Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society Romance/Harem questions

so, anyone that has read the story further already, how "severe" is the harem? I enjoy the story quite a bit so far though I am not a fan of harem usually, most authors just butcher the story with it, and having read EER and having dropped it... well, I am not all too optimistic really, so, would be nice if anyone could tell me about it


  • I'm up to date with the translated chapters(ch. 124) and every girl is in love with MC but MC is dense af
  • In the early tl notes of eer, it was mentioned that he didn't know whether eer would be harem or not, since despite author's assurances his previous work, ie: icds, was a harem. so, sorry bro.
  • it is 100% harem.
  • He's not exactly dense, just slow.  In the words of Loretta he's a coward who knows her affection but ignores it.
  • Slow is just another synonym for dense so you might as well be calling him dense just with a different word
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    For some reason, a lot of writers tend to avoid sex until 200 - 300 chapters. I think they want to make a point that their story is not smut. They either make their protagonist slow af or make it so that they won't do the tangle until marriage (ancient china and all) or make it so that the girl literally cannot lose their virginity for some reason. I've read a story with 120ish chapter story where the two leads, who are CLEARLY in love with each other, didn't do it till the second to the last chapter. Just gotta give the author time to flaunt around a bit, but it'll come eventually.

    EDIT: Oh wait, this is a Korean novel. Well, flip a coin, dude. Best of luck. At least it's not a Japanese light novel.
    Actually, I think this is mead.
  • if its like EER then mc will most likely marry the harem at the end
  • I see dense as someone who never notices romantic interest, he was dense before his intelligence increased.  He's now "slow" as in they have to exaggerate it for him to notice.  You could say "slightly less dense" I suppose but once he notices he avoids it.  It's obvious both Ludia and Loretta love him and he's not being mature about it at all.  That being said the author did a good job of establishing he has a low EQ
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