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Hello everyone this is my first attempt at writing something. I hear the first chapter has to draw the readers into wanting to continue with the story. This is kind of a pet project for me so I'm not too sure on how regular the updates will be, I guess it will be dependent on the kind of response I get. I will probably write a synopsis in a few chapters, but until then you'll just have to guess :P

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Chapter 0 – Prologue


Darkness. It was the night of winter solstice, the longest night of the year.


A strong wind billows throughout the valley, rustling the grass and bending the trees to their will, carrying with it a strong stench of blood.


In a clearing was a woman. She had a black cloak on and wore conical hat which masked her features. However it could not mask the aura of death that surrounded her, it seemed like she would not live for much longer.


“It has been a long time, Father.”


A middle aged man emerged from the trees with a serious look on his face. His eyes were pained and held a deep feeling of melancholy. He sighed heavily before answering “Qinq’er did it really have to turn out this way?”


The woman named Qing’er removed her conical hat and revealed a face that was breathtakingly gorgeous and long flowing black hair. She had almond coloured round eyes, perky red lips with a petit chin, button nose and an almost perfectly symmetrical face. Despite the bright red blood dripping from head down her face her complexion was akin to a flawless jade. No imperfections.


“I have no regrets” she said as she looked down into her cloak. A look of love reached her face as she smiled warmly.


Qing’er then reached into her cloak and pulled out a baby. She held the baby in her arms rocking it back and forth gently as she looked at it lovingly.


The middle aged man started before regaining his composure. He looked at this scene of his daughter and grandchild and felt heartache. They say a mother’s love is the most beautiful thing in this world but the man could only admire it with a heavy heart.


“Father, I will not be in this world much longer. You are the only person I can trust with the life of my son.”


The middle aged man looked at his daughter as a tear rolled down his face. He nodded his head once before saying, “I will raise him as best I can”.


“Don’t tell him what’s transpired here unless you absolutely have to. If possible I want him to live a happy and normal life” Qing’er said with her gaze not leaving her son.


“But what of the Father?” The middle aged man inquired


“If fate wills it, they will find each other” Qing’er said as she walked slowly toward the middle aged man. She carefully handed over the child before turning.


“What is the child’s name?” He asked.


Qing’er leapt onto a nearby boulder before turning to her Father. Her hair billowed in the strong wind and the resplendent moon at her back made her look like an ethereal fairy. “His name is Dao Li”. She then pounced off into the distance, not once turning back.


The middle aged man looked in the direction his daughter had left for some time before finally looking down at the child in his arms. The baby had his eyes opened, they were almond in colour. “Boy, apart from your eyes you really do resemble your father…” He sighed and headed back in the direction he came from.


Later that night


The night air still reeked of blood, distributed throughout the forest by the raging winds.




A mournful howl sounded among the valley and surrounding areas, drowning out the sounds of the night. The wind came to a halt, the trees stopped moving and the grass stopped rustling. It was as if the whole world was paying attention.




Once more a howl spread through the land. However this howl seemed more reserved, like it was a last goodbye filled with something tender.


The quiet lasted for no less than 60 seconds before the strong gales and noises of the forest continued. This time there was no stench of blood, it was as if there was none to begin with at all.


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    First proper chapter. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as this is my first time writing anything like this. Thank you

    Edit: reorganized some information for it to read smoother.

    Chapter 1 – Spar

     Lang City. A medium sized city within the vast Origin Continent, adjacent to the Magical Beast Forest, one of the danger zones. The city was surrounded by a gigantic 20 meter high wall made of what looked to be stone yet it seemed much sturdier. In the front of the city was a large wooden gate which was patrolled by the city guard.


    The sun reared its head over the horizon and the streets of Lang City started to become alive as the citizens began to start their day. Children could be seen still in their sleepwear yawning and helping to prepare breakfast.


    As the air started to warm up and the roosters raised their voices, the sounds of footsteps and heavy yet rhythmic breathing could be heard. There was a boy jogging through the street heading toward the main plaza. This boy looked to be about 12 or 13 years of age and was dripping heavily with sweat as he gritted his teeth and increased his pace.

    Making his way through the fruit stalls the boy bumped into a burly man who was carrying a crate of apples. “Sorry old man!” The boy yelled out. He flashed a quick grin before continuing his running.


    The burly man lost his balance and fell square on his backside. He stared blankly at the boys back as he slowly got to his feet rubbing his arm gingerly. “How bloody hard is that kid’s body?” he cursed.




    In the center of Lang City was the Lang Clan residence. As the name indicated, the Lang Clan were indeed in charge of the city. Bestowed upon them by the Fenrir Kingdom for their ancestors meritorious services and loyalty.


    In the library was a middle aged man sitting at a corner with a book held in his left hand. This man was Lang Mu, an elder of the 4th branch of the Lang Clan. He possessed piercing brown eyes which were currently fervently staring at a book in his hands. He had black hair that was relatively short and well kempt, his widow’s peak with made him look wise and amiable.


    Suddenly the door was slammed open and jolted the man out of his state of concentration. He turned his head to find it was a boy who was not yet a man. This boy was Lang Li, a young master of the Lang Clan 4th branch. His long hair was tied in a topknot and was adorned with simple clothes that were drenched in sweat. Despite his current attire his looks could be described as heroic and attractive. While women may not swoon at the sight of him, it was an attractiveness that would grow with time.


    “Li’er have you finished your morning training?” The middle aged man stood up and stealthily hid the book he was just reading into his bag.


    “Yes Grandfather, I’ve come to fetch you for breakfast” The young man named Li explained. He then walked toward the middle aged man before grinning mischievously. “Have you been ‘researching’ duo cultivation techniques again Grandfather?”


    “Cough cough, nonsense. Do you think I, your Grandfather am some kind of pervert?” Although he said this, his face flushed red as he recalled the contents of the book in his bag. “Ahem, let’s head off to breakfast then” He exclaimed as he started pushing his cheeky Grandson toward the exit.


    They made their way toward their residence in the west wing of the Lang Clan allocated to the 4th branch and proceeded to break their fast.


    “Li’er what layer of the body refinement realm have you reached?” Lang Mu asked casually as he continued to eat his meal.


    Lang Li who was stuffing food into his mouth paused briefly before swallowing a giant mouthful and washing it down with water. “I’ve reached the 7th layer Grandfather”.


    A trace of surprise crossed Lang Mu’s face as he stared incredulously at this mischievous Grandson of his. “Hurry up and finish your meal, it’s time for you to show me your progress” He then got up and started clearing the dishes left on the table.


    Around 10 minutes later they walked toward the empty field behind the residence usually used for sparring. Lang Mu faced toward Lang Li with a look of anticipation. “First off show me your Fleeting Wolf Steps”


    Lang Li first cupped his fist and bowed toward his Grandfather, showing the proper etiquette toward a senior. With a flash of white light Lang Li accelerated forward, leaving multiple afterimages in his wake. Just before his body would collide with his Grandfather, he swiftly moved to the right before circling behind him with a complacent grin on his face.


    “Mn good!” Lang Mu said as he bent down and picked something off the ground. Before he returned to his standing position his figure flashed and a stone was launched at Lang Li from a tricky angle.


    It took but a moment for the complacent grin to be wiped clean from Lang Li’s face. His eyes narrowed as he focused on the stone hurdling toward him, all the while simulating his possible reactions. Fortunately he was blessed with lightning reflexes and sharp wits and after a fraction of a second he spun to the left before dropping to the ground and narrowly avoiding the stone.




    Lang Li felt danger from behind as he twisted his body and locked his arms in front to block the blows aimed at his chest. *thud thud* Two dull noises sounded from the impact of the punches as Lang Li was catapulted backwards with his feet dragging along the ground. It wasn’t until 10 meters that he finally stopped in place.


    “Phew, Grandfather you’re lucky I’m at the 7th layer or that could have broken both my arms!” He said with a playful smile.


    “Enough! Show me your Rapid Claw Fists” Lang Mu instructed before swiftly closing the distance between the two.

    Lang Li’s eyes widened as he got into the correct form. Just as Lang Mu arrived Lang Li struck out with both fists toward his chest. Before the punches could land on their target, Lang Mu brought his arms together to block the assault.


    *thud thud thud thud thud thud thud thud*


    8 clear, yet quiet thuds were heard as the blow connected.


    Lang Mu’s eyes widened as he felt great shock. The look of shock faded before he smiled gently. “Okay that’s enough for now, your progress is satisfactory.”


    “Thank you Grandfather” Lang Li cupped his fist and bowed.


    They walked back over to their residence to prepare a medicinal bath to soothe sore muscles and bones. This was especially beneficial for youngsters who were still in the Body refinement stage.


    As Lang Li bathed, Lang Mu was sitting downstairs at the table with a look of contemplation on his face. “Just how monstrous is his comprehension” he thought in his heart.

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