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  • Book 1-4.1 Grace Nellisi

    Grace Nellisi

    An amazing woman. She was.

    Yulian was having a hectic time. In the morning and night, he was focused on his own training. During the day and evening, he was focused on swordsmanship with the Red Storm brigade.

    In the middle of all that, he was making sure to pay attention while learning history and strategy, so it was definitely natural for Yulian to be thinking that it would be great if a day increased from twenty-four hours to thirty-six hours.

    But since this was something he wanted to do, something he needed to do achieve his dream, and because he was not alone and training together with his fellow warriors who were also filled with passion, Yulian did not feel fatigued.

    As he continued his arduous life where it was difficult for him to even get four hours of sleep, Yulian forgot about one very important thing.

    It was like any other day as Yulian was focused on training with the young warriors. There were large greatswords flying around everywhere across the training grounds, and the young warriors, who were enjoying the training as if it was real, did not mind that they were receiving minor wounds all over their bodies.

    Thankfully, they dulled the blade and covered the blade with mud, or else they would not have survived this dangerous training that could have killed them within a few hours.

    Although it was difficult, the majority of the warriors were enjoying it and Yulian did not care.

    That level of injury was nothing compared to the torture he had to go through.

    Until a few days ago, there were some warriors who would playfully complain, but after seeing Yulian’s body, none of them could say a peep.

    Yulian’s body was a perfectly sculpted body fitting a warrior, and in that aspect, there were no issues.

    However, on the surface of that chiseled body, there were too many scars to count.

    The members of Red Storm clearly remembered Yulian’s answer when they asked how Yulian, who had yet to participate in war, ended up with so many injuries.

    Yulian opened up the fingers on his two hands and spoke.

    “Everyday, I was hit a minimum of ten times. I was hit for not doing this properly, not doing that properly, hit for talking back, hit for learning too slowly, hit for being stupid, hit for not catching on to things quickly…”

    The warriors could not believe Yulian was endlessly beat up. What kind of warrior trains a young warrior that way?

    But there was no reason for Yulian to lie. And the numerous scars on his body proved his words to be true.

    “That is how I learned. However, I do not want to teach you that way. It is enough for only me to be injured like this. However!”


    They clearly heard someone’s spit being swallowed.

    “If your skills cannot keep up significantly, I think that I may have no other choice. My only request is that you prevent a situation where I must hurt your pride. I request that to you with all my heart.”

    This meant that Yulian would hit fellow warriors like themselves. They weren’t even slaves; getting hit would be grave insult.

    The warriors were working even harder to prevent that situation. Yulian was saying all this while showing his own scars, which should have been a source of shame.

    Yulian remembered what happened a few days ago and yelled with a smile on his face.

    “The person who ends up with the most mud on their clothes today will be in charge of putting mud on all of the warriors’ greatswords.”

    Once you put mud on the greatswords, if you are hit by, or slashed by the sword, it was natural for your clothes to be covered in mud. The weak will end up with a lot of mud and the strong just a little. Everyone was using that to gauge their peers’ strengths and worked endlessly to catch up to them.

    Yulian’s proclamation was like pouring gas on the training ground filled with fiery passion; and soon, an entertaining phenomenon occurred.

    The warriors who had cleaner clothes compared to the other warriors started to focus on defensive swordplay to try to prevent even the smallest amounts of mud on their clothes, while the warriors who already had a ton of mud on their clothes focused on offensive swordplay with all their energy to put mud on the other warriors’ clothes.

    Since the person with the most mud was in charge of gathering the mud and putting it on the greatswords tonight, they had to make sure it wasn’t them.

    That job was a terrible job. Once the day’s training ended, their bodies were sore everywhere. But to put mud on all the greatswords for the next day’s training meant that their resting period was shortened by that amount.

    Naturally, teams were created.

    The fiercely attacking team and the endlessly defending team. The winner was obvious. The tides turned in an instant, but the defending team, which lost the momentum could not help but to continue being pushed back.

    The heat in the training ground continued to grow fiercely, even Yulian got involved and brutally moved his sword to help out the side that was being significantly pushed back.

    Unless something special happened, it was certain that this would continue until the last sun disappeared (TL: Remember, there were multiples of suns and moons).

    That is...until a sweet fragrance spread across this place, which was filled with the smell of men’s hot sweat. That type of special event.

    None of them knew that something like the leather armor was an item that could make someone look so fabulous. However, for this woman who just appeared with a form-fitting leather armor, it suited her very well.

    The woman, who had red hair that would catch anybody’s attention, slowly started to walk towards the group.

    Seeing that sight, the warriors, and of course Yulian as well, slightly opened their mouths in surprise. Those long arms and legs, and the view of a woman’s skin, visible between the leather armor, was extremely beautiful.

    In addition, different than most women of the desert, her straight hair that was not pinned up but just left down, was blowing in the wind to create an almost fantasy-like entrance.

    The beautiful woman. with the red hair blowing in the wind and glowing skin, looked at Yulian and the warriors.

    She moved her lips as if to say something, but did not speak.

    It was as if she was waiting for Yulian or the warriors to speak to her first.

    “Go greet her.”

    One of the warriors spoke while pushing Yulian’s back. Yulian was standing awkwardly, before heading towards the woman and cautiously asking.

    “Miss...who might you be?”

    The woman slightly nodded towards Yulian before speaking.

    “I am the young daughter of the Rivolde family, Grace Nellisi. I apologize if I ended up disrupting the training of the Pareia warriors. The reason I came here was to see if the warrior named Yulian Provoke happened to be over here.”

    The warriors all looked at each other because of her commanding tone, before all eyes turned to Yulian.

    Hearing his name come out of the mouth of a woman he just met, Yulian nervously spoke.

    “I am Yulian, but what might you need from me?”


    The woman responded while opening her eyes wide while checking Yulian out top to bottom.


    “You are truly Pareia’s Young Glow, and the one who is said to have gone to the Monster’s Desert alone to kill a Sand Dragon? The Desert Conqueror Yulian Provoke?”

    As the woman responded back like she could not believe him, Yulian nodded his head and answered.

    “I am Yulian Provoke, Glow Baguna’s first-born, and indeed the one who proved his adulthood by going to the Monster’s Desert. But why is it that the Rivolde tribe’s young daughter, Grace, is looking for me?”

    “You don’t look that strong.”


    As Grace responded with something odd instead of answering his question, Yulian was distraught.

    “Since he was said to have caught a Sand Dragon on his own, I thought he would be over two meters tall, with his fingers the size of the desert cactus, and body the size of a Bug Bear (a carnivorous monster which starts to eat you from your head)...”

    Yulian started to laugh at Grace’s words. Now that he thought about it, he remembered someone jokingly saying that rumors about him were just as Grace described.

    “Did you just come to verify if those rumors were true?”

    At Yulian’s question, Grace made a surprised expression and expressed her intent.

    “Warrior Yulian Provoke, I, Grace Nellisi, requests a match.”

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  • thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, honestly i cant remember her from the manhwa whatsoever so i am hoping that this version of her impresses me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (to at least be remembered!!)
    Grace was def just a side character in the manhwa. I'm hoping for more development 
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    thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, honestly i cant remember her from the manhwa whatsoever so i am hoping that this version of her impresses me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (to at least be remembered!!)
    Grace was def just a side character in the manhwa. I'm hoping for more development 
    true and same!
  • Book 1-4.2 I came to test my future husband!


    At Grace’s sudden proclamation, Yulian looked at her with a nervous expression. Grace moved back and took out the two Sosoonta (short swords with a curved blade) from her thighs, holding one in each hand before bending her hips and taking an attacking stance.

    “What is the meaning of this?”

    Yulian was surprised as he asked Grace, and she lifted her shoulder once to answer.

    “As I indicated, a match. Throw away the thought of going easy on me because i am a woman. I am letting you know now that I am a warrior of Rivolde, who completed the men’s coming-of-age ceremony with a woman’s body.”

    Listening to Grace indicate that she was approved as a warrior, Yulian could not believe it.

    ‘What tribe would make a woman complete the coming-of-age ceremony? Especially since the Rivolde tribe is the strongest tribe in the West…’

    Of course the women of the desert had strong personalities, and since the temperament of the desert tribes were fierce in nature, there were women who took part in hunting as well, but earning the badge of adulthood through the coming-of-age ceremony, as well as participating in the tribal wars were the men’s job.

    It was their job to protect the young boys who had yet to become warriors, and the women, not to fight alongside them.

    “Reveal your reasoning. Pareia warriors do not fight without reason.”

    “If you win, I will let you know the reason.”

    Grace answered like that before quickly starting to attack Yulian in her crouched position.

    Yulian lightly swung his greatsword in response, but Grace lowered her body even more to make the greatsword swing above her head, and continued to get closer, with a movement that looked like she was crawling.


    Her movement was so fast that Yulian was shocked before using the greatsword in his left hand to stab into the sand and lift his body up. Just a second later, Grace’s Sosoonta passed by, scratching Yulian’s greatsword.

    Yulian felt a slight bit of anger at the fact that he almost had his body slashed, and yelled.

    “Reveal the reason for this battle. If you do, I will accept that you are a warrior and fight you seriously.”

    “Didn’t I tell you I will let you know if you win?”

    As if trying to taunt Yulian, Grace spoke informally, before using the Sosoonta’s speed and sharpness to attack Yulian again.

    The attack was too accurate to go easy on her for being a woman, and as the opponent has indicated they have received the badge of adulthood, Yulian decided to not go easy on her.

    Yulian reduced his power in half and started to swing his greatsword. (TL: Decides not to go easy on her, so reduces his power in half. What the heck…)

    “If you want to give up, feel free to do so at any time.”

    “Don’t look down on me.”

    Grace was angered at Yulian’s warning, and instead started to go at Yulian even harder.

    A battle between a large greatsword and a Sosoonta the size of two hands put together was very abnormal, but Grace seemed to have a considerable amount of skills. Yulian could not help but to also use the greatsword in his left hand every so often.

    After they clashed approximately twenty times?

    Grace, who had been nimbly dodging Yulian’s greatsword could not avoid the greatsword in Yulian’s left hand which arrived almost instantly, and had to use both of the Sosoonta’s together to block.


    Since it was a training greatsword, the blade was not sharp, but as if it increased the strength, the single greatsword and the two Sosoontas made a sharp clashing noise, and Grace was pushed back from the strength of the greatsword, leading her to slide far back in the same posture, with the two Sosoontas in front of her.

    Annoyed that she might attack again, Yulian chased after Grace who was sliding back and swung his greatsword once more in the exact spot the two Sosoonta’s overlapped. Grace lost her balance and fell back, as if she slipped.

    Yulian felt like he might have been too harsh and quickly ran after her and helped her get back up.

    “Are you okay?”

    In a very evident change in personality, Grace received Yulian’s help without saying anything, and stared at him as if trying to look deep into his soul, before kneeling down and bowing her head.

    “Why are you suddenly doing this?”

    As Yulian nervously brought her back up, Grace answered.

    “Do you not know who I am?”

    “I’ve never seen you within our tribe before… Have we met before?”

    Thinking that the other person knew who he was, Yulian tried to think hard about who the woman is, but he could not remember at all.

    “Grace Nellisi. You’re telling me you’ve never heard of this name before?”

    As Grace asked again, Yulian started to think carefully.

    ‘Grace Nellisi… Grace Nellisi...Rivolde tribe’s Nellisi family…’

    A thought quickly flew by in Yulian’s head.

    ‘If it is the Nellisi family of the Rivolde tribe, the only one is the family of the Glow.’

    Yulian was skeptical as he asked.

    “What is your relationship with the Great Glow Dejaine of the Rivolde tribe?”

    “He happens to be my father.”

    “Ah, then… you must be the beautiful maiden Grace…”

    As he was about to finish his sentence, a lightbulb went off in Yulian’s head and he remembered his father, Glow Baguna’s words before he made a terrified expression.

    • I will proceed with the marriage between you and the daughter of the Rivolde Glow.

    “You… you…”

    As Yulian had a shocked expression and could not continue his words, Grace smiled before answering.

    “So you have heard. I was afraid that you might not remember. The Rivolde tribe’s Beautiful Maiden, Grace Nellisi, makes her formal introduction to her fiance, Pareia tribe’s Young Glow, the Desert Conqueror, Yulian Provoke-nim.”

    Hearing Grace’s words, the Red Storm Warriors, who were surrounding them screamed in delight. It wasn’t bad to see the woman who will end up the Mother of Pareia in the future.

    Yulian’s face was red in embarrassment as he opened his mouth.

    “How is it that you are here … wait, did you come alone?”

    Grace nodded her head and replied.

    “Yes, I came by myself.”

    “For what reason did you come here… does the Great Glow Dejaine Nellisi know of this?”

    “Of course he does not. If he did, I’m sure even my father who dotes on me dearly would not have approved.”

    Listening to Grace answer as her cheeks became red and she cracked a smile, Yulian felt his heart beating wildly and turned his head away.

    “The reason I came to look for Pareia’s Young Glow today was to see the man who will be my husband. I could not get married to a warrior who was weaker than me, could I?”

    Hearing Grace continue, Yulian became a mute who ate a lot of honey, and the surrounding warriors let out a holler. (TL: Remember, Korean saying similar to cat got your tongue.)

    “If...I had lost…”

    As Yulian squirmed while speaking, Grace answered with a confident, yet warm voice.

    “If you were weaker than me, no matter what, I would have broken off the engagement. However, after seeing that Yulian-nim is very strong, I realize that my thoughts were wrong from the beginning. You truly deserve the title of the Desert Conqueror and I, Grace, am very relieved.”


    Yulian was flabbergasted at Grace’s answer. Even if she is a woman of the desert, how could she come and test her future husband.

    The more flabbergasted Yulian was, the surrounding warriors continued to increase their joyous hollering.

    Grace coyishly stood next to Yulian and bowed to the Red Storm warriors.

    “I am sorry that I interrupted the training of Pareia’s strong warriors. However, I was so curious that I came like this, I ask that the warriors not scold this rebellious lady too much.”


    As the warriors continued to shout in joy, one of the warriors, Quick Two Feet Chenji Warita spoke as he shouted.

    “We are just sorry we are showing such shabby selves to the future Mother of Pareia. I, Chenji, along with the rest of the Red Storm warriors, pray dearly that the Beautiful Maiden Miss Grace will quickly marry and arrive at Pareia.”

    Grace showed no embarrassment to many men cheering for her and bowed her head again.

    “Of course. I too will be waiting and hoping that the day arrives quickly.”

    Yulian felt that his face will turn into a tomato if he stayed there any longer and moved away before speaking (TL: the actual statement is that his face will blow up red, but I thought the tomato was a good comparison).

    “Since a guest has arrived, we cannot just stay like this. Let’s head into the Paoe. Mother and Father will be happy to know that you have arrived.”

    As Yulian headed off disrespectfully without even looking back, seeing his awkward steps, Grace smiled, as if she knew what was going through his mind, and said a final farewell to the warriors before following after him.

    “I am looking forward to quickly being a part of Red Storm’s training. Then, I shall meet you all again in the near future.”

    It was obvious that the warriors would shout like they were crazy.

    (TL: I debated between continuing with Sir instead of -nim, but after reading some other Korean novels, I want to stay true to the language. So you will be seeing a shift from Sir Yulian to Yulian-nim.)

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  • Aaaaaahhh Grace.... wish I get a fiery woman like that.
    Thanks for the update miraclerifle
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  • Book 1-4.3 The First Night

    The fact that the young daughter of Rivolde, the Beautiful Maiden Grace Nellisi, came to visit Pareia by herself spread like wildfire (TL: the raws say spread like clouds, but we all know how slow clouds are…), and everybody was shocked at the fact that she visited the Red Storm and had a spar with Yulian.

    And once they heard of Grace’s proclamation after the battle, everybody was happy and chatting away about how they will have a valiant wife next to their valiant Young Glow.

    Any warrior who had seen her at least once felt their hearts be swayed by her beauty.

    In addition, because she was a woman with a cool personality and meticulousness to take care of others, she was given the name of Beautiful Maiden, which is only given to the greatest woman in the desert. All of this made Grace’s popularity in the Pareia tribe explosive.

    Everybody was twiddling their fingers hoping that the day she will marry the Young Glow will come quickly, and this made the Great Glow Dejaine and ‘The Benevolent Eye,’ Glow Baguna, nervous.

    Both of them started to quickly make the necessary preparations for marriage.

    Since both families were the family of the Glow, the wedding gifts were overflowing, and there were many time-consuming tasks, such as sending invitations to the nearby tribes and determining an Oasis to have the ceremony. But thanks to the efforts of the two Glows, the details were determined without a hitch.

    Finally the day of the wedding.

    The Rivolde Tribe, the greatest tribe in the Western Desert, and the Pareia tribe, a strong tribe in the Eastern Desert, the history of the two Glows were outstanding (TL: Sighs, all I wish is for some consistency to know whether Pareia is in the East or West...)

    Of the twelve tribes in the desert, there was not a single tribe that did not send a delegation to congratulate them.

    Even the Pareia Tribe’s bitter enemy, the Shuarei tribe, sent a delegation due to their relationship with the Rivolde tribe.

    The Rivolde Glow, Dejaine Nellisi was very satisfied with this fact.

    Truth be told, wasn’t one of the reasons he arranged for his daughter to be married to fend off the strong enemy they had in the Shuarei tribe? Seeing that the Shuarei tribe sent a delegation was enough for him to know that the mission had been accomplished.

    Shuarei and Pareia still continued to have minor battles, however, the Rivolde tribe was now able to breathe a little.

    Of course that wasn’t the only reason. Those bastards of the Inama Kingdom were eyeing Grace.

    Finally, it was because he liked what he heard about Yulian, whose name was being spread throughout the desert. (TL: Last, but most definitely not least… ;) )

    And just like that, there were tens of thousands of guests other than the members of the Rivolde and Pareia tribes present for Yulian and Grace’s wedding. If you think about the fact that the population of the desert does not exceed 5 million, it was a significant number.

    Their wedding, which was blessed by many people, concluded peacefully, and per the command of Glows Baguna and Dejaine, the two tribes started a three-day celebration.

    Everybody was feasting, drinking, chatting, and happy.

    The first night.

    The boy who traveled to the Monster’s Desert before even becoming an adult, and the girl who, by herself, crossed a large quicksand and multiple Oasis to test her husband. The husband and wife’s boldness disappeared quickly, as if it was a dream.

    They were both just taking quick glances at each other and getting their cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

    After peeking at each other for a very long time, the slightly better Grace could not handle the frustration anymore and started to speak first.

    “Is this how it goes? Are we supposed to awkwardly stare at each other on the first night?”

    Yulian’s red face became even brighter. Yulian was now an adult and a man. He did not pay attention to women because he did not have the time, but it was not like he wasn’t interested.

    And he knew, at least to some degree, about the male-female interactions.


    Yulian could only make some dry coughs while thinking hard about what to say.

    “Stop only coughing and say something.”



    Yulian started to feel a little hasty at Grace’s words and decided ‘here goes nothing’ as he held her two hands. Grace was a bit shocked and her face turned red, and she lightly tilted her head down as if she was embarrassed.

    “I will tell you my dream.”


    Grace, who was extremely nervous, was surprised and stared at Yulian.

    “Like I was saying… hmm...hmm… my dream… I will tell my wi…..wife, that’s what I was saying…”


    At Yulian’s words, Grace let out a deep sigh in her mind. It looked like the girls had it better when it came to sex education in the desert.

    Truthfully speaking, the desert warriors who flaunt their masculinity in front of women probably act the same way at home. The father-son relationship showed affection through actions, but the mother-daughter relationship was similar to that of friendship; communicating and speaking with each other frequently. That may explain this situation.

    But was that really the reason?

    The majority of all things of the household were decided by the women. Of course, the men never noticed that it was the women who were really making the decisions. All they would see is that the women were serving their husbands and sons as if they were the heaven.

    “I guess this is the first conversation I am having with the desert’s greatest warrior and my husband.”

    Grace pretended to be interested and closed in, sitting right next to Yulian.

    • Men like women who are willing to listen to their stories. But don’t listen to anything they say after drinking. Probably ninety percent of those statements are false.

    Grace remembered her mother’s teachings and opened her eyes really wide, as if telling Yulian to go ahead and tell her. She had a look of anticipation as she looked at Yulian.

    Seeing Grace act that way, Yulian felt a sense of relaxation and started to speak.

    “ do I start … my dream was to be a warrior.”

    Grace lightly placed her hand on Yulian’s chest, leaned her head slightly against Yulian’s shoulder and spoke.

    “I am now your wife. You can speak casually.” (TL: Korean has a formal and informal tone which English does not. Yulian was using a formal tone, she is telling him to relax).

    Yulian smiled widely. It looked like, similar to the other men of the desert, Yulian would end up a whipped man claiming to be a loving husband (TL: Some kind of Korean saying where the guy is whipped and listens to everything the girl says, but to others he claims it is because he loves her dearly).


    “Hehe, your face is charming when you are slightly nervous like this. I heard that any girl would be happy just stealing a glance at you, now that I see it for myself, I guess they were telling the truth.”

    “Hmmhmm...that’s just exa...exaggeration.”

    Although he was saying that, he was smiling so widely that it felt like his mouth would rip.

    “Since you are already a warrior, I guess you achieved your dream.”

    At Grace’s words, quickly shook his head no and replied.

    “No, what I am talking about is something bigger. What I mean is becoming a Supreme Warrior of the desert.”

    “Supreme Warrior?”

    Yulian nodded his head yes.

    This was his dream that he had only told his master. Now, it was turn to share it with his wife, with whom he will spend all of his life together.”

    “I want to look past Pareia and become a Supreme Warrior of the desert. Of course I will also successfully complete the responsibilities as Pareia’s Glow, but looking further, I want to unite the people of the desert. If I were to look even further…”

    Yulian was about to talk about what would be after that, but since he too had only thought about it and not created a course of action, he stopped there.

    “Are you talking about unifying the desert?”

    Grace was shocked as she asked.

    “Yes, if I am able to do so, I want to change the name of the blood flowing desert, the Crimson Desert. Like the old stories about how the desert used to be one tribe, I want a peaceful desert where people are all helping each other.”


    Grace let out a small sigh. Her father and she both didn’t get it wrong. To become the wife of a warrior with such grand dreams and ambitions made Grace extremely happy.

    Yulian asked her.

    “Why? Does my dream seem too idealistic?”

    Grace fervently shook her head no and answered.

    “No, I believe you are truly capable of achieving it. My sigh comes from worrying about whether I can help make your grand dreams come true.”

    “The first person to affirm my dreams is my wife. My master is a man of few words who speaks through his actions, so you are the first.”

    Even Grace knew of the secretive rumor that a foreigner who came to Pareia birthed the Desert Conqueror.

    “Now that you mention it, I haven’t been able to greet your master. When will you introduce me to him? Was he at our wedding ceremony? There was nobody who stood out.”

    “Unfortunately, master is currently not here.”

    “Where is he then?”

    “I am not so sure myself. A year ago, he disappeared like the wind. He left demanding that I train diligently, so I know he will be back.”

    Grace nodded her head.

    “I see, ᅟit is disappointing though, I wanted to meet your master.”

    As they were talking about his master, Yulian suddenly wanted to see his master.

    WHen he came back, he would inspect his training and test his martial arts, but still, he really wanted to see him.

    ‘Ah! I would probably get beat up first, I would have to tell him about the Red Storm…’

    In an instant, the longing disappeared and fear filled his heart. One of the things you never get used to was his master’s assault.

    “Don’t have any fantasies about my master.”


    “I may end up being beat up to death as soon as he returns.”

    As Grace started to get extremely close and he started to relax, Yulian shared all of his complaints about his master.

    “There is nothing he fears in the world, and if he says something, he always sticks to it. I may truly end up being beat up and killed…”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “He does not understand a warrior’s pride even the slightest bit. It might be because he truly is a warrior above all don’t know just how much assaults I had to survive to get to this point...and his personality… he is so picky. If there is something he does not like, no matter what it is, you must fix it. If he says he is right, then no matter what it is, you must say he is right. If you don’t, you get beat up again…”

    Yulian felt chills thinking about the past.

    “There’s no way…”

    As Grace responded in disbelief, Yulian felt it was his mission for her to know the truth and spoke with a honest look and tone.

    “It is the truth. Please believe me.”

    “Ah! Yes.., of course I trust you.”

    As Yulian spoke so earnestly, Grace was surprised and answered that way, and only then did Yulian nod his head as if he was finally okay.

    “My master is someone you definitely cannot let your guard down around. You must remember my words, so that you will not regret it later.”


    As Yulian started to get anxious, Grace let out a small laugh.

    “I will of course heed your warning. But must we continue to stay like this?”

    Yulian’s face once again became red and he put his hand on Grace’s shoulder as she was leaning against him.

    And so the night continued…

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    Just as I was free to translate it to English, you are free to translate to other languages as well.

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    What language are you thinking?
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  • Book 1-4.4 The Iron Princess

    Grace got along with everybody. Of course, she got along with the current Mother of Pareia Seina, but it did not take long for her to have a mother-daughter type relationship with the difficult Librie as well.

    Even the stoic Pere, as if he was overcome by her persistence, would focus on avoiding Grace whenever he saw her.

    This was because he did not want to call her “sister-in-law.” That was how magnificent Grace’s level of affinity was with other people.

    It took her exactly two months to understand the dynamics of the family, and Grace’s next task was focusing on the relationships with the powerful families of Pareia.

    The powerful families of Pareia were similar to what the continent would consider to be their nobles.

    The Provoke family maintained and protected the largest Oasis in Pareia; the remaining ten oasis were protected by the other noble families.

    Due to this, even as the family of the Glow, the relationship with these other families were very important.

    Across multiple generations, the Provoke family was able to maintain the position of Glow because they had the unwavering support of these noble families.

    However, if any generation’s Glow of the Provoke family did not perform to their standards, the position of Glow would be transferred to a different family. As such, they needed to treat them well.

    As Grace was officially the wife of the Young Glow, she accompanied Seina on her tour across the Oasis.

    The Glow was responsible for the outer tasks such as protecting the tribe and increasing their territory, while the internal affairs were taken care of by the Mother of Pareia and each of the noble families’ wives.

    During this visit, Seina will hear about the issues each individual oasis is facing, and after thinking through everything she heard, she would discuss with Glow Baguna before proposing a course of action.

    In order to learn that, as well as become familiar with each noble family’s faces, Grace pestered Seina until Seina agreed to let her come along.

    Even at each of the oasis, Grace’s popularity was astounding.

    Not only was she as beautiful as the former Mother of Pareia, Mairez, she had many other similarities to Mairez, such as listening to the concerns of others and empathizing with them. If there was to be a difference, Mairez was quiet and calm while strong, while Grace was active and full of energy.

    Seeing Grace find their itchy spot and scratch it for them, many of the nobles welcomed her with open arms.

    Grace Nellisi truly earned her position on her own, showing that she was able to adjust to Pareia perfectly, and she was living a life that was proudly showing her abilities to be the future Mother of Pareia.

    “I believe most of the issues have been resolved. I guess I will have some time for myself now.”

    “If you keep working that way, you may get hurt. There is no reason for you to decrease your sleep time as well. Lighten your load a little.”

    As Yulian brushed Grace’s red hair while sharing his concerns, Grace leaned into Yulian’s chest and let out a bright smile.

    “I am not tired. I am extremely happy, and there is significant reward to this work.”

    Yulian found Grace to be so loveable and hugged her tightly.

    “Then at least for my sake, please take care of yourself. For our next generation as well.”

    Yulian, who used to be so shy seemed to have matured a bit with that proclamation.

    As if she suddenly thought of something, Grace left Yulian’s embrace before speaking.

    “Now that I think about it, are you not planning to have any concubines?”

    “What the… what are you talking about?”

    Yulian responded in shock and Grace made an expression of confusion.

    “Why are you so surprised?”

    “It has not even been a year since I was married to you. Furthermore, I have no interest in that.”

    “I’m the one who should be asking what YOU are talking about. As a man, of course you must have concubines. Especially since you are the Young Glow.”

    Yulian didn’t know how to respond to Grace.

    “That is a problem for the future, not now. Even my father waited five years after marrying my mother before marrying mother Seina. From the sounds of it, if I had been born earlier, he may not have married Mother Seina.”

    “That is your father’s problem, and since he now has three sons, that is no longer a concern.”

    The male to female ratio in the desert was extremely skewed. This was why each tribe was proposing that warriors take many wives.

    Due to intense wars, the male-female ratio was at an extreme rate of 1 to 5, and since a tribe’s strength was determined by how many men were in the tribe, it was true that having many wives and many children directly impacted the strength of the tribe.

    “In terms of the excellent bloodline of the Glow, the more children you have, the more stable it becomes.”

    Grace was an amazing woman. Not anyone would be able to tell their husbands to have more children, even if it was with other women.

    “Let’s talk about that later. Later. Not yet. You can understand that much, right?”

    Grace decided that it may be better to take one step back and answered.

    “Yes, we will discuss this later. Oh, I have a favor to ask of you.”

    “What is it?”

    In order to change the conversation, Yulian quickly asked.

    “Please allow me to participate in Red Storm’s training.”


    “I’ve already told the warriors that once I became your wife, I will participate with them. Are you going to make me a liar?”

    “No means no. Even if it is you, Red Storm’s training is too difficult for a woman.”

    “I’ve already seen it and made my resolution.”

    “No. I will never allow it. Please listen to me this time.”

    Grace frowned and asked.

    “Are you going to make your wife a woman who tells lies? Me, the future Mother of Pareia?”

    Yulian was anxious. He could vaguely recall Grace saying something similar. However, to train together… the intensity of Red Storms’ training was getting stronger and stronger. At their current level, even veteran warriors may not be able to keep up. But to include his precious wife in the training? It was not something Yulian can allow.

    “You know that’s not it. As you mentioned, you are now an important person of Pareia. What if you get hurt? What if you end up in danger? And what if I am not able to focus and train properly because you are there?”

    “I told you I’ve made up my mind. I know the importance of my body more than anybody else. I will be careful. I will make sure I don’t cause you any burdens.”

    Yulian continued to dissuade her, but Grace, who was easygoing about everything else, was extremely stubborn about this.

    “Please do not see me as just a woman. At least in times like this, I wish you will treat me as a warrior. Won’t you be more relaxed when you leave the oasis knowing that I am strong?”


    “You can help me. You have that much ability.”

    Yulian ended up losing to Grace. Her puppy dog eyes and words were something any man would find difficult.

    “Sigh, fine...however, if you ever want to quit, just quit. Even if the Red Storm warriors are happy about your curiosity, they will be nervous if you participate in the training. You will admit that it will disrupt their training if they see you having a hard time?

    Grace nodded her head widely and started to hang onto Yulian’s arm.

    “Only for a while. Minimally, I want to create a friendly relationship with the warriors under your command. Truthfully speaking, the day you become the Glow, i will also not be able to do as I please because of the position of Mother of Pareia.”

    Listening to her, Yulian decided to pass on the martial arts and properly teach her the mental arts as well. No matter how angry his master may be, there was no way he could not like Grace. As such, Yulian thought that his master would forgive him.

    ‘Regarding this part, I need to inform Grace ahead of time. That way, even when my master returns, my neck will stay attached to my head.’

    That was the thought going through Yulian’s head.

    Grace did not go against her word. Starting the next day, she started to train together with the Red Storm warriors. Although Yulian was extremely nervous, Grace participated in the difficult training with a calm look on her face.

    However, the greatswords were of course too much for her, so she participated with her original weapon, the Sosoonta. Even so, the training was still extremely difficult.

    However, whether it was in the training ground or at home, Grace never said it was too hard.

    Of course her physique and strength was weak compared to the Red Storm warriors, but she had agility and perseverance, and was a woman who shared the same passion as the warriors.

    Even if she took longer to learn compared to other warriors, Grace dedicated herself to the training, even staying up all night if she had to do so to finish the daily training amount.

    This was why Grace Nellisi started to receive the nickname “Iron Princess” and the “Real Conqueror of the Desert.”

    Next up:

    The Monster’s Desert

    The second time. He was alone back then but now, powerful warriors were by his side.

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    The name of the anime is kaichou wa maid-sama.

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  • The name of the anime is kaichou wa maid-sama.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Is this chapter the first for this week or a fourth?
    First for this week
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