Otherworldy evil monarch

First of all is it a good read and i would like to know what debauchee means exactly could someone explain what it means in deatail to me so i could understand, btw im not very good at english so keep that in mind when explaining>D
Thanks in advance.


  • Yeah it's okay, shame that the qidian international translator isn't exactly the best, but you can get the basic idea of what the author is trying to convey...

    debauchee means basically neet (not in employment education or training) they are black sheep of influential families that cause trouble for everyone of either similar status from their generation or normal citizens, basically silkpants young masters... i also think that the first tl'er explained it in one of his notes, so look out for it on his blog site
  • debauchee means a man who leads a life of reckless drinking, promiscuity, and self-indulgence pleasures. one given to debauchery.

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