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  • So wait, should I stop reading wdqk and wait for btth to finish, or it doesn't matter? Also, does it say whether or not they all started from earth, or just xy?
    It doesn't matter you can read BTTH or WDQK without reading the other. The MC of BTTH only has a cameo at the very of end of the Final Chapter of WDQK. The appearance has nothing to do with the story in any way.

    Xiao Yan is the only one from earth.
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    Brega said:
    Just to be clear Lin Dong does not marry anyone in this story. He has two primary love interests Qing Zhu and Huanhuan.
    I read thru the posts in this thread and yes, i agree with you - lin dong did not marry anyone.  He loves both girls LQZ and YHH.  He also loves Qing Tan dearly but as a sister.

    Some people think that he married YHH - it was actually a dream that he proposed to her.  At the last chapter he asked LQZ to go with him to another planar/universe to find YHH's soul (YHH apparently is not from Lin Dong's world).  He won't take no for an answer and told LQZ that if she refused he'll tie her up with him lol.  Also, before they left, Lin Dong's parents said he must come back with their 2 daughters in law.  His parents love both YHH and LQZ. By the way QT went with them too to help search for YHH's soul.
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