Dark Hall

can someone provide me with some answers!!
1. how did the dark hall master came to holly land of materialism?
2. how did he obtain that kind of Strength in holy land of martialism?
3. How did chu feng obtain the strength to fight dark hall?
4. I know that out of 3 places 2 become chu fengs enemy so do they join dark hall as well?
5. Does chu feng get any other inheritance of emperor Qing in holy land of martialism?
6. Why about the immortals of holy land of martialism, who's the number one strongest and who's side is he on? 
7. how does chu feng completely dominate the evil sword?
thank you very much 


  • 1. He entered a space rift (?) and fell to the HOLM.
    2. He has the same type of bloodline Chu Feng has.
    3. By being Chu Feng, talent, MC luck.
    4. Yes.
    5. He'll go back to the Eastern Sea Region.
    6. It's a Rank 10 Martial Emperor, I think, that barely appears. He's neutral.
    7. In the raws he hasn't.
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    7.in the raws i believe the evil sword once tried to posses him but was stop/sealed by his father
  • how is it possible to be rank 10 ME?
  • When does chu feng makes a comeback and how does he get powerful? 
  • how is it possible to be rank 10 ME?
    it'h rank 9, the guy are confuse
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