Itr's Time, for WW tro deal with bad AD's or make site code changes to stop them

once again , i'm being hit by redirected yet again  this time it's to ( posted below ), now i this site needs them  to run and i don't like using anti-blocking here as i want WW/Ren to make money from ad's to help the site's but this is now getting to be a joke , i've posted and and added the hhtp , like i've done this time , but i'm saying here that this will be used against you if you don't really start dealing with it , as this could be used as a backdoor trick to get the site list black list by QI or others to have you listed on a black  list / warning list for av companies etc 
but due to the amount of times it's now happening in a a day/ week , you're leaving yourself open to this , also there's no way it should be happening this much , yes i work in it and deal with sites for my clients , but as i've just pointed out it's getting to the point it's past a joke 
i even asked last time for the site to pin a post so we could be linking the http's  into one thread but that hasn't happened 

i'll be honest if this keeps up i'll have to leave my blocking system on as this is problem can be easily fixed and dealt, yet it seems it's not being done and with your battle with QI etc this could be as i've noted used against you 
soon google will be adding a free blocker in to it's browsers , if they do others will follow , once this happens and the system not the amount of issues with WW , your going find it to late or a huge waste of time getting taken off black lists for sites passing malware , i know this as i deal with AVG as a full partner 
and have to deal with their new cloud care system and it's default policy would have blacklisted this site ages ago if i was the admin and also built my own systems firewall policy etc i can at least stop WW from being blocked due to my choice of rules etc , but others will not care and as i said your be listed as a possible site that puts out malware , so i ask please deal with this for once and all or your end up with one of google's red warning pages at some point soon

even if the answer it the need to change ad companies or changes to the frame holders using for the ad's  but you need to deal with it before it's to late and takes more time when you should be dealing with QI etc{click_url}&›Sš–šUÙTÕÔNSULS^[VLқVœU’–‘ қQšÕL•žYUžTÕÔNSZ”^’›[ÑÛÔS“Q^”‘V^SÝԕ]‘UL“ÐÌPԑTLÓU^Z‘‘‘QMS‘LÔ^VÖVž–[Qš˜^Œ×Ý\›LLLљ OL™ L™ ÏL™L‰™OL™L™ÏL™N™OSI™ L[›ÉLÐLLЛÚÉLÐLLЙ\œ‰LÐLÍIMÐØXØY[ZXK™YIMÐØZ\˜›˜‰MÐØ[X^›Û‹˜ÛÛIMÐؘ]K›™]MÐؚ]XÚÙ]MÐ؛ÙÙÙ\‰MÐØØ\˜›Û›XYIMÐÙ\Ü]\ÉMÐٛܛÞMÐÙYMÐÙ^YXIMÐ٘XÙX›ÛÚÉMÐٛXÚ܉MÐٛÝ\œÜ]X\™IMÐÙÚ]X‰MÐÙÛXZ[MÐÙÛÛÙÛWÜ\ÉMÐÚXÚÙ\›™]ÜÉMÐÚ[™YYMÐÚÚ[—ØXØY[^IMÐÛYY][IMÐÛYY]\MÐÜ^\[MÐÜ[\™\ÝMÐܙY]MÐÜÚÞ\IMÐÜÜÝYžIMÐÜÜ]X\™IMÐÜÝXÚÉMÐÜÝX[IMÐÝ[X›‰MÐÝÚ]\‰MÐݚÉMÐÞ[Ý]X™IMÐÍL šÚÙ\Œ“ZT×ÙL’™“ZT™МXÚْPNM“R‘NÖV‘ՔݖLÐQÝXސUšÑUPSÝMQٜ™Ñ^Z•RÌÝ]Z^ œšÚӘR‘ “U ÚÓM܌VQÎÛ šR“šR ×ՐRRVT•™[ÍÍL™[S\“‹ŒœTØݚ˜\UXÍMWÍÎWÝYÜVSÙYÝM]ÎLÕLUQ”Ú›V—ÒP܎YӚ Ø؝NžM ‘ZÙÍR ™ÎUYÜҚW͑šÓԙ™^ŽUR Rۘ]ڗۜ]TҞ\×ÚÛÌܖ–XތÑUÛÝ™Lœ]ZQœP˓ÖWÍR‘’ۜLVT]X˜V ’Ó×Û›•Ó۔[NQÝ žYÔÚ™UPS ŽÕÚVPÚSÔÌÓÎVPM×Ò\YÜÙLÜSVœÉL˜ÝILÑLLLÐILLL‘‰LLL‘˜ÛXÚݘXÚ˜X›X]X˘ÛÛILLL‘YÙ\™\‰LLL‘Y\Ü^U˜XÚÙ\”Ù\›]LLLјÛXÚÑ]ILLLÑ›ŒVZÛÔM‘[X̛ •[ÔMSQM›QšÔÕÔNSUMS•ÌR›]’œ[Uœ‘ қ”œÖ‘[ÔLž‘MS‘Í


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