Heavenly jewel change in DnD?

Well long story short: I am a GM who wants to run a campaign set in the HJC universe but I need a good idea on how to do the cultivation system. 

Normally I would probably do some.. every 2nd level is equal to 1 jewel but that honestly just seems lazy and not really that impressive. 
So I was hoping if there was someone who would care to collaborate with me to come up with some good rules about jewels, consolidating/skill storing and maybe a consolidation master class. 

And preferably it would be made using the Pathfinder or 3.X rules


  • You'll need to set up rolls for : elemental affinity; physical affinity; and talent. Then the players pick their own fighting style, weapons, and tactics. Since there are 9 jewels, divide the max level by 9. Have certain missions to complete that allow the players the right to roll for chances to comprehend and advance along with regular exp leveling.

    You also need a capture system for mobs. Have a base area where they are safe to attempt to obtain skills from the beasts. You will need to make the skills that each creature can give ahead of time and have them roll for the chance to fail, basic skill, advanced, and top skill. God level skill should only be obtained through special events that are triggered by specific actions at certain junctions. 

    The consolidated equipment should be manufactured in base locations as well, but the players must find the rare models. Special events, chests with inheritances, sects that bar the way may have gifts for saving their holy maiden, ect.

    I hope this helps. Refine this my fellow daoist! Go forth and spread the holy word of XianXia to the nerd world! 
  • Hmm there's some interesting stuff. 
    My initial idea was to have characters decide if they were going to be physical, elemental or heavenly jewel masters (and of course then their natural limits would be 9 jewels or 12 if a heavenly jewel master) 

    My main problem was the physical jewels: 
    icy jade would increase strength
    red jade would increase dexterity
    black jade would increase constitution

    These three was somewhat easy to figure out. The following on the other hand.. 

    waxy jade would increase armorclass (sorta like flexibility and the whole not getting hit part)  
    yellow jade increases toughness.. so I just said that this gives damage reduction
    dragonstone jade increases agility/movement speed

    My basic idea was to have physical jewelmasters pick two types of jade. Then gain 1 point per jade. Like if Gerry picked.. Icy and black jade. He may fluff it like "well it's 30% black jade and 70% icy jade" but basically this would increase his strength and constitution by 1 point each. 
    BUT if Gerry had been a HJM, he could have picked black jade and gotten his 150% buff. So he would get 3 points to constitution. 

    For elements I have made some generous rules. I may change them though.. Roll a d20 and see what elemental type(s) you get. 
    1-15: 1 type
    16-17: 2 types
    18-19: 3 types
    20: 4 types

    For consolidation gear... well.. I just made it be like normal magical gear. each magical enchant increases the DC by that enchants +X, add some general crafting difficulties like when making armor or weapons, special materials increases the DC by the materials hardness and so on. 

    But I really like the idea of completing quests in order to advance a rank. And also the part of having pre-made skills to all of the "mobs"
    Hmm this is good stuff. Got more? :D
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