Updates about Desolate Era on Wuxiaworld please!

Hey there, I'm not sure if this would reach RWX if I just wrote it in some comment in a chapter so I'll write it here.

I was quite confused when suddenly I saw a post that said it's chapter nine and ten for the week and the next update will come after the weekend. There's never been any mention of a change anywhere on Wuxiaworld.

Now the same happened again. Suddenly there's no release and I've been wondering what's up and saw in a comment that the next update will apparently be released in two days. Again, no official mention of anything anywhere on Wuxiaworld.

Don't get me wrong please, I don't care if there's no chapters for a while. I just think it's wrong to announce something regarding the releases on some other website but not on Wuxiaworld. Especially something like changing the schedule from 14 chapters a week to 10. That's a major change which in my opinion should absolutely be made public on Wuxiaworld! 

That's all and thanks! 

PS: I still don't know where RWX posts his updates, anyone want to tell me in case we won't get any information on Wuxiaworld in the future? 


  • Ren announced it on Patreon. He's going back to 10 chapters per week because there are some issues with Wuxiaworld and qindian. To deal with the legal issues he's gone back to 10 chapters per week until it's solved.
  • Once more there haven't been any chapters today and no update either. Some comments in the next chapter could be interpreted that some kind of announcement has been made on Patreon, not sure though.

    If anyone here reads this who can connect RWX it would be great if you could let him know about this thread.

    And I hope he'll remember why he started translating in the first place, to bring the translations to everyone and not just to those who have the money to pay.
  • Actually, he did annonce it on Wuxiaworld 3 weeks ago, here you go http://www.wuxiaworld.com/new-de-chapters-released-book-28-chapters-13-14/
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