Are you guys interested in a program I wrote?

Hello Wuxiaworld,

Recently i got myself one of those e-book readers to read my favorite novels without wasting all of my mobile phones battery life and came across the issue of how to get the articles conveniently onto my kindle.
All availaible e-books on the web are most of the time outdated and using calibre to download the articles from a read it later service always had chapter missing (especially when getting a lot of them at once).

So I wrote a python script that downloads the chapters you want and saves it to a zip file that calibre will convert into an ebook for an e-reader of your choise.
My question is if the community is interrested in something like this?
If you are I will make the script more userfriendly and publish the code and the executable at the end of the week.

EDIT: You can find the script on Github:

With kind regards,



  • Yes. Very interested :smile: 
  • yes, very interested

    Everyone in novelupdates will interested with this program

    please make it happen.

    I cannot copas 1000 chapters in 1 day all by myself
  • Very cool.
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