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  • Book 1-5.7 The Strange Young Man

    Yulian was surprised and rolled his body backwards. It was so fast that he could not even think about getting his greatsword out.

    The owner of the voice finally revealed themselves inside the light of the golden turtle. With long black hair tied in a ponytail, the young man had skin so pale, Yulian debated whether he had not seen any sunlight or it was because the light shined too brightly in the darkness.

    The young man pushed forth the blade that felt like it would cut your body if you stared at it before saying again.

    “This is your last warning. Do not come. If you want to come, come later.”

    This made Yulian angry. Yes, they were intruders, but they had not done anything that was disrespectful, but this guy was still swinging his sword at them!

    Haisha was also angry seeing Yulian roll backwards like he was falling down and took out his sword to hit the young man’s sword.


    The two swords clearly hit, but the sound was not what he expected.


    The front part of Haisha’s greatsword was cleanly sliced off and fell to the ground. Haisha was usually cautious and laid-back, and he knew that he would not be able to handle this guy’s level of strength, but to receive the insult of his sword being cut angered him so much he did not think things through. Furthermore, putting aside his personality, you could not call yourself a desert warrior if you just accepted an insult like that and did nothing about it.

    “You son of a!”

    Haisha placed the cut greatsword in front of his body and swung his other intact greatsword. Watching this happen, the young man’s face was filled with a murderous aura.

    “If you don’t listen, you are a bad guy. So you are a bad guy. Since I even warned you, I followed all the rules I was supposed to follow.”

    Even without knowing what it was that he kept, the young man spoke in a weird accent that did not match the murderous aura around him and started to attack Haisha with his sword.

    Seeing Haisha’s life in danger after clashing their weapons just once, Yulian did not have any time to try to settle things before quickly pushing Haisha aside and blocking the young man’s sword.

    After learning martial arts from his master and slashing the Sand Dragon, lately, he was able to bring forth all the energy inside of his body. Yulian thought that other than his master, he would not lose to anybody, but the young man’s sword was fiercer and stronger than his own.

    In just a couple of seconds, Yulian could feel that his life was in danger, and Haisha tried to help him from the side, but he was not much help.

    If they continued like this, it was certain that it would not take long for Yulian to be cut by this guy’s sword. That much was certain. However, the young man did not push Yulian any further and just maintained that level of attack. But seeing as how the murderous aura was still present, it looked like the young man may have felt a strange sensation from Yulian.

    Yulian and Haisha, who had to use all of their efforts to defend against the young man, could feel their sweat drenching their clothes.

    ‘This is not an enemy I can defeat. He’s at the level of “Palhal” that master once showed me. Where did such a warrior come from…….am I going to die like this today?’ (TL: I have no idea what Palhal is, to my recollection, it’s never been mentioned before. So I am going to keep it romanized)

    Yulian could not help but think of all sorts of different things as the young man’s sword continued to threaten his life.


    Even though the opponent had not been using all of their strength, Yulian had to overcome the border of life and death tens of times. Just as Yulian was about to run out of energy, he could see the silhouette of a person in the far away light who yelled loudly before running towards them.

    The young man who was in the light immediately stopped his sword but continued to stare at Yulian and Haisha, and the two of them had no thoughts whatsoever of attacking him.

    There was just too much of a difference in strength.


    The second person, who had brown hair and was wearing a flowing green robe, was a young man who seemed to be about the same age as the first person. He started to speak while holding onto the first man’s arm.

    “Wait a bit.”

    The young man with brown hair pulled the fierce dude towards him and asked Yulian a question.

    “How did a person end up here? I’m sure I put a forcefield around the entrance. How did you end up in this place?”

    The brown haired man asked, as if he could not fathom how they got there. This was a dungeon not many people knew about, and the only entrance was protected by a forcefield he had put up together with the old hag from the Magic Tower. That was the reason their enemies, the people of Chaos, could never enter.

    That was the reason he was extremely shocked that people, wearing outfits he had never seen before, had appeared in front of them.

    Yulian felt like he could talk to this person and respectfully greeted him before speaking.

    “My name is Yulian Provoke, a warrior of Pareia. Please accept our apologies for entering into an Advanced Magician’s dungeon without approval. However, we had entered into an accident of falling inside of the desert’s quicksand, and ended up in here. We had no choice or say in the matter.”

    Yulian was able to confirm that the person in front of him was the Advanced Magician. If he wasn’t, he could not explain all the things around them.

    Even that wild warrior stopped his sword at one word from the green robed man.

    “Pareia? Magician? Desert’s quicksand? Fall inside? Into here?”


    Watching Yulian and Haisha looking at each other unable to answer the multitude of questions he asked, the young man thought to himself for a second before his eyes lit up like he realized what happened.

    “Ah! Now that I think about it, the Crimson Desert must be on top of this. Then you must be…. People who live in the desert, right?”

    “Yes, you are correct.”

    “I know what quicksand is. You faced a dangerous situation. My name is Mai, and I am researching something similar to a magician. You must have been shocked because of this friend of mine.” (TL: real name is Mai…)

    The man named Mai seemed to have a refreshing personality and showed a friendly smile before bowing his head and apologizing to Yulian and Haisha.

    “No, there is no need to apologize. Although we had no choice about being here, we are still intruders who showed up without an invitation.”

    Listening to Yulian respond while also bowing, Mai put a hand on the man named Luff before speaking again.

    “I am in the middle of something extremely important right now, so this friend is protecting me. Your skills are magnificent. There are only a handful of people even in the continent who can block Luff’s sword.”

    ‘If there are only a handful of people even in the continent who can defend against him, just how strong is he?’

    Yulian could not fathom Luff’s strength, and could only nod as Mai continued on.

    “Then, where did you come in through? The entrance is completely sealed, and since you said you arrived through quicksand, the location of it….”

    As Yulian and Haisha pointed behind them and took the lead, Mai followed after them and the man named Luff stuck close, right next to Mai. The moment Luff stared at Yulian and Haisha, the two of them felt goosebumps all over their body and stopped their walking.

    “Luff! They are not bad people.”

    Mai must have felt Luff’s stare as well, as he quickly scolded Luff before speaking to Yulian.

    “I’m sorry. This friend’s mental state is currently not normal because of something that happened. In addition, I told him that anybody who shows up is a bad person...please see it in your hearts to understand.”

    As Mai respectfully apologized again, Yulian and Haisha looked at Luff. There were no openings or wasted movements.

    ‘How much longer must I train to show that level of expertise?”

    His training was definitely not complete; Yulian had not even mastered half of what his master had taught him. Yulian felt that when he reached that age, he would be able to fight on par with Luff, which made him able to accept the loss without embarrassment.

    “Your martial arts, who taught it to you? That is not mana that they speak of in the continent. It’s a mental force known as Ki.”

    As Luff asked Yulian, the one who was surprised was not Yulian, but rather Mai, who was standing next to Luff.

    “Luff, are you able to remember?”

    This was his friend who could not speak at higher than a five year old child’s level for a very long time.

    The fact that he was asking this question made Mai feel like Luff was able to recall some of his training methods that Mai had never seen before.

    Luff looked at Mai and shook his head no before continuing.

    “I don’t know. That person is weird. He swings his sword the same way my master taught me. That is why I did not kill him quickly.”

    This must have been the reason Luff was filled with murderous aura but did not kill Yulian and Haisha earlier.

  • Book 1-5.8 The Current World

    “No, that’s not it. According to my master, there is no end to learning. The moment you think it is done, something new to learn shows up.”

    Luff squatted down next to Yulian and spoke while drawing a weird diagram on the ground.

    “Ah! So that’s how it is. I’ve faced many bottlenecks because my master has gone on a trip, but listening to Luff-nim, there’s something I’ve figured out.”

    Yulian also started to draw some squiggly lines while responding, and Luff started to smile while looking at the picture.

    “Is there anything else you want to ask? I’ve been here for way too long. Even when I ask Mai to go out, he says no. But if I go out on my own, Mai will be in danger. That’s why I cannot go out on my own. So having you here makes it more fun.”

    Because Chun Myung Hoon had not returned for two years, the progress speed of Yulian’s training has almost completely stalled, making him frustrated.

    For Luff, he had been in the cave already for five years, and was extremely bored.

    In the beginning, Mai wanted Yulian to stay just a few days for Luff. He thought that Yulian speaking with Luff might help Luff to regain his memory.

    Yulian could not reject Mai’s request as Mai knew how to get out of there.

    How things have changed. Now it was rather Yulian who wanted to stay here longer.

    The things Yulian could not ask because Chun Myung Hoon was not around, Luff was able to easily answer.

    Yulian got excited as the bottlenecks he had been facing were asked and answered one by one, and sparring with Luff, he started to realize his own strengths and weaknesses.

    Luff found it to be entertaining and worked hard to answer as many questions Yulian had as he could, and that led to the two of them becoming very friendly with each other.

    From the beginning, Mai could not understand what they were talking about, and even though Haisha knew some of the basics after being taught by Yulian, the level of discussion was so high that he did not have any enlightenment.

    Thinking that too many days were going by, Yulian asked Mai to let Haisha return first to make sure the tribe can stop worrying about them.

    Mai created a magic circle to send Haisha back, and once Haisha was gone, Yulian could finally stop worrying about the tribe and focus on sparring with Luff to train himself.

    About one month since arriving at this location. Yulian felt the need to leave. Although he wanted to continue to stay with Luff to spar and learn more, if he stayed too long, even if he was safe, his family would be worried, and even Red Storm’s training and situation would be disturbed.

    When Yulian shared his thoughts with Mai, Mai nodded his head as if to say he understood.

    “I’m sorry, I kept you imprisoned here for too long for my own greed.”

    During this past month, Yulian had also gotten close with Mai, and since Mai was close to ten years older than Yulian, he had no problem speaking casually to Yulian.

    “Not at all. I stayed because I wanted to. But Luff-nim still….?”

    “He’s gotten much better. Haven’t you noticed that he talks a lot more now? Although that does make me a little more tired.”

    Yulian could see Mai’s face that was slightly smiling was full of fatigue. He had asked Mai what he was doing countless times over the past month, but each time, Mai just smiled and avoided the question.

    “You look very tired.”

    Listening to Yulian’s concern for his well-being, Mai waived his hand no and answered.

    “It’s something I do everyday. It’s also something that needs to get done.”

    “Just what is it that you are doing in there?”

    Mai was about to avoid answering the question again before something popped up in his head. If there is such a pathway in the desert, someone else might show up here making things complicated.

    “I have a favor to ask of you.”

    “Please ask.”

    “The quicksand that you fell through. Is there no way to completely close off that entrance?”

    “Truthfully speaking, the chance of someone falling through there is pretty low. There are many monsters in the Monster’s Desert, and this is somewhere with quite a few large monsters as well. As such, you may find one person who walks through here a month. In addition, since this is a quicksand that does not flow on the outside, it’ll just look like the rest of the sand when you look at it. So if we tried to hide the entrance, it’ll just make it more eye-catching. So you probably don’t have to worry about anybody else coming in here.”

    “If it is meant to happen, no matter how impossible it seems, it is going to happen. The people that I am facing against are those type of people. That will end up a key weakness of this place. Sigh~.”

    Yulian was curious about who Mai was worried about facing, even with all of his magnificent abilities. He also could not understand what Mai was doing that put him on the edge like this.

    Mai let out a long sigh before looking at Yulian and speaking.

    “I said something I shouldn’t have.”

    “If it is something I can help with, I want to help you.”

    “Hmm……, since you say you are a desert warrior, I may end up being helped by you.”

    Mai made up his mind to share at least part of the story with Yulian.

    After being with him for a month, he felt that Yulian was both cheerful and serious at the same time.

    When considering the fact that he even considers who he is talking to and is respectful in his tone, and the fact that he is the successor for a desert tribe, he might end up a brilliant ally if he shared at least some of the details.

    Mai sat down on the ground and started to draw a picture. Yulian sat in front of him and watched him draw.

    Mai’s hand was drawing some sort of a map. He drew a large lake and some mountain ranges, then drew the names of the ocean and some large islands, and then started to draw the borders.

    Mai’s memory must be great as he was able to accurately place the names of many places on the map he drew on the ground.


    Watching Mai who looked like he was moving without thinking, Yulian looked at Mai in amazement.

    Mai looked at the picture one more time and smiled at Yulian who was looking at him with amazement.

    He was pretty laid-back, as if there were more than just one or two people who looked at him like that.

    “This is the map of the entire world. Well, unless there has been some major tectonic shifts in the last five years. Where we are should be about here.”

    The place Mai was pointing to the was dead center point of the location labeled as the Red Desert.

    Yulian was oddly a bit disappointed that the map did not contain the names of the desert tribes.

    However, since the desert tribes have been at war with each other for the past hundreds of years, Yulian had a bitter smile on his face as it was probably impossible to even correctly label where all the tribes were.

    “The situation is extremely complicated, but there’s no reason for you to know everything, so I will explain it pretty briefly. The current world is already heading towards the end. What I’m trying to say is, under the laws of nature, it is time to end this world and create a new world.”


    “Don’t ask any question. If you know, it’ll just give you a major headache. If fate has it be, then you’ll end up hearing it even if it gives you a headache, but that time is not now. Just listen.”

    “I understand.”

    At Yulian’s response, Mai started to speak again.

    “At the furthest northern corner, there is a continent we do not know about. We call this the Ancient Continent. That place is full of monsters like this desert. That is the continent of the past generation. On that continent, there is a place known as the Magic Tower which is about one hundred stories high. It’s made of magic. The people there try to follow the laws of nature. If you follow the sequence of the world, then God will not forsake us.”

    As Yulian nodded his head, Mai pointed his finger next to a large island below.

    “This island is known as Chaos…”

    <To be continued.>

  • Book 1-5.9 Prepare for Trouble

    “This island is called Chaos. It is where the patriarch of Chaos lives. They are enemies of the Magic Tower. They believe that the human world is built by the powers of humans and that all you need is human potential to make everything happen. They aren’t necessarily atheists, but they believe that order and god, all of this was created by humans. They aren’t completely wrong.”

    “I understand the gist of it. Then Mai-nim, you must be on one of those two sides?”

    At Yulian’s question, Mai didn’t know whether or not to share it with Yulian and had a worried expression on his face.

    “Truth be told, I don’t like either of them. However, I am here on my own will. The work that I am doing is to seal something here so that it cannot use its power. I guess it’s a bit complicated of an explanation. If you think about it slowly, you’ll understand what I mean.”

    Yulian thought about it for a while before nodding his head.

    “Alright, that explains what I am doing here, and as for what you can do to help, prepare yourself for the chaos. The desert might end up the most dangerous place in the world.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I am unable to seal it on my own anymore. I am doing what I can to suspend it as long as I can, but you can’t prevent the natural order of things from happening with just human strength.”

    Mai started to draw some lines from the center of the desert.

    “Prepare for the chaos of the world. That might be a war or monsters spreading across the continent. I don’t know what kind of mayhem will occur. If it ends up that the number of monsters go up significantly, the center point is this desert. That’s because this evil being is sealed right here.”

    Yulian’s eyes opened wide.

    “There will be more monsters than there are now?”

    “Monsters continue to regenerate endlessly. The time for humans to rule the world has ended. Rather than saying that, it’s more proper to say that they’ll be purified as a new type of people and be reborn. Either way, if you are a desert warrior, prepare for this chaos. I believe that people can change their fate. If even one more person prepare for the chaos, that will be what helps me out.”

    Yulian could not come to his senses after Mai’s unbelievable words. It was as if Mai was playing a prank on him or telling him an old folktale.

    “Do not take my words as a joke; I hope you prepare properly.”

    As if he could tell what Yulian was thinking, Mai said that to dig the stake deep into Yulian’s heart. Yulian nodded his head and replied.

    “My mind is everywhere after suddenly hearing such unbelievable story. However, there are no cons to preparing. You said the monsters will spread from the desert?”

    “Since the hole is here. From a long time ago, there were people who sacrificed themselves to seal this thing, and now, I am the one sealing it. I believe that the monsters would still mainly remain around this area.”

    After listening to Mai, Yulian now understood why the monsters stayed in the Monster’s Desert without leaving it. The man in front of him was responsible for keeping it that way.”

    “How much time does the desert have to prepare?”

    Mai tilted his head before answering.

    “I’m not sure of the exact amount of time. All I can tell is that the seal is starting to get too strong for me to handle. Don’t put on such a serious face since the world is not ending right away, but just start to prepare.”

    “Hmm...I feel like I learned such a large and important truth about the world.”

    “If you end up finding everything out like I have, it feels like it’ll break your head. It’s better to resolve all things simply. Prepare your defenses well since you don’t know when war will break out or monsters will leave the desert. See, how simple is that? Right?”

    Yulian nodded his head at Mai’s words. EIther way, if he achieves his dream, there won’t be much of a problem.

    “I understand.”

    “Looking at you makes me feel happy. Looking at Finn makes me happy; you’re the same.”

    “Who is Finn?”

    “The crown prince of the Rojini Kingdom.”


    Yulian opened his mouth in shock.

    “You know him?”

    “It’s one of the Eastern continent’s strongest nations.”

    “It’s not even that surprising. WH\hat’s more surprising is the fact that in this tiny area, there you, the prince of the desert kingdom, and me, who still has some level of respect in the world, along with a swordsman who can instantly slash low level monsters.”


    “You ended up a person who knows after listening to my story. We call ourselves the special people. If you learn a little bit more about what is going on, your solidarity with the special people will increase. That’s because we have to work together to survive. Since you are part of the desert royalty, I will give you a small gift. If you need a line to connect you to the continent, sell my name. Whether it is the Eastern or Western continent, if you say my name, there will be some kings who flinch. Of course, you must never tell them that I am here.”

    Watching Mai draw the entire map of the world from his head and listening to him talk about how his name alone would surprise the powers of the continent, Yulian could not help but debate if this was all just lies.

    To be lies, Mai’s tone of voice was too casual and he was speaking as it was certain. But to call it the truth, isn’t this too farfetched of a situation?

    Looking at Yulian’s expression, Mai laughed before speaking.

    “Don’t have that type of eyes; later, just say it to any of the continent’s powerful royal families. All you have to tell them is that Mai Dreeno and Luff Micklop sends their regards.”

    “I understand.”

    Mai nodded his head at Yulian’s answer and spoke again.

    “I think I’ve been talking for too long after saying I’ll keep it short.”

    “It’s something that’s important for me to hear.”

    “It’ll be best if I don’t have to come find you, but if the seal ends up breaking, I will come to visit you in the desert. If Luff knew you were leaving, he would hold onto you to make you stay, so leave while he is sleeping.”

    “But I have to at least say goodbye……”

    Yulian wanted to see Luff, who had been giving him so much pointers, one last time, but Mai stopped him from doing so.

    “Saying your goodbyes will make it harder for you to leave. Nobody can handle Luff’s strength, and since he knows the amount of time I need to cast a magic circle and how I do it, he will definite obstruct it.”

    “I guess I have no choice. If you have not come to visit before I have achieved my dream and prepared all the defenses, I will come once again.”

    “Do what you have to do. Then I will start the casting.”

    Yulian nodded his head and Mai started to draw the magic circle and throw some magic powder to prepare for Yulian’s teleportation. (TL: This makes me think of the Floo powder in Harry Potter)

    “Huh? What are you doing?”

    Luff saw the light pillars shooting up around Yulian from far away, and started to head over, recognizing that the fun playmate he had was leaving.

    “Don’t go!”

    “See you next time, Luff-nim!”

    “Don’t go! Don’t go!”

    Luff looked like he had created a deep bond with Yulian and continued to cry out to Yulian to not leave. This made Yulian upset. If he was going to leave, he wanted to leave together.

    “Look, look. I told you he wouldn’t let you go if he knew. I’ll visit you with Luff to play later, so work hard.”

    Yulian could not take his eyes off of Luff, but nodded his head at Mai.


    Mai’s casting ended and once he said the chant, Yulian instantly noticed that the scenery in front of him changed.

    Hot sun. A world of yellow sand. It was the desert.

    <End of chapter 5>

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  • Many thanks for the translations. I've been following the manhwa since day one and glad to know that someone is also taking on the light novel.

    Translator, if it is possible, please amend the narration (story telling) to use the past tense and character dialogue to use present tense where appropriate.

    Present tense narration is very unnatural in English. It says to me that you are not a native speaker or have not had any immersion training when you learned the language.

  • Digao said:
    Many thanks for the translations. I've been following the manhwa since day one and glad to know that someone is also taking on the light novel.

    Translator, if it is possible, please amend the narration (story telling) to use the past tense and character dialogue to use present tense where appropriate.

    Present tense narration is very unnatural in English. It says to me that you are not a native speaker or have not had any immersion training when you learned the language.

    I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve the translations, but I'd like some examples of where you are noticing the issue. I read over all of my translations before I post it, and skimmed over the last chapter after reading your comment. The narrations I read over were in past tense. 

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    Book 1-6.1 Discussions with the Empire (I)

    For many years, the desert was peaceful. Even Pareia and Shuarei, who would fight each other so often that if they didn’t fight for a month it would be considered a miracle, were oddly not fighting with each other. Anybody who knew the desert well would be thinking that this was very peculiar. It was not something they had seen in fifty years.

    Thanks to the sudden peace, the desert tribes could focus on external more than internal, so to be specific, they could focus on the Eastern and Western continents. That was a very important job.

    The people they would pay tribute to would change based on who was the strongest force on the continent. Even if they are all terrible people, it was still better to work with someone they knew even a little bit. If the power ended up changing, the relationship they would have built up until then would all fall apart. As a result, many were hoping for the status quo to remain.

    The situation in the Eastern Continent was pretty severe. War was ready to break out between the Rojini Kingdom and the Silence Empire, which would be considered the strongest force even with the Eastern and Western continents combined.

    If the two large powers were to go into war, that essentially meant that a continental war would result from it. The two powers ruled over many areas, and because the two powers shared a complicated alliance with each other, the cause of the war was never determined. However, it was most likely the case that the Silence Empire first started the war, as they were afraid of a takeover by the Rojini kingdom, that was gaining strength day after day.

    “Oombambaba, oombambaba.”

    A humming noise on beat with the rhythm.

    The desert warriors created a large circle with a bonfire in the middle and danced around it, stomping their feet and waiving their arms.

    The warriors’ dance that was full of laughter and passion.

    People were laughing and chatting. Even while living a difficult life, people knew how to enjoy these types of celebrations.

    At the moment three moons were up high in the sky, there were some people plotting with each other in secret. However, the desert night was dark.

    “How much longer must we wait?”

    A person wearing many layers of thick veil from underneath their eyes asked. Listening to the voice, it seemed like a woman and not a man.

    The large man responded.

    “The Glow is healthy, so why are you so rushed? Just wait. The matters of the kingdom are complicated right now so we can’t apply any pressure.”

    “The first-born’s influence is starting to get much stronger. If it continues like this, we won’t be able to do anything at all.”

    The man waived his hand downward, as if telling the woman, who was speaking in an impatient manner, to calm down.

    “Just wait. I am trying my best as well.”

    “Don’t forget. The first-born has dreams about unifying the desert. If he becomes the Glow, even you can’t claim that you’ll be in a better situation than you are in now.”

    “Isn’t that why I am helping push you forward, madam?”

    “Please hurry and put some pressure on him. Take care of him even one day faster if you can.”

    “Don’t worry about it. I’ll do my best to make madam’s wish come true before the year is over.”

    The woman wearing the veil stood up from her seat and did not forget to say one last thing before she left.

    “I will be waiting. Don’t forget. He is continuing to get stronger every day.”

    As the woman walked out of her paoe, the man let out a scoff before leisurely pouring and drinking alcohol while muttering.

    “It’s because there is conflict within the desert, as well as internally within the tribes that even with this much national power, they end up as our meal. So sad.”

    The laugh of the man who was considering the desert to be the mouse while the kingdoms were the cat started to get deeper and deeper…


    ‘Damn it. That bastard who is full of crap.’

    Yulian was pouring all sorts of swear words at the fatty in front of him.

    For his father, Glow Baguna’s forty-ninth birthday, the Silence Empire, as a gesture of celebration, sent the damned fatty, Janet Le Borrea, to visit them.

    Although they should be thankful that he came to visit, rather than being a gesture of celebration, he was more like a bandit who came to forcefully rob the tribe.

    Not only was he asking for an increase in the amount of black water, now, he was even asking them to provide warriors to fight on their behalf. Yulian was so angry he wanted to rip open the fatty’s stomach to see how much oil would flow out of it.

    “In return, we will provide you with twice the amount of iron. I look forward to Glow Baguna-nim’s wise decision.”

    Glow Baguna must have been extremely agitated at Janet’s words as well, as he started to shout.

    “Our warriors are not cheap mercenaries for the continent! The warriors fight for the tribe and to protect their pride, not for that type of materialistic gain.”

    Janet continued to smile as he tried to convince Baguna.

    “This is for the sake of the powerful Pareia tribe as well.”

    “How is our warriors shedding blood for your Empire to our benefit!”

    As Yulian could not hold back and shouted at Janet, Janet bowed towards Yulian before answering.

    “Dear Young Glow who will become the desert conqueror as him name indicates, please think about it deeply before becoming angry. This is a war that our great Silence Empire will win in the end. At the end of the war, our great Silence Empire will remember it like this. The strong Pareia tribe of the desert shed their blood for our Empire.”

    ‘Even then you will continue to do whatever you please.’

    Yulian was thinking like that internally before coldly asking.


    It’ll not be just a trading relationship but one where blood was shed for the other. Do you think our Silence Empire will just sit back and watch the future battles between Pareia and Shuarei? Of course not. At that time, our powerful cavalry and magicians would support Pareia.”

    Janet’s words could seem very tempting if you think about it, however, Glow Baguna shook his head in Yulian’s place.

    “There are no tribes who pull in the powers of the continent for the wars of the desert. The wars of the desert are for the people of the desert. And if we are being honest with each other, we have no warriors we can lend for your need. If we had warriors to spare, we would definitely help our friends the Silence Empire, however, we are currently in a situation where we cannot move any of our warriors.”

    “Glow Baguna, this is an opportunity. Other than Pareia, the rest of the areas under our Empire’s control are itching to provide the most assistance to our empire. The reason this type of opportunity has presented itself is because of the strength and valiancy of the Pareia warriors. Please consider this carefully. Wouldn’t it all come back later?”

    There was a bone hidden in Janet’s friendly words.

    ‘Will return later? These bastards are now plainly threatening us.’

    Baguna clenched his fists tightly underneath the table.

    If Pareia’s most eastern Oasis was not so close to the border of the Silence Empire, he would be able to strongly push back, however, that was not the case.

    The desert is a difficult place to attack, however, the Eastern Oasis was so close to the border that it would not be impossible to raid it.

    “I will think about it.”

    At Baguna’s answer, Janet smiled inside. There was just one more issue to bring up.

    “Now I have something to ask regarding the Young Glow……”

    As his name came out of Janet’s mouth, Yulian and Baguna paid careful attention to see what else Janet had to say.

    “Isn’t the Young Glow the person who will eventually follow the footsteps of Glow Baguna? Then while Glow Baguna is still healthy, why not send the Young Glow to our Silence Empire to study abroad surrounded by advanced technology and literature?”

    Baguna’s insides were starting to boil. They were calling it studying abroad, but wasn’t this their way of saying they will hold Yulian hostage?

    “Do you think that makes sense?”

    “I can guarantee that the Young Glow will see many new things and learn a lot. I am saying this thinking about Pareia’s future. Please don’t take it the wrong way.”

    “There are still many things that he has not seen and learned in the desert. Furthermore, Yulian is, as you said, the Young Glow. That holds a special meaning to us in Pareia.”

    “Glow Baguna, please think about……”

    As Janet was trying to use elaborate and complicated words to convince Baguna, the young man who had been sitting next to him with an expression full of complaint spoke as if he was shouting.

    “Damn, you have a lot to say! You barbarians dare to disregard the good will of our Silence Empire!”

    Listening to the young man’s words, Janet’s smiling expression, which had become perfect after years of experience, cracked.

    Janet’s face even turned pale as he looked back and forth at Baguna and Yulian while feeling like he was walking on eggshells.

    “Your highness, prince, your words……, the valiancy of Pareia crosses the desert to reach all the way to our Silence Empire. Such excessive words……”

    “Quiet, Janet. I only heard about Pareia after being forced to come here at my brother’s command. Furthermore, we came here to order, not to request like this.”

    Janet felt his world crumbling as he started to curse the Crown Prince, Shaone Fury Silence III, who ordered the immature second prince to go with him.

  • Book 1-6.2 Discussions with the Empire (II)

    Looking at it in terms of diplomacy, sending the second prince to a dangerous area like this was showing that their powerful empire cares a lot about the tribe. It was a way of showing that they were being respectful, and in addition, if the tribe didn’t listen to their demands, it was putting pressure onto the tribe that they were not giving face to the empire’s prince. It was a great diplomatic tactic, however, the immature prince ended up being poison instead.

    ‘This damn idiot of a prince! Because of you, we just lost thousands of the fiercest warriors available! In addition, the potential danger…… what are you going to do if they end up shaking hands to work together with the Rojini Kingdom……’

    Janet was internally swearing at Shareulo Fury Silence, who was sitting arrogantly next to him.

    Shareulo Fury SIlence was the type of prince who was useless, other than having the blood of the King in his veins.

    If you don’t have the abilities, you need to know how to shut up, however, he didn’t even have that much common sense. Even within the empire, he was causing a headache to the royal family for doing whatever he wants and stealing other people’s wealth to use as he pleased.

    However, among the royal family, the older brother, the crown prince, Shaone Fury Silence III, felt sorry for his immature younger brother, that he forced Shareulo to do all sorts of things, trying to make a man out of him. (TL: Mr., I’ll…. make a man…. out of you….) But Shareulo couldn’t even understand just how hard his brother was trying to help him, and would only complain and haphazardly do whatever he was ordered to do.

    Crown Prince Shaone knew that Pareia would be extremely repulsed by their request, but would end up having to send over the desert warriors. That’s why he sent his brother here with a veteran like Janet, so that they can solidify his brother’s status for the future.

    Even if you are a prince, if you had no merits, you end up falling down and becoming a useless person. In order to build up his brother’s merit, he sent him on a mission that was guaranteed to succeed.

    Understanding the crown prince’s reason for sending the second prince with him, Janet spoke with the prince before this meeting and reminded him over and over to not to scratch the pride of the desert warriors. Even then, this damned idiot of a prince ended up causing a big issue.

    Janet looked at the Glow and his son with a worried look on his face. Glow Baguna’s face had become completely red, and his son abruptly stood up and started to shout.

    “You may be the prince of an empire, but right now, if we were to use your language, you are in front of a king! Don’t you think your words are too insulting?!”

    Glow Baguna must have been extremely angry as well, as he did not stop Yulian and just continued to watch. There was a limit to being patient. A desert warrior’s pride is as high as the sky; you don’t even need to talk about the pride of the Glow who rules over them.

    “Are you saying you will attack me! You must want to lose your neck for treason.”

    Shareulo did not back down and also stood up from his seat and shouted at the top of his lungs. Yulian clenched his fists tightly before speaking.

    “This is not your empire but Pareia of the desert. Who do you think you are speaking in front of when talking about treason!”

    Who would dare to talk back to him in the empire? Shareulo was not afraid of anyone who was not his father or brother.


    Shareulo drew his sword from his waist and the sword directly started to stab towards Yulian.

    Baguna was completely surprised, and Janet was stupefied. He knew this prince was a moron, but he would have never dreamt that he was this bad! If he was even 1/1000th similar to his brother the crown prince, he would never do something like this.



    Even in the midst of Baguna and Janet both shouting, Shareulo’s sword continued to stab towards Yulian.

    The moment he thought Yulian’s waist was bending backwards, a large mass of iron flashed in front of his eyes and effortlessly smacked Shareulo’s sword away.

    Yulian could not hold it in anymore and lifted up his greatsword to send Shareulo’s sword flying.

    Shareulo’s sword, which had been struck by the greatsword, flew high up in the paoe before flying outside.

    ‘When they said the current Pareia’s princes were extremely talented, they weren’t kidding.’

    Being a diplomat, Janet grew up as a civil servant and knew no martial arts. However, he was someone who had met many weapon merchants, warriors, and knights of many foreign nations.

    He had seen many knights during his life, but there were not many who could instantly and effortlessly move a large sword like Yulian did. Just looking at it, you could tell that the greatsword was heavy enough to be difficult for one person to even just lift up.

    Watching his weapon being flung away from his hand, Shareulo turned red in embarrassment as he started to shout.

    “How dare you swing your sword towards me! You must be begging to die! With one word from me, I can make sure a barbarian tribe like this disappears overnight!”

    “What the fuck do you think you’re saying!”

    Yulian was extremely angry to the point his face turned red. At the moment he was about to move his greatsword, Janet felt that if he let this continue any further, something serious would happen and quickly spoke.

    “Prince Shareulo, I will not allow you to continue speaking like this. Don’t forget that I have been given the full authority of this voyage. This was a command given directly to me by the wise crown prince Shaone Fury Silence III, working in the will of the great emperor Shaone Fury Silence II.”

    Shareulo glared at Janet who was scolding him using his father and brother’s full names, before silently walking out of the paoe. Even Shareulo could not go against the will of his father and brother.

    As Shareulo walked out like that, Janet used his handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead before bowing ninety degrees in front of Baguna and speaking respectfully.

    “I ask for Glow Baguna’s understanding. The prince must have been extremely tired from the journey and full of irritation.”

    “You’re telling me your royal family insults anybody and swings their sword at anybody when they are irritated?!”

    Listening to Baguna’s voice full of anger, Janet knew that he would not be able to take anything back from this visit. Rather, they needed to give a lot of things to calm them down.

    To lose Pareia right now meant they will not have a source of the black water they desperately needed for the war. Furthermore, no matter how you looked at it, this was their fault. Even using all the flowery language he had learned being a diplomat for a long time could not cover that truth up.

    “I, Janet, apologize on his behalf for insulting the honorable name of Pareia. I will definitely pay you back for causing damage to its name.”

    Yulian yelled at Janet’s response.

    “Do you really think you can pay to make up for damaging a warrior’s pride?!”

    “I’m truly sorry. I can only hope for understanding and forgiveness from Glow Baguna, the Benevolent Eye.”

    Glow Baguna shook his head at Janet’s actions. He was definitely a flawless diplomat. As an envoy of the Empire, they could stick their nose up in the air and do as they pleased, however, this diplomat did not show that type of personality. He was a veteran who made it sound like he was compromising with you while still taking everything he wanted to take. He would rather have a diplomat like the moronic prince from earlier, as they would be easier to deal with.

    Since Baguna did not plan to start a war with the Silence Empire, he decided that he will pretend to lose and give a bit before sending them back quietly. For at least a year, they would not be able to make any types of demands.

    Baguna gestured with his hand to stop Yulian from saying something again.

    “I suppose the prince may have said something like that as he has not had the opportunity to get to know us. It could also be because he is a healthy young man.”

    “I, Janet, bow my head in thanks at Glow Baguna, the Benevolent Eye’s act of goodwill.”

    “Today is my birthday. Although something bad has happened on a happy day, since you have come a long way, celebrate my birthday, and enjoy before you leave.”

    “Since you mention it, we brought a present for Glow Baguna. We are providing both wagons of iron that we brought today as Glow Baguna-nim’s birthday present. I hope you accept it with a happy heart.”

    Janet clearly knew what Baguna was thinking on the inside, but he put on a smiling expression and played along. That was how diplomacy worked. He’ll end up returning empty handed after giving up all the iron they brought with them to trade, but to end it at this level was great news.

    Yulian was very upset listening to his father and Janet.

    ‘I’m sure father is even more upset. To receive this type of insult but need to hold back and restrain himself……”

    He was also saddened by the fact that one day, it would be on him to take that kind of insult and hold back with a smile.

    At that point, Baguna called Yulian.


    “Yes, father.”

    Baguna looked at Yulian for a long time before moving his lips. It looked like he wanted to say something but was holding back, before he said his son’s name again.



    “Don’t forget.”

    “I will not forget.”

    Father and son. The two men’s eyes were burning red.

  • Thanks! can't remember if Yulian killed that prince in the manwha but i hope he does 
  • Faint said:
    Thanks! can't remember if Yulian killed that prince in the manwha but i hope he does 
    He didn't.
  • Have been waiting for this novel to be translated ever since I read the webtoon. Made an account just to support this translation so hopefully you keep on translating and maybe Red Storm become an official WW novel.
  • Book 1-6.3 Incident with the Prince (I)

    Pareia’s Glow Baguna Provoke’s birthday celebration made everyone in the Pareia tribe very happy.

    Truthfully speaking, the Glow’s birthday celebration wasn’t really about innocently celebrating the Glow’s birth; it was a means to bring the tribe’s people together. If that was not the case, there was no way Baguna would want to celebrate his birthday so extravagantly.

    However, because Baguna was a wise Glow, everyone in Pareia were truly celebrating his birthday, laughing and chatting away all night long.

    In one of their hands was a large glass of alcohol, and in the other, a large piece of meat. Even the women were not being shy and participating.

    Other than the women who were preparing and delivering the food, everybody else was acting the same way as the men were and enjoying the celebration.

    However, an incident occurred.

    In the middle of a large area was where the largest bonfire was located, with many smaller bonfires burning around it. It was the location people were gathered and happily dancing the Fenaca (a traditional Pareian dance where you make a large circle and a small circle and dance around).

    Shareulo was not happy because of the arrogant punk and Janet’s declaration. Janet had come to him later asking for his forgiveness and used his eloquent speech to convince Shareulo to take part in the celebration.

    The desert alcohol was tasty, and their dance was also very pleasing to the eye. Since Shareulo liked drinking alcohol and playing around, Janet wanted to help Shareulo feel better.

    At Janet’s goading, Shareulo was drinking and watching the people dance, making him actually feel a little excited.

    As he was in the middle of emptying his glass, his eyes suddenly turned round.

    A woman wearing a yellow blouse and matching skirt was spinning around dancing. Every time she spun around, her long red hair was creating a circle, forming a unique harmony with her yellow clothes. She was so beautiful you couldn’t help but open your eyes wide.

    Maybe if Janet was next to him, he would have stopped him. However, Janet was not there, as he was far away trying to handle Baguna who was watching the celebration in peace.

    Shareulo started to walk towards the beautiful woman. He then forcefully grabbed the beautiful woman’s hand.

    Having her hand grabbed by someone in the middle of her dance, Grace was surprised and stared at the responsible person.

    ‘What the……’

    Once she realized who the perpetrator was, Grace slightly frowned. It was someone she knew.

    “I think you’ve had too much to drink, your highness.”

    Grace spoke to Shareulo with a bright expression and calm voice, as if she was trying to console him. Shareulo responded in a slightly slurred speech.

    “I did drink a bit. But who might you be?”

    “Please let go of this hand before we continue chatting.”

    As Grace slightly turned her wrist to move her hand out of Shareulo’s grip, Shareulo quickly grabbed her wrist again.

    “I would never imagine that there would be a woman who would resist my touch. Do you even know who I am? I am a prince of the Great Silence Empire.”

    Shareulo’s lecherous personality was starting to come out. And of all people, against Grace Nellisi, the future Mother of Pareia.

    “If I was single, I would have been happy to play with you, however, I am already a married woman.”

    Grace was holding back her anger quite a bit as she said this. She thought that this moronic prince would step back based on her words. However, there was a reason he was called the moronic prince even in the kingdom.

    He was completely drunk and spoke with a red face.

    “The women here care about virtue? How funny.”

    “You are extremely drunk. Please go in and rest.”

    As Grace tried to remove herself from his grip once more, Shareulo put more power into the hand holding Grace.

    Grace tried to forcefully remove her hand, but Shareulo had a surprisingly strong grip, and she could not free herself without using a lot of force. Of course, if it was anybody else, she would not have had any trouble. However, she needed to take into consideration Shareulo’s identity.

    “Your highness, please let go of my hand. All of the daughters of the desert are precious, however, I am the wife of Yulian Provoke, the Young Glow of Pareia.”

    After hearing that this gorgeous woman was the wife of the arrogant punk who embarrassed him earlier, he held onto her wrist even tighter.

    “So what? If you come to me, all the riches that you desire will follow you. Stop pretending to be an innocent sheep.”

    Grace could not hold back anymore and was about to use her free left hand when Shareulo suddenly pulled her hand and forcefully embraced her.”


    Grace let out a scream in shock, and the many tribe members around them stopped their dance to see what was going on.

    For a brief moment, people were questioning what was going on, but a few warriors from Chalna Penaka’s camp who realized what was going on came running towards them. Red Storm’s Triquel was among the warriors.

    Surrounded by the murmurs of the crowd, the angry warriors started to head towards Shareulo and Grace. Other warriors who realized the situation later started to head there as well.

    Seeing that something weird was going on, Shareulo’s knights also started to rush towards Shareulo.

    In this inevitably surprising situation, Grace thought about continuing like this and seeing blood, but quickly shouted.


    At the same time, Grace ducked and spun around while pushing Shareulo’s arm with her right hand. Shareulo felt his body falling forward and needed to let go of Grace in order to prevent himself from falling on his face.

    As Shareulo was flailing both of his arms around and stepping forward to prevent himself from falling, the desert people were laughing at him as they watched. ‘As expected of our future mother of Pareia!’ This was the thought going through many of their heads.

    In the end, Shareulo looked like an idiot as he faceplanted into the sand. Quickly getting himself up, his face turned red with extreme embarrassment. He could not think clearly anymore after being embarassed twice in one day.

    “Immediately restrain that bitch and make her kneel in front of me!”

    As Shareulo yelled towards all the knights who were standing around him, the knights looked at Shareulo with a blank expression.

    They were the knights of the Silence Empire. Furthermore, they were the Royal Knights (the title only the best knights of the Silence Empire could receive), and cared a lot about their honor.

    From the beginning, they were embarrassed that they had to serve such a prince, but to order the knights who were supposed to protect women to restrain a woman and make her kneel? Was he truly a prince of the Silence Empire?

    “Can you not hear my order?! I said, immediately restrain that bitch and make her kneel!”

    As Shareulo yelled again, the Royal Knight in charge of the mission spoke up.

    “Your highness, I believe you have been drinking too much. I wonder if it would be better to discuss this tomorrow morning?”

    “Are you trying to make me look like a fool?”

    As Shareulo continued to yell, the Royal Knight looked at his subordinate knights around him. Everybody had a perplexed look on their faces.

    “Are you going to disobey the prince’s order?”

    Watching Shareulo who was yelling again, the surrounding knights all let out a sigh internally. The first order of the knights was unquestioned loyalty to the royal family. Especially as Royal Knights, this was extremely important.

    Although they did not want to do it, they slowly turned their bodies and looked at Grace. Their expressions all looked apologetic. They had to use force against such a beautiful lady.

    As the Royal Knights headed towards her, Red Storm warriors immediately stood in front of Grace. Although they did not have any weapons on them as it was a time of celebration, they were planning on blocking the knights even with their bare hands.

    “Please step aside, valiant desert warriors of Red Storm.”

    Hearing Grace’s cold voice, the warriors defending her turned their heads to look at her. As Grace nodded her head, the Red Storm warriors looked at each other before awkwardly moving aside. However, they were ready to step back in immediately if need be.

    The Royal Knights looked at Grace with confusion as the warriors stepped away. They could hear Grace enunciate each word clearly in the continent’s language in their ears.

    “I guess men of the Silence Empire have no problems assaulting women who are married?”

    The knights’ faces turned bright red. The Royal Knight who tried to persuade Shareulo stepped forward and respectfully spoke to Grace.

    “We ask for the lady’s forgiveness. We are knights who must obey the command of the royal family. However, if you stay still, we will put our honor on the line and make sure that you are safe.”

    “Our daughters of the desert trust strong men and warriors. However, we detest men who are strong but have no pride. Do you even know the honor that you are talking about?”

    At this point, the knight could care less about what Grace had to say.

    ‘She’s right, but the fact that we are trying to do this already shows that we have no honor.’

    The Royal Knight was thinking that way as he looked to his subordinates and sent a signal.

    ‘When we return, I will retire.’

    That’s what the Royal Knight was thinking.

    As they were continuing to be forceful, Grace could not hold it in anymore. Even if they were a strong Empire, with her identity as the Mother of Pareia, she could never kneel in front of them.

    Within seconds, both of Grace’s hands were holding onto her Sosoontas. The Red Storm warriors, as well as other warriors of the tribe also stood in front of Grace. They did not have any weapons, but they had made up their mind to fight with them, and the few women and children who were quick-witted ran to the paoes to quickly get the warriors’ weapons (TL: I’d like to watch them try to bring out the greatswords…).

    As the Royal Knights took out their swords, Grace’s Sosoontas created a cross in front of her body. Even though they were in an unfavorable situation, they would not use any cheap tricks like throwing sand in the knights’ eyes to blind them. The warriors clenched their fists as they started to run forward.

    “What’s going on?”

    A cold breeze carried a booming voice between the warriors and the knights.

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