Grand Master of Martial Art(武道宗师) Cuttlefish That Loves Diving (爱潜水的乌贼)

In this parallel world the martial art is not a legend.

In the translation, I’ll introduce some Chinese culture. For world peace sake, the countries and cities in this novel are nicknamed, I’ll follow the writer. If any of you guess the real name of the country and you happened to love that country, which somehow takes an evil part in this novel, please relax for it’s only a novel.

Part1 Chapter1 Ambitious Youth

Though it is autumn, the weather is still very hot. The sun at 3 o’clock in the afternoon is bright and fierce, basking the heavy black wall of the gigantic gymnasium, making it looks like wearing a golden straw rain cape.

There are several glitter big black characters in the front gate of the gymnasium, written its name “Martial Art Club of Songcheng University”.

Looking at these characters and the students rush to the gymnasium, Lou Cheng feels vigor and vitality. He would have joined them, but he was a little afraid, just as the feeling like “when you back to your hometown after many years, you will somehow feel complex”, though the club is not the hometown.

He can’t help but turns his head to his roommate Cai Zongming besides him, hoping to get some advice.

They got to know each other when they entered the school, and they shared the same taste. After the experience of military training[1] and selecting courses, they became friends who enjoy hurting each other.

Cai Zhongming is half a head taller than Lou Cheng, with the height more than 1.8m, he is not only tall and straight, but also has a handsome face which can almost described like “eyebrows like the sword, eyes like the star”. His family is rich and his wearing is stylish. The only problem is he talks too much!

“Chengzi(nickname of Lou Cheng), what fuck hell are you afraid of?” Cai Zongming, with his hands inside the pockets of a cream-colored slacks notices the nervousness of Lou Cheng and says, “It’s just a welcome party of the martial art club. Many students just not show up. Look at Zheng, he applied earlier than us, but he just disappears for study. This is not an exam, just relax.”

After thinks for a while, Lou Cheng feels that he still need some advice. So he says deliberately: “Love expert, do you remember the girl we met when we applied?”

Cai said he have had many girlfriends. He is very experienced on relationships and good at blabbing, so the roommates call him “love expert”. Lou Cheng thinks it’s a good idea to ask for his advice on this.

“Yes, of course. During last month after we entered the school, I have only met two or three girls as beautiful as her. I would have talked to her if I hadn’t have my true love!” glimpses Lou Cheng, he says with a smile, “Aha, you get into her and want to chase her? At the very beginning I thought you’re a tedious and honest man. I couldn’t think you’re this kind!”

Lou Cheng quickly explained: “I have known her for a long time. Her class was next door of mine. Every day when we took the broadcast martial exercise[2], she stood beside me. She was at the right row of her class and I was at the left row of mine. Day after day, en, you know?”

“Yes! You know her, but is she know you?” Cai Zongming asked, trying to hold his laugh back.

Lou Cheng shakes his mouth and look at Cai Zongming “angrily”, after a long while he says moodiness “No…”

“Understand. Who didn’t had an unrequited love?” Stop laughing at Cheng, Cai Zongming says, “No wonder you dragged me to apply for the martial art club, I thought it was that you see through my disguise of a hidden master!”

“Bah, you’re only amateur Level5, can this be called a hidden master?” Lou Cheng can’t help recriminating.

In this world, martial art has a long history. It’s not a legend but a reality. It has been lasting for thousands of years. When it came to modern times, the traditional conception must be changed after confrontation with technology for decades of years, martial art has been integrating into society in every aspect, the levels of martial art has also colored modern, evaluated by the “qualifying tournament” organized by specialized cultivator association. The highest is level1, and the start is level9. Below level9, there are levels for the amateurs, also from level9 to level1. Those called “amateurs” are also able to beat the normal persons up.

Cai Zhongming mocks: “Somebody is even not an amateur level9, am I a master or not is relative according to the relativity theory. How about I use one hand and have a fight with you?”

“Get away!” Lou Cheng says concisely. Then he takes a light breath and wanders forward, saying, “She was very famous in high school, so I knew she liked martial art. I didn’t think that we both entered Songcheng University. At that time I felt this is fate[3]. I was exciting and disturbing, so I just dragged you to apply. I was hoping to have chance to talk to her.”

“Good, that’s right. “ Cai Zongming walks a few steps and suddenly says with a smile, “Chengzi, look, isn’t she the girl of your dreams?”

Lou Cheng’s heartbeat rises. Looking with Cai Zongming’s sight, he sees a maiden dressing in a red and white colored Han Chinese Clothing with elegant cheeks and exquisite facial features standing on the steps outside the front gate of the martial art club. This delicate girl, whose name is Yan Zheke, has the beautifulness of Jiangnan Watertown[4], is the one he keeps thinking about day and night.

Yeah, her mother comes from Jaingnan. Lou Cheng stares at Yan Zheke for a short time. This is the first time he sees her wearing Han Chinese Clothing. She is so amazing.

“Why is she the greeter of the martial art club?” Earth to himself, Lou Cheng asks doubtfully.

She is also a freshman like him, but today is the day for greeting the freshman!

Cai Zongming smiles and say: “This is obvious. If I were the senior member of the club and found out a girl as beautiful as her, I would definitely have kept in touch with her, even if I would not be able to make her my girlfriend, it’s also a great idea to let her attract others to join in! Rough man like you is useless in attracting the new member!”

“It really looks like that you’re not a rough man..” Lou Cheng contradicts.

“Hey, I am not! I’m a martial master of amateur level5, the pillar of the martial art club in the future!” talks about this, Cai Zongming stops for a while and say, “Normally speaking, they would have contacted with me in advance. An amateur level5 is not common in Songcheng University martial art club! Do we have many high level masters, many amateur level3 or level4 except that legendary Lin Que?

Listening to the rattle of Cai Zongming, Lou Cheng looks at Yan Zheke silently. She is standing at the edge of the steps. She attracts everyone’s attention just as a superstar under the spotlights. She is so bright and outstanding and glorious as to makes others feel inferiority.

“All right, let’s get down to business. Chengzi, here is the chance!” Cai Zongming stops his rattle.

Lou Cheng turns his head to Cai Zongming “What chance?”

“Chance to chat up her!” Cai Zongming feels he is talking to a herd.

“Chat up?” Lou Cheng looks at Yan Zheke far away and stammers, “I?”

He never has the experience of chat up. Only thinking about this makes him cowering, dose chat up work?

Cai Zongming shakes his head: “Though the factor of chat up successful depends on your appearance and eloquence, but if you’re not brave enough to even have a try, then you will never have a chance. Girls would not love a timid man. You said you loves her, what counts for your love since you even don’t have the courage to talk with her? Moreover, I made an analysis, you have a big chance, she would even not notice that you’re trying to chat up.”

“Why?” Lou Cheng’s interests is aroused.

“Are you stupid for unrequited love for too much time? You’re fellow-townsmen and schoolmates, very closed! You’re both in another city and apart from acquaintances, fellow-townsmen and schoolmates are the best ones to start a love.” Cai Zongming starts his speech, “You see, a girl who left her hometown and go to university thousands miles away, who is surrounding by strangers and feels insecurity, would unconsciously approach to anyone she familiar with. People from the same city will soon get close, needless to say that you were in the same high school and the same grade. You have too many things to talk about, more close!”

“You just pretend you come across her. You have 90% chance to ask for a QQ number[5] or a phone number from her. It’s not suitable to talk too much in the first conversation, which would make her nervous. Just get the QQ number and stop.”

Lou Cheng listens carefully, his heartbeat is even faster. He gets excited and itch to try. What love expert said makes sense!

But after think for a while, he hesitates: “But I’m just so normal with height and appearance and everything, how should I deserves her? I’m not sure if I can afford the live she deserves. It’s that, I’m better not..”

He feels even more inferiority.

Cai Zongming stuns, keeping his mouse half open for a long time and says:

“Chengzi, you have think too much, haven’t you? She is even not know you and you started to imagine the live after your marriage? Your associative ability is boundless!”

He didn’t give Lou Cheng too much time to think and goes on his persuasion: “Chengzi, what you thought is at best responsible and self-knowledge, at worst timid and coward and lack of confident. We are just freshmen, this school is top ranked, the major is also good. We should find a good job after 4 years of hard study, shouldn’t we? You don’t even have a little confidence? Or you just don’t want striving? If you loves her then you improve yourself for her, constrain yourself for her, try your best for her. This is responsible. If you’re not willing to do so, what you loved is only the feeling of touching by yourself! If you strive, all these can be accomplished.”

Lou Cheng is astonished and looks at Cai Zongming. He didn’t expected him talking so reasonable.

Cai Zongming waves his fist and changed the topic: “There is no sign of successful yet. I wander if you can really chased her. It seems hopeless…er…go ahead, Chengzi, do not left regret, at least you have tried. Youth does not fail, you go, man!”

Encouraged by Cai Zongming, Lou Cheng gets exciting and pushes down all the hesitation and worries, nodding his head, his says:

“Yes, youth does not fail!”

After saying this, he looks at the slender figure of Yan Zheke with red and white dress far away, gathering his courage and is about to step to her.

At this time, Cai Zongming suddenly holds him back.

“What’s wrong?” Lou Cheng feels he is flushed.

Cai Zongming baring his teeth and say: “Chengzi, you’re too impatient. Look at your face, it’s as red as the ass of the monkey. She would recognize you’re thinking something dirty by one glance. Go and get some icy water to cool your face down.”

“Fuck, love expert, you’re so experienced.” Lou Cheng stammers and touches his face, it is hot.

This kind of thing is fucking exciting!

All of a sudden, he has a great idea. He starts running, not towards the gymnasium, but the other direction. He soon covers almost 100 meters, then he just runs back. He is out of breath when passing Cai Zongming.

“It is…” Cai Zongming stuns. Then he realized and thumbs up, “Great!”

Cover the flush by the flush after a running is a great idea!

Lou Cheng’s hear rate rises because of the running, but his steps slow down. He is still a little timid at the beginning but then he restrains his nervous. When passing Cai Zongming, he clenches his fist and says to himself:

“At least I tried!”

He encourages himself and runs towards the gymnasium, towards the red and white colored figure.

Looking at his back, Cai Zongming hurriedly supplements: “Don’t talk too much. You’re not familiar with each other. It would be embarrassed if you talk too much. Just give her a good impression then everything will be easier.”

Lou Cheng waves his hands, indicating that he have heard. He does not slow down all the way.

“This is youth…” an old man with white hairs under the trees besides the road looks at the figure of Lou Cheng and sigh, “I was as young as him years ago…”

Who hasn’t been young?


 [1] in China, when you enter middle school, high school, university, there will be a training called “military training” for about 7~15 days. The training, though with the title “military”, is mainly about build up discipline. The content includes stand upright with a certain posture, walk with a certain posture, fold up a quilt to the shape like the tofu. The fold up a quilt part is the most criticized part. Because this seems unable to enhance any capacities, and it’s very hard to be done good for most people just don’t fold up their quilt at all when they are at home.

[2] Broadcast Exercise is an exercise every primary school, middle school, high school student in China would do every day. It’s usually between the time of the second and third class in the morning and lasts for about 5 minutes. It includes some simple movement like stretch and twist. The most amazing part is that students all over China would practice the same exercise for nearly ten years. So if you want to judge if a student a Chinese, you just ask him “which set of broadcast exercise did you do”

[3] Fate uses to describe two people have chance to get to know each other and build up a relationship (both love and friendship). There are so many people in the world and most of us just looks rather similar, why should one be another’s love? That’s called fate.

[4] Jiangnan Watertown: the place in southeast of China, where is famous for beautiful and capable girls.

[5]QQ number. QQ is a widely used chat software like MSN/skype. It’s developed by the same company of Wechat. This company, Tencent, is beyond clever. It developed two chat softwares much the same to each other, because children just don’t want to use the same software their parents use! P.S. there are 3 best Internet companies in China, Baidu for the search engine, Alibaba for the online shop and online financial, Tencent for chat software. They are called BAT together.


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    Part1 Chapter2 The First Step is Always the Hardest

    The distance is not very long. Lou Cheng only ran for a short while to reach the front of the gymnasium. He steps on the nine steps in front of the gate. His heart is thumping and his face is flushing. He is not sure this is because of the long run, or for the coming chat up.

    He have rehearsed in his mind for many kinds of processes. He holds his fist while panting, encouraging himself:

    “Nothing to be afraid. Be a man!”

    After all these thought for some seconds, Lou Cheng slows down his steps, pretending the casually looking at the beautiful Yan Zheke in the red and white dress as same as the other passby. At the moment his is about to pass her, he suddenly stops his step and says with surprise:

    “Are.. are you come from Xiushan First High School?”

    Yan Zheke stupefied for a while like she didn’t heard that clearly but recovers soon, with her soft black eyebrows stretch, she says: “Yes. Who are you?”

    Lou Cheng’s heart beats like a drum, with a big smile on his face, he pants and says: “I comes from Class 4, I was in the row besides you when we were doing broadcast martial exercise. I was several lines behind you. Hehe, I didn’t know that you also entered Shongcheng University.”

    Yan Zheke understands. Though she didn’t know Lou Cheng, but she lets her defense down and her dimples show: “I didn’t know there are other students who entered Shongcheng University. I thought it was only me.”

    Remembering the teaching from Cai Zongming, Lou Cheng holds back the impulsion of scratching his back side of head and joked himself: “I was relatively low-key, so I was not very familiar with students from other classes.”

    The smiling Yan Zheke is more attractive, making him almost unable to move his eyes.

    Yan Zheke keeps her smile, she has no reluctance and seems to be happy from the bottom of her heart: “What is your name? Maybe I have heard of you. Cheng Tao and his friends always go to my class.”

    Her voice is soft but not shy, like her original voice is so.

    “Cheng Tao, he always borrow my homework to copy. My name is Lou Cheng, maybe you haven’t heard of me. I was nobody.” Lou Cheng says with a humor and follows with his instinct, he smiles and says, “But I knew you, you’re Yan Zheke. You were so famous in our grade. Your grade is so good, and your character is so good. Everyone thought you would entered a university in Didu or Huahai, but you’re in Songcheng.”

    Yan Zheke takes the reward for granted, she chuckles with deeper dimples and looks aside:

    “If I had entered Songcheng University because I failed in the college entrance exam[1], you would have seriously offended me.”

    Oh my, I have no idea what I was talking about! It’s so lucky that Yan Zheke haven’t entered Shongcheng University because she failed in the college entrance exam… Lou Cheng has a good scare and is still a little afraid, and he was almost saying “you are beautiful, your grade is good, your character is good”. He only holds those back when he thinks it’s too frivolous too praise her in the first chat.

    No wonder love expert told me not to talk too much! He deserves to be love expert!

    Remembering Cai Zongming’s words, Lou Cheng quickly says: “If you famous people failed in the college entrance exam, all the students in the grade would have known. OK, there’s more and more students, I’ll coming in. Go with what you do.”

    “All right.” Yan Zheke answers with delight.

    Lou Cheng secretly takes a breath and says casually: “by the way, what’s your QQ number? We have some other students entered Songcheng University, maybe we have chance to get together.”

    After saying this, he holds up his breath, his heart almost stops.

    The get together thing was only an excuse, his real aim is to fetch the QQ number!

    Yan Zheke dose not hesitant, pointing at the red string over her neck, she says: “It’s inconvenient to take my mobile phone with this clothes. You just recite my QQ number and I will add you later on. Please remark Lou Cheng from Class 4, First High School, I don’t add a strange number. My QQ is XXXXXX”

    “OK.” Lou Cheng nearly couldn’t help controlling his excitement. Reciting the QQ number, he takes out his phone from his left pocket of his jeans and logs in his QQ. After searching the number, he is most amused, “Is this ‘Tantai Green Flower’ you?”

    This name is so interesting, the Yan Zheke online is very different from her in reality.

    Yan Zheke’s eyes crook, saying with a smile: “Yes, don’t you feel this name is quite to the earth?”

    After a stop she adds: “Don’t you know that story?”

    “The story of how to destroy an advanced double characters family name?” Though Lou Cheng didn’t know, but the style is too obvious that he can guess some.

    Murong, Huangfu, Shangguan, Zhuge, Tantai, all these double characters family names sounds advanced. If one of them is followed by a literate first name, it will be a good name for a main character or a main supporting character in the novels or the TV shows. But if followed by a countryman’s name, it would made people laugh. Even if not followed by a countryman’s name, a name with contemporaneity would do the same, like Murong Build Amy, Huangfu Simple Fragrant, Shangguan Protect Country, etc.

    Yan Zheke has smile in her eyes: “Yes, it interesting, isn’t it?”

    “Yes, it is. I’m thinking change mine to ‘Zhuge Stupid Dog’.” Lou Cheng feels it’s really very nice to talk to Yan Zheke and almost wants to continue. But suddenly he hears a cough from behind, it’s Cai Zongming who came to his side.

    Lou Cheng holds back his urge and waves to Yan Zheke: “My friend comes, I need to go into the gym, goodbye.”

    “Bye.” Yan Zheke waves, attracting others’ attention.

    Lou Cheng turns around, pretending that he is not reluctant to leave at all. He would not cover his happiness on his face.

    “Great! I thought you were going to stammer. You have potential.” Cai Zongming walks a few steps and entered the gym. The crowd is bustle so he don’t need to speak quietly to avoid being heard by anyone.

    The gym is separated to two parts. One is fixed up as a ring as large as a basketball court with rows of seating. The other one is connected with the ring and as large as 4 or 5 basketball courts, surrounding with sorts of equipment. It’s normally the place used of practice, but it’s used for greeting today. There are people bustling everywhere, a lot more than Lou Cheng could expected.

    “I was just struggling.” Lou Cheng smiles and says, “There are so many people in the martial art club.”

    “Of course, martial art competition is the most popular all over the world. Martial art strong cultivators are most people’s favorite in the world. The martial art club should be the largest club in the university.” Cai Zongming straighten his back, to show his manner of a hidden master, he finally gossips, “Have you had the QQ number?”

    It’s easy to discover who is strong by a fight. After so many years of peace, there are more and more competitions between cultivators. Their strong is beyond the limits of human body and the competition makes the audiences’ adrenergic secretion and blood boil, thinking they themselves can be as strong as the cultivators then they will no longer be afraid of bad person and no long flabby. This then change to formal competitions after the media and entertainment get involved.

    There are two types of martial art competition. One is generated from the fights between schools. The competitions are in the shape of fight between groups from schools, martial associates and martial clubs, aims to fight out the strongest inheritance. The other one is fights between individuals for the champion.

    The former is the popular “professional martial tournament” includes 4 stages. The top stage includes 12 teams which are the leaders of the nation. The greatest humiliation for them is to be the last one in the tournament and demotion to the lower stage, which is a burning shame.

    The later has 5 nation-wide individual challenge competitions, also called “title competition”. For the sake once a person get the champion, he would get the title and recognized as one the strongest in the country. For example, the champion in the “Battle Saint Competition” would keep the title “Battle Saint” for the next year. There the saying goes, above level1, there is the “title”!

    These commercial competitions are highly profitable, which makes the clubs and cultivators sitting on fat profits. They get great wealth and many fans. So there is organizations like “National University Martial Association” and the martial art clubs have been developing with it.

    Have I get the QQ number? Lou Cheng can’t help but smiles:

    “Of course! Lover expert, what’s next?”

    “What else can you do? Just try to find some topics to start and try to find her hobbies and ask her out. You were schoolmates, it’s not very hard to find a topic.” Cai Zongming looks at Lou Cheng scornfully and jokes: “If it’s too hard for you, why not give the QQ number to me, and let me do it for you!”

    “Get away!” Lou Cheng says concisely. Then he signs, “The guide of an expert is so useful!”

    “Of course, I have had many girlfriends.” Cai Zongming laughs complacently.

    Lou Cheng has been “suppressing” for a long time today, thinking rapidly, he glimpse Cai Zongming and shakes his mouth: “How old are you?”

    “18, what’s wrong? Can’t I have many girlfriends? My first love was in Grade 3 in primary school!”Cai Zongming has the expression of how dare you doubt about my strong point.

    “Nothing wrong. My point is, you have had so many girlfriends and they broke up with you, en, it’s definitely your problem…” Lou Cheng looks him “up” and “down” deliberately and shows the expression of a “suddenly realizing”.

    Cai Zhongming put up a stiff face and says grumpily:

    “Can we have a good conversation?”

    He then explains: “Some of them are a pen friends and online friend. We got together fast and broke fast. Sometimes we are too busy to keep in touch with each other then we broke up. For another one, it was because she changed her school and I can do nothing about it. For the next one was because we were not get on well. There is a song sings love is easy but get along is too hard. In short, I’m not a playboy. I’m concentrate on my girlfriends now. If you meet her in the future, please don’t say the words like playboy or love expert. And then, could you give me a better nickname? Lover expert is terrible, please don’t call me like that anymore.”

    “All right, Xiaoming[2].” Lou Cheng answers with a smile.

    Cai Zongming stunned. He takes a sign: “I’d rather you call me love expert.”

    “Yes, Xiaoming.” Lou Cheng bounces back this time and recovers his mood.

    There is always one thing to conquer another. Xiaoming takes his current girlfriends quite seriously, just like he takes Yan Zheke.

    Cai Zongming is so “angry” that he laughs:

    “Chengzi, we should not have join the martial art club, but joined the Xiangsheng club. I’m the main joker and you’re the assistant joker[3], we’ll definitely be famous!”

    Only after his talk, there is a sudden noises from the door:

    “Lin Que is coming!”

    “Lin Que!”

    People rush towards the door with the noises.

    Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming look at each other. They also feel excited and curious, so they go with the crowd and squeeze to the door.

    It has long been anticipated that a talented cultivator joined the club. He accomplished a professional level9 at just 18 years old, surpassing most of the students from the schools.

    It’s surprising that this genius refused the invitation and cultivation from all the schools and clubs but entered a university!

    Considering all the universities, it’s not only him who entered the university and have the professional level9, but they are all in the traditional strong universities of martial art. It’s the first time in Shongcheng university.

    This genius in Lin Que!

    [1]The college entrance exam is the most important exam for Chinese students in all their lives. (There’re two important things in the life of a Chinese, the college entrance exam and the marriage.) The saying goes like “One exam defines one’s life”. It lasts for 2 days including 4 exams: Chinese, Math, English, Other subjects. (So English in China is as important as Chinese. But it’s so strange that every Chinese can speak Chinese so fluently but only very few people can do the same in English, needless to say most of them go to an English speaking country.)

    [2]Xiaoming is a name widely used as a placeholder name for a male character.

    [3]Xiangsheng is very popular in China. It’s performed by 2 men who stand almost still and make people laugh by talking and singing. If you want to check your Chinese ability, just try the Xiangsheng to see if you laugh.

  • Part1 Chapter3 Man Should be Like This

    It’s really crowded. Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming are lucky for they have just entered the gym so they’re next to the door. They can barely see two figures entered the door.

    One man has slicked-back hair, the fresh on his cheeks droop, there is wrinkle at the corner of his eyes. He walks steady, it seems that he is the teacher of the martial club, or so called coach. He is serious and solemn when he looks around, only shows a bit of delight and soft when he looks at the man besides him. The man besides him is more than half a head taller than him. He has bunch hair and a slender body. He is wearing a pair of simple jeans and white T-shirt with a bulging black sport bag on his back, making him cool and clean.

    “He should be the legend Lin Que…” thinks Lou Cheng.

    Lin Que seems like a “silencer”, rapidly silence all the noises in the gym. He is indifference with his lips pinched and looking directly in the front and walks along regardless of all the sights from people with curiosity, inspection, gossip, excitement and worship. Even in the face of the teacher’s introduction in a low voice, he only nods his head a little without a word. He follows the teacher and passes the crowd like a superstar, enters the changing room of the gym.

    The crowd did not broke the silence to chaos of discussion until he back disappeared.

    “So cool!”

    “The martial art club really has handsome men!”

    “So in style and so personality!”

    These are from the girls.

    “He is too cocky..”

    “Capable person should have some temper.”

    “If I’m as strong as him with the professional level9, I would be so arrogant, too!”

    “Our martial art club will fly to sky!”

    “Yes, we will wipe out all these university in the area, see how they will look like when we kick their asses!”

    “With his guidance, maybe we should get an amateur level5 or level6, there will be more opportunities when we look for a job..”

    This is the discussion by the boys.

    Lou Cheng takes his sight back, when he sweeps the door, he accidently finds out Yan Zheke with red and white Han Chinese Clothing standing there, her expression is identically the same with the girls besides.

    “It’s really envious-jealous-hateful.” Lou Cheng can’t help to say to Cai Zongming, “If only I were a professional level9, if only I could be treated like him.”

    Cai Zongming says: “You should use some literary quotation to show you have knowledge. The translations of envious-jealous-hateful is ‘Man should be like this’!”[1]

    Man should be like this… Lou Cheng thinks of the sentence for several times, glimpses Yan Zheke at the door, he jokes with Cai Zongming: “Are you going to say ‘I can replace him’?”

    “It’s you who understand me best.” Cai Zongming smiles and holds up his arms to show his muscles, “I got the amateur level5 when I was fishing three days and drying the nets for two days, what if I became serious! Believe it or not, I would get the professional level9 in a minute and get back the most handsome one in our martial art club!”

    “So proud of saying the fishing three days and drying the nets for two days thing, it’s you.” Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming are hurting each other.

    After a while, Yan Zheke comes inside and goes to the female changing room. The welcome meeting starts on time. With the spotlights on, a tall and strong man with back like tigers and hips like bears walks on the ring.

    “Hello, everyone. I’m Chen Changhua, chief of the martial art club, a senior…” He is wearing a short black martial art suit, making him looks strong and neat. At this time he smiles and introduces himself, all the fierce-looking fresh on his face seems soften.

    “Haha, look at his eyebrows, which makes me think of a song, the bugs fly, the bugs fly…” When Chen Changhua is making his speech, Cai Zongming laughs and says to Lou Cheng with a low voice.

    Lou Cheng glimpse him: “Love expert, you really should have joined the Xiangsheng club, do not waste your talent!”

    Their talking dose not impact Chen Changhua at all, he goes on with the introduction:

    “It’s well known there are 4 levels of martial art, they are Body, Qi, Gang, Forbidden. The later 2 is beyond amateurs, so I should focus on ‘Body’ and ‘Qi’. ‘Body’ is for body training, the importance is ‘training’, just like making pills, forging weapons[2], it’s training of our body. It requires the cooperation of many aspects, not only simply standing exercise or strength training…”

    “What I said is to tell you, it doesn’t matter you did not had professional martial art training, our martial art club in Shongcheng University should fix the problem. The club has a long history and has the orthodox inheritance of ‘Body training’, those clubs or gyms can’t compare with us. If you keep a relative serious training for 4 years, it would be more than sufficient for you to get an amateur level4 or level5. It would be a piece of cake for you to be a coach in a club or a gym, that’s another way of career.”

    “If any of you really love martial art, after the 4 years’ hard training, you would probably pass the qualifying tournament and get the professional level9. My talent is moral, and only a little painstaking, I also passed the amateur level1. I’m pretending to take part in the qualifying tournament this year. So, it’s not impossible for us to get a professional level9. As long as you work hard, as long as you pay attention, everything is possible!”

    “Of course, if you really have talent, it’s not impossible to breakthrough from ‘Body training’ to ‘Dan Qi’. There’s one genius in Shanbei University like this. Every time we met them, they make us miserable, we couldn’t fight against them…”

    Hearing this, Lou Cheng frowns with doubt, looking at Cai Zongming and asks: “Shanbei University was the champion of the National University Martial Meeting last year?”

    “Yes.” Cai Zongming nods.

    Lou Cheng hesitate for a second and says: “What Chen Changhua said sounds strange.”

    It’s like that he is referring someone…

    “Of course it sounds strange. In conclusion there are two points: First, the professional level9 is nothing, Liu Que is nothing!” Cai Zongming says ironically, “Second, we didn’t get a good result was not because of we were awful, but the opponent in the same area is too strong!”

    Lou Cheng has confirmed his guesses, he can’t help but shake his head: “It seems that Chen Changhua, chief of the martial art club, is unconvinced with Lin Que. But it’s too low to speak it out.”

    “Who cares. They do what they like, it’s none of our business.” Cai Zongming is so boring that he takes out his phone.

    After sometime, Chen Changhua have finally finished his monologue and smiles:

    “Let me introduce the achieved senior schoolmates. They have all joined the qualifying tournament, at least at amateur level6…”

    Lou Cheng is just about to look up scrutiny but suddenly his clothes is pulled by Cai Zongming.

    “Let’s go back.”Cai Zongming says in a low voice.

    Lou Cheng is surprised: “Leave now? It’s early.”

    “Are you waiting to meet the senior schoolmates? Come on, you’re just here for chasing a girl. Do you think you’re a prodigy of the world, who can enlighten at no basic until 18 and skyrocket your martial art ability and surpass your senior schoolmates and take part in the National University Martial Meeting to get the champion stands for Songcheng University, then be invited by the first-class organization and then promoted and salary increased and marry an attractive rich lady and become a generation of a strong to the pinnacle of your life?” Cai Zongming is the hurting friend, he is too fluent on the mocking.

    Lou Cheng can only hollow laugh: “Since we are here, we should take a look.”

    Cai Zongming looks around and says: “Since you’re just here to piss away your time and chase a girl, dose it matter if you know a senior schoolmate or not? I can tell you of them…”

    And there, he lows down his voice: “If you leave now, you’ll have a topic to talk when chatting with your girl.”

    “Ah?” Lou Cheng is blankly.

    “Just think, you make an excuse to leave early, then you can ask her what happens when you left, is there any arrangement of training, here the talk starts. You don’t need to worry she would be obnoxious. After that, since you were schoolmates, it’s easy to go on.” Cai Zongming says confidently.

    Lou Cheng stares at him for several seconds and says:

    “Xiaoming, you’re the only one I admire in our dormitory!”

    “Call me love expert!” Cai Zongming slightly bents over and slips away to the door when the senior schoolmates is going up the stage, Lou Cheng follows him.

    Once they come out, before Lou Cheng walks downstairs has he astonished by what he saw. There is a striking camera lifting by an artistic man, the lens of the camera aim himself and Cai Zongming.

    Fuck, no way, the skip of martial art class will be on TV?

    The one besides the cameraman is a young lady dressing in a light gray business wear, the legendary white shirt, suit, one-step skirt, stockings and high-heel shoes.

    This young lady with some student temperament sees Lou Cheng and Cai Zhongming come out, she shows smiles on her face and comes towards them:

    “Excuse me, I’m the reporter from Shongcheng TV Station, could I make a short interview with you?”

    The lady seems just graduated from university, she has neat agile short hairs and black long eyebrows. Her eyes are bright and her nose is small but lovely. She has shallow dimples when she smiles and she has a work permit hanging in front of her chest, written her name “Su Rui”.

    “What interview?” Facing the microphone passes to him, Lou Cheng asks.

    “No problem.” Cai Zongming, however, replies without hesitation.

    The two men look at each other and see the scornful sight of each other.

    Su Rui’s face light up, she smiles and says: “You’re the member of the martial art club in Shongcheng University, are you?”

    Fuck, skip the class and be caught right away…Lou Cheng can’t help scratching his back of head: “Yes, we are. We have something else and need to go.”

    “Yes, something else need to go.”Cai Zongming answers calmly.

    Su Rui does not care, keeping the professional smile and asks: “Have you seen Liu Que?”

    “Yes, we have.” Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming look at each other. They can’t believe the TV station would make an interview on this.

    Whatsoever, Songcheng University in the best university in Shongcheng, and martial art is the most popular, it’s not strange for a reporter to have interviews.

    Su Rui smiles: “Lin Que is the first one who get professional level9 when he entered university in history. How do you think his joining in the martial art club? Any opinions?

    “That’s great, I feel the martial art club will be better.” Cai Zongming’s face is full of smile.

    Lou Cheng also smiles and says from the bottom of his heart: “I’m very excited. I feel honored with him.”

    Su Rui takes the microphone back and smiles really attractive: “Thank you for the interview.”

    Seeing the reporter and the cameraman entered the gym, Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming suddenly open their mouths at the same time:

    “Chengzi, did I looked a little stiff when I smiled?”

    “Love expert, did I looked nerd when I smiled?”

    After saying this, they both smile and look at each other, the nervous just now has all disappeared.

    “The first time on TV, it feels strange.” Lou Cheng massages his cheeks.

    Cai Zongming smiles: “So did I. Forget it, maybe we would be cut off. The importance of their interview is Liu Que. Hey, the reporter just now is really nice, very pretty and pure, sex body shape, the best part are the legs, so long and straight, she is more agree with me than your dream girl.”

    “Hello, is it 110[3]? There is a masher here.” Lou Cheng picks up the phone on purpose.

    “Get away!” Cai Zongming says with a bad face, “I was only joking.”

    Lou Cheng smiles:“ All right. If I would met your girlfriend in the future, I would tell her you have been keeping your virginity!”

    They talk and laugh on their way to the dormitory and soon forget all about the interview.

    The dormitory in Songcheng University has the style of two bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. There are a simple sofa and a TV in the living room. The left of the room is a balcony for drying the clothes[4] while the right is the bathroom with two separated toilets. Pass the sofa and walk along the aisle, there are two bedrooms on each side. Every bedroom lives 4 people, up bed and down table, with chest in the middle[5].

    They are not in the same room. After entering the living room, Cai Zongming picks up his phone and says: “Chengzi, I need to make a call, please remember to go to dinner with me.”

    “Hey, show affection.” Lou Cheng knows Cai Zongming is going to burning the telephone line, so he intends to go into his room and play the computer for a while.

    When he opens the door of the room, there’s no one inside. Lou Cheng knows these 3 guys has not come back from study.

    “They work so hard…” Lou Cheng feels guilty, when there is a comparison, there is the difference.

    The time is not early nor late now. Lou Cheng presses down his thinking and opens his computer to log in the forum.

    This is a collection of forums, every kind of forum would be found, every kind of forum would gather many users. The one Lou Cheng accesses is a forum called “Tiger Dragon Club”.

    Tiger Dragon Club is the club in the top stage of “professional martial tournament”, it’s one of the contender of the national strongest marital inheritance. What’s more, it have just set up for only more than 30 years. Compare with the schools with hundreds of years, it’s like a new baby. But this baby starts to impact those noble, classical, strong schools with its affiliate martial art schools of various ages and get a serial of glorious achievements. One of the “peerless twins” in the martial art world, “Dragon King” Chen Qitao is the brand they cultivated.

    Martial art club like this, peerless cultivator like this has speechless attraction for countless fans and Lou Cheng is one of them.

    He enters the forum and show a smile of enigma. He submits a post with the ID of “Schrödinger's Tiger”:

    “Emergency! I have joined the martial art club today, how should I pretend that I had often joined a martial art club?[6]”

    [1] Terrible, after translation, “man should be like this” even sounds less literary than “envious-jealous-hateful”. In the first general history book “Shi Ji” of China, Xiang Yu and his uncle Xiang Liang saw First Emperor of Qin cruises. Everyone on the way lowered their heads to avoid except Xiang Yu who took up his head to looks at First Emperor of Qin. Xiang Liang was afraid that he would make troubles and said to him “man should be like this”. Xiang Yu said: “I can replace him”.

    First Emperor of Qin: the first man to unify China and create the word “emperor”. He also unify the weights and measures and the characters. He is brilliant and violence. He burned the books and buried the scholars with different opinions.

    Xiang Yu: The leader of an army against Qin Dynasty. He is strong and faithful. However, he didn’t success on his fight but killed by Liu Bang, leader of another army.

    [2] The verbs in making pills, forging weapons, training body are all the same character in Chinese. This character has the meaning of use fire to burn for a long time and make all the materials blend.

    [3] Telephone number to call the police in China.

    [4] Every house in China must have some place to dry the clothes under the sun. If it doesn’t have, that can only because the owner is too poor to buy or rent one. Even people without a house with balcony would try their best to put their clothes and quilts on the shrubs along the roadsides to let them enjoy the sun shine. The ultraviolet ray will kill the germs in the quilts and give it a good smell, it’s called the “smell of the sun”(In fact the smell of the germs’ bodies…) If you have never tried a quilt after a sun shine, put it on the shrubs in the morning of a sunny day and enjoy the sun smell quilt at night!

    [5] Dormitory in China usually has 4, 6, or 8 people live in one room. The bad part of this is everyone have different sleep time and that’s really annoying, needless to say in the morning everyone wants to use the toilet but some constipation person is just there… The good part is you only need to spend 1200 yuan for the whole year.

    [6] How should I pretend that I had often done sth, comes from a post with the title “It’s my first time to have coffee in the Starbucks, how should I pretend that I had often come here?” The net friends give the host many advices, of course, most of them spoof. Starbucks is considered a rather expensive place in China at the time of that post, so most people didn’t have the experience of going there. However it’s not considered extremely expensive now because everything in China is getting expensive so fast, especially the house price. Many Chinese companies moves their factories to American because the rent is too expensive.

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  • Part1 Chapter4 Men Power is Sometimes Limited

    There are so many fans in the "Dragon Tiger" forum, so there're huge amount of posts and replies. If a post is not replied, it would soon drops to the next page. Lou Cheng's post has a good title, so it attracts people's attention.

    The person with the ID of "Above Sky" and icon of a rock girl replies: "I'm second floor[1]! Take me as your sifu (tutor for martial art) then I'll tell you!"

    This girl is quite famous in the forum. Lou Cheng was just about to call "sifu", but Yan Zheke's figure flashes in his mind. He feels guilty to tease other girls when he has a girl he wants to chase.

    At that time, there is the second reply, "Drainer Eats Mushroom" replies:

    "First of all you should dress in a professional martial training suit, and go to the gym several minutes later than the start time of the class. You should keep a cold face and steady steps. When you see the coach, you should say 'I'm sorry that I hurt my muscles and bones in a competition, I can only do some recovery exercise'. If the coach agrees, you just stand besides and take some Tai Ji[2], do some legs pressing and take a walk. You'll look very biger[3]. If the coach doesn't agree, you must stare at him with a cold sight. You should have high momentum and posture. Then there will be no problem. By the way, I forgot to ask you if you can beat the coach up?"

    This cute answer makes Lou Cheng laugh, he replies "What should I do if I can't?"

    After submits this reply, he refreshes the post and sees some other replies.

    "Always Pure Love Handsome Okamoto[4]" replies: "Is the coach female? Chase her and sleep with her!"

    "One Fist Invincible" replies: "It would not be a problem in our school. If you can't beat up the coach then just follow his guide."

    "Road of Ring" replies: "Bribe the coach with money. Anyhow you have no basic, you're just there to do some exercise and get your biger, not as I really did strive to enter the circle of real martial art."

    "Frank and Outspoken" replies: "Do some exercise and improve your physical power first. If you can only keep the standing exercise for a few minutes, even shorter than the girls, you'll really lose your face."

    These 4 guys are the patrons of the forum. Though Lou Cheng has not submit a post in this forum, but he has lurked for a few months and get to know some about them:

    Always Pure Love Handsome Okamoto is an erotic dialogue talker, everything transfers to something dirty with his words. One Fist Invincible is a student in a martial school, who is one years older than Lou Cheng. He is already an amateur level1 and strive for enter the circle of professional martial art. He is good at analyzing martial art and gets on well with others. He is very popular at the forum.

    Road of Ring is a boastful guy. He always boast that he is rich, he was taught by some famous cultivators and he has got the certification of a professional level9. It was for his family industry had he gave up his road of martial art. He also has many friends at the forum. Frank and Outspoken looks like his name, it feels like his EQ is low, his words always hurt.

    Though he knows all of them, being a green hand, Lou Cheng replies them one by one. To “Always Pure Love Handsome Okamoto” :“I’m really sorry, the coach is a man aged between uncle and grandfather”. To “One Fist Invincible” :”No need to be so serious…”. To “Road of Ring” :”I’m only a poor student. I’d rather keep the money myself.” To “Frank and Outspoken” :”You’re right. I haven’t had any exercise in the whole year of the last year in my high school. And I played for two months after the exam, my physical power is really bad”.

    After the sending the replies, there are a few more replies by others.

    From “Peerless Dragon King” :”Martial art club in the university? Which university? If you’re in Shanbei, Didu, or Huahai, quickly go and find Peng Leyun, Ren Li for a signature! Forget about your biger! They’re the real genius hoping to step in the upper 3 levels. In the final of the National University Martial Meeting last year, they beat all the seniors with blood power into submission. It’s really strange for them to study in the university, there won’t be another chance if you missed this one!”

    “Selling Wondon” sends a reply with emotion icon and says :”Come on Little Tiger, doing exercise and make yourself really strong!”

    “Peerless Dragon King” is a martial art nerd who is fanatic of “Dragon King” Chen Qitao. Lou Cheng has to reply:“Small and normal university, please don’t say.”

    He was “indulging“ in study last year, all his limited free time had all contributed to the “professional martial tournament” and the five title competitions. He didn’t pay any attention to “National University Martial Meeting”, needless to say the name Peng Leyun and Ren Li.

    Because his family was poor before he entered high school, he didn’t have a computer at that time. His family became richer then, but he had to “indulging” in study, so he had few time to surf the Internet. After the college entrance exam had Lou Cheng entered the world of the Internet. He is interested in forums and QQ chatting with friends of common interests.

    With a good mood, the sky soon comes dark. He sees the latest answer from “Selling Wondon” :”I’m young, please don’t cheat me. Little Tiger is even not an amateur level9, how should he dominate the martial art circle of universities? Little Tiger, you should take the prosperity job of a cheer team member!”

    When he smiles and is just about to reply, there is a knock on the door. When he turns his head back, he sees Cai Zongming standing beside the unlocked door with a dry smile :”Chengzi, you have to go dinner with yourself, I have some fellow-townsmen here, I need to treat them.”

    Lou Cheng opens his index fingers and thumbs and with the index fingers down side to show his contempt.

    It’s dusk now, the last class in the afternoon will soon be finished. Afraid of the long queue in the canteens, he gives up deeply distain Cai Zongming but closes his computer and rushes out the dormitory towards the nearest canteen.

    The canteen is not very crowed, Lou Cheng comes to the window selling Gaifan[5], points at the iron basin and says:

    “Potato beef Gaifan, more gravy, please.”

    The university has subsidy, so the food in the canteen is rather cheap. Lou Cheng only needs to spend less than 20 yuan for 3 meals in a day. If he focus on frugality and eats less meat, it can even be compressed in less than 10 yuan. Of course, there is cost for the cheap. Firstly is the taste, level and quantity waves greatly. Secondly is you have to accept various kinds of strange dishes created by the chefs, the so called “Ninth cuisine, Canteen Cuisine” [6].

    The potato beef in Songcheng is different from other places. It has redundant gravy, almost submerges the dish. The potato is stewed really powdery and almost melt into the gravy, emitting intense smell of the beef. Just by this gravy can one finishes a big bowl of rice without any other things. For the beef in the potato beef, Lou Cheng prefers the part with fat. This part will fulfill juice and feels fresh and tender in the mouth, not like the pure thin beef will feels insipidly.

    Lou Cheng finished his Gaifan with satisfaction and intends to go back to his room to go on with the computer and chat on QQ with Yan Zheke, but remembers the reply from “Frank and Outspoken” in his post.

    “My body power is not very good recently, I need to do some exercise. I shouldn’t lose my face in front of Yan Zheke…” Lou Cheng says in his heart and decides to take a walk along “Microwater Lake” and run a few circles after digested.

    Sharpen the spear before the fight, even not sharp, it will be bright!

    Songcheng University used to locates in the center of the city, but with the soaring of students, there is a new campus in the suburban, announcing a “landscape garden university” to be build and circled a lake called “Microwater Lake”. This lake is not large, but it has the picturesque ripple surface and surround with various plants and birds.

    Lou Cheng walks around the lake for half a circle and approach to the uncompleted desolated area. It’s dark already. The cold wind blows and there’s no one around, only the dense grass and bushes can be see, makes him tremble with fear, thinking of all the legend of haunt.

    Tighten his thin coat, Lou Cheng decides to start running and leave this place soon. He is not afraid of ghost, but a sudden robber.

    After running on the road along the lake for a while, he begins to pant. He feels his body is weakened and he has to slow down but panting.

    At exactly this moment, Lou Cheng hears a sudden sound of water splashing. Looking in his eyes, he sees a twisting black crap appears on the lake bank. It’s about 20cm long, with dry scale and scorch body, as if it has been burnt.


    The black crap struggles and jumps high, it turns over and knocks to the ground, showing the other side. The scale of this side is covered with frost, as if it has just taken out from the fridge.

    “This…” Lou Cheng astonished and takes a deep breath. It feels a little xuanhuan. No one would cook a fish half braise half raw, no, half burnt half frozen.

    When he is just about to escape, the black crap stops struggling but splits along the line where the black scorch and frozen frost coexist, showing its inside.

    It looks like that there is a cold bright moon, casting light and making the surrounding dreamy and mistily.

    Lou Cheng stops his steps subconsciously and looks. He sees there is a ball shaped thing twined by granulated icy crystal inside the crap. When scrutinizing, it looks like the reflection of the celestial, like the rotating vast nebula. Every piece of icy crystal looks like a star, rotates around the lavender small “flame”. The ice and fire are harmony unified.

    Stunned for a short time, Lou Cheng frowns and says to himself:

    “Isn’t it feels like the jindan in the Xianxia novel?”

    The dreamy spherical nebula stands steady and silently, attracting the expectation and temptation of Lou Cheng. But he thinks for a while and takes out his phone, opens the APP and enters a search page, starts to search the words of jindan and neidan.

    Things from strangers can’t be touched!

    Things unknown can’t be touched!

    After the searching, Lou Cheng is astonished. He sees a paragraph on an authority martial art website:

    “In ancient time, cultivators were divided into two groups. Some of them wanted to break the limit of life and get the immortality in the mythologies. So they hide into the mountains and change the way of cultivation and called themselves xiuxian and xiuzhen. After one or two thousand years, their abode remains had been founds through families offspring of their friends. They had been found to success in the cultivation of neidan, but their inheritance were still completely cut off. As to immortality, men power is sometime limited…”

    “Men power is sometime limited…”Lou Cheng murmurs and sighs with emotion.

    It seems like a “neidan”, maybe it was left by the last xiuzhenist and the black carp happened to enter the abode and swallow it but can’t endure.

    Will it be my chance?

    Will it be dangerous and just make myself like the black carp?

    There would be only one the two chances to change life in a lifetime. If I miss this one, it will not come again. Will it be a chance or a disaster?

    After a great many thoughts, Lou Cheng takes a deep breath and takes out the coat to cover his right hand, approaching fast and intends to take it up carefully.

    He would not give up the chance, but he takes it as if he is on a thin ice, preventing any changes.

     [1] In Chinese forum, a post is seen as a building. The host is the first floor, so the first to reply will be the second floor. To make the post have many replies is called "build a building". To show the respect of a people, net friends will build a high building for him. (A building more than 100 floors can be called a high building in my opinion.)

    [2] Tai Ji is a set of martial art popular with old people. The importance of it is to slow down.

    [3]The i-phone ad says "Biger and biger". Compare to the salary of a Chinese, an i-phone is quite expensive. Most people think the one owns an i-phone, which spends 1 or 2 or 3 months' salary is show off.

    [4] Okamoto, brand of condom made in Japan. In China, all the sex movies are forbidden, nor do we allow any publish materials on how to have sex. So Japan porns are favorable. Actresses are called "teacher" because they lead the boys to develop their potential...

    [5]Gaifan, rice served with meat and vegetables on top. The most important thing is the gravy should be abundant.

    [6]Officially, there are 8 cuisines in China, named according to the location. Each of them have some specialties. However, the specialty of the canteen cuisine is that any 2 or 3 things can be put together only if the chef wishes. 
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    Part1 Chapter5 In One Will

    The night wind is cool and the temperature drops, Lou Cheng though took off his coat dose not shiver at all. He somehow feels hot, as if encounters many difficult questions in the college entrance exam.

    He approaches the dreamy crystal “jindan”, holding his breath, he bows discreetly. Very cautiously he stretch out his right hand covered with thin coat. It feels rocky and heavy. It looks as if all the freeze and hot were illusion and not reality.

    Lou Cheng put up his hand a bit, the “jindan” go with it. It’s as light as nothing, distinct from what it feels like.

    This confusion makes Lou Cheng blankly. When gazing at it, it’s just silently lying in his palm covered with coat, with its center slowly rotating, disturbing the icy crystal and the flame. The violent and horrible burning and freezing of the black carp has completely disappeared.

    “This is something amazing…” Lou Cheng can’t help thinking and finding the reason for its change, “Maybe the hostility qi remained inside the ‘jindan’ has been used up by the black carp…”

    The danger is temporarily relieved. Lou Cheng starts to think of how to deal with it. He can’t confirm it a “jindan” by a paragraph online. Even if he is sure, he is completely blank about what a “jindan” can be used. Should I hand it out to the country to keep safe but get little profit, or keep it myself and researching on it to get the largest profit and change my normal life? The later may has great dangerous, maybe I won’t get any result all my life.

    Where should I put it and how should it be preserved if I take it away?

    There are so many thoughts fight with each other. The dim lucid of Lou Cheng tells himself, no matter what his decision is, he should leave there soon to prevent from any accident and change.

    Suddenly, he feels the “jindan” in his palm slowly swell-shrink just like human breath, and the frequency seems continuous adjusting.


    Lou Cheng is astonished and blank, what he can feel is only his breath. His breath is following the rhythm of the swell-shrink of the “jindan”, as if they are resonating.


    Just has he thought like this, the “jindan” sharply turns more illusory and suddenly changes into a beam of light and breaking through his palm in spite of the hamper of the thin coat!


    “Oh, my!” Lou Cheng is frightened. Great horror gushes from his heart, the appalling condition of the black carp haunt in his mind.

    He has no time to think but runs toward the infirmary along the road of the lake, regardless of can anyone treat the injury by a “jindan”.

    After running for a while, Lou Cheng puts down his heart gradually. Things happened already, panic is useless but to use up his energy.

    Once he calms down, he feels some differences and frowns:

    He finds there is a ball of warm thing inside his abdomen and it feels really comfortable. Every time he breaths, there is a hot stream comes from it and flows to his feet and lungs. All the tiresome of running has completely disappeared and his pant has relieved. It feels like he can run 3000 meters more. The burn and freeze he worried about has not appeared.

    “it’s…”Lou Cheng takes a light breath and slows down his running speed to calm himself down and looks to his abdomen.

    When he lowers his head, an explosion happens in his mind, a virtual scene looms: under his navel, the place of so called dantian, the “jindan” looks like hidden with vast nebula stays there steadily and swell-shrink with his breath, splitting out streams of air with icy crystal and flame.

    This virtual scene flashes away, what left in front of Lou Cheng’s eyes is only his dark blue T-shirt. He raised its bottom and check his abdomen. His abdomen is soft and a little bulged because he have just finished his dinner.

    He walks slower and slower and finally stops. When his breath rhyme backs to normal, the warm ball disappears, so does the hot streams to relieve his fatigue.

    “The jindan can supplement my energy when I’m tired?” Lou Cheng frowns and thinking of this, “It’s good and not like something dangerous. Human is different from black carp…”

    Wait for a while, Lou Cheng relaxes down because the burning and freezing has not appeared.

    “Try again…”He makes a decision and runs back.

    Running would end in tired as human would end in death. Lou Cheng soon starts to feel tired. At this time, the warm feeling of his abdomen comes again and flows out the hot streams to comfort his body.

    “It’s real! If I go on the running, I can take part in the long race in the university…” Lou Cheng is more delight than worry. He stops in front of the dead black carp.

    After thinking for a while, he picks up the carp and puts a rock inside it and throws it back to Microwater Lake.

    Finishing all of these, he turns back again and walks along the road of the lake to the men’s dormitory.

    On his way, Lou Cheng sometimes feels happy that he has got something valuable, maybe he can become the pillar of the martial art club by this and get the love of Yan Zheke and many fans and become magnificent. Sometimes feels worried of the hidden danger of the jindan, fearing that he would follow the step of the black carp and dies at a young age. So his step is sometimes light and sometimes heavy.

    “I’ll observe for some time. If there’s problem I’ll report it to the country!” Standing in front of the gate of dorm 302, Lou Cheng takes a deep breath and makes the decision. Then he takes out the key and opens the gate.


    At the secluded road besides Microwater Lake, a man with old shirt walks from far away and stops at the place used to laid the black carp. His hairs are all white, making him looks old. But there’s little winkle on his face.

    “It seemed that there were some strange waves.” The old man looks around.

    After a while, he shakes his head and takes out a small silver metal wine pot and take a deep sip, then humming a song and left.


    When getting the dome, Lou Cheng is too busy thinking of all the things to check if Cai Zongming has come back but enters his own room. He opens the light and makes the dark disappeared.

    He closes the door and stays in front of the computer without any movement of the mouse nor any looking at the screen.

    No matter how he comfort himself and finds many excuses, he’s a mortal without too much experiences. It’s impossible for him to stay calm in front of real catastrophe.

    He has only one life and the world is so beautiful!

    No matter how great the profit will be, no matter how bright his future will be, it’s difficult to destroy his worry!

    The repression is as heavy as a mountain. Lou Cheng clenches his teeth and picks up his phone by instinct and dials the familiar number.

    “Hello, is Chengzi speaking?” a raucousness female voice speaks.

    “Mum, it’s me.” Hearing the familiar voice, Lou Cheng’s nose twitches and his fear seems soothed.

    Every time he fears, he would remember his home, where all his miserable and upset can be tolerated.

    “Chengzi, are you suffering? You sounds like wrong.” Chou Cheng’s mother asks sensitively.

    Lou Cheng’s eyes feel hot but smiles: “No, I’m homesick.”

    “Homesick? I asked if you were coming back before holiday, who said a grown up man should be independent?”Lou Cheng’s mother comes back to the mocking dear mum and says, “To be honest, are you lack of pocket money?”

    Lou Cheng’s depression goes away bit by bit and says: “I’m serious. I missed you and dad. I missed your eggplant with pork, fried eel, tomato egg soap. I missed the fragrant-flowered garlic[1] I planted in the balcony…”

    If I died like the black carp, it would be really sorry.

    Lou Cheng’s mother silent for a while and says with a little cry:

    “Your dad and I missed you, too.”

    “Hum, you bad kid dare make your mother cry?”

    Lou Cheng can’t help smiling and his mood recovers: “Of course I dare not. By the way, where’s dad?”

    After Grade 3 in primary school, dad’s company trapped in difficulty and he could only get a low salary as a technical expert. The family depended on mother earning from selling thing along the street. His mother was very tired and his father finally made the decision to find another job. But he was too arrogant to get on well with his boss and had to quit the job after a short time. He was changing his job in different cities, so the family total depended on his mother. Her hard work is inside Lou Cheng’s eyes.

    After high school, father’s arrogant and temper had been rubbed down by society. He returned his hometown and became a CTO and then his family turned richer. But his mother couldn’t rest and find a job in the community and went on well with her fellows.

    “You know your father, he must go out and play Chinese chess of an hour.[2]” Lou Cheng’s mother says with a bad face. But she cares more about Lou Cheng and catches the chance to ask his details of study and life. Are the lessons hard? Is the lecture good? Is it hard? Does he get on well with his roommates? Is he agree with the school? Is he bullied?

    Usually Lou Cheng would be impatient for these questions and talks little. But today he calms down and thinks of the past and answers all the questions in details one by one.

    Lou Cheng’s mother talks more. She talks all the things of the relatives, from his grandparents to his aunt, from the relatives of his father’s to the conflicts of the neighbors.

    Lou Cheng listens silently and replies sometimes, with smile on his corner of mouth.

    After the chatting, Lou Cheng’s mother decide to show her mercy to give him 800 yuan more for his pocket money to make his life in the university better.

    “I can’t believe a call can get me pocket money…”Lou Cheng is delight, all the repression has gone.

    Nothing has happened now, it seems that the “jindan” is not dangerous. If only I would be careful and report to the country when I find out something strange. It will not be a problem…

    The trouble has gone and Lou Cheng is delight. Touching his abdomen, he can’t help thinking.

    With this jindan, at least I have enough body power to make myself cultivate and get an amateur level5 or level6 and make Yan Zheke looks at me. Maybe I can even get a professional level9 before graduation and have more opportunities when looking for a job.

    Of course, if the “jindan” is beyond imagination, then, maybe I can enter the real martial art world as my day-dream when I was young and compete with those strong cultivators and get one of the five titles of the nation.

    Oh, I’m touching my abdomen like this, if sees by Xiaoming, he should definitely ask me “Are you pregnant?”

    Thinking all of these, Lou Cheng gains more confident about life. At this time, the lock of the door is turned, some noisy guys entered.

    Lou Cheng knows, the three “study fanatics” come back from study.


    [1] fragrant-flowered garlic, very important vegetable in China. It’s usually eat in fragrant-flowered garlic fried with eggs, or cut to pieces and put inside dumplings. It looks like grass and when the top is cut it can continues to grow. The proverb “looks like fragrant-flowered garlic, cut off and grow again” is used to describe something reproducible.

    [2]There’re many activities for middle-aged and elderly people. Men prefer play cheese and women prefer square dancing. The square dance is nearly as popular as Xiuxian&Xuanhuan novels.

  • This series is already being TLed by Qi Int. NU link:
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    This series is already being TLed by Qi Int. NU link:
    they translate much better than i.
    just end of this translation. Qidian has opened an internation website and recuit translaters. but i don't think i'm capable to be one, because i got a book called "postgraduate entrence exam guild for English translation students" and i don't know how to translate most of the sentences...
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