Leveling Up Is Better Than Reality Chptah 4...

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this is a story i was working on a while back. Unfortunately, it was done in a rather spur of the moment sort of way, sloppily, and I eventually stopped working on it. Also *cough cough* I ran away at the first sign of negative comments lol.

But I've always felt this story had a lot of potential thus I've mustered the courage to try again, for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity as to whether i can actually make a good story.

The changes to the story won't be noticeable at first, but as it goes on it will soon become apparent.

I've been tempering my dao heart in a hyperbolic time chamber, so come at meh

Thus, chapter 1....

Chapter 1: At Least It’s More Interesting


                On the surface Jo Remy seemed like a reserved introvert, but it would be more fitting to call him a hopeless idealist. After high school, Jo enrolled into college and moved into a place payed for by his parents. Little did his parents know that only after a few weeks of school, Jo voluntarily withdrew from all his classes. He didn’t agree with how fast everything was moving as if the world would end if students didn’t get a degree. As he rushed to do his assignments he wondered, is this stress necessary to learn? Won’t a calm mind better facilitate learning?


                He also didn’t agree with argumentative essays. As he wrote down his opinion he wondered, is this not just repeating my research in different words? So what if it proves my understanding; does that not only require a mind? Even more so, he didn’t agree with class presentations. As he nervously spoke in front of the class he wondered, what’s the point in presenting knowledge I just learned? Won’t the confidence to speak publicly naturally come with confidence in one’s knowledge?


                As such, Jo dropped his classes unable to shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the system. Though he didn’t give up on learning. His dream was to become a game designer; programming, character design, or as a simple storyteller. He didn't really care, as long as he was part of creating something he could be proud of.  And he thus, as he was still technically enrolled in the school, used the resources available to students and took several books from the school library, planning out his own curriculum along the way. He learned when he had the energy and played games to relax his mind, not hindered in any way by time restrictions.


                Unfortunately this leisurely and, according to Jo, the most ideal learning method didn’t last more than a couple months as Jo’s parents discovered what their son was doing. They angrily lectured their son on the phone and stopped paying for his expenses. In Jo’s confusion as his parents didn’t instruct him to come home or force him to go back to classes, Jo assumed they had abandoned him.


                Also unfortunate; at this point, Jo had spent an unnatural amount of time away from the daily interactions with other people that most people go through. As such, he was quite detached from reality and accepted this interaction as any great philosopher would; with an immense amount of thought. So much so that it was as if he was digging a massive hole within his mind, in which to bury himself in. As anyone who knows what it is to overthink something knows, this severely inhibited his life.


                In his depression, Jo’s desire to learn receded and he simply continued to play games all day, hoping to forget his situation and escape reality. Eventually he ran out of money to pay for food, but in Jo’s stubbornness he refused to resign to society and get a job, and continued to play games.


                As he played, tormented by hunger and his refusal to sleep, perhaps his mind broke as he eventually forgot all else. Under the stress of his current situation his mind refused to work for fear of feeling pain and to Jo, all there was, was the game; there was no hunger or sleep deprivation or abandoning parents. He played, and played, and played.


                To a psychiatrist, Jo was undoubtedly ill, but maybe, just maybe, his soul simply didn’t belong on Earth. Maybe the society he belonged to adhered to different norms that allowed him to thrive. Unfortunately that place wasn’t here.


                And so, eventually, Jo died as he played that game. It was a sad and pitiful death, but maybe it was a suitable death, and maybe, a death filled with hope, as unbeknownst to Jo, he would be reborn.

                “Hmm? Why isn’t he crying?” A man dressed in furs asked as he looked at the newborn baby in his hands and its sleeping eyes. “Hey, wake up! What a lazy child.” The man called out, slightly shaking the baby.


“Hmm…” The baby involuntarily called out as it opened its eyes. Da fuck? Jo thought. What’s going on? He wondered as he looked at the fur dressed man.


“Is something wrong?” A woman called out from a bed. “Give him to me. Let me see my son.”


Son? Have I been reborn? Jo wondered, his eyes widening in shock.


“Hmm… His stats seem alright and he doesn’t have any disabilities. He should be fine.” The woman said, relieved. “From now on, little one, your name will be Zellin. Zellin Arathea.” She said with a smile.


Stats? Zellin? Da fuck am I?


As a baby, Jo could do nothing as he lied in his mother’s arms, and was forced to resign to the life of a baby.


Time passed by. As a baby, Jo, or Zellin, was practically helpless. The boredom was hell in itself and he couldn’t stop himself from shitting himself. It was horrible. Although most babies cried because they needed something, Jo cried because of the all-encompassing boredom that was his life and the futility of his true needs as a gamer. The comfort he received from mindlessly playing games was nowhere to be found.


Fuck, Zellin thought. If only there was a game for me to play.


Eventually, he got use to the name Zellin. He actually thought it was kind of cool. His name kind of sounded like a mage class name he would play in an RPG.


The first time he got a chance, Zellin snuck away from his mom and explored the house. He ended up finding a little study with many books and ended up picking one out.


Hmm? Basic Gameplay? God, I hope this place has D&D. Zellin thought as he read the book. Luckily, it seemed to be in English. As he read the book he couldn’t help but think the game seemed pretty cool. But as he read some of the instructions on the book, his playful mind couldn’t help but try some out. So he tapped the book twice and suddenly an item information screen popped up.


Name: Basic Gameplay

Type: Book

An introduction to the basic gameplay of the world.


Da fuck!? This shit’s actually real!? Zellin thought, his eyes widening as he panted slightly.

“There you are.” Zellin’s mom, Recca, called out as she came into the room. “Come back to the living room. I still have some sewing to do.” She said as she picked up Zellin.


Back in the living room Zellin suddenly made a decision. He’s going to talk. He’s known it was possible for some time now, but he hasn’t acted on it, as he was afraid of the awkwardness there would be in such a young child speaking fluent English to his parents. And he definitely didn’t want to act the baby, because that would just be annoying.


“Momma.” Zellin said, testing the waters.


Recca suddenly gasped and tears started to flow from her eyes as she picked up Zellin. “You called me Momma. Oh my, my baby’s a genius! He can speak just after 3 months from being born! Your intelligence stat must be quite high. Maybe in the future you can become a grand mage!” Recca called out excitedly.


“Momma can you tell me about the world?” Zellin asked with the straight face of a 3 month year-old baby.


“AHHH!” Recca called out in fear, accidentally dropping Zellin on her lap. “Oh my god! Zellin, you can actually speak? Are you demon disguised as my baby?” She asked with shock and fear.


“No, momma. It’s just that… I’m actually a genius.” The baby said with a slightly shy look on his face. Hopefully she buys it, Zellin thought optimistically.


Is this…? Recca thought as she picked Zellin up again, lifting him in the air. “Really? My baby’s such a genius. Then what’s one plus one?” She asked, playfully taunting her child. If it is, then… She thought.


“Of course it’s two.” Zellin replied.


“Oh my,” Recca couldn’t help but exclaim as her eyes widened. It must be.


“Mom, can you tell me more about the world?” Zellin asked again.


Recca looked at her extremely precocious child, and let out a wide grin. “Of course, honey. Ask me whatever you’d like.” She said with a hint of amusement.


So, in this way, Zellin learned about the world, finding out he really was in some sort of live RPG.


Hey, at least this world is more interesting, he thought.


From then on, after finding out about their son’s maturity, Zellin’s mom allowed him to read in the study and would sometimes bring her to the library to read.


And in this way nearly 10 years passed, as Zellin learned various things about the world.


Eventually, a special day came. On Zellin’s 10th birthday, he would get his first experience points.


As Zellin watched his father, Zol, approach him in their backyard with a caged rabbit, he didn’t know whether to be excited or horrified. Zellin had never killed an animal before. Though he wanted the experience points, he was really reluctant to kill.


His father took out the little bunny rabbit and tied it to a rope which he attached to a wooden peg that he pierced into the ground. The harmless bunny rabbit looked around, not knowing what to think, making Zellin’s brows furrow.


“Isn’t there any other way to get experience points?” Zellin asked, hoping for a way out of the situation.


“Stop being a baby. Aren’t you a genius? Here, take this.” Zol said, handing a dagger to his son. “You know what to do.” As Zellin was already able to speak to his parents at 3 months old, they had long treated him as an intelligent human being.


Zellin took the weighty dagger hesitantly, silent for a while before a look of determination appeared on his face. I can’t back down from this. For my dream of being a super mage I must push forward! He thought resolutely. Zellin approached the cute bunny rabbit and quickly ended its life.


As the bunny died, remorse filled Zellin’s face, then confusion. After the bunny collapsed its body shattered into white light which disappeared into the air and a silvery energy entered Zellin’s body. Left behind by the bunny rabbit was a copper and a piece of rabbit leg; already skinned.


Zellin raised his hand and a book appeared with the words Character Info on it. He opened it up and under where it said Level 0, there was a space that said he had one% experience. Zellin grinned slightly. It’s a start, he thought.


Zol suddenly laughed out loud. “Quick and decisive. That’s my boy!” Zol said, rubbing Zellin’s head with pride. “Soon, I’ll have to take you out hunting.”


From that day forward Zellin’s father continued to bring many low-leveled animals for Zellin to kill, and eventually, Zellin gained 100% experience and became level 1. His Dexterity and Agility stats even rose slightly, without putting stat points into it. Zellin decided to put his 5 stat points into Intelligence and Wisdom.


After Zellin became Level 1, his parents’ decided to buy him a basic skill book. Since Zellin was kind of lazy, he wanted to choose the Summoner class when he reached level 5. In this way, he wouldn’t have to do anything when battling and just send an endless wave of monsters out. That would be best, Zellin thought, nodding his head in approval.


As such, Zellin asked for the basic Summoner skill, Contract. It would allow a Summoner to set up a contract with a beast. Though, it was a weak Summoner skill and would usually be used with either baby beasts or beasts one had a high compatibility with.


After getting the skill, Zellin suddenly regretted the decision because there he had nothing to contract with. But one day, Zol brought home a Level 1 Wolf Cub and set it in front of Zellin. As he was afraid the wolf would immediately ravage his son, he watched and waited, wondering how his son would conquer this beast.


Zellin looked at the wolf cub and a big grin grew on his face. He fearlessly went up to the wolf cub and let it smell his hand before scratching it behind the ear. The wolf cub then started to rub his head against Zellin’s hand. It wasn’t long before they were happily playing, rolling on the ground as sounds of laughter resounded out. Fortunately, this wolf was quite tame for a wild beast.


Zellin didn’t contract the cub right away, though. Every day, he would play with the cub, and every day he would be the one to feed it. After building enough of the cub’s trust he finally contracted it, while the cub didn’t resist at all.


It wasn’t long before this pair went out to hunt level 1 beasts under Zol’s supervision.


As a Summoner, it naturally takes much longer to level up, as Zellin and his monsters share experience. So it wasn’t until a year later that Zellin and his wolf cub, Bear, reached level 2. As for Leggy, he also rose to Level 2, thanks to the experience allocator option available to all ‘characters’ in this world who are able to open a menu.


It was also at this time that Zol approached Zellin and told him, “Little Genius, it’s time for you to go to school.”


“Ah? School? Why do I need to go to school?” Zellin asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Of course, it’s to learn basic battle and survival skills. Skill books are expensive to make so many basic skills are simply taught. Don’t whine, come along.” Zol said in a no nonsense manner before walking out of the house. Zellin frowned and reluctantly left with his father along with Bear.

Zellin lived in the small town of Florn. In Florn, there was only one school, the Immortal Huntsman Academy. It was mainly a school for hunters, like Zellin’s dad, but they taught other skills too. This was where they were going.


Zol simply dropped Zellin off at the gate, giving him a badge with a bow and arrow on it before patting his shoulders and saying, “Good luck.” With that he began to walk away.


“Wait!” Zellin called out anxiously, catching up to his dad. Zellin wasn’t too fond of school, or anything of the sort. If it was possible, he’d prefer all his choices to be made with some true independence, without the limits of needs or thoughts of survival. In other words, he really wished he got into heaven after his previous life.


“What do I say? What do I do?” Zellin asked his dad ironically after he caught up. If he was truly independent, Zellin would have no need to ask.


Zellin, or Jo, had died in his previous life because he simply couldn’t handle the stress of day to day life, and the challenges that it brought. Though this was pathetic to the point of making you not want to even make fun of the situation, lest you aggravate the situation, this was the case for Jo. Most people push through this stress, suck it up and keep going, but Jo was among those who desperately desired release, and as such, he died for that release.


And as Zellin had not truly died that day, these years of childhood were the aftermath of a severe psychotic break. That being the case, in a sense, his personality truly fit the child’s body that he now inhabited.


“What are you, a kid? Just talk to the guard.” Zol said frankly. He wasn’t used to teaching his child to doing anything and had just assumed Zellin knew what to do. I guess he’s still new to this world… Zol thought to himself as he began to empathize with Zellin.


Zol rubbed Zellin’s head and leaned in. “Hey,” he began. “Don’t think about it so much. Life is all about walking forward. Of course it’s scary, but you can’t let that hold you back. Listen kid, life is a shit show, but it’s only by walking through all that foul-smelling shit, can you truly find happiness in this life.” Zol lectured as he stared into Zellin’s uncertain eyes. “All you can ask yourself is, do I want to lie in this shit forever, or do I want to step forward into that shit and find happiness?”


Zellin’s eyes grew serious as he thought about it, then a smile suddenly appeared on his face. “I’m going to do it!” Zellin exclaimed. “I’m going to step in shit!”


As the guard heard this from a distance, he couldn’t help but shake his head at Zellin’s dad. “With a father like you… that child is doomed.”


Nervously, Zellin approached one of the guards at the gate and simply stood there for a while. The guard looked down at him and his beasts and raised an eyebrow. Zellin didn’t know what to say at first, but eventually he spoke up. “I’m here to attend the school.” He said nervously.


“You’re badge?” The guard asked.


“Yes, here.” Zellin replied, flashing the school badge to the guard.


“Follow me,” the guard instructed, leading him through the gate and into the school courtyard. The guard lead him into a building behind the main building and across a large field, to a door inside before saying, “Go in and wait.”


Zellin went in and saw that it seemed to be a lecture hall. It could probably fit about a hundred students but at the moment there was only about 40-50 people inside; most of the kids looked to be his age. Zellin sat on an empty seat in front, in the corner, and allowed Bear to lay down in front of him.


Off to the side was a little boy who couldn’t help but be curious about Zellin’s pets and went to sit next beside Zellin. “Hey, are you a Summoner?” The boy asked.


Zellin looked at the boy. Seems friendly enough, Zellin thought. Since he has never really interacted with the people of this world other than his parents, he was curious whether they were any different from Earthlings. “No, not yet. I’m only Level 2, but I have the Contract skill.”


“Wow! You’re already Level 2 with a pet! You must be pretty hard working. My parents are farmers, so after learning the Preserve skill they allowed me to butcher some our livestock. But still, I’ve only recently turned Level 2.” The boy said.

The Preserve skill was a skill to keep animals from dissipating after they died so you can harvest their fur and meat, turning them into items that can be stored.


“I’m Zellin.” Zellin said, lifting his hand towards the boy.


“I’m Reyal,” the boy replied, shaking Zellin’s hand. “Looks like we’ll be classmates from now on.”


“What class do you want to be when you turn Level 5?” Zellin asked, curious.


“Me? I want to be a powerful mage! Then people will respect me.” Reyal replied.


Zellin nodded his head in approval. “Good choice!” He replied. “I, too, want to be a powerful mage.”


Reyal laughed. “Good, good. In the future we should adventure together and conquer the land with our powerful magic! Hahaha!”


Zellin laughed too and agreed. “We’ll be the Emperor Mage Brothers and we’ll rule all that we set our eyes on!” Zellin replied with a laugh.


“Who’s going to rule?” Came a voice from behind them. “You twerps? Mages are the most cowardly of classes. Only a warrior can truly rule the land!”


Zellin and Reyal turned their heads and saw a scrawny kid with worn clothes and an arrogant look about him. “Who are you?” They asked.


“I’m Liu and in the future I’m going to be a powerful warrior!” The scrawny kid replied.


Zellin and Reyal looked to each other before bursting out laughing. “Hahaha! A scrawny kid like you? Fat chance! Your Strength stat is probably zero!” Reyal mocked.


Liu’s face instantly turned red as he fumed with rage. Indeed, his Strength stat was quite low for someone aspiring to be a warrior, thus he was quite embarrassed. “What do you know!? Your Intelligence stat must be -100! You wouldn’t recognize a powerful warrior even after being beat half to death!” Liu retorted.


Reyal’s face instantly reddened. Indeed, his Intelligence stat was quite low for someone aspiring to be a mage, thus he was quite embarrassed. As Zellin, this clever kid, saw all this, he instantly burst out into laughter. “You two are quite alike.” He said.


“Quiet, everyone, quiet.” Called out a middle-aged man as he walked into the classroom. “Everyone, welcome to the Introductory Survival Class of the Immortal Huntsman Academy.”



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    Chapter 2: Poetic Justice

    “You can all call me Principal Lin. Here, you will all learn the basic skills you will need to survive in the world.” The man said as he waved his hands. Suddenly, a menu screen popped up in front of everyone’s eyes. “In front of you are the courses you will be attending and their times and locations. The name of the classes naturally correspond with the names of the skills or sets of skills you will be learning. As for the Battle Experience course; that is for you to get experience points and level up. The beasts you will be fighting will, of course, be chosen specifically to challenge, yet not overwhelm you. You are, of course, simply children.” Said the man, giving some basic information on the class.


    The courses were Cooking, Archery, Close Combat, Basic Medicine, and Battle Experience and they were spread out over six days with different classes on different days, which Zellin assumed would rotate as they went along. There was only one class a day, which suited Zellin’s nature quite well. The last day was even a rest day. But of course Zellin wouldn’t spend all this time doing nothing. It’s just that he didn’t like to be restricted, and liked to do things when he felt like it. No one likes to feel as if they weren’t in control of their lives.


    “Most of you have been waiting here for some time. As for its purpose; it’s so that you may get to know each other and begin on the path of becoming friends. In this world, it’s best to find teammates who you can get along with and whose skills compliment your own. In this way, it will be easier for you to survive. As such, if you managed to find someone with whom you feel compatible, do not hesitate to ask them to become your dorm mate.” Principal Lin instructed.


    “You may choose up to 3 dorm mates, all together making 4 of you. If you’re a girl, be wary to choose any of your boy classmates. Males are the natural predator of women. Remember girls, all boys are pigs with filthy minds. You’re better off choosing 3 girls to be your dorm mates.” Principal Lin said with a straight face as if what he said was all fact. “If you wish to be alone, you can also request to do so. If you wish to live as a group of 3 or 2, that’s also allowed.”


    Zellin looked to Reyal and nodded, then watched as Reyal nodded back. Like this, they already tacitly understood that they would be roommates. Liu nervously watched this from above before speaking out, “Hey, guys, don’t leave me out. I know we started off badly but I’m sure we’ll soon be brothers. Let me in the dorm too.” Liu didn’t know anyone when he came so he sat alone, and he didn’t know that the long time they waited was for choosing roommates. As he heard Principal Lin talk about survival he suddenly got nervous, regretting that he insulted the only people he talked to.


    “Sure, you can be our roommate, but you’ll have to call me Boss from now on.” Reyal replied with a mischievous grin. Liu’s face suddenly looked conflicted. One part of him wanted to beat this guy up for even suggesting it, the other part really wanted to be part of the dorm.


    “Don’t mind him. Of course we can be dorm brothers. In the future our team name, the Three Mage Rulers, will resound throughout the world.” Zellin responded.


    Liu’s face suddenly turned sour. “Who wants to be a mage!? I’d rather be a chicken.” Liu replied, his natural disposition coming out.


    And with that, their new school life began.


    The three newly acquainted boys went to get their room key and went off to find their rooms.


    After a long while of traveling and asking directions, they finally found it.


    Zellin gave it a cursory glance, becoming neither pleased nor disappointed. For people like Zellin, any type of home was good as long as it could keep you safely away from the rest of the world. He was somewhat displeased with needing roommates, but it couldn’t be helped. Maybe it’s time for me to stop being a loner… He thought, as his mind wandered to the days he actually had friends. Zellin sighed at his decisions back then.


    Zellin simply lied down on one of the bunk beds in the open room and began to relax.


    Seeing as no one said anything, Reyal spoke up. “Who wants to eat?” He asked.


    “Hmm, yes. I’d like to eat.” Liu responded.


    Zellin got up and sat on the bed. “You know how to cook?” Zellin asked, feeling slightly hungry himself.


    “Yeah, I have some knowledge on cooking.” Reyal replied. “Although my cooking doesn’t have any great stat effects like those master chefs, it would at least taste good.” Reyal said with a confident smile.


    “Right, then let’s eat! I haven’t eaten lunch yet.” Zellin said. Ah, it’s good to know someone who can cook. My specialties are cup noodles and microwaveable pizza, Zellin thought with a bitter smile. But I guess that’s useless in this world…


    “’Kay, be patient. It’ll take a second.” Reyal said as he began to take things out of his inventory to cook with.







    “Hmm! Nice work, Reyal! Now we know who’s doing the cooking in this place.” Zellin said with a smile as he finished eating.


    “Hmm,” Liu said as he ate his last bite of chicken. “I’m just glad it’s not me that’s cooking.” He said in a self-deprecating manner. Though Liu was a proud person, he definitely wasn’t proud of his cooking skills.


    “Haha,” Zellin laughed. “Well, you’ll get your chance to cook when that class starts.”


    “I’ll make sure you’re the first to try it.” Liu said with an evil grin.


    “Oh?” Zellin said with a raised eyebrow. “Only if you try mine first.”


    Reyal laughed and said, “Okay, we get it. You’re both bad at cooking.”



    After some light-hearted, slightly awkward chatting, that all new friends required to forge a path to true friendship, Zellin got bored.


    “Well, we’ve eaten, and now we have the rest of the day off.” Zellin said as his mood settled. “How ‘bout we go hunt some animals? That’s what I do when I’m bored, or anxious. For some reason, farming has always been able to settle my mood.” Zellin said, thinking back to all the games he use to play.


    “What? You mean in the forest?” Reyal asked with reluctance. “No way! I’ve never done that before; it’s too dangerous!”


    “That’s why it’s relaxing,” Zellin said with a reminiscent smile. “When you’re hunting, your mind focuses, and everything disappears as you think of your next move and concentrate on not making any mistakes. It’s truly the best thing for people like me, with no ambition. It reminds yourself that you want to live. Ah! I bet it gets better the more dangerous it gets!” Zellin said foolishly.


    “As Liu heard Zellin praise the feeling of hunting, it also lit up some of his old desires. But it wasn’t for peace or a reignited desire to live. It was for glory!


    To become powerful! To dominate the world with your sword! That was Liu’s dream. Alas, he has never been able to experience the thrill of a fight as he’s always been afraid to go hunting.


    This fear has prevented Liu from getting any experience points, thus leaving him at Level 0. But Zellin’s words let him remember his oldest wish, causing him to sit up and say excitedly, “Let’s go!”


    “Haha,” Zellin laughed at the sight of Liu’s excitement. “See, Liu knows what I’m talking about. He’s probably Level 5 already with all the animals he’s hunted.” Zellin said, patting Liu’s shoulder from his chair.


    “Ha, yeah,” Liu said with a bitter smile.


    “I don’t know,” Reyal said with hesitation, but also a little curiosity. “This is really something an adult should supervise.”


    “Don’t worry about it,” Zellin said like he was tempting someone into smoking their first cigarette. “We’ll just stay on the outskirts of the forest. I’ve been there tons of times. The highest level animal there is only Level 3, and anyways, there’s 3 of us. If anything bad happens Liu will save us.” Zellin said calmly.


    Liu began to panic. Save you? I’m still Level 0! I won’t even be able to save myself! Liu thought with regret.


    Then Liu noticed Reyal looking at him, and Liu put on his regular proud face. “Yeah,” he said. “What’s there to worry about?” He said with a straight face, like the guy who wants to look cool when he takes his first cigarette, but is secretly scared inside.


    Though Liu was scared, he would definitely not show it to others. But if it gets too out of hand, I should probably tell them how weak I am, Liu thought, just in case they became overconfident.


    But Zellin was fairly confident. He’s pretty much already knew that Liu wasn’t as great as his words made him out to be, so he didn’t plan on being reckless. Zellin was just doing a bit of friendly teasing.


    Ever since a young age in his past life, Zellin had a pretty easy time reading people’s expressions, their moods, and different social cues, and as he grew up in school, popularity came easily to him. Thus, Zellin got the gist of Liu’s situation. Unfortunately, for a long time after high school, his mind has been clouded, and was only now beginning to clear up.


    “Well,” Reyal said, as he contemplated. “I guess its okay. But you guys have to help me if something goes wrong.”


    “That’s the spirit!” Zellin said, successfully convincing someone to smoke- I mean hunt animals. “Come, heroes, let us be off!”





    “Crikey, we’ve got a big one!” Zellin said as he peaked out from behind a tree.


    A fat boar was in a clearing not too far from Zellin.


    As Liu looked at the Level 3 Boar, he decided to come clean as he knew he was no match for the boar.


    “Guys,” Liu began. “I think you should know…”


    “Know what?” Reyal asked slightly distracted as he prepared to fight the boar. Both of them have so much experience fighting. I can’t fall behind… Reyal thought with determination.


    “Okay,” Zellin said, ignoring Liu’s revelation. “This is how we’re going to do this,” Zellin began in a commanding tone as the official 39 year-old of the group. “I’m going to confront the boar and both of you guys just have to focus on any openings that present themselves. First, you guys have to circle around and when I approach it, you have to block it off from the right and left sides, while Bear will block the back. If it escapes our encirclement, Bear will be able to chase it down and lock it down until we can reform our formation.”


    “But won’t you be doing most of the fighting?” Reyal asked with worry.


    “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine. Also, since we’ve already set up our party to distribute XP equally you won’t have to worry about not contributing enough.” Zellin said calmly.


    “That’s no good!” Liu said, shaking his head with disapproval. He couldn’t let someone else do all the work while he was helpless.


    “Relax, Liu.” Zellin said with a smile. “Since you’re my back up, I won’t have anything to worry about!”


    “Back up?” Liu said with a raised eyebrow.


    “That’s right! If anything bad happens to me it’s your job to save me!” Zellin said, patting Liu on the shoulder.


    He’s relying on me to save him? Liu thought, tightening his fists with worry. I need to tell him… But just as Liu was going to blurt out how weak he was, Zellin said something that infuriated him.


    “Of course if I die, I’ll come back to haunt you in your sleep; whispering words like, ‘Liu, you’re not a man!’” Zellin said, leaving the bait out for the prideful Liu. Zellin was truly being a bad influence right now, but he just wanted his new roommates to experience the thrill of fighting. Also he was fairly confident in this going down smoothly.


    It’s just a single Level 3 Boar. Zellin thought. With the four of us, including Bear, there was no way things could go wrong! Also, the arrogant Zellin also had some HP pills from his parents just in case things got too dangerous, so there was some reason to his hubris.


    “What!? Who says I’m not a man!? I’ll show all of you and kill this boar myself!” Liu said in anger, ignoring his earlier prudence.


    “Easy Liu, easy.” Zellin said, patting Liu on the shoulder. “I never said you weren’t a man. Everyone just needs to go according to the plan and everything will be fine. Here, first, both of take a couple of these pills and put them in your pockets. If things get too out of control and for some reason you’re dying. Take some of these pills and pray.” Zellin said nonchalantly, as he pulled out a bottle from his inventory.


    Panic struck Reyal at Zellin’s words as he exclaimed, “What!? Pray? Why do I have to pray? Zellin you aren’t leading us as pigs to be slaughtered are you?”


    “Hey, calm down Reyal. There’s only one pig that’s going to be slaughtered today, and it has tusks. Just follow the plan! It’s either that or prepare to pray!” Zellin said with a smile, continuing to tease Reyal. Zellin secretly laughed to himself as he thought, being a kid again is pretty fun. Of course, although Zellin’s kind of a dick, he wasn’t planning on causing his new buddies any harm. “I’m only a douche to those I like.” -Quote, Zellin. Oddly enough, this is also his motto for picking up girls.




    Zellin looked to the left, then to the right, and also saw Bear in the bushes in the back. Right, it’s time to dance! Zellin said, wishing he could say such cool words out loud.


    Zellin activated his Sprint skill, increases his speed by 30%, and rushed out of the woods towards the boar. At the same time, Liu, Reyal, and Bear also rushed out. Zellin reached the startled boar, looking at its confused eyes, and gave a mighty downwards thrust of his dagger, down onto the boar’s head.


    The boar grunted angrily, and pounced forwards, causing the dagger to miss and stab down at its back. But at the same time, the boar rammed his tusks towards Zellin. Zellin had no time to take back his dagger and flee, and took the fool brunt of the tusks, which stabbed to the left and right sides of his abdomen.


    “Ugh, shit.” Zellin said in pain, falling down and clutching his sides, trying to force himself back up. Is this poetic justice from being too much of a douche? Zellin wondered, while contemplating if he was going to die.


    “Crap! Zellin! I won’t let you haunt me!!!” Liu shouted as he arrived on the scene, wildly swinging a steel sword at the boar and creating slash marks on the boar’s back, shaving quite a bit of HP from it.


    Reyal also began to grow wild, seeing that his new friend might die. “You’re going to be alright, Zellin! Remember to pray!” Reyal yelled as began to stab the bewildered boar.


    The boar knew it was in a bad situation and prepared to flee. It ran past Zellin, but just as it was about to escape, Bear caught on to the back its leg. Bear’s jaws were like a vice grip and he deliberately lied down to drag the boar down with him.


    Liu and Reyal caught back up and began to ruthlessly slaughter the boar in a frenzy, until they realized the boar wasn’t moving anymore.


    Reyal and Liu was panting as they tried to calm themselves down, before looking at the bleeding Zellin on the floor and asking, “Zellin, how come you’re so bad at fighting?”


    Zellin wanted cry but had no tears. I’ll treat my friends better from now on. Zellin thought, resolving himself.

    let me know if you see spelling mistakes, please, thank you.

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    Chapter 3: Regrets at Death’s Door

    After a while, Zellin's HP pill did its job and Zellin was safe from harm.


    Both Liu and Reyal have yet to calm down from the rush of adrenaline they felt when they thought that Zellin was going to die. As such, they were getting rather impatient from the wait.


    “Zellin, you need to up your game. We need to get as much hunting down before it gets dark. We still have to go to school tomorrow!” Liu admonished anxiously.


    “Next time we should find a small group of those little woodland critters…” Reyal mumbled, saying something slightly creepy.


    As such, these two were fully hooked on fighting. If these were actually cigarettes or an even stronger drug that Zellin tempted them with, these two little kids would surely be doomed. But maybe, in some ways, this might actually be worse… But, alas, this is the way of this world, and is something that these two would be infected with sooner or later. The high of successfully winning your first fight, then, defeating a creature at a higher level, and eventually, defeating your first boss; these addictive aspects of this life will find their way to these children sooner than they think…


    “Okay, okay! I’m getting up.” Zellin said with slight annoyance. These little adrenaline junkies need to calm down. Addiction is all about balance. Amitabha Buddha… Zellin thought, admiring himself as someone profound. But in a way, he earned it. If you’re not allowed to say something like that after years of addiction, that’s just a little too cruel. But maybe the ‘Amitabha Buddha’ was a little bit much…


    “Alright, Bear, you lead the way.” Zellin pronounced, watching as Bear stuck his nose to ground and sniffed around for stronger smells, before finding a trail and leading the group further into the forest.


    As such, they began what would be the habit of hunting in the future, and began to build up the basis for their teamwork and their tacit understanding of each other, along with their fighting experience. Although these kids basically brought their weapons and decided to fight without any knowledge of how to fight, their love of this experience and their fear of death allowed them to learn a little bit after each fight. Such as the movements your body will allow in a certain stance, and which ways of handling a weapon are more effective than the others. Although these little bits of knowledge don’t seem much, these insignificant things are their first steps towards the peak of this world.


     It took them 15-30 minutes every time to find an opponent and a few minutes to finish the fight. Sometimes, a small group of 2-3 would take up to 10 minutes, fully exhausting these kids after pushing their focus to the limit. But fortunately, these kids didn’t get cocky, as they could have been effected by Zellin’s earlier mishap. They knew that a single mistake could be all it takes to end you in a fight, and whenever they saw a match that was too much for them, they cautiously backed away.


    “Eat it, Bambi!” Zellin yelled, pouncing at an unaware and beautiful fawn. Zellin slashed at the deer’s neck first, creating a bloody mess on the baby deer. Although Zellin had no knowledge of deer anatomy and had no way to know where the deer’s carotid artery was, common sense told him that he won’t go wrong in aiming at the neck. And he was right as he successfully inflicted ‘Minor Bleed’ on the baby deer.


    The fawn was after all just a baby deer, and wanted no part in this. Induced by fear, the fawn urgently began to flee.


    “Hurry! Block it!” Zellin yelled at Reyal and Liu, but saw them just standing at the side shaking their heads.


    “Tsk tsk tsk, too cruel, much too cruel…” Liu said in disappointment.


    “Wha?” Zellin exclaimed in befuddlement.


    “Zellin, oh Zellin. We told you we should just find something else, but you didn’t listen. You didn’t listen…” Reyal said, enunciating his words.


    “What are you talking about!? It was right there and it was easy prey! It would have taken us like a minute!” Zellin said, not understanding.


    “Zellin, it was a baby dear. Have some humanity.” Liu once again admonished.


    “Yeah, Zellin, have some deerity. You’re better than that.” Reyal added on.


    Zellin opened his mouth, unable to say any words, and looked at Bear. Bear saw Zellin look at him, and simply turned his head away and whimpered, as if he too looked down on Zellin.


    But before Zellin could think any further, he suddenly heard a loud screeching sound.


    “What’s that?” Zellin asked in with a raised eyebrow. Then, without time for anyone to respond, an intense hissing sound could be heard.


    “Should we go look?” Liu asked with some curiosity. It could be an elite level monster… Liu thought with some excitement.


    “No way! Do you know how deep into the forest we are right now?” Reyal asked with some anxiety. “We’re lucky all we found was a deer so far, but that sound is coming from the depths of the forest!”


    Although forests like these which are so close to town are frequently regulated by the nearby town to be suitable for beginners, the monsters here can still grow up to Level 10, or to Level 15 if they’re lucky. And these little kids were Level 1-2 amateur hunters; if they went up any random Level 10, they would be demolished like Zellin’s self-respect when he dared attack a baby deer.


    “It sounds like two monsters fighting…” Zellin mumbled to himself, before smiling to himself. “I have to see it.”


    “What!? Zellin you need to calm down, you could be playing with our lives here. Do you care so little for our new friendship?” Reyal pleaded, attempting to coax with sentiment.


    Zellin was silent for a moment before saying, “You’re right. You guys head back with Bear, I’m going to check it out.” He said, then began to walk in the direction of the noises. In Zellin’s previous life, he lived in a way where he was overstimulated on a daily basis. Whether it was drugs or the internet offering all sorts of entertainment at a click of a button, much of the way he lived desensitized him, confusing his ambitions and leaving him as a failure in life.


    And some of that still affects him to this day. That’s why he enjoys fighting so much; it’s the most stimulating thing he can do in this life. And in this way, he decided he needed to see this monster fight. Even if it wasn’t King Kong versus Godzilla, there was no doubt Zellin would be amused.


    “Wait! I said wait!” Reyal said, trying to stop Zellin only to watch him walk further and further away.


    “Should we follow?” Liu asked, not inclined one way or the other.


    “Ah!” Reyal exclaimed in exasperation. “I hate irresponsible people the most!” He said as he stomped away in Zellin’s direction.


    Liu simply smiled and followed Reyal’s lead. “Let’s go Bear. Who knows what mischief your master will get into.”


    As Zellin looked back and saw everyone following, he was a little touched. I should stop being unfair to these guys… Zellin thought to himself. As he saw it, these two little kids, were pretty thoughtful towards him, considering that they’ve only known each other for a day. Although he felt that he didn’t deserve this, he still resolved to pay this thoughtfulness back with his future actions. But in the end, this still didn’t stop him from approaching those loud sounds of battle. Why? Arrogance!


    So far, in this life, even considering how dangerous it is, has yet to force Zellin into a true life and death situation. This is a case of the newborn calf not fearing the tiger. The relative comfort of Zellin’s past life is still influencing him in this life, and he has yet to realize that Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore.


    As such, they continued, with the sounds getting louder and louder, as they went further and further into the forest.


    “Stop!” Reyal said in a loud whisper. “There they are!”


    As the trees here were somewhat sparse, they could see relatively far into the distance if they were in the right spot.


    “Where?” Zellin asked, approaching Reyal’s position with slow and soft footsteps.


    “There! It’s a giant spider and a giant snake!” Reyal exclaimed.


    Zellin got into the right position and looked ahead. He could see two figures. One was whipping its head back and forth with sharp strikes as it tried to bite the other figure, who was nimbly dodging with its many legs and trying to get close enough to either stab the other with its sharp forelegs or bite into it. Sometimes with snakes this size, constricting and suffocating their enemies is an option, but it seemed like the snake didn’t want to get too close. It was unknown if one of these creatures was venomous and one these beasts was avoiding the other, but Zellin wouldn’t be surprised if they both were.


    “Damn!” Zellin exclaimed as he took out a bag of seasoned sunflower seeds from his inventory, preparing to watch show. “Who do you think will win? My money’s on spider; snake looks like he doesn’t even want to be there.” He said, as if he was watching an MMA fight.


    Reyal saw this and was instantly pissed off. “You’re lucky we’re this close to these two beasts; if not, I’d scold you straight!”


    “Hey, what’s that?” Liu suddenly asked.


    “What?” Zellin responded, not keeping his eyes off the show.


    “There, not too far away from us. That hole near all that dirt. It looks like something’s there.” Liu said observing about 7-8 meters ahead of them.


    Zellin looked and saw a glimpse of some round, shiny things in the hole; as if the round things were either wet or covered in something else that made it shine in the sunlight. Zellin’s eye’s suddenly became wide. “Are those… eggs? Spider eggs? Snake eggs wouldn’t be that shiny.” Zellin mumbled in thought.


    “Eggs? Is that why those two are fighting?” Reyal asked.


    At this moment, Zellin suddenly became impulsive again. “You guys wait here; I’m going to look at those eggs and see if I can grab one.”


    “What? Why would you want to do that?” Liu asked.


    “Have you guys forgotten? I’m a future summoner! I’m going to make it my pet!” Zellin said as he slowly drew forward in the cover of the trees.


    “Ah! Following this kid is going to kill me sooner or later.” Reyal said, grinding his teeth in anger. This time, he was too lazy to care if this was too reckless. The only thing he could do was stay there and hope things don’t get dangerous.


    As Zellin got closer to the hole, he saw that many of the eggs were cracked open, with some shell remnants scattered on the ground. “No!” Zellin exclaimed, his face turning ugly. Damn monsters eating my babies! Please let there be one left… Leylin thought as if he was not going to go out and steal eggs from their real parent.


    Leylin came out from behind a bush and began to crawl on the ground, fearing being seen from outside his cover. He slowly but surely approached the egg pit and saw the many broken eggs, before shamelessly shuffling around the broken eggs to look for a whole egg.


    Broken…. Broken… Damn! They’re all broken! Leylin thought in defeat before exclaiming, “Ah!” In a low voice. He had found a cracked, but mostly whole egg at the bottom of the pit, causing his excitement to break his silence. Unfortunately, this did not escape the sharp ears of the mother spider fighting in the distance.


    A loud screech erupted in the distance as the mother spider abandoned the snake and began to rush over towards Leylin.


    “Shit!” Leylin blurted out as he quickly got up. “Guys! Run for it!” He yelled to his friends before breaking out into a full blown sprint. Even if he was to die this day, he didn’t want his friends to die in vain through the dumb act of following Zellin on a fool’s errand.


    “Crap! He got caught!” Reyal called out in disbelief. Ah! If I survive this I swear I’ll beat some common sense into Zellin! Reyal thought helplessly.


    “Run for it!” Liu yelled as he began to run for his life.




    Reyal was about follow suit but saw Bear whining with worry. “Bear, there’s nothing you can do! Come on, don’t die in vain!” He shouted with a sense of helplessness. But nonetheless he pulled at Bear’s neck fur as he began to run, and only letting go when he noticed Bear running on his own.


    “Shit, shit, shit!” Zellin couldn’t help but say as he felt the shadow of death pass over him. “Please God, please!” He prayed as he ran with all his power.


    As Zellin ran, he heard the multiple footsteps of a spider behind him getting louder and louder. Eventually the sound of it was loud enough, that if Zellin were to look back he would surely wet his pants.


    “Don’t look back, don’t look back! Ah!” As Zellin comforted himself all hope was lost as he tripped on an inconspicuous tree root. Oddly enough, at this time, Zellin’s only thought was to protect the egg, so as he fell, he flipped onto his back and landed on his ass, only to the ferocious face of the mother spider that had caught up to him.


    Zellin’s eyes went wide as images of his life flashed before his eyes. His innocent childhood in his previous life, his drug-induced high school years, his forced detox, his short few weeks at university, then his breakdown. Fuck, I died as an idiot failure in my past life, but it looks like god changed his mind about giving me a second chance. He won’t even let me live through my childhood!


    At a time like this, as the mother spider and death drew closer and closer to Leylin, all he could think about was his regrets in both of his lives.


    Tears began to pour out of Zellin’s eyes. So far he was untouched by the mother spider, but his face was filled with pain. Now I’ll never be able to make up for my past…




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  • Chapter 4: The Curse of the Stalker


    As Zellin despaired, and as the mother spider got within pouncing range, a figure appeared above the mother spider’s back and landed on the spider’s head, lunging a sparkling green dagger into the spider’s head, after which, the blade dissolved into the head wound.


    The spider screeched in a panic, but could do nothing against what has already been done. The enchanted and corrosive blade had already begun to dissolve into the spider’s brain, destroying both the spider’s mind and its life.


    Although all monsters have an HP regeneration rate, and an HP that is required to be depleted when they die. For most monsters, all of that means nothing if their brain is dissolved, or their heart was to stop beating. As such, these are the weakest points on most monsters, with the heart having a small chance of recovering in some monsters, and with damage to the brain almost always meaning death.


    Eventually, as the spider’s consciousness faded, all its body could do was collapse where it was.


    Zellin’s tear-stained face was shocked, and his jaw dropped in disbelief. I-I’ve been saved? Zellin thought as took his first full view of a young girl, about Zellin’s age, gracefully leaping off the giant spider’s head, which was already beginning to dissolve into a silvery light. Ah, I see. Zellin thought with understanding. So this is the protagonist of this story…


    The girl looked at Zellin with curiosity before walking up to him and petting him on the head as she said with soft, comforting words, “It’s okay, little girl. Don’t cry.”


    Zellin’s face instantly turned ugly as he slapped away the girl’s hand. “I’m not a girl!” He yelled with indignation.


    “Oh?” The mysterious girl said with a raised eyebrow. “But how come you’re crying like a little girl?” She asked with a cute, confused look.


    “Damn you! I’m not crying!” Zellin yelled furiously.


    “Then what are you doing?” The girl asked.


    “I’m reminiscing about my nostalgic past! Hmph!” Zellin said in defense, crossing his arms with righteousness.


    At that moment three coloured rocks appeared where the giant spider was previously. “Hmm? Three Spell Gems? I guess that makes up for my corrosive dagger…” The girl said with slight disappointment as she picked up the coloured rocks. “Level 2 Web Binding? Seems useful enough.” She commented, putting the Spell Gems into her inventory.


    Spell Gems, simply put, are spells stored in gem form.


    Semi-satisfied with this exchange, the girl looked at the pitiful figure of the boy she saved, who was clearly struggling with something, as was apparent on his face.


    “What? Why does your face look so weird?” She said bluntly, before pondering for a moment. “Ah! Could it be…” She exclaimed, before covering up her body with her hands.


    This caused Zellin’s face to turn even uglier. Damn, little girl! Do you think I’m a pedophile? Who wants to look at your flat chest!? Zellin thought, before gathering his courage and saying loudly, “Th-thank you!” Zellin was already on his knees, so he thought, Might as well go all out, and knocked his head onto the ground in a full blown kowtow. “Although I’m a useless person, I swear I’ll definitely make this favor up to you!”


    The girl’s face suddenly blushed. “What are you doing so suddenly… I’ve never been kowtowed to before… It’s not like I like it or anything…”


    Damn girl! No one asked you if you like it or not! Although Zellin was grateful, he couldn’t help but dislike this girl, not caring one bit if she was cute or not.


    “Woof! Woof!”


    “Ah, Bear.” Zellin said in surprise, as he saw Bear running over to him a short distance away. As Bear approached him and began to lick Zellin’s face, Zellin petted his head and said, “It’s alright buddy. Our partnership isn’t over yet.”


    “Ah! A cute doggy! Come over here little doggy!” The girl exclaimed as she walked up and petted the young Bear. Oddly enough, Bear was quite friendly as he pushed against the girls hand with his head. The girl laughed lightly as she got excited and started pulling on Bear’s ears.


    “Hah, hah!” Suddenly panting sounds came in the distance as Reyal’s figure came to view. After catching up to Bear and catching his breath, he approached Zellin and abruptly beat Zellin’s face with all his might. “Ah!” Zellin exclaimed.


    “You jerk!” Reyal said, climbing on top of Zellin’s collapsed figure and ruthlessly punching his arm. “Next time we go hunting, I’m in charge!” Reyal yelled in exasperation.


    “Ah! Alright, OK!” Zellin yielded, pushing Reyal off him. “Why’d you come back anyway?”


    “What do you mean? Of course I had to come back, because Bear ran back!” Reyal said as if it was obvious.


    “So you came back for my pet, but you wouldn’t come back for me?” Zellin asked with a little bitterness.


    “Who would come back for an idiot like you!” Reyal responded fiercely.


    “And Liu?” Zellin asked, ignoring Reyal’s snarky comment.


    “Oh, he’s long gone. Come on, we should go find him.” Reyal said as he got up, then suddenly noticing the young girl playing with Bear. “Oh, who’s this alluring young lady?” He said in a suave voice.


    “Oh, me? The name’s Coral. A pleasure to meet you!” The girl said with a smile.






    “Haha! So as Zellin was kneeling on the ground crying helplessly, a little girl was forced to save him! Haha! That’s too rich. Zellin I’ve lost all respect for you.” Liu said with a little too much amusement, responding to Reyal recall the story as the group headed out of the forest.


    “Dammit, Liu! Look who’s talking! The one who sprinted off without any thought for his friends! Coward!” Zellin replied with bitterness.


    “What did you say!? You’re the one who can’t face death like a man!” Liu said with a raised fist, as if he wanted to start a fight.


    “What? Are you raising your fist at me? I guess it can’t be helped. So this is the day that I beat a child to death…” Zellin said without fear as he withdrew his dagger.


    “Alright, alright. Calm down you two. Everyone’s just overexcited from our close encounter with death. You guys just need to eat something. Let’s grab dinner in town.” Reyal said as the clearheaded one of the group. “You come too, beautiful Coral. It’ll be my treat.” Reyal then went on to say to Coral with a sly smile.


    “Uh, okay. I guess that’s fine.” Coral responded. At first she just wanted to make sure this ragtag group of kids made it out of the forest alive, but then she thought it wouldn’t be too bad to make some friends. After all, they seem like good people. And I’ll probably be in this town for a while, so I might as well get acquainted with these kids to pass the time. They’ll be my temporary playmates! Coral thought, satisfied with this idea.


    “Eh, so you’re paying, Reyal? Great! I’ll be sure to eat my fill!” Liu said in satisfaction with his short attention span, already forgetting his previous mood.


    “This is good too! It isn’t every day that you can flagrantly spend someone else’s money on copious amounts of food.” Zellin said nonchalantly, also satisfied.


    “Buy your own food!” Reyal yelled, before ignoring the two and continuing to flirt with Coral.


    As the group got closer to the town, the hubbub from the Eastern Market Square got louder, till they were in the midst of it.


    “See anything you like, Coral?” Reyal asked as they strolled through the market on their quest for food. “If so, I’ll be sure to gift it to you. Oh, what about that bracelet? It would definitely compliment your dazzling eyes.” Reyal said with no shame.


    “Ah, no. You don’t have to.” Coral said with a slight blush. She had never had this experience with boys, so she was somewhat flustered. Not because she liked Reyal, but because as a young child, this was a new experience for her and didn’t quite know how she should handle it.


    “Ah, that? Come on, Reyal, up your game! That’s just a trinket. If you really like it, then put a ring on it.” Zellin teased with an amused smile.


    “Ah? Stop fooling around. Come on, Reyal. Let’s just go eat. Reyal?” Coral said, noticing that Reyal wasn’t listening to her and simply standing there in a blank stare. Coral followed his vision, and her face puffed up in embarrassment and rage as she saw where Reyal was looking. Reyal was staring dumbly at a young elf girl around their age who was walking with an older elf girl.


    Zellin also saw this and continued to tease. “Reyal, you unbridled beast of a man. Tsk, tsk, vacillating before two girls…Well, I guess I can understand. The conquest of an elf is a man’s romance.” He said, nodding his head in approval.


    Reyal ignored them, and continued to stare. “Is- Is this love at first sight? Have I found my soul mate?” Reyal mumbled.


    But this couldn’t escape Zellin’s ears as he ruthlessly said, “Unfortunately not, Reyal. Those are just your stalker tendencies finally being exposed. This is what happens when intense desire and fantasy tries to satisfy itself by confusing it with reality.”


    Reyal, hearing this, yelled out indignantly, “It’s not a fantasy! That’s my soulmate and future wife!” Reyal said in what Zellin thought was denial.


    Ah, the curse of the stalker has struck again in the heart of a young boy, dooming this girl’s privacy and private space. I hope this doesn’t go too far. Zellin thought, shaking his head. Sometimes being too precocious isn’t too good… He continued to think as he looked over at Liu who was gazing at a nearby weapon stall while picking his nose. What a beautiful picture. Indeed, innocence should be cherished.


    As Zellin stared at Liu at a loss, reminiscing of his previous childhood, Liu walked up to him and wiped his booger on Zellin’s shirt, saying, “Stop staring at me. It’s creepy.”


    Zellin could only grind his teeth silently, ball his hands tightly into fists, and think, fucking kids; they’re all hopeless! But, truly, Zellin’s been friends with enough boys that he could quickly move on from this sort of thing. He simply wiped off his shirt with his sleeve and moved on.


    “Come on, they went into that store.” Reyal said, following the two elf girls into a store with an ‘Apothecary’ sign above it.


    “Apothecary, eh? Maybe they sell Alchemy skill books.” Zellin said in thought as he followed suit.


    “Alchemy skill book? Why would you want that?” Liu asked. In his opinion, time spent studying alchemy was better spent leveling up.


    “What do you mean why?” Zellin said with a supercilious look. “Liu, in order to keep leveling up, you need gold! Lots of gold! And you can only get that with the help of a Profession Skill! In fact, just to survive, you need a Profession Skill.” Zellin admonished, not realizing that this was a viewpoint that he totally failed to understand in his previous life.


    “Ah? Really?” Liu said, rubbing his chin in thought. “Then should I get a Profession Skill too?”


    “You should! You definitely should! Profession Skills are key to leveling and making it to the peak!” Coral said in approval.


    “Then what do you want to be when you grow up?” Liu asked the question that all children are asked at least once in their childhood.


    “Me? My future profession will be an Assassin!” Coral said proudly.


    “Eh? But that’s not a profession, that’s a class!” Liu said in confusion.


    “Well, I guess Assassins can make money too. But isn’t that a little…” Zellin said with worry as he sneaked a glance at the innocent looking Coral. Well she did one-hit kill that giant spider... Maybe this girl is scarier than she seems… Shit, I should be more careful around her…


    Zellin walked into the shop, and ignored Reyal as he followed the two elf girls from aisle to aisle, trying to look inconspicuous. He simply walked up to a counter and asked if they sell Alchemy skill books.


    “Eh? You can’t buy them anywhere in town?” Zellin exclaimed before walking away in disappointment. Guess I’ll try to look for them in the city, when I go get my class…


    As Zellin went to find Reyal to drag him out of shop, he suddenly saw those two elf girls walk up to the counter and pay for some medicine, with Reyal hovering around nearby…


    Zellin let out a sigh for the pitiful Reyal. This is probably his first real crush and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Should I have a talk with him?... Nah, he’s just a kid, there’s no way he’s an actual stalker…


    Little did Zellin know… that there was an equal probability of Reyal either being or not being a stalker… Dun dun dun... 

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