Wuxiaworld co is getting ddosed?

It's the best site. It has been down for awhile now.
How come no one is talking about this?


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    What do you mean it's the best site? It's a pirate website stealing content from actual translators and making money at the same time and you say that it's the best site...
  • Well...
    It's the best site in term of user experience.
    I've never seen any ads on the site, not sure how they're making money off it.
    People that want to support the translators will make donation anyway.

    I usually read from that site :( 
    It's easy to read from there.
  • So you support thieves?
  • Ryu Sheng said:
    So you support thieves?
    They're good thieves.
  • Lol, how do you come on here and complain that a site that's stealing work from here, the legitimate site, is the "best site" and that they're "good thieves."
    Come on.
  • Good thieves?
    Your brain must be broken

    You complain about thieve problem at the house that got stolen by those "good" thieves.

    Maybe you will also defend someone who rape your sister

    Really broken brain
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