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    imran said:

    Beside his stepsister , the elder from the immortal sect and the fox girl dose he have other harem members ?  

    and what happened to his ex-fiance later? 

    I kinda skimmed the last 300 chapters so this could be off.  Su Qing Er, Long Xianli, Hu Qianmei that you mentioned and Ling Qingyu(Sword girl he meets pretty early on), Huairou Mu Yu(Merchant he meets after going to the higher plane), Jie Zhu(Ten Thousand Flower City Master), Xiao Luo(female war god he meets in his home plane that meets again in the an even higher plane), and Shangguan Meiyang(God Yunxian Sect chick that takes Su Qing Er as a disciple). 

    During the skim I couldn't figure out what happened with Su Liuluo(who he thought was his sister for the first 900ish or so).  If I had to guess I'd say she made the cut, but I'm not sure.  They don't give you a list, Xiao Luo and Shangguan Meiyang are added in the last chapter.  They didn't mention anyone else, but those first get obvious declarations.
    Mentioned in the last chapter, her parents are invited to MC's wedding because of her. Not really mentioned she will be bride or just a sister. lol
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    Sounds like they are good parents, but terrible people. I hate that the MC is so focused on his quest to reunite this so-called family while blatantly ignoring the people who really matter, namely the love interest. I stopped at 892 so I don't exactly know how bad they get, but I think I got a pretty good idea from their initial introduction alone. Seems like a trend among the Su family to be the scum of the Earth. As. Hard. As. Possible.

    Nevertheless... they basically paired him with Su Qing'er! A reincarnated Goddess! The best wife a man can hope for! Plus, I heard that she's the reason MC was able to relive his life and have a second in the first place. And that his pseudo-sister is also a love interest, and a pretty good one. So... two love interests. Does that even things out?

    lol, maybe that does even up.  They potentially gave him 3 brides.  I can't remember exactly how Xiao Luo was related to them, but I believe she the fake grandfather's brother's daughter.  She was sent to Su Yun's home plane for wheting or w/e then recalled back up to the immortal plane.  As Shi1000 mentioned though, it was hard to tell whether the sister was at this wedding as his younger sister or wife, but I guessed wife.
  • so in the end we aren't really sure if she's a wife or just invited as a guest to the wedding? is it a problem due to MTL (making it hard to understand) or does the author make it ambiguous even for people that know chinese for real?
  • so in the end we aren't really sure if she's a wife or just invited as a guest to the wedding? is it a problem due to MTL (making it hard to understand) or does the author make it ambiguous even for people that know chinese for real?
    The former.  At the beginning of the chapter it's mentioned he leads back Su Qing Er, Hu Qianmei, Jie Zhu, and Long Xianli and "the rest" back to sky martial continent.  The rest definitely includes Ling Qingyu and Mu Yu.  Su Liuluo should've also been included in that, but again you can't be 100% in what capacity.  The only two people that were specifically mentioned getting married are Xiao Luo and Shangguan Meiyang because they are added that chapter.  The first 6 were already added/assumed as one of his wives previously.  In the scene with Xiao Luo she asks who he was getting married to and he said she'd have to come to find out.

    Su Liuluo would have to be the only one with a few romantic scenes not added to the harem for her to miss out though, which is why I just assume she was a wife.  Also, considering how easily he adds Meiyan it'd be a surprise if she wasn't.  Meiyang comes right out and asks to be his double cultivation partner in front of her parents.  She gets embarrassed after realizing what she said and tries to play it off as a joke then he interrupts her and says yes and adds her right then and there.
  • Any idea around what chapter he leaves the Evil Realm?
    What was the meeting between MC and Long Xian Li after he came back like?
  • harem name please
  • At which chapter does he save su liuluo?
  • Let me guess, even though that Wang guy said he can keep anything that he wins after the tournament, they will want the prizes after Su Yun gets in the top 3 or first.
  •  what would happen to the demon princess   Mu Yi, would she get killed or get  humiliated, I hope that happen to her because she deserve it.

    [SPOILER="limitless sword god chapter 306"]
    Big bad  demon  princess gets capture by Su Yun
    “Are they your backup?”

    Su Yun pulled Mu Yi’s arm and asked.

    Mu Yi looked coldly, but did not say anything.

    “Qing’er, help me cut our high and mighty Princess’ upper garments!”

    Su Yun said indifferently: “I want her to shatter all her dignity in this public place with everyone here!”

    “Su Yun, you dare” Mu Yi anxiously retorted.

    “If you do not want me to do it, then you better be honest! Speak, who are they?”

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    Harem spoiler? (he eat them?)
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    dansg said:
    Harem spoiler? (he eat them?)
    There are already harem spoilers in the pages before. If you are asking about something specific then add more detail in your harem question because your question now is a repeat.  
    take my question "what would happen to the demon princess   Mu Yi, would she get killed or get  humiliated, I hope that happen to her because she deserve it."    it has never been ask for.
    Mu Yi is Su yun  greatest enemy, she cause him a lot of trouble and was the many cause that make him teleport to a Continent that humans are not allowed to go because there was a race called the evil race. Furthermore he had to be separated from his lover. The demon woman attacked the man when he was down. Two years later he is back in his Continent and with his lover plus he took the demon princess hostage. he went to a  tournament hoping to win a treasure that can help him find his lover but lucky for him she was there, also that demon was there and was going to take the treasure and participates souls. She even has the audacity to go after SU Yun and his lover but he was cunning and stronger then her, so  took her hostage. When he ask her if some guys from blood continent was her ally, then she didn't want to answer his question then he told his lover to help him strip her naked in front of everyone there.

    I want to know that Demon woman's ending, did she ever get strip  naked for all the human cultivators to see.
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    Who is the main girl/heroine in this series?
    the main heroine is qing'er obviously
    he expresses his love for her before he teleports her away to save her from all the people trying to capture
    and she tells him her feelings and the reason she gave him money and supported him all the time he was getting wasted: she did it bc she loves him not just to pay off his parents' and his goodwill for her. 
  • Rewrite said:
    His whole mission is to protect Qing 'Er and he barely interacts with her? smh
    well she is being forced to stay in a small room to train in day in and day out with literally no way to have any free time. she also has a high status of the "young miss" of the main-house, which is above the inner and outer sect. and since su yun is an outer sect member he doesn't have the status to even enter the inner sect, let alone the main house.
    but there is no way anyone can say anything to her. the ENTIRE REASON she is staying in the su family and training hard AF is bc the patriarch threatened to kill or torture su yun in case she tries to run away (he needs to use her soul or something for some secret plan). so she basically gave away all of her freedom to live the life of a caged bird just to keep su yun safe. 
    I mean that's the biggest sacrifice anybody can do for someone else, and, in return, she doesn't even ask for any gratitude from him. 
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    So what's going to happen in the spirit mountain how is the mc going to escape and is those su brother and sister that are friends with mc going to survive the mountains? And is the mc going to be an inner disciple?
    no he enters a secret room and the people think he died but he finds a secret exit and cultivates there a bit 
    then he comes out and tells everyone that there's a secret exit. they still suspect him but let him go.
    he gives the siblings all the blood crystals he got from the mountains and gets them in the inner sect since he doesn't even care about the inner sect
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    so right now how many girls are there dat fell in love with MC?? if so wat are their names?? can anyone please spoil me on this topic??
    4 Main harem members are:
    Su Qinq Er
    Prime and first waifu so to speak she's the main focus at the start of the story and the one he holds dearest. He tells her that he loves her and gives her a kiss on the lips before he teleports her away to save her from su family and profound sky sect. she reaches north continent and participates in a competition where they meet again.

    Hu Qianmei

    Is the fox girl that he rapes to get better cultivation talent and later on saves her from getting forcefully married for her physique and then possibly dying afterwards. After saving her they do it again (consensual this time) bc there's an array that multiplies the effects of "dual cultivation". Qianmei almost reaches spirit star and su yun reaches stage 6 spirit soul. 

    Long Xianli
    she is the person who at start tries to kill him for "stealing" her sects heavenly crystal. he later on cures of a poison and interacts with her a lot. she realizes that he is brilliantly skilled with arrays and could control a lot of influence in any of the big sects, instead of living as an ostracized outer sect member. she falls in love with him but at the time he's too dense to get it. she sighs and leaves. later he kills the great elder of her sect bc she caused the sword elder to use up all his energy and "die". afterwards, she becomes depressed and cries all the time while remembering him. she also thinks he's dead. she meets him again during a competition and he explains why he killed her clan elder. he bets with her that if he fights all the genius' from her sect and loses he will kowtow at the grave of the elder he killed but if he wins she has to give him a kiss. 

    Jie Zhu
    Is added alooot later then all the other main members almost 500ch in so I dont have much info on her (Im almost at the chapters were she starts gettin introduced.

    Secondary 2 are:
    Xiao Luo
    Is a girl who is a martial arts maniac and is in most of the story chasing after Su Yun trying to become the strongest (she dont really shows up that much though in the story as far as I've read), she eventually develops feelings for Su Yun. But never really becomes a harem member until the very last chapter were Su Yun gives her a red chinese dress (which is traditional china is a wedding dress which means he wants her to marry him)

    Shangguan Meiyang
    Is another character that is introduced waaay later into the story so far that I haven't even gotten there yet, but yes she also in the last chapter ask's if she can also become Su Yun's wife, but when everyone looks at her she becomes shy and say's it's a joke. However Su Yun say's he would never turn down such a pretty girl and she cant change her promise and thus get's his sixth wife.
  • I thought the daughter of his adoptive parents was also implied to have married him in the end. 
  • Rewrite said:
    I thought the daughter of his adoptive parents was also implied to have married him in the end. 
    Can someone confirm please?
  • Also is there immortality in here like in coiling dragon and in stellar transformation
    wanted to know so if our mc and his harem in this novel become immortal and can live forever?
  • When Su Yun eats Qing'er?
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    I don't think he does.

    Su Qing'er is supposed to be the person MC loves the most. The entire reason he reincarnate was for her. But after their arc, she only appears for a couple dozen chapters so MC can rescue her, then he went right back to shagging the fox and she went right back to training under a mentor who will inevitably lead her into more bad situations for MC to ride in on with a white horse. Only to split up after a kiss or two. This, and MC's devotion to his scumbags parents, frustrates me to no ends.

    Also, been meaning to ask... does this thread look messed up to anyone else?

    Actually, I think this is mead.
  • What's wrong with it?
    And yes, MC's blind devotion to his trash parents is what put me off completely about this novel. If someone could tell me the chapters where he helps out his parents so I can skip that would be great.
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    Actually, I think this is mead.
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    Actually, I think this is mead.
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    Same issue here.
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  • Hello.
    Tell me, please, who has read to the end:
    1) The main character and his girls became eventually immortal or only the main character and Su Qing'er?
    2) The main character married other girls just because they fell in love with him? Or did he fall in love with them, too? Simply in the beginning he liked only Su Qing'er.
  • lol 

    he got his hand on a treasure, this fox girl found out he had it ( she fought with another girl who was hunting him and learned it from her.) she threatened that if he didn't hand it over she will kill him, he didn't have it with him at that time and told her he will give it to her but if she killed him she will never know where the treasure was. later she followed him to where he put the treasure and he pulled her into a trap, it was an formation that nullified her power and allowed her to be killed by him. at this point his "mentor" told him that she had a special consitution in her body, and that if he had sex with her then he and her will share their talents and basicly afterwards she can't kill him(he cant kill her either) because if she kills him she will basicly waste her talent. so our mc forces himself on her ( i kinda of skimed over this point, but i think she enjoyed it) ( she was a virgin)

    also i dont understand it exactly but i think she was a loli fox girl ( since the novel mentioned that she looks like a beautiful 10-12 year old girl ( i might be wrong) when she was trying to plead for her life she was like big brother please dont kill me *upturned puppy eyes*

    my respect for him came from the reason why he did it, he was willing to do any kind of dispicible things for power so he can protect those importent to him.

    I, I have a doubt, who is the wife of the MC that is mentioned in the principles of the novel? And also, the wife will appear in the future?

  • I, I have a doubt, who is the wife of the MC that is mentioned in the principles of the novel? And also, the wife will appear in the future?