What do you think will happen after they break the seal to the tiny world?

So what do you guys think will happen something good or bad? I think it will cause glory city, the many settlemens, and realms to be either destroyed or conqured by other factions in Draconic Ruins.

Also with the seal broken we can finally find out what Nie Li gave to the Nether Master and find out if either the Nether Master and Zhu Long killed each other. 


  • it all depends on whether they break the seal which only opens every 5 years or the seal that only lets people from the tiny world back into the tiny world. if it's the first then travel to and from will become unlimited which brings it's own problem but not that big a disaster if it's the second then complete destruction would be expected
  • if they force it then a full scale war i guess? since the 6 deity level beasts of the sage emperor is watching over the draconic ancient ruins so forcibly breaking the list will probably try to stop them.
  • Well, some people had been wondering if the glory city hadn't been destroyed by Zhu Long when Nie Li left the tiny world. But I think Nie Li wouldn't be so naive to don't let a plan set down. Because that, I think what he had left with Ming Fei is the so called plan of how to dealing with Zhu Long. Well, I don't know either... But to be sincere I think he wouldn't be able to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, because I think it had be absorbed by his soul long time ago. And I think the Emperor Kong Ming  is somewhat other reincarnation of Nie Li being. Well, what do you guys think about this?
  • the book is NOT going to be there I really hope it's not if it is it would REALLY suck. It would mean that yes this is a time rewind and yes the theory that the story is in a universe that is repeating itself while on a constant path. was a cooler idea
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