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So, I hope that I don't get hit by posting this! (Either by admins or by the forum users XD)

I think that everyone can pretty much agree that most of these novels would be amazing games, specially roleplaying games.
But there's none that we can play (At least none that I know about), and the ones that you can find they're MMOs, and that is meh... At least for me, not the experience that I'm looking for. So I decided to get my knowledge in programming and do something: Create a game by myself based off on some novels that I read (ATG, TDG, ED, MGA and a few others).

Currently the game is still at beginning stage of development, so I don't have any actual prints to show you guys, but you graphic-wise you guys shouldn't expect much, as I definitly can't pixel art and I don't have anyone at all that can help me out with that, so I'll probably work out of what I can find for free on internet. But I don't think that this is a problem, because as I said this will be a roleplaying game, not a MMORPG, so your objective is to develop your character and story, not hack & slash shit.

Following I'll post everything that I already thought about the game and how it will work out, it might get a bit long, but I want to be as detailed as possible as I want to have some feedback if people would be interested in playing, and also any suggestion that would make the game better.

About the game mechanics and etc:

Story, World and etc:
I don't have a set story yet (Maybe someone here creative enough can help me with this?) But I plan to use ATG scale of power ( ). Everyone will start in the same plane (Or world, if you like) and there will be multiple planes to be explored. There will also be multiple 'dungeons' in each plane that people can go in and explore to get resources.
I'm still thinking how exactly other planes and dungeons will work out, but I plan and really want to make them procedure-generated. I want to make so that admins can add new planes through the game whitout the need of me having to go and code the plane out.
Example: An admin add a plane based-off on snow, and he will input how many dungeons will exist in that plane. The game will populate the map and place the dungeons randomly inside of it, while the rewards for the dungeons are also placed randomly. I really want to make everything as 'random' as possible. As everything will be placed randomly, admins will have no way of knowing where they can find something, and so they won't tell their friends or go in places themselves using knowledge that they shouldn't have.
I'll also put down a building system, so people can actually build down their own house, clan headquarters, etc... Maybe build entire cities in different and unpopulated planes.
I'm still unsure if I'll put down a farm (Not for food. lol But to plant herbs to be used in alchemy)... Still thinking about it.

Profound Energy (Name might change): Energy that you can accumulate by meditating, will influenciate every stat that you have.
Strength: Physical Damage, Stamina Pool
Spirit: Magic Damage, 'Mana' Pool
Vit: Health
Dexterity: Hit Rate and Turn Order
Agility: Dodge Rate, Tile Movement
Defense: Physical Resistance
Res: Magical Resistance

Elemental Affinities: Once you create your character you get to pick a affinity between Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind and Earth. Besides these, we also have yin and yang, but those are special ones. Same goes to having more than one affinity.

Getting Stronger:
There will be two (Three, probably) to get stronger.
First you can meditate to accumulate Profound Energy into your body, but you can only do this by a limited amount of time each day, so we won't get people meditating 24/7... You can probably only meditate 3 hours a day or so, I'm still thinking about it.
Second, by literally leveling up. Killing monsters will grant you exp which will make you level up, once you level up you get some points that you can spend in every stat (Except Profound Energy)... Pretty RPG-Like.
Third, and the most troublesome one in my opinion: Through roleplay. I'm still unsure on how I'll make this work properly, but I really don't want to put down admins to judge people RP and hand out rewards... It's easy for admin cliques to happen when they got that kind of power, and I don't really have the time or the strength to keep an eye on how admins are handing out rewards.

The game will be turn-based, a bit similar to Final Fantasy Tactics combat and anyone can join or leave a fight at any given time;
You have a 'action bar' that is filled up based on how fast you are;
Once your bar is filled up it's your turn, so you get to roleplay what you plan to do (Dodge/Block attacks, move, do your own attack, etc), move and do a action;
At the start of your turn you also get to react to whatever attack people have thrown at you, you can dodge, block, counter, clash or stop cast. You can only counter melee techniques, and you can only 'clash' on ranged abilities also using your own abilities, and by countering or clashing you consume your action on that turn. Stop cast you have to throw something at the guy fast enough to stop his attack;
You react to attacks individually, so if people throw 10 skills at you, you will react for each one of them (but as I said, you can only counter/clash a single one)... I'm also thinking about putting down a debuff for your reaction after the first attack (Lets say that you react with 100% speed on the first attack, on the second you gonna react with 90%, at the third with 80%, etc);
I also add'ed some 'modifiers' to stats and actions, so let's say that you get the inheritance of the Black Tortoise (Example). With this your block should be stronger than the block of regular people, and so because of the inheritance your block modifier will be higher.

I thought about going with freeform combat, but honestly freeforming with people that you don't know is not that great: Most of the people want to be main characters and they don't want to take any L, which in turn means that there would be a lot of discussion like "No, you can't dodge that!" and such. This would make the game need admins to moderate fights, and I also don't want any of that... Overall, having the system handle battles is better, as the system is impartial.

These are split into two kinds of techniques:
Profound Art: These are techniques that you train while meditating together with Profound Energy. You can only train a single one at a time, and you also can't learn Profound Arts from a element that you don't have the affinity. You get some passive stat boosts by having Profound Arts, and the boost get higher as you level them up. Profound Arts may or may not have Profound skills.
Profound Skill: These are your techniques that you will use to fight, like kamehameha's and such. These can't be trained, and they also may or may not be part of a Profound Art. Profound Arts are probably gonna get split into 'tiers', but I still have not thought on how exactly I'll make that.

These techniques can be add'ed directly through the game, whitout the need me having to go through the trouble to actually code them out and update the game. That way admins will have freedom to add new techniques, and players will also be able to create their own profound arts and skills (With some limitations, of course. Don't want weaklings creating god-like stuff).

Equipment, Craft & Alchemy:
I'm thinking about putting something like World Spiritist from MGA to take care of both alchemy and craft. I don't think it's that cool to have everyone being able to craft and create pills.
Anyway, it's a bit of a letdown that on most games you have almost no feeling of 'unique' when it comes down to items. You have a bunch of people running around with basically the same items.
This is what I'll do to solve this up: First, you basically can't get equipment as loot from monsters (Save for rare exceptions), and any equipment that you find inside of a dungeon can pretty much be considered unique (Be it good or bad).

Second, Crafting: You craft by mixing 4 different kinds of materials (Let's say that they're Metal/Wood/Leather/etc, a Crystal, a Soul from a beast, and another material from beasts). I want to release the game with 20 different materials for each of kind, so that means that you will have 160.000 different combination of items, and if you think that the same combination can be crafted into a sword, a axe, a bow or whatever, then we end up with a even higher number of different combinations.

Lastly, Alchemy: There will be only a few coded-formulas, but besides these ones everything will be based on what you mix. You have to mix four different herbs and materials to get a pill. Each material will have their own property, and only by hitting a minimum value you will succefully create a pill.
Example: You're mixing 4 herbs, Herb 1 has 10 healing, herb 2 has -5 healing, herb 3 has 10 cultivation and herb four has 20 healing. You would end up with a 25 Healing pill, and the 10 on cultivation would end up getting discarded.
I think that this will be pretty fun, as people will have the freedom of creating their own "recipe" and experimenting as much as they can to find out the best recipes. =)

Wew, I think that this is pretty much it (For now, at least XD). Thank you for going all through all the trouble of reading all this stuff. I hope that you enjoy my ideas for the game, and hopefully you can also give me suggestion for cool stuffs to put down ingame. Also sorry if anything might sound a little confusing, english is not my native language so... RIP


  • it seems like you ripped off other rpg's and just changed the names... if you're not going to have a huge team I don't suggest you go down this route...
  • unless you're just doing this as a fun project then go ahead sounds good, balancing might take a long time though
  • Yes, I'm doing it for fun, not planning to put down vips or sell it at all... Otherwise, I would not use the same names.
    Still, I dunno what exactly did I rip off from other rpgs. At most you can say that I ripped off the names from ATG.
  • This sounds like an interesting project with potential. @Bonkura, I have some questions for you.

    1. Are you using an existing engine or building your own?
    2. What is your target platform(s)?
    3. Have you considered prototyping a text-only version first as a proof-of-concept?

  • so have you started coding this? :o it sounds so awesome and complex! And since youre gon be making this very random you might want to try playing pixel dungeon (android phone game) for reference
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