Petition to fix ads on mobile or moving sites

I have been on here since coiling dragon started and im sad to say i am actively looking for another method to read the wuxia on this site(which would mean the ones that just copy the translators work to their site) but unfortunately the ads have gotten so bad i cannot read it on mobile any longer and they take over your phone. so please either finally fix the issue or you will be losing a longtime supporter.



  • i do run ad block on my phone that has no effect and i also wouldn't mind the monthly sub to remove ads as a option 
  • I gave up people have been posting about this for about 3 weeks.
    You can use an app called TextBrowser. The one thing i dont like with it is that the text format is not ideal on cell phone.

    Good luck having anyone official answer your question.
  • Same story on my end. Can't even read these stories anymore. I would pay to not have to deal with the adds.

    Reloading 5 times per chapter. If it's not redirecting me, it's an uncloseable add. 

    Please help your long time supporters. 
  • There is a plan on moving to a new website eventually. As for the ads, the only thing we can do is to report them.

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