Venture with Anime System

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Im pondering if this thread was the proper one or the fanfiction thread, Ive read the fanfiction thread and it says that thread wuxiaworld fanfiction, and i think so. Hence ill be putting this story here.

Hello guys, Im Broke on Vodka and this was the first story Ive made. You might read some grammatical errors not just the present chapters but also in the further chaps, but I will do my best and lessen this errors. If there's some wrong spellings or grammars, kindly point it out. I made this story not just for fun but also to hone my english skills, well English was the third language Ive learn hence Im still a little bit unproffesional with it. Thank you for reading this, and i will surely not gonna let down all of your expectations.I really love wuxia / xianxia novels, especially ISSTH and Coiling Dragon from Wuxiaworld, well these two was the very first novels Ive read. 

By the way, this story was also posted in RRL, thats all, hope everyone would like it :)



What!? You're saying that earth was only one of the tiny worlds in the outer realm?


Various things suddenly happened in the world. A vortex suddenly appeared in the sky, followed by a strange voice. Because of this phenomenon, the earth was put in a dangerous situation. The vortex was releasing a strange gas that gave birth to countless strange creatures. A continuous evolution of various animals, plants, and trees. The worst part was the vortex which is a tunnel to another world, and Earth was suddenly found by other races, endangering people from the earth in becoming slaves.


Fortunately, humans also gained different abilities, but Is this enough? Of course not! Their enemies could fly in the sky, with a single flick of their hands could smash a mountain and split the sea.


An ordinary youth gained a peculiar ability, an evolution that different from others. What would happen if a person could wield different abilities that came from anime?


What bloodline? I don't even care about that! Your father here had many choices. A blood of Saiyan? Vampire? Ninja? Mafia boss? Magi? Titan? Hahaha, scared? Unfortunately, that was only a tip of an iceberg.


So you're fighting me with numbers huh? Hahaha, what an idiotic decision. So what if you have an army, battalion or people you could use? I, your father had Gundams under my leadership!


Oh, now you're using your servants, huh? I, your father had Archer, Saber, Gilgamesh, Lancer, etc. under my hands!


Magical beast? Fear, not my brothers! I, your Grandfather had Pokemon and Digimon in my sleeve!


You dare to barge in my home? Received my wrath! I would show you the different super powers and characters of anime!


What would happen if all the anime characters abilities gather in one body?


With the Anime system in his hands, Luan Jose would venture all the world to create his own history; protecting all the people he cared while slaughtering those who block his path.


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    Chapter 1 - Luan Jose

    July 2, the year 2017, at 7:30 am.

    Gazing at the computer in front of him, Luan Jose can't help but to feel excited. Every Sunday was a special day for him. One of his favorite anime which is Dragonball would finally step into a new stage, where Goku and his friends would battle to save their universe.

    Luan Jose was already 18 years old, having a yellow-brown skin, a pair of common brown eyes, a tied black hair, and a height of almost 1.6 meters. An ordinary geek, a half Chinese and a half Filipino, who would always stay in his house to watched countless anime. A normal otaku, a normal person, and a normal face. All in all, he was rather ordinary, having a dream to reincarnated into another world. He would always read various novels about reincarnation and immortals. He was a fan of fantasies, but most of all, a fan of anime. Even his room was filled with different posters and figures about anime.

    A lot of people would tease him because of his behavior. There was a time when he was bullied. He was dragged in an empty lot, surrounded by many people. Looking at the hoodlums around him, Luan Jose suddenly waved his body in a strange manner, going left to right and right to left.

    "Dempsey Roll!" Luan Jose roared loudly.

    But too bad, he was only mocked and cursed by the people around him, even the audience can't help but to burst into laughter. Of course he didn't do this just to embarrassed himself, letting them down their guard was also a good thing.

    “So what?” Luan Jose thought to himself. An eye for an eye, even he ended up being beaten, as long he could punched that person, who cares for the consequences?

    Ignoring their laughter, waving his pair of skinny fists. Looking at the seemingly weak person in front of him. He dashed and threw a punch towards the face of that seemingly weak person.

    This person was the reason he was here, because of a little misunderstanding, he was dragged in here. He only stared at a beautiful girl, not because of the girl appearance, but because of the bag she was wearing, it was a love live bag! Although the girl was beautiful that could attract a number of boys, yet Luan Jose was an exception of that. What he wanted was a peaceful life, dreaming every day about his waifu's.

    But this fucking bastard! Who would have thought that this person was a son of a rich family, having a big background in his back. The worst part was this person fancied that girl who was wearing a love live bag.

    Yan Fu laughter suddenly ceased, cold sweat covered his forehead, looking at the fist in front of him, he unconsciously staggered backward. But it was too late, Luan Jose fist was already in front of him.


    Yan Fu was thrown away, looking at the blood flowing from his nose, he almost fainted. That clumsy move and ordinary fist could injure him to this extent? Gasping for breath, angered flow from his heart, thick green veins could be seen on his forehead, and blood red veins popped in his eye that made his face more hideous. Followed by the audience gasped, Yan Fu suddenly shouted,

    "Beat that bastard for me! Crippled both his arms and legs! Beat him to pulp that even his mother would fail to recognize him!"

    The hoodlums around him startled for a moment, coming back to their senses that their boss was beaten, all of them pounced and ganged up Luan Jose.

    The only thing Luan Jose could do was to shout and cried for help, but what he got was only their mocking eyes. He was beaten black and blue that even his face resembled a pig-head, while the shirt he was wearing become tattered. Luan Jose can't help but to curse in his mind. This is one of his favorite shirt, a Naruto shirt with Junko Takeuchi sign!

    Every time he would faint, the hoodlums would always throw a bucket of water in his face.


    A voice and a sound of a whistle suddenly emerged from who knows where. Yan Fu turned his head from left to right, looking for the source of the sound. Ten meters from his left, he saw a person was running towards his direction, wearing a dark blue uniform and a peaked cap, Yan Fu immediately shouted,

    "Police! Run!"

    Although he was rich and could violate a few rules. He was still scared, not because of the police but because of his father wrath.

    "Tch! Take it as your lucky day, if I see you again looking at Xiao Fei, I would promise that I would beat you again that even the cops could not save you."

    After threatening Luan Jose, Yan Fu and his men escaped by merging with the crowd.

    After a few minutes, the audience also left the area after knowing that the show had already ended and there's nothing more to do.

    "So her name was Xiao Fei. I really wondered where she bought that love live bag." Luan Jose thought in his mind.

    While thinking of this, he heard an angry voice in his back.

    "Tch! That bastard, thinking that he was a ruler in this place."

    Looking at the beaten boy in front of him, the cop could only sigh with emotion.

    "Where do you live?" The cop gently asked the beaten boy in front of him.

    "I'm fi-fine officer, I could st-still wa-walk." Because of the pain he felt, Luan Jose could only utter in a small voice.

    The officer didn't want him to walk because of his state, but Luan Jose was persistent on walking alone, so the officer could only shake his head while at staring at the back of Luan Jose.

    He's only relatives in China was his aunt which is the owner of the apartment he was staying in, while his parents were left in the Philippines. Helping his aunt on organizing the apartment and doing some miscellaneous work after the class was his everyday pattern.

    After 15 minutes of walking, he finally arrived at the front of the apartment he was staying. It was only an ordinary apartment located in the residential area of Chao Yang district.

    Looking for a moment at the 5 storey apartment, Luan Jose started walking toward the stair in his left side. Walking silently, Luan Jose stopped at the room on the corner of the 4th floor. Years have passed since he started living here in China. He was sent here to accompany his aunt who lost her husband at the same time to study in a normal university.

    The moment he entered his room the sky was already dark, he went straight to his bed. Gazing at the ceiling, Luan Jose squinted his eyes for a moment, then...

    "My God! It was too painful! Damn it! What's wrong with them? Fortunately, I'm a very good person, if not, I've already beat them all, sending them straight to the hospital bed."

    "That arrogant Yan fu! Hmmp! Treat yourself lucky, Treat yourself lucky, Treat your grandmother! And those hoodlums around him? Their like a bunch of dogs who would always obey their masters to please them!"

    "Calm down Jose, Calm down. You're a good person remember?

    If her aunt could hear Luan Jose, she would probably sigh and mutter, "Here he goes again, ah."

    Composing himself, Luan Jose slowly closed his eyes.

    "Beep! Have been bullied for a total of 20 minutes. Reward: 1 stats points."

    Hearing a familiar robotic sound, Luan Jose turned a deaf ear in it and sleep silently.

    *** *** ***

    One year had passed since that incident. His whole life had changed because of that. Every time he left his room and attend his class, he would always greet by the mocking gazes of his classmates, even his past friends in senior middle school completely ignored him. There was a time when one of his professors talked to him about his sudden transformation, but Luan Jose just looked at the professor in from of him quietly. His professor couldn't do anything so he just let Luan Jose leave the class earlier.

    Every time he met Yun Fa and his underlings, he would just treat it as nothing, completely ignoring them.

    "Ah, With this I'm sure that any monks would be envious to death on my kindness."

    He told himself.

    Sitting in his chair and gazing at the computer in front of him, Luan Jose could only give a helpless sigh. He was not scared or saddened by the things happening around him. He just wants to have a peaceful life to watched anime. Although he was bullied, but who cares? He could leave earlier, increasing the time he spent on watching anime.

    "Beep! Single for eighteen years.

    Reward: 1 stats points." A weird sound emerged in his mind.

    "This... Dude, whats wrong with you! ah forget it. I don't even know where you've came from."

    But pondering for a bit, Luan Jose was unable to make head or tail. The system informed now that he was single for the whole eighteen years, yet he was already eighteen last week. After thinking and analyzing every things in his mind, Jose Luan can't still find the answer on why this happen.

    "Oh well, might as well forget this unnecessary things."

    Because of that incident, he gained a lot of time. His classmates would always ignore him when its time for activities. Although people thought that he was saddened by the things happening to him, little they know that inside, Luan Jose was really happy.

    This sound came from the system in his mind, the first time he heard this sound was on his first ejaculation. He also heard this sound when he experienced a car accident. It also appeared when he scored a perfect zero in his exam. Every time he would do or experience peculiar things, he would always receive this strange sound. He had a lot of speculations about this system. Maybe it came from his past life, or he was awarded by being a good person in his past... past life.

    As far as he knew, these points could be used to assigned in different stats like Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Spirit. Thinking of something, Luan Jose slowly said:


    A rectangular picture appeared in front of him. In the past, he tested if other people could see this picture, but it seems he was the only person who could see it.


    Luan Jose

    Level - 0

    Strength - (10)

    Vitality - (10)

    Agility - (10) 1

    Spirit - (10)

    Unassigned points: 83

    Base in his understanding, Strength represent the power of his attacks, Vitality was probably his defense and regeneration, as for agility it was surely about speed, while spirit talked about one consciousness and perception. Ten points represent a stats of a normal person and adding one point could increase a person stats by one fold.

    For example, Luan Jose had a total of 11 points in his agility, that additional point increase his speed twice. This was the reason why he managed to injured Yun Fa. If another person could double his speed, perhaps beating Yun Fa and his hoodlums would be undoubtedly easy. But Luan Jose was granted a rare-to-see constitution, a normal body, equally balancing all of his stats, couple with his lack of combat experience.

    A total of 83 unassigned points, assigning these in any of his stats could help him beat those hoodlums; but Luan Jose did not, it's not that he didn't want, its just he cant.

    His additional agility point had been only obtained by a lucky chance when he got on car accident in the past. He thought that maybe injuring himself or putting himself in a danger could make him assign his points. The problem was...

    Luan Jose is a very cautious man, he would rather be an ordinary person than experiment himself.

    "Let them think what they want, the hell I cared on their blabbering." Luan Jose didn't care at all, at most, they could only kill him with their stares and nothing more.

    "System Close"

    After saying this, the rectangular stats picture closed and disappeared in an instant. Even though he already did this countless times, Luan Jose was still bewildered by this. It was truly mysterious and magical. He really wondered what could he achieved by assigning all of this, but he knew that a great power comes with great responsibilities. While waiting for his favorite Dragonball episode, Luan Jose heard a loud voice.

    "Hahaha, finally! So this was the earth huh? One of the richest tiny world in the lower realms. A world containing the valuable and precious world fragment. To think that this world would be here, wasting a lot of our time and resources."

    This voice was heard by all of the people from the whole world. They thought that this was only an illusion and nothing more. But little they know, this voice was the start of their nightmare.

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    Chapter 2: Tragic Occurrence


    Came after the voice was an earth-shattering occurrence. At this moment, the earth started to tremble violently. It was as if the heaven was falling and the earth was sinking, followed by the destruction of numerous buildings and cracked roads; as smoke and dust soared, while visible air currents started dispersing in all directions.

    Because of the sudden tremor, Luan Jose abruptly stood up from his chair and hastily left the apartment he was staying. Fortunately, this apartment had a strong foundation, hence, only a few cracks could be seen.

    Running towards outside his apartment, what appeared in front of him were destroyed buildings and panicking citizens. Various noises could be heard outside like car horns, wailing children's, mournful voices, sounds of broken glasses, and collapsing structures. After 15 minutes, the tremor halted and a number of casualties have been found. Various structures have collapsed, numerous citizens were injured and a lot of people died in this sudden incident.

    Unfortunately, this was not the end, a mysterious hole suddenly appeared in the sky. Like a dark void that was only a size of a basketball ring, but as the time passes it became bigger and bigger, from a size of a car to a size of a house. It grew increasingly huge until it had a size of a baseball stadium.

    The strangest thing about this hole was its position, it's like a big dragon that poked the sky. Everyone in the Earth could see this hole, no matter where they are as if this hole was in another dimension. Even if you're in the America, Russia, China or anywhere in the world, you could still see this hole clearly without any obstruction.

    Looking carefully, one could see a middle-aged man hovering in the sky. This middle-aged man seems ordinary, having a bronze skin, a robust body, and long hanging black hair; but this seemingly ordinary man had an intimidating aura around him as if a demon who could kill anyone with just his gaze. Crossing his arms while gazing arrogantly at the people below him.

    "Hehe, a lot of lowly humans, earthlings who could not even cultivate. Well some of them could be used as a slave or a food for our pets." A loud voice reverberated in all directions, striking fear into the heart of everyone.

    "Who!?" The middle-aged man in the sky yelled in a panicked manner, looking from his left to right.

    "Sigh, I didn't expect that this day would come." This voice was different from the threatening voice of the middle-aged man. An ancient voice echoed like a thunder, it was like a voice coming from a person who just woke up from a long slumber.

    Hearing the deep voice, the middle-aged man become stiff for a moment, his haughty expression before disappeared in an instant. The middle-aged man forehead broke out into a cold sweat while cursing himself,

    'Shit! I didn't expect this tiny world to have a guardian. I can't even felt his presence, this person was probably a World Knight, if not, it's not too far from that. But his life force was a bit... a bit weak? Right! That's it! Even though this person had a higher cultivation than me, but because of his weakened life force, the power he could use was probably lesser compared to his peak strength.'

    Thinking all of this, the edge of his lips curled into a smile.

    "This lowly man would like to ask for your apology, Senior. This lowly one came from the Red Cloud Sect from Terrica, one of the worlds from the middle realms. If you like Senior, you could follow me in my Sect and be my guest. Base on your voice, I could tell that senior had only a meager life force left. Once Senior followed me, I could ask my elders to gift you a number of longevity pills. The only thing I want is senior cooperation."

    The middle-aged man exposed a victorious smile. Only a fool would decline his offer. Although the earth was only one of the tiny world from outer realms, nevertheless, the earth was entirely different from others. There are hundred of thousands of world in the outer realms but only a few of them possessed a world fragment. This fragment was a treasure that coveted by many. Even the Terran from the inner realms could not help but to drool in front of a world fragment. From the hundred of thousands of tiny worlds, only a few have a world fragment. Up until now, a total of only 18 world fragment had been found, not included those people who didn't publicize their possession on their world fragment.

    A world fragment could be used in different ways, someone said that it could be used as a bomb that could destroy an inner realm world by only injecting your world qi, while some said that it could help you gained an indestructible body akin to a rummaging beast. But the most known way was to use it in a world qi formation, once put in the center of the world qi formation, it could increase everyone cultivation speed by a hundred fold, a feeling like an earth from heaven. In the past, a sect from a world in the middle realm became an overlord by using a world fragment in their world qi formation.

    "Hahaha, what a grandiose offering, but too bad, I will humbly decline your bait. What do you think? Am I a fool? An idiot? Hahaha, your grandfather had already lived for almost ten thousand years. Scheming with this old man? Although longevity pills could increase my life span, your elders would probably kill me before my hand could touch that pills. Even if what you said is true, I would not dare to exchange it for my descendant's lives!" The ancient voice said in a mocking manner.

    "Senior! Think about it carefully, although I don't have the ability to kill you, but you must be aware that once I reported this to my Sect, you would be doomed for sure!"

    "Who said that I would let you go and reported back? What do you think of Earth? A vacation world where you could freely barge in and just left casually? Fool! I would kill you without a proper burial!"

    Before the middle-aged man could retort, a laser-like light with a speed that even the naked eye couldn't catch up pierced in his forehead. The middle-aged man eyes widened, and mouth agape, he didn't think that he would die in this way.

    "Y-yo-you!" Disbelief flashed in his eyes. After muttering his final word, the middle-aged man fell from the sky.

    The strange thing was the body of the middle-aged man stopped in the air. After a while, an old man appeared on the side of the middle aged man. This old man looked to be in his 70's with a decrepit face , wearing a fine and long white robe, having a long white beard and a shiny bald head. With a flick of his hand, a flame flew towards the body of the middle-aged man burning it into dust. After that, the old man looked at the sky. Gazing at the dark hole, the old man pointed one of his fingers into the dark hole. The dark hole from a size of a baseball stadium turned into a size of a pool to a size of a car. After doing all of this, the old man faced the people below them, his eyes clearly reflected the world helpless, slowly opening his mouth to say,

    "A lot of you probably think that why I leave this hole, it's not that I want, it just that I don't have enough power to seal this hole completely. This is the only thing I could do, I didn't think that they will find this world. I knew it's difficult for everyone to understand, but the only thing I can say is the earth was in a dangerous situation right now. Surely a lot of questions were floating on your mind right now, hence let me explained a few things that you need to know. Earth was one of the tiny worlds in the outer realms, as for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc., they were only miniature planets that I created to mask the Earth location."

    "Unfortunately, they found Earth. Earth was one of the tiny worlds that possessed a world fragment, as for what is a world fragment, it was a crystal that coveted by everyone. Why not just give the world fragment? The world fragment was a valuable part that sustained the earth, once it left, the earth would collapse and destroyed eventually. The language you were using which is English was also the language that was used by different worlds. It was a language I was learned when I was young and venturing different worlds."

    "For the sake of killing that intruder, I've burned a lot of my lifespan again. The only thing I could do was to seal this damn hole and continuously explained different things to everyone. This seal would probably last for 7-10 years, but I hope that it would be enough to give everyone a small hope."

    After a long explanation, the old man suddenly vanished without notice. All of the people who saw the scene were left stunned for a moment, followed by various chattering after a moment of silence.

    "What the f*ck!? Is this a movie set?" said by a seemingly high school student.

    "Fool! How could a movie set make this? Burning a human in an instant, flying people, and that dark hole! Is your brain still working, or do you even have a brain?" remanded by a youth girl.

    "Is this the end of the world? I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! I've still had a lot of unfulfilled wish and dreams! What would happen to my girlfriend? Oh, I forgot that I don't have a girlfriend." A fatty was shouting while running in circles but after realizing his words, he suddenly stopped and kneeled on the ground, giving a helpless sigh.

    Voices of different people were ringing in Luan Jose ears. Even him was still dumbstruck by that incident. He thought that there's nothing more mysterious than his system. But what is this? It's clearly out of line!

    "Son... So-son? Wake up, son! You promise daddy right? We would still have to go to the hospital to visit your mom. Oh, What did you say? Candy?Hehe, ok ok, daddy would buy you a lot of candies."

    Gazing at the source of that anguish voice, Luan Jose saw a white collar man who was kneeling on the ground, and in his arms was a little boy. But sadly, the heaven was indeed cruel. The boy was dyed in red blood from toes to head, its left arm had already gone while its body has been pierced by a seemingly glittering shard, summing up the boy soul have already left its body. The man kept talking to the dead body of his son even though the truth was already laid in front of him.

    Looking at the aftermath of that incident, various emotions were surging in his heart. Sadness for those people who lost their love ones, curiosity towards the words that old man left, fury for that middle-aged man who was the reason of this incident. But the strangest thing was an extreme emotion was residing deep in his heart. Luan Jose felt that his blood was boiling in excitement, he told himself to remain calm, but still, his heart beated even faster.

    Is this the end of his boring life? or the start of his misfortunes? The thing he only read in novels and seen in anime's were already laid in front of him. Levitation, supernatural powers, cultivation and most of all the opportunity to become strong!

    After observing his surroundings, Luan Jose turned around to returned to his room. His mind was in turmoil right now, this experience was truly new for him. He can't help but to think about the future and the present condition of his parents right now.


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    Chapter 3 

    Three months have passed since that incident, Luan Jose and everyone was still left flabbergasted on what they experience on that day. They only have a few years left, so how could they calm their selves!?

    After that incident, the crime rate on the whole world increase tremendously; robbery, murder, rape, and so on. President of each country, increase their security and people who caused havoc were killed on the spot. Each head decided to build a base for the upcoming danger, preparing for the war, but this was all futile, what they will face were not ordinary people but people who could wield different abilities. Left with no choices, everyone could only pray and brace themselves.

    Daily pattern of every person had changed, classes all over schools unexpectedly change. Things like surviving and military exercise was added on students courses. Moreover, this were not just limited to youths but also some children and elderly. What they needed was to cultivate and trained their selves.

    Luan Jose was sitting in his chair while his right hand was on his chin. Recalling the words that came from the old man, Luan Jose can't help but to shudder and felt fury at the same time. That seemingly ordinary hole in the sky which is a size of a car was the caused of his fear, while the bamboo shard he received was the reason of his anger.

    "This hole was a tunnel towards the worlds from lower realm, it will also be your hope, because of this hole the world qi in the realm tree could now freely enter in the Earth. World qi was a type of energy that could help you evolved into another level, gaining an unexplained physique and if you're lucky some of you may have the chance to acquired supernatural powers. It could boost your strength and at the same time nourish your body but this was also applied to those animals. So for now, what you need to do was to prepare for the invasion of magical beasts; Magical beast were animals that gained an evolution, some of them had different supernatural powers and tough flesh, while some of them gained intelligence. This will be a test for you, I'm sure that there will be a lot of casualties but to groom all of you, I need to do this."

    "The reason why I sealed the Earth and prevent the world qi from circulating was to hide the aura of the world fragment. Right now, the sealed have been broken and the world qi in the earth could finally circulate. Fortunately, for all of you, the world qi from Earth was different from other worlds. The world qi of Earth was enhanced many times by the world fragment, that could almost contend the world qi circulation of those worlds from the inner realm."

    While recalling all of this, Luan Jose unconsciously bite his tongue.


    Luan Jose thoroughly ignored the pain he felt, he was analyzing on what the old man said.

    "World qi? Another world? Different Realms? Evolution and superpowers? Base on what the old baldy said, because of the Earth world fragment, the circulation of world qi from Earth was almost on par on the world qi on inner realms, so the quality of world qi depends on your world realm? Eh? It's like from those novels I've read." Luan Jose thought to him self.

    Looking at the monitor in his front, thick veins appeared on Luan Jose forehead. Every people from Earth had a bamboo shard that was given to them before the old man left. As far as he knew, this bamboo shard was the same from those jade slips on the novel's he read so far.

    "Like what Old Baldy said, once the bamboo shard was crushed, it would send a method on how to gather the world qi around. Like those cultivation methods from xianxia and wuxia novels. After accumulating enough world qi, your body would undergo an evolution, different from others; as for one progress and abilities, it would clearly depend on one's talent and nature."

    A lot of people from Earth had already crushed their bamboo shards, nourishing their body and boosting their strength. Just this week, Luan Jose had already watched a number of videos regarding the power brought by gathering the world qi. In one video he watched how a skinny man sprint like a cheetah, while on another he watched how a robust man could lift a taxi cab easily. He also watched other people gaining different abilities; some of them could turn the calm water into a sharp ice, a few of them had the power of raging fire, some of them could stir the violent wind, while others had the hardness of earth and the flexibility of water. All in all, people from earth gained different abilities once they start gathering the world qi around and used it to evolve themselves.

    Like one of his neighbor, the old man next to him was already 78 years old, before the incident, this old man was already in the verge of death, but just yesterday he saw that old man passing by in his room, carrying a sack of rice in his back.

    "Fck! I've already gathering the world qi for the past three months! What's wrong with me? Why I can't break the core within my body?"

    After gathering enough world qi, an egg sized core would form within one body. As the time goes by this core would constantly absorb and swallow the world qi around. Luan Jose learned that most people need to gather and nourish the core for only one week, if not it would be just 15 days or one month. As the times goes by, it would have dents, followed by cracks, and eventually, it would explode and would scatter in your body. After the explosion, a new core would be formed, more spacious and tougher. Breaking the core again would lead you to the next stage. By doing all of this, one would gain an ability depending on your nature, this was also the sign that you could now start cultivating.

    Luan Jose had been gathering the world qi for a whole three months, but not even a single dent could be seen in his core.

    After a while Jose Luan thought on something and slowly said:


    In an instant, a rectangular picture appeared in front of him.


    Luan Jose:

    Level - 0

    Strength - (10)

    Vitality - (10)

    Agility - (10) 1

    Spirit - (10)

    Unassigned points: 85

    In that incident, Luan Jose unexpectedly gained two points; one for staying alive in a catastrophe and one for watching a battle between experts.

    Looking at the stats picture in his front, Luan Jose mind was in the state of turmoil. For sure, once he assigned his points and started cultivating, his strength would probably soar high. But the problem was, since that car accident, no matter what he does, he was still unable to assign any of his points. Although Luan Jose was excited to become strong and have supernatural powers but thinking of his problems and those intruders, he still can't help to cursed all of the ancestor of that bastard intruder.

    "Bastard! Because of that hole! Bastard Hole! Asshole! Because of all of your fcking elders! Because of that Earth world fragment! Because of that hole! Because of that bald head of the old man! My life had been messed up completely! What now!? What would happen to Goku and the Universe Tournament!? Urg! What would happen to Luffy and his adventure to find the one piece!? What would happen to all of the anime's that will be aired for this year!?"

    Luan Jose didn't miss any curses, even the bald head of his ancestor was not spared by his curses. Because of that incident, all of the anime's shows we're ceased to air, that led him to this despair.

    "Forget it, now was not the right time to curse them. What I need to do was to find a way to break the core in my dantian, gaining a chance to have an ability and strengthening my self. I need to become strong before the intruder's invasion."

    Taking a deep breath, gradually Luan Jose managed to calm himself. Maybe it's because of his personality or some illnesses that caused him to be easily agitated.

    After knowing that he was still unable to breakthrough and achieve an evolution, Luan Jose straightened himself and took out his phone. Turning it on and instantly dialed a number,

    "Dad, how are Mom and you? Did little Wei and Lei cause trouble again? Are there any probl-."

    Before he could finish his words, an apprehensive voice instantly cut off what he wanted to say.

    "Jose is that you!? Thank goodness. What's wrong with you brat! Constantly ignoring our calls this past few days!" The voice came from the other line seems a bit nervous and worried.

    "What happened Dad? " Luan Jode asked anxiously. He didn't even bother his father question, asking instantly because of the uneasy tone of his father.

    "We're fine... for the mean time... I think. Remembered what that senior said about animals turning into beasts? Well here it is right now, a number of huge rats were flocking outside our compound! A dog sized rat with a swinging tail akin to a whip!"

    Luan Jose was unable to respond quickly, digesting all the information his father said. Although he knew about the transformation of animals. But the heck!? Only three months have passed since that incident. Isn't it a bit fast?

    His heart suddenly skips a bit, seemingly frightened about the state of his family. Recalling that his family was currently settled in one of the provinces in the Philippines. Hence, different animals like rat, snake, frog and various insects we're quite normal in that place. If it's in the past he would not be worried. But at the present, it's entirely different! A fragile rat before had suddenly turned into a dog size rat! So how about other animals like birds, fishes, insects, and most of all farm snakes!

    "Jose? Jose? Are you still there? Son?"

    Hearing the voice of his father in the phone, Luan Jose returned from being a muddled head, quickly answering, "I'm still here dad."

    "Hu... Alright. Don't worry about us. Like what I informed you before, we've already started our cultivation, gaining an ability and becoming stronger."

    The voiced in the phone paused a moment, afterward said,

    "Jose... just keep safe, stay with your aunt. For cultivation... don't force yourself if you can't really break your core. The citizens here in our place planned to build a base. They chose me as their leader and our compound as the place of our base. I think it's best if you returned now, the earlier the better, and also bring your aunt. Especially your mother, she was arguing me about your situation, urging me to bring you home."

    Luan Zhao have already long ago knew his son condition. Jose confessed to them about his problems. Although his son was a bit prick; however, the truth was... Jose had a soft heart. Yes, he always cursed others silently, easily disturbed, but that's the limit. He loves his family more than any else, quietly enduring the mockery of everyone, but still managed to smile.

    Hearing what his father said, Luan Jose can't help but to felt a deep longing.

    "Yes, father I would immediately inform aunt about this, don't worry about me."

    "Alright, See you soon son. I still had a lot of work to do here, smashing these damn rats to pieces!"

    Putting back his phone, the edge of Luan Jose lips curled upward. Although he felt sad about his condition, nevertheless, there's nothing he could do. Might as well return home, and just enjoy his life with his family.

    After turning off his computer, Luan Jose stood up, walking towards the door to informed his aunt personally. Rotating the door knob, he steadily pushed the door. He was deeply shocked, what appeared in front of him was not the radiance of the sun nor the bright surrounding. It was dark, as though something was blocking the sun. Luan Jose take a glance at the sky. His heart almost skip a bit, unconsciously gulping down a mouthful of his saliva.

    "Th-this... ? What the heck!?"

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    Chapter 4: Tears of joy

    "What the heck!?" Where's the sun?, Where's my beloved sun? Did someone snatch the sun? Or the sun take a break within this day?"

    Luan Jose look upon the sky which was enshrouded by the darkness as though the sun has been covered by an unknown thing. After a series of his anxious movements, Luan Jose finally managed to calm down, what was more strange was the broad smile all over his face. If others could see his face right now, they would surely think that the person they were looking at was undoubtedly crazy.

    Luan Jose look calm and composed, as he stretched his back and lift up his chin. Like a deity who's out of touch with this world mundane materials.

    He looked up into the sky again, and after seeing the things that almost covered the sun, Luan Jose just simply smiled. He rubbed his eyes with both of his arms, and looked above again, he rubbed his eyes one more time, and then looked at the sky one more time. Luan Jose repeated his actions for the third time, and after still seeing those damn things in the sky, he just laughed out loud like a prodigal maniac.

    "Hahaha..., Damnable eyes. It seems my eyes were really fooling me this time. Well, it was indeed my fault for thinking a lot of unnecessary things these past few weeks, causing me to lessen my time on sleeping and giving me a lot of stress. After all, there's no way a horde of giant chickens could have the ability to soar into the sky! Whats more, these giant chickens had almost the size of a big mountain! Truly laughable! Sigh, look at me, thinking these bullshit things."

    Luan Jose gazed at the flying giant chickens in the sky. He shook his head and carefully inspect his surroundings. Looking at the dumbstruck citizens who were also watching the sky. Luan Jose can't help but to quietly murmured to himself, were these people had also frustrated themselves?

    Luan Jose walk to the nearest person in his right side. This person seems on his twenties while wearing a pair of glasses. Like what they've always said, most intelligent people were people who wore glasses.

    "Brother, why do you keep looking at the sky? "

    The person wearing a glasses was still trembling for what he was seeing, and when Luan Jose unexpectedly questioned him, he abruptly jumps in fright as he turned around and looked gravely at the person who just pops out from nowhere. Thinking to himself, is this person blind or had a very poor eyesight? Anyway, he still answered the strange person question.

    "It's a group of giant chickens. Can't you see it?" The person wearing a glasses irritatedly answered Luan Jose question as if he was saying, do you even have eyes?

    He thought that this strange person would be terrified for a few seconds but contrary to his expectations, this person not only thanked him but even look at him as though he was looking on an idiot.

    Luan Jose was indeed looking at the person before him as though he was looking at an idiot. He thought that this person was different from him and have a good mind set, yet who would think this person was also like him - being frustrated. He once again looked at the sky and then shifted his attention to the person in front of him. Pondering for a moment, his expression from being calmed instantly changed as if he had seen the most scariest person in his life - the person he had borrowed money in the past.

    Gu Lao thought that this strange person finally realized the terror he felt before. Hence he arrogantly said,

    "What now? Are you scare-."

    Yet before he could finish what he wanted to say, the strange person in front of him touched his forehead and worriedly said,

    "Brother, were you also frustrated?"

    Frustrated your ass! He thought that this strange person had finally been enlightened about what happening right now. Yet, this strange person suddenly asked him if he was frustrated?!

    "Me? frustrated? Do you really have eyes?!" Gu Lao angrily said. How come he suddenly became frustrated?

    "Then... are you sick?"

    Luan Jose thought another possibility and quickly asked again.

    Gu Lao nearly puked out a mouthful of blood, if not for him learning the proper etiquette, he would surely beat this youth on death.

    But after thinking that this person might question another bunch of useless things, he hurriedly restricted his actions.

    Luan Jose saw green veins forming on Gu Lao forehead, hence he was sure that the person before him was indeed frustrated or sick. He was truly scared out of his wits, was there really a virus that caused people to be frustrated?

    "What the heck were you saying! If I was frustrated or sick, then what about you?!" Gu Lao finally exploded, this youth could really anger any one.


    Gu Lao smirked at Luan Jose, thinking that the strange person had already understood everything. Unfortunately... Luan Jose next sentence nearly caused him to stumble on the ground.

    "I... I think I'm either frustrated or sick."

    Gu Lao trembled continuously, his eyes turned red that seems a wolf preparing to pounced at the person in front of him. After a brief silence, Gu Lao calmed down, it's definitely not good to argue with a youth.

    "I'm not frustrated nor sick. What now? Are you also asking me if I'm going to die?" Gu Lao thought that continuing to argue with this youth would really lead him to frustration, hence he answered in a casual manner as he looked nonchalantly at Luan Jose.

    Sadly, he really made a big mistake, and that was talking to Luan Jose.

    "Was the virus that deadly?

    Brother! Although we've only exchanged a few words, yet this little time we spent on seems connected the both of us. It appeared that we were fated by the heavens and shared the same goals. Brother, I know that dying was a matter that we can't change. But don't worry, with me by your side, we could die together, preparing our coffins and designing our funeral dress." Naturally, Luan Jose was scared of dying, but with his brother by his side, death would be not lonely anymore.

    "Brother... can you please stop now?" Tears flowed in Gu Lao eyes, he really feared that he could die in anger if he continued to talk to this strange person.

    Luan Jose with his watery eyes finally understand the saying tears of joys. He thought that what Gu Lao saying was of him being too kind, hence he hurriedly said, "Brother, I'm born with the word Kindness beside me, so you don't need to tell me about this."

    Gu Lao: Waaaaaaa...!

    Luan Jose: Waaaaa...!

    Tears flowed on both of their eyes, as they look at each other. The one was crying in sorrow while the one in happiness.

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    Chapter 5 - A Misfortune in the form of a Meatball

    It was a great day, a definitely great day! Especially for those people who love to eat poultry food, there's no one who could ignore such delicious delicacies. A day where the dazzling sun was enshrouded by a group of gigantic beasts. Giant chickens who were circling above the clouds, emitting unique sounds that could pierce one soul. Couple with the two people who were competing with their cries. A truly magnificent day!

    As the two of them continued on their fierce battle on who had the loudest crying voice, it naturally attracted a large number of attentions. The rooted citizens instantly turned their heads as they look puzzled at Luan Jose and Gu Lao.

    Were these two become extremely frightened to the point that they could cried louder than a new born baby? Or crying louder could help them lessened their fear?

    Whatever the reason, Gu Lao and Luan Jose successfully provoked their attention, which also discovered by Luan Jose.

    "Eh? Urgh! I've remembered now! All of you were clearly looking at the sky just a while ago! Were all of you frustrated and sick as well? Luan Jose was unable to find another suitable answer on why they were looking at the sky, hence he thought that they were also afflicted by the same virus.

    It was naturally replied by the people murderous gaze. What would you feel if a person suddenly asked you, if you're frustrated or sick?

    Luan Jose didn't mind their gaze like knives, he really thought that a virus had been spread that led the people to be like him. He felt scared, anxious and worried about the event that he would die, but, with these many people by his side, death would be more exciting. He could just talk to them about life, discussed about people problems or misfortunes, and maybe he could find another Otaku like him. As these plans pop out into Luan Jose mind, he finally thought that maybe dying was not a bad thing.

    Luan Jose came back to his senses after sensing their loveable gazes, he cleared his throat and spoke loudly, "Brothers and Sisters, I, Luan Jose was the person that managed to find out about the virus. This virus could make one person frustrated then befallen from being sick. The things in the sky were just a part of these virus symptoms, such as illusion and unwanted dreams."

    Luan Jose paused for a moment then look at Gu Lao, and after seeing the I.D Gu Lao wore, he continued to say " Furthermore, this we're not baseless accusations. This was proven by our brother here, Gu Lao. One more! He also said that this virus was deadly and can't be cured by any medicines in this world! As his kind brother, I console him about the matter of dying. Dying was just a matter of time for anyone, and this were things we can't change. I really feared that base on Brother Gu Lao expression a while ago, the virus had already spread in his body. Sigh, what a good brother, just dying early."

    Luan Jose felt sadness into his mind. He just found a good brother, yet the world was indeed cruel to take it away from him.

    The crowd couldn't make head or tails of what was happening right now. After hearing that youth, they all felt that this might indeed the case. After all, there's no way a chicken could fly. They looked at the lamenting Luan Jose then finally the crying Gu Lao. May be it was true, were they really sick or frustrated?

    After hearing Luan Jose speech, Gu Lao cried even more. What's more, the crowd around him seems really believed at Luan Jose. He wanted to explain but also feared that this strange youth would make another bullshit lies, hence tears continue to flow in his eyes. Hoping that the God could help him this time.

    "Bro-brother Luan Jose, I think what you said was true. These past few days, I've always felt stress and hungry all the time. I'm clearly not this before, in the past I could just eat 10 plates of rice a day, but just this week it suddenly increased by 20 plates of rice! I think I'm also frustrated, just that I don't know if it already spread on my body. What do you think brother Luan Jose?" No matter how poor one eye sight was, it won't missed this big fatty. This fatty truly resembles a giant meatball, with its round face and big ball-like belly.

    Luan Jose turned around and see the fatty who's trembling nonstop. This was the same fatty he saw on the day that the invader from another world made messed in the Earth. As he sensed a feeling of having another comrade, he straightened his back and clasped his hands on his back. Like a sage in the sky who was looking at the mortal world below.

    "What's your name brother?"

    Luan Jose asked.

    "Da Zhu, bro-brother, but ot-other call me Big pig."

    Luan Jose understands why others called him Big Pig. Although he was not a pure Chinese, he still understands what the person saying because of his father, who taught him Mandarin since he was small. Da means Big and Zhu means Pig, he really can't help but to feel puzzled about their weird names.

    "Trembling nonstop, drop of sweats on your face, an increase of daily food, hmmm, it seems the virus had already spread in your belly, Brother DaZhu."

    "My Belly?" DaZhu was startled and took a deep breath after hearing Luan Jose explanation.

    "Indeed, and it seems you've only had a month or two before you truly die. Sigh, go home brother, prepare for everything and live your life to its fullest." Luan Jose shook his head, was really dying this easy? He can't help but to think if this virus also spread into other places.

    DaZhu was exceedingly terrified as he kneeled on the ground, death was already knocking on his house before he could even get a girlfriend? He was still a virgin without any experience about making love! Was the heaven really intended to punish him? Yes, he was a high ranking immortal in terms of reading Ero manga, he could boast around the world about his collections under his bed and brag about his files in his computer. But punishing him like this... It seems a bit hard right?

    "An idiot who was spouting nonsense and a pig who believe in an idiot."

    Luan Jose turned his head on the source of the voice, not just him even DaZhu, Gu Lao and the crowd. The person who just spoke was dress in a neat coat, with its arrogant expression.

    The person on a coat continue and said indifferently, " Different realms, various worlds, superpowers and more, these were things that seem impossible but happening right now. So how does flying giant chickens can't be true? Once more if there was really a virus, scientists of the earth would already know it beforehand."

    The crowd nodded in unison about what the person in coat said. But they were still terrified, evolutions came early out of their calculations. If they weren't gonna die because of the virus, then they would either die on this gigantic beasts!

    The coat in person thought that may be the youth would be angry about him or continue to defend his words. He felt good inside, he really felt good on others misery. He didn't know why, but he loves to embarrassed other people. Their hateful gazes were like sweet chocolates in his tongue.

    Luan Jose was, of course, felt puzzled, there's no virus? Then... his not gonna die?

    "Hahaha, I knew it! How comes a kind person like me die in such manner! Thank you brother! You're so kind that you're only second to me on being kind." Luan Jose was jumping up and down, as he ran towards the person in coat, shaking vigorously the latter hand.

    LuHou jumped backwards as he tried to digest what was happening right now. That youth thanked him! What about being angry!? What about the hateful gaze!? He turned around and look at Gu Lao, which was also walking towards on him with a glad expression.

    "Th-this?, were you also gonna thanked me?" Luhou asked towards Gu Lao.

    "How did you know? You're really kind brother, as if you're the angel that given to me by the heaven." Gu Lao felt really happy, the heaven answered his praying and sent out this good person.

    Luhou was shaking unceasingly, he turned his head to look at his left, yet he can't see a single fatty there. Suddenly he sensed an extreme danger, as if a great misfortune would befall at him any moment. The ground was quivering as the air current was being stirred by an unknown being. This time he was certainly sure, the

    aura of misfortune was going to flatten him. Luhou complexion paled, as cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He turned his head on his back and saw a giant meatball running towards him. He wanted to run, but too late, the misfortune had already jumped over him.

    Gazing at the giant meatball above him, Luhou felt insignificant as though he was an ant. With the misfortune above him, Luhou just closed his eyes. Memories quickly crossed over his mind, such as the time he was still sucking up his thumb, from inspecting the growth of his hair below, embarrassing other people, looking at their sweet hateful gaze, and leisurely hearing to their curses akin to a beautiful melody in his ears. These were memories he acquired up until now, whether it was good or bad memories.


    With this event, the moment Luhou come back on his house. He would surely throw away all the meatballs on his refrigerator.

  • Chapter 6 - Enhancer

    Silence ...

    The entire environment was devoid of sound.

    After an unknown period of time, the crowd of people back to their senses.

    Luan Jose couldn't help but to feel a sense of fear creep up within his heart as he himself wondered, how many of his bones would be shattered if he was in the place of LuHou. Furthermore, he was not like others who had already strengthen themselves by drawing the world qi of heaven and earth.

    He really feel sorry for LuHou, not just him, all the people who catch a sight of that scene a while ago feel sorry for LuHou.

    Sigh, poor LuHou.

    Despite strengthening himself for three months, LuHou can't still handle DaZhu weight. His action of running a while ago resulted on his back directly accepting DaZhu gigantic body. As his back bent down, LuHou eventually falls down which was naturally followed by the Human Meatball above him. If this was a love story, this would undoubtedly garner a number of approvals. Whereas, one was running towards the person he loves while the latter opened his arms to catch the former.

    Unfortunately, for LuHou, this was clearly not a love story but rather a Horror story! And this meatball was the ghost that could scare anyone to death!

    LuHou body directly hits the ground subsequently with his right face smashing to the face of the earth. A massive sound could be heard as dust and rubbles flew in all direction. LuHou and DaZhu body make the ground slightly trembled and line of cracks quickly spread below them. If not for him drawing the heaven and earth for an hour every day, LuHou feared that he might immediately see the gate of heaven at a very young age!

    "Ahhh! Quickly get out of my back, you dumb meatball!" Blood was flowing into LuHou nose as he roared at the meatball on his back. This just showed how painful he felt right now. Although he already became an enhancer long ago, however, being toppled by this Huge fatty was certainly out of his tolerance.

    DaZhu quickly got up as he realized that he might really overboard this time. "I-I'm sorry brother."

    LuHou stared hatefully towards DaZhu. He opened his mouth as he planned to embarrassed the meatball in front of him, yet he felt that thing again. Yes, that misfortune aura creeping into his heart. He turned his left then shifted it to the right, he look in the front and saw the misfortune watery eyes. This was clearly the face of a person who would not do anything good! He utilized all of his strength to flee for the end of the world, yet the arms of the misfortune had already caught him...

    Watching the scene unfolding into his eyes, Luan Jose was extremely astonished. He looked to Gu Lao then to the people around him, all of them showed an expression that what happened was within their expectations. That huge fatty could jump almost two meters in height while that scrawny person could still talk after being knocked down by the former. Was this really the power you could get after the core within the human body exploded? Is this the true capability of an enhancer? This were things that Luan Jose could see but unable to sought.

    People who already embarked the road of cultivation were called Enhancers. They were people that strengthen themselves through following the instructions inside the bamboo shard. After sensing the world qi of heaven and earth, ones need to draw it over his body. This world qi could enter through pores or by inhaling using ones mouth. Later on, a core would slowly formed into your dantian and after nurturing it by the world qi of heaven and earth, cracks and dents would formed, then eventually ended in destruction. The destruction of the core within a person body was just the beginning of a new stage. This destruction meant that a breakthrough had occurred and would naturally followed by a great boost of strength.

    They said that the first destruction was easy as flipping one hand. An ordinary person merely needed to constantly inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an entire 12 hours. However, this can't be done by just half a day. Ones can't continuously inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an entire day.

    Some people could inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for an hour or below, while some could endure up to a whole three hours. There were also geniuses who could inhale the world qi of heaven and earth for a whole five hours! Those people have talent that surpassed others, coupled with their strong will to endure the coming world qi.

    Inhaling the world qi of heaven and earth was indeed easy but can't be forced. If one forcefully inhaled more world qi, out of what your body could tolerate, a destruction might indeed happen, but not the destruction of the core residing in your body, but the person itself. But this was only the case in the beginning. As ones continue to inhale the world qi of heaven and earth and continually managed to breakthrough, extending the time you could cultivate was absolutely possible.

    Enhancers were of course divided into various levels. A person who experienced the first destruction was called Disciple enhancers, followed by Soldier, Knight, General, Emperor, God and Immortal enhancers. Naturally, there was no person who managed to reach the Immortal Enhancer level up until now. One couldn't even see even a General Enhancer, while Knight enhancers were quite few in the present time.

    This was only a ranking system given by the earthlings and not the actual cultivation ranking terms in other realms. Every level was further divided into Low, Middle, High and Peak stages which each stage held different strength.

    This were informations Luan Jose known through the internet. Details like this were like ants in every page, that could easily see on all social media platforms. This could be also learned in a military subject in some universities, but since Luan Jose was a hopeless man who can't achieved a core destruction, hence, he just passed and didn't attend school anymore.

    As Luan Jose gaze towards the quarreling DaZhu and LuHou, Luan Jose sigh with emotion and can't help but to feel jealous. Will there be a day that he could also become one of them?

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