New Novel / My first Novel (Opinion, Idea's, Thoughts, and what should I do?)

I'm thinking of producing my light novel online, I got inspired from Wuxiaworld and I've been writing it for about over 6 months. I took the genre of fantasy, cultivation, transported from another world, martial arts, etc its a mixture Desolate Era Martial God Asura, and fantasy rpg. I'm hesitant as to what to do with it. I've written roughly about 300-400 chapters by and would put on my computer on the forums. I'm curious as to what people's thoughts are because my style is different and I've written most of using English names and it doesn't have the sort cool references i find in Korean Chinese or Japanese novels. I think the story-line and characters are pretty well developed and there is some good quality. I'm not sure how well received it would be and so im asking for some people to respond. I'm going to put first 25 chapters on here and would like some response and thoughts!


  • Well, you don't have anything up yet as I am writing this. There are two things I can tell you from the get go:

    1. don't be too self conscious of your writing. I am similar in that I don't like being in the lime light and feel like I am doing something I shouldn't or I should be led by someone first. do your best to throw such feelings out the window! the only way to improve is with confidence and perseverance! Even if someone bad mouths your work, as i have had on different sites, don't let it get you down! instead, break down what they say into useful bits to figure out exactly what they didn't like. maybe they simply shouldn't have read your work in the first place as its not something they would enjoy reading. they will often hide their reasons for dislike in their rants so just break it all down and use it to figure out what audience you are grabbing at and how to possibly improve your writing to appeal to a wider audience.

    2. don't constrain yourself to wuxiaworld forums. there are definitely a few popular novels that started here and have a lot of people reading and commenting them, but many don't get that same exposure. the audience here is so small that it feels dead to those who are slightly less popular than the best novels here. there is also no rating structure or review area for people to properly give you some input. research places like royal road and watt pad and find the right sites that target your audience. go with two or three sites and push your novel to all three simultaneously. anymore gets monotonous with copy past in my opinion >.>

    Go out and share your love of your novel by sharing it with everyone!
  • wow that's amazing ! would like to read your work. Can we tag each other in this forum? Pls let me know when you uploaded it.
  • Post it,iwould love to read
  • Every great writer makes their writing good.
    Put it up. 
  • ;

    I uploaded the Prologue, and First chapter tell me what you think. I'm going to try to upload a chapter a day.
  • My Grammar will be a little off, as I'm transferring my book from paper to computer and I'm doing it when i get home from work so im a bit tired! I'll try to edit previous chapters grammar better as I do the chapter for the day.
  • In case, like mentioned by FoxGhost, you are putting your book on RoyalRoad. Since you have a finished novel.

    Publish chapter by chapter in intervalls, because Royalroad in difference to Wattpad has a search list for recently updated. Gives you the chance to be discovered by new readers everytime. Nothing more useful i got for you, FoxGhost said it all^^
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