Please Give Some Help.I need Advice

So,I have been planing to learn chinese,As for My motivation ? just being able read webnovels. Some people might think it's insufficent since chinese is a very difficult language and if my motivation is ''Just being able to read some webnovels'' I will lose it in half-way,But I do not think so ,that's how I learned english,just to be able to read books.


let's get the topic. As I said I want to learn chinese but I do not even know Where should I start !! since my main purpose is being able to read books,My main focus will be 'reading and listening' skills.


Should I study in internet ? if I should, on which site ??  or are there any book you would recommend to learn chinese, Should I start a course ?


Any advise would be good,Thanks in advence and sorry for grammar mistakes as I said english is not my mother language.


  • What is your mother language ?

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  • What is your mother language ?

  • read novel is good , I learnt english reading Harry Potter at first. You can read the 封神榜,三国演义,隋唐演义,说岳全传,or all work of the author 金庸
  • So three days ago systranet's website translation option was taken down. I contacted their office in South Korea and here is their reply:

    Unfortunately, we had to disable web page translation because it was being used as a proxy for translation of explicit content which violated terms of service of firms associated with Systran.

    If you need the web page translation, 

    please use our desktop product( or other services.

    Best regards.

    I asked them a series of follow-up questions, which I've also posted below.

    • Is the disabling of web page translation permanent or will it be resumed after some modifications to the service policy?
      • There is no plan to restart for a while.
    • With regards to your service, how is it any different from Google translate, which allows the translation of web pages online?
      • I will introduce other service of our company.

    The service I would like to introduce uses a translation engine trained by using machine learning like as google.

    But, currently, a demo site supports only for the text translation. Please understand about it.

    • Is it possible to get a free trial of your desktop software to find whether it performs the same way as the online translator?
      • It is impossible to provide.
    • I have bookmarked quite a few translated web pages as part of my work assignments which I am no longer able to access. Is it possible to provide limited service so I can save that data in another form?
      • It is impossible to provide.


    If it is difficult to understand or you have other questions, please contact us anytime.


    Best regards.



    I was looking for other online translators that provide a translation of similar quality. Google Translate is more difficult to work with for some reason, whether it is the syntax or the operating system. Can someone suggest any viable alternatives, or provide a way to use systranet's services? I checked their site, and they're offering a Chinese-English translation software for $89, which is way overpriced. Any advice or comments will be helpful. Also, if you guys want systranet to resume their online free services, you might write to their service support provider at, or email

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

     [email protected].

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