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    Book 5 Chapter 69 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Inner Court Great Elder

    On the broad road of the Inner Court, a group of Law Enforcement wears black pavilion robe and a Law Enforcement knife at their waist, pass by in hurried, the Inner Court disciples openly discuss it.

    “Law Enforcement Pavilion, who they want to arrest?” A disciple looked at them passed by in a hurried curiously said.

    A small conflict between Inner Pavilion Disciple is a very ordinary matter. In normal circumstances, Law Enforcement Pavilion doesn’t care about it, but now Law Enforcement Pavilion dispatches these many people. Apparently, someone made a huge problem.

    “Who else they want to arrest, it must be Xing Jue.” A thin disciple quietly said.

    “Xing Jue? The person who ruined Gao Le Mansion this morning?” Another disciple said.

    “Who else besides him?” That thin disciple said it as if he understands it very well said.

    “It was said that Xing Jue is very powerful, but this time they sent out Law Enforcement Pavilion elders, I guess he can’t save his life either.”

    “What's going to happen, we better take a look.” A disciple could not help but feel curious, then followed this Law Enforcement Pavilion.

    And under his leadership, the other Inner Court disciples also followed closely.

    At this time Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San are in the middle of a conversation in the living room, three good brothers already one year didn't meet, a lot to talk about, and a lot of things to do.

    “Young Master Xing Jue something bad happened, Inner Court Law Enforcement Pavilion coming toward our Xing mansion.” At this moment, a slave who guard the door, anxiously run over, panicky shouted.

    And after heard that slave words, Four Eyes, and Xiao San surprised, then nervously stand up.

    “They finally come?” But Xing Jue faintly smiled and said it without any care.

    “Let’s go, let me see that Law Enforcement Pavilion again.” Between the talked Xing Jue stand up and walked toward the door.

    At this moment outside Xing mansion, Law Enforcement Pavilion members already arrived, twenty Law Enforcement Pavilion members neatly standing in front of Xing mansion door, and lead by Elder Zhu.

    This time Elder Zhu in a difficult situation, one side is Inner Court Second Elder, the other side is Li Xiaohan from Main Court, and he can't offend these two.

    However, under Second Elder suppression, he had no other choice except to arrested Xing Jue and took him back to Law Enforcement Pavilion, but he hasn't thought how to catch him.

    If he use violence and injure Xing Jue, then the day Li Xiaohan come out, he will die.

    And at this time, besides Law Enforcement Pavilion member, there were a lot of Inner Court Disciples, they all come here because they followed a good show just now. At this moment they constantly discussing and look forward for a good show.

    Regarding Xing Jue this very famous Inner Pavilion Disciple, many people only heard about him but never seen him.

    “Oh, I thought who, it was you again, could it be that the Law Enforcement Pavilion has nobody else?” At this time, a calm voice suddenly came out from Xing mansion, and that is Xing Jue.

    “Xing Jue, you brazenly injured a fellow disciple, and broke other person's mansion, did you know your crime?” Saw Xing Jue came out, Elder Zhu slowly said.

    “Elder Zhu that Gao Le also injured a fellow disciple forbid fellow disciple to enter practice pavilion, and this is not a crime, then what is my crime?” Xing Jue coldly glances toward that Elder Zhu and contemptly said.

    “About his matter, this old man will investigate it, but today, you have to go with this old man first.” Elder Zhu slowly said.

    “What if I don't want to go?” Xing Jue coldly glanced at Elder Zhu and said with a smile.

    “Xing Jue, then I will do it the hard way!” Saw Xing Jue appearance, Elder Zhu finally angry, loudly shouted.

    “Ha-ha, I Xing Jue like to take the pressure.” Xing Jue suddenly laughed, his handsome face full of anticipation.

    “Then don’t blame this old man's rudeness.” Finally, Elder Zhu unable to control his anger, violently shouted, his sleeve waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi attacked Xing Jue.

    Although Elder Zhu considered about Li Xiaohan, after all, he is also Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder, now in front of these many Inner Pavilion Disciples eyes, Xing Jue didn’t give him any face if he didn't attack, after that he couldn’t get along in this Inner Court.

    However, regarding that incredibly fast moved Martial Qi, Xing Jue faintly smiled, his sleeve casually waved, a similar tyrannical Martial Qi, rush out.


    Two Martial Qi collide each other, after a loud explosion sound, unexpectedly it counteracted each other.

    Everyone who saw this scene is surprised for a moment, and then they looked toward Xing Jue with unbelievable eyes, Elder Zhu is Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, a level higher than Xing Jue, how can it be their attacked was a draw.

    At this moment, everyone felt stunned by the scene in front of them.

    Xing Jue figure flashed, then disappeared, in the next moment he appeared in front of Elder Zhu body, a heavy blows carried a strong wind, smashed toward Elder Zhu.

    Elder Zhu didn’t expect that Xing Jue speed so fast when he react, he was already unable to dodge, and helplessly use his hand to defense.

    “Bang” in one strike, Elder Zhu was moved back by that powerful attack. After moved back several steps he stabilized his figure.

    Xing Jue didn’t give him the opportunity to breathe, his figure turned and ruthlessly kicked Elder Zhu’s waist.

    This time, it’s too late for Elder Zhu to defend successfully, he already kicked by Xing Jue leg and his body bounced like a broken kite.

    However, Elder Zhu is not weak either, he adjusted his figure in the air, after several times beautiful somersaults, he steadily stood on the ground. However, he appeared somewhat pathetic.

    This moment Xing Jue didn't attack again, but stand straight in the same place calmly smiled and looked toward Elder Zhu sorry figure.

    After a short fight, almost everyone on the scene stunned, Xing Jue with a strength of Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, fighting with Elder Zhu an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, not only he didn’t leave in a disadvantageous position. Instead, he can get the upper hand, this was too incredible.

    With such strength, no wonder Xing Jue fierce name spread so fast, at this time inside some Inner Court disciple felt that this Xing Jue absolutely can not be offended.

    After Xing Jue learned Soul Devouring Secret Art, all of his surface body strengthen, his average speed a little bit quicker than he previously used Storm Wind Technique, his attacked power also stronger than Biting Wind Palm.

    This is Xing Jue present strength, also with Storm Wind Technique, and Martial Skill attack, then Xing Jue able to fight with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.

    “Elder Zhu, it seems like you already too old” Xing Jue faintly smiled, said toward Elder Zhu pathetic figure.

    “Boy, don’t be too proud” Elder Zhu loudly shouted, then he thought to move, round and round of strong winds incredibly fast revolve around his body, and this precisely is Storm Wind Technique that Xing Jue mastered.

    “Bang” With muffled sound, Elder Zhu's body change into a white shadow, suddenly moved toward Xing Jue, at the same time his right fist tightly gripped, dazzling rays of light shine.

    But when Elder Zhu about to arrive, Xing Jue faintly smiled, immediately a strong wind incredibly fast emerge on his body.

    His body waved, a kicked faster than Elder Zhu whirl toward Elder Zhu waist. But Xing Jue used all of his power for this kicked.

    “Bang” Regarding Xing Jue extremely fast counter-attack, Elder Zhu didn’t have any reaction, he only felt a pain in his waist, his whole body similar to a long bow string burst to shot.


    With a loud sound, Elder Zhu body ruthlessly knocked against the nearby wall. The powerful strength made a big hole in that wall, smoke and dust fill the air.

    “What a wild boy!” At this moment, near at Xing Jue's ear, suddenly come through a loud shout.

    When Xing Jue found out about it, the space beside his body already make a motion, then a powerful palm immediately came out from that space and severely tried to grip Xing Jue.

    “Humph!” Dependent on his sharp Soul Power, Xing Jue already sensed in advance that there was something wrong with this space when that palm came out, Xing Jue already started to dodge to the side.

    Depend on Soul Movement and combined with Storm Wind Technique, Xing Jue dodged that claw.

    And after Xing Jue get out of the way, a figure of a black hair old man came out from that space, the old man black eyes sharp like an eagle. His square and clean face, full of aggressiveness, and this is Inner Court Second Elder an Intermediate Rank Martial God “Luo Zhen Tian”.

    Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly dodge his attack, Second Elder frowned. However, he didn't pull back, and his left palm moved forward, a tyrannical Martial Qi violently moved toward Xing Jue.

    “At such distance, Xing Jue unable to escape and unable to defense, but he quickly used Soul Defense on his chest.

    “Bang” After Xing Jue hit by a blow, he was hit to fly very far and stabilized his figure.

    Fortunately, the Soul Defense counteract majority of that power, Xing Jue only slightly injured, he softly cleaned a bloodstain on the corner of his mouth, Xing Jue angrily said: “An Intermediate Rank Martial God, attacked me, are you not embarrassed?”

    At first, when his palm attacked Xing Jue, Second Elder felt shocked that it didn’t make Xing Jue seriously injured.

    And when he heard Xing Jue words, Second Elder surprised, at this moment he finally knew that Xing Jue is not simple.

    However, his expression didn’t change, then said: “Boy, not only you dared to hit a fellow disciple mansion, but you also dared to attacked a law enforcement elder, such a lawless disciple, if I don’t discipline you, could it be that you can behave outrageously?”

    “Second Elder” At this time, Elder Zhu already came out from the fallen bricks, then quickly arrived at Second Elder side and respectfully said.

    “Unexpectedly he was Inner Court Second Elder?”

    “Oh my God, even he was felt disturbed”

    After heard Elder Zhu words, it caused an uproar, Inner Court Second Elder fame among Inner Court Disciple spread out very loudly.

    Compared with Inner Court Great Elder who practice in seclusion for a long time, Inner Court Second Elder was the real powerful master of this Inner Court. However, because Second Elder shuts tightly in the palace, except some upper elders, only a few people had seen his face.

    “Humph! It's you!” And after Xing Jue knew the person in front of him was Inner Court Second Elder. He didn’t feel afraid. Instead, he coldly said.

    “Young fellow, you are a stubborn person, today this old man will let you know, you can’t randomly act rashly inside this Inner Court.” Saw Xing Jue attitude Second Elder became even angrier.

    His figure flashed, turned into a thin shadow line, incredibly fast move toward Xing Jue, his fast speed, like thunder across the sky, making people unable to sense him.

    When Xing Jue about to react, Second Elder terrifying fist, already arrived.

    Saw this situation, everyone only has one thought, that Xing Jue will die.

    At this critical moment, an old palm moved out from space at Xing Jue side and finally knocked against Second Elder terrifying fist.


    “Buzz buzz buzz”

    Fist and palm face each other, powerful energy ripples incredibly fast spreads. Even Xing Jue stepped back several steps because of that powerful strength. Afterward, he stabilized his figure.

    The crowd was shocked by this sudden scene.

    An Old figure slowly came out from that space, then immediately said toward Second Elder: “Second Brother, it’s inappropriate to attack a junior”.

  • Book 5 Chapter 70 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Imperial Wind Command

    Saw the old man who suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, let alone the people, even Xing Jue blankly stared.

    This old man had a disheveled white hair that scattered on his shoulder, a simple gray robe fluttered in the wind, and his Old face always made a small smile, give a friendly feeling.

    What made Xing Jue felt inconceivable was with his present Soul Power, he unable to feel how strong this old man strength.

    “Elder brother!” When Second Elder saw this old man, he was frightened, and slowly open his trembling lips and said.

    “Your humble superior pay a respect to “Inner Court, Great Elder”.” At this time, after that old man showed himself, that Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu, run to the front this old man, half kneeled on the ground and respectfully said.

    “Inner Court Great Elder?” When the crowd heard that words they started to raise an uproar.

    Inner Court Great Elder, practice in seclusion for decades, let alone Inner Court disciple, even a lot of elders never seen this Inner Court Great Elder appearance. Therefore this Great Elder, in everyone heart, can be described as extremely mysterious.

    Who could have thought that today, they can see a legendary person, the Inner Court disciples were become more excited.

    “Hehe Elder Zhu, quickly get up.” After saw Elder Zhu kneeled down, Great Elder quickly helped him to get up and said with a smile.

    Elder Zhu respectfully stood at the side, this kind of respect somewhat different toward Second Elder, it’s more like respect from inside his heart.

    “Little friend, you have a unique soul.” At this time, Great Elder suddenly turned his eyes toward Xing Jue, then said with a smile.

    “Er…” When Xing Jue heard Great Elder words, his body trembled.

    Thought Could it be that when he measured Great Elder strength, he also sensed my Soul Power? Xing Jue can’t help but admire Great Elder strength.

    “Elder brother, I must dispose this junior, this boy actually...” In response, Second Elder quickly explained.

    “All right Second Brother just set aside this matter, and not mention it again.” However when Second Elder not finished talked yet, Great Elder right hand waved, stopped Second Elder words.

    Saw Great Elder said that Second Elder became more confused, but he didn't ask anything.

    “Elder Zhu, you go back first.” Great Elder said toward Elder Zhu.

    Elder Zhu quickly respectfully respond, then took twenty Law Enforcement Pavilion members and went off in a hurried.

    Actually, Elder Zhu didn’t want to arrest Xing Jue, especially after he found out that Xing Jue present strength already above him, he, even more, felt regret. One year ago, Xing Jue did not have the ability to fight back.

    And one year later, he was continuously hit by Xing Jue and can’t hit back. This practice talent was terrifying, at this moment Elder Zhu knew, if Xing Jue given enough time, his future is limitless.

    “Second Brother, you come with me, I have something to say to you.” After Elder Zhu left, Great Elder said toward Second Elder, and he gave a meaningful glance toward Xing Jue, then his figure flashed into space and disappeared.


    Second Elder take a glanced toward Xing Jue and coldly snort. Then he also got into the space.

    At the deep of Inner Court, there is a not very huge building, but stands tall in the clouds, the palace architectural style is very elegant, even appeared somewhat simple, and this is Inner Court Great Elder palace.

    At this moment inside the main hall, Great Elder stand and crossed his hands behind his back, and Second Elder respectfully stood behind him.

    After a long time, Second Elder start to talked, said: “Elder brother, did you succeed?”

    “Not yet, but regarding that realm, only a half step I can reach it.” Great Elder slightly smiled and answered.

    “Er... Elder brother, why not break through to that level, and choose to come out?” Second Elder somewhat confused asked.

    “Haha, I am afraid it's because you make trouble.” Great Elder coldly glanced toward Second Elder and said with a smile.

    Great Elder and Second Elder are a pair of flesh and blood brothers. One hundred years ago they joined Imperial Wind Pavilion and practiced together. Then they get on the top position inside this Inner Court as Great Elder and Second Elder but at that time the Inner Court not in this kind of situation.

    At first, Inner Court under Great Elder supervised, and it was in good order. No disciples dared to act outrageous, because Great Elder handled a matter in fairness, and had people support.

    However thirty years ago, suddenly Great Elder practice in seclusion to break through to War King level.

    Because as long as he entered that level, Great Elder can be promoted to Main Court and became Imperial Wind Pavilion dependable core forces.

    For this purpose, Great Elder practice in seclusion for thirty years. Now Great Elder suddenly came out, so Second Elder believes that Great Elder already successfully promoted to “War King” level.

    “I wonder why Elder Brother said this words?” After heard Great Elder words, Second Elder confused asked. Can make Great Elder came out at this critical moment, it must be not because of a small matter.

    Especially after he heard that it was related to him, Second Elder felt somewhat panicked.

    “You see for yourself.” Great Elder sleeve waved, a piece of golden jade medal flashed out. Finally fell into Second Elder hand. Inside the Jade medal, golden light Qi continuously moved, and on the surface hovers golden rays of light. It gave other people supreme feeling.

    This “Imperial Wind Command” represent Imperial Wind Pavilion the most senior generation. Only the most upper person in Imperial Wind Pavilion has this “Imperial Wind Command”, and inside this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion only about eight people has this “Imperial Wind Command”.

    This Imperial Wind Command not only a symbol of status, but it also had a special function, it can issue an order without delay. At that time Medal command was made for a major event, it can gather the strongest Martial strength in the fastest speed.

    At this moment there is two text message on Great Elder "Imperial Wind Command”.

    After Second Elder saw that two messages he became frightened. Because that Imperial Wind Command has two same messages, that is “Ensure Xing Jue get into the Main Court”.

    After he saw the name in that two message, Second Elder almost fainted and followed by a lot of cold sweat, continuously flowed on his face.

    “No wonder Xing Jue was so arrogant, who could have thought that he have such connection.” After a long time, Second Elder awaken from his fear, then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his hand and said with fear.

    “I am afraid your bad temper make some trouble, therefore when I received the first message, I wanted to come out, but at that time I was at a critical moment to stabilize my Qi, as a result, I can’t get out.”

    “However, recently I received the same message again, then I quickly came out. After all, regardless who they are I unable to offend them.” Great Elder slowly said. Second Elder agreed and nodded back.

    “You should change your narrow-minded character, wait until I get into the Main Court, this Inner Court will be handed over to you. However, your way handles matters that unclear right and wrong, inevitably, will cause complaints.” Great Elder said to Second Elder with a deep meaning.

    “Yes, Elder brother, in the future I will change.” Apparently, this Second Elder terrified of Great Elder, then obediently said.

    “A few days later, there will be a Hunting Competition that organized by four big influences. Let that Xing Jue goes, that boy really extraordinary, perhaps he can give us an unexpected surprise.” Great Elder saw Second Elder regret appearance, pleasantly laughed.

    “Yes, this time my outstanding disciple also among them, have him there, it’s not difficult to keep Imperial Wind Pavilion second position.” When “Hunting Competition” mentioned, Second Elder is full of confidence.

    “Yes, since I already came out, this time Hunt Competition, I will take those children to see the world.” Great Elder turned around and look the floating cloud outside the main hall, with anticipation look.

    Second Elder also smiled and stand behind his body, obviously at this moment he was also in a good mood.

    At this moment Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San are sat inside Xing Mansion, talking about what just happened.

    “Big brother Xing Jue, I heard that Great Elder called Second Elder “Second Brother”, it seems like they had a very unusual relationship, he will not favor Second Elder, and harm you right?” Four  Eyes sat beside Xing Jue, anxiously said.

    “Not likely, Outer Court Great Elder once told me, Inner Court Great Elder, do things fairly, now he came out, perhaps it's a good thing for me and the others.” Xing Jue confidently replied

    Previously, when he measured Great Elder strength, although unsuccessful, but Xing Jue felt that Great Elder aura was very friendly toward him.

    “Young Master Xing Jue” A slave who guard the door suddenly ran in hurried.

    “What happened?” Saw his panicked look, Xing Jue quickly asked.

    “Young Master Xing Jue, just now Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu came again, then leave this behind and wanted me to give it to you.” That slave held a purple letter and handed it over to Xing Jue.

    After hearing Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu name, Four Eyes and Xiao San became tense up.

    Xing Jue calmly received that letter, smiled and read.

    After reading it for a moment, Xing Jue slowly raised his head.

    And above his handsome face, emerges a rare touch of anticipation smiled, then he immediately said: “Hunting Competition? What a good chance!”

    “Hunting Competition? What is that?” Saw Xing Jue expression, Four Eyes, and Xiao San quickly asked.

    “See for yourself.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and threw that purple letter toward Four Eyes and Xiao San.

    He walked out the main hall, looked toward the magnificent palace of the Main Court, whispered: “Xiaohan, now you already reached what level?”

  • Book 5 Chapter 71 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Hunting Competition

    At the eastern part of Sky Martial Continent, there were three big empires. Nangong Empire, Imperial Wind Empire, and Netherworld Empire.

    Inside this three big empires, there are four major forces. Nangong Aristocratic Family, Imperial Wind Pavilion, Netherworld Palace, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.

    The four major forces Alliances already exist for several hundred years, and every three years they conducted “Hunting Competition” to develop friendly relations, in fact, they compete fiercely in secret.

    In fact, Hunting Competition was to hunt and kill Demon Beast, and each force can send five disciples to participate. However, the disciples who participate must be between Martial Sovereign levels.

    The reason why they make this rule because within three big empires Demon Beast rank relatively low, a slightly stronger only Sovereign rank Demon Beast.

    Although there was God rank Demon Beast, but it was exceedingly rare, so in order to make the hunting more interesting, they choose a Martial Sovereign level disciple.

    And the place for this Hunting Competition is between three big empires, a large mountain called “Demon Beast mountain”.

    Just like its name Demon Beast mountain, there is a lot of aggressive Demon Beast inside the mountain, and commonly the Demon Beast level was Sovereign rank. Therefore, here is the best place for Hunting Competition.

    At this moment at Imperial Wind Empire above the sky of Demon Beast Mountain, an unusual massive Demon Beast incredibly fast flew.

    This was a Sovereign rank Demon Beast. Its size is huge, and had extremely fast flying speed because its outward appearance resembles “Eagle”, therefore it was called “Fast Eagle Beast”.

    On the other hand, this Fast Eagle Beast is quite docile, after going through training, it can be used as transportation.

    However, because this Fast Eagle Beast is very rare. Therefore inside these three big empires only four big forces able to have Fast Eagle Beast.

    This time there is a group of Imperial Wind Pavilion people riding on this Fast Eagle Beast body to go to the Hunting Competition.

    This time Imperial Wind Pavilion sent five disciples to participate Hunting Competition.

    Ranked second in the elite list, Inner Court Second Elder disciple, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign “Hu Bin”.

    A Beautiful woman who ranked third, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign “Zhao Yue”

    A fat brother who ranked forth, an Intermediate rank Martial Sovereign “Gao Hao”

    A thin brother who ranked fifth, a preliminary rank Martial Sovereign “Ma Qiang”

    And Xing Jue ranked sixth because he defeated Gao Le, thus he replaced Gao Le.

    And the one who led them, Inner Court Great Elder “Luo Tengyun”

    At this moment Great Elder sat at the most front of Fast Eagle Beast, while Xing Jue sat at Great Elder side, talked and laughed cheerfully with Great Elder.

    “Great Elder, this Hunting Competition, held once every three years, so who has won the first place last time?” Xing Jue curiously asked.

    “This Hunting Competition had several hundred year history. Until now its already held more than hundred times, but each time the result almost the same.”

    “Nangong Aristocratic Family always at the first place, the second place was my Imperial Wind Pavilion, third and fourth place was Netherworld Palace and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village in turn.” Great Elder laughed and explained.

    “In this thousand years, our Imperial Wind Pavilion never won the first place?” Xing Jue asked again.

    “Yes, in truth, Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is deep and immeasurable, event their Younger Generations put a pressured to our Imperial Wind Pavilion side.” Great Elder appeared somewhat helpless.

    “Oh?” After hearing Great Elder words, Xing Jue somewhat doubted it. Previously, when he was in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, he already experienced Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple strength wasn't very strong.

    “Hehe, Xing Jue, don’t look down upon Nangong Aristocratic Family, although your talent is extraordinary, but Nangong Aristocratic Family never lacked a genius outstanding disciple.”

    “Especially twenty years ago, a person appeared from Nangong Aristocratic Family, she can be called a monstrous level disciple, her growth rate makes people ashamed.”

    “Now her achievement unmatched even in my entire Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Saw Xing Jue somewhat uncertain, Great Elder reminds him again.

    “A monstrous talent disciple?” When heard this, Xing Jue started to treated “Nangong Aristocratic Family” more seriously.

    Twenty years ago a monstrous talent disciple appeared, and in twenty years that disciple finally matured, there is no one in Imperial Wind Pavilion can be a match for her, that practice talent, Xing Jue felt awe.

    “Yes, but your girlfriend “Li Xiaohan” actually can be equal with her.” Great Elder looked toward Xing Jue again and said with a smile.

    “Er... hehe” After hearing Great Elder words, Xing Jue laughed foolishly, indeed Xiaohan practice talent is somewhat terrifying.

    “Humph! This boy flattering skill wasn't simple.” When Xing Jue chatted with Great Elder, Hu Bin who sat at the back whispered in a soft voice and stared Xing Jue with hatred eyes.

    “Are you jealous?” And these words were heard by rank third on the elite list “Zhao Yue”, then sarcastically said.

    “Ridiculous! Why I jealous of him?” Hu Bin replied with displeasure.

    “Jealous because of his talent better than you.” Zhao Yue straightforwardly said his weakness.

    “Bah! Good talent? I can exterminate him in three moves.” After hearing Zhao Yue words, Hu Bin extremely displeased said.

    “Haha” But Zhao Yue slightly laughed, then no longer speak. Her meaning is very clear that you just brag.

    “You!” Saw Zhao Yue not convinced, Hu Bin even angrier, then clenched his teeth, no longer speak.

    After ten days in hurried, in front of everyone’s eyes, finally, a spectacular mountain range appeared.

    Looking at the vast mountain range in front of them, Xing Jue also sighed, this Demon Beast mountain range several times bigger compared with Netherworld Empire Ancient Mountain range.

    After several hours flying with Fast Eagle Beast inside Demon Beast mountain range, a small city appeared within everyone sight, and that was Xing Jue and the other's destination.

    Although this is not a big city, but its very exquisite, at the middle of the city is a large plaza, in the center of the plaza has a main hall, and there are small lofts around the plaza.

    The lofts divided into four areas, naturally distributed according to four big forces, and the massive city wall surrounding the city made by a special rock. The city wall is very tall, and the reason why it was built this way, to guard against Demon Beast Invasion.

    After Fast Eagle Beast circled several times above the city, it slowly landed on that center plaza.

    At the same time Xing Jue and the others also found out at the side of the plaza there was already a Fast Eagle Beast, at this moment it was lie down in a nest in the corner of the plaza, snore loudly in its sleep, obviously someone already arrived before them.

    “Haha, isn’t this Elder Luo from Imperial Wind Pavilion, unexpectedly this time you come here.” As expected, after Xing Jue and the others just went down from Fast Eagle Beast, at the plaza inside the main hall, a laughter can be heard.

    Looks back, saw a black hair old man in a black robe, smiled and walked toward them, but doesn’t know why Xing Jue felt that his smile is incredibly insincere.

    And that old man followed by five people around twenty years old, all of these men wore a same black robe, and above their chest carved with “Main” word.

    Obviously, these five men should be Netherworld Palace disciples, the Main Hall disciples, besides these five men strengths already reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, judging from the external, they were slightly stronger than Imperial Wind Pavilion lineup.

    “It turns out Elder Liang from Netherworld Palace.” After seeing this old man, Great Elder also said with a smile.

    “Unexpectedly, they sent out Main Hall disciples. They are really shameless.”After seeing that five disciples, Zhao Yue said in a low voice. Hu Bin, Gao Hao, and Ma Qiang extremely agreed and nodded. Only Xing Jue, who thinks the otherwise. For Xing Jue, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, absolutely not a threat.

    However, from another aspect, it shows the strength gap between Imperial Wind Pavilion and Netherworld Palace. Obviously, Netherworld Palace Inner Hall didn’t have a disciple who achieved Martial Sovereign rank, so they sent out Main Hall disciples.

    However, the only thing that made Xing Jue feel a bad mood is, on that five disciples face there was disdain smiled, appeared to look down upon Xing Jue and the others strength.

    Therefore, Xing Jue secretly made a decision, if there is a chance, he must make these five Netherworld Palace disciples have a hard time.


    At this time, suddenly there was an eagle cry from the sky, there was another Fast Eagle Beast, circling in the air, and after circling for a moment, that Fast Eagle Beast slowly landed.

    After that Eagle landed from above that Eagle went down six people.

    These six people besides the old man who led them were wearing a white robe, and the robe engraved with medicine pill and bottle gourd. After saw this pattern, everybody knew that the people from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village arrived.

    Xing Jue recognized the Elder, who led Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, at that time when he attended Rookie Convention, he was the one who gave Xing Jue “Soul Gathering Pill”.

    However, besides this elder, there is a person who got Xing Jue attention. It was a female disciple who followed behind that Elder.

    That female disciple, had beautiful black hair fluttering in the wind, a white face, give the people outstanding feeling, even she wear an ordinary white robe, let people had a classy feel.

    Although the distance still very far, but the scent of from that woman’s body greeted their nose, and unexpectedly this fragrance is a high-grade Treasure Pill.

    But what attracted Xing Jue attention is not her beautiful appearance, but her Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength.

    If Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign didn’t threaten Xing Jue, then this Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, should be regarded as another matter.

    But at the same time, in front of that woman's chest “Three Stars” medal revealed in front of Xing Jue eyes.

    “Three stars Refining Medicine Master.” Looked at the three stars Medal, Xing Jue shocked said.

    Xing Jue extremely familiar to that medal, that representing refining medicine master status, and this three stars Refining Medicine Master is top Refining Medicine Master at East Sky Martial Continent.

    At this age, she already reached three stars refining medicine master level, and she also has Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, this woman is not simple.

    However, besides this female disciple, the other four male Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are weaker, and unexpectedly all of them are Preliminary Martial Sovereign levels.

    However, if they together, they a lot stronger than his Imperial Wind Pavilion, after all, Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, was not three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign can rival.

    Compared with Xing Jue, when Hu Bin and the others saw that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village female disciple, their brow tightly wrinkles.

  • Book 5 Chapter 72 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    All Participants Arrived

    “Isn't this Elder Luo from Imperial Wind Pavilion, long time no see!”At this moment Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder arrived in front of Xing Jue and other people, and said with a smile toward Great Elder.

    “Elder Li, long time no see!” Great Elder politely replied.

    “Ah! Isn’t this Xing Jue little friend, who could have thought we could meet again, it seems that you and I predetermine by fate, Haha…” Just then Elder Li from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village saw Xing Jue who stands behind Great Elder, then smile and said.

    “Xing Jue pay respect to Elder Li” Xing Jue quickly respectfully replied. Xing Jue impression toward Elder Li was quite good.

    “Oh? Elder Li, did you know Xing Jue?” Saw what happened, Great Elder surprised said.

    “Haha, Elder Luo, your disciple indeed extraordinary.” Elder Li said with a smile, then answered Elder Luo, he started to explain about Rookie Convention matter.

    Furthermore, his attitude toward Xing Jue is full of praise. Therefore, it caused Xing Jue felt somewhat embarrassed.

    However, after hearing Elder Li words, that several Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples cast a friendly looked toward Xing Jue. After all, Xing Jue can restrain their sworn enemy Netherworld Palace in that Rookie Convention.

    “Boy, how did you know Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder?” Saw Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder so friendly toward Xing Jue, Hu Bin said with envy face.

    And after exchange polite greetings, everybody entered the main hall, keep on chatting.

    And during this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder, never said a words with Netherworld Palace Elder, even the disciples of both sides have a hostile look.

    Obviously, the grudges between these two forces are extremely deep.

    The older generations talked about the old days, Younger generation chatted together, although Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples and Netherworld Palace disciples on a bad term, but they are very friendly toward Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples.

    After some conversation, Xing Jue also knew, the beautiful woman from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village name is “Wang Yanran”. She is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village most outstanding disciple in a century. This time Hidden Medicine Mountain Village sent her out plan to put pressure on Netherworld Palace at this Hunting Competition.

    Wang Yanran treats people very easy-going. Therefore, it caused several Imperial Wind Pavilion male disciples, chatted with delight.

    However, Xing Jue thought although “Wang Yanran” on the surface is very easy-going, but the truth is it's tough to get closer to her. After all, a woman like her very arrogance, although she tried to cover it up, but she can’t change it.

    He can see that from that several other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples, although they were from the same side, however, they were not close, that several Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples seem very interested toward his Imperial Wind Pavilion Zhao Yue.

    “Hahaha, so everybody already arrived.” At this time, a hearty laugh sounded from outside the main hall.

    An old man wore a green robe, slowly walked into the main hall. Doesn’t need to think, he must be Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder.

    After the old man walked into the main hall, three male and two female wear green robes walked in.

    Looked at the five Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples behind the old man, almost everyone on the scene were surprised.

    “Three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, and all of them were Inner Palace Disciples, is this Nangong Aristocratic Family strength?” Xing Jue looked at that five disciples, shocked said.

    If Xing Jue can meet head on with one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, then facing three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue must treat them in cautious.

    “It looks like, Nangong Aristocratic Family really deserved their reputation.” After carefully scan that several Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, Xing Jue said again in a soft voice.

    Xing Jue found out that this several Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, although they had arrogance face, however, they truly have enough qualification to be arrogant.

    But after saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder appeared, Netherworld Palace Elder, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder Li, quickly welcomely smiled. Didn’t dare to neglect his status.

    However, at this moment that easy going Inner Court Great Elder only sat at his place, smiled and taste the sweet fragrant tea.

    “Looks at Great Elder appearance, he should have some conflict with that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder. If not, with his easy going character, it's impossible for him to act this way.” Xing Jue looked at the Great Elder who not greet that Elder, and secretly said.

    “Isn't this Elder Luo?” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, suddenly saw Great Elder, then sinisterly laugh and came over.

    “I heard you were practice in seclusion for thirty years, why did you came out now, and still Inner Court Elder.” After arrived in front of Great Elder, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder curled his lips and sarcastically said.

    “Hehe, thirty years passed by, and you still Nangong Aristocratic Family Palace Elder.” Great Elder faintly smiled and replied with disdain.

    “Humph! Sooner or later This old man will join Main Palace.”

    “Your Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples became more and more weaker than the later generation.” After hearing Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder coldly snorts, then immediately looked toward Xing Jue and the others and ridiculed said.

    “This Hunting Competition hasn't begun yet, how do you know that our Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, weaker than the former disciples?” Great Elder laughed and replied.

    At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village and Netherworld Palace Elders, found out there is something wrong with the situation, then without hesitation stopped this two people unpleasant topics.

    Later everyone inside this main hall enjoyed a great meal, and during this time Xing Jue found out that among five disciples of Nangong Aristocratic Family, a very handsome disciple status somewhat unusual.

    Another two disciples who a similar Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, not only respectful toward him, they even somewhat afraid, even that two female disciples had admired looked, obviously this disciple a lot stronger than the other four.

    “It seems like this Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, not a simple person.” Looked at that handsome man, Xing Jue secretly said. He will treat him a lot more serious.

    After dinner, the people of four big forces returned to their loft and rest.

    After all, tomorrow is the beginning Hunting Competition that held every three years. Everybody wanted to keep a good condition.

    After Xing Jue finished his daily practice, then felt bored he was strolling in the plaza.

    At this time, Xing Jue found a familiar figure.

    That person was Hu Bin, at this moment Hu Bin held something in his hand and walked toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples place. And finally, he entered a male disciple loft.

    After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue finally guessed what Hu Bin is doing, he wanted to use some treasure and exchanged it with Treasure Pill from that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple.

    After all, Hunting Competition event is not short, can have some Treasure Pill to enhance strength, still very good.

    Actually, at daytime, there was disciple tried to exchange for Treasure Pill to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple, some people were successful, and some were failed.

    After all, everybody is the participant in the competition, and Replenish Strength Treasure Pill are very useful for everyone.

    So if it's not something precious, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples, will not easily exchange for it.

    And maybe Hu Bin concerned about his dignity. Therefore he didn’t open his mouth, but unexpectedly he chose to exchange it in the evening secretly.

    As expected, a moment later, Hu Bin happily came out, from inside that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple loft. The thing in his hand before change into an elegant small box. Saw this scene, he certainly succeeds.

    At this time, Hu Bin also saw Xing Jue, who sat in the plaza, immediately cast a proud look toward Xing Jue.

    It is like, his successfully trade for Treasure Pill, is a very great thing.

    However, regarding his ignorant behavior, Xing Jue only faintly smiled, doesn’t know why, although Hu Bin is a few years older than him, however, Xing Jue always felt that his IQ seems a little bit lack.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue!” At this time, a female voice suddenly sounded in his ear. At the same time, a fragrant smell of pill slowly came.

    When he looked toward where the voice came from, he saw a beautiful woman wear a white robe, her skin as white as snow, stood and smiled at him. And this was Hidden Medicine Mountain Village talent disciple “Wang Yanran”.

    ”Senior Sister Wang, what’s the matter?” Xing Jue quickly said with a smile.

    In fact, if talked about their age, Wang Yanran indeed several years older than Xing Jue. Therefore, it reasonable for Xing Jue called Wang Yanran senior sister.

    “Hehe, Junior Brother Xing Jue, previously at Rookie Convention you greatly helped my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”

    “At that time I was in seclusion, so I didn’t have a chance to thank junior brother, I always felt very sorry.

    “Unexpectedly, I able to meet Junior Brother Xing Jue here, it can be considered that you and I brought together by fate.”

    “However, tomorrow Hunting Competition will begin. Therefore, I especially bring several Replenish Strength Treasure Pill for Brother Xing Jue, and hope Junior Brother Xing Jue to accept.” During the conversation, Wang Yanran gave an elegant small box to Xing Jue.

    “Sister Wang too courteous, in that case, I would like to thank Senior Sister Wang.” Xing Jue bluntly received that small box with a smile.

    After all, this Hunting Competition time is not short, and some Replenish Strength Treasure Pill will have a great use.

    After Hu Bin saw Wang Yanran take the initiative to gave Treasure Pill to Xing Jue, Hu Bin's face instantly changes into a purple color.

    You know, he used three powerful attack spells to get three Replenish Qi Treasure Pills.

    But Xing Jue who didn’t do anything, unexpectedly someone gave Treasure Pill for him, and the person who gave the pill is Wang Yanran. Wang Yanran is three stars Refining Medicine Master, and her Treasure Pill quality must be magnificent.

    Saw Xing Jue accepted the Treasure Pill. Wang Yanran didn’t stay too long, after several polite sentences, she returned to her loft.

    “This Senior Sister Wang really generous.” After Wang Yanran had left, Xing Jue opened that box.

    Unexpectedly, this small box filled with ten Treasure Pill, and from those pill fragrances, this Treasure Pill rank certainly not low.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, tomorrow is the Hunting Competition, you must take it seriously, don’t put aside our Imperial Wind Pavilion people.” At this time, Hu Bin who stood all the time walked toward Xing Jue with sarcastically said.

    “Senior Brother Hu Bin, I don’t need you to look after my things, you better take care your own business.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and immediately replied. Didn’t see Hu Bin make what kind expression, he walked toward his loft.

    “Humph! Allow you to be arrogant, tomorrow I will make you see.” Saw Xing Jue ignored him, Hu Bin became angrier, then looked at Xing Jue departed back and ruthlessly said.

  • Book 5 Chapter 73 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Hunting Competition Begin

    The next morning, when the dawn breakthrough layer of clouds, until reached this mountain range, in front of the city gate, twenty disciples of four big forces, stand there with an excited face.

    “Hunting Competition rules are as follows.”

    “According to Sovereign lower rank Demon Beast, Primary level Demon Beast one point, intermediate Demon Beast four points, Advance Level Demon Beast fifteen points.”

    “Every Demon Beast that disciples hunt and kill will be kept inside their Storage Bracelet.”

    “After ten days, come back here. Sort position according to the total score of every Force.”

    That Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, stand in front of the city gate and said toward twenty disciples who neatly stands in front of him.

    “Elder, what points is God Rank Demon Beast have?” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly started to ask.

    “God Rank Demon Beast? Haha, what a joke, if you encounter God Rank Demon Beast you should run away.” Didn’t need to wait for that Elder to speak, a Netherworld Palace disciple laughed and said.

    And his words, caused everybody to laugh. In their eyes, God Rank Demon Beast is invincible.

    “God Rank Demon Beast five hundred points” At this time, Imperial Wind Pavilion's Inner Court Great Elder, smiled and said toward Xing Jue.

    “Five hundred points? Oh my God!”

    “Five hundred points. Doesn’t that means if you can hunt and kill God Rank Demon Beast, then you can get the first position.”

    After hearing Great Elder words, every disciple was shocked.

    However, think about it, each people on the scene know, their hope to successfully kill God Rank Demon Beast is almost zero.

    “Well, is anybody else have any question?” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder asked again. All disciples said that they didn’t have any question.

    “In that case, I announce Hunting Competition now begin.” Saw that everyone wes ready, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder loudly announced.

    “…Whiz whiz whiz whiz...”

    And after his voice fall, that twenty disciples appeared like the arrow released from its bow, at the same time they get into the jungle.

    “Elder Luo, your Inner Court disciple very interesting.”

    “With his Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, he won’t really challenge God Rank Demon Beast right?”

    “Hahaha” After every disciple left, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said toward Inner Court Great Elder with mocked.

    “Twenty years ago, your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples could kill God Rank Demon Beast.”

    “After twenty years, my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple couldn’t do the same thing?” And Inner Court Great Elder took a glance toward him and said, his figure turned, then walked toward the city.

    “Humph! What a joke, it’s too ridiculous.” After heard Inner Court Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder loudly said, as if he listened to a hilarious joke.

    After Inner Court Great Elder returned to the loft, then came to the balcony in the loft, looked at the direction where Xing Jue and all went, said in a low voice: “Xing Jue, you must not do something stupid.”

    Although just now Great Elder said something like that, but he also knows that with Xing Jue strength, he is not God Rank Demon Beast opponent.

    However, with Xing Jue character, if he really encounters God Rank Demon Beast, perhaps he will really attack it. Therefore, at this moment Inner Court Great Elder somewhat worried.

    At this moment inside Demon Beast Mountain range, several figures extremely fast runs, just like thunder falls in the jungle, incredibly fast flashed.

    “Whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz, whiz”

    Suddenly that five purple figures were stopped in this vast forest, and this is Imperial Wind Pavilion Xing Jue and the other people.

    “Hehe, listen everybody, should we choose a leader among five of us?” Hu Bin grins and said to the crowd.

    “Leader? Did I ever say that I would hunt together with you?” Zhao Yue coldly stared at him, curled her lip and said.

    “What do you mean? Do you want to hunt alone?” Hu Bin didn’t understand and asked.

    “Most of Demon Beast in this Demon Beast mountain range is Sovereign Rank, and commonly primary rank, and a lot of Intermediate Rank Demon Beast.

    “If five of us hunt together, it’s just a waste of time, on the opposite, if we separately hunt, the result even better.”

    “You don't understand such a simple thing?” Zhao Yue glance at him and slowly said. Then her figure flash and get into the nearby jungle.

    “Hehe, Senior Brother Hu Bin, I think so too.” Gao Hao mischievously laughed, then immediately get into the jungle.

    “Whiz” Ma Qiang also follow and get into the jungle.

    After that only Hu Bin and Xing Jue two people remained, saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly not go away, Hu Bin cast a hostile expression toward Xing Jue.

    Earlier, he already didn’t like Xing Jue, and now there's a good chance, he really wants to teach Xing Jue a lesson.

    “What? Do you want to compete with me for leader position?” Xing Jue has cast him a glance, then laughed.

    “You fight with me. I just want to know, in the end, what kind of arrogance did you have” Hu Bin coldly said.

    “Oh? Then come and try” Xing Jue didn’t approve it and laughed.

    “Then I will help you” Hu Bin loudly shouted, then his figure moved, then change into a purple shadow, and violently moved toward Xing Jue.

    Facing Hu Bin that incredibly fast moves toward him, Xing Jue sneers, his five fingers grip, and punched it toward Hu Bin, at the same time tyrannical Martial Qi rush forth.


    Just one hit, Hu Bin blew far away by Xing Jue and finally hit a big tree. Then looked toward Xing Jue with an incredible face.

    Actually, his act just now was careless, but he never imagined that he, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign strength surprisingly hit by Xing Jue.

    “Humph!” However, after he felt there were nothing serious with his body, Hu Bin coldly snorts, then once again prepare to attack Xing Jue.

    “If I didn’t afraid that you will drag us behind, I already cripple you with that fist just now.” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly said with a cold voice.

    Hu Bin surprised for a moment because of Xing Jue words and stopped his body that already prepared to move forward.

    Saw Hu Bin seems to be afraid, Xing Jue figure flash and jump into the jungle.

    And left behind Hu Bin who looked afraid, because he felt that Xing Jue didn't lie.

    Although a moment ago, he was careless, but Xing Jue strike can blow him, it shows that Xing Jue has extraordinary strength. Moreover, if Xing Jue wanted to injure him, with one hit, he wouldn't look like this.

    At this moment, Hu Bin convinced that Xing Jue easily defeated Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Hu.

    When these twenty disciples went into the Demon Beast mountain range, they started to send out explosion sounds and Demon Beasts wail sound.

    And when some Demon Beast heard this sound, they are frightened and running away.

    So in short, it’s impossible to hunt and kill a lot of Demon Beast. There was already no other Demon Beast in this area, if they want to continue killing demon beast, they must find them at the deeper location.


    With a loud sound, at the deep in the jungle, a robust and muscular body Sovereign Rank Intermediate level Demon Beast, weakly collapsed on the ground. And in front of his body stand a handsome youth wear a purple robe. Naturally, this is Xing Jue.

    After half-day hunting, Xing Jue successful killed three Sovereign Rank Intermediate level Demon Beast. Since after each time successfully killed Demon Beast, it will be tough for him to look for another Demon Beast. Therefore, every time Xing Jue met Sovereign Rank Primary level Demon Beast, he directly passes over, and only after his encounter Sovereign Rank intermediate level Demon Beast, he will attack.

    However, after these three encounters, Xing Jue also found out that Demon Beasts in this Demon Beast mountain range are tough, speaking about its powerful body, this Intermediate Rank Demon Beast more powerful than Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    “It seems that this hunting ground is difficult” Heard the constant attack sound far away, and Demon Beast whining sound, Xing Jue anxiously said.

    This time Hunting Competition, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples are: Three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    Netherworld Palace disciples are: Five Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are: one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, four Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples are: Three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, two Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.

    However, talking about actual battle efficiency, Xing Jue can reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.

    This way can it can be calculated, Imperial Wind Pavilion are, one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, three Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, and one Primary Rank Martial Sovereign.

    Under normal hunting condition, Imperial Wind Pavilion actually can keep the second position.

    However, this time Xing Jue goal, not second position, rather first position.

    However, Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is incredibly powerful. Therefore, it's difficult for Xing Jue to take the first position.

    “It seems, I can only use all of my strength.” Xing Jue estimated all of the various forces strengths and slowly said.

    Immediately he thought to moving, round and round strong winds revolved around his body, step ahead, his whole body like lightning moved toward the deep mountain range.

    And under this speed, after an hour run in hurried, there are two Intermediate Demon Beast nearby Xing Jue, but Xing Jue didn’t stop his footsteps.

    Because Xing Jue already made a decision, that is to give up the Primary level and intermediate Demon Beasts, and directly hunt and kill Advance Level Demon Beast.

    Finally, after an hour continuously search, its body has three meters long, and two meters tall enormous bear appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes.

    This is Sovereign Rank Advanced level Demon Beast “Giant Bear Beast.”

    At this moment that Giant Bear Beast discovered Xing Jue, then its big mouth facing Xing Jue and sent out a big roar.

    With that Giant Bear Beast big roar, a tyrannical energy came out from its mouth, and finally launch it toward Xing Jue.

    Facing that tyrannical energy, Xing Jue does not dare to be careless, the right palm searches, his right hand moved, bright rays of light sent out from his palm, soon a tyrannical palm print light charge forward.


    Two energies collide each other, send out a deafening explosion sound.

    However, what made Xing Jue surprised was, the energy that Advanced Rank Demon Beast sent out, didn’t completely resolved, unexpectedly, it still have energy left to face Xing Jue attack.

    But in this distance, Xing Jue unable to dodge and finally severely hit him.

    “Bang” a hit, Xing Jue flies more than ten meters, Xing Jue fall on the ground.

    “Advanced level Demon Beast hard to deal with.” Felt the pain in his chest, Xing Jue helplessly said. Just a moment ago if Xing Jue didn’t use Soul Defend to protect his body, then now Xing Jue must be seriously injured.

    “Roar” At this moment, that Giant Bear Beast, already incredibly fast rushed toward Xing Jue, its fast speed, make Xing Jue surprised.

    “No way out, it seems I can only use that move.” Facing Advance Rank Demon Beast that incredibly fast moved, Xing Jue can feel, this Giant Bear Beast four claws, have terrifying strength.

    Then he closed both of his eyes, when both of his eyes open again, black color Soul Power storm out, finally like a flame twisting on Xing Jue body.

  • Book 5 Chapter 74 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Hero Saves A Beauty

    When that Advanced Demon Beast attack almost arrived, it starts to turn its Giant Bear claw, with a strong wind, it fiercely shot toward Xing Jue. Xing Jue can’t dodge and only can squat down.

    “Bang” Xing Jue was hit and ejected by that powerful strength to hundred meters and finally fall on the ground.

    But after his body fell to the ground, Xing Jue is slowly getting up, under a protection of that black colored soul, unexpectedly Xing Jue didn’t receive any injury.

    In fact, under this condition, Xing Jue is invincible, but he can only in this condition for a short time.

    At this time if this black soul didn’t suck into his body, then Soul Explosion strength will disappear.

    Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t hesitate and thought to move, round and round of Soul Power incredibly fast pours into his body, then Xing Jue strength instantly raised and finally reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.


    When it saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly fine, that Giant Bear Beast make a loud roar, then once again moved toward Xing Jue.

    But now, facing the Giant Bear Beast which moved toward him once again, Xing Jue didn’t feel afraid, his right palm grip, a black colored “Cut Soul Sword” condensed, at the same time, Xing Jue also used Storm Wind Technique.

    When everything is ready, Xing Jue figure flash and change into a black shadow and moved toward that Giant Bear Beast.


    With a muffled sound, Xing Jue passes through that Giant Bear Beast, at the same time a lot of red blood, incredibly fast come out from that Giant Bear Beast body.


    At the same time when Xing Jue falls to the ground, that Giant Bear Beast also loudly fall to the ground. At this moment the incomparable Giant Bear Beast before already dead.

    After Xing Jue killed Giant Bear Beast, he quickly took a Qi Replenish Treasure Pill into his mouth. After using Soul Explosion, he received a backlashed injury. So in order to have enough physical strength to continue the hunt and kill Demon Beast, Xing Jue can only depend on Treasure Pill to maintain his physical strength.

    However, although he used Replenish Qi Treasure Pill, but after Soul Explosion strength dissipated, Xing Jue still can feel waves of pain on his body, then he quickly sat down and use Soul Healing relieved his pain.

    After a moment used Soul Healing, Xing Jue's body finally gets better. Then he slowly stands up and looks at the Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples went, softly said: “Advanced Level Demon Beast really hard to deal with, I think even Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, also very difficult dealing with Advanced Rank Demon Beast.”

    After a few sighs, Xing Jue once again used Storm Wind Technique, then moved toward the deepest place in the jungle. In order to help Imperial Wind Pavilion get the first position, Xing Jue must use all of his strength.

    “Boom, boom, boom”

    When he is on the way, he used his Soul Power, Xing Jue often heard an explosion sound at the distant place, he even clearly heard some disciples dialogs, but this is not what Xing Jue wanted to investigate, he looks for Advance Rank Demon Beast trail.

    “All of you court death!”

    At this time, a woman loudly shouted and sent into Xing Jue mind.

    “Wang Yanran?” After heard that voice, Xing Jue quickly stopped his body, after silence for a moment, he changed his direction and incredibly fast run toward her voice.

    At this moment, inside Demon Beast mountain range forest, six people are standing, five of them are Netherworld Palace disciples, and they surrounded a beautiful woman wear a white robe. This woman is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village “Wang Yanran”.

    “Hehe, Junior Sister Yanran, hand over your Treasure Pill.”

    “If not several of us will start to hurt you.” A disciple who lead them laughed and said.

    In fact, they already followed Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples for a long time, after the competition started, they hid their aura and secretly following them, when they separate, they choose the best person in Refining Medicine technique Wang Yanran.

    “Humph! If you want to snatch my Treasure Pil, it depends, you have the ability or not.” Wang Yanran coldly snorts and stubbornly said.

    “In that case, don’t blame us being ruthless!”


    Saw Wang Yanran not willing to give up, that disciple suddenly shouted.

    And after he said his command, that several disciples start to attack together. Round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi moved toward Wang Yanran delicate body.

    “Humph!” Facing those incredibly fast Martial Qi, Wang Yanran coldly snorts, then both of her arms around her shoulders and extremely fast start to spin.

    While spins, her body started to send out a white Qi and formed layers of defense cover and wrapped her tightly.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang”

    With five attacks sounds, that five Netherworld Palace disciples joint attacks blocked by Wang Yanran.

    Saw their long range attacks ineffective, that five disciples figures jump into the air and advancing toward Wang Yanran. Meanwhile round and round of fierce attack, ruthlessly attack Wang Yanran.

    Facing five people attacks, Wang Yanran unable to escape, and fight against it desperately.

    Round and round of fierce fists, round kick, chopping palm, constantly attack Wang Yanran. She flashed and ignored her defense, using high-speed she moved back and forth among those five people.

    Although Wang Yanran strength already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, but obviously her actual combat wasn't strong, under these five Netherworld Palace disciples extremely cruel and merciless attacks, she finally made a mistake.

    And this mistake firmly grabs by that Netherworld Palace disciples, a fierce palm carried a strong Martial Qi, mercilessly hit Wang Yanran waist.


    A hit, Wang Yanran was hit to fly by this palm, and finally knocked against the big tree, at the same time she sprayed a mouthful blood, and her face became pale.

    “Hehe, I am really sorry to make the heavy attack.” The disciple who previously hit Wang Yanran said with a mean face.

    “Kill me if you can!” Wang Yanran coldly said, there is anger above her small pale face.

    “Junior Sister Yanran, why did you said that?”

    “Ah, since you insist on it, then I will do it as you hope.” That man pretends to be helpless said. Then his sleeve wave, a powerful Martial Qi incredibly fast move toward Wang Yanran.

    ”Humph!” Facing that extremely fast Martial Qi, Wang Yanran coldly snorts, then her sleeve wave, a tyrannical Martial Qi moved toward that man.


    Two Martial Qi collided and make a tyrannical energy ripples. But suddenly that energy ripples suddenly dispersed and ejected four sparkling energies palm prints. Naturally, this was sent out by that four disciples.

    Facing those extremely fast palm prints, Wang Yanran's face change. She can feel that Palm prints contain terrifying energies, those were probably extremely high Martial Skill.

    At this moment she didn’t have enough time to defend, she only helplessly looked at those four energies moved toward her. Without any choice, Wang Yanran slowly closed both of her eyes.

    “Bang” with a loud sound, Wang Yanran didn’t feel the pain that she expected, and strong winds blew on her body.

    “Several big men attacked a weak woman, all of you are shameless!” At this time, a sharp voice sounded in front of Wang Yanran.

    When she opened both of her eyes, Wang Yanran surprisingly found a teenager standing in front of her. Apparently, this youth blocked the attacks, and Wang Yanran recognized this teenager. This teenager is Xing Jue.

    “I thought who, it turns out Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” That Netherworld Palace disciple also recognized Xing Jue, then mockingly said. However, Xing Jue only showed a faint smile and did not pay any attention.

    “Boy, you better not interfere with our matters, otherwise do not blame us for being rude.” Saw Xing Jue blocked their attack, a disciple who leads them coldly said.

    “Oh, I must meddle with this matter.” Xing Jue faintly smiled and loudly speak.

    “Young fellow, it's you who courts death, do not blame us.” Saw Xing Jue determined to meddle with this matter, that Netherworld Palace disciple ruthlessly said.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, you are not their opponents, quickly run!” Saw that Netherworld Palace disciple wants to attack Xing Jue, Wang Yanran immediately urges him to leave. After all, even her an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign wasn’t that five people opponent. She does not believe that Xing Jue a Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, could fight that five people.

    “Don’t worry, Senior Sister Wang, I am here, no one will hurt you.” Xing Jue slowly turned his head and said with a smiled toward Wang Yanran.

    When Wang Yanran saw Xing Jue confidently smiled, her body trembled, didn’t know why an indescribable feeling welled up in her heart.

    “Court death!” Saw Xing Jue insist to obstruct that Netherworld Palace disciple finally got angry, then in one large stride, he makes vicious blows and ruthlessly attacked Xing Jue.

    But facing this vicious blows, Xing Jue body didn’t even moved, and let that disciple's attack to come.


    In one fist, not only Xing Jue didn’t injured, he didn’t even moved a half step, saw this scene, that Netherworld Palace disciple was surprised, his face instantly changes.

    “Your fist was too weak, I will let you see, what is called fist” Xing Juefaintlysmiled and said to that stunned disciple.

    His right arm immediately waved, a punchcontained of tyrannical Martial Qi, severely hit that disciple’s chest.


    When that disciple about to react, Xing Jue's fist already severely hit his chest. That disciple instantly sprays a mouthful blood, then his whole body like a broken kite, fly upside down, and finally severely hit on the ground, fainted.

    Facing this scene, that several Netherworld Palace disciples, even Wang Yanran also surprised, until a moment later, she slowly wakes up from that shock, then on her beautiful face, appeared a rare smiled.

    And that several Netherworld Palace disciples are not fools, at this moment naturally they also saw that Xing Jue strength is uncommon. Then instantly become cautious.

    “Lineup” Suddenly a disciple who leads Netherworld Palace disciples loudly shouted.

    Under his command, the other four disciples stand behind him, lineup into a straight line.

    And both of their hands started to emit a strong energy, finally touch the other disciple's back at the front, and with the touch of their palm, the strange energy from both of their arms, slowly get into the other person’s body.

    All three people are the same, only the disciple who stands at the front stand still, he closed both of his eyes, and at the same time, his strength started to rise, and finally reach Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level.

    After that disciple strength reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, the other three disciples behind him weakly collapsed on the ground.

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    Book 5 Chapter 75 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    The Best Partner

    “What a strange technique” When he saw Netherworld Palace disciple's strength instantly promote to Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue extremely shocked said.

    Although at this moment that disciple obtained strength, but compared to his Soul Explosion, it seems somewhat unstable.

    However, this kind of technique that can promote strength is incredibly terrifying. After all, they are Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, compared with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, the gap between that strength are very big, especially those who good in fighting to get this power, that person will become even more terrifying.

    And obviously that Netherworld Palace disciple is that kind of person, this was seen from his previous fight with Wang Yanran, but compared with Xing Jue he still a lot more worst.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue quickly run, leave me!” Wang Yanran loudly said.

    With her Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, at this moment naturally, she also felt that Netherworld Palace disciple strength change, therefore she felt so nervous.

    Xing Jue can defeat Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, this already makes her extremely shocked, but Xing Jue a Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, challenged an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, she didn't believe that Xing Jue would win.

    After all, the gap between their ranks is huge, that two levels simply against the heaven, at least she never heard anyone can do that. Therefore, at this moment she worried about Xing Jue safety.

    “Senior Sister Wang, relax.” Xing Jue turned his head and said. His handsome face fills with a confident smile.

    And don’t know why, when Wang Yanran saw Xing Jue confident smile, without reason her heart become free from anxiety, then without much talk, she takes out a Treasure Pill from her Storage Bracelet and put it into her mouth, prepare to support Xing Jue.

    “Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, isn't it? Unfortunately, that is not a threat to me.” After making Wang Yanran calm down, Xing Jue once again turned to Netherworld Palace disciple and said. His tone is full of disdain.

    Then he slowly closed both of his eyes, and when Xing Jue eyes open again, a powerful black soul surges out from his body, then instantly fills Xing Jue whole body like a burning flame, slowly rise Xing Jue body.

    Finally, Wang Yanran and that disciple shocking vision slowly rose and looked toward Xing Jue, Wang Yanran only stunned. It’s the first time she saw this powerful secret method, it’s amazing.

    Without end, Wang Yanran and that Netherworld Palace disciple looks toward Xing Jue with shocked, because he can feel how powerful that black substance on Xing Jue body.

    Facing that Netherworld Palace disciple astonished expression, Xing Jue faintly smiled, then he lightly shouted, that black Soul Power incredibly fast gets into his body, at the same time Xing Jue aura instantly rise and finally break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level. And at this moment his body that floats in the air slowly land on the ground.

    “Humph! Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, you think you can be my opponent?” After seeing Xing Jue aura finally stopped at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, that disciple felt relieved and sneered.

    When Xing Jue aura started to rise, he was really nervous, he afraid that Xing Jue aura will surpass him. And after he found out that Xing Jue aura stopped at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, he feels relieved, because he doesn’t feel that Xing Jue strength at Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign able to defeat him.

    “You come and try” Xing Jue slightly smiled and said with disdain.

    “Then I will help you” Saw Xing Jue underestimated him, that disciple became angrier. His figure moved, rushed like a thunder advancing toward Xing Jue and mercilessly punch him.

    “Give me a break” Facing that disciple powerful blow, Xing Jue step slightly stride, his right fist tightly grips, and immediately attack that disciple.

    “Bang” Two fists face each other, two people because of that powerful strength were shaken backward.

    “How is that possible?” Saw his own attacked unexpectedly equal with Xing Jue, that disciple said with shocked.

    And Xing Jue sneers, immediately round and round of strong winds came out, and his figure suddenly disappears, then instantly appeared in front of that disciple's body.

    At the same time ray of light palm, ruthlessly hit that disciple's chest.

    And this disciple never imagines that Xing Jue speed can suddenly rise, even he didn’t see his movement. When he found out where was Xing Jue it's already too late.


    Without a hitch, Xing Jue palm hit that disciple's chest.

    “Puchi” That man sprays a mouthful blood, then his body incredibly fast shots backward and severely hit a big tree then stopped.

    That powerful collision makes the big sturdy tree tremble several times, at this moment that disciple's face became pale, even his body start to shake, at the same time his strength extremely fast drop, and finally fell to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, his sight flash and fainted.

    “It turns out, the strength that obtained by that strange technique very unstable” Saw that fainted disciple, Xing Jue smile and said.

    Although Xing Jue hit just now was very powerful, but with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, not enough to make him faint, and the reason that disciple fainted was because of that strange technique backlash.

    “Senior Sister Wang, how are you?” After defeating that disciple, Xing Jue eyes turn toward Wang Yanran, but at this time Wang Yanran looks at Xing Jue with shocked, her bewildered look somewhat adorable.

    “Er..., Junior Brother Xing Jue, thank you…” When she heard Xing Jue call, Wang Yanran suddenly awake, then quickly rushed toward Xing Jue and said thanks.

    “Haha, Senior Sister Wang was polite” Xing Jue showed a faint smile and said.

    “Right, Senior Sister Wang, what about the other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples? Why you are alone?” Soon after Xing Jue arrived at Wang Yanran side, he asked with a smile.


    “Isn’t Junior Brother Xing Jue also alone?” After hearing Xing Jue words, Wang Yanran surprised for a moment, her face becomes depressed, after silent for a moment, she smiles and replied.

    “Oh, hehe” Xing Jue also laughs. He knew that he speaks a wrong word. In fact, Xing Jue already guessed that Wang Yanran relationship and several other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples are bad, and didn't think about it too much, but right now he regrets it.

    “Oh” At this time, the strength that Xing Jue gain from Soul Explosion start to dissipate, and at the same time the backlash brought a painful feeling into his body.

    Xing Jue quickly took out one Replenish Qi Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, but it still can’t subside the painful feeling, he quickly sat down and prepared to use Soul Healing.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, try to eat this.” Upon seeing this Wang Yanran quickly take out a white Treasure Pill from her Storage Bracelet, handed it to Xing Jue and said.

    Without hesitate Xing Jue take the Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, but what made Xing Jue surprised was, after this Treasure Pill entered his stomach, that extremely painful backlash incredibly fast decrease, and finally disappear.

    “Senior Sister Wang, what Treasure Pill that you gave me? It’s amazing!” Xing Jue excitedly said to Wang Yanran.

    “Haha, this is Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill that I develop “Repair Pain Pill”, every physical pain that caused by anything, if take this “Repair Pain Pill” will instantly get better. ” Saw Xing Jue seems very interested to that Treasure Pill, Wang Yanran explained it in detailed.

    “Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill? No wonder there is such a powerful medicine.” After hearing Wang Yanran words, Xing Jue opened his mouth widely and said with astonishment.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, just now did you used a secret method that creates a backlash? I think it’s better if I give this several Repair Pain Pill to you, so in the future, you won’t suffer a painful feeling from that backlash.” Wang Yanran seems to see Xing Jue thoughts, then immediately said with a smile.

    During the speech, she takes out ten “Repair Pain Pill” from her Storage Bracelet and hands it over to Xing Jue.

    “This…How could that be, this Treasure Pill incredibly precious, I can’t accept it.” Xing Jue quickly refused it, although he really wants to accept, but this Treasure Pill is Black Rank high-grade, after all, it's an incredibly precious thing, in one breath she gave him ten pills, if this continues, he will owe a big favor.

    “If Junior Brother Xing Jue didn’t interfere, perhaps the Treasure Pill inside this Storage Bracelet, already snatched by those Netherworld Palace disciples, this return of favor, simply too small.” Wang Yanran quickly said.

    “Er...” After hearing what Wang Yanran said, Xing Jue a little bit hesitated, actually inside his heart Xing Jue want to accept these Treasure Pill, after all the backlashed that Soul Explosion create, require some time to treat, and this will delay his hunting progress.

    So if he has this “Repair Pain Pill”, Xing Jue next hunting will be easier, but Xing Jue feels somewhat embarrassed to accept it.

    “Senior Sister Wang, why don’t you hunt with me?” After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue looks toward Wang Yanran and said.

    “Hunting together?” And after Wang Yanran heard Xing Jue words, she also surprised for a moment, because she never heard the disciples of two different forces can hunt together.

    “Senior Sister Wang, to be honest with you, as long as I use the secret technique, I can kill Advanced Rank Demon Beast, but it is true as Senior Sister Wang said that if I used the secret technique, it could create a backlash.”

    “However, Senior Sister Wang “Repair Pain Pill” actually can disperse that backlash. As a result, my hunting speed will increase a lot, in addition to Senior Sister Wang Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, you and me together, our hunting efficiency will incredibly fast increase, and the prey that we obtain, can divide equally, what do you think Senior Sister Wang? ” Xing Jue slowly said.

    “Yes, as Junior Brother Xing Jue said, that you and I can hunt together.” After hearing Xing Jue word, Wang Yanran silent for a moment then answered with a smile.

    Although she is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, but her combat experience is too little, inside this Demon Beast mountain range, there is also a danger, but she also saw Xing Jue strength, therefore if she hunts with Xing Jue, she will be at ease.

    And after Wang Yanran agreed, Xing Jue excitedly laughed, with Wang Yanran Treasure Pill, Xing Jue hunting efficiency, will rise.

    “But” At this time, Wang Yanran said with hesitated.

    “What’s wrong?” Sees Wang Yanran hesitated look, Xing Jue nervously said. Afraid that Wang Yanran feels regret.

    “Just now, if Junior Brother Xing Jue didn’t rescue me, maybe I am unable to continue this Hunting Competition.”

    “Therefore the hunting prey can’t divide into half. I only want one-third, if Junior Brother Xing Jue doesn’t agree, then I only have to withdraw.” After silent for a moment, Wang Yanran smiled and said toward Xing Jue.

    “Er…, all right.” After hearing Wang Yanran words, Xing Jue surprised for a moment, then helplessly said with a smile.

    However, at this moment, Xing Jue impression toward Wang Yanran increased. Working together, but only receive three from ten as repayments, only a fool in this world who do this, and obviously Wang Yanran is not that kind of person, the reason why she does that, naturally she wants to repay Xing Jue.

    Saw Xing June agreed, Wang Yanran sweetly smiled, her beautiful smile even makes Xing Jue somewhat bewildered.

    Therefore, the best partner in this Hunting Competition made. Immediately that two people didn’t delay any more time, after a bit of recuperation, they start to move toward Demon Beast mountain range deeper place.

    And what make Xing Jue surprised was, with Treasure Pill support, Wang Yanran speed unexpectedly not less than his speed, so their hunt efficiency becomes quite terrifying. Xing Jue faintly smiled, he anticipated the next hunt.

  • Book 5 Chapter 76 [Sweep Away Inner Court]


    “Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi”

    With a loud shout, one Zhang (3.33 m) black sword Qi, like a black crescent moon, with burst of wind, incredibly fast moved toward a huge Advanced Rank Demon Beast.


    When Sword Qi across, a stream of blood splashed, when that blood falls on the ground, that Advanced Rank Demon Beast also loudly fall on the ground.

    “Hey, it’s another one” Xing Jue take that Demon Beast into his Storage Bracelet and said with a smile.

    “Catch!” At this time, Wang Yanran who not far away from Xing Jue took one white medicine pill and threw it to Xing Jue.

    But Xing Jue unexpectedly didn’t use his hand to take it, but directly open his mouth and chew it.

    Saw Xing Jue valuable appearance, Wang Yanran can't help but laugh, although only several days get along together with Xing Jue, Wang Yanran felt very happy.

    Six days already passed since the start of Hunting Competition, in these six days, Xing Jue and Wang Yanran work together, a total of thirty Advanced Rank Demon Beast, and ten Intermediate Rank Demon Beast, this kind of harvest is plentiful.

    But as time goes by, Xing Jue also found out that the Demon Beast in this mountain range is getting fewer and fewer. In two days they almost didn’t find any Advanced Rank Demon Beast, in desperation both of them start to hunt and kill Intermediate Rank Demon Beast.

    But until now, even Intermediate Rank Demon Beast is hard to find, it could be said that the Advanced Rank Demon Beast that they just killed was the first they found in two days.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, I think it’s time for us to go back.” Wang Yanran came at Xing Jue side and said with a smile.

    This time to search for Demon Beast, they continue to explore the deeper place on the mountain. Therefore, it caused their distance to the city getting more farther, not only Xing Jue two people, but the other disciples are also like that. So usually this is the time for all the people to return.

    “All right!” Xing Jue agreed and said. Then both of them move toward the city.

    “D*mn! If you dare, kill me!”

    Not far away after both of them went, Xing Jue suddenly stops. Xing Jue suddenly heard Zhao Yue voice, and she seems to be in trouble, but because of their distance too far, Xing Jue stopped, and focused his Soul Power toward that position, to ascertain.

    “Kill you, I'm afraid it's only dirtying my hand, otherwise killing you is easier than pinching an ant.”

    “Humph! Then you can’t take that Demon Beast from me!”

    “Elder Brother Zhu, stop talking rubbish with her, just directly take it.”

    As expected, after Xing Jue concentrated his Soul Power, he can hear Zhao Yue and the others conversation, and indeed at this moment, Zhao Yue is in trouble.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, what happened?” Saw Xing Jue suddenly stopped, Wang Yanran quickly asked.

    “Senior Sister Wang, its look like we can’t go back together, my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple is in trouble. I need to go over and help.” Xing Jue told the truth to Wang Yanran.

    “In that case, I will go with you.” Wang Yanran said.

    “Senior Sister Wang, you better not participate in this matter, the other side is Nangong Aristocratic Family people.” When Xing Jue saw Wang Yanran wanted to go, he immediately urged her not to go.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, you are wrong, so what if they are Nangong Aristocratic Family people.” After hearing Xing Jue words, Wang Yanran somewhat angry said.

    Xing Jue does not want to take Wang Yanran to go. After all the other side is Nangong Aristocratic Family people, regarding three big empires strongest forces, Xing Jue doesn’t want Wang Yanran to have any conflict with them, under Wang Yanran persistence, Xing Jue was forced to agree, immediately both of them incredibly fast moved toward Zhao Yue direction.

    Although the relationship between Xing Jue and Zhao Yue are not deep, but after all, they are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple. Therefore, Xing Jue will never allow others to bully Zhao Yue, especially Nangong Aristocratic Family people.

    But the distance between Xing Jue and Zhao Yue are dozens of miles, and at this moment she had a fierce fight with Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple. Speaking about real strength, Zhao Yue strength actually above Hu Bin, but she is not Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple opponent at all, in several rounds she already seriously injured.

    “Hu Hu Hu”

    At this moment, Zhao Yue face pale, she weakly lies on the ground, and at her side stood two enchanting females, these two people are Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, their strength was Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    And behind them stood a male disciple, his strength is Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, but at this moment that male disciple looked at Zhao Yue with sneers.

    “Are you hand it back or not?” One of the women fiercely said to Zhao Yue.

    “If you dare, kill me!” Zhao Yue stubbornly said.

    An hour ago, Zhao Yue and one of Nangong Aristocratic Family female disciples found an Intermediate Rank Demon Beast. However, after that Demon Beast killed, Zhao Yue was the first who took that Demon Beast into her Storage Bracelet.

    Naturally, that Nangong Aristocratic Family female disciple didn’t kill it, even she started to attack Zhao Yue, but unexpectedly she wasn’t Zhao Yue opponent. Therefore she sent out Communication Talisman, and then later two Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples caught up, that’s why this happens.

    “Humph! Court death!” Saw Zhao Yue refused to hand it over, that female disciple kicked Zhao Yue. But Zhao Yue, who didn’t have any strength left to fight back, spray a mouthful of blood, then weakly lie on the ground, cannot move.

    “Hand it over or not?” That woman asked again. Actually, at this time, she can directly take Zhao Yue Storage Bracelet, but she wants Zhao Yue to admit defeat.

    “You...are...dreaming...” Zhao Yue said with weak voice.

    Seeing this, that female disciple's heart became even more ruthless, her right fist grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi condensed into her fist, then fiercely against Zhao Yue.


    With a loud sound, those two women were shocked and fly upside down.

    Seeing that, the male disciple quickly catches that two women, then once again looked at Zhao Yue.

    At this moment the place where Zhao Yue is full of dust, inside the dust standing a faintly visible figure, after the dust gradually dispersed, a youth appears. Naturally, this is Xing Jue.

    “What a great Nangong Aristocratic Family, surprisingly start to do robbery business.” Xing Jue is standing in front of Zhao Yue, glance at that three disciples and said with contempt.

    At this time, Wang Yanran also moved, and quickly help Zhao Yue to get up, and put healing Treasure Pill into Zhao Yue mouth.

    “I thought who, it turns out the weakest boy of Imperial Wind Pavilion.”

    “Your Senior Sister snatched my Junior female prey. We just want it back” That male disciple glance at Xing Jue and slowly said.

    “Two people depend on skill to fight for Demon Beast, is this called snatched?” At this time, Zhao Yue injury gets better, immediately refuted.

    “Elder Brother Zhu, don’t talk nonsense with them, just directly teach them a lesson!” That girl who fought for that Demon Beast with Zhao Yue shouted with displeasure.

    “Yeah, that’s right!” That male disciple pretending to be helpless said, then looked at Xing Jue with a hostile look.

    But Xing Jue didn’t afraid, his five fingers tightly grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast start to condense.

    “So lively” When these two people ready to attack, a man’s voice suddenly sounds.

    Then two green figures like a ghost appeared in front of that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple.

    “Senior Brother Liu” After these two men appeared, that three disciples respectfully said.

    And the one who stood in the lead is the most outstanding Nangong Aristocratic Family “Liu Teng”.

    “Junior Brother Zhu, what's going on?” After Liu Teng appeared, the other disciple who thoughtless, asked that Zhu disciple.

    And that disciple said what happened in detailed.

    “Junior Sister Cui, your skill is inferior, is it necessary because of this matter you broke that Communication Talisman?” After hearing that disciple’s words, Liu Teng scolded that female disciple.

    “I'm sorry Senior Brother Liu, I was confused” That female disciple quickly respectfully replied, her words full of fear.

    “All right, time is running out. We need to go back as soon as possible.” Saw that female disciple admit her mistakes, Liu Teng didn't pursue anymore and prepared to leave.

    “Wait” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly spoke.

    “Junior Brother, is there something else?” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly said stop, Liu Teng looked at Xing Jue and said with a smile.

    “Your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, severely wounded my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, and wanted to leave without explanation, isn’t that wrong?” Xing Jue faintly smiled and slowly said.

    After hearing Xing Jue words, Liu Teng eyebrow wrinkle, but after silent for a moment, he turned around and said to that three disciples: “Apologized to Junior Sister Zhao.”

    After he had spoken, that three disciples, though unwilling, but didn’t dare to do anything. Therefore, they apologize to Zhao Yue.

    “By the way, Junior Brother Xing Jue, this time how does your Imperial Wind Pavilion harvest?” After that three people had apologized, Liu Teng said with a smile toward Xing Jue.

    “Naturally, it's quite plentiful” Xing Jue faintly smiled, disliking said.

    “Oh? He he, coincidentally, our harvest also a lot.”

    “I think a lot more than Junior Brother Xing Jue. It seems this year first place belong to my Nangong Aristocratic Family.” Liu Teng slightly smiled, and his words filled with sarcasm.

    After finish said that words, his figure flash and immediately move into the jungle and after coldly glance at Xing Jue that several other disciples also followed into the jungle.

    This Liu Teng, a hypocrite.” At this time, Wang Yanran arrived at Xing Jue side and slowly said.

    “Nah, I think Liu Teng is very a good person, much better than the others” At this time, Zhao Yue somewhat dissatisfied said, almost the same as her injury.

    “Hehe” Heard Zhao Yue words, Xing Jue helplessly shakes his head and smiled. This Zhao Yue views things not as good as the sinister Wang Yanran.

    Although on the surface Liu Teng is righteous, a reasonable manner, but Xing Jue felt that Liu Teng is the most dangerous.

    But a moment ago what Liu Teng said, actually touched Xing Jue, he can see from Liu Teng expression that he has confidence in this Hunting Competition.

    Apparently, this time their harvest is not few, and Liu Teng strength, although he is also Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, but Xing Jue feels that he should be more tyrannical. Otherwise, that several disciples wouldn’t be so afraid of him. When thinking about this, Xing Jue starts to worry about this Hunting Competition.

    After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue sleeve wave, nine Advanced Rank Demon Beast and three Intermediate Rank Demon Beast corpses, loudly fell on the ground.

    “Oh my God, so many Advanced Rank Demon Beast” Looking at this sudden Demon Beast’s corpse appearance, Zhao Yue said with shock.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue, what is this meaning?” Saw Xing Jue action, Wang Yanran confusedly asked.

    “Senior Sister Wang, you go back first with Senior Sister Zhao Yue, I have something to do.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and said.

    “What happened?” Wang Yanran continued to ask.

    “Hehe, about this matter, I ask Senior Sister Wang not to intervene.” Xing Jue said with a smile, his words has several points of pleading.


    “Here I still have three Repair pain pill, Junior Brother Xing Jue please take it, maybe it can be used.” Wang Yanran is so smart, naturally, she also knew what Xing Jue want to do, then slowly said to Xing Jue, and give that three Repair Pain Pill to Xing Jue.

    “Then thank you Senior Sister Wang.” Naturally, he didn't reject Wang Yanran good intention, after said goodbye, once again Xing Jue went toward the deeper place in the mountain range.

    As Wang Yanran thought, indeed Xing Jue prepared to hunt Demon Beast again, but Wang never thought that this time Xing Jue didn’t plan to kill Advance Rank Demon Beast, but God Rank Demon Beast.

  • Book 5 Chapter 77 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    God Rank Demon Beast

    Deep in the Demon Beast mountain range, Xing Jue appear like a powerful monkey, incredibly fast move in the jungle.

    However, on his handsome face, his usual calm smile change into a serious face. After all, Xing Jue goal is God Rank Demon Beast, that powerful Demon Beast that Xiao Qian had a confrontation with and hard to win. Therefore Xing Jue must carefully treat it with caution.

    Actually, when Xing Jue stepped into this mountain range deeper place, in one region, he felt a vague living existence, but regarding the quantity of that living being, and its strength, Xing Jue unable to sense it, but according to its strength, probably it God Rank Demon Beast.

    But, because of God Rank Demon Beast terrifying strength, Xing Jue didn’t dare to go forward to that region. However, at this moment, to get the first place in Hunting Competition, Xing Jue prepared to fight it.

    At this moment in Xing Jue mind, innumerable fighting plan rapidly flashes, but one by one discarded by Xing Jue. Xing Jue must have an absolute assurance fighting plan, otherwise facing that terrifying God Rank Demon Beast, Xing Jue will be killed.

    In the deep of Demon Beast mountain range, there is an exceptionally quiet jungle, within one hundred Li (0.5km) of this surrounding jungle, Demon Beast surprisingly quiet, even a low roar didn’t sound.

    And at the center of that jungle, there is a huge cave, and unexpectedly at that cave entrance has two Sovereign Rank Advance Level Demon Beast, lazily lying there, as if watching over something.

    “Bang” Suddenly, in the jungle not far away from that cave, a muffled sound sent out, and after hearing that muffled sound, that Advance Level Demon Beast, quickly get up, and carefully observed all directions.

    “Cuts Soul Sword”

    At this time, above that Demon Beast, a youth wielding a long black sword suddenly appeared, when that Demon Beast found out this youth, that black long sword already rise and with afterimage severely cut that demon beast head.


    With sword shadow flashes, that Demon Beast's blood came out, and that Demon Beast weakly fall on the ground. Then that youth did an attractive somersault and stood above that Demon Beast body. Naturally, this was Xing Jue.

    “Roar” Saw that scene, the other Advanced Rank Demon Beast, incredibly fast moved toward Xing Jue, but in one move Xing Jue figure actually moves toward that Demon Beast.

    At this time Xing Jue uses Storm Wind Technique, Soul Explosion, and Cut Soul Sword, three kinds of powerful skill set in one body, under this condition Xing Jue really powerful, but this powerful condition time extremely short, so Xing Jue must end the fight in short time.

    “Puchi” A muffled sound, that Advanced Rank Demon Beast fate was similar to that previous Demon Beast, after spraying a mouthful of blood, it weakly collapses on the ground.


    After that Demon Beast collapsed on the ground, Xing Jue strength extremely fast decreased, seeing that happened Xing Jue quickly throw one “Repair Pain Pill” into his mouth.

    At lightning speed, two Advanced Rank Demon Beast disposed, although this kind of method is fierce, but the price that Xing Jue must pay also huge, this can be seen after Soul Explosion condition removed.


    At this time, suddenly a thunderous roar sent out from that dark cave, at the same time a hurricane rush out from that cave.

    Saw that Xing Jue quickly use Storm Wind Technique, dodge to the back, and after that hurricane, a pair big red eyes like lantern appear from that dark cave.

    “Bold human dares to invade this deity territory!” At this time, a hoarse voice suddenly broke out from that cave, when people hear this voice they will feel afraid, although it talked human language, nobody believes that this word came out not from a human mouth.

    “Unexpectedly, this Demon Beast can speak” After this voice resounds, Xing Jue also surprised, then incredible said. Usually, some God Rank Demon Beast can talk, but that Demon Beast also extremely rare, this also describe how powerful this Demon Beast strength.

    Xing Jue shocked by this Demon Beast powerful strength. That God Rank Demon Beast slowly came out from that cave, and finally appear in front of Xing Jue eyes.

    Surprisingly, this is a red fox, but this fox body dozens of times larger than ordinary fox, it's body about ten meters length, and this fox has nine tails when that nine tails swing, it carries round and round strong winds. This is an extremely rare Demon Beast “Nine Tails Demon Fox”.

    “Little rascal, did you killed two my subordinates?” After that Nine Tails Demon Fox come out, first, it sized up Xing Jue, then somewhat doubtful asked.

    “They are in the way. My goal is you!” Xing Jue faintly smiled curl his lip and said, his words very provocative.

    “Ignorant little rascal, just you? I think you used some special spell.” Heard Xing Jue words, that Nine Tail Demon Fox cast a disdain glance toward Xing Jue, it didn’t believe that Xing Jue relies on his strength can extremely fast kill two Advance Rank Demon Beasts.


    “Biting Wind Palm”

    Seeing that, Xing Jue didn’t talk nonsense anymore, coldly snort, two bright rays of light instantly condensed on both of his palms, then shot it to that Nine Tails Demon Fox, two bright light palm print, incredibly fast moved toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox.

    “Bang” “Bang”

    But facing that two Biting Wind Palm, Nine Tails Demon Fox opens its mouth, that two rays of light directly swallow into its mouth and immediately its mouth closed, two muffled sounds, sound out from its mouth, at the same time a blue smoke slowly came out from the corner of its mouth.

    “What a weak Martial Skill” Nine Tails Demon Fox smack its lips, its face without expression.

    At this moment Xing Jue also surprised, although his Biting Wind Palm a bit too weak for God Rank Demon Beast, but not as bad as swallowed by it raw.

    However, Xing Jue didn’t discourage, and both of his palm spreads out, two flames rose in his hand, immediately both of his palms into contact, then a fireball incredibly fast condensed and revolve.

    Saw fireball in Xing Jue hand, that Nine Tails Demon Fox's corner mouth lift, looked at Xing Jue like juggling clown.

    “Dragon Flame Bomb”

    A sudden shouted, the fireball in Xing Jue hand changed into a sturdy dragon, extremely fast move toward Nine Tails Demon Fox, when fire dragon rushes forth, it sends out an even more gorgeous spark, it’s power actually not weak.


    However, what makes Xing Jue shocked is, when that fire dragon will hit, that Nine Tails Demon Fox's claws lightly wave, that fire dragon instantly explode, a powerful energy ripple incredibly fast spread. However, the energy ripples that spread, Nine Tails Demon Fox is actually appeared like enjoying a breeze.


    When Xing Jue saw this scene, he almost sprays a mouthful blood, this Nine Tails Demon Fox is too strong, at this moment Xing Jue felt this Nine Tails Demon Fox in front of his eyes a lot stronger than the previous Black Horn Wolf in Ancient Mountain Range.

    “Demon Fox Excellency, you are really ferocious. Today younger generation can experience Excellency power, and it’s worthwhile. But younger generation still has something to do today, in that case, I won’t disturb your Excellency rest and said goodbye” At this time, Xing Jue cups his hand in front of his chest toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox, then respectfully said. After saying that, he quickly turned his body, start to take a big step forward and prepare to run away.


    Saw Xing Jue want to run, that Nine Tails Demon Fox open its mouth widely, round and round tyrannical strength extremely fast condensed, finally a black energy form and continuously rotated in its mouth, and from inside, that energy sent out extremely frightening Qi.

    “Bang” With a muffled sound, that energy form like a meteor shooting across the sky, incredibly fast moved toward Xing Jue. Looked at that high-speed energy form, Xing Jue also able to feel, how terrifying that energy contains.

    However, at this moment Xing Jue slowly closed both of his eyes, at the same time his Soul Power increased to its limit when he senses that black energy form about to hit him, he suddenly opens both of his eyes.


    That Energy form successfully hit Xing Jue body, with a loud sound, that energy form extremely fast spread, finally it expanded into a giant energy sphere, inside the sphere a terrifying energy incredibly fast rushed out, after a while, it gradually dissipated.

    After that energy completely dissipated, Xing Jue's body appeared, but right now Xing Jue did not have any breath as if dead.

    “Humph! Overconfident little rascal” Saw Xing Jue was killed by it, that Demon Fox laughs and said with a hoarse voice.

    Then it slowly starts to walk toward Xing Jue, after arriving in front of Xing Jue body, that Nine Tails Demon Fox smelled Xing Jue with its giant nose and then said: “For a long time I haven't tasted a human flavor.”

    After satisfied with Xing Jue smell, that Nine Tails Demon Fox open its mouth that entirely covers with a sharp tooth, prepares to swallow Xing Jue into its stomach.

    At this moment, both of Xing Jue eyes suddenly opened, at the same time round and round strong winds extremely fast gather on his body, a black Cut Soul Sword incredibly fast condensed on his right hand, that sword almost stab that “Nine Tails Demon Fox”.

    Actually Xing Jue previous act, completely deliberated. He intentionally pretended to be powerless, to let that Nine Tails Demon Fox guard down, and when that Nine Tails Demon Fox attacked, in a flash he used “Soul Explosion” and his body instantly becomes a tyrant to defend from its attack. At the same time, while its attack gradually vanished, he sucked the Soul Explosion strength into his body.

    And he used his formidable soul to suppress his aura, to make that Nine Tails Demon Fox thinks that he already died, afterward, when he makes that attacked that Nine Tails Demon Fox in a defenseless condition.

    After all, Xing Jue knew how powerful God Rank Demon Beast, if he confronts it head on, there is no hope for Xing Jue to win. Therefore, Xing Jue can only use a trick, only in this way he could have a chance to defeat God Rank Demon Beast.

    And facing Xing Jue sudden attack, that Nine Tails Demon Fox expression change. But this Nine Tails Demon Fox not ordinary, although under that distance, that Nine Tails Demon Fox relied on its strength and in lightning speed it escaped from Xing Jue attack.

    “Humph!” Saw Nine Tails Demon Fox escape from his attack, Xing Jue didn't get nervous and coldly snort, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast start to pour into Cut Soul Sword. Then wave it toward Nine Tails Demon Fox.

    One zhang (3.33 m) black sword Qi, with an afterimage, incredibly fast moved toward Nine Tails Demon Fox, in such distance, and a large area attack, Xing Jue doesn't believe that Nine Tails Demon Fox can dodge.

    Actually, Xing Jue makes a bet, he bet that Nine Tails Demon Fox unable to dodge his attack, if he won, the result naturally needless to be said, but if lost, Xing Jue will lose his life.



    And as Xing Jue guessed, that Nine Tails Demon Fox unable to dodge his sword Qi, with a loud sound, that sword Qi successful hit that Demon Fox's body, at the same time, tyrannical black energy ripples incredibly fast expand.

    Xing Jue backward repeatedly because of that strong energy ripples, after stopping his figure, Xing Jue anxiously look at the black energy that covered Nine Tails Demon Fox.

    Generally Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi is very sharp, as long as it’s successful hit the other party, then it could directly cut the opponent into a half, it should make sharp and clear muffled sound.

    After that previous loud sound, as well as that tyrannical energy ripples, Xing Jue sees it for the first time, on the other hand, this also explains that the Invincible Sword Qi successfully defended.

    As expected, after black energy gradually dispersed, that Nine Tails Demon Fox crimson eyes glared at Xing Jue, but at this moment apparently it also seriously injured, it can be seen from its body a large amount of blood continuously flow out.

    Looking at the furious Nine Tails Demon Fox, in his heart, Xing Jue starts to afraid, he know, this time he is really in danger.

    “Little rascal, I'm gonna rip you off!” At this time, Nine Tails Demon Fox thunderous roar suddenly sounded, it continuously echoes in this jungle.

  • Book 5 Chapter 78 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Father's Letter


    However, at this crucial moment, Xing Jue strength unexpectedly started to drop, in response, Xing Jue quickly takes out “Repair Pain Pill” and throw it into his mouth, prepares to use Soul Explosion again.


    But Nine Tails Demon Fox didn't give Xing Jue any chance, it moves, and its huge body changed into scarlet lightning, incredibly fast moving toward Xing Jue, its speed very fast, it runs bring a strong gust of winds, even several small grasses under its foot crushed.

    In a blink of eyes, Nine Tails Demon Fox moved in front of Xing Jue, it waves its sharp claws, with a sharp wind, ruthlessly hit Xing Jue.

    At this crucial moment, Xing Jue about to use Storm Wind Technique to escape, but suddenly he found out that he is unable to move. Unexpectedly Nine Tails Demon Fox poured a formidable pressure above its huge claws.

    “D*mn!” Facing that extremely quick claw, Xing Jue angrily said.

    These Nine Tails Demon Fox too cunning, unexpectedly, it put a powerful pressure on its claw, to put a restraint on Xing Jue’s move, this method is very vicious.



    With a muffled sound, Nine Tails Demon Fox's nail which is like a bayonet, severely penetrates Xing Jue body, at the same time a lot of dust fill the sky.


    With Demon Fox nail firmly nail on the ground, the powerful strength makes Xing Jue spray a mouthful of blood, his look became even paler make people scared.

    At this moment Xing Jue found out that he didn’t have the ability to resist Nine Tails Demon Fox, in front of absolute strength, he is too small and weak.

    A lot of blood continuously flows from Xing Jue’s wound. Xing Jue can feel that his blood gradually reduces, but when Xing Jue body gradually weaker, that hidden black Soul in the deep of his body start to arouse.

    Unexpectedly, it wants to break out from his body, and this strayed feeling Xing Jue once felt it when he met Strong Wind Monkey in practice pavilion.

    At that time this Soul Power had rescued him, think about this, Xing Jue opens all of his soul channels, to let that Soul Power gushed out.


    When Xing Jue unrestrained it, that black colored soul erupted like a volcano, rush out from inside Xing Jue body, and finally fiercely attack  Nine Tails Demon Fox.


    However, facing that tyrannical Soul Power, Nine Tails Demon Fox suddenly widely open his mouth, a loud roar, a similar tyrannical strength came out from its mouth, finally suppressed that black colored Soul Power.

    Watching his soul attack dissipating, Xing Jue found out that the Soul Power within his body not infinite, he uses too much Soul Explosion, it causes his Soul Power used, and this consumption caused his Soul Power to weaken.

    At this moment, Xing Jue finally felt the taste of death, and he knows that this time, he might die, this moment, he also starts to regret his carelessness.

    When challenging extremely formidable enemy, but didn't have enough strength, this is simply very ignorant behavior, if he can have another chance, without absolute assurance, Xing Jue won’t do this reckless thing.


    At this time, Xing Jue suddenly feels burning pain spread above his chest and became more and more violent. It's like a flame burning inside his body.

    This pain, even take the wound that Nine Tails Demon Fox cause by, and make Xing Jue can’t help to shout.

    Meanwhile, Xing Jue chest starts to send out a pale light, the light getting more and more bright and slowly flowing, and after the end of the flow, it forms a strange pattern.

    Looking at the light pattern on Xing Jue chest, Nine Tails Demon Fox will quickly pull out its nail that penetrated into Xing Jue's body, then slowly retreat backward, because it felt that light pattern is incredibly terrifying.


    Indeed, when that Nine Tails Demon Fox prepared to retreat, a bright cover spread out from Xing Jue's chest. That bright cover contains terrifying energy, and it makes Nine Tails Demon Fox's pupils shrink, didn’t think about it anymore, and incredibly fast starts to run away to a distant place.

    But that bright cover didn’t give Nine Tails Demon Fox any chance, that bright cover slightly shrink, and unexpectedly exploded.

    After that bright cover exploded, a devastating force extremely fast spread and this terrifying force condense into an enormous bright cover.

    And start to expand rapidly, in a blink of eyes it starts to swallow that Nine Tails Demon Fox, and where that bright cover goes, almost all objects vanish into thin air.

    “What a powerful strength” At this time, at a distance from that bright cover exploded, several thousand miles away in the city, Inner Court Great Elder suddenly sensed that bright cover's terrifying energy.

    His figure immediately flash and arrived above the city wall. Worriedly gazed toward the bright cover explosion direction.

    “Whiz, whiz, whiz”

    At this time, three Old figure also flash, land at Great Elder side, and naturally, these three are the three elders of other forces.

    “Buzz buzz buzz”

    At this time, in the deep place of Demon Beast mountain range, suddenly sent out a bright light

    When the light shine, the four elders brow tightly wrinkle, in this distance all of them can see the energy, how terrifying that attack if you are in it.

    “Powerful, too powerful” Looking at the bright light in that distant place, Netherworld Palace elder said with shocked.

    At this moment, the Inner Court Great Elder figure slightly moved, ready to go toward the place where the bright light was sent out.

    However, that nearby Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder stopped him, then said with a smile: “Inner Court Great Elder, I’m afraid it is not good to leave this place at this time.”

    And after hearing Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder words, Great Elder body trembles, then stopped his figure, while Hunting Competition occurs, to prevent cheating, elders are not allowed to leave this city.

    “Obviously the person who created the destruction wasn’t the people from our four big forces, inside three big empires appeared such a powerful person, shouldn't we go and check it out?” After silent for a moment, Inner Court Great Elder slowly said.

    “Elder Luo, I know your feeling, but if I don't wrongly guess, earlier the strength of those who make a move, at least at...”

    “Therefore, even we go, definitely not that person opponent, it's better to observe the situation calmly.”

    “I think that powerful person didn’t come for our weak disciples, otherwise, with his strength, with lightly move of his finger able to crush them, and didn’t need to launch that powerful attack.” At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder slowly said.

    Actually, he saw Inner Court Great Elder was worried about his disciples. But how could he not, that attack too tyrannical, even with their strengths, too far to be that person opponent, the gap is too big, let alone them, even among the four forces, perhaps no more than five people able to fight with that person.

    “Ah..” After hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words, Inner Court Great Elder helplessly sighed, indeed with his strength, he only takes risks if he meets that person, at this moment he can only hope wasn’t Xing Jue and the others who provoked that powerful person.

    When the elders of four forces think that a powerful person causes the attack, Xing Jue peacefully lies down at his previous position.

    But at this moment his previous injury that caused by Nine Tails Demon Fox unexpectedly healed didn’t even leave a scar behind. If not because a huge hole above his purple robe, other people won’t believe that Xing Jue has suffered a fatal attack.

    At the place where Xing Jue quietly lies down, it appears that he is beautifully sleeping, even if the gentle breeze blows his body, without any trace to awake.

    Maybe Xing Jue too tired, in these several days, to get a better result, Xing Jue almost didn’t have any time to rest, and at this moment, he finally can rest.

    Until a few hours later, Xing Jue's finger faintly trembled, then slowly opened both of his closed eyes, but when Xing Jue get up and looking at everything in front of him, his face instantly changes.

    Because at this moment Xing Jue alive in one piece, but in ten miles of plains the surface colors purple-black, and continuously emit a blue smoke.

    Ancient trees that exist before, and the mountains all disappeared, if he didn’t look toward the vast boundless mountain range, Xing Jue thinks that someone moved him.

    “Oh my God” Xing Jue can't help to be shocked, with a gasp of surprised said.

    Previously, he felt that his chest painfully burn, then flashes a dazzling ray of light in front of his eyes, and then fainted. And after he awoke, everything in front of him changed.

    “Is this?”

    At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly found out, in the air behind him, a few words unexpectedly floating, these fonts are dark green semi-transparent, just like a letter hang in the air

    After reading the content of this letter, his body stiff then started to tremble violently.

    Surprisingly, that letter was left behind by Xing Jue's father.

    “Son, when you see this letter, don’t be surprised, because this is a gift from your father, perhaps at this moment, you found out that you are not an orphan.”

    “I’m sorry, father can't stand at your side, look at you grow up. Instead, I sealed your soul and made you an ordinary person, but please don’t blame your father, because of particular reasons, I hope that you can have a normal life.”

    “At least, your life can be safe, you know, no matter what, to be alive is fine.”

    “Actually, I don’t want you to see this letter because when you see this message, it means you must be met with deadly danger, and that is the last thing I want to see.”

    “But at this moment, if you met a number of incapable hostile enemy, and nowhere to take shelter, take this piece jade of pendant and go to East Imperial Wind Empire “Peaceful Village” and looked for a person named “Uncle Pan”, when he saw this jade pendant, he will help you.”

    “Because the rush of time, I can only tell you these much, do not look for me and your mother, do not blame your mother and me and don't ask Uncle Pan either, you just need to know that father and mother are deeply love you.”

    “Wu.. Father!”

    Looked at that several words that floating in the air, Xing Jue eyes become wet, at this moment he finally understands why he still alive now, it turns out his father saved him. Xing Jue can felt from the words that his father left, and it can tell that his father cares about him very much.

    Xing Jue reads this letter over and over again. It’s like his father talked to him. From infant to mature Xing Jue never felt fatherly love, although Old Zhang is kind to him, but he merely looks Old Zhang as his grandfather, inside his heart, how much he wants his father and mother love.

    And at this moment, he finally felt the feeling of fatherly love, and it turns out this is so warm.


    At this time, those fonts start to change and getting more and more severe, afterward it changed into a green shadow and condensed in the center. Finally, it condensed into a green jade pendant and fell on the ground.

  • Book 5 Chapter 79 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Reverse Result

    Xing Jue quickly gets up and pick up that jade pendant...

    Then immediately regard it as a rare treasure, he keeps looking at the jade pendant on his hand, and this jade pendant indeed somewhat special, although it doesn’t have a gorgeous pattern, but if it carefully looks, inside the Jade there is a sparkling object slowly flowing, obviously this is a treasure.

    After look at it for a moment, Xing Jue carefully put it into his bosom, regarding this thing that his father leave, Xing Jue doesn’t want to put it in Storage Bracelet and want to bring it himself.

    “Peaceful Village, Uncle Pan, perhaps he knows something about Father's matter.” Xing Jue recalled the words that his father left for him, and said with a smile.

    At this moment Xing Jue made a decision that if he has a time he must visit Uncle Pan, maybe he can learn something about his parents.

    After sorting out his mind, Xing Jue ready to return to the city, although he didn’t successfully kill God Rank Demon Beast, but Xing Jue must rush back within the prescribed time limit.

    Even he can't get the first place in Hunting Competition, at least he must keep the second place, besides depending on his present harvest, Xing Jue thinks that he can’t obtain the first place.

    But when Xing Jue about to leave, a nearby pit, suddenly attracted Xing Jue attention, because suddenly that place flash a faint red light.

    Walk toward the light, Xing Jue surprisingly found out a red crystal light in a small pit, and Xing Jue feels a powerful Soul Power from inside that crystal.

    “Beast Soul! Oh my God, unexpectedly it is Beast Soul.” Looking at that red crystal, Xing Jue excitedly laughs.

    At that time, Old Feng gave Xing Jue a Beast Soul, although its shape somewhat different, but roughly almost same, and from that powerful Soul Power, Xing Jue dares to conclude that this is a Beast Soul.

    After carefully put this Beast Soul in his bosom, Xing Jue suspected from where this Beast Soul appears.

    This thing must be Nine Tails Demon Fox left behind, now that that powerful strength destroyed Nine Tails Demon Beast corpse. Instead, this Beast Soul is the best proof. Thus Xing Jue has the absolute assurance to obtain the first place for this Hunting Competition.

    Thinking about this, Xing Jue no longer hesitated, his figure rush toward the city.

    On day nine of Hunting Competition, the disciples of various forces already successfully return to the city, finally on day ten, beside Xing Jue, all the other participants already arrived.

    Now at the city square, nineteen disciples are neatly standing there, and the four elders majestically stand in front of them.

    However, at this moment Inner Court Great Elder face full of worried “Till this time, Xing Jue has not come back yet, did anything happened to him?”

    Not only Inner Court Great Elder, Wang Yanran and Zhao Yue also the extremely worried. After all, Xing Jue and they have a deep relationship.

    Especially Wang Yanran, she afraid that Xing Jue has an accident when he hunts Demon Beast. When she thought that Xing Jue probably had an accident, her white hands couldn’t help but clench.

    “Elder Luo, that disciple of your Imperial Wind Pavilion, won’t hunt God Rank Demon Beast right? Ha Ha” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said to Inner Court Great Elder with a laugh. His old face full of mockery.

    “Humph!” Great Elder cast a glance toward him and didn’t speak.

    “Xing Jue this bastard actually obstruct us.” At this moment Hu Bin whispered in a low voice.

    “Mind your own business, Junior Brother Xing Jue a lot stronger than you.” After hearing Hu Bin words, Zhao Yue angrily retorted. After all, Xing Jue has rescued her life, at this moment she has a good impression toward Xing Jue.

    “You... Humph!” Being said like this by Zhao Yue, Hu Bin terribly angry, coldly snort and no longer said a word, he found out that as long as he against Xing Jue, Zhao Yue definitely will come out to help.

    “All right, time is near, all various forces disciples, take out your hunting result.” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder said to the disciples below him.

    After his voice falls, various forces disciples handed over Demon Beast corpses, according to as he said.

    After going through a precise calculate, the scores of various forces listed.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion: 260 points

    Netherworld Palace: 280 points

    Hidden Medicine Mountain Village: 320 points

    Nangong Aristocratic Family: 850 points

    “Ai yoyo, Elder Luo, what happened with your Imperial Wind Pavilion?”

    “This year's achievement is too bad, and unexpectedly you got the last place.”

    After Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder had checked the score, he cast an evil smile and said, as if he obtains a valuable treasure and smiling from ear to ear.

    “Humph! My Imperial Wind Pavilion still have one disciple has not come back, how do you know?” Inner Court Great Elder glance at that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder and coldly said.

    “What? Could it be you think with his Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, he able to against heaven's will?” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder harshly said. He does not believe that Xing Jue strength can change anything.

    “Humph!” After hearing his words, Inner Court Great Elder coldly snort then turn his head and no longer pay any attention to him. Actually, Inner Court Great Elder also didn’t expect that Xing Jue can help Imperial Wind Pavilion to obtain the first position in Hunting Competition, but he thought that as long as he has Xing Jue, it's not a problem to keep second place.

    “Inner Palace Elder, the time will also end, it would be better for us to wait.” At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder suddenly help to say.

    After all, he had a very good impression toward Xing Jue, so naturally, he doesn't wish for Xing Jue to get disqualified because arrive late. Moreover, he didn’t want Netherworld Palace to get a big advantage from this.

    “All right” Hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder start to talk, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder reluctantly agreed and no longer said a word.

    Time passed, all of the people who cared about Xing Jue start to become anxious, and those who didn’t get along with Xing Jue, is rejoicing in other peoples misfortunes, some people looking forward to Xing Jue die in Demon Beast mountain range.

    “Yeah, Elder Luo, time is over, it's better to announce this Hunting Competition rank” At this time Netherworld Palace Elder suddenly speaks.

    This time their Netherworld Palace unexpectedly defeated by Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, but luckily the Imperial Wind Pavilion at the bottom place, so at this moment he didn’t want Xing Jue to come back after all this one person alone can provide a lot, then he couldn’t keep the third place.

    “Elder Luo, is not I don't give you Imperial Wind Pavilion any chance, but it is because of your Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple let everyone wait here for a long time.” After that Netherworld Palace elder opens his mouth, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder looked toward Elder Luo and mockingly said.

    “Alright” After silent for a moment, Elder Luo finally agreed, actually from the beginning he worried that Xing Jue is in a difficult situation, and now Xing Jue still not come back, he becomes even more agitated.

    So at this moment he can’t overthink and has to make them announce the result of this Hunting Competition quicker and then go to find Xing Jue.

    Although this result too humiliating, but Xing Jue security is more important.

    Saw Inner Court Great Elder helpless expression, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder proud of himself, then said with a smile: “I announce, the result of this Hunting Competition is...”

    “Wait…” But at this moment, a young voice loudly sounded from the city gate.

    Looked toward the voice, saw Xing Jue at outside the city gate slowly walk toward the city. When Inner Court Great Elder, Wang Yanran and the other saw Xing Jue, the uneasy inside their heart finally at ease.

    “I'm sorry everyone, I come back late, but I think I should not late right?” Xing Jue arrived at the square grinning toward the people and said.

    “Xing Jue, the result of Hunting Competition have been counted and only miss yours, quickly take out the prey that you obtained.” Inner Court Great Elder said toward Xing Jue with a smile.

    “En... okay” Xing Jue faintly smiled, then came to the middle of the crowd, he waves his sleeve, one Demon Beast corpse appeared, and after that Advanced Rank Demon Beast corpse fall, beside Wang Yanran, almost every person on the scene was dumbfounded, because this is too incredible.

    And there is a satisfied smile on Great Elder face, and start to feel glad that Xing Jue came, because Xing Jue gives him a big surprise. Looking at that Advanced Rank Demon Beast and Intermediate Rank Demon Beast corpses, Great Elder thought that to keep the second position not a problem.

    “Twenty four Advance Rank Demon Beast, ten Intermediate Rank Demon Beast, unexpectedly Xing Jue obtained 400 points.” At this moment, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder said with shock. Because of Xing Jue result unexpectedly above his Hidden Medicine Mountain Village overall result, indeed this is too strong.

    “Oh my God”

    Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words have caused everybody an uproar.

    Even Liu Teng from Nangong Aristocratic Family, seriously looked at Xing Jue, because unexpectedly Xing Jue personal achievement is above him.

    “It seems, my Imperial Wind Pavilion got the second place, and no one can take it away.” Inner Court Great Elder said with a satisfied smile.

    His proud eyes immediately went to that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, at this moment he wanted to see what he looks like, after saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder appearance, Great Elder can’t help but happily smile.

    Because at this moment that Nangong Aristocratic Family Great Elder, it may be said that he had a hideous face.

    Besides Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, that Netherworld Palace Elder is even more miserable, because his Netherworld Palace at the bottom place, obtained this result, when he returns to Netherworld Palace unavoidably he will receive a punishment.

    Compared with them, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder happily smiled, he didn’t care about the second place, what he cares about is that he can step Netherworld Palace underneath him, so at this moment he already happy that Xing Jue is able to get this result.

    “Inner Palace Elder, I think now you can announce the result.” Inner Court Great Elder gently touch his long beard and said toward that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder with a smile.

    After hearing Inner Court Great Elder words, that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder face tremble, and then with cold snort said: “In that case, I announced the result of this Hunting Competition.”

    “Report to all Elders. I still have a prey which has not taken out.” But when Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder prepares to announce the final result, Xing Jue actually said amazing words.

    “What?” And after hearing Xing Jue words, all the people looked at Xing Jue with an incredible look, Xing Jue result already abnormally, did he still haven't handed over all the prey?

  • Book 5 Chapter 80 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    First Place

    “Xing Jue, what prey did you still have?” Inner Court Great Elder asked with anticipation. Because at this moment he feels that Xing Jue will put out a very extraordinary thing.

    “May I ask all of the elders, if I didn’t bring back the corpse, but there is another proof, does it count?” Xing Jue faintly smiles, he didn’t answer the question. Instead, he asked.

    “Doesn’t have a corpse, if there is something that can prove the Demon Beast rank, then it can be count.” Inner Court Great Elder quickly said.

    “All right” Xing Jue faintly smile, then under the crowd’s fixed gaze, he slowly inserts his hand into his bosom clothes, and then slowly take out a thing.

    When his clenched palm opens, a sparkling red crystal appeared.

    “Beast Soul?” After seeing the Beast Soul in Xing Jue hand, Inner Court Great Elder is shocked and blurted out.

    And after hearing his words, almost all the people on the scene were like struck by lightning, instantly paralyzed.

    “This is Nine Tails Demon Fox Beast Soul, Xing Jue, did you kill the Nine Tails Demon Fox at the deepest Demon Beast mountain range?” After silent for a moment, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder said toward Xing Jue with a shocked face.

    And after hearing Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder words, the other three Elders look at Xing Jue with the same eyes.

    Because inside this Demon Beast mountain range, indeed, has one “Nine Tails Demon Fox”, and it was God Rank Primary Level Demon Beast, and already survived for hundred years in this Demon Beast mountain range.

    “En, indeed it was Nine Tails Demon Fox.” Xing Jue smiled, didn’t deny it and answered.

    And after hearing Xing Jue words, the four Elders sucked a cold air. They have a very deep impression toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox.

    Many years ago, that Nine Tails Demon Fox repeatedly attacked and killed several disciples of four big forces, to assure the safety of disciples, four big forces Elder jointly sent out to kill that Nine Tails Demon Fox.

    But then the four Elders, are these four who present here were irresolute, and that Nine Tails Demon Fox is extremely cunning, so it finally failed. And Nine Tails Demon Fox rushed to the deepest place of Demon Beast mountain range.

    Who could have thought that the four Great Elder can’t do anything toward that Nine Tails Demon Fox, but now it was defeated at Xing Jue hand, how can they not shocked.

    “Haha, good, good, good, really worthy as my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Suddenly Inner Court Great Elder loudly laugh. Actually, Xing Jue able to kill that Nine Tails Demon Fox can be viewed as an earthshaking matter, after all, Xing Jue current strength only at Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign.

    “Humph! What is your proof that you able to kill Nine Tails Demon Fox? Is someone secretly helping you?” At this moment suddenly the Great Elder of that Nangong Aristocratic Family asked with an unbelieved face.

    “Inner Palace Elder, what do you mean by that?” After hearing Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder words, Inner Pavilion Great Elder pointed at him and loudly shouted. His attitude seems like ready to attack.

    The always gentle Inner Court Great Elder have such a reaction, it makes the other three Elders surprised, it seems that this Elder regards Xing Jue somewhat special.

    “Xing Jue, did you kill this Nine Tails Demon Fox, nobody helps you?” At this time Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder also said toward Xing Jue.

    “I won’t hide it from all the Elders, actually my Master once left me a protective talisman spell, I used that spell to kill Nine Tails Demon Fox.” How smart is Xing Jue, he naturally knows that they will not easily believe him, so earlier he already thinking his proper response.

    “What spell can have such a big power? Can kill God Rank Demon Beast.” Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder once again said.

    “Inner Palace Elder, that year, when your Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple killed God Rank Demon Beast, didn’t she also used magical talisman? What's wrong? Your Nangong Aristocratic Family has a High Level spell, and my Imperial Wind Pavilion didn’t have it?” Saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder intend to make things difficult for Xing Jue, he immediately retorted, the wrath on his face undoubtedly showed.

    “You!” Heard Inner Court Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder shocked and became speechless. Indeed, in the past, his Nangong Aristocratic Family talented disciple, also relied on a spell to kill God Rank Demon Beast.

    However, facing God Rank Demon Beast, even if there is such a powerful spell, can successfully kill it, this is already a very extraordinary matter.

    After all, between Sovereign and God has one rank difference, if the disciple has a weak strength, he/she won't have any opportunity to defeat it, and unexpectedly Xing Jue able to do that, this is also explained how extraordinary Xing Jue.

    “What? Could it be that your Nangong Aristocratic Family cannot afford to lose?” Inner Court Great Elder sarcastically said.

    “Humph! You extremely underestimated my Nangong Aristocratic Family.” Being said that way by Inner Court Great Elder, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder coldly snort.

    Then slowly walked in front of numerous disciples, said: “I announced: The final result of this Hunting Competition, Imperial Wind Pavilion first, Nangong Aristocratic Family second, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village third, Netherworld Palace fourth.”

    After the result announced, that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder didn’t stay any longer, he waves his sleeve, turns around and then walks toward his Fast Hawk Beast.

    In response, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples also quickly follow, after that Fast Hawk Beast fly, Liu Teng cast an ill gaze toward Xing Jue, it seems at this moment he extremely hates Xing Jue.

    “Oh, Xing Jue! You are so strong” After Nangong Aristocratic Family person left, Imperial Wind Pavilion Gao Hao and Ma Qiang, excitedly run toward Xing Jue and loudly shout said.

    Then Wang Yanran, Zhao Yue, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples also come to congratulate, only Hu Bin didn’t have the nerve to come, after all, he didn’t get along with Xing Jue, but at this moment his face fills with an excited smile.

    No matter how bad he looked at Xing Jue, but this time Xing Jue indeed does something that made him admire, won the first place in Hunting Competition, this is the first time in several hundred years. As an Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, he also felt honored.

    After a short celebration, Imperial Wind Pavilion group also rides the Fast Hawk Beast and leave the city, rush toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    Inner Court Great Elder immediately send this good news to the Main Court through “Imperial Wind Command”, and after this news passed to the Main Court it started to make a big storm, after all, this is worthy to be celebrated.

    At the top of Floating Clouds Mountain, there is one huge peak, the huge peak thrust the cloud, like a ladder link to the heaven, stands between heavens and earth, and this mountain peak is famous in Floating Mountain. This mountain peak is well known as “Through the Heaven Peak”.

    "Through The Heaven Peak" has an extremely magnificent palace, under the palace, there is a large area sea of clouds, just like a fairy palace, floating on a sea of clouds, and this is Imperial Wind Pavilion, the highest level palace “Imperial Wind Palace”.

    At this moment inside this Imperial Wind Palace, four white hairs old men, respectively sit on the top seat of the main hall, and the aura of these four old men are fearfully strong, they are the Imperial Wind Pavilion core combat power, four from five Main Court Great Elder.

    Individually is Li Xiaohan Master, Main Court Second Elder, Elder Ji Shui.

    Main Court Third Elder, Elder Chi Huo.

    The Chief of Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder, Elder Lei Li.

    And the Chief of Martial Skill Pavilion Elder, Elder Qian Tu.

    “Because Inner Court Disciple Xing Jue obtains 900 points in this Hunting Competition, our Imperial Wind Pavilion gets the first place, this is the first time in several hundred years. What does everyone think a reward for Xing Jue?” Elder Ji Shui who sit at the seat of honor gently stroke his white beard and slowly said.

    “Only one year Xing Jue joins our Imperial Wind Pavilion, but he grows rapidly if he is given enough time, he definitely will become our Imperial Wind Pavilion top disciple, so I think this disciple, should directly get into Main Court, and provide the best training.” The Chief Elder of Martial Skill pavilion, Elder Qian Tu, slowly said.

    “Qian Tu, you didn’t understand our Imperial Wind Pavilion rule, if he wants to join Main Court he must do it with his strength, don’t break the rule.”

    “Even Li Xiaohan, the High-Rank Tai Sang Elder granddaughter, our Imperial Wind Pavilion hero's daughter, didn’t she also rely on her strength to enter the Main Court?” The Chief Elder of Law Enforcement Pavilion, Elder Lei Li suddenly rebutted said.

    “Then what did you refer to?” After hearing Elder Lei Li words, Qian Tu Elder cast a terrifying glance, then cast it toward Elder Lei Li, apparently felt displeased because his words refuted.

    “This time this child, indeed make a great honor. Therefore, I thought that we should give him our Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth Pavilion Martial Skill”. After Elder Lei Li silent for a moment, he slowly said.

    “Yes, this is also all right, but our Imperial Wind Pavilion have a lot of Earth pavilion Martial Skills, I wonder if everybody has any suggestion?” After hearing Elder Lei Li words, Old Shui also agreed said.

    “I think we should reward him “Imperial Wind Technique”.” At this time, Main Court Third Elder who didn’t speak for a long time, Elder Chi Huo, suddenly open his mouth and said.

    When heard Elder Chi Huo words, Elder Ji Shui frowned, then said: “Imperial Wind Technique practice difficulty is extremely high if we give it to Xing Jue, isn't it similar not give him a reward?”

    Originally “Imperial Wind Technique” is the highest level Martial Skill of Imperial Wind Pavilion, it’s created by Imperial Wind Pavilion first generation Pavilion Master, but it has extremely high practice difficulty. Now, even in this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion, only one person who can use that Imperial Wind Technique, and he was the Tai Sang Elder who always travels to the outside world.

    “That Xing Jue also not a friendly type, he has a bad name in the Inner Court, if we give his a powerful Martial Skill, unavoidably it will be used by him to deal with other disciples.”

    “Besides this child talent is good, he could successfully practice that Imperial Wind Technique, and so, isn't it rather a happy occasion for our Imperial Wind Pavilion.” Elder Chi Huo slightly smiles, but his smile has a difficult meaning.

    “What Elder Chi Huo said not wrong. I also agree to give Imperial Wind Technique to this child.” At this moment  Elder Lei Li also noded said.

    And after Elder Lei Li, Elder Qian Tu also nod agreed.

    “In that case, that “Imperial Wind Technique” will be given to Xing Jue” Although Elder Ji Shui is the Second Elder of this Main Court, but this four people status not too much different, therefore, these three agreed to one situation, without any choice he needs to agree.

    “But compared to Xing Jue matter, an important matter, who is that mysterious powerhouse at Demon Beast mountain range.” After Xing Jue matter had discussed, Elder Ji Shui said again. His eyes immediately swept all the people.

    After this words said, the other three Elders faces appeared a serious expression.

    After several days in hurried, Xing Jue and the others returned to Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    “Why are there so many people?” Xing Jue who sit on the Fast Hawk Beast looking at the dense crowd at the square below him, puzzled and said.

    And after seeing Xing Jue puzzled look, the Inner Court Great Elder who sitting at his side slightly smiled.

    After the Fast Hawk Beast land on the square, does not need for Xing Jue and the others to go down, over thousand of Inner Court disciples rushed toward Xing Jue and the others.

    Finally, raised Xing Jue and loudly cheering, at moment Xing Jue finally realized, it turns out their news that they obtain the first place in Hunting Competition, already spread to Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue already became Imperial Wind Pavilion hero, the object of worship for male disciples, and loved by female disciples.

    And regarding this so warmly welcome by this disciples, Xing Jue didn't say anything, and continuously thrown and asked the question by the people, he felt a little surprised.

    What made Xing Jue helpless was, unexpectedly some people wanted his signature. Especially those female disciples, they want to take Xing Jue to their mansion to be their guest. Finally Inner Court Great Elder unable to continue watching, he dismissed the crowd and saved Xing Jue.

    Dragged his tired body, Xing Jue set his mind and slowly walked toward his Xing Mansion.

    “Oh! Our Imperial Wind Pavilion big hero come back” At the same time, a wind chime voice, suddenly sounded from behind Xing Jue body.

    After hearing this voice, Xing Jue haggard face instantly changes become excited, then quickly turned and looked.

    And at this moment behind Xing Jue, a girl wearing golden pavilion robe, leaning against the nearby wall, a pair of bright and big eyes looking at Xing Jue, and above her white and lovely face, there is a charming smile.

  • Book 5 Chapter 81 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    The Temple of Essence

    “Xiao Han” Xing Jue excitedly shouted. Then walked with passion toward Li Xiaohan place, then hug Li Xiao Han soft body into his chest, and then excitedly spin her body.

    Li Xiao Han, who has a cute and helpless look, tightly grab Xing Jue, under Xing Jue spin, she appears like an elegant dancing butterfly, her beauty intoxicating.

    “Brother Xing Jue, did you break through to Martial Sovereign?” Above the peak of Floating Mountain, Li Xiao Han leans on Xing Jue shoulder, said with a smile.


    “Xiao Han, you practice in seclusion for one year, are you already break through to Martial God level?” Xing Jue turned his head and said toward Li Xiaohan.

    Because at this moment with Xing Jue powerful Soul Power, unexpectedly, he is unable to see through Li Xiaohan strength. Therefore, Xing Jue guessed that Li Xiaohan should be at Martial God level.

    “No, how can it be so easy” Li Xiao Han slightly smile and said.

    “Oh? Why not break through?” Xing Jue is somewhat puzzled asked. Logically speaking Li Xiaohan practice in seclusion, for breaks through to the Martial God level, since she has not broken through, why she go out.

    “Humph! Because I miss you” Li Xiaohan pout, said toward Xing Jue. Then her small white hands, pinch Xing Jue arm hard and shouted toward Xing Jue.


    Although Li Xiaohan pinch really painful, but Li Xiaohan words “Because I miss you” make Xing Jue heart happy.

    “Brother Xing Jue, actually, this time I went out to help someone.” Suddenly Li Xiao Han stood up, take her small hand at her back and said to Xing Jue with a smile.

    “What?” Xing Jue said with a shocked face.

    “Hehe, follow me” Saw Xing Jue doesn’t know the situation, Li Xiaohan make a delicate and lovely smile, then hold Xing Jue's hand, and run toward the peak of Floating Cloud Mountain.

    With these two people present strengths, running all the way, soon they arrived at Through the Heaven Peak, looking at that Through the Heaven Peak similar to the ladder to the Heaven, Xing Jue also feels a little bit amazed, then curiously said: “What is above this peak?”

    “Above the peak is Imperial Wind Pavilion highest palace “Imperial Wind Palace”.”

    At this moment an old man wearing a gray robe, silently appear at Xing Jue side, and this is the Main Court Second Elder, Elder Ji Shui.

    “Younger generation pay a respect to Old Shui” Unexpectedly saw Elder Ji Shui, Xing Jue bent his body and held his fist in front of his chest, and respectfully said.

    After all, the person in front of him is Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court Second Elder, and also Li Xiaohan Master, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to have slight neglecting toward him.

    “Disciple pay a respect to Master.” Li Xiaohan also imitates Xing Jue appearance, she naughtily laughs and said.

    “You this girl, saw your lover then forget your Master, unexpectedly you let this old man waiting this long.” After seeing Li Xiaohan grin cheekily, Elder Ji Shui coldly glance, then said with a smile.

    After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue also realized, that the person Xiao Han refers to is Elder Ji Shui.

    “Xing Jue, this time you make our Imperial Wind Pavilion get the first place in Hunting Competition, you make a great merit.”

    “After a discussion, we about to reward you an Earth pavilion Martial Skill.” Elder Ji Shui said and smiled toward Xing Jue.

    “Earth pavilion Martial Skill?” After hearing these words, Xing Jue immediately becomes excited, his current killer move “Cut Soul Sword” is Imperial Wind Pavilion Earth pavilion Martial Skill. Therefore Xing Jue is very sensitive to this words.

    “Right, this Martial Skill called “Imperial Wind Technique”, it is my Imperial Wind Pavilion highest rank Martial Skill, an Advance rank Martial Skill.” Saw Xing Jue excited look, Elder Ji Shui once again said with a smile.

    As expected, it's lifted Xing Jue ambition, and his face fills with anticipation.

    Saw Xing Jue face fill with anticipation, Elder Ji Shui smile and said again: “This imperial wind technique is our Imperial Wind Pavilion First Pavilion Master created, it's a movement Martial Skill.”

    “Practicing this Martial Skill, your speed will be like a strong wind, faintly visible, if it is cultivated to the utmost, you can be free from the earth restrictions and can walk in the air.” Saying until this, Elder Ji Shui sleeve wave, a round of twisting strong wind skill spell appears in front of his eyes.

    “Free from the Earth restriction, walk in the air?” After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue looks shocked.

    Walk in the air. It said that only the legendary War King could do that, and this Imperial Wind Technique unexpectedly has this ability, how could Xing Jue not shocked.

    “Let me” Saw Xing Jue excited look, Elder Ji Shui said with a smile, his sleeve wave, then the spell pasted above Xing Jue forehead, immediately a lot of practice methods extremely fast flow into Xing Jue mind.

    “Thank you Elder Ji Shui” And after all of that Imperial Wind Technique practice method transmitted into Xing Jue mind, Xing Jue respectfully a said toward Elder Ji Shui.

    “Hehe” But Elder Ji Shui faintly smiled, then put away that skill spell.

    “Er.., what happened Xiao Han?” After expressing gratitude toward Elder Ji Shui, Xing Jue quickly look toward Li Xiao Han, he thought that Li Xiaohan would be happy for him, but unexpectedly he found out that Li Xiao Han pout, her face look unwilling.

    “Brother Xing Jue, you were fooled” Saw Xing Jue ask her, Li Xiaohan curls her lips and said.

    And Xing Jue get even more confused by Li Xiao Han words, completely at loss.

    “Brother Xing Jue, this Imperial Wind Technique practice is very difficult, nowadays in Imperial Wind Pavilion, a lot of people practiced it, but no one succeeded” Saw Xing Jue didn’t understand her means, Li Xiao Han explained.

    Actually, Li Xiao Han also practiced this Imperial Wind Technique, but after learned it so hard, Li Xiao Han found out that this Imperial Wind Technique hard to practice, so she eventually gives up.

    “Ah... Heard Li Xiaohan says that Xing Jue suddenly realized. Then he immediately opened his mouth widely and looked toward Elder Ji Shui.

    “Er. Hehe”

    “You this girl” Saw Li Xiao Han unexpectedly take Xing Jue side, Elder Ji Shui helplessly said.

    “Okay, Imperial Wind Technique only one of the reward.”

    “Xing Jue, although Imperial Wind Technique is hard to practice, but it's not impossible to practice, our Imperial Wind Pavilion Most Exalted Elder, once successfully practiced.” Elder Ji Shui slowly said toward Xing Jue, during the talked his gaze went to Li Xiao Han.

    “Humph!” Li Xiao Han pout doesn’t pay any attention.

    “Perhaps, for now, this reward has more use for you.”Saw Li Xiao Han look like that, Elder Ji Shui helplessly shook his head, then his robe sleeve wave, a strange spell appears.

    This spell is extraordinary. Not only it has a small form, but it also has a star shape. However, above it continuously flashes a word, it tells Xing Jue, this is indeed a spell.

    And after Li Xiaohan saw this spell, her stiff small face, instantly change into happy, she immediately takes it and said to Elder Ji Shui: “Thank you, Master, in that case, I will take Brother Xing Jue and go.”

    After finished said the words, doesn’t need to wait for Elder Ji Shui answer, she pulls Xing Jue and start to run down the Floating Cloud Mountain.

    Saw Li Xiaohan like that, Elder Ji Shui helplessly shook his head again, and shout loudly toward Li Xiaohan and Xing Jue, who already run far away: “Only go to the first floor, don’t go to the second floor.”

    “Got it” And after that Li Xiaohan pleasant voice, drifted away.

    “Senior Brother, your vision seems fierce.”

    “If Xing Jue and Xiao Han were given the same practice treatment, maybe he's not worse than Xiao Han.” Looking at the direction where Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han disappeared, Elder Ji Shui stroke his long beard and laughing said.

    Floating Cloud Mountain, divided into front hill and rear hill, Imperial Wind Pavilion build at the front hill, but the back side of the mountain is quite stony, everywhere are steep cliffs, and waterfalls. However, it appears very magnificent.

    And at this moment at the side of a huge waterfall, a man and woman hold hands, run in hurried. Naturally, this is Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han.

    “Xiao Han, what is that?” After arriving at the side of the waterfall, Xing Jue cannot bear his curiosity and finally asked, looking at Li Xiaohan happy look, he also guessed that spell must be a good thing.

    “Brother Xing Jue, what do you think about Outer Court and Inner Court Practice Pavilion?” At this time, Li Xiaohan faintly smiles, didn’t answer the question.

    “Inner Court and Outer Court Practice Pavilion? Em.., not bad, what's wrong?” Xing Jue a bit puzzled answered.

    “Brother Xing Jue, that Inner Court and Outer Court Practice Pavilion, if compared with Main Court Practice Pavilion, is too shabby.” After hearing Xing Jue words, Li Xiaohan shakes her head said.


    Xing Jue felt a little bit speechless by Li Xiao Han words, at least Xing Jue felt that the practice space in practice pavilion is very incredible. However, he never sees this Main Court Practice Pavilion.

    “However, with this charm key, later Brother Xing Jue can practice together with me at Main Court Practice Pavilion.” Saw Xing Jue expression, Li Xiaohan sweetly smiled, her small hands extend then put that strange spell on Xing Jue hand.

    “Really?” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue said with surprise. Can practice at Main Court Practice Pavilion, Xing Jue anticipates that.

    However, in comparison can practice together with Li Xiaohan, made Xing Jue very happy.

    “Brother Xing Jue, follow me” Suddenly Li Xiao Han figure start to jump, turn into golden rays of light, jump into that waterfall.

    Saw Li Xiao Han unexpectedly get into the waterfall, Xing Jue felt somewhat puzzling, then faintly smile, take a large step, advancing toward that waterfall.

    “Puchi” With a sound of water splash, Xing Jue passes through that waterfall, and after Xing Jue open both of his eyes, he is deeply shocked by the scene of people in front of him.

    Because at this moment in front of Xing Jue's eyes appeared a huge enchantment vortex, this enchanting vortex has several dozen Zhang (3.33 m) high, like a star in the galaxy, bright starlight, and slowly flowing.

    “Brother Xing Jue, this is Main Court Practice Pavilion, but we used to call it “Temple of Essence”. After seeing Xing Jue comes, Li Xiaohan went to Xing Jue side and said with a smile.

  • Book 5 Chapter 82 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Martial Essence

    “Temple of Essence?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said. He couldn’t understand why the Practice Pavilion has such a strange name.

    “Brother Xing Jue, you know that practice needs Martial Qi, right? Because of a different rank, the refining of Martial Qi also different.”

    “For example a Martial Master, even if he practices Heavenly Rank Cultivation Technique, but his practice speed only faster than an average person.”

    “But his practice speed from beginning to end limited, that is because his rank is too low, unable to rapidly absorb the refined Martial Qi and change it into his strength.” Seems to see, Xing Jue didn’t understand, Li Xiao Han slowly said to Xing Jue.

    And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue suddenly enlightened, thought: “No wonder he always felt that every time he practices, he can absorb a lot of Martial Qi, but finally a lot of it flows away, it turns out that he hasn't thoroughly refined them.” At this moment Xing Jue somewhat admires Li Xiao Han, this girl really not simple.

    “Perhaps Brother Xing Jue does not know, Martial Qi that accumulated for many years will take a form, and the Martial Qi that condenses into a form is called “Martial Essence”.”

    “Martial Essence and Martial Qi are same, but Martial Essence energy is richer and easier to refine. Therefore, this Martial Essence could be said as a valuable thing in practice.” Li Xiaohan said again toward Xing Jue.

    “There's this kind of thing in this world.” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue face amazed. He never heard anything about Martial Essence before.

    “Could it be that here has Martial Essence?” However, after his amazed, Xing Jue suddenly react and immediately asked with anticipation.

    “Brother Xing Jue, you’re really smart.” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly so quickly responds, Li Xiaohan sweetly smiled.

    “However, Brother Xing Jue I must remind you, Martial Essence has wisdom, although it's wisdom not high, but it can launch an attack using Martial Qi. Its attack strength also different according to the rank, so when you enter this Temple of Essence, be sure not to be careless.” Li Xiao Han once again reminds him.

    “Yes, how amazing” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue surprised.

    “Okay, Brother Xing Jue, let’s go inside.” After explaining everything toward Xing Jue, Li Xiaohan pulls Xing Jue hand and walk toward that huge vortex.

    And after reaching the vortex boundary, Li Xiao Han wrist turn, the same enchanted key on Xing Jue hand appear, after pressing it to that vortex, she sucked inside.

    Seeing that, Xing Jue also imitates Li Xiao Han and insert his enchantment key into that vortex, When that enchantment key inserted, Xing Jue felt his body floating and surrounded by a powerful force. When his body is free, he inside a fantastic cave.

    The color of this wall cave is dark blue, and it also shines, like a bright gem, it's incredibly beautiful. Inside the cave, everywhere are crisscross passages, it seems a bit strange.

    “So beautiful” Looked at everything in front of him, Xing Jue said with amazement.

    “Hehe, Brother Xing Jue, this is not an ordinary gem, this is extremely rare dark blue hidden stone, and above these deep blue hidden stones, entrusted with powerful strength.”

    “Therefore, it can continuously absorb the unending stream of Martial Qi from the outside. Thus, it can condense into Martial Essence inside this temple. This is Our Imperial Wind Pavilion first-generation Pavilion Master masterpiece, and he is the strongest person in our Imperial Wind Pavilion history.” Li Xiaohan arrived at Xing Jue side, smiled and explain it to Xing Jue.

    “Oh, how amazing” And after hearing Li Xiaohan words, Xing Jue also starts to admire Imperial Wind Pavilion founder. Unexpectedly, he can make such a miraculous thing, the predecessor strength terribly strong.

    “Look! Brother Xing Jue, that is Martial Essence” At this moment Li Xiao Han suddenly pointed to not too far place, and said toward Xing Jue.

    And following the direction of Li Xiaohan finger, Xing Jue also found out that not far away, unexpectedly there is an object similar to a firefly. It's shining golden light body slowly floating, but the size of this light, bigger than a firefly, its size as big as a huge watermelon, and inside that light seems to have a strong Martial Qi slowly flow.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Xing Jue yells out, a bright palm print charge toward that “Martial Essence”.

    But at the same time, that Martial Essence seems to feel Xing Jue attack, surprisingly, it sent out Martial Qi from inside its body to counter that palm print light.

    But the Martial Qi is too weak compared with Xing Jue Biting Wind Palm. “Bang” a muffled sound, it was smashed by palm print light, afterward that palm print light ruthlessly attacks that Martial Essence body.

    “Buzz” With a buzzing sound, Martial Essence starts to break apart, then a treasure pill light form comes out. But there is no danger from this small light body.

    “Hey” Seeing that, Xing Jue figure jump, and directly caught that floating light body.

    “Brother Xing Jue, use it directly” Li Xiao Han smiled and said toward Xing Jue.

    “Amu” Under Xiao Han suggestion, Xing Jue also swallowed it down. And after that light body gets into his stomach, Xing Jue felt that incredibly rich Martial Qi start to spread in his body, and rapidly refined into his strength, at this moment, Xing Jue feels his strength has increased.

    “What a good thing!” After taking that Martial Essence, Xing Jue full of praise.

    “Brother Xing Jue, this is the first-floor temple, all of that is first rank Martial Essence, and because there are a lot of people who catch it, it's relatively rare, let’s us go to the second floor to find it.” Li Xiao Han slowly said to Xing Jue, then pull Xing Jue and walk toward the passage.

    “Er..” Regarding Xiaohan action, Xing Jue a bit speechless, he remembers that previously Elder Ji Shui had told them, not to go to the second floor, and Li Xiao Han also made a promised but at this moment...

    “Ah” Thinking about this, Xing Jue only helplessly sigh in his heart, at this moment he found out that this Li Xiao Han is a naughty girl, always make people worried.

    After walking down the passage for a while. Xing Jue found out that ahead of them there are two men wearing golden pavilion robe, and the strengths of these two disciples, actually at Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, obviously they are Main Court disciples.

    “Junior Sister Xiao Han, long time does not see” Just now, that two men also found out Xing Jue, one of them make a polite smile and greeted Li Xiao Han.

    But what made Xing Jue speechless is Li Xiao Han ignore him, treat him like air, directly walked pass them from the side.

    Saw this, that man’s brow tightly wrinkle, then turned their attention toward Xing Jue, slowly said: “This Junior Brother, seemingly not Main Court disciple right?”

    When Xing Jue prepares to answer, Li Xiao Han suddenly stopped her footsteps, then slowly turn her body, and coldly said: “Believe it or not if you speak a rubbish word again, I will make you recuperate in one year.”

    “Er..” After hearing Li Xiaohan words, that disciple face shrinks, then quickly turn around, walked to the other path with the other Main Court disciple.

    Saw that disciple left, Xing Jue a bit helpless, it seems Li Xiao Han has a fearful name at this Main Court.

    “All right, Brother Xing Jue, let’s go” After that two disciples left, Li Xiao Han suddenly smiled and said toward Xing Jue with a gentle and charming smile, act like a different person.

    And all the way walk, Xing Jue, and Li Xiao Han run into several Main Court disciples, and they were the same like the previous two disciples, mostly their strength at Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.

    Besides, after saw Li Xiao Han they couldn’t help to attracted toward her, then they cast a surprise eyes toward Xing Jue. Obviously, Xing Jue tattered purple pavilion clothing somewhat weird. However, perhaps because of Li Xiao Han, these people didn’t ask anything more.

    And after half an hour walking, Xing Jue found out, not far to the front appear a giant enchantment vortex, and at this moment in front of that vortex, standing three men and a woman. It looks like they prepare to enter the second floor.

    “Junior Sister Xiao Han” After seeing Li Xiao Han, that female disciple smiling and greet Li Xiao Han.

    “Senior Sister Feng” Li Xiao Han also smile and politely replied.

    “Is this Junior Brother Xing Jue?” At this time, Xing Jue also walked into that female sight, then smiled and said.

    “Yes, that is me.” Xing Jue also said with a smile. In his heart thinking, it seems he also had not small reputation inside this Main Court, no wonder at that time Elder Ji Shui specifically remind him.

    “Junior Brother Xing Jue actually can enter Temple of Essence. It seems that thanks to his relationship with Junior Sister Xiao Han.” At this time, a male disciple behind her said to Xing Jue with ill intentions.

    “Senior Brother Zhao, three years ago did you participated in Hunting Competition that four big forces held?” But when Xing Jue prepares to speak, he was stopped by Li Xiao Han, then said with a smiled toward that disciple.

    “Unexpectedly Junior Sister Xiao Han knew that year matter, talk about that, that year I alone get 250 points.” Saw Li Xiao Han suddenly so friendly to him. That man simply pleased with himself, and took the chance to publicizes his past success, when some disciples heard his words, they cast an admiring look at him.

    “Right, this year's Hunting Competition, does Junior Brother Xing Jue have the qualifications to participate?” Saw he attract some admiring eyes, that man even more proud, then changed the topic toward Xing Jue. Obviously, he wanted to give Xing Jue some difficulties.

    “250 points? Is this worth to show off?” At this time, Li Xiao Han attitude suddenly becomes cold, then loudly said: “This year's Hunting Competition, Brother Xing Jue alone obtained 900 points, and get the first place for our Imperial Wind Pavilion in history.”

    After hearing Li Xiaohan words, that several disciples shocked, their appearance looks like struck by lightning. First place? For several hundred years Imperial Wind Pavilion never get the first place, unexpectedly it was accomplished by Xing Jue now? Thinking about this, they feel that is very unthinkable.

    “As a result, Brother Xing Jue obtains Main Court reward, not only he receive Earth pavilion Martial Skill. He also allowed entering this place to practice, in this case, who must everyone praised?”

    When she said these words, Li Xiao Han deliberately enhances her tone, so the nearby disciples heard that, and immediately even more inconceivable eyes cast toward Xing Jue.

    Especially that male disciple, at this moment his expression extremely splendid, just like step on fec*s.

    “Xiao Han, not needs to explain too much for such people, we still need to go to practice.” At this time, Xing Jue came at Li Xiao Han side and said with a smile. Then under everybody vision, he pulled Li Xiao Han white hands and walking toward the second floor.

    Li Xiao Han small and exquisite appearance well behaved following at Xin Jue behind, then immediately walked into that vortex.

    Seeing this, everybody is surprised, unexpectedly the Main Court saintess, who always cold toward male disciple "Li Xiao Han”, unexpectedly has a gentle side. This is a huge attack for these male disciples.

  • Book 5 Chapter 83 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Li Xiao Han’s Strength

    After being wrapped by the formidable suck, suddenly his body free, the two of them entered the second level of Temple of Essence.


    But when they just entered the second level, Xing Jue not yet observe the surrounding environment, he felt a formidable strength, coming toward him.

    He looks up, as expected, a tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast approaching him.


    Xing Jue raises his hand, then use Bite Soul Palm attack and directly attack that tyrannical Martial Qi.

    And at this time, Xing Jue also found out unexpectedly the object which launches the attack is “Martial Essence”, but this “Martial Essence” build twice bigger than at the first level. Obviously, this should be the second level “Martial Essence”.

    “Buzz, buzz”

    At this time, that “Martial Essence” body suddenly dodges. Once again two Martial Qi move toward Xing Jue, saw that Xing Jue both legs spread open, making a horse stance style squat down, both of his arms hold, facing toward that Martial Qi direction, his palms incredibly fast make several attacks.

    “Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz”

    Xing Jue sent out several Biting Wind Palm, more than a dozen palm print light sent out at the same time, appear like a meteor shower, ruthlessly attack that Martial Essence, such power cannot see as not powerful.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang”

    But as soon as that more than a dozen palm print light, a few meters away from that Martial Essence, all of it suddenly start to explode, unable to resist.


    Saw that, Xing Jue coldly snorts, he already guessed that Biting Wind Palm unable pose any threat to this Martial Essence, and just a moment ago, more than a dozen Biting Wind Palm have confirmed Xing Jue opinion.

    However, Xing Jue already prepared, at this moment on Xing Jue both hands, a fireball contains a terrifying energy already condensed and take a form and extremely fast revolving, during the rotation, burst of spark dancing in the air.

    “Flame Dragon Bomb”

    A loud shout, that fireball instantly changed into a sturdy fire dragon, the spark fills the air, then moved toward that Martial Essence.


    Fire dragon hit the target, and instantly explode, the surrounding massive flame sent out burning hot high temperature, and incredibly fast start to fill the air, at this moment this hidden blue stone wall shining with fiery color.


    But after that sea of fire gradually vanished, Xing Jue's pupil became large, because at this moment that “Martial Essence” actually safe and sound. Just now Xing Jue's Fire Dragon Bomb indeed contain Soul Attack, this degree of attack even if Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign accidentally hit by it, will get a severe wound.

    And unexpectedly this Martial Essence unable to break, is it possible that this Martial Essence already reaches Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength?

    “Brother Xing Jue, second level “Martial Essence”, ten times stronger than the first level “Martial Essence”, its strength close to Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, so don’t be careless.” At this time, Li Xiao Han arrived at Xing Jue side, explained with a smiled.

    “In that case, I can’t remain hold my attack”

    After Li Xiao Han reminder, Xing Jue faintly smiled, soon after that a fierce wind similar to a very long massive wind, incredibly fast twisting on Xing Jue body.

    His right-hand grip, a black Cut Soul Sword extremely fast form in Xing Jue's hand, at the same time a terrifying strength also sent out from that sword.


    A muffled sound, Xing Jue's body similar to an arrow leaving the string, incredibly fast move toward that Martial Essence.

    “Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz”

    And at the same time, from inside that Martial Essence body, several tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast rush out like falling stone, smashed toward Xing Jue.

    However, regarding that several tyrannical Martial Qi, Xing Jue faintly smiled, he immediately speeds up, just like a meteor across the sky, incredibly fast travel forth and back among that several Martial Qi.

    “Brother Xing Jue, use various kinds of Martial Skill, you really reach the highest degree of perfection in skill.”

    Looking at Xing Jue strong figure, incredibly fast move back and forth toward that Martial Qi, but without any impact, Li Xiao Han full of praise.

    “Cut Soul Sword”

    At this time, Xing Jue already passes through that several Martial Qi blockade, and move toward that “Martial Essence” body.

    His figure jump, appear like a flood dragon came out from the water, jump above that “Martial Essence”, his right arm wave, Cut Soul Sword bring a black afterimage, ruthlessly chop down that “Martial Essence”.


    Under Cut Soul Sword powerful attack, finally, that Martial Essence didn't have any resistance. A muffled sound, at the same time a powerful light body appeared.

    Xing Jue's left arm wave and directly grab it, throw it into his mouth, at the same time, Xing Jue felt a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast started to spread in his body.

    And this moment it continuously refined, Xing Jue even feels that it's sufficient as his ten days hard work practice.

    “Wow, this second-level “Martial Essence”, can greatly help, if I can take several of that sphere out, and give it to Four Eyes and Xiao San, then that two kids, isn't both of them can rapidly breakthrough to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor?”

    After feeling the benefit of Martial Essence, Xing Jue remembered Four Eyes and Xiao San, that can be seen as Xing Jue younger brother, who he cares about.

    “Brother Xing Jue, as long as this Martial Essence leaves this Temple of Essence, it will instantaneously dissipate. Otherwise, I had sent it to you earlier, so in this way, you can practice hard.” Li Xiao Han arrived at Xing Jue side and said with a smile toward Xing Jue.

    “So that is how it is.” And after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue suddenly enlightened. With Li Xiao Han character, if this Martial Essence can be brought out, indeed she will send it to him.

    “Brother Xing Jue, practice here about two months or so, with your talent, probably it’s not difficult for you to breakthrough to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”

    Li Xiao Han went to the front of Xing Jue body, open her small hands and embrace one of Xing Jue arm, cute and helplessly against his shoulder. As long as thinking of that Xing Jue strength can rapidly grow, she beautifully smiles, compared with when her strength growth, she somewhat felt even happier.

    “Hehe” Xing Jue laughed foolishly, such a beautiful woman accompany him, let alone for two months, even for a lifetime, Xing Jue also willing.

    In the future every time Martial Sovereign raise one rank can be very difficult, as a matter of fact, it needs day and night hard work, it also requires extraordinary talent, and far surpassed ordinary person capability. Otherwise, even if you practice for a lifetime, you can’t go any further.

    And regarding attacking Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue feels that even with his talent, as well as the powerful Soul Devouring Secret Art Cultivation Technique, it will take at least one to two years.

    But here, every day takes an enormous amount of Martial Essence, it's possible to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign in two months.

    If he stays here for a year, Xing Jue even confident to attack Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, now Xing Jue finally understands why Li Xiao Han practice can be so fast. Under such superior condition, in addition, with her excellent talent, it’s not difficult.

    “Brother Xing Jue, let’s get started” After a few minutes learn against Xing Jue's shoulder, Li Xiaohan suddenly sweetly smile toward Xing Jue, then both of them excitedly walked into the deeper place of second level.

    “It shows up!”

    Just a moment not much far they leave, in front of Xing Jue, inside a quite spacious passage, appeared two second-level Martial Essence.


    With a sharp sound, Black Cut Soul Sword gripped tightly in Xing Jue's hand. His figure immediately jumps, then turn into a white shadow, incredibly fast advancing toward that two Martial Essence.

    Have just learned the lesson, regarding this second-level Martial Essence, Xing Jue didn’t dare to be slightly careless, not to mention this time appears two Martial Essence.


    At this time, that two Martial Essence also found out Xing Jue existence. Several powerful Martial Qi, crisscrossed each other, at first glance, it's similar to thin glittering dark clouds, put pressure to Xing Jue.

    However, in that situation, Xing Jue speed unable to be blocked, like a  quick monkey, incredibly fast move back and forth among that Martial Qi.

    “Bang, Bang,”

    With two muffled sounds, that two Martial Essence, end under Xing Jue's Cut Soul Sword, and two bright light bodies slowly appeared.

    “Buzz buzz buzzz buzz”

    When Xing Jue prepares to put that two light bodies into his pocket, suddenly from his front sounded a deafening sound. Look toward that sound, and Xing Jue stunned to find not far to the front, a huge strong Martial Qi, like rough waves that soar to the sky, bring earth shattering pressure toward Xing Jue.

    Facing the tyrannical Martial Qi, Xing Jue knew that he is unable to deal with it.

    “Wind Blow Away Cloud”

    At this critical moment, from behind Xing Jue suddenly sounded Li Xiao Han melodious voice.

    At the same time, ten Zhang (3.33 m) tall tornado, carrying waves of harsh wind, consistently takes as many as that huge Martial Qi. Unexpectedly, that situation didn't get the earth shattering large Martial Qi weaker.


    Both sides resist, not only it makes a loud sound, but it also starts to send tyrannical energy ripples.

    Saw that extremely fast energy ripples arrived, Xing Jue also feels somewhat problematic, his figure slightly side, and prepare to dodge.

    “Starlight Fill the Sky”

    But at this moment, a white hand, suddenly moves forward in front of Xing Jue, at the same time, that starlight starts to sprinkle from her palm, and finally form defense cover filled with starlight dust.

    “So beautiful”

    Look at the star in the sky, Xing Jue somewhat drunk with happiness, because it is too beautiful.


    The tyrannical energy ripples severely hit that defense cover, but the defense covers didn’t effected, just slightly tremble, then drifts down.

    Xing Jue cast a sidelong glance to the starlight, at this moment Li Xiao Han stand at his side, that drift down starlight fluttered above Li Xiao Han adorable face, she appeared like a fairy walk out from the heaven, outstandingly beautiful.

    “So strong”

    But looked at that beautiful like a fairy, Li Xiao Han, at this moment inside Xing Jue's heart outside this thought also grow another thought, that is “So strong”.

    Previously that terrifying “Wind Blow Away Cloud”, and now this powerful defense “Starlight Fill the Sky” obviously is High-Level Martial Skill, and the more High-Level Martial Skill, the more difficult it is to display.

    However, Li Xiao Han in a short time can skillfully use this two Martial Skill. This explained how great Li Xiao Han strength.

    At this moment, Xing Jue finally experience, this known as Imperial Wind Pavilion talented disciple in hundred years, the number one talented disciple “Li Xiao Han”.

    “Brother Xing Jue, look!”At this time, Li Xiao Han points to the front and said toward Xing Jue.

    But Xing Jue eyes even more startled, because unexpectedly in front of him there are not less than ten second-level “Martial Essence”.

    “No wonder it can send out the tyrannical attack, this equal to ten Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign collaborations.” Not far away from that slowly floating ten second-level “Martial Essence”, Xing Jue feel somewhat troublesome and slowly said.

  • Book 5 Chapter 84 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    The Third Level

    “Brother Xing Jue, ten “Martial Essence”, we can attack them together, let’s see who will get more.”

    At this time, Li Xiao Han sweetly smiled toward Xing Jue, her figure immediately moves, then changes into a gold shadow, facing that ten “Martial Essence”.

    Saw that, Xing Jue quickly use “Storm Wind Technique”, his hand grip “Cut Soul Sword” and extremely fast follow closely.

    “Buzz buzz buzz buzz”

    Felt both of Xing Jue and Li Xiao Han attack, ten “Martial Essence” extremely fast start to pull back, then immediately countless of Martial Qi, appear like rain arrow, ruthlessly shoot toward both of them.

    However, maybe because the previously hit consumed too much energy, this attack a lot weaker.

    Therefore, at this moment Xing Jue is relying on Storm Wind Technique, and Soul Movement, inside this dense Martial Qi, he can still incredibly fast move back and forth. But even so, Xing Jue still unable to catch up with Li Xiao Han.

    But what made Xing Jue speechless the most was Li Xiao Han didn’t use any movement Martial Skill, she completely depends on her strength in dodging and move forward.

    It’s hard to imagine, if Li Xiaohan uses Martial Skill, how strong it will be? Perhaps these ten “Martial Essence” unable to withstand even a second in her hand.

    “Bang bang bang”

    At this time, both of them already moved to the front of that “Martial Essence” body, Xing Jue attack depends on Cut Soul Sword, seems easy to deal with that ten “Martial Essence”, but Li Xiaohan could be said even more relaxed.

    Merely in a short period, both of them completely killed that ten second-level “Martial Essence”.

    “Brother Xing Jue, how many did you catch?” Li Xiao Han tightly grips her small hand, step forward and arrives at Xing Jue side and grinning said.


    Xing Jue slowly opened his right hand, immediately four pearls contain rich Martial Qi appeared.

    “Hehe, I won, Brother Xing Jue must listen me later.”

    Saw that, Li Xiao Han grab Xing Jue left hand, then that six light bodies fall into Xing Jue hand.

    “Er.. XiaoHan, this is not right.”

    Saw that, Xing Jue surprised said, he couldn’t afford swallow Li Xiao Han share. Therefore, regarding Li Xiaohan action, Xing Jue appears somewhat feel awkward.

    “Brother Xing Jue, at least this for my level, actually already lack Martial Qi, so these are useless for me, Brother Xing Jue doesn't need to be polite, hurry up take it.” Seems to saw Xing Jue thought, Li Xiao Han quickly explained it toward Xing Jue with a smile.

    But after hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue somewhat still hesitates, under Li Xiao Han repeatedly insists, he had to do according to what she said, he takes all that Martial Essence and swallows it all.

    “Brother Xing Jue, second level Martial Essence, the deeper, the more, let’s go.” After watching Xing Jue take all the Martial Essence, Li XiaoHan smiles with satisfaction, then walked with Xing Jue toward that deeper place.

    After both of them walking into the deeper places, Xing Jue shockingly found out that the “Martial Essence” in this deeper place is a lot more formidable.

    An attack that similar to the previously powerful joint attack frequently happened, but fortunately, there is Li Xiao Han, so it didn’t cause any damage to them.

    And as time goes by, Xing Jue even more astonished to find out that he almost didn’t see Main Court disciples at this second level. Afterward, he learns about it from Li Xiao Han words.

    Actually, these second-level “Martial Essence”, didn’t have much effect for Martial God powerhouse. Therefore, those Main Court genuine masters already felt didn’t worth it to practice here, and Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level disciples, are difficult to survive here, at most several disciples join together to enter this place.

    However, they only at the second level entrance and don’t dare to go deeper. At this moment they are in deeper places, so naturally, it’s difficult to see Main Court disciples.

    But then, Xing Jue this is a good thing, can quietly travel together with Li Xiao Han, for Xing Jue this is absolutely a wonderful thing.

    In such happy time, time passes quickly, two months passed very quickly, and in two months, Xing Jue strength, even more, advance by leaps and bounds.

    Finally, he has a feeling that he will break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign. These level two “Martial Essence” caught by these two people also good enough, besides because of the condensed speed limited, Xing Jue hardly meet a crucial moment.

    After two months, both of them already strolled everywhere in these second level. Even without Li Xiao Han guide, Xing Jue now can freely move back and forth inside this crisscrossed passage, without getting lost.

    But what makes Xing Jue somewhat puzzled is, he stayed at this level for two months, but he never saw the third level entrance. But think about it, Xing Jue also felt that there should be no third level if not, it’s impossible not to have an entrance.

    “Xiao Han, is this Temple of Essence only have two level?” Xing Jue and Li Xiaohan sitting above a large piece hidden blue stone, lean each other, because, at this time they have nothing to do, Xing Jue then asked the question in his heart.

    “Brother Xing Jue, actually this Temple of Essence has the third level” Saw Xing Jue ask a question, Li Xiao Han replied with a smile.

    “Oh?” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue's eyes suddenly shine.

    “But.. third level entrance incredibly mysterious, it doesn’t have fixed position, it suddenly opens inside these second level.”

    “Even the opening time is uncertain, it said that it open once every two years, but sometimes it open once every two months, but the latter is very rare. Usually, it will open once every two years.”

    “And the open time won't surpass one hour, if Brother Xing Jue happened to find that third level entrance, you absolutely can’t go any deeper from the entrance.”

    “Otherwise, if the third level entrance closed, you can only wait two years later to come out, when the entrance opens once again.”

    “The most important are, the third level Martial Essence has Martial God rank strength, so if Martial Sovereign rank disciple enters the third level, without a doubt, he/she will be dead.” Li Xiao Han once again explained it to Xing Jue.

    “Er..” After hearing Li Xiao Han words, Xing Jue a bit speechless, at first he wants to go to that third level to try his luck, but at this moment he completely gives up this idea.

    “Brother Xing Jue, your distance to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, still need how many accumulations of Martial Qi?” Seems to saw Xing Jue anxiety, Li Xiao Han suddenly said with a smile to Xing Jue.

    “Probably need about two hundred second-level “Martial Essence”.” Xing Jue replied with a smiled, but his face a bit helpless.

    Two hundred second-level “Martial Essence”, two months ago in two days they can easily catch it, but now, if in one day can catch ten-second level “Martial Essence” can be described as lucky.

    And after saw Xing Jue helpless expression, Li Xiao Han bit her small mouth, somewhat depressed, she can feel how anxious Xing Jue want to break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.

    “Buzz buzzbuzz” 

    At this time, at the end of the passage, suddenly heard a strange sound, and obviously, this is not caused by Martial Essence.

    “Brother Xing Jue, follow me” After hearing this sound, Li Xiaohan instantly become excited, immediately pull Xing Jue, and incredibly fast run toward the end of the passage.

    Saw Li Xiao Han excited look, Xing Jue also realized and thought: “Could it be that third level happens to open at this time?”

    With anxious thinking, running toward the end of that passage, Xing Jue thought was proved, indeed at the end of passage has enchantment entrance.

    However, what makes Xing Jue somewhat puzzled, the third level entrance rather small compared with the first level and second level, probably only one Zhang (3.33 m) tall, and its color is not blue, but dark purple.

    “Brother Xing Jue, this is the third level entrance, it will only open for one hour.”

    “Therefore, I must go in now. Brother Xing Jue don't follow me, wait for me here, in one hour, I will definitely come out”.

    At this time, Li Xiao Han eagerly said toward Xing Jue, finished said these words, didn't wait for Xing Jue answer, she prepared to walk toward that third level.

    “Xiaohan, don’t go!”

    Saw that, Xing Jue grab Li Xiao Han hand, then panic said. Previously he heard Li Xiao Han words how dangerous this third level. If Martial Sovereign went in, without a doubt, he/she would die, so naturally, he won’t let Li Xiao Han go.”

    “Brother Xing Jue, don’t worried about me, actually I am already Martial God.” Seems to saw Xing Jue worried, Li Xiaohan slightly smiled and said.

    Immediately Martial God formidable pressure spread out, and after this sudden pressure spread out, Xing Jue hand that grip Li Xiao Han hand tightly was shaken and opened up.

    Saw that Li Xiao Han powerful pressure fill the air, at this moment Xing Jue also can feel that indeed Li Xiao Han already reached Martial God level, and her strength matched with Xiao Qian, a Preliminary Rank Martial God, but a lot more stronger.

    “Just wait for me here, if you dare to come in without my permission, I will ignore you later, I will do what I said.” Li Xiaohan turn around and give Xing Jue big smile, then her figure jump and entered the third level entrance.

    Leave behind Xing Jue worried face. This moment Xing Jue felt Li Xiao Han’s good intention, after Li Xiaohan went out, she already reach Martial God level.

    But maybe because she concerned about Xing Jue feeling, so she deliberately said that she didn’t breakthrough. In this way, Xing Jue will feel that the distances between both of them reduce, without pressure.

    However, just now to let Xing Jue felt relieved when she entered the third level, she has to show her real strength.

    “Xiao Han reached Martial God level, there is no point for her to come here for practice, she do that, completely to help me, ah...” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, then somewhat lonely sitting on the ground.

    At this moment his heart had unspeakable sadness, not only he touched by “Li Xiao Han” did, but he also blames his weakness.

    In the bottom of his heart Xing Jue doesn’t want to be protected, what he wants is, he will be look up by people with his strength, and protect the people around him, but now he protected by Li Xiaohan, this makes him feel sad.

    Time gradually passes by, Xing Jue starts to become nervous, this third level entrance only open for one hour, and one hour will soon arrive, Li Xiao Han still didn’t come out.

    At this moment Xing Jue extremely anxious, he keeps in front of that enchantment entrance, walks back and forth.

    However, because of Li Xiao Han warning, Xing Jue does not dare to get inside, if Li Xiao Han found out, he afraid Li Xiao Han will ignore him.

    “Buzz buzzbuzz”

    But when Xing Jue hard to make a decision, that third level enchantment entrance, suddenly change, look at its appearance, it will close.

    Saw that, Xing Jue didn’t think anymore, he take a big step and prepare to walk toward that enchantment entrance, at this moment he can’t take it anymore, he absolutely can’t let Li Xiaohan inside that terrifying third level for two years.

  • Book 5 Chapter 85 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Today's Humiliation

    When Xing Jue about to steps into that enchantment entrance, a pale palm suddenly came out from that enchantment entrance, then Li Xiao Han figure came out.

    And when Xing Jue saw Li Xiao Han appear in front of him, not only his face didn’t happy, instead instantly changes become tensed.

    Because at this moment, not only Li Xiao Han face looking deathly pale, her aura even scarily weak, after she went out from the entrance, unexpectedly her figure falls.

    Saw that, Xing Jue quickly hold Li Xiao Han into his chest, and stuffed Healing Treasure Pill into Li Xiao Han's mouth.

    “Brother Xing Jue, quickly take this!” At this moment Li Xiao Han suddenly said with a trembling voice to Xing Jue.

    At the same time, she slowly raises her tight grip right fist toward Xing Jue, after her white palm open, extremely bright light body appears, the Martial Qi contain inside it several times richer than second-level “Martial Essence”.

    “Xiao Han, you..” After seeing that light body, Xing Jue nose becomes sour, extremely distressed said. Because at this time, Li Xiao Han still thinks of him.

    “Brother Xing Jue, quickly take it.” Li Xiao Han with her trembling white hand, she takes that light body and slowly squeezes it into Xing Jue mouth.

    Under Li Xiao Han persistent, Xing Jue forced to take that light body pill.

    “Brother Xing Jue, blame Xiao Han for being powerless, if I can catch it again, then..” Saw Xing Jue take the light body, on Li Xiao Han satisfied smile, but haven’t finished her words, her hand become weak and fainted.

    “Xiao Han, Xiao Han, Xiao Han!”

    Saw Li Xiao Han fainted, Xing Jue mind instantly becomes blank and kept calling her names, after a long time without any result, Xing Jue held Li Xiao Han body, he jumps, and extremely fast start to run toward the outside.

    At the same time on Xing Jue's firm and resolute face, a drop of hot tears incredibly fast flow out, and keep whispering: “Xiao Han, nothing will happen to you, Xiao Han, nothing will happen to you.”

    At this time, even if Xing Jue stupid, but he realizes the cause, it must be Li Xiao Han, who successfully killed the third-level “Martial Essence" to allow Xing Jue directly break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, she continuously captures and killed third-level “Martial Essence” then seriously injured.

    When thinking of this, Xing Jue's  feel like hundred knives continuously piercing his heart, very painful.

    At the same time his speed extremely fast, and under this extremely fast pace, soon he arrived at the enchantment entrance after Xing Jue crossed that enchantment entrance, many Main Court disciples appeared.

    When everyone saw Xing Jue in hurried, as well as Li Xiao Han, who unconscious in his chest, their face even more shocked, not knowing what to do.

    “Stop!” At this time, in front of Xing Jue, several male disciples whose strength already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, suddenly blocks the passage. Saw their appearance, they should want to ask some explanation from Xing Jue.

    “Get out of my way!” but at this moment Xing Jue footstep didn’t slightest bit stop, but loudly shouted toward them.

    “Kid, you court death!” Saw Xing Jue want to dash through, that three men almost at the same time attack, but maybe because afraid to hit Li Xiao Han in his chest, they didn't use Martial Skill, but empty handed attack Xing Jue.

    Facing three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue quickly closed both of his eyes, and when Xing Jue opens both of his eyes again, a powerful black Soul Power surges out from inside his body.

    At this moment, the attack of that three disciples loudly arrived, and knock against Xing Jue's Soul Power. However, it was blow off by that formidable Soul Power and hit the nearby stone wall.

    Xing Jue didn’t have any time to take care of them, he takes advantage of the Soul Explosion condition, and raise his speed, terrifyingly in hurried, in several flashes he disappeared at the end of the passage.


    At this time, the female disciple who previously speaks with Xing Jue said with a surprised look.

    An Inner Pavilion Disciple, actually easily take three Main Court disciples attacks, isn't this level of strength so powerful? And just now Xing Jue speed, even makes the disciples feel shocked.


    With a loud noise, Xing Jue appears like a flood dragon who came out from the sea, come out from that huge waterfall, looked like a thousand pounds huge rock, steadily fall above the nearby stone.

    The powerful strength made the huge stone completely crack by his step.

    “Bang” After fall on the huge stone, Xing Jue didn’t stay, incredibly fast went toward Imperial Wind Pavilion direction.


    At this time, Xing Jue's Soul Eruption strength gradually start to vanish, at the same time, the painful feeling from the backlash began to rise. Saw that, Xing Jue quickly take out a Repair Pain Pill and throw it into his mouth, then use Soul Explosion again and keep going.

    On this journey, Xing Jue supported by two Repair Pain Pills and used Soul Explosion, but after entering Imperial Wind Pavilion, the Soul Explosion strength that the last time he used starts to dissipate.

    Round and round of painful feeling spread to all parts of his body, but Xing Jue, who is suppressing his painful body doesn’t stop his run toward the Main Court.

    Because at this moment Xing Jue can strongly feel that Xiao Han body starts to become even colder, and this is a bad sign. Therefore, Xing Jue doesn’t dare to stop. He only wants to carry Xiao Han as soon as possible to Elder Ji Shui hand, perhaps at this moment, he is the only one who can rescue Xiao Han.


    After some difficult journey, Xing Jue finally arrived at the entrance of the Main Court, but the Law Enforcement Pavilion disciple who guard the Main Court stop him.

    “If you didn’t want to die, get out of my way!”

    Xing Jue yells at the Law Enforcement Pavilion disciple who blocks his path.

    At first, these disciples want to teach a lesson to this incredibly arrogant Xing Jue, but after finding Li Xiao Han in his chest, they tremble, then quickly make a way, let Xing Jue enter the Main Court.

    Imperial Wind Pavilion Main Court is the most luxurious place, all the palaces incredibly beautiful. But at this moment Xing Jue doesn’t have a little bit mood to watch these beautiful scenes. Instead, he runs toward the center of the palace, and constantly shouted: “Elder Ji Shui, Elder Ji Shui!”

    Actually, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t know where Elder Ji Shui is, but he guessed Elder Ji Shui must be at Main Court, although a bit aimless, but it’s the only chance.

    However, Xing Jue behavior, attract a lot of Main Court disciples, after found out Xing Jue's purple pavilion robe, everyone is surprised for a moment, thought how Inner Court disciple came into Main Court, isn't he only looking to die.

    But when they found out “Li Xiao Han” in Xing Jue chest, they were shocked, especially some male disciples, they appeared like struck by lightning, instantly paralyzed.

    Because in their hearts “Li Xiao Han” like a saintess, but she held by Inner Court Disciple in his chest, how can they accept it, some disciples prepare to attack Xing Jue and teach Xing Jue a good lesson.

    However, at this moment Xing Jue didn’t care about these Main Court disciples think, he just ran blindly and didn’t stop his call, at this time, Xing Jue who always calm is in disorder.

    Because “Li Xiao Han” is extremely important for him.


    At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly feels a burst of pain from his back, his foot slips, his body loses his balance and fell forward.

    Because his body is in Soul Explosion backlash condition, Xing Jue barely can support his body, after hit by this attack, both of Xing Jue arms slip, and lose Xiao Han who in his chest.

    At this time, a handsome man wearing golden pavilion robe, like a ghost appears in front of Xing Jue body, and take Li Xiao Han In his chest.

    “Let go of her!” Saw Li Xiao Han held by that man in his chest, Xing Jue loudly yells toward that man, didn’t even care about the pain in his body.

    But that man didn’t look Xing Jue even once, and carefully look at Li Xiao Han in his chest, his look, of course, very deeply in love toward Li Xiao Han.

    “Bang” But at the same time, Xing Jue suddenly felt a burst of pain from behind his body, then once again fell to the ground.

    Barely can support his trembling body, he turns his head to look, Xing Jue finally look the man who makes the attack, and remember him in his mind.

    That man wearing golden pavilion robe, his figure is a bit small but relatively strong, on his ugly face hangs a mocking smiled, at this moment he aggressively walk toward Xing Jue.

    “Junior Brother Li relieved him from his pain” Suddenly, an icy voice sounded from behind him, not need to guess death resounded an extremely desolate sound in Xing Jue, no need to guess, it must be that man who holds Li Xiao Han in his chest.



    And didn’t wait for Xing Jue to stand up, another powerful attack hit Xing Jue's body, make Xing Jue weakly fall down.

    Once again fall, Xing Jue extremely angry, he tightly grips his fist, with a lot of effort he prepares to stand up again.


    At this moment, Xing Jue suddenly felt a foot suddenly step on his back, then even more angry yell: “You court death!”


    Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to get up, an incredibly powerful strength from that foot, stubbornly stepped on Xing Jue, like a nail on the board, he is unable to move.

    “Inner Court boy, unexpectedly you dare to come to Main Court.”

    “I unable to handle you in the Inner Court, but in this Main Court, I able to make you unable to alive and unable to die!”

    “What's wrong? I heard you are very famous in the Inner Court, very powerful, what’s up now? Where is your power go?”

    At this moment his sentence full of ridicule and hatred came out from that man's mouth.

    “Just killed me! Otherwise, I absolutely will make you die!” Xing Jue exhaustedly turns his head and said toward that disciple. Meanwhile, an intense killing intent in his eyes tightly locked on that man face.

    “I will help you!”

    After seeing Xing Jue expression, that disciple trembles, but after biting, he ruthlessly punches Xing Jue face.


    Under Soul Explosion backlash, not only he hasn't use Soul Healing, instead, he bearing his painful body, run in very high intensity, Xing Jue which already extremely frail, continuously attacked by that man's vicious attack.

    At this time, Xing Jue without any slightest resistance, under this heavy blows, he completely lost the ability to support his body and severely lying on the ground, his conscious start to become blurs.

  • Book 5 Chapter 86 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Soul Attraction



    At this moment, suddenly a powerful energy came out of the air and ruthlessly hit that disciple's body, a very far attack.

    Afterward, space makes a creep motion, an old man wearing gray robe appears from that space, this is Elder Ji Shui.

    “Li Ran, unexpectedly you ruthlessly attack the same school disciple, do you want to be expelled from Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Elder Ji Shui saw Xing Jue scar. He is strictly angry toward that male disciple.

    “Disciple didn’t dare” That disciple quickly kneel down, nervously said.

    “Second Elder, you come in time, Junior Sister Xiao Han injured.”

    At this time, the man who carries Li Xiao Han came in front of Elder Ji Shui, nervously said toward Elder Ji Shui.

    When Elder Ji Shui saw Li Xiao Han, who looks pale and fainted, his expression change, he immediately takes Li Xiao Han from that disciple's arm and stuffed a Golden Treasure Pill into Li Xiao Han mouth.

    Afterward, he quickly takes Li Xiao Han's pulse to check her condition, and after a short time, that Elder's face started to tremble

    His sleeve wave, then takes along Xing Jue, who curl on the ground, he immediately steps into space and disappeared.

    “Senior Brother Bai, it seems the relationship between Xing Jue and Second Elder are great.” After Elder Ji Shui left, that disciple who attack Xing Jue, called “Li Ran”, walk toward his side while cleaning the blood on the corner of his mouth.

    “Humph! Junior Sister Xiao Han severely injured, obviously it was related to him, if there is something happen to Junior Sister Xiao Han, doesn’t need me to act, even some people will want his life.” The handsome looking man's sleeve wave and coldly said. His face completely sinister.

    Time passes quietly. It already passes one month since Li Xiao Han was injured.

    At this moment in the back garden of Xing palace, Xing Jue lazily lies above the lawn, his previous face that’s full of vitality disappear, and replace with depression.

    Above that somewhat tattered purple pavilion robe, full of strong liquor smell, and there are a lot of empty jars of liquor in the surrounding.

    One month ago, Elder Ji Shui, asked Xing Jue what had happened, then sent Xing Jue back, and informs Xing Jue, before he becomes Main Court disciple, he's not allowed to enter Main Court again.

    However, although Xing Jue asked a question regarding Li Xiao Han injury, Elder Ji Shui didn’t even tell him a word, but from Elder Ji Shui look, Xing Jue guessed that Xiao Han injury is heavy.

    In this month, Xing Jue didn’t practice and kept drinking. It’s his responsibility that Li Xiao Han injured, ultimately he vents it all to his body.

    Time goes by day-by-day, Xing Jue even more depressed, he even felt that his life is meaningless, completely left behind his past ambition.

    “Buzz buzz buzz”

    At this moment, the space behind Xing Jue, suddenly make a creep motion, a gray robe old man immediately appears. And this is Elder Ji Shui.


    “This kind of feeling between two people causes a lot of trouble.”

    When saw Xing Jue so depressed, Elder Ji Shui helplessly sighed, immediately his sleeve wave, Xing Jue starts to warp into the space and disappeared.


    Xing Jue, who lay on the grass and sleeping, suddenly felt dizzy, when he opened his eyes, he found out that he unexpectedly inside an extremely spacious room.

    “Here is..”

    Xing Jue rubbed his painful heads and started to observe the room, but after his eyes sweep the room, Xing Jue's face instantly becomes excited.

    “Xiao Han, Xiao Han”

    Xing Jue struggles to raise his trembling body and run toward her place, because at this moment “Li Xiao Han” quietly lie down above the ice cube that sends out cold air.


    When Xing Jue about to arrive at Li Xiao Han side, he suddenly bounced back by an invisible force, just like bump into thousand years black iron.

    When Xing Jue lifts both of his eyes, he shocks to find that a square object slowly wriggles around Li Xiao Han, and after wriggle for a moment it's suddenly disappeared.


    Not until now, Xing Jue finally knows that an invisible enchantment is surrounding Li Xiao Han body.

    “Xing Jue” At this time, an old voice suddenly sounded from Xing Jue behind.

    “Old Shui?” Xing Jue turns his head to look, and he found out that the man who stands behind him is not an unknown man, he is Elder Ji Shui.

    “Xing Jue, previously you asked about Xiao Han condition, I afraid that you will get worried, so I didn’t tell you, but now you should see it, Xiao Han's condition is not good.” Elder Ji Shui arrives at Xing Jue side and slowly said to Xing Jue.

    “Old Shui, could it be that you unable to help Xiao Han? What can you do to make her better?” After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue immediately becomes anxious.

    Xiao Han injury is severe, all Treasure Pill can’t heal her, but you maybe could help her.” Elder Ji Shui looks at Xing Jue.

    “How can I help? Quick, told me!” Xing Jue anxiously asked.

    “Xing Jue, do you think Xiao Han the talented and temperament girl, unexpectedly, can fall in love with you an Inner Court disciple, didn’t you feel it somewhat strange?”

    “Moreover, you also like that, besides Xiao Han, have you ever felt that strong love toward other girls?” Elder Ji Shui once again said to Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue somewhat puzzled, look at Elder Ji Shui. He once thought about this but didn’t find the answer.

    “Xing Jue, your Soul Power somewhat special right?” Elder Ji Shui suddenly casts sharp eyes toward Xing Jue. Said with a smile.

    When heard Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue body tremble, after all, he is Soul Devouring Clan person. Naturally, his Soul Power is different from ordinary people.

    However, because of Soul Devouring Clan special status, when Xing Jue meets with powerful people, he deliberately covers his Soul Power, but what made Xing Jue surprise, he still can't conceal it from Elder Ji Shui.

    “Don’t be nervous, I won’t investigate your past life, and I don’t want to know.”

    “I want to tell you, Xiao Han and you are same, her soul also very special.” Elder Ji Shui said with a smile.

    “Soul is people origin. Therefore, a person’s character and soul absolutely can’t be separated, and both of you have complement soul, they attract each other, this situation called Soul Attraction. Everybody said love at first sight.”

    “Normal people soul relatively weak, so the effect of Soul Attraction not too visible. However, you and Xiao Han's soul is extremely special. Therefore, it causes both of your feeling extremely strong.” Elder Ji Shui slowly explained.

    At this moment Xing Jue finally understands the matter that he didn’t know finally become clear.

    “Now, because Xiao Han condition is too serious, it causes the soul within her body start to disappear, although I use thousand year ice to suppress it, but the effect still minimal.” Elder Ji Shui helplessly said.

    After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue quickly looks at Li Xiao Han, after carefully examine, he found out that in Li Xiao Han body, a pale green gas continuously flows out from her body.

    And from there Xing Jue able to feel a powerful Soul Power.

    “Old Shui, what should I do to help Xiao Han?” Xing Jue anxiously asked Elder Ji Shui.

    “Very simple, use your Soul Power and pour it into Xiao Han's body because both of your Soul Power mutually attracted so that it won't cause a rejection, this is the only way.” During the talk Elder Ji Shui sleeve wave.

    That invisible space once again appears, finally change into white smoke and drop into Elder Ji Shui's hand, and condensed into a white crystal ball in his hand.

    Saw that, Xing Jue without hesitating, quickly run toward Li Xiao Han, at this moment he finally once again saw Xiao Han, who he yearn day and night, looking at Li Xiao Han pale face and lips, Xing Jue heart extremely distressed.

    After reorganizing his emotion, Xing Jue slowly put both of his hands above Xiao Han arms, at the same time a great amount of black soul extremely fast start to pour from within Xing Jue body.

    “Very strong soul”

    After seeing Xing Jue Soul Power, Elder Ji Shui brow deeply locks, although he is aware that Xing Jue soul is extraordinary, but he didn’t expect that Xing Jue's Soul Power so tyrannical.

    “Buzz buzz buzz”

    In order to make Li Xiao Han quickly recovered, Xing Jue didn't hold back, he pours his entire Soul Power into Xiao Han body, and with the infusion of Soul Power, Xiao Han Soul Power constantly became better.

    Finally, even more black soul, firmly lock in Xiao Han body.

    However, he transfers all his Soul Power at once. Xing Jue began unable to endure, his vision becomes black and fainted.

    “Ah.., this silly boy”

    Saw that, Elder Ji Shui quickly move to his side, hold Xing Jue, who about to fall, then helplessly shake his head.

    “Unexpectedly, he transfers all his Soul Power into Xiao Han body, loss his soul, injured his body.” After examining Xing Jue condition, Elder Ji Shui squeezed a Treasure Pill into Xing Jue mouth.

    After a moment, Xing Jue awake, he slowly opened his heavy eyes, Xing Jue found out Elder Ji Shui smiling and standing at his side.

    “Elder Ji Shui, how about Xiao Han?” After waking up, Xing Jue first asked about Xiao Han condition.

    “Under your Soul Power, Xiao Han soul stabilized, so now Xiao Han already passed the most dangerous time, and need a period of days to recover, you don’t have to worry about her.” Saw Xing Jue anxious look, Elder Ji Shui said with a smile.

    “But I'd like to remind you something.” At this moment, Elder Ji Shui expression becomes dignified.

    “Xing Jue, if you don’t want something like this happened again, you should get rid your depression, what you should do isn't constantly blame yourself.”

    “But think about how to prevent this kind of thing happened again, how to do it specifically, I believe that you understand, right?” Elder Ji Shui slowly said.

    “Yes, Xing Jue understand.”

    After Xing Jue silent for a moment, he somewhat felt remorse said. Indeed, recently he extremely depressed.

    Saw Xing Jue control himself, Elder Ji Shui slightly smiled.

    “Xiao Han, next time, I will protect you”

    After speaking with Elder Ji Shui for a moment, Xing Jue went to Li Xiao Han side, looking at Xiao Han who sleeps peacefully, then said with a smiled. But right now his face fill with his past confident smile.

    Because now in his heart Xing Jue already made a decision...

  • Book 6 Chapter 87 [New Experience]

    Peaceful Village, Uncle Pan

    At the eastern border of Imperial Wind Empire, there is a village, and this village is called “Peaceful Village”.

    Several Miles from the east side of “Peaceful Village”, there is a vast river, and this river is divided Imperial Wind Empire and Nangong Empire border, it's called “Boundary River”.

    And the villagers of this “Peaceful Village” mostly fishing in the Boundary River. During the day, men catch fish in the river, women repair the fishing net at home, although the standard of living not high, they live happily and comfortably.

    “Aunty excuse me, did you know where is Uncle Pan?” A handsome boy is wearing a black robe, standing in front of Peaceful Village entrance and respectfully asked an aunt.

    This young man is Xing Jue, after Xiao Han injury stabilized, Xing Jue made a decision that he leaves to look for experience, and won’t return to Imperial Wind Pavilion if he does not reach Martial God level.

    And this “Peaceful Village” is Xing Jue first stop. Xing Jue has big expectation regarding that Uncle Pan. In Xing Jue's father letter said that Uncle Pan able to help Xing Jue. Therefore, Xing Jue thought Uncle Pan must be an extraordinary person, and perhaps he will greatly help his practice.

    “You mean Doctor Pan, right? Walk straight following the village road. You can see a thatched hut with “doctor” signboard.” That old lady point at the village road and said with a smile.

    “Thank you, Aunty.”

    After respectfully said, Xing Jue slowly walks following the stone road.

    The village wasn't big, in short period Xing Jue arrived at the thatched hut that the old lady said.

    Although the outside of thatched hut, somewhat worn-out, but inside the house is extremely neat, after walking into the house a herbal medicine smell floating toward Xing Jue nose.

    And now inside the thatched hut, an old man whose hair somewhat gray, wearing a pale blue long Chinese style garment in the middle feeling a youth pulse.

    “Want to see a doctor, please sit down and wait over there.” Saw someone enter the room, the old man said in a soft voice.

    After Xing Jue smiling and replied, he sits on the nearby wooden stool, then take a look at the old man in front of him, this old man probably around 50 years old.

    Although his body is somewhat thin and weak, Xing Jue always feels that this old man is unusual. But what makes Xing Jue unable to understand is, no matter how he senses, he felt that this old man only an ordinary person, doesn't even have a Martial Artist power.

    “Thank you, doctor Pan.”

    That young man took the medicine that the old man prescribes and respectfully said, then walks to the outside of the room.

    “Young man, where did you feel unwell?” After that young man had left, that old man said toward Xing Jue.

    “Excuse me, Are you Uncle Pan?” Xing Jue slowly stood up and respectfully said.

    “Haha, the people in the village called me doctor Pan, from which village are you?” After hearing Xing Jue words, that old man's brow slightly wrinkled. However, on the other side, he also admitted Xing Jue question.


    “Get out of the way, get outta the way!”

    When Xing Jue about to explain his purpose to come to Old Pan, suddenly there is a noisy sound from the outside. Afterward, several threatening robust men with naked upper body enter.

    Their body has every kind of fantastic tattoo. Their appearance looks fierce. Obviously, they are not good people, and they also have Advanced Rank Martial Artist strength.

    “Who is the doctor?” At this time, a guy looked at Xing Jue and Uncle Pan and loudly shouted.

    “Precisely, this old man.” Uncle Pan said with a smile, his smile has a calm feeling.

    After seeing Uncle Pan calm appearance, Xing Jue determined that this Uncle Pan, absolutely not as simple on the surface.

    “Hurry up, carry big brother inside!”

    After hearing Uncle Pan's words, several robust men dashed from the outside of the room and loudly shout, their hands support a man who is wearing armor.

    This man's figure a lot more robust and tall from that several guys, and his face covered with black beards, he looks somewhat scary.

    However, right now, from that man's arm a stream of blood continuously flows out. Obviously, he suffered a heavy wound, although that man's aura is somewhat weak, but Xing Jue can still feel it. This man is Preliminary Rank Martial Master.

    “You, get out!”

    At this time, the previous man pointed at Xing Jue and said.

    Xing Jue slowly stands up and walked out of the house. Xing Jue saw these big guys are not good people, if only Uncle Pan inconsiderate, they will meet with unexpected calamity.

    At that time, naturally Uncle Pan will attack, and Xing Jue also can take the opportunity to check, Uncle Pan is a master of what level.

    “Uncle, who are these people?”

    After Xing Jue comes out from the thatched hut, two big men are standing outside the door, both of their arms folded, Xing Jue walked toward the crowd and curiously asked.

    “Young man, you’re not a local right? They are mountain thieves.” That uncle said toward Xing Jue with exaggeration face.


    Regarding the mountain thieves, Xing Jue also heard a little. They are nothing but little bandit king that occupying a mountain, in ordinary people’s eyes, they are an evil tyrant, an expert in rookie eyes.

    After knowing the origin of this group of people, Xing Jue found a quiet corner and sat down. Although Xing Jue distance far from the thatched hut, he can hear the conversation inside the room.

    After an hour, that man's arm had been bandaged by Old Pan. After that Old Pan gives him a Chinese medicine, he who lost his consciousness, awake.

    “Hei, what..”

    Waving both of his fists two times, after feeling his arm injury seems a lot better, he immediately widely opens his mouth and said with a smile: “Not bad, not bad, this old man's medical skill is not bad, bring him back to our mountain stronghold.”

    After hearing that man's words, two big men walk toward Uncle Pan with threatening manner.

    “This Old senile, only treat in this village, if later Chief gets injured, you can come here to find this old man, and I will go to the mountain stronghold with Chief, please forgive this old man can’t obey your order.”

    Saw that man with armor want to bring him to the mountain stronghold, Uncle Pan stand up and slowly said.

    “My big brother asks you to leave with us, he thinks highly of you, where do you have your choice.”

    That several big guys ignore Uncle Pan, a big arm directly held Old Pan.

    Even though Uncle Pan struggle with all of his strength, but still unable to shake that big guy incredibly strong arm, in this way Old Pan dragged to the outside by this group of people.

    “Let doctor Pan go!”

    Saw that, the Peaceful's villagers didn’t stand still, one by one they pick up a harpoon, and surrounding that several bandits, although the villagers afraid the bandit.

    However, Uncle Pan is important for them. The villagers catch fish and go hunting outside the village, and often get injured, a lot of them quickly recovered by Uncle Pan. If Uncle Pan being snatched from them, that’s equal to cut their way to live. Naturally, they didn’t agree.

    Saw Old Pan allowed himself to be overwhelmed. Xing Jue brow wrinkled, thought: Did I find a wrong person? Is this Uncle Pan an ordinary person?

    “D*mn! Did all of you tired of living?” One of the big guys furiously shouted. He waved his right arm, then directly hit a villager. Saw that, these villagers frighten and start to retreat.

    “I will kill you!”

    At this time, a youth who previously visit doctor Pan, holding a harpoon and advancing toward that big man, ruthlessly try to stab him.


    But when that harpoon about to stab the big man, that harpoon gripped by that big man's hand, then he clenched the harpoon and immediately wave his right arm, that young man severely thrown.

    That man holds the harpoon in his hand and turn it over, then adjust the sharp side of the harpoon and throw it toward that young man.


    Saw this scene, some timid female villagers scream, then quickly block both of her eyes with her hands, doesn’t dare to look again.

    “Tang lang lang”

    At this time, Xing Jue suddenly flashes to the front of that young man’s body, and that harpoon directly hit Xing Jue's body. However, after knocking against Xing Jue's body, not only it didn’t pierce into his body. Instead, it was bent by Xing Jue's body, then dropped on the ground.

    “Who are you?” Saw that, the man who is wearing armor went to the front of that several robust men and seriously asked.

    “Put down Uncle Pan, and quickly leave, I will act nothing happened.” Xing Jue glances that man with contempt and coldly speaks.

    “What a joke, do you know who my big brother is? My big brother is Preliminary Rank Martial Master. Did you know what Martial Master is? He can use Martial Qi. Did you know what Martial Qi? That is invisible and can’t be touched, the mysterious gas in Sky Martial Continent. It can...”

    Didn't wait for that man in armor start to talk, a strong man arrogantly came in front of Xing Jue body.


    But doesn’t wait for that man brag finished, Xing Jue sleeve casually wave, that strong man's body falls like a kite, after making a graceful arc in the air, he lay upside-down on the ground.

    “Courts death!”

    Saw that, that man loudly shouted toward Xing Jue, although he sensed Xing Jue is not ordinary, but as the leader of this group of thieves, he won’t admit defeat in front of Xing Jue small body.


    A muffled sound, that man who as big as the previous big man, flew away, finally lay on the nearby ground.

    “Quick, quick, quickly run!”

    This time, the rest of that several guys finally realized how powerful Xing Jue. They quickly put down Old Pan, then lifted that strong man and the other man, and quickly ran out of the village.

    Leaving behind a group of dumbfounded people. Compared with them, Uncle Pan appears remarkably calm, he pats the dust on the back of his body, came to the front of Xing Jue body, cups one hand in front of his chest and said: “Thank you, for little hero help.”

    “Uncle Pan no need to be polite, actually this time I come to ask something.” Saw that, Xing Jue quickly cup his hand in front of his chest and politely replied.

    “Oh? Please come into the house.” Uncle Pan feels uncertain for a while and said toward Xing Jue.

    “Uncle Pan, do you know this?” After walking into the house, Xing Jue didn’t talk any more nonsense, he directly takes the jade pendant and hands it over to Uncle Pan then slowly said.

    “You, you, you are?”

    After seeing that jade pendant, Uncle Pan face that always calm, instantly becomes excited, even his body start to tremble.

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    Book 6 Chapter 88 [New Experience]

    Uncle Pan’s Story

    “Can you show me that jade pendant?”

    After a few moments of excitement, Uncle Pan excited face become calm again, then said toward Xing Jue with caution.


    Xing Jue faintly smiled and put the jade pendant on Uncle Pan's hand.

    After carefully looking at Xing Jue's jade pendant, on Uncle Pan face appear an excited smiled. His smiling face like he is getting a rebirth. Then he Immediately said to Xing Jue: “You finally come.”

    “En, indeed you look a bit similar to him.”

    After Uncle Pan carefully looking at Xing Jue, Xing Jue smiled and said: “Uncle Pan, did you know my father?”

    This time, finally Xing Jue unable to bear the excitement in his heart, he excitedly asked Uncle Pan. Since Uncle Pan is the person who he is looking for, he must know about his past.

    “I knew him, but not close to him.” Uncle Pan said with a smile.

    “Do you know where is my father now?” Xing Jue continues to ask.

    “I don’t know, seventeen years ago, I was told to wait for you here by your father, to give you something, since you are here now, my duty considered to be complete.”

    During the talk, Uncle Pan took out a piece of jade pendant from his chest and carefully look at it. Unexpectedly, that jade pendant was a same with Xing Jue's, it’s a pair with Uncle Pan's jade pendant, that two jade pendants merge under Xing Jue's shocking eyes and finally mixed into one jade pendant.

    After these finished, Uncle Pan starts to look at the jade pendant, admire it excitedly, but a moment later, he gives it to Xing Jue.

    “What does this mean?”

    Looking at the jade pendant in his hand, Xing Jue didn’t see the difference between the previous jade pendant and this jade pendant, but just now he clearly saw, this jade pendant is the result of two jade pendants fuses together.

    “You have an extraordinary Soul Power, if it were found out by your family enemy, you would be killed. But this jade pendant able to suppress your Soul Power, and it won't discovered by other people.” Saw Xing Jue confused, Uncle Pan explained to Xing Jue.

    “So that's how it is”

    After hearing Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue finally understood his father's intention. Then he put the jade pendant in his chest, Xing Jue curious eyes went to Uncle Pan.

    He is very strange, why Uncle Pan said that he didn’t know about his father, but he still willing waiting here for seventeen years, now he comes, if he didn’t come, isn’t Uncle Pan will wait for him here for a lifetime.

    For not a familiar person, willing to do such a thing, Xing Jue never heard and didn't believe there is such a person.

    “Hehe, this is a long story, if you want to know what happened, please sit down.”

    Seems to see what Xing Jue is thinking, Uncle Pan said to Xing Jue with a smile, then indicated Xing Jue to sit down.

    Saw that, Xing Jue quickly sit down. Xing Jue anticipated this story.

    “I think you can see it too. I am not an ordinary person.”

    “Actually, it's not a harm to tell you, in the past, I am the most powerful person in this region, at least in this east Sky Martial Continent, nobody is my opponent.” At this time, Uncle Pan proudly smiles.

    Nobody is his match in East Sky Martial Continent? Heard about this, Xing Jue couldn’t help admiring this Uncle Pan, but it feels strange, why this powerful person just now let that several bandits take advantage of him, is he deliberately hiding his strength? Isn't his ability to bear patiently too powerful?

    “But when I thought that I am already very extraordinary, your father suddenly appears in my front of me.” At this time, Uncle Pan mood become excited.

    Xing Jue also feels that his father has done something to this Uncle Pan.

    “Your father and I make a bet. He said that he could defeat me in one move, and the bet is he wants me to wait here until you appear.”

    “Although the bet extremely troublesome, but in the past, I didn’t think that I will lose, so I received this bet.”

    “And the result, I was defeated.” Speaking of this Uncle Pan fist tightly grip. Obviously, he still has a lingering fear regarding that past.

    And after listening to Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue even more surprised, Uncle Pan was known in this entire eastern Sky Martial Continent, nobody was his opponent, this explained that he has a powerful strength.

    What makes Xing Jue shocked was, unexpectedly, his father can defeat Uncle Pan in one move, what level his father was? What rank would he be? Just think about it, Xing Jue heartbeat becomes faster, at this moment for him that power simply too scary.

    “After that, your father afraid that I will break my promise, then he seals my strength, and the key to untie that seal is the jade pendant in your hand.” Speak till here. Uncle Pan looks at Xing Jue with anticipation.


    Heard about this, Xing Jue somewhat speechless, his father's method is very ruthless, for a former peerless powerhouse, how important is power, no wonder a powerhouse like Uncle Pan willing to wait for him here.

    “Can you... help me untie the seal? As long as you help me, no matter what in the future, as long as I can help, I will try my best to help you.” Suddenly Uncle Pan excitedly said to Xing Jue. His words have several points of pleading.

    “Where is that seal? After silent for a moment, Xing Jue slowly asked.

    This Uncle Pan is miserable enough, out of compassion in his heart, Xing Jue also wants to try to help him. If he helps Uncle Pan to restore his strength, he will be a great help to him.

    In three big empires, no powerhouse can be his opponent, later isn't this kind of help can make Xing Jue without trouble walk in three big empires?

    “Boundless Sea Region”

    Uncle Pan said a single sentence and an extremely strange name entered Xing Jue's mind.

    “Boundless Sea Region? Where is that?” Xing Jue curiously asked.

    “Sky Martial Continent is huge, the present three big empires at the eastern of Sky Martial Continent, that eastern part, actually only the forgotten corner of Sky Martial Continent.

    But Boundless Sea Region at the west of three big empires is a powerful area, and my home is there.” Uncle Pan explained it to Xing Jue.


    And after hearing Uncle Pan’s explanation, Xing Jue finally understands what is said. There is always someone better under the sky.

    No wonder his master “Old Feng” once told him, that Imperial Wind Pavilion force in mainland only a medium force.

    For Xing Jue, Imperial Wind Pavilion a medium force already this powerful, to what level that superior force will be? In the past, his Soul Devouring Clan was the most powerful force in Sky Martial Continent, how fierce his clan was at that time?

    “Boundless Sea Region not far from here, normally if we walk there, in half year we can reach it.” Uncle Pan said again.

    “Not far? A half year? Half year called not far?” After hearing Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue face immediately become agitated. At this moment the shorter time he get stronger the better, half year on a journey, he can’t have much time to waste.

    “As long as you help me, I guarantee in one year you will promote to Martial God level.” As if see Xing Jue’s anxious, Uncle Pan said again.

    “In one year promoted to Martial God? You’re kidding, right? Do you know what level I am now?” Xing Jue extremely not believe it said.

    “Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, and soon you will break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”

    “Don’t be surprised, such a trifle, a moment ago I can see it when you fight that several bandits.” Uncle Pan slightly smiles and said.

    “Are you serious?” At this moment, Xing Jue starts to admire Uncle Pan, only looked at the strength of the other people's attack, he can recognize that person’s strength, this is not an ordinary person can achieve.

    “If I lie to you, you can, not help me to untie that seal, but I want to tell you, helping me equal to helping you too.”

    “Actually with your father’s strength that time, unexpectedly, he must do this kind of thing, it explained that at that moment he was in a dangerous situation, and his enemy is stronger than him.”

    “Although the words aren't pleasant to hear, if your father still alive, he won’t abandon you in this remote place.” Uncle Pan said again.

    After hearing Uncle Pan words, both of Xing Jue fists grip even tighter, and the squeaky sound continuously sounded from both of his fists.

    In fact, Xing Jue also knows that it's possible his father already died. Otherwise, it's impossible for him to leave that word, make him an ordinary person who is not special.

    Xing Jue also guesses regarding his past. His father should be a Soul Devouring Clan survivor, for the sake of his clan return to its original state, he practices diligently.

    “In the end, his father did reach the top level, but he still defeated.”

    “However, the ultimate causes of defeat probably that mysterious powerhouse that Xiao Qian said, the powerhouse who completely destroyed Soul Devouring Clan alone.”

    “All right, I promise you.” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue lifts his eyes and said toward Uncle Pan.

    Although his father was defeated, Xing Jue still wants to try, although right now revenge is too far away, but as long as he is powerful enough, it can be achieved. Xing Jue must promote his strength as soon as possible because he has too many things to do. Strength is his assets.

    After hearing Xing Jue words, Uncle Pan's face finally excitedly smiles.

    “Then when will you leave with me?” Xing Jue asked again. As long as think he can promote his strength, Xing Jue more anxious than Uncle Pan.

    “Tonight, we can only go secretly. Otherwise, it will be bad to explain it to everybody.” And after silent for a moment, Uncle Pan slowly said.

    “All right” Xing Jue also agreed.

    Saw Uncle Pan melancholy look, Xing Jue also guessed the reason, although Uncle Pan once a peerless powerhouse, but in these seventeen years he lived as an ordinary person, living together for seventeen years with Peaceful Village residents, that emotion not false.

    Therefore, Xing Jue and Uncle Pan when the full moon highly rises, in the night when everyone was asleep, they went toward the unknown journey.

  • I am sorry but I drop this novel. I hope someone will translate this novel. Thank you for reading this translation till chapter 88.
  • Chatrin said:
    I am sorry but I drop this novel. I hope someone will translate this novel. Thank you for reading this translation till chapter 88.
    Thanks for all your work on this.
  • Hi, I am very fond of your novel Martial God Asura. I have read 1750ish chapters so far and noticed that you have placed DRAGONS to be an extinct supreme Monstrous Race. I was hoping that you could introduce a Dragon into the story as Chu Feng's pet which assists him in battles. It could be like Chu Feng's PIKACHU  just bigger. That's what I think will make Chu Feng's even cooler as an existence with a DRAGON by his side. I hope you have time to think over my idea. I know you have given intellect to Monstrous Beast peer with humans but I think you can introduce a DRAGON similar like a WORLDSPIRIT but in human world so to speak.  I hope you can take it into consideration.
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