Thoughts On the MC

Does anyone here think that Lin Dong has not really faced a truly deadly situation (perhaps the only deadly one was his fight at the Tree saga with the 9 yuan martial artist). I mean he has so many tricks that he braze through most of his fights without being in mortal danger.

From my point of view even in the fight with Lin Langtian had no weight even if he was Lin Dongs mortal enemy. 

This kinda stuff breaks realism for me so i wanted to see if any of you had the same problem. 

I have read a few novels (ISSTH, Desolate Era, Coiling Dragon, TDG) but this is the first time the main character is so overpower that it makes me want to quit reading. 


  • Breaks the realism?   In a fantasy with demons/were-beast/demi-gods ect?  Where people fly about as a trail rainbow lights shoot out their asses?  I don't really care for arguments like these 'cause again in these types fantasy stories amazing luck, dues ex moments or what not is pretty much expected isn't it?  I mean even if the MC does die it's highly likely he'll return more powerful, angry and pissed off. 
  • Lin Langtian in my opinion was never his mortal enemy, he was an obstacle, if anything. Later on in the books he does have quite a few fatal fights with both Ancient Dark people and when he goes to the Beast Continent. 
  • "thoughts on mc"- would be that he is a dependent mc with no real strategies to his fights, just being lucky in every step of the way and never really dominating an enemy thoroughly. Also please don't compare ISSTH with this trash novel. maybe ATG..
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