Stealing the Heavens - Old tl'er appeared on QI...

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Hello everyone i am making this post here as well because there hasnt been any response regarding the pick up of this amazing novel. I have posted a pick up request for this on NovelUpdates as well and i will include the link for it ( and to the request;

Name: Stealing the Heavens
Raw Link
NU Link:
Last Update: 29 July 2016, current date: 21st of December, 2016. IT HAS BEEN 5 months since last update
Why It Should Get Picked Up
X-Squadz and his review on NU from this novel:

[Quote] What i want to tell you, IT'S GOOD! NO OP MC, NO HAREM, LITTLE UNDEVELOPED CHARACTER (e.g. that dies earlier and minor figures) A good point of this story is the politics and how the mc use borrowed knife to kill and a mix of thieves and assassins, some kind like a hiding expert that shows off yet did not show his strongest side Overall, it's good, there's action, politics, and a delicate romance (some adult content but not related to mc, only to the villains and mc's allies)[/Quote]

Now from me i enjoyed it because it was slightly different there was the politics of a young man being banished because of his mother and the MC arriving in a different world and by chance saving that man and agreeing to be one of his people and then it goes on and the nice thing is he doesnt powerup for some unknown reason at least not for the first 50 chapters and the reason because he broke through was because of a hunting mission that involved a lot of danger and probability of being stabbed in the back.
As it is also by the same person who did Magus Era it is expected that MC will be an underdog trying to get strong from behind the scenes helping those who need help and the like

Also i wanted to mention is that the last chapter for this was released almost 5 months ago and according to the rules of the community it is available as there have been no news provided Xianxia World regarding the future of this novel making it clear that they could care less so i have decided to set this pick up request


Steal a hook and they will hang you, steal the whole country and they will make you a prince.

Those who steal the world and the hearts of the people might become a Divine Immortal.

The Dao is boundless; the will of the people is limitless.

Follow me and watch how I alone use my hands to steal the heavens!

Last Mention from Myself;
If you feel that you would prefer to start from beginning please do so as some of the chapters might not be the best that are on Xianxiaworld, so for any potential translator that is looking to translate it, it is absolutely worth it!! also it only has 1200 chapter - yes it is quite a large number but compared to most novels which have on average 1500 - 2000 chapters it is a small number!! ALSO IT DOESNT HAVE A HAREM WHICH IS A PLUS FROM MANY READERS!!!


  • anyone willing to pick this up? i mean there would be no need to worry about the previous group that was translating it as they went under... plus when the tl disappeared months ago it can be clearly seen that they couldnt be bothered with this great story!! also there is already a small fandom for it, all you as the tl would have to do is just expand it, on different forums i.e. here, Novel updates or gravity tales forum...
  • Hello hoping someone is willing to pick this up - not stating wuxiaworld but any fan translator would be great!! And if you feel like you need an editor I would be willing to help out
  • Bump - anyone? any new translator looking for something to tl?
  • Nvm the previous tl'er suddenly reappeared... he could have previously at least stated that he wasn't going to continue as long as he wasn't going to get paid by xianxiaworld
  • Is this a harem?  Cause it says polygamy on nu
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