short term way to stop QI's bot's ripping from WW

would it be worth using adding a captcha to stop their bots from ripping the site i had a look online and there are free ones and paid ones  ,
i was just thinking and hoping it would make it a huge pain in the arse for them ,

or make them use up more of their wage slaves to do it by hand etc 

if it helped stop them stealing ww work i'd happily live with it for a bit np , just wonder what everyone else thinkings

also i love that extra lines have been turn up with in their  ripped pages after seeing DB's twitter page this morning 


  • I'm not a fan of captchas at all! I strongly disagree!
  • willbrace said:
    I'm not a fan of captchas at all! I strongly disagree!
    don't get me wrong i hate them like hell , but this is only a idea to try to stop the stealing of this sites works 
  • Another method is adding parts of the translations as a picture, in different formatting maybe, or maybe putting up some false crap at the beginning and after 10 minutes putting up the real deal. Although captchas are a good idea
  • I'm quite sure that it's possible to make text on page unselectable(don't have an example on hand but I clearly saw it few times)
    You can also tamper with copy-paster function for it to copy additional lines(not present in text itself) along selected fragment
  • Or just ignore them. Putting stuff in chapters is more annoying than captcha, volare does this from time to time with there novels which lead me to dropping their releases for a while. 

    I get get why they want todo it, but it's essentially drm, pointless and doesn't achieve the goal it sets out to do and just pisses off your normal readers.

    as for adding hidden text, again I'm against that, but for a more selfish reason. I turn all the books I read into ebooks I can read on my iPad since I spend a huge chunk of my day in a black spot.

    Also, won't stop the copying.  They'd just swap to manual copying where all of these methods would become pointless
  • I'm normal reader, but I'm okay with what volare did.
    Because I understand the fuck+ing reason why they do that
    Why should I annoyed like immature kids.

    And it's not pointless
    At least they can alarm those people who  didn't   know where  the original translator  come from
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    should stop most bots :

    1) starkpyre method should work , you can show text as image using canvas [but content can still be hacked unless if you generate image on the server side ].

    2) There is one more method that is to encrypt and  decrypt the content [ if done right should be helpful to stop web crawlers and people who just copy content ]

     3) You can jumble different novel chapters and make it hard to extract anything in proper order [need to change entire server file tree structure]

    4) captcha is ok but what you should do is follow qidan mechanism loading new blocks when some one scrolls downward.

    5) You can make the formatting tough if you want , you can even add random junk to irritate rippers [ it depends on what you want to acheive .]

    there are many more methods some i cant remember as im not in touch stopped programming due to personal problems.
    edit : this seems like a old post ...

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