[Question] Is there any new information about the Coiling Dragon ebooks release?


From what I know, the ebooks were set to be release starting from September 1st or 2nd, but a few weeks have gone by and I found no new information.

Are they still being released this month or are there some publishing issues due to ongoing disputes with Qidian?

Thank you for any information that you can provide. 


  • It was probably delayed due to the legal issues between WW and Qidian. I will ask and post any info I get. The last thing I knew was that the covers for the books were being made by an artist. 
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    it might be due to the guy who released a coiling dragon book on the 15th , looks like he also did Ancient strength tech. I'm not sure if he stole them or that is the current WW printing or not. i would like clarification before purchasing 

    (edit: on amazon)
  • It's not been us, that much I can say for sure.
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