Tale about Coiling Dragon by Andrew Kosmuna

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Since the message on WuxiaWorld about CD being released on Kindle I have been keeping an eye out for it.  Today I have come across "Tale about Coiling Dragon" by Andrew Kosmuna.

I bought this immediately and was pleased to see that it appears to be the first 2 books of CD although it appears to be missing a chapter but from my observation it appears to be combined with another but will not know for sure till I read the book.

What I found odd was that the cover was different from expected and I do not recognised the author.  Was wondering who this is and also why no note of IET, RWX or WuxiaWorld was in the books?

Also how much has editing the novel changed the story as originally done?


  • I think this is why wuxia official CD didn't come out this guy stole CD and Ancient strength technique and put them on amazon
  • Hello !

    Do you think Ren's CD translation will be released for sale on paperbook ?
  • Coiling dragon of that guy ins't on amazon anymore so I dare say  "dark" strength technique (AKA AST) will follow and I trully hope Ren's original translation of CD will be available to buy one day.... 
  • i think so
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