upon putting his sights on the outermost parts of the formations where flames in the outer circles are leaping, Ning could recall something from the first palace Hall in the Azureflower Estate.
    • Even though the Seven Fire Prisons is a unique formation even within the Sith, Supreme Sovereign Qi has collected various complete articles from the Sith. There is bound to be information about the Seven Fire Prisons formation.
    • Ning, along with his Primaltwin, immediately analyzed the formation through the detailed descriptions provided in the first hall.
    • After a tea time’s worth of analyzing, Ning understood the outer parts of the formation; the “Soaring Spiral Flame”
    • Using his Divine Will and his understanding of the formation, Ning came to be able to control the flame channels in the domain according to his will.
    • Although this achievement is a huge step, Ning still needs to control the entire formation in order to release Ninedust. And from hereon out the difficulty will only increase.
    • From the outer circle, Ning moves on towards the flower petals. But even with the help of Sovereign’s platform, the Flower Petal Formation Diagram is still quite harder than the outer Soaring Spiral Flame.
    • Ning’s Primaltwin has stopped his meditation on the Dao of Water in order to focus on the Seven Fire Prison formation. According to Ning’s estimate, it would take about 100,000 years before he can understand the flower petal formation.
    • While Ning is meditating on the Dao of Formations, back in the Endless Territories the waves caused by Redsnow’s death is as profound as before.
    • In a certain Everworld a blood robed man emerged from a spatial crack. This gentleman is Bloodloud, Redsnow’s friend.
    • Bloodcloud met with Goldisle to describe the encounter between Ning and Redsnow. Not forgetting to include the fact that Ning has gotten hold of the Domain Ship.
    • Goldisle couldn’t believe that the Domain Ship has landed on Ning’s hands. Upon knowing that Bloodcloud wants Goldisle to disseminate this information towards the allied realms of the Flamedragon domain, Goldisle’s expression changes.
    • Since he has received this news, according to oath, Goldisle has to disseminate this to all emperors in the Realm as well as the other 16 allied realms. Gr8 b8 m8
    • Goldisle decides to also tell Ning since he is also a member of the alliance.


    ***********to be continued******************


    Just like last volume, volume 37 contains many events. This volume has three mini “arcs” happening so I decided to divide it by three because otherwise it would take a long time to finish writing the ‘summary’ XD

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    First of thanks for doing these summaries. But I think you made a few small mistakes in your summaries. At times you say Eternal weapon when I think you meant Universe weapon.
    for example:
    • Ji Kong takes out his weapons, an eternal weapon and five lifeblood weapons. He mocks Ning for not even having an eternal weapon.
    Pretty sure Ji Ning has Eternal weapons at this point.

  • Revassin said:
    First of thanks for doing these summaries. But I think you made a few small mistakes in your summaries. At times you say Eternal weapon when I think you meant Universe weapon.
    for example:
    • Ji Kong takes out his weapons, an eternal weapon and five lifeblood weapons. He mocks Ning for not even having an eternal weapon.
    Pretty sure Ji Ning has Eternal weapons at this point.

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    aw shiiiiit.. thanks 
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  • sorry for the lack of updates guys. i've got some personal problems back home so i couldn't do the summaries as of the moment. 
  • sorry for the lack of updates guys. i've got some personal problems back home so i couldn't do the summaries as of the moment. 
    Sorry to hear, thanks for existing summaries. Hope things improve for you.
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