Finally Picked A Side

Well, I've been reading light novels for a while now, at a number of sites.  Some of those sites have gone down, and others have changed beyond recognition.  Others have continued to prove true to their word of bringing quality translations while not imposing a financial burden on the community by introducing pay-to-view chapters. 

Originally, my top two sites were Gravity Tales and Wuxiaworld.  Gravity Tales hosted the novel that got me into light novels: Zhan Long.  For a long time, I was impressed by how they worked hard to deliver a stellar reading experience (I have to say that Wuxiaworld's website historically has lagged more, and given me more redirect ads, especially on mobile). 

That being said, I enjoyed the novels translated at Wuxiaworld, and have always been impressed by the high quality and speed of translation, the combination which I think remains unequaled to this day.  Still, if you asked me a week or two ago who I liked more, I would have said Gravity Tales. 

However, then the news dropped (or I heard about the news) that they got bought by QI's parent company.  Moreover, they pretended, at least in their own posts, that they were just "collaborating" with QI.  The previous dedication to providing an excellent reader experience, and putting the community first seemed to vanish like a mirage in a desert, as did the trust I had in their leadership.

Thus, I've chosen a side.  Wuxiaworld will have my support (insignificant though it may be), while I will stop using both Qidian International and Gravity Tales.  I will also stop supporting Gravity on Patreon.  The way both Gravity and QI have behaved has been, frankly, appalling.  If this were one of the novels we all love so much, they'd be the stupid villains who act arrogantly and think they can do anything to anyone.  Thus, Daoist Red Sky At Night states his support for Wuxiaworld, and looks forward to the future of the site. 

I will also include a prayer to the higher realms to license Zhan Long as otherwise I will not be able to read it, as I will not allow myself to go on Gravity Tales even if they get the license.

Stay with the Tao, Move with the present.

-Red Sky At Night


  • Also I'm new to the forums, so let me know if I should have placed this post elsewhere! 

    -Red Sky At Night
  • There are no 'sides' when it comes to gravity and wuxiaworld
  • You can't really say that when gt has basically become an extension of qi, which is messing with ww in any way possible (especially with gt hosting some of qi's novels in a bid to get people who won't read at qi to still give 'em revenue).
  • We can say that. Although the GGP handled stuff was both dumb and immoral, he isn't QI. He's also STILL an active translator on here, BTTH is his i believe. So if there were sides (which there aren't) he would have either left or been asked to leave.

    Gravity is NOT QI. I don't read there anymore because of all of this, but at the same time i'm also able to clearly see the fact the Gravity is Gravity and QI is QI. 

    As for how Gravity will be in the future, is for the future o decide. Right now though, Gravity is not involved in the crap going on between WW and QI and it's wrong to say they are
  • I'm just a guy who likes reading novels with nice plots. I'm not gonna pick a side really. But still, I don't like how Gravity Tales removed so many novels from their site that I want to read but I can't find other places that also feature the same novels
  • well, I have long picked my side and here I am. I stopped reading from Gravity long ago, simply because they had no quality novels (to me), QI is obvious.... add to that GGP tried to butter-up QI to the community - which didn't work - nice attempt....
  • Ryu Sheng said:
    As for how Gravity will be in the future, is for the future o decide. Right now though, Gravity is not involved in the crap going on between WW and QI and it's wrong to say they are
    Gravity has turned into Officially Legal Bullshit !
    Gravity has dropped (most, if not all) their Non-Qidian Chinese Novels, and suspended their Korean Novels !
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