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    If I may make a suggestion? I believe Yulian refers to him as Master, and yes you should keep it that way. But in addition to that, the townsfolk in the manhwa refer to him as teacher/Noya, because he isn't their master, but he is a respected teacher if that makes sense. So he's master to Yulian, but teacher/Noya to everyone else. I really enjoy the Noya term as the reference for CMH's venerable position, but if you don't decide to use it when others refer to him, I will gladly bite my tongue! lol
    I decided to reread the manhwa and noticed what you said to be true; I'll see how they refer to him when the speak to him and go from there! Unless it's drastically different, I may use Noya (but nothing has happened yet where they are talking to him and addressing him)
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    Book 1-1.6 Such a terrible disciple!

    It was difficult. However, he started to get used to his Master’s method of “If you do it, it’s possible.” And, staring at himself, he was proof that his master was not wrong.

    At first, he was saying that it was impossible. However, his master would quickly show him that it is possible. There was no way he could throw a fit.

    The scene of his master effortlessly swinging two greatswords at once... (TL: Where did the second greatsword come from?) Even now, just thinking about it is scary. Watching his master treating these two greatswords that were even taller than him effortlessly, without ever dropping them on the ground or sweating a single drop, it made it seem like he was playing around with two sticks.

    He could not even voice one complaint, and had to follow his master’s extreme - and in some sense stupid - training methods.

    Saying it was for him to learn, Yulian was beat up over and over.

    I’m the Young Glow. I had never even been hit by my father, the current Glow. Truthfully, the Desert Warriors do not hit those who will become warriors. This is because it becomes an insult that cannot be paid back. Increasing a warrior’s pride is best done by showing how it’s done, not by beating them up.

    This was why at first, Yulian rebelled. Anybody else in the same situation would have done the same.

    What returned was…an even worse beating.

    This is what my master said.

    • If you successfully perform what you are taught, I will not hit you.

    Let’s be honest. Honestly, I worked hard to avoid being hit, rather than to become a warrior. Frankly, Master had a lot of unreasonable demands.

    I don’t want to write. I feel like vomiting. It’s terrible. I don’t want to be reminded of these terrible memories when I read this in the future. I write in this diary to look back on my life and fond memories, not to be reminded of the pain.

    In the future, when I become a great Glow, I will let the warriors know.

    Crawling from one oasis to another would be a much easier training method. I will make sure to let them know.

    As someone who successfully completed this hellish training, I will have the qualifications to tell them that.

    Look. Where else would you find a Desert Warrior who can take a greatsword weighing fifty kilograms and swing it freely with … not two hands but just one hand?

    I don’t want to admit it, but the Desert’s best warrior, our Pareia tribe’s enemy, Shuarei tribe’s bloodied hand, Venersis, probably can’t handle it like this.

    I wanted to be comforted and to be praised. I wanted my praiseworthy father, the Glow of Pareia, to do so.

    But here’s a toast to my current poor situation where I won’t be getting what I want. Somehow, my father became an avid follower of my Master. Warriors respect other warriors, and in some aspects, Master is the ultimate warrior. Claiming it’s not enough… rather, believing Master’s words without a doubt that I am lacking in disposition, all he’s been doing is blaming me...

    My poor self.

    I can only hope that the day I can sufficiently handle both of these greatswords comes…

    ‘Comes soon’ is what Yulian was planning to write, but it seems Yulian was so tired he just fell asleep.

    “It’s because you haven’t trained enough.”

    It was pure coincidence that Chun Myung Hoon saw Yulian’s diary. He was drunk in the splendor of the glowing three moons and decided to ride a Pirma across the desert with Yulian. That’s why he had entered Yulian’s Paoe, but ended up finding his disciple passed out at the desk.

    At first, he had planned to simply put a leather blanket over Yulian. It can be called a coincidence that he happened to see the diary while putting the blanket over him.

    Chun Myung Hoon’s mood was significantly dampened after reading the diary. How hard had he worked to teach this disciple? He put in so much effort to teach this talentless disciple as much as possible.

    Yet, Yulian was unable to meet his expectations at all.

    He needed to tell him the scripture at least three times and show him the proper form at least ten times before this slow disciple remembered the tiniest bit. But how hard had he tried, expanding the limits of his patience for his one and only disciple?

    Regardless of all of his effort, rather than being thankful for what he’s done, all Yulian has been writing about are complaints?

    He’s been writing like he’s a poor disciple who has met a terrible master!

    ‘If I knew it would be like this, I would have taken Pere as my disciple instead…”

    Chun Myung Hoon was regretting his decision. Pere was Yulian’s younger brother, and Chun Myung Hoon thought Pere had a great aptitude to become a martial artist. He was born with a significant aura. Had he taught someone like that, he would have enjoyed being a teacher.

    Even so, he had been holding in his temper to teach Yulian, only to be stabbed in the back by his own disciple. In this aspect, he was envious of his brother in law, Yoo Hwa Myung. His disciple was slow but that boy showed complete dedication to practicing martial arts. He was envious of his brother-in-law’s super-wide smile regarding his disciple.


    Chun Myung Hoon let out a big sigh before coming out of the Paoe.

    There were many thoughts running through his head. There was no message from Miruk, the Goddess who sent him to this world. Even after countless prayers, he had not received a single response.

    Staring at the three moons floating in the night sky, Chun Myung Hoon slowly fell asleep.

    Chun Myung Hoon was someone who did not understand any of the things normal people considered to be impossible. This was why he thought Yulian was slow, even when Yulian’s talent and potential were actually very high.

    Chun Myung Hoon was used to being the best. His title as “Invincible,” in a realm filled to the brim with advanced martial artists proved that to be the case.

    In addition, he was a member of the church who served Miruk, the goddess of fire. He did not face much adversary getting the title of “Invincible.” When he read something once, he remembered all of it, as if his mind was a library. He could follow anything he had seen once down to the tiniest of details. As time went on, he could even determine his opponent’s thoughts.

    It was because he was so talented that he received the title of being one of the “World’s Five Best Masters” by age 30, and he could have become the “World’s Greatest” even before he became 40.

    When he came over to his world, he did not get any stupider. Within a few days, he learned how to read and write the language of the Desert Tribes. All he had to do was learn the basic alphabet, and then memorize a couple books completely.

    He had incorrectly considered his genius nature to be the norm, and as he had never taught anybody before, it made him think more and more that Yulian was slow.

    If he had taught a person with average talent before, he would have quickly learned that Yulian’s talent level was actually pretty high. Sadly, Yulian was his first disciple. He was too lazy to teach others.

    He could never imagine in a hundred years that only he would nag his disciple like this for not meeting his expectation.

    ‘Why was I sent to this world?’

    Chun Myung Hoon’s thoughts caught its tail. (TL: Basically, he had no answer for his thought)

    He suffered tremendously after arriving in this world, but he liked this place. The people of the tribe were innocent and passionate and lived proudly.

    That is how he was able to accept their culture in such a short amount of time. He felt their culture fit his personality well and he himself thought he was suited for this lifestyle.

    Nonetheless, he was still unable to determine the reason he ended up in this world.

    He was not someone who had lived a normal life. The Heavens are fair. Although they gave him a genius brain, they also gave him the devliish blood of the Chun Family. Chun Myung Hoon had to work with all his might to prevent the blood from taking over.

    To block the effect of the devil, to defeat the devil in his blood, he had dedicated his life to the goddess Miruk and the church since he was ten years old. Many people had sacrificed to help him persevere. As the final devil was about to open its eyes and he was thankful that his life was about to end, he had ended up in this world by the command of the goddess.

    ‘Why did I end up in this world?’

    It had already been two years since he arrived here, but he still had not determined what his mission was.

    He stared back at Yulian’s Paoe and mumbled to himself

    “She couldn’t have sent me here to teach that slow punk.”

    Just as he said that, Chun Myung Hoon felt chills on his body.


    He asked, looking at the sky.

    He was no longer sleepy after feeling the chills and it dampened his mood. He had not felt like this in the last few years.

    Were we just imagining the deathly aura coming from his feet as he headed to the training grounds?


    A rather melodious hitting sound was coming from the training grounds.

    “Ow! Master, this time, why are you hitting me?”

    “Do you really not know why?”

    “If I knew, would I be asking?”

    Chun Myung Hoon’s so called “Fist of Love” landed in Yulian’s stomach in broad daylight before even rats or birds noticed. (TL: There is a Korean saying that states what happens in the daytime is seen by the birds, and what happens at night is seen by the rats. So this basically means it was so fast nothing could see it).


    A hitting noise, much longer than the one heard previously was resonating from the training ground.

    “This one was for not knowing why.”

    “Master, this is unfai…..”


    “No, nevermind. I understand. This disciple was in the wrong.”

    There is no business in punishment. As Yulian quickly adjusted his words, this time, Chun Myung Hoon asked the question.

    “About what?”


    “You said you knew what you did wrong and why you were getting hit. So I’m asking you, what did you do wrong?”

    “Well, you see…”


    He threw his fist so fast that what’s supposed to be a POW combined itself to come out as POPOOOW.

    Yulian curled his whole body forward as he urgently yelled out.

    “No matter what it is, this disciple was in the wrong! How could I argue with my Master! No matter what it is, this disciple was in the wrong!”

    “I guess you finally learned a little bit.”

    “Of course. How dare a disciple try to talk back to his Master. I think this disciple’s head was a bit loose.”

    “That is why I hit you. Next time, just get hit and think about it later.”


    Yulian was grumbling inside but he was unable to express his disdain. Like a main character in a cartoon who could not call his dad, dad or his older brother, older brother, although he was feeling wronged on the inside, he could only smile on the outside.

    Chun Myung Hoon smiled, as if he knew exactly on Yulian’s mind and opened his right index finger before speaking.

    “Since it looks like you’ve been studying pretty well, today, let’s do some sparring using my index finger.”


  • thanks for the chapter, i seriously loved the thoughts of Noya as well as somewhat his disappointment of Yulians thoughts about his training... tbh i would love to learn more about his past and the way he grew up and the like as it would have probably been somewhat interesting to see his starting line as well as the difficulties of his bloodline being awakened. once again thanks for the hard work!
  • thanks for the chapter, i seriously loved the thoughts of Noya as well as somewhat his disappointment of Yulians thoughts about his training... tbh i would love to learn more about his past and the way he grew up and the like as it would have probably been somewhat interesting to see his starting line as well as the difficulties of his bloodline being awakened. once again thanks for the hard work!
    His bloodline aspect does sound interesting. Not mentioned at all in the manhwa. Hope we find out more!
  • It's Thursday! New translating week, new chapter! P.S. This is the 7th subchapter for Book 1, Chapter 1. The way I divided it, we should have 14 subchapters in Book 1, chapter 1. Half way there!

    Book 1-1.7 Why are you smiling?

    Yulian was terrified.

    He remembered the first time his master mentioned sparring.

    • I will only use my left foot. Let’s try to spar once.

    At that time, Yulian was wondering what kind of sparring can be done like that. Of course, it did not take long for him to realize the truth. Could he have even imagined that?

    Chun Myung Hoon used a movement method called “Major Pain” (TL: Okay, so it could have been translated to Officer Whining or something of the sort but Major Pain sounded better to me) and used only his left foot to fly around and turn Yulian into a flat pancake.

    It took him two years to make his master use both of his feet and another two years before he could make his master use one finger (TL: 4 years?! When the heck did 4 years go by?)

    Every time they sparred, Yulian trembled in fear. In contrast to the normal beatings, Chun Myung Hoon never went easy during sparring. Yulian would feel lucky even if he fainted, as long as he didn’t have any long-term repercussions.

    It felt like his master had attached some type of metal club to his foot and finger. Even if he thought it was a light hit or it barely scratched him, it would end up making him injured to the point he would have to stay in bed for a couple days.

    In reality, it was probably only that much because his master hated to see him injured and lying in bed. (TL: Oh he’s such a caring master! Oh wait, he probably just wants to keep beating him up).

    “Why...all of a sudden? This disciple does not have the skills, nor is he prepared…”

    “Does a warrior only fight when they want to? If they aren’t prepared, do they not fight?”

    “Of course that’s not the case, but…”

    “Enough talking. Just bring it. Your master will teach you with deep sincerity.”

    ‘I would be fine if you just half-assed it…’

    Yulian was screaming inside while tightly holding onto his greatsword. He could not think about getting hit by his Master. If he did, then he would definitely end up as rice (TL: End up as his meal, cannon-fodder, etc). He knew he had to at least swing his sword while getting hit for his master to hit him at least one hit less. His survival instinct, forged from years of experience, prepared him for what was to come.


    You couldn’t tell whether Yulian was hyping himself up or screaming in terror as Yulian rushed towards Chun Myung Hoon.

    ‘He wants to treat me as a bad guy? Let him experience death.’

    Even in his dreams, Yulian would have never guessed that Chun Myung Hoon had read his diary.

    Under the hot desert sun, a continuous scream filled the desert.

    Pareia’s Glow. Baguna Provoke, known as “Baguna the Wise” had been pretty happy lately.

    He would be even happier if they did not have such violent battles with their bitter enemies, the Shuarei tribe, but that’s been going on forever so he could push it to the back of his mind.

    The reason Baguna was so happy was because of his oldest son. He had been extremely worried about his oldest son. After his first wife, Mairez, the Mother of Pareia and the birth mother of his oldest son died, Yulian had changed significantly. (TL: The raws have her name as Mairez, the wiki has it as Meina. Just so I don’t get confused when I see Mairez in the future, I will keep it how the raw has it).

    He did not show any of the youthfulness that normal ten year olds would show, and he was very cautious of everyone, almost to the point where he could be considered creepy.

    Rather than hanging out with his peers, he was seen reading and talking to retired warriors about lessons for war and life.

    Of course, that type of thing was also necessary knowledge to be the Glow, and could end up being beneficial in the future. But he did not want to see a ten year old doing that.

    By the time the people of the tribe started to gossip about how something didn’t seem right with the next generation’s Glow, it was hard to call Yulian a child.

    He could steer a Pirma as if he was moving his own finger, and on his waist, rather than a practice Shamshir, he had a durable and sharp Shamshir that warriors used.

    Baguna was worried. His oldest son, who was supposed to grow up magnificently and become the next Glow could not grow up in such an abnormal way. Even the Glow needed someone to share his pain (talking about a friend), and a lover who they could be honest with.

    As time passed, Pareia may be able to have a powerful Glow, but, at the same time, they had to accept that they would have a lonewolf Glow with no people skills.

    It was so bad that Baguna had even thought about forcing Yulian to go study abroad.

    ‘It’s all thanks to this old man. It’s because of him that Yulian has returned to normal.’

    Baguna could not hold back his smile as he watched Chun Myung Hoon with Yulian. In his mind, he was thinking:

    ‘This outsider, this guest, has started to change Yulian. Nobody knew his methods or his reason for accepting to do so. However, Yulian revered him as his master and Baguna had treated him well only because he was a guest.’

    As time passed, a smile returned on Yulian’s face. Even his personality changed to that of an optimist.

    One day, Baguna asked Yulian the reason.

    “Did something good happen?”

    “No, father.”

    “Then why is there a smile on your face?”


    Yulian could not answer truthfully. How could he say that he was smiling because his Master hit him more when he was frowning? How could he say that to his father?

    A brilliant idea came to him while he was debating how to answer his father.

    ‘Now that I think about it, there is no reason for me to not be smiling. Once I complete my coming-of-age ceremony and become a warrior, wouldn’t I be stronger than all the other warriors? Yulian, Yulian, your mind has been clouded, hasn’t it. You have such a great master but all you’ve done is complain and whine, and try to be lazy.’

    Yulian quickly responded to Baguna.

    “I know that one day, I will only have happy days where I will always be smiling. So I am starting early, practicing my smiles for that time.”

  • Hahaha I love the reason for yulian smiling, it's gold. TBH I was also surprised that the author didn't even make a small mention in passing that time moved on and that yulian and noya continued their training but I guess he likely forgot...

    thanks for the chapter!!
  • I'm enjoying the manga, and heard there was a light novel version. Thank you so much for taking your time to translate this for us, but you should know there's a website out there stealing your work.
  • I'm enjoying the manga, and heard there was a light novel version. Thank you so much for taking your time to translate this for us, but you should know there's a website out there stealing your work.
    What website?
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    Thank you for the chapter, I have enjoyed it thoroughly!
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    Thank you all for your support!
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    I'm enjoying the manga, and heard there was a light novel version. Thank you so much for taking your time to translate this for us, but you should know there's a website out there stealing your work.
    What website?
    I think he means this one: link removed
  • @HunterWithin please remove that link, as you don't want to be giving the thieves the views. Translation theft is an ongoing issue that has been seen in the community and the only way to minimise the damage done by them is to prevent giving them views by providing links like you did for people to check out the website.
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  • Truly Great Job! B)
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    Truly Great Job! B)
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  • thanks for the chapter, i seriously loved the thoughts of Noya as well as somewhat his disappointment of Yulians thoughts about his training... tbh i would love to learn more about his past and the way he grew up and the like as it would have probably been somewhat interesting to see his starting line as well as the difficulties of his bloodline being awakened. once again thanks for the hard work!
    His bloodline aspect does sound interesting. Not mentioned at all in the manhwa. Hope we find out more!
    this chapter was indeed very rich. i think this bloodline thing will help us understand the tribulations yulian is being through right now in the manwha! the idea of Noya having a brother in law is a must! i laught quite a bit
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    I'd like to thank you, miraclefire, for completing the first half of the book1, chapter1.
    you are doing a terrific job, your translations are much more pleasing to read than the average machine translation we're used too.
    i'm eager to see what's happening next! the characters are deeper, with a few lines we already have a much better undertanding about pere!

    congrats once again! 
  • Book 1-1.8 Path of becoming a Glow

    A smile automatically appeared on Baguna’s face thinking about that time. He was extremely proud of his son.

    “Why are you suddenly smiling while playing Yulta (a board game played by the desert tribes, similar to chess with 20 horses)?”

    Chun Myung Hoon was confused as Baguna suddenly started smiling while playing Yulta.

    “I am smiling because I am extremely happy that my son is being taught by such a great master.”

    Chun Myung Hoon didn’t act modest and responded as if it was natural.

    “I’m trying my best but I am just a bit disappointed that he is so slow. If he was a little smarter or had a bit more potential, I’m sure we would have already started to see some results.Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.”

    Even though he was clicking his tongue and making fun of his son, rather than frowning, Baguna agreed with Chun Myung Hoon.

    “I must apologize. I thought he was actually pretty smart, but didn’t know he was such a slow kid.”

    “Well, it’ll work out if I give him a little more attention and put in some more effort. Glow, you have nothing to worry about.”

    As Chun Myung Hoon said that while leisurely capturing one of his horses, Baguna responded back, taking the horse Chun Myung Hoon used to capture his piece.

    “All I can do is have faith. I’m sure you will do whatever you need to do.”

    The two of their hand movements became faster.


    Baguna blurted out loud, as if he was surprised at Chun Myung Hoon’s move. Before he knew it, Chun Myung Hoon’s horse was aiming at his Glow horse (King piece).

    “I was the one who taught you the game, but you’ve won every game from the start. How are you so good at this game?”

    As Baguna shook his head while admitting defeat, Chun Myung Hoon laughed as he responded:

    “The goal of Yulta is to catch the opponents Glow Horse to end the game. That means all the other horses just have to move with that goal in mind. Do you even need a strategy?”

    Listening to Chun Myung Hoon respond as if he was asking a dumb question, Baguna had an awkward smile on his face as he asked further:

    “I’m asking how you have to move the pieces.”

    Chun Myung Hoon could not understand. Compared to Badook that he enjoyed played in China, Yulta was extremely simple.

    It was at this point that Yulian entered the Paoe. As if he came up with an idea, Chun Myung Hoon called Yulian over to sit.

    “Come sit over here.”

    Hearing Chun Myung Hoon’s instruction, Yulian quickly came and sat down next to Baguna. Chun Myung Hoon started back and forth between Yulian and Baguna, then started to speak.

    “You didn’t understand my explanation, right? Thinking about it, I thought it would be good for Yulian to hear as well. That’s why I had him sit down.”

    Not knowing what was going on, Yulian looked back and forth at his father and his master. Baguna quickly whispered in Yulian’s ear:

    “He plays Yulta so well that I asked him what the secret it.”

    As Yulian nodded his head, Chun Myung Hoon started to move the pieces back to their starting positions.

    “Yulta is just a game. There are no lives at stake, so it’s easy to move your horses. Even if I only had my Glow Horse left, as long as I catch the opponent’s Glow Horse, doesn’t that mean I win?”

    The father and son duo both nodded their heads.

    “Then what kind of strategy needs to be there? Even if it is at the cost of all of my horses, all I have to do is catch the opponent’s Glow. I don’t want to sacrifice this warrior horse. If I do this, my horse will die. There’s no reason to think like that. What is important is knowing that my movement increases my chances of catching the opponent’s Glow.”

    Chun Myung Hoon thought for a bit before continuing.

    “Even more, people make mistakes and there can be a difference in level, but in Yulta, even the pawn can eat up the opponent’s best warrior given the right circumstances. Right?”

    “Yes, that is true.”

    Baguna responded as Chun Myung Hoon continued.

    “Don’t put real life strategy into Yulta. In real life, the method I described would be one only done by an evil dictator. In games, it’s fine for the Glow to be the only one left standing. In real life… I don’t think that’ll be good…”

    Yulian and Baguna were carefully considering Chun Myung Hoon’s words. They did not expect him to compare Yulta to real life.

    Yulian asked:

    “Is there a way to protect your horses while still winning?”

    Chun Myung Hoon answered, as if he was waiting for that question.

    His disciple is someone who will rule over thousands of Pareian tribe members.

    He was in a similar situation as the head of hundreds of believers. He wanted to use this opportunity to how scary that responsibility could be.

    “In Yulta, it is impossible. However, in real life, it is possible.”

    Yulian kneeled on his knees and respectfully responded.

    “I will keep your lesson in mind.”

    Listening to Yulian’s response, Baguna also changed his laid-back posture. As you could tell by his title of “Baguna the Wise,” Baguna was smart and truly cared for his people. If there was something he could learn from this knowledgeable outsider guest, he would have no problem kneeling like Yulian.

    “In Yulta, once the Glow dies, everything ends. However, in the real world, even if the Glow dies, it is not the end. Rather, it could even be considered a new beginning. What do you think a Glow is?”

    “The light of the tribe.”

    “How do you plan to shine your light?”

    “I plan to do everything to put my people first.”

    “That is wrong.”

    Chun Myung Hoon quickly shot down Yulian’s answer and responded.

    “Didn’t I tell you before that a Glow who does not cherish himself cannot cherish his people?”


    As Yulian was struggling, Chun Myung Hoon looked over to Baguna.

    Baguna had also thought things through carefully before answering.

    “I would rule myself and rule my people.”

    “As expected, a beautiful answer.”

    Seeing Chun Myung Hoon smile at his father’s answer, Yulian asked:

    “Master, what does a Glow mean to you?”

    “For me, a Glow, King, the head of a tribe, they are all the same. In their existence, they are able to maintain the balance. They stand firm and endure without faltering.”

    “Does that shine light?”

    “You’re looking at it like it is easy. To maintain balance by existing, is a heavy and difficult thing to do.”

    Chun Myung Hoon reflected back on his past.

    Although he was talking like that, in the past, he was someone who was having difficulties in a battle against himself. Wasn’t that why he gave his life to Miruk?

    Maybe he was regretting that decision. There was a sudden passion in his voice.

    “In every tribe, if there are good people, there will be bad people. If there are hasty people, there will be calm people. If there are smart people, there will be dumb people.”

    Baguna nodded his head as if he understood the moral of Chun Myung Hoon’s lesson. As Yulian tilted his head in confusion, Chun Myung Hoon asked a question.

    “Imagine there is a good person and a bad person in front of you. Both of them are great warriors. Which one would you bring with you to battle?”

    “Of course the good person.”

    Chun Myung Hoon shook his head at Yulian’s quick and definite answer.

    “Wrong. You must bring both of them. I will ask another question. You have a smart person and a dumb person. You have a problem and need to ask someone for help. Who do you ask for help?”

    “Of course the smart person.”


    Chun Myung Hoon had flicked a Yulta piece and struck Yulian on the forehead.


    Yulian quickly yelled and rubbed his forehead with his hand.

    “You really need to think before answering. Is your master the type of person who would ask such simple questions? Furthermore, how could you make such definite decisions so quickly? How could you maintain balance like that?!”

    Yulian could sense a light bulb go off in his head from Chun Myung Hoon’s words.


    After thinking for a long while, Yulian finally figured it out. Chun Myung Hoon was pleased and asked:

    “Did you figure it out?”

    “Yes, master.”

    “I’m glad. I was worried because you are a little slow, but you should at least recognize the weight of your future responsibilities.”


    As Yulian tried to complain about being called slow (dumb), Chun Myung Hoon looked at Baguna, smiled, and spoke again to Yulian.

    “There are many different paths to being a King. As you mentioned, there are the kings who think about their people first. At the same time, there are the kings who rule themselves and rule their people. And there is the type I described, the ones who can maintain the balance. In the world, if there is black, there is white, when there is cold, there is hot. Everything in the world has two sides, how can you shine the light without taking care of the darkness?”

    Chun Myung Hoon briefly stopped speaking before slowly continuing.

    “This is the type of Glow I am thinking about.”

    Chun Myung Hoon’s words deeply affected Yulian. He had been bestowed great wisdom.

    Yulian bent over while still on his knees and kowtowed to thank his master for the lesson.

    ‘This is the path I must take. To maintain balance by existing. I will definitely become that type of person.’

    Yulian had taken one step towards the path of becoming a Glow.

    Translator’s note:

    With this chapter, we have finished the first section labeled “The Old Man.”

    Next up:

    The coming of age ceremony.

    I felt the blessings of the gods enter my body.

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    i also find the life lesson given to yulian quite interesting and wondering how the author would expand further into making yulian a great glow/king

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    A short informational chapter about the desert.

    Book 1-2.1 The Crimson Desert

    The Crimson Desert that divides the large continent in half. The people of the continent were divided to the Eastern and Western continent by this Crimson Desert. They weren’t very different, but this desert was large enough to make a decent border.

    There are many unique characteristics to this Crimson Desert.

    First of all, the name Crimson Desert comes from the fact that the sands are red in color but also because there is blood always being shed here.

    There are a total of twelve different tribes in the Crimson Desert.

    The land where during the day there is a blistering heat, and at night, the icy coldness could even freeze your soul. Half of the desert is made of quicksand, so it was difficult for people who did not know the way to even move freely (TL: it says Drift of Sand in the raws, but it’s quicksand. So it’ll be quicksand. What the heck is drift of sand?). With a single miscalculation, the sand would be where their souls will be buried in a moment’s notice.

    And of course, water was important. In the desert, there are approximately two hundred oasis that have not dried up for a long time, and will not dry up. There are also approximately two hundred oasis which dry up and then refill itself in a cycle. Finally, there are approximately one hundred oasis which appear and then disappear.

    Just hearing those numbers, you might be thinking that there are a lot of oasis. But for a desert this large, that amount of oasis would be considered on the lower end.

    The level of strength for each desert tribe is based around how many never-drying oasis they had control over. That is why all of the desert tribes are always fighting. They are trying to increase the number of Oasis that their tribe controls.

    Truthfully, even though the number of oasis are low, there was plenty of water. In fact, there was enough water that even if the population of the desert increased by three hundred percent, there would still be enough.

    Sadly, people don't know what satisfaction means and they are animals who live in fear. Since water meant survival, they could only relax when they had more water. The tribes always fought, worried that if they lost their Oasis, they could die or end up as slaves for an enemy tribe. Living in this type of environment was the reason the majority of the men in the desert were growing up to become rough and violent Warriors.

    Although all of the desert tribes originated from the same ancestor, this actually led some tribe to become bitter enemies.

    The tribes who have the most violent wars and have been fighting the longest are Yulian's

    Pareia tribe and the Shuarei tribe.

    As the saying goes, the two tribes would get fussy about not being able to eat the other tribe (TL: Not literally cannibalism, just a figure of speech). Because each of the tribes had these types of issues, it became known as the Crimson Desert for the continuous bloodshed.

    In addition, regardless of all the other things, the reason the strong nations in the East and the West could not just leave the desert alone was because of a resource that existed in the desert.

    This resource was known as the ‘Black Water,’ or ‘Burning Water.’

    This was the reason Yulian’s pride was hurt significantly.

    The interference of the great powers.

    Not only the Pareia tribe, even the Rivolde tribe, the largest tribe who owned seventeen Oasis, could not avoid it.

    If all of the desert tribes united together, it could become the scariest country on the continent, but the tribes were currently split in so many ways.

    The desert is a scary place, but if you put your mind to it, it was still a place that could be invaded. That was why all of the desert tribes paid tributes to the strong nations; in the East, these were the Inama Kingdom and the Puria Kingdom, and in the West it was the Silence Empire and the Rojini Kingdom.

    The Rojini kingdom does not have a border against the desert, but because they were a strong kingdom located right next to the Silence Empire, it could be said to be a strategic alliance.

    Of those, Pareia has been paying tribute to the Silence Empire. On the surface, it looked like they had a favorable trading partnership, but compared to the amount of work that went into harvesting and storing the burning water, they were getting the short end of the stick, receiving pennies in comparison. This made it obvious it was a tribute and not a trade.

    When you consider the violent nature of these tribes, the fact that they would sit still for this type of plot was weird, but putting the danger of invasion second, they could not say no because the payment they were receiving for the burning water was iron.

    If their tribe was the only one to reject the trade, it was guaranteed to create a difference in the number of weapons they possessed compared to the other tribes.

    In war, the warriors were important, but the right weapons for the warriors were just as important.

    Weapons are used up each and every battle. If two warriors have the same level of skill, a warrior holding a wooden shield will be pushed around by a warrior with a steel shield. With the current situation in the desert where each tribe is itching to eat up the other, iron was more important than gold.

    This was why the desert tribes ended up in the situation where they were being forced to listen to the outrageous demands of the strong nations of the continent.

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    Book 1-2.2 The Fatty’s Demands

    Janet Le Borrea, the highest ranking diplomat in the Silence Empire, has enough fat to be considered chubby. On his face, the blackheads were plenty, as if it was a path of stars in the night sky.

    His hair did not match his large face; his hair was parted down the middle and both ends of his hair were beautifully wavy (TL: This is not at all what the manhwa Janet looks like).

    On first glance, he looked like an arrogant fatty who did not fit the position of a diplomat. However, his abilities in diplomatic negotiations were skilled and sophisticated. He would never raise his voice, and he would also never throw a fit relying on his position. He was deserving to be called a diplomat of an Empire.

    The fact that he showed up in person was a gesture to show that Pareia was important to the empire. Because of this gesture, Pareia could not help but make a lot of concessions.

    Yulian did not like Janet, but could not help but be impressed at his plotting abilities. If Janet did not continue to make such extreme demands, he may have even had a little bit of respect for Janet.

    This fatso diplomat has been enjoying the negotiations since he arrived a week ago, receiving the full hospitality that Pareia had to offer.

    In any case, the empire was holding the hilt of the sword, and even in the worst case scenario, he would just go back empty-handed. Although they were uncivilized barbarians, they had a tradition of honoring their guests; they would always return the envoys and guests safely.

    Of course, even with that being the case, a veteran diplomat like himself had no plans whatsoever of creating that type of worst case scenario.

    ‘As long as we can take away as much as we can. Your lives would have been better if you became a principality of our empire.’

    Janet smirked, thinking about the Pareia tribe elders, whose pride was very high. Many strong kingdoms were coveting the desert, but none of the twelve desert tribes had bowed their head to one of the continent’s kingdoms. Their unique level of pride was beyond anybody’s imagination. Even though the circumstances of the desert pretty much forced them to send tributes to the kingdoms, it did not change.

    “That’s not possible. We need too many warriors to dig up and transport the burning water.”

    When Glow Baguna answered with a resolute voice, Janet gently laughed and responded.

    “We’re not just asking you to increase the amount. Didn’t I say that we will also increase iron, the amount of iron?”

    “We are already sending you burning water three times a month without stopping. We have over a thousand of our tribe’s warriors working to make that happen. We cannot increase that number anymore.”

    Seeing that Glow Baguna’s response was firm even with his persuasion, Janet let out a small sigh and answered.

    “Huuu, I want to slightly teach Pareia’s Glow about the current situation of the Western Continent. Would that be okay?”

    “Speak. I am very curious about the situation of the Western Continent.”

    With Glow Baguna’s approval, Janet started to open his mouth as if his lips were coated with oil (TL: Pretty much talk nonstop).

    “The Western Continent is currently very unstable. This is because the Rojini Kingdom, which has been trying to defeat our Silence Empire, has started their revolt. They’ve grown a little bit lately and think it is enough to taunt us. What I am trying to say is that with this as the starting point, we may have another continental war in the near future.”

    Listening to Janet’s story, Glow Baguna removed his waist from the backrest and leaned in close to ask.

    “Is that the truth?”

    “Of course. How would I lie to the Glow of Pareia?”

    Glow Baguna took a peek at Yulian hearing Janet’s earnest answer. As Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony was near, he brought his son to the meeting to gain experience. He also wanted his son to become stimulated by foreign diplomacy. This was because young children tended to grow more if they were stimulated over and over.

    When Yulian saw his father looking at him, he lightly shook his head.

    Of course, Baguna did not believe the words of the envoy either. What kind of foreign diplomat would share that type of first-level information? But maybe it was because of Janet’s diplomatic skills, but the way he spoke was excellent.

    Janet quietly said again.

    “I know you probably don’t believe me, but you must think about Pareia and believe my words. Currently, any kingdom which has the chance of showing their strength in the southern continent is preparing for war. You know what goes into war preparation, right? What I am trying to tell you is that they are all collecting iron.”

    “But didn’t you say that the Silence Empire will send us more iron in return?”

    Janet hit his left palm with his right fist, as if saying, that’s it!

    “The fact that we are willing to send more iron shows you just how much the emperor of the Silence empire considers Pareia. Truthfully, the crown prince was planning on attending this meeting as well, but he has been focused on training with the Guardian Knights in preparation for war. As such, I had to come alone.”

    “Even if that is the case, more is not possible.”

    “Please don’t decide that way, Glow. If, hypothetically, a war broke out on the Western Continent and we were unable to provide iron to the Western tribes, it will probably weaken your stance with the tribes who have a connection with the Eastern continent. What would happen with the Shuarei tribe if that happened?


    Glow Baguna let out a short groan at Janet’s words. Janet’s words were not wrong. That was Pareia’s, no that was weakness for all tribes, regardless of east or west.

    In Pareia’s case, if they could not get enough iron, they would be pushed back by the Shuarei tribe in the East.

    Janet had reminded him of this weakness.

    “I will think about it.”

    “We are not trying to force a decision. It is just that we need a lot of burning water to prepare for war. That is why we are urgently asking for this. It’s a war that our Silence Empire will end up winning anyways. Later, once everything has been settled, how could our Silence Empire forget about Pareia’s contributions?”

    Janet was proficiently saying things to save Pareia’s face using diplomatic plots to make Glow Baguna’s decision easier.

    “Hmm…, I said I’ll think about it, did I not?”

    Janet smiled in his mind listening to the lackluster response from Glow Baguna, knowing that he had succeeded.”

    “I look forward to the will of the wisest Glow.”

    “Then rest peacefully.”

    Glow Baguna walked out of the Paoe without looking back, as if his mood was ruined.

    Yulian followed his father and asked.

    “What do you plan to do?”

    “Our only option is to send a little more warriors.”

    “How many more warriors are you planning on sending?”

    “To meet the conditions of their demand, we will need to send at least five hundred more.”

    Yulian fervently shook his head at Glow Baguna’s answer and yelled.

    “To get another five hundred, the only place we can pull warriors from are in the suburbs. If we really removed five hundred, it will be difficult to protect the hunting ground and the Monster Field.”

    “It will be even harder to defend without iron.”

    Glow Baguna pushed his temples with both of his hands and responded in a weak voice. His head was hurting.

    Looking at his father’s words and actions, Yulian thought this was what you would call you throw an arrow at the prey that’s attached to a Pirma’s tail first (take care of the fire that’s on your heels first). (TL: take care of urgent business first)

    ‘If the desert tribes did not fight with each other like this, how could we stand for such plotting and persecution?’

    Yulian believed that the tribes were being robbed by the strong nations of the contient because the desert tribes were fighting with each other.

    ‘If all of the desert was united under one tribe, we would not be weaker than any of the strong kingdoms. In fact, they would probably have to be giving US tributes. Because the desert warriors are the best.’

    Yulian had a new determination in his mind.

    ‘I must unite the desert. By uniting all of the desert tribes, rather than continuing to live like this, we can make a showing to the continent and work to live a much more abundant life.’

    Yulian’s path was determined. It had grown bigger from just following the law of the desert and conquering the Shuarei tribe.

    Desert Conquest.

    ‘I will definitely unite this Crimson Desert, and change the name from the Crimson Desert to the Glowing Desert.’

    The Young Glow Yulian firmly closed his fist with determination. And he putting all of his effort to his training to make his determination a reality. Quickly, it changed from training to not get hit from Chun Myung Hoon to training passionately to make his dreams a reality.

    Yulian started to consider getting hit by Chun Myung Hoon to be getting one step closer to his dream and Yulian was taking large strides towards his dream. (TL: I hope the author is not trying to say that he was getting beat up quite a bit!)

  • This is how I am imagining real Janet's hair

    Image result for dragon quest dai no daibouken avon
  • So I decided to take each new "arc" per se as separated in the book to be the chapters. So parts 9 and 10 are now 1-2.1 and 1-2.2. This new one is 1-2.3. I went and changed the headers of the chapters to reflect it.

    Book 1-2.3 Heading Off

    A ferocious force started to attack the sandy desert floor.

    It was caused by two strands of large, sharp and powerful sword winds.

    The person responsible for this wind has now grown too much to be called a child, but still seemed like it was too soon to call him a young adult.

    Although that is the case, the thought process to accept him as a young adult is based on his firm body trained with strong muscles. It was also because of the powerful aura around him that even ordinary people could feel.

    In addition, his training, where he was swinging around two greatswords that are as tall as him and wider than his palm as if he was going to wipe out all the earth, strengthens the desire to call him a young adult. (TL: Wait, a greatsword is only as wide as his palm? Doesn’t seem to be that great…)

    Yulian, now eighteen years old, was focusing on filling his body with aura, as he prepared to leave for his coming-of-age ceremony.

    For the Pareia tribe, the coming-of-age ceremony proved that a person had the ability to help their tribe. Therefore, at their coming-of-age ceremony, they can also receive the proud title of being a Pareia warrior.

    Most of the boys facing their coming-of-age ceremony used their shamshir techniques and Pirma riding techniques that they have been training for many years to catch a wild beast or a monster by themselves to show that they could provide strength to the tribe. To do that was a difficult and dangerous road.

    Leaving alone, with just a Pirma, weapons and equipment, and emergency rations, to wander the desert and the wilderness on their own to hunt a beast or monster was something that took numerous days for even veteran warriors. Although they had gone through extensive training, it was not any average feat to complete this task that required such bravery and skill, by themselves.

    The majority took more than one month, and there were only a few boys who completed it without getting hurt. Although they didn’t know of it at the time, veteran warriors would secretly follow the boys completing the coming-of-age ceremony. Because of this, it sharply reduced the number of boys who ended up dying, but there still were times when they would return home dead, in the arms of the warriors.

    Regardless of the danger, there were no boys in Pareia who chose to forego their coming-of-age ceremony. This was because all of them had been growing up and preparing, with the coming-of-age ceremony as their goal. Yulian also wanted to demonstrate his abilities through the coming-of-age ceremony, and this was why he was slightly concerned. Of course he had the confidence. Because it was Yulian, who had absorbed his master’s rigorous training, he had even thought in his mind ‘a stupid monster like you dares to challenge me?’

    The problem was that he was the Young Glow. It wasn’t an easy task for a boy facing his coming-of-age ceremony to defeat a beast or a monster on their own, but Yulian wanted to clearly show the people of the tribe his worth.

    He wanted to be the type of person who could comfort the people of the tribe just by the fact that they knew he was going to be the next Glow.

    In this type of situation, he really wanted to get some advice and encouragement from his father, Glow Baguna, but his father could not see his son’s coming-of-age ceremony because he was busy.

    A sense of nervousness could be felt in the sword Yulian was swinging.

    It was very sad that he would have to proceed with his once in a lifetime coming-of-age ceremony without his father’s blessing, but Yulian consoled himself thinking about his father’s honor and responsibilities.

    ‘Father is the father of everyone in Pareia.’

    As his finished his train of thought, his breathing also disconnected, and the two greatswords were fixed into the belt around Yulian’s waist.

    “Are you done?”

    Chun Myung Hoon asked from his side. In his eyes, he did not have any uncertainties or worries about his disciple.

    “Yes, Master.”

    “Do not throw such a fuss for bringing back a few animals. Although I am not satisfied with your skills, with your abilities, you won’t end up getting beat up anywhere so finish quickly.”

    Knowing that his master really meant what he was saying, Yulian smiled as he responded.

    “What can I do to make it certain I finish faster? Also, what can I do to show great results to my master? Those are the questions I am trying to answer in my mind. Hahaha.”

    “Either catch a whole bunch, or go and catch the sandworm that causes such headaches to Pareia.”

    The look on the faces of the people around them changed with Chun Myung Hoon’s words. The sandworm Chun Myung Hoon is talking about was a S-ranked monster that was large enough to be called the Sand Dragon. In the desert’s Monster Field, it was one of the few monsters on the top of the food chain.

    It crawls around in the desert and every so often, it comes out of the Monster Desert to attack Pirmas, causing a headache to not only Pareia, but all of the desert. In order to reduce their numbers, all of the desert tribes would individually send over three hundred of their seasoned warriors, two to three times a year, in a Subjugation Squad. Even then, they would only be able to catch one or two of these monsters. Yet he was telling him to go and catch such a monster on his own. Nonetheless to the Young Glow.

    Shaman Tuma Takata, who was going to bless Yulian on Glow Baguna’s behalf, hurriedly stepped forward to speak.

    “The one on the path to become a warrior. Yulian, all you have to do is show us your skills. Please do not touch the Sand Dragon under any circumstances.”

    As Chun Myung Hoon had an expression of disbelief on his face listening to Tuma Takata, Tuma Takata blamed Chun Myung Hoon.

    “Honored guest, how could you say such a thing to our Young Glow? Our coming-of-age ceremony is meant to show proof of becoming an adult, not a ceremony to show a proof of recklessness.”

    Many of the people around them nodded their heads in agreement, and made them stare at Chun Myung Hoon with frowns on their faces.

    Chun Myung Hoon did not pay much attention to it and instead looked at Yulian to ask.

    “Do you not have the confidence?”

    Feeling his master’s stern gaze, Yulian quickly shook his head and answered.

    “Not at all. I was planning on catching that one anyways.”


    “Young Glow!”

    Tuma Takata yelled in opposition, and behind him, many of the others called the Young Glow as well.

    “There there, do not cause such a ruckus. I, Yulian, am the Young Glow. I will have my skills be recognized to prove that I deserve to be the Glow by catching a Sand Dragon.”

    Listening to Yulian’s determined voice, Tuma Takata felt a dire need to urgently send a person to Glow Baguna.

    “Sir Tuma Takata, do not worry too much. You know how I am, don’t you?”

    Yulian disregarded the anxiety that Tuma Takata and the people were feeling and started to gather his equipment. He started to load his armor on the Pirma that he had spent over ten years together with, and his bedding and portable Paoe on a different Pirma.

    Looking at Yulian’s eyes which showed no fear, the people shook their head and just prayed that the Young Glow will successfully complete his coming-of-age ceremony. All they could do was bless him as he walked by.

    Once everything was packed, he went to say goodbye to his family before he left. Glow Baguna had three wives, and three children. Of them, the first wife and Yulian’s mother Mairez, had already left this earth, so his family was a total of six. The new Mother of Pareia, Sena Snia, blessed Yulian, who was kneeling in front of her, by kissing him on his forehead.

    “The coming-of-age ceremony for the oldest son of the Provoke family. This mother truly hopes that you will safely return after completing it.”

    Following that, the blessing of the third mother started, and all of his younger siblings in the Provoke family came up one by one to give their Hyung or Oppa the blessing to successfully complete his coming-of-age ceremony (TL: Hyung - term used by younger boys to older boys, Oppa - term used by younger girls to older boys).

    “I cannot see Pere. Did you not contact him?”

    Sena frowned as she did not see her son, the second son of the Provoke family, Pere Provoke. As she asked the people around her, the third son Orca responded.

    “I let him know that big hyung-nim had his coming-of-age ceremony today, but Pere hyung-nim said he needed to prepare for his own coming-of-age ceremony tomorrow…”

    “What kind of nonsense is that!”

    Sena shouted in anger.

    She knew very well that her son was aiming to be the next Glow. Pere was born one day later than Yulian, and he could not accept the fact that Yulian was the Young Glow because of that one day difference. In addition, Pere was also someone who had power strong enough to be called divine ability, and at the same time he also showed the qualities to become a great warrior. Because of all this, it was not easy for him to give up the position of Glow.

    Of course, the position of Glow went to the best of the Glow’s children, but because of the glory of Mairez, the deceased Mother of Pareia, and the fact that Yulian had shown the decorum befitting a Glow since he was young, the majority of the tribe accepted Yulian as the next Glow. It was this reason that it was difficult to shake the position of Young Glow away from Yulian.

    “Mother, Pere is not wrong. As a man who is also preparing to become a warrior, of course there cannot be any setback in his preparation.”

    Yulian tried to defend Pere, but Sena shook her head and continued to yell in anger.

    “In what household do the family not bless the person leaving for their coming-of-age ceremony! Furthermore, we are the family of the Glow who should be setting the example for all of the other families. In addition, you will not be there tomorrow when Pere leaves on his coming-of-age ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice for both of you two bless each other?! I know you and Pere do not have a good relationship, but you must keep what you must keep.” (TL: Says the Glow’s wife when the Glow himself is not present...bad example dad, bad, bad, example.)

    Sena ordered Orca.

    “Orca, go and find Pere and tell him to come here right now.”

    “Yes, mother.”

    Once Orca left, Yulian cautiously spoke to Sena.

    “Mother, if you scold Pere, his courage and pride may shake right before his coming-of-age ceremony.”

    Sena let out a long sigh and lifted her hand to pat Yulian on his shoulder.

    “Sigh~. You must forgive him. Even though he acts this way, inside, nobody cares for their family as much as he does. I know that the best.”

    “Of course. Mother, Pere will become an important warrior for the Provoke family and the Pareia tribe.”

    Sena smiled at Yulian’s words.

    “I hope our Orca grows up as understanding as Yulian. Enough to even cover up his younger brother’s mistakes.”

    As Orca’s mother and the Glow’s third wife, Librie, interjected, Sena was not happy inside.

    Just as she was about the finish the discussion with Yulian peacefully, Librie interjected and said that Pere’s actions were wrong. She did not like Librie’s actions at all.

    When Mairez was still alive, this type of successor battle or issues in the house could not even be dreamt about, but since Mairez passed away, a seed of anxiety started to sprout little by little in the Provoke family.

    If Sena did not conduct herself honorably as the mother of Pareia and tried to make her son Pere the glow, the Provoke family and Yulian would have had no option than to live a difficult life. But Sena and Mairez treated each other as real siblings, and Sena was deeply thankful to Mairez. Once Mairez died, Sena treated Yulian and Pere the same without the smallest of differences.

    The only issue Sena had was with Librie, who would make her angry by irritating her every so often.

    Yulian, who had no desire to become involved in the two mother’s battle, pretended not to hear and instead started to respond to his younger siblings’ blessings.

    A bit later, Orca and Pere came inside.

    “Mother, did you call?”

    Yulian was already taller than his peers, but Pere was at least a head taller and larger than Yulian. He also had a deep voice that was pleasing to the ear, as well as a full moustache, which made it difficult to think he was only eighteen years old. (TL: Another character that looks nothing like the manhwa!)

    Pere bowed his head to greet his mother.

    “Omo, it looks like Pere can’t even see me.”

    As Librie was starting to start another fight, Sena spoke in a slightly irritated voice.

    “You are also Pere’s mother. What do you mean who is visible and who isn’t? Think before you speak.”

    As Librie could no longer respond, Sena once again turned to Pere with a stern look and asked.

    “Are the preparations for your coming-of-age ceremony going well?”

    “Yes, mother.”

    “Even if you are preparing for your coming-of-age ceremony, were you not planning to bless your Hyung who is leaving on his coming-of-age ceremony? You too, how nice would it be to get your Hyung’s blessing before you head out tomorrow?”

    “Mother is correct.”

    As if he did not want to argue with his mother, Pere responded without complaint. Taking turns looking at Sena and Yulian, Pere spoke stoically to Yulian.

    “I will hope that you successfully complete the ceremony and return.”

    “Thank you. I  hope that you have the protection of the God of Warriors, Mairus, and that the tribe’s guardian, the God of storm, Neo Latin will be with you.”

    Pere lightly bowed his head to Yulian and headed back out, and for a moment, the inside of the Paoe felt chilly, but Yulian quickly started to laugh brightly and said his farewells to his family.

    “I will not take long. Mothers Sena and Librie. Please be at peace while I am away. As for the rest of you, while Pere and I are gone, you must take good care of our mothers.”

    “Return safely.”

    Sena and Librie were the last to give a kiss to Yulian’s forehead to say goodbye. All of his younger siblings were individually praying that their Hyung or Oppa would safely complete his coming-of-age ceremony.

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