(三千鸦杀) The Killing of Three Thousand Crows - by 十四郎

The Killing of Three Thousands Crow is another amazing work by the author 十四郎 , who also wrote A Match Made In Heaven.

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Author’s Synopsis (Translated by Shunshenbar):

She kept strong despite feeling otherwise, vehemently refusing him: You can have me, but never think for once you can have my heart!

That man completely didn’t care. He faintly smiled: I only want you, who said anything about your heart?


She held onto his leg, crying: Your lordship! Please! I’m willing to offer myself!

The man kept his attention on the book in his hand and replied her absent-mindedly: You want to offer, but I don’t want you.


Takasugi Shinsaku penned: “I’d kill all the crows in the world, to sleep with you till morning tolls (1).” The novel is drawn from here.

This is a line from the Japanese poem 「明け烏 夢の淡雪」 “Ravens at First Light: Faint Snowfall in Dreams” credited to Takasugi Shinsaku.


Further Synopsis by Shushenbar :

A forbidden love that has waited a thousand years, an epic love that has endured through 10 lifetimes. An infatuation that is unable to be engraved onto the Stone of 3 Lives: even if I am fated to not have you, I will still oppose the heavens to guard you. Following <<The Glass Maiden>>, Shi Si Lang once again opens the Realm of Three Thousand, creating once again another memorable xian xia love story. A blazing fire reduces the Great Yan Kingdom into ashes, also burning up the Great Yan Kingdom’s Princess Di Ji glorious future.

On the mountain balcony, Princess Di Ji stunned the world with the song《Peach Blossoms of the Eastern Wind》.

After the stained glass fire, the Great Nation of Yan was no more, the matters of it’s past as if a dream. Concealing her identity, Di Ji hides herself at a place where immortality is cultivated, Qiang Qu Mountain, and becomes the servant Qin Chuan.

But unexpectedly, old friends begin to turn up one after the other. An old lover, Zuo Zi Chen is now entangled with Xuan Zhu after losing his memories, and an elegant and distinguished Fu Jiu Yun suddenly appears, purposely teasing her in every way possible. It’s hard to separate his truth from lies, and difficult to accept his favour.

Taking advantage of the White River Dragon King’s arrival in Qiang Qu Mountain, Qin Chuan steals the Master’s treasures and flees. Knowing that he had been deceived, Fu Jiu Yun is extremely angry, and chases after her however far she goes. After knowing her mission, and being unable to stop her, he can only use his own life to help her succeed.

But she doesn’t know, in order to meet her, he has kept watch for a millennium.

*Do note that I am not officially taking up this work - simply due to personal and time issues.


  • Chapter 1 ! Enjoy!

    Chapter 1 – Coloured Glaze Fire


    The parting night, without the moon in sight, was so dark that it could cause one to feel despair.

    The impudent fierce wind whipped the wooden window, a huge piece had broken off from the window paper, and there was not enough time to fix it, but perhaps, there probably won’t be anyone around to fix it in the future.

    The wind shuttles back and forth from the hole, making weeping-like sounds.

    As Palace Maid A-Man (阿满) put away the remaining clothes into the bundle wrapped in cloth, she raised her head towards the doorway, looking anxious and restless.

    Di Ji (帝姬)currently stood within the courtyard, her long hair whirled frantically as the wind blew, her embroidered long sleeves were akin to that of a pair of wings waiting to be broken.

    Walking over with some hesitation, A-Man placed the thick cape over Di Ji’s thin shoulders, and said with a low voice: “Princess, it’s time, we should leave.”

    Di Ji nodded, as her fair white hands stretched out from within the long sleeves, pointing at the courtyard full of pink, white and light red and spoke with a gentle voice: “A-Man, you see, the Begonia Flowers have finally bloomed, yet Emperor Father and Queen Mother won’t be able to see them anymore.”  [1]

    A-Man softly said: “Princess, you are still young, don’t think too much, let’s quickly leave.”

    Di Ji quietly looked at the red petals that filled the floors of the courtyard, as the wind caused them to swirl up, and like snow, threw themselves towards her.

    It was undoubtedly the weather in May, yet it had abruptly cooled down. The Begonia Flowers that had just bloomed couldn’t withstand the wind and rain, huge pieces of the flowers drooped and pitifully dropping to the floor, giving its whole self to the soil on the ground.

    “A-Man, our kingdom has perished, tell me, why can’t I protect this place along with Emperor Father and the others to death? Could it be that I should not have remained behind?”

    A-Man was almost about to cry, as she fought back the tears and showed a smile: “Princess is only fourteen years old this year, you still have a long life in front of you. The Emperor and Empress only longed for you to be safe and sound, and to live a smooth and steady life.”

    Di Ji slowly shook her head, turning around to catch a faintly withered petal from the Begonia Flowers. Clasping it in her hands, she carefully placed it in her embroidered pouch.

    “A-Man, can I take another look of this place?” Di Ji asked in a low voice.

    A Man secretly wiped away her tears, and with a trembling voice, said: “Okay…Take a look…”

    Before she could have finished her words, one could only see a meteor-like flame streaking mid-air across the sky with a sharp whistling noise, shooting straight towards here – the Imperial Palace, smashing towards the ground.

    With a “bang”, the glazed tiles on the roof of Di Ji’s Jin Fang Palace (Bright Fragrant Palace) shattered into tiny pieces, specks of fire rustled down like the rain, quickly mixing with the tiles and dust.

    A-Man screamed: “ They are going to set fire to the Imperial City! Princess, if we don’t leave now, it will be too late!”

    Without waiting for Di Ji to reply, she firmly gripped her arm, and desperately dragged her towards the secret trail behind the imperial palace as they dashed wildly towards it.

    Di Ji’s appearance was weak and fragile, running while facing the wind caused her to almost slipped and fall while she staggered along. Thistles and thorns of twigs stretched extensively throughout the secret trail within the mountain gaps, once she was hit on the face by these thorns and thistles, a bloody scar would have appeared on her face. With sweat across her whole face, she couldn’t help but to turn around and have a glimpse, the sky was filled with numerous magnificent meteor-like flames, pouncing towards the Imperial City with rustling sounds.

    It was as if the fire in a coloured glass was burning, the Imperial City became sparkling and pure, like it was about to change and melt.

    Accompanied by the meteor-like flames into the Imperial City, were the innumerable, densely-packed strange birds that had the combined height of 2-3 men, with scarlet-coloured heads, they resembled that of a pool of blood.

    Within the Imperial City, mournful wails were carried off by a gale of wind to their ears, and A-Man could no longer resist, as she covered her face and kneeled on the ground, weeping bitter tears.

    Those were the Scarlet Head Demons, filled only with the desire to eat humans.

    The thin fine blood fell from the corners of Di Ji’s mouth, as she tightly bit her lips, the tremendous suffering within her body were almost practically causing her to be mix into broken pieces.

    As if she was unable to bear it anymore, she abruptly shook off A-Man’s hand, as she faced down the mountain and ran off.

    Just barely after a few steps, A-Man desperately pulled her from behind, hugging her. Broken twigs laid all over the ground, and Di Ji was like a injured animal, trembling to the point as if she was about to break into pieces, her body and face was full of mud.

    Not aware of how long she struggled, she slowly lost her strength. Within the deepest depths of her soul emerged huge emptiness and fear, as she thought that she will die, yet, on the contrary, she won’t, she wanted to open her mouth and cry, but was only able to let out hurried stammering gasps.

    She had to watch on helplessly, as everything she once possessed were destroyed on this night, her soul was seemingly cut repeatedly, yet she couldn’t be weak and turn around to see.

    A-Man felt the struggle within her embrace gradually weaken, as Di Ji fell into her bosom, motionless once more. Exerting all her strength to wipe away her tears, A-Man took out her handkerchief from her bosom, as she brushed away the hair from Di Ji’s face, helping her to wipe and clean her face filled with mud.

    Within the light of the flames, Di Ji’s complexion paled like a ghost, her once dainty and quick-witted vigour, now only remains to be absent-minded and bleak. She firmly closed her eyes, her think, long eyelashes trembled, and it was only after a long time, then did a single enormous teardrop rolled down from within her eyes.

    Just as the sky was about to turn bright, Di Ji woke up.

    “A-Man, let’s go.” She no longer shed any tears, her tone was flat and dull, but merely, her two eyes were filled with wisps of blood.  [2]

     A-Man looked towards her with concern: “Princess, it’s better if you let me carry you, you should rest for a while more.”

    Di Ji shook her head, removing two white papers from within her sleeves, as she bit open the tip of her fingers and let a drop of blood fall on the papers, before throwing it on the ground, the two white papers turned into two fine horses in a flash.

    Launching herself over the horse, she lifted the reins, as the fine horse immediately let out a loud and clear neighing noise.

    “Let’s head down the mountain, and find a place for us to stay.”

    A-Man only saw a tranquil look on her face, but on the contrary, this only made her secretly more worried, as she hesitantly said: “Princess…You…What are you thinking about?”  [3]

    Di Ji turned around and slightly smiled at her, two clear shallow dimples rippled on her cheeks, reflecting the light blue morning rays, and she seemed to have changed back into that loveable, charming little princess.

    “A-Man, you can be at ease, I will keep on living, until the day I am meant to die.”

    The fine horses let loose of their four hooves, and travelled down the mountain.

    “Princess, where are we going?”

    “To a place where the fires of war have not reached.”




    [1] : Begonia Flowers are known as “海棠花. Picture is below:

     Begonia obliqua00jpg

    More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begonia

    [2]: Bloodshot eyes – but in a better way of saying.

    [3]: Note that the “you” in this case should be formal, although the Chinese word typed by the author is the informal “you.”


    Translator’s note:

    I’m back! As some of you may know, I translated Dark Civilization for a couple of chapters but dropped due to personal issues, as well as the book being from Qidian (No hate plz) . I recently saw a post for someone to pick up this novel from the forums in Novel Updates and I read the book and it was pretty good!

    TAKE NOTE: this is still up for any translators to translate, because I am translating in my free time, at my own pace, so do expect a super slow – comparable to snail – pace.

    Thanks for reading!

    Any mistakes, errors plz do comment!


    Raw Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=631005

    Chapter 2 By Winter : https://imperialwinters.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/the-killing-of-three-thousand-crows-chapter-one/

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