Do you know where are also good to post novels besides Wuxiaworld?

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here and a Chinese illustration-music novelist. I decided to serialize my bilingual work (written in Chinese and with my English translation) in Wuxiaworld this year after knowing there is such a great website for spreading Chinese works worldwide from some Chinese news, and besides Wuxiaworld, I also hope to post my work in other English forums or novel websites so that I can let more non-Chinese people see it.

However, I'm not familiar with the English internet world, and I couldn't find proper places which have active users more, or at least not much less than Wuxiaworld. I considered to post on some hot subreddits, but none of them allow authors to post novels;(

So, if you know where are also good to post novels and allow users to attach images and the URL of music from Youtube, please tell me. Thank you very much and may the dao be with you.


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    Well you can open your own website with, there are also loads of other sites looking for new people, I guess I suggest looking around the novelupdates forum for their adverts or just browsing through websites that usually appear on the main page of novel Updates and perhaps applying to them.

    forums; (don't suggest this as gravity tales should be called qidian tales from now on as they only accept qidian novels since they sold themselves to qidian)

    And once you start the translation suggest adding the link to the main website where you will be hosting your work to and Reddit novelstranslation to attract readers as otherwise it will be difficult to gain a following.

    There are also tons of other websites that are willing to take new people in whether of translations or new originals suggest looking for their adverts on in the translations subforum (it's a subforum for issues in relation to translating certain words paragraphs and the like or advertising for looking for tl'ers, editors and like) novelupdates doesn't accept translations I believe.

  • Oh, is just the kind of websites I'm looking for. Thanks a lot for telling me this and other guides.
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