How do we strike back at Qi?

It's clear that Qi has no intention of playing aboveboard. It's time for our second wind. Now I'm not saying we should take this fight into the "sewer", but we at least need to have some kind of plan! Most of the translators here at WW have good relations with the authors. Why can't the translators get the rights to the english translations and avoid this nonsense with Qi completely? I don't really understand much legal jargon, so please correct any of my mistakes. But why can't WW become a publisher of the english translations that it has? If WW get's the english rights from the authors, then Qi has no claim whatsoever. If Qi has already gotten the rights to the english translations, then what are we actually doing here translating them, since they want to translate it themselves, I say delete all of it and make the bastards start from scratch. It seems very simple to me, either they have the rights or we do. If they have them and the authors want them back then they'll need to break their contract. Either way, they should still get the rights back, right? The most that could happen is a fine, right? (As with the subreddit, please explain the legal jargon like I'm 5.)


  • Wouldn't work. Qidian most likely have the world wide rights to the stories. That's why aren't had to negotiate with them rather than thr authors directly. The authors themselves are tied to qidian for a certain number of novels as well.

    as for the 'most' that can happen, depends on the contract. Please don't dismiss fines as being insignificant, they can ruin you. Which is the aim of them, they're not much of a deterrent if you can shrug them off. 

    Also, finally, the only retaliation that should come is a legal one; which is up to Ren. If you don't like qidian's actions don't visit their site. Simples
  • Actually Qindian has their own english novel site. And they did steal the child of light translations from this site
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