Devil's Son-in-Law (魔界的女婿) by 點精靈

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Devil's Son-in-Law (魔界的女婿) by 點精靈

   Chen Rui an otaku from earth is reborn into a human body in another world, who falls into the legendary evil, brutal world of the devil called Mozu where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrors of the devil, violent dragons and a variety of power enemies depending on a strange super system chip and his wits. Surrounded by Devil's beauties such as black-bellied Lolita Princess, Cold queens, violent Dragons, Charming poisonous devils .....
    Want to live in the Devil's world is hard! Want to live in the Devil's world as a human is harder! Want a human to be the devil's son-in-law is hardest! 
    Let us see how a small otaku uses the power and strategy step by step starting from an ordinary human to writing a legend as the devil's greatest son-in-law. 

  (RAW ::



Chen Rui, a male otaku, 24 years old. Unemployed since graduation, works in a shop to barely able to make ends meet and lives in a room size of a car with three friends.

This day, he picked up a cell phone on the road, but also with a camera, even though this phone does not have a brand, look like vintage goods. Chen Rui immediately pressed the power switch, he saw the screen lit up and a square box pops out in the middle with a row of words: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

He presses the confirmation key and the message pops out: “Are you sure?”

Which idiotic person set up such a boring boot animation?

Chen Rui without hesitation to press the confirmation button again, text appears in the middle of the screen “Congratulations for winning the prize! Welcome to the super system” in big letters then the phone exploded.

Chen Rui has not even said sh*t, the whole person lost consciousness.

He does not know how long, he stumbled to open his eyes and felt a terrible headache, faintly recalling that sh*t cell phone explosion the reason for his coma. Now there are many memories in his head before he could even ponder, he heard someone asking “Awake?”

Looking at him is a person with a handsome face; with dark skin, dark silver hair, pointy ears and blue eyes with a puzzled face.

While facing the person, Chen Rui looked very calm, he saw a lot of this kind of cartoon enthusiasts on the internet, playing their favourite cartoon or comic characters known as Cosplay, immediately saying: “Were you the one that saved me? Thanks!”

It is hard to find a person with a helping nature in these years.

“Saved you?” Seeing the grateful expression in Chen Rui, cartoon enthusiast even more surprised, whispered: “Is it a problem with the drug dose or the wrong medicine?”

Listening to the reply, Chen Rui felt unusual as the language is very strange and he never heard it before. However, he did not know why he can understand the meaning and it seems to be a common language.

“Buddy, your body is in a very realistic shape and the skin is too dark ... ...” Chen Rui shakes his head puzzled, struggling to sit up only to feel the whole body sore. Looking around the completely strange environment: “Yes, Where are we?”

“Dare to mock the dark elves skin colour! You damn humanity!” Cartoon enthusiast reacts in rage, his hands make Zi...Zi sound. Chen Rui sees an electric arc flash and it instantly hit him, his body flies a few meters and is paralysed. He involuntarily twitches up; the air is filled with a burnt smell.

“Sally! Fast roll out!” Despite the punishment of Chen Rui, the animation enthusiast sharp voice is still full of anger.

A small shadow with rushes over, this person is strange with red skin; short stature looks very ugly, large mouth with faintly visible two rows of sharp teeth.

“Respected master Aldaz, this humble servant Sally awaits your command, you are one of the Devil's greatest master of the pharmacy ... ...”

The voice is full of flattery to please, but Aldaz's mood is very bad and did not listen to this boring flattery, shouted: “Put away the set of hypocritical tricks! You lazy little devil, did you just give him the wrong potion?”

Sally was shocked and said, “Absolutely not, just as the master's instruction real potion in bottle No. 3 was used.”

“What is the real potion, then a moment ago what he satirised me was the truth?” The Aldaz's gloomy intonation makes Sally cold sweat: “You now get me one bottle of blood out this damn fellow, next give him potion No. 6 'Tear down'!”

Sally dare not long-winded, immediately as ordered went to the table to pick the bottle.

If there was no lightning just now, Chen Rui would have thought that this is an animation or is making a film. Watching the little devil closing on step by step, the heart is filled with fear, want to struggle but is still paralysed. The body is unable to respond the instructions of the brain.

Sally went to the front of Chen Rui, without the use of any blade simply stretched out the sharp fingertips toward his arm and made a stroke. Immediately blood emerges, Sally's small eyes shine, smacked his lips while squeezing the wound to collect the blood in a transparent glass bottle.

That bottle capacity is not small, as the blood gradually fill, Chen Rui's body feels cold, dizziness and as the brain is swelling. Finally, filling a bottle with great difficulty, Sally wipes the wound with his hand claws and sucked into the mouth, that greedy expression is as if savouring a rare delicacy. Seeing this Chen Rui's hair stood straight.

However, this extra action immediately caused Aldaz cold grunt with dissatisfaction, Sally felt a chill, dare not hesitate, immediately poured No. 6 potion into the mouth of Chen Rui.

This potion at the entrance of his mouth has a hint of a sweet taste but it is clearly the opposite with its fearful potency. After a moment, Chen Rui's body began to spread the severe pain as if every inch of skin is torn open. Since his birth this is the first time to suffer such pain, could not help but scream.

Seeing Chen Rui's painful appearance, Aldaz dispels anger expression and nodded with satisfaction: “It seems tear down potion is very effective, do not know the physical constitution of the humanity has resistance to the previous potion or just that bottle of drugs itself is a problem? “

Aldaz knew that the strongest effect of the tear down was still behind, too lazy to listen to Chen Rui screams, ordered: “Sally! Take him to the dungeon to a guard, keep him hungry overnight! If one day he was in died in the experiment, I do not mind giving the body to you as a food.”

Sally felt great happiness and blurted out a series of flattery only to stop when Aldaz coldly said: “But, once I discover that you made another attempt at stealing food again, you are the next experiment product!”

Sally working in the laboratory for not a short time, thinking of the horrors of past experimental products, shivering in fear nodded incessantly, immediately dragged Chen Rui toward the dungeon.

Sally strength is not small, dragging Chen Rui all the way came to a dark damp underground room and thrown into it.

“Hurry up and die faster, damn guy! Sally adults have never tasted the mankind!” Sally in front of Aldaz appeared humble and respectful instead of the arrogant expression a moment ago. He kicked Chen Rui several feet, hesitated to lick the fingers that had been stained with blood, small eyes flashing greedy colour, in the end, dare not defy Aldaz's order, shut the door, step by step to go out.

Chen Rui struggling to turn the body and felt the physical pain suddenly increased by ten times, started screaming again. Suddenly there is a mysterious voice in the brain: “Discovered unknown toxic substances, whether to absorb and start the super system?”

Chen Rui in pain to suffer extreme distress speaks thoughtlessly to comply then the heart has transmitted cool for no reason, proliferated the whole body rapidly, the pain was significantly weakened.

“The lack of energy supply, the system initiation progress of 0.5, need more energy to complete.” Again in the brain transmits, 'cling' prompt with a sound, then immediately disappeared without a trace.

Wait, system what is this?

When Chen Rui responded that sound has not appeared again, was that an illusion?

Chen Rui pondered without enough time to think, a massive amount of information appeared in his mind, immediately stunned. When the former just regained consciousness he felt no memory in the head. After tossing, these memory fragments have been automatically digested.

So he is not the original Chen Rui, but a boy named Arthur and this is not the earth, is simply another world.

Really is the soul crossing! As a starting point to see the network novel otaku, Chen Rui reaction came immediately.

Chen Rui parents died early, the only dearest grandmother also died last year, so there is not much care. The problem is that through the rebirth heard a lot, never heard of this sad reminder!

Chen Rui from Arthur's incomplete memory fragments learned that this space is a magic world, 'Arthur' seems to be a noble descendant, 20 years old, had a very easy to go life. Two days ago when he went out to play, inexplicably sent to such a place where the devil is everywhere and was caught and sent to the Aldaz laboratory, began a tragic experimental career.

Arthur live in the human world there are races such as human beings, elves, dwarves and other races, and now this place is likely to be Mozu world the legendary hostile to human world!

Mozu is a powerful race but lost to the human-allied coalition forces in the ancient war, was expelled to the abyss world, the entrance has also been closed by powerful enchantment.

Despite this, Mozu has never given up their attempt to return to the ground, every 500 years enchantment will be weakened. That is when the war begins on both sides. Mozu has the same sad reminder, historically they have never achieved a final victory.

As recently as 300 years ago in a battle, Lucifer's commander, Mozu's first strong White Night Lucifer caused heavy human casualties. But as the history repeats, the final victory still belongs to 'Bright and Justice' human coalition forces. White Night Lucifer was killed by human strong and Mozu army was defeated, forced to withdraw to the Underworld.

Arthur memory of the Mozu's understanding is limited to this. In fact, the human world there is no shortage of sword cut rivers and fist crack mountains of the strong. However, Arthur happens to be a standard waste material, no grudge and magic, the largest speciality is actually eating and drinking. If Arthur's soul is still present, Chen Rui will grab this kid's neck shout: “How do you have such a great expertise!”

The reality is that this guy was tortured in the Aldaz pharmacy is now completely free and made Chen Rui as his successor.

Without even a little power a weak human in the Mozu world will be like what? A Guinea pig? Food?

Chen Rui is more and more afraid for he had pressed 'confirmation' and regret the behaviour of his cheap hand very much. Earlier in the hearts scolded that sh*t phone thousands of times, but now there is no medicine for regret.

Past life he was an otaku, playing games, reading the forums but had never been detached, in this magic world cannot be used. How can we live?

Chen Rui thought for a long time still cannot do anything, feeling both physical and mentally tired finally fell asleep.

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    The Phone was probably the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Devil's Son-in-Law (魔界的女婿) by 點精靈

       Chen Rui an otaku from earth is reborn into a human body in another world, who falls into the legendary evil, brutal world of the devil called Mozu where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrors of the devil, violent dragons and a variety of powerful enemies depending on a strange super system chip and his wits. Surrounded by Devil's beauties such as black-bellied Lolita Princess, Cold queens, violent Dragons, Charming poisonous devils .....
        Want to live in the Devil's world is hard! Want to live in the Devil's world as a human is harder! Want a human to be the devil's son-in-law is hardest! 
        Let us see how a small otaku uses the power and strategy step by step starting from an ordinary human to writing a legend as the devil's greatest son-in-law. 

      (RAW ::

    CHAPTER 2: Super System

    In the early morning of the second day, Chen Rui was transported back to the laboratory by Sally.

    Yesterday, he had no time to take a closer look at the laboratory. The room's area was quite large and the tables were full of medicines and strange instruments.

    In front of Aldaz, Sally's domineering appearance immediately became very humble, Aldaz waved off his hand to stop Sally's endless flattery and asked Chen Rui: "Are you hungry?"

    In the depths of Chen Rui's heart, he was itching to beat up this fatty and break him to pieces, but he still silently nodded his head. 

    "Right, try this."

    Aldaz maliciously smiled and took out a bottle filled with green viscous liquid that also releases a white gas up in the air, after Chen Rui saw the bottle he immediately regretted his decision to answer Aldaz' question and desperately shook his head.

    Sally that was sitting across him stood up and gave Chen Rui a few punches in the head to knock him out.

    "All right, give him half of the amount first," then Aldaz stopped Sally's continuous punches.

    "People under the eaves, have to bow and beggars can't be choosers.  Someday, I will force you to drink the water used to wash my feet!," Chen Rui thought while being forced to drink the green liquid inside the bottle. 

    Without any choice, Chen Rui had to endure vomiting and drink this bottle filled with disgusting liquid, in less than a second he poured the liquid into his mouth and it directly passed through his throat.

    It was not long before the half-filled bottle was emptied, his belly started to swell and heat up, accompanied by a sudden burst of pain, Chen Rui just now realized the malicious smile Aldaz gave him before he drank the potion.

    At this moment, inside his mind, he heard a "ding" sound followed by the mysterious voice sounded again: "There's an unknown toxic substance detected, host do you want to absorb the unknown substance and start the super system?"

    "Yes!," said Chen Rui.

    Chen Rui's stomach pain is rapidly increasing, he didn't consider thinking about if the mysterious voice said was trustworthy or not and cried out, he felt a familiar coldness around his body, the pain in his stomach gradually disappeared, and his swollen stomach restored to its original state. 

    "The energy supply is insufficient and the system's progress is at 0.7%, requires more energy to complete."

    Chen Rui breathed a sigh of relief, at this time he heard very clearly that the absorption effect can be regarded as immediate, and he cannot help but be excited: "Super System?The name seems quite familiar."

    Aldaz obviously couldn't hear the mysterious voice, his eyes widened by surprise to see Chen Rui return to normal but he still immediately calmed down: 

    "Ah, could it be that the portion of the knobweed is wrong?" 

    Aldaz glanced at the side of Chen Rui, grinned, he ordered: "Sally, drink the rest of it!" 

    Sally's face turned bitter, he looked down and pleaded: "Dear master......"

    Before Sally's voice can be heard, Aldaz' hands flashed like lightning a burst of "Zi zi Zi zi Zi" sounded, Sally understood his situation, grinding his teeth he putted his hand on the bottle and drank the potion.

    After a few minutes, the dark elf covered his stomach and rolled on the ground, his belly gradually swelled, just like a 9-month pregnant woman, watching Sally's suffering, Chen Rui's hairs stand on end. 

    "The danger of staying in the laboratory is higher than I expected, especially the master of the place if there's a chance I'll slip away as early as possible." Chen Rui thought.

    "No! The medicine is obviously effective......" Aldaz puzzled to see Sally's suffering, he looked at Chen Rui and recalled that there was a mantra, and said: "Sally, quickly shout 'yes!'." [1]

    "Yes!" Sally quickly shouted with a tinge of pain. "Obviously, there was no effect.".

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Sally shouted desperately, but contrary to the expected result, the pain became more violent and fierce.

    "You idiot, slow down and add a little more round to your accent!" Aldaz cursed loudly at Sally, but when the little devil chanted "Yes" again he was speechless that there's no difference as before. 

    "Stop!," Aldaz said and moved towards Chen Rui.

    Chen Rui gulped, the distance of seven or eight meters between them abruptly decreased, Aldaz jumped and appeared in front of him, he passed a bottle of medicine to him and said: "Come and drink this!" 

    Chen Rui's attempt to escape was found, he cursed the pervert inside his heart: "I just consumed it a while ago and now you're forcing me to drink again?, Why don't you drink the half portion of medicine yourself?!," but after he saw Aldaz's terrible expression, he did not dare to say it out loud, he took the bottle and drank. 

    The effect this time was severe compared before, suddenly the mysterious voice sounded again inside his head. Chen Rui has lost the ability to sense his body, he can't even open his mouth, so he tried to give his consent to the prompt in his heart then the wonderful effect happened again, the stiff feeling in his whole body disappeared, and the system prompt said that the progress has reached 1.2%.

    The mysterious voice prompted another sentence: "Substance conversion is going to be completed in three times succession, do you want to open the automatic intelligent absorption?" 

    Chen Rui approved it without hesitation and thought in his heart: "This is a life-saving stuff that can quickly absorb the poison if it was not because of this I would have died miserably." 

    Aldaz grabbed the empty bottle, looked at the label on the bottle, and read: "Contains one hundred and three "powerful petrochemical agent", his expression changed and was filled with shock, he looked at Chen Rui and asked: "Damn human, what kind of magic are you using?!" 

    "If I, your father can use magic, then I would have turned that poison into a tonic," Chen Rui cursed inside his heart then silently faced him with an innocent expression.

    Aldaz grabbed him and pushed him on a table, then moved out a pile of bottles, and forced him to drink. 

    Chen Rui looked at the labels on the bottles, "toxic chemicals", "strong phagocytosis", these names caused him to be scared, but the with help of the powerful super system these kind of poisons are nothing, after emptying the bottles, he looked at Chen Rui and saw that he was still safe and sound, Aldaz' breath became increasingly heavy.

    The super system startup progress has reached 18%, Chen Rui found that the stronger the effectiveness of the medicine he consume the higher the speed of progress it can provide, but if he consumes the same medicine again, the growth of speed it can give is lesser, his expectations about this unknown system is getting higher, if the completion progress becomes 100%,  what kind of thing will happen?

    Suddenly, Chen Rui's expression contorted, and said: "Master, wait!"

    Aldaz' eyes lit up, his eyes fell on the empty bottle that had just been drunk, carefully took it up, as if he finally caught a life-saving straw, full of hope and asked: "Do you feel that your body is paralyzed and you're having difficulty to breathe?" 

    "This...that's not it......" Chen Rui apologetically said: "Last night I didn't eat anything and drank too much water, I can't hold it back anymore, so, I just want to ask where is the toilet?" 


    The bottle in the hands of Aldaz shattered, his handsome face distorted, grinding his teeth, he said: "Too much 'water'?"

    (TL: Handsome? LOL)

    "Damn human, you dare to insult me, an elixir master's life effort?" Aldaz shouted.

    Chen Rui was shocked, he tightly closed his mouth. Yesterday because of "color discrimination" he has suffered a lightning strike from the dark elf, and now it was also because of discrimination against the fruits of the labor of Aldaz' he repeated the same mistake again. A line of light flashed, the lightning he felt on his body seemed to be much stronger than before.

    Unfortunately, the super system cannot absorb the lightning ...

    "Human physique..... has reached this level? My research results, my new poison...... are all......" Aldaz breathing rapidly, he hysterically cried: "No!, I do not have the recipe! I am now with the most difficult part of making the white medicine, I can make it so that even the bones decay!"

    At this time that half bottle of medicine's effect to Sally gradually stabilized, Sally's abdominal pain also reduced a lot, he relaxed on the ground lying down to breathe. 

    This little devil followed Aldaz for a short time, and when he heard the word "white medicine", the color of his face turned darker he was frightened, he shouted: "Master Aldaz, do not... ..." 

    Unfortunately,  with the state of Aldaz now he didn't hear the persuasion of Sally, what is worse than a lifetime of hard work become a wasted effort?

    Chen Rui can see that the situation is not good, so he quietly ran towards the laboratory's gate. 

    When Aldaz shook the purple liquid in the test tube, he poured it into a vessel and came the sound of bubbles forming suddenly a loud noise was heard. 


    The glass utensils above the tabletop shattered by the great impact, all kinds of liquid, powder, and such, spread into the surrounding, the first one to receive the brunt are the people near ten meters around the explosion,  with a "BANG" they all dropped to the ground, their life and death are uncertain. 

    The devils near the end of the explosion were also affected they somersaulted onto the air and fiercely hit the wall. 

    Fortunately, Chen Rui has retreated outside of the laboratory and escaped.  The laboratory's structure was very sturdy, even cracks cannot be seen.

    Chen Rui carefully turned his head and saw the pitiful condition of the two fellows, he rejoiced to his luck that he decided to escape at that time.

    Although he is looking forward to the "super system" to be completed, Aldaz, this asshole is too terrible, God knows what this guy will come up with if he stayed any longer there. 

    If he did not escape at this time, then when will it be?

    Chen Rui picked up an old cloak on the ground then hooded his head and slipped away. 

    Aldaz' lab seems to be inside a large manor, the danger of laboratory may be too high, so when he walked out of the road he did not even see a silhouette.

    As the saying goes, people have three urgencies [2], he had too much of the liquid medicine earlier, and now his bladder cannot wait any longer, so he walked to a nearby garden, took out his rod and watered the surrounding plants. 

    After he finished caring the plants, Chen Rui tried to tie-up his pants but suddenly he felt someone is watching him, he turned around and he saw a face staring curiously at him. 

    It was a girl, wearing a white dress, her age was about twelve-years-old, her appearance was very attractive, she had a glossy white skin that seemed to be soft and tender to touch, delicate facial features, a curly golden hair, and a pair of beautiful purple eyes that blinked as if to speak.

    Although Chen Rui is not a lolicon, at this time when he saw the girl's beauty, he was stunned, he had met countless stars and beauties on the internet, even those women who are heavily photoshopped, are far less than the temperament of the perfectly pure girl in front of him. 

    The girl blinked her eyes and curiously looked at his lower body, revealing a regretful expression and said: "Unfortunately, it's too small....."

    Chen Rui almost thought that his sense of hearing had a problem, the appearance of the perfectly pure loli inside his heart was shattered and broke apart, after a few seconds of calculation he composed himself and said: "Okay, it's not too small......" 

    The most important part of a man is his self-esteem, regardless of the situation it cannot be seen by a woman, especially to a stunning little beauty like her. 

    The little girl sighed and shook her head: "Compared to others, it was much bigger than this......"

    Had she seen more?

    Chen Rui examined his little fellow, Arthur, for "certain aspects" if it was strong enough or at least far better than his past self and asked himself: "Are all the devils in this world is some kind of a monster below?"

    Also, how could such a beautiful loli say such kind of words? 

    Without a choice, Chen Rui grudgingly said: "Beyond the mountain, still have another mountain higher than that mountain; still have another person stronger than that person." [3].

    "I have tried my best." 

    "What are you talking about?," the lolita looked strangely at him, pointing to a carrot-like-plant buried beneath the soil of Chen Rui's side, "I said that the sweet potatoes have not grown up, and cannot be eaten." 

    It was at this time that Chen Rui discovered that she was carrying a small basket filled with flowers in her hand, his face instantly became red, it was his first time in his entire life to feel that he was so shameful, but did not notice the sly eyes of the lolita that flashed with a trace of success.

    >> "是" I am not sure if it should be "Yes". But I used it anyway.

    >> 内急 nèi jí lit. 'internal urgency' consist of urinate and defecate.
    >> 性急 xìng jí lit. 'sexual urgency'.
    >> 心急 xīn jí lit. 'heart urgency' i.e., impatient.


    >> "There's always someone better" or "there's always more to be seen or learned"

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