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    Book 4 Chapter 47 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Mysterious Creature

    “Open” Xing Jue gently shout, once again the Light Talisman was lit by Xing Jue and extremely fast float toward that mysterious life form direction.

    At the same time, Xing Jue right hand stretched forward, a bright ray of light extremely fast condensed above his palm, and ready to attack anytime.

    “Gulu gulu gulu” Along with Light Talisman steadily approach, that mysterious life form finally appeared in front of Xing Jue eyes. When he looked at that monstrous life form appearance, Xing Jue could not help to be surprised.

    That monster body was similar to a human, but the fact is that monster four limbs are on the ground, but it's body twice bigger than the human body.

    The reason it was called monster because it's appearance too disgusting, bloody muscles are wrapped around the thick blood vessels, just like a person without skin.

    It’s sharp teeth exposed, that huge Adam's apple roll and made strange sound “Gulu gulu”, that pair of blood red eyes that oddly big are emitting a strong murderous aura, and in that eyes, Xing Jue can’t feel a trace of intellectual wisdom, just like killing tool.

    Suddenly, Xing Jue pupil incredibly fast enlarges, because that mysterious creature focused on him, but without a sign to rush toward him, besides Xing Jue can feel the fatal power of those sharp four fingernails.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Loudly shouted, round after round rays of palm print with a burst of wind, violently swept toward that mysterious creature.

    But when about to hit, that mysterious creature instantly disappear, and once again showed up after dodge Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm.

    “So fast” Xing Jue never imagined that this thing has a fast speed, such flash move only can be achieved by Xing Jue by using Storm Wind Technique.

    An empty palm attack, Xing Jue thought to run, round and round of strong winds tightly wrapped Xing Jue, but at this time the mysterious creature that several meters away from Xing Jue, suddenly waved its giant claw, a tyrannical energy incredibly fast swept toward Xing Jue.

    “Martial Qi?” Saw that incredibly fast brutal attack, Xing Jue can apparently feel that it was Martial Qi, and unexpectedly that Martial Qi power compared with Xing Jue more powerful.


    An explosive sound, that tyrannical Martial Qi heavily hit the place where Xing Jue previously stood, immediately in this not big space, thick smoke rose from all directions.

    But Xing Jue unceasingly retreated backward, and in both of his hands, two flames slowly raised. Immediately both of palms face each other, then Xing Jue press down those two flames, rapidly condensation, and quickly changed into an extremely fast revolving fireball.

    “Flame Dragon Bomb” A loud sound, the fireball in Xing Jue hand, turned into a thick fire dragon, swept away toward that thick smoke.

    Faced with this strange, mysterious creature, Xing Jue didn't dare to slack off, because he can feel how dangerous it was. After Biting Wind Palm hit an empty air, Xing Jue immediately used a stronger attack and with a maximum attack ranged Flame Dragon Bomb.

    “Bang” With a loud sound, that Fire Dragon Bomb exploded. Strong flame fills the entire secret passage. Strong energy ripples incredibly fast spread. Saw that thick fire reversed back, Xing Jue steadily backward to avoid being drawn in.

    After the fire dissipated, once again the darkness restore in the secret passage, but when Xing Jue thought that he is successful, that pair of red blood eye, once again shine in the darkness.

    “How could it's be? I'm sure I just hit it. Otherwise, Flame Dragon Bomb won’t explode.” Xing Jue look at that pair of blood eye, somewhat unbelievable said.

    “Go” Gently shout, once again the Light Talisman float toward that mysterious creature. When the mysterious creature appears in front of Xing Jue sight again, Xing Jue face shocked.

    Because at this moment not only that mysterious creature unharmed, besides a large purple Qi in its body continuously spill out. And because of that purple Qi Xing Jue was so shocked, because that strange purple Qi wasn’t unfamiliar, it was Bai Yunfei's displayed strongest attacked, amass stored purple Qi.

    “How could it be? Was this creature practiced Heaven Evil Magic Cultivation?” Looking at the purple Qi that slowly ascended, even Xing Jue felt that was a problem.

    At that time Xing Jue already experienced Bai Yunfei's purple halo might, and that was Bai Yunfei condenses with all of his murderous aura, and at this moment this mysterious creature whole body was covered with that purple Qi, what does this mean? It explained that its strength was far above Bai Yunfei.

    “Roar” Suddenly that mysterious Creature roared, loud sound continuously to spread, and that purple Qi that wrapped its body start to pour into its body, and along with the purple Qi pour in, its body also start to change, its blood red body gradually turned into dark purple.

    Suddenly, that mysterious creature moved, and once again advancing toward Xing Jue, besides its speed rate was two times faster than before.

    But faced this extremely fast mysterious creature, Xing Jue didn't dodge, rather calmly stand still.

    Before that strange creature swept toward his body, Xing Jue suddenly sneer, his palm immediately slightly grasp, Black Qi fill with terrifying power violently rush out, instantly condensed into a black sword.

    “Cut Soul Sword” Facing that mysterious creature that almost near him, Xing Jue frantically shouted, he waved the soul sword in his hand, with soaring shadow, cut that mysterious creature body.

    “Puchi” With muffled sound, that huge mysterious creature, actually cut into two by Xing Jue, gradually enormous amount of blood spray toward Xing Jue body.

    “Damn, how does this thing had these many blood?” Xing Jue quickly cleaned the bloodstain on his face, angrily said. Because the smell of stench is too pungent, make Xing Jue feel disgusting.

    “Dida, dida, dida, dida” When Xing Jue busy cleaning the bloodstain, suddenly there was strange sound from behind Xing Jue. After heard this sound, Xing Jue’s heart extremely fast to pulsed, because behind him was where the mysterious creature just cut into two.

    With nervous mood, Xing Jue turned around to look, and indeed that sound was sent out by that mysterious creature.

    “It still not dead?” Saw that mysterious creature flesh continually sent out sound, Xing Jue felt surprised and said.

    When Xing Jue prepared to attack again, that mysterious creature's surface body start to melt, an enormous amount of blood continued to flow down from its body.

    After that blood scattered, suddenly inside that fuzzy flesh and blood appeared a figure. Looked at that figure's entire body cover with red, Xing Jue can confirm that it is human, although it already cut into two by Xing Jue, but it's still alive.

    “Thank... thank...you...” That person suddenly started to talk.

    “Excuse me, you're?” Xin Jue can felt that there is no dangerous aura from this person, so he quickly walked and asked.

    “Thank you for letting me free, do not… do not enter that last secret room.” That person difficulty said, then slowly closed both of his eyes.

    “Are you Soul Devouring Religion person? What was that secret room possess?” Saw that this person didn’t have any breath, Xing Jue quickly sealed his acupuncture point, so his blood no longer flow out. And then Xing Jue took out Treasure Pill and put it into his mouth, although he knew he could not save his life, at least it can make him alive a little longer, even only for awhile, Xing Jue can found out about this secret room.

    “...Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu..” After taking the Treasure Pill that man condition became slightly relaxed after gasped for breath, he slowly opened both of his eyes and looked at Xing Jue.

    “What do you want to know, just ask.” That man said to Xing Jue with a smile.

    “What do you know about Soul Devouring Secret Art?” Xing Jue nervously asked, for him the most important information is about Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    “Soul Devouring Secret Art? You mean the sacred book?” After that man ponder for a moment, he seems to think of something, and then said.

    “Sacred book? What is that? Did you know where that sacred book was? Are you Soul Devouring Religion person?” Xing Jue once again asked while thought this sacred book might be Soul Devouring Secret Art that he searched.

    “Yes, I am Soul Devouring Religion person, I also not quite clear about the sacred book, I just know that the founder treated that sacred book precious.” That man slowly said.

    “Puchi” After spoke, that man suddenly sprout a lot of blood, and his body also started to shiver.

    “Do not… enter that last secret room, do not... enter.” That man difficultly said, then his body stiff, and died.

    “Hey! Hey! Hey! Where is that sacred book? Is it inside the secret room? Hey? Is there any mystery Inside that secret room? Hey? Hey? Hey?” Xing Jue kept shouted but did not have any replied, that man already dead.

    “Hey, it’s not the time to die, what is there in the secret room?” Xing Jue helplessly said. At the same time, that man speaks about the secret room with more cautious.

    “Master are you there? Master” At this period, at the dark place of secret passage, there was female voice shouted. And that voice was Xiao Qian.

    “I am here!” Xing Jue quickly replied. After heard Xing Jue respond, from that deeper secret passage came through a bright light, inside that light, an enchanting woman incredibly fast came, this was Xiao Qian.

    “Master are you all right?” Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side when she saw there is bloodstain on Xing Jue entire body, she anxiously asked.

    “I am all right, Xiao Qian, where did you come from?” Xing Jue slightly smiled.

    “Master, after you open the mechanism, Xiao Qian fall into the underground secret passage. In order to quickly find master, Xiao Qian walked toward deeper secret passage, on the way here Xiao Qian also met with this same monster” Xiao Qian said, looked at the man that cut into two by Xing Jue.

    “Oh? That… what did that person say?” Xing Jue quickly asked.

    “No, because I attacked too heavy when I found out that he is human, he already died.” Xiao Qian shook her head and said.

    After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue bitterly smiled, Xing Jue almost forgot Xiao Qian another status, that she was Soul Eater Succubus killing without batting an eye. Regarding enemy, Xiao Qian will not show mercy.

    “However after going through the secret passage and get into the hall, in that hall, there were ten secret passages. In order to find master, Xiao Qian continuously explored the secret passage, as the result, Xiao Qian discovered that inside each secret passage there was a mysterious creature in it, after the first lesson, Xiao Qian didn’t immediately kill the next one, but after asked a few question, they died.” Xiao Qian slowly said.

    “You... Have you searched all ten secret passages?” After heard about it, Xing Jue felt that Xiao Qian strength was shocking, he just killed this mysterious creature, but in this period of time Xiao Qian broke into nine secret passages and killed nine mysterious creatures. This made him a little disappointed.

    “However Xiao Qian also got a clue, that was, in the hall where the secret was tightly closed, there was a sacred book in that secret room, it was likely Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Saw Xing Jue helpless expression, Xiao Qian suddenly said with a smile.

    “Soul Devouring Secret Art!” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue expression instantaneously changes into excited.

  • I think they're remnants of the sect created by that disciple. And that's what they turn into after cultivating the simplified soul devouring technique
  • Book 4 Chapter 48 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Spirit Body

    At the deepest secret passage, there is a hall, and at the center of it, there is a stone gate. That stone gate color is dark blue, and emit an ancient aura, behind that stone gate, there is the last secret room.

    At this moment Xing Jue stand in front of this stone gate, and closed both of his eyes, seems calm, however inside his body in the middle accumulated a powerful Soul Power.

    Suddenly, Xing Jue eyes open, at the same time a powerful Soul Power spread out. However, when that Soul Power hit the stone gate, it bounced back, the rebound of soul caused Xing Jue body trembled and went backward.

    When Xiao Qian saw that she quickly moved to his side, and supported Xing Jue, nervously asked: “Master, can you sense it?”

    “It is not working. This stone gate is very strange, my Soul Power unable to penetrate it.” Xing Jue helplessly shook his head and said.

    Heard from these Soul Devouring Religion people that this last secret room was dangerous, but Xing Jue and Xiao Qian didn't know what the danger they are referring was? Therefore Xing Jue wanted to use his Soul Power to check, but he unable to penetrated this secret room.

    “Master, let's force it open.” Xiao Qian said with a smile to Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue slightly nodded and immediately retreated backward. After Xing Jue and Xiao Qian came to the secret room, they carefully searched the switch at this secret room but didn't discover the switch to open the gate. Earlier Xiao Qian already asked to open the gate forcefully, but Xing Jue afraid the danger inside that room, and didn’t let Xiao Qian do so. However now if they want to enter this secret room, they can only force the gate open.

    After saw Xing Jue start to move back. Xiao Qian came in front of the stone gate, her palm grip, a tyrannical Martial Qi began to condense inside her white fist.

    Felt the tyrannical Martial Qi in Xiao Qian hand, Xing Jue sighed.

    Because Xing Jue can felt the Martial Qi that Xiao Qian condensed, contained a terrifying strength, it was stronger than Xing Jue Flame Dragon Bomb, yet this only Xiao Qian Martial power that she casually used at will.

    “Destroy!” Under Xing Jue gaze, Xiao Qian swing her arm up, along with cruel shadow, smashed toward that stone gate.

    “Bang” Powerful strength bombardment that stone gate, even this hall trembled twice, what made Xiao Qian and Xing Jue surprised was, under that powerful attack, that stone gate unscathed.

    “Hateful, I don’t believe it!” Saw that stone gate unexpectedly didn’t destroy, Xiao Qian somewhat angry. Her white fist once again tightly grip, but this time a large red ray of light began continuously condense in Xiao Qian fist, a circle, two circles, three circles, ten circles, red rays of light continuously condense. The strength in Xiao Qian hand became more and more terrifying.

    “Powerful Martial Skill.” Felt that terrifying Martial Skill, Xing Jue can’t help but move back several steps, to prevent being affected.

    “Destroy for me!” Xiao Qian loudly shouted, then once again that stone gate was violently struck down.

    “Bang” When it hit that stone gate, the entire hall start to shake violently, but after the shake, that stone gate still intact, the only result was, above that stone gate appeared a shallow the crater.

    “Hateful” Looked at that stone gate that still intact, even she already used her strongest Martial Skill, Xiao Qian, completely in rage, her right fist tightly gripped, once again red rays of light condensed, but when Xiao Qian prepare to launch the attack again. Suddenly there was a sound from that stone door “Humm”. Afterward, Xiao Qian and Xing Jue shocking gaze slowly rise.

    “It opened by itself?” Saw the stone gate that slowly raise, Xing Jue confused said. Xiao Qian retreated to Xing Jue side, afraid of any unforeseen events, actually she was fearless, the most she afraid was that Xing Jue would be in danger.

    Maybe because Soul Devouring Clan system, Xiao Qian to Xing Jue possess a kind of self-fear inside her heart, and care. In other words, she didn’t hate Xing Jue, but the opposite she felt happy because of Xing Jue existence, not only she always obeys Xing Jue command, extremely deferential, and extremely care toward Xing Jue, in her at heart Xing Jue life more important than her life.

    After the gate had raised, both of them were shocked to find that there is no monster in that secret room like they imagined, it was the opposite unexpectedly there is a young man sat in that secret room.

    That man closed his eyes, his appearance is very young, what made Xing Jue feel strange was that man unexpectedly sat while floated, and his body somewhat unusual, it seems a bit illusory.

    “Spirit body?” Looked at that man, Xiao Qian also surprised and said.

    “You said that he is spirit body?” Saw that illusory man, Xing Jue also speculated that he was spirit body, but not sure, heard Xiao Qian said that, he suddenly realized, and felt shocked because of that man strength.

    Spirit body, it was one kind of rebirth after death, but this rebirth requirement is very high. First, their strength must be at Martial God level, and also need a formidable Soul Power, in other words, even they already reached Martial God level, if they didn’t have formidable Soul Power, then after death, they unable to transform into spirit body.

    “Finally there is someone came?” At this moment that spirit body suddenly spoke. And his closed eyes slowly open.

    Saw that spirit body speak to them, Xiao Qian quickly went to the front, and a large of Martial Qi started to condense in her hand.

    “No need to be afraid, I will not hurt you.” Saw Xiao Qian took precautions, that spirit body smiled and said.

    “Didn't know who senior is, why did you stay here for a long time?” Saw that spirit body not hostile, Xing Jue respectfully said.

    “I was this Soul Devouring Religion founder. I was here to survive.” That spirit body slightly smiled toward Xing Jue and slowly said.

    “What? Soul Devouring Religion founder? You… wasn't that In the past you were killed by Imperial Wind Pavilion people?” After heard that spirit body words, Xing Jue could not help to be surprised, according to Outer Court Great Elder, they had killed Soul Devouring religion founder.

    “Hehe, it seems you knew about my past?” After heard Xing Jue words, that spirit body say to Xing Jue with a smile.

    That spirit body always keep his smile, giving a very good feeling, but Xiao Qian always on guard.

    “I will not hide it from senior, I am also Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, that was the reason why I heard about senior past.” Xing Jue also nodded said.

    “Yes, in the past I was indeed killed, but also thanks to them, I was able to reverse this Soul Devouring became clear-headed, and forcefully suppresses that evil thought.”

    “Then I ran away here, but for some reasons, I can’t leave this secret room. Because as long as I leave this secret room that evil thought will once again come out, and in this spirit body state, if once again being devoured, then I will be forever unable to regain my conscious.” That man slowly said.

    “Don’t talk nonsense, Soul Devouring Secret Art is on you right?” At this time, Xiao Qian impatiently said.

    After heard Xiao Qian words, that man surprised, then smiled and looked at Xiao Qian, said: “You know Soul Devouring Secret Art?”

    “Nonsense, that Soul Devouring Secret Art originally belong to this old lady.” Xiao Qian cast a glance toward that man and loudly said.

    “Oh? Then you are that Soul Eater Succubus?” That man still smiled and said toward Xiao Qian. However, his face was surprised.

    When Xiao Qian about to speak again, but actually stopped by Xing Jue, Xing Jue politely said: “I will not hide it from senior, this younger generation goals are Soul Devouring Secret Art, may I ask senior was that Soul Devouring Secret Art still on your hand?”

    “Yes, it’s still on my hand.” After heard Xing Jue words, that middle-aged man was surprised, and immediately looked at Xing Jue with suspicious.

    “Senior, that Soul Devouring Secret Art was my clan possession, since Soul Devouring Secret Art on senior hand, doesn’t know whether senior will give it back to younger generation.” Heard that man confess that Soul Devouring Secret Art is on his hand, Xing Jue immediately became happy, and respectfully said.

    “Cannot” Unexpected, that middle-aged man actually didn’t think and immediately reject Xing Jue.

    “Why? What does Soul Devouring Secret Art used for senior?” Xing Jue confusedly asked. Reasonably speaking, the man became like this was because Soul Devouring Secret Art, he should hate Soul Devouring Secret Art, but why he didn’t agree to hand over Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    “Yes, now I can maintain my consciousness, depended on Soul Devouring Secret Art strength, no matter who you are, I absolutely won't give this Soul Devouring Secret Art to you, because I do not want to turn into that blood-thirsty monster once again.” That man shook his head and said.

    “Master, don’t talk too much with him, just directly kill him.” Xiao Qian impatiently said.

    “Hahaha… Merely Preliminary Rank Martial God, you can’t even open this stone gate, but want to hurt me?” That man suddenly laughed, saying harsh words.

    “Humph! Preliminary Rank Martial God, it’s more than enough to deal with your spirit body” Xiao Qian cold snort, then her figure immediately moved toward that soul body.

    But faced this extremely fast Xiao Qian, that soul body only slightly smile, he immediately make a fist attack, together a formidable Soul Power burst out.

    But Xiao Qian refused to be inferior. Her sleeve waved, a powerful Martial Qi and that Soul Power explode together. “Bang” with a loud sound, it can clearly be seen unexpectedly that Soul Power and Xiao Qian Martial Qi counteract each other.

    “So spirit body, can used Soul Power to fight.” Saw that spirit body used Soul Power to attack, Xing Jue said with a sigh.

    In Sky Martial Continent, everybody has Soul Power, but ordinary people can only use Soul Power to found out other people strength and search for thing only, can use Soul Power to fight, that is almost impossible. However there is an exception for everything, that is when some powerhouse mortal body is shattered, after transform into spirit body, can use the spirit body to fight. Spirit body also has the strength that ordinary people does not have, that was self-detonation, spirit body that self-detonation is not a joke, that powerful attack, can flatten a small city.

    “Bang” a violent confrontation, unexpectedly Xiao Qian was sent fly back by that spirit body attack, and after fall to Xing Jue side, she wiped the blood that slowly flowed out from her mouth.

    “Humph! To be able to have such strength, it because depend on my clan Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian cleaned the bloodstain at her corner mouth, unwillingly said.

    “Master, when I fought with that spirit body, I discovered that Soul Devouring Secret Art conceal within that spirit body, after me and he died together, at the critical moment, you use Soul Power in your hand, then thrust into his chest, and take Soul Devouring Secret Art out.” Just when Xing Jue wanted to use heavenly thunder symbol to that spirit body, Xiao Qian’s voice suddenly transmit to Xing Jue mind. This is soul transmit sound, only Martial Sovereign powerhouse able to do it.


    But didn’t wait for Xing Jue answered, Xiao Qian once again move toward that spirit body.

    “Overconfident!” Faced Xiao Qian that once again moved toward him, spirit body mouth sneer, disdain said.

    But when Xiao Qian about to arrived in front of his body, her body suddenly change, her body began to emit a faint soul, and that soul appeared to be burned, continuously emit hot Qi.

    “Combustion soul? How can it be?” Looking at Xiao Qian changes, that spirit body face change, shocked said.

    Combustion soul, is a way to increased fighting strength, but this way of fighting only spirit body can use it, and Xiao Qian herself was created by Soul Power, so naturally, she can also use this power.

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    Book 4 Chapter 49 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Frightening Self-Detonation

    Faced Xiao Qian combustion soul, that spirit body began to panic, immediately a more powerful Soul Power incredibly fast went toward Xiao Qian, but faced that brutal soul attack, Xiao Qian sneers, in an instant the speed of combustion soul enhanced, twice faster than before.

    When that Soul Power is about to hit her, Xiao Qian suddenly dodged, and disappeared, when she appears again, she already behind that spirit body, Xiao Qian stretched out her arms, fierce hold that spirit body, but facing Xiao Qian combustion soul, that spirit body unable to break free.

    “Master, now” After successfully hold that spirit body, Xiao Qian suddenly loudly shouted, and at this time the Xiao Qian body start to blur.

    Saw Xiao Qian change, Xing Jue didn’t have any slightest hesitation, thought to moved, strong thread winds incredibly fast twisting, and immediately move toward that soul body, at the same time a powerful Soul Power start to condense in his hand.

    Saw Xing Jue that incredibly fast move, that spirit body aware that this is bad. Therefore he began crazily struggling once more, faced with the spirit body that wildly struggled, once again Xiao Qian enhance her combustion soul. Her body also became more and more blur.

    At this time Xing Jue already arrived in front of that spirit body, saw Xiao Qian that became more illusory, Xing Jue heart felt very painful, however at this moment he unable to care about it too much, his hand assumes claw shape, violently grasp that spirit body chest.

    When his hand touched that spirit body, Xing Jue only felt his palm start to spread searing pain, but Xing Jue didn’t care about it too much, and forced his hand inside, along with Xing Jue hand slowly thrust, that spirit body also started fiercely roared.

    Finally, Xing Jue felt that his hand touch a thing, thus exert his shoulder, and grasped that thing, after grasped that object, Xing Jue found out it is black books. But what made Xing Jue gasp in surprised, unexpectedly this thick black books, actually made by special soul amulet.

    “Yes, it is Soul Devouring Secret Art” Looked at the black book in Xing Jue hand, Xiao Qian excitedly said.

    “Roar” At this moment that spirit body mutated, his pupil started to emit blood red light and extremely fast spread, and finally fill his entire both eyes.

    “Roar” A loud roar, from that spirit body a tyrannical Soul Power violently came out, this Soul Power attacked throw Xing Jue hundred meters, and slowly fall on the ground, even Xiao Qian who closely hold that spirit body also blasted.

    “Master, run” Saw this spirit body mutation, Xiao Qian loudly shouted to Xing Jue.

    “Xiao Qian, come over” How could Xing Jue abandon Xiao Qian to run away, although at this moment already seriously injured, but Xing Jue also still had a hidden trump, that is Heavenly Thunder Symbol.

    At this moment that spirit body appear to go into some particular condition, merely crazily roared, and didn’t attack Xiao Qian and Xing Jue. Saw that Xiao Qian quickly rushed toward Xing Jue.

    After Xiao Qian returned to his side, Xing Jue quickly took out Heavenly Thunder Symbol from Storage Bracelet, then without hesitation launched it toward that soul body.


    “Bang” Heavenly Thunder Symbol surprisingly hit that spirit body. First, it makes a muffled sound, then a thread of lightning spread out from that spirit body, loud lightning sound constantly ringing, finally formed a massive lightning net, firmly wrapped that spirit body within.

    “Master, what a ferocious curse symbol.” Looked at that terrifying lightning constantly flickering, Xiao Qian also feels frightened.

    “He he, finally settled?” Xing Jue mischievously laughed, his tight heart finally relaxed.

    Certainly at this time, unexpectedly inside that lightning send out weak rays of light, Xing Jue didn’t see anything. However, Xiao Qian discovered that this bad, because that spirit body unexpectedly explode.

    “Master be careful!” When saw there was something wrong, Xiao Qian quickly turned to Xing Jue and blocked his body, and after she had accomplished this moved, a frightening Soul Power, with speed of light extremely fast spread, and under this destructive power, the entire secret room destroyed. All the objects that encounter this power will collide with it, simply an irresistible force.

    There was an explosion in that secret room, even this mountain trembled. At this moment above the surface that secret room, a large rock extremely fast fall, instantly collapse into that ten thousand meters deep ground, at the same time a tightly holding male and female figure also shot out from that cliff, and finally fell into the turbulent river, under the cliff.

    At this moment Xing Jue and Xiao Qian already lost their consciousness, into the state of fainting, and under this condition, Xiao Qian tightly grasp both of Xing Jue arms didn’t lose it even a bit, however rapid that river water washes away, she didn’t let go Xing Jue arms.

    One week after an explosion in that secret room, at Imperial Wind Empire neighboring country, at the edge of Netherworld Empire city, there is a small Martial Path aristocratic family called Liang Clan. At this moment inside Liang Clan back garden, an appearance although not especially attractive, but emit unusual manners a young lady, watering the flower in the backyard.

    “Miss, miss” At this time, a maidservant hurriedly ran over.

    “Xiao Qing, you must not always look this hasty, a girl must have girl manners” That young lady called that girl, smiled and said to that maidservant.

    “Miss... miss, that youth woke up.” That Qing maidservant, after gasping for breath fiercely, she quickly said.

    After heard Qing maidservant words, that young lady face can’t help to be happy, quickly put down watering can on her hand, and hurriedly ran toward pass by that backyard.

    This young lady was the eldest daughter of Liang Clan, an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, kindhearted and charitable. Three days ago, she and maidservant took a walk at Riverside outside the city, at that time at the riverbank she, fortunately, met male and female that lose-conscious, but she saw that male and female still breathing, then brought them home, to treat them.

    “Xiao Qian, Xiao Qian” Inside the room at Liang Clan backyard, a pale teenager, sitting on the bed hoarsely shouted. This youth is Xing Jue.

    “He awake, quickly called the young lady” Saw Xing Jue awake, the old man who is sitting at the bedside, immediately said to maidservant behind him, and that maid quickly ran toward the outside room.

    “E… Soul Devouring Secret Art, what about Soul Devouring Secret Art?” After he awake, Xing Jue found out that he lay down in a strange room, and a strange old person sitting next to bed, but didn’t see Xiao Qian, Xing Jue immediately remembered Soul Devouring Secret Art, so he anxious shouting.

    “Soul Devouring Secret Art? What is Soul Devouring Secret Art? Oh, it is this book” Saw Xing Jue this sudden appearance, that old man also somewhat stunned, but immediately think of something. Therefore he quickly took out that strange book from a nearby drawer and handed it to Xing Jue.

    “Soul Devouring Secret Art” Saw the black book at old person hand, Xing Jue quickly took it, found out that it is indeed Soul Devouring Secret Art, only then his mood became free from anxiety.

    “Uncle, where is this? Is it you who saved me?” After Xing Jue receives Soul Devouring Secret Art, his rational also became clear, and he realized that he had indeed rescued. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to comfortable lying here.

    Saw Xing Jue return to normal, that old man also relieved smiled, then said with a smile: “Young man, apparently, you are not locals? It wasn’t me who saved you. It was my clan...”

    “Uncle Zhang, did he wake up?” At this time a young girl voice rang out from outside the room.

    And after heard this young lady voice, the old man smile, said: “The person who saved you arrived.”

    Naturally, Xing Jue also heard that young lady voice. Therefore he quickly looked at the door, at this time the eldest daughter of Liang Clan immediately rushed in, after saw Xing Jue, she smiled and said: “You finally wake up.”

    “Thank you for saving me.” Xing Jue also smiled and said.

    “Excuse me, when you rescue me, did you saw a black dress woman?” After Xing Jue showed his gratitude, he quickly said.

    “Oh? Is she your mother?” After heard Xing Jue words, Miss Liang surprised for a moment and immediately said.

    “Mother? Where is she? Take me to see her.” After heard the young girl words, Xing Jue also feel bewildered. Obviously, Xiao Qian is an outstandingly beautiful woman, why she called that she was his mother?

    “En, she is also in my house, I will take you there.” After saw that Xing Jue didn’t deter much, Miss Liang smiled and said, then walked toward outside the room, Xing Jue also quickly followed.

    Under that young lady guide, Xing Jue soon came into a room, but when the door opened, Xing Jue saw the person who is lying on the bed, Xing Jue eyes instantaneous became moist.

    Because at this moment the person who is lying on the bed, wasn’t that outstandingly beautiful Xiao Qian, but a wrinkled face and pale old grandmother, even her long hair, now became snow white colors, but her body wear a black dress that Xing Jue said, this is Xiao Qian.

    “Xiao Qian” Xing Jue came at Xiao Qian side, grab Xiao Qian old hand, whispered.

    “Xiao Qian, wake up, wake up” Xing Jue constantly called, but Xiao Qian didn’t have any reaction, gradually tears on Xing Jue eye slowly flow out, constantly fall on Xiao Qian body.

    At this time Xing Jue heart felt very painful, he knew that Xiao Qian turns into like this was because of him to get Soul Devouring Secret Art. Xiao Qian didn’t hesitate to burn her soul, although, in the end, he didn’t understand combustion soul mean what, at that time when he saw Xiao Qian constantly became illusory, Xing Jue also know that it must be consumption of life method. But under such condition, Xiao Qian still tried to protect him. She completely blocked him from that soul exploding.

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    Book 4 Chapter 50 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Soul Devouring Secret Art

    “Young master, Uncle Zhang said, she just in lethargic sleep, there is nothing wrong with her body.” Saw Xing Jue sadness, Miss Liang stated in a comforting way. Although saw Xing Jue called the old grandma Xiao Qian, she was also very puzzled, but looked at Xing Jue appearances, she also knew that this Xiao Qian, must be very important for him.

    “But, I would like to be alone with Xiao Qian, is that all right?” After heard Miss Liang comfort, Xing Jue turned around and said to Miss Liang.

    After heard Xing Jue words, the sympathetic Miss Liang also smiled and walked out of the room, and helped Xing Jue to close the door and walked toward the outer courtyard.

    “Miss, this young master is so strange, why did he call that grandma Xiao Qian?” After went out of the door, that maidservant named Xiao Qing, puzzle asked.

    “Presumably she must be that young master very important person.” Miss Liang answered to Xiaoqing, in fact, in her heart she also very puzzled.

    After Miss Liang and all left, Xing Jue bit his finger, and blood slowly flowed out, dripped into Xiao Qian mouth, before when Xiao Qian afraid of bright light, Xing Jue used his blood to helped Xiao Qian to break the cursed seal.

    And now Xiao Qian turns into this look. Xing Jue would try to use his blood. As expected, after Xing Jue blood entered Xiao Qian mouth, Xiao Qian's Old face change, started to full of vitality, in response, Xing Jue quickly cut his wrist and poured a large amount of blood into Xiao Qian mouth.

    And under feeding this large amount of blood, Xiao Qian body also incredibly fast recovered, and finally restored her initially beautiful face, her snow white hair, become black again.

    However although her body restored to her previous appearance, Xiao Qian didn't regain her consciousness, and after losing a lot of blood, Xing Jue head began dizzy, finally fainted.

    “Young Master, did you awake?” Xing Jue opened his eyes, saw that Miss Liang sat on the bedside, slightly worried and said.

    “E... What happened with me?” Xing Jue rubbed his head, puzzled and asked.

    “What happened? You trifled with your life inside that room if it not because our young lady discovered you in time, you have long been dead.” That maidservant called Xiaoqing suddenly interrupted said.

    “Xiaoqing” But later Miss Liang coldly stared toward Xiaoqing, hinted her to be quiet. After Xiaoqing muttered in a low voice, she furiously went out.

    “Miss Liang, Xiao Qian did she awake?” Because of Xiaoqing said, Xing Jue remembered what happened, then quickly asked.

    “She did not awake, but... Young Master… Why the previously aged her, actually change into this way.” When mentioned Xiao Qian, Miss Liang puzzled and asked, because when she found out Xing Jue fainted, she also saw that Xiao Qian already restored into a stunning beauty, suddenly a grandma, turned into a stunning young woman, this made people feels inconceivable, even weird.

    “Oh, Xiao Qian she is my friend, because of a strange disease, so every time she fell ill, her whole body rapidly aging, but after taking medicine, she can restore her previous appearance.” Naturally, Xing Jue saw doubts in Miss Liang heart. Therefore he quickly explained.

    “Unexpectedly in this world, there is a strange disease.” Miss Liang said with a smile, but the doubts inside her heart did not solve, just at the surface, she pretends to believe.

    “Yeah yeah, I still don’t know what is young lady name?” Saw that his lied not successful, Xing Jue quickly change the topic and asked.

    And after some understanding, Xing Jue also aware his current situation, he is not at Imperial Wind Empire, rather at Imperial Wind Empire neighboring country, Netherworld Empire, and at Netherworld Empire border small city, he and Xiao Qian saved by this Miss Liang of Liang Clan.

    At first, Xing Jue decided to bring Xiao Qian and leave, but Miss Liang insisted for them to stay for a while, and then Xing Jue helplessly stayed behind.

    In the dead of night, when all Liang Clan people fall asleep, Xing Jue didn’t sleep and took out that Soul Devouring Secret Art on his arm. He gently caressed that Soul Devouring Secret Art, right now in Xing Jue heart there was another feeling, finally after a long time he obtains it, but as a result, Xiao Qian fell into a coma, does not know when Xiao Qian will wake up.

    “Yeah..” After a sigh, Xing Jue injected his soul to that Soul Devouring Secret Art, and read it. In the past, Xiao Qian already told him about this method.

    And after he injected his soul into Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue also shocked to find that this Soul Devouring Secret Art was simply too powerful, not only it was write down a lot, Xing Jue never heard this soul cultivation method.

    Besides said about this Cultivation Technique, unexpectedly Soul Devouring Secret Art is Heaven Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique, Heaven Rank High Level, what was that means? That was Sky Martial Continent top Cultivation Technique, no wonder that Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple fled after took this Soul Devouring Secret Art, and didn’t want to exchange it with other people. This Soul Devouring Secret Art simply priceless in price.

    At this moment, first didn’t need to say about Soul Devouring Secret Art Cultivation Technique difficult level, there are many kinds of practice for the soul. After reading the entire Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue found out that soul can be used this much, from the auxiliary point of view, it can be healing, can increase the speed, attack power, and defense, refine other people soul, and change it for his strength.

    The best is, as long as he can completely master the use of Soul Power method, it’s possible for him to execute Soul Eruption, this so-called Soul Eruption make Xing Jue excited, because this Soul Eruption use Soul Power in a short time, to promote his strength.

    In other words, if Xing Jue learned that Soul Eruption, his strength from Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, can instantly promote to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level. This skip a grade strength promotion, simply never been heard before, but the strength that being obtain by Soul Eruption also has a time limit, after executing Soul Eruption, the body will have a great injury.

    In fact, it is the same as combustion soul of spirit body, but strength promotion level stronger, and the injury to the body also lower.

    This Soul Devouring Secret Art rather than said as Cultivation Technique, might as well said to be Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique joint version, after all, as long as properly practice Soul Power, in the future if Xing Jue battle with people, he will have a strong advantage.

    In short, with this Soul Devouring Secret Art, from now Xing Jue practice speed will have qualitative leap, but this rapid speed could not be said exaggerated. Because beside practice soul in the same place this Soul Devouring Secret Art indeed Heaven Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique, practicing this Cultivation Technique, the speed of absorption Martial Qi naturally increased several folds.

    After arranging his excitement, Xing Jue quickly start to practicing this Soul Devouring Secret Art, because of his unusual soul, Soul Devouring Secret Art that other people unable to practice, but Xing Jue able to practice it.

    But after practice, Xing Jue discovered maybe because his strength is too low, or for other reason, this Soul Devouring Secret Art didn't feel good to practice as he imagines, especially in control of soul, the requirement is too high, Xing Jue simply unable to control.

    Fortunately, the speed to absorb Martial Qi, indeed better than Black Rank Beginner level Cultivation Technique “Defending Qi Burst” ten times faster, according to this speed, Xing Jue felt within one year, he can reach Martial Sovereign level. This practice speed simply called monstrous.

    Among Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, besides his beloved Li Xiaohan, surely no one can be like him, although Imperial Wind Pavilion didn't lack Martial Sovereign powerhouse. However, their ages are outrageously older. It is said that only Li Xiaohan could achieve Martial Sovereign less than 18 years old, because of this, Li Xiaohan acclaim to be the most talented in Imperial Wind Pavilion, and considered to be miraculous existence, and Xing Jue soon will become the second miracle.

    In the next day, Xing Jue practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art every day, and he also see Xiao Qian every day, although Xiao Qian body fine, however, she still cannot regain her consciousness, regarding this even doctor, cannot explain, however, Xing Jue didn't want to admit it.

    The only thing can think of that Xiao Qian consumption was too huge, and cause this condition. And after thinking about this consumption thing, Xing Jue suddenly remembered a method to save Xiao Qian, that is to pour soul into Xiao Qian body.

    However, the result after pouring the soul didn't have any slightest improvement. But Xing Jue every day never tire to pouring the soul, every day he always thought that one day Xiao Qian consumption soul would be full, at that time Xiao Qian will wake up but don’t know when, and then one month quietly pass.

    In this month, Miss Liang seems touched by how Xing Jue take care of Xiao Qian, unexpectedly gradually raised a thought of admiring toward Xing Jue. Every day look for Xing Jue to chat, naturally Xing Jue aware of this, but because of Miss Liang kindness, Xing Jue feel bad to refused, every day only make a little bit time accompany her to relieve boredom.

    This day, Xing Jue and Miss Liang are playing chess in the backyard, suddenly maidservant Xiaoqing run in a hurry.

    “This is bad miss, this is bad miss, that Young Master Zhu came to proposed, master asked you go there.” in Xiao Qian rushed to the backyard, gasp for breath, anxiously said.

    “What? He comes? You go back and report to my father, said that I went out.” After Miss Liang heard that Young Master Zhu came, her complexion change, nervously said.

    Young Master Zhu, is eldest young master of this city Martial Path aristocratic family, a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, depend on his Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength, his Zhu Clan can be described as the true overlord in this city. Liang Clan, this small Martial Path aristocratic family, regarding Zhu Clan it could be told that they are afraid of them.

    And that Young Master Zhu, already interested to Miss Liang for a long time, and two months ago, to set aside the conversation, and to come back two months later. At first Liang Clan only talked without thinking to withstand him, and didn’t take it seriously, but what they never thought was, unexpectedly this Young Master Zhu such a trustworthy man.

    “But, but...” After heard Miss Liang words, Qing'er also feel awkward. As a little maidservant, naturally afraid of that Young Master Zhu, if Young Master Zhu know that she is lying, then she will not have an easy time.

    “Miss Liang, who is Young Master Zhu?” At this time Xing Jue at the side clearly heard, although only a short conversation, but Xing Jue guessed that Young Master Zhu like Miss Liang, but Miss Liang didn't like him, as a result, happened this dramatic scene in front of him.

    Saw Xing Jue to asked, Miss Liang also once again explained about this matter for Xing Jue. After he had known about this matter, Xing Jue showed a faint smiled and said: “Qing'er, you don't need to go back, just wait here. Naturally, that young master look for Miss Liang, I will help Miss Liang to refuse the Marriage.”

    “You don't need to brag, just you?” After hearing the Xing Jue words, Qing'er fiercely stared toward Xing Jue, sarcastically said. From the beginning Qing’er felt discontented toward Xing Jue, especially when she saw how good he is toward Xiao Qian, but also fool around with her family young ladies, Qing’er think that Xing Jue has a foot in both camps, a toad wants to eat swan meat without any sense of shame.

    “Xiaoqing, shut your mouth!” Saw Xiaoqing unexpectedly speak like that toward her sweetheart. Naturally, Miss Liang didn’t want, therefore angrily rebuke.

    Then Immediately said to Xing Jue: “Young Master Xing, that Young Master Zhu strength is very strong, his behavior also cruel and merciless. You better not provoke him, wait for him to come, just leave it to me directly clearly talk with him.”

    Xing Jue faintly smiled, he naturally aware this Miss Liang for his good, speak like that, because they didn’t know Xing Jue strength.

    Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, in their eyes that is a powerhouse, but in Xing Jue eyes it’s not worth a d*mn thing. Especially in practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art, after he understands the beginner step to use Soul Power, let alone Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, even if he encounter Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue also has confidence to fight, even unable to defeat them, but can get through in one piece without any problem.

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    Book 4 Chapter 51 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Life-saving Kindness?

     “Miss Liang, I found you. You hide at here.”At this time a dreadful laughter suddenly resounds, then from the backyard door, wear a long white robe, his hand holds a folding fan, although his face is good, a middle-aged man with a vulgar face, slowly walked in.

    Following behind his body, an old man wears a gorgeous silk fabric, and Xing Jue already saw that old man before, this old man is Miss Liang father, Patriarch of Liang Clan.Obviously, this Patriarch felt extremely discontented toward Xing Jue if it’s not because of Miss Liang, perhaps this Liang Patriarch already drive Xing Jue away.

    “Father” When Young Master Zhu appears, Miss Liang didn’t pay any attention toward him and greeted her father first.

    “Miss Liang, Why didn’t you greeted me?” But that Young Master Zhu also a thick-skinned man, not only he didn’t angry, instead happily laughed.

    But at this time, Xing Jue at Miss Liang side, cause him to pay any attention, he immediately pointed at Xing Jue, turned around and toward Liang Clan Patriarch and said: “Liang Patriarch, who is this?”

    “E..this..” For a moment Liang Clan Patriarchunexpectedly didn’t know what to say, if he told the truth, his Liang Clan would provoke him, although he didn’t want to marry his daughter to this playboy, however with his strength as Advanced Rank Martial Master, he simply didn't dare to reject him. After all, thisYoung Master Zhurenown as a merciless and vicious person.

    “My name is Xing Jue, MissLiang's friend.” XingJuedidn’t avoid the topic and said with a smiled.

    Xing Jue unimportantly starts to talk, and frightened Liang Clan Patriarch, immediately a large amount of sweat started to flow out.

    “Friend? F*ck you, you were friend with my wife?” As expected, after heard Xing Jue words, Young Master Zhu was furious, started to curse Xing Jue.

    When he get angry, let alone that Liang Clan Patriarch, even the maidservant Xiaoqing, and numerous slaves, also scared and stay out very far away.

    Saw that Young Master Zhuisangry, Miss Liang quickly came forward, but when she about to speak, actually stopped and pulled by Xing Jue, and dragged behind.

    After hepullsMiss Liang, Xing Jue came in front of Young Master Zhu body, smiles and said toward Young Master Zhu: “How shameless, I never have seen such a shameless person, when did Miss Liang become your wife?”

    When everyone saw Xing Jue action, they were shocked, though, is there something wrong with this kid head? Could it be he doesn’t want to be alive?

    “You courted death” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly pulled Miss Liang hand, Young Master Zhu immediately angry to the extreme, he raised his fist and ruthlessly smashed toward Xing Jue.

    But when everybody thought that Xing Jue died, Xing Jue palm stretched forward, and then easily grasped Young Master Zhu fist.

    “Bang” fist and palm crash together, and make energy ripples. And when the energy ripples leave by those two people disperse, Miss Liang shocked and fell back several steps, and then stabilize her figure.

    Saw this scene let alone everyone, even Young Master Zhu also surprised, because he did not expect that this kid who look ordinary, unexpectedly actually able to received his fist, must know that his fist can make Advanced Rank Martial Master severely injured.

    “Young fellow, you indeed have skill.” Young Master Zhu coldly said, then his figure immediately turned, a fierce kick severely moved toward Xing Jue head, ruthlessly whip. Saw that extremely fast kick, Xing Jue can feel that kick contain strong Martial Qi. It seems like this Young Master Zhu wants to kill Xing Jue.

    However, regarding this attack, Xing Jue didn’t feel afraid. Then bang he easily blocked Young Master Zhu attacked.

    When his attack once again blocked by Xing Jue, Young Master Zhu finally angry, a tyrannical attack, like a stormy wind, constantly hit toward Xing Jue.

    However each time it was easily stopped by Xing Jue, and Xing Jue look was relaxed and calm. Miss Liang, maidservant Xiaoqing, Liang Patriarch, and slaves were dumbfounded.

    They never thought that this attractive young man actually had such strength. Young Master Zhu indeed a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor. The strongest person at their Liang Clan is their Patriarch, an Advanced Rank Martial Master.

    And this Xing Jue unexpectedly can easily receive Young Master Zhu attacked. Obviously, his strength not weaker than Young Master Zhu, however when he think the time he despises Xing, and later he unexpectedly a Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, that Liang Clan Patriarch, as well as slaves,  feel ashamed.

    However compared to them, that Liang Clan Miss feel excited. Her beloved so powerful, her heart simply pleased.

    “D*mn! You court death!” His constant attacks, not only being blocked, but during this time, Xing Jue didn’t even move a half step, and always keep that calm smile. Makes this extremely angry Young Master Zhu, finally thoroughly explode.

    That Young Master Zhu figure flash, at the same time massive of Martial Qi extremely fast start to condensed in his palm, and send out dazzling red rays of light.

    “Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill?” Saw that Young Master Zhu continuously send out red rays of light from his palm, Xing Jue immediately felt the rank of that Martial Skill, and this is because he practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art, and made his Soul Power more sensitive.

    Saw Young Master Zhu Martial Skill about to make a shape, Xing Jue figure suddenly moved, and then like a ghost appear in front of Young Master Zhu body.


    When Young Master Zhu about to react, he saw Xing Jue hand already grab his wrist that condensed Martial Skill skill. And he discovered that Xing Jue body unexpectedly wrapped with strong winds. He simply never seen that unusual Martial Skill before.

    “You are not allowed to use Martial Skill at here, otherwise if you break thing, you unable to compensate.” Xing Jue smiled to that Young Master Zhu and said.

    “F*ck you!” Saw Xing Jue confident smile, Young Master Zhu burn with anger. As a result, he lifted his left fist and prepared to smash Xing Jue.

    However at this time, Xing Jue didn’t give him the opportunity and then Xing Jue wrist turn, and then there is “Kacha” sound, Young Master Zhu arm was twisted to break by Xing Jue.

    “Ah...my hand” Felt the pain from his arm, Young Master Zhu pitifully yelled.

    After easily break that Young Master Zhu arm, Xing Jue didn’t stop. He tiny grip his palm, a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast start to condense in his fist and aimed at Young Master Zhu chest, three inches (2.5cm) on his chest, ruthlessly struck.

    “Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue mighty fist hit at Young Master Zhu body, and Young Master Zhu immediately sprayed a mouthful blood, pale and weak slumped on the ground.

    The place where Xing Jue just hit, wasn’t elsewhere, it is where Young Master Zhu Qi Sea location. Originally everybody condensed Qi Sea location was different, but Xing Jue is relying on his formidable Soul Power able to feel Young Master Zhu Qi Sea accurately position.

    But now Young Master Zhu suffered heavy losses. It can say that later it will be difficult for him to go forward, even his Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor strength will incredibly fast decline.

    And the reason why Xing Jue acted this way, exactly afraid if someday he leaves Liang Clan, this Young Master Zhu will come and take revenge. Therefore, he simply broke his escape route.

    “You...you...” Seem to feel the shattered Qi within his body, and constantly declining strength, Young Master Zhu glared at Xing Jue and slowly said.

    “You what you? Weakling if you don’t want to die, then quickly leave!” Suddenly Xing Jue put away his smiling face and said to that Young Master Zhu with imposing manner.

    At this moment, Young Master Zhu finally realized how terrifying is Xing Jue. Therefore that angry look immediately changed into fear, did not dare to say any words again, rather trying frantically to escape from Liang Clan.

    “Miss Liang rest assured, in the future, he will not come and bother you again.” After that Young Master Zhu walks, Xing Jue slowly turned around, smiled and said toward Miss Liang.

    “Why?” And yet didn’t need to wait for Miss Liang replied, that maidservant Xiaoqing curiously asked. Although she was shocked by the strength that Xing Jue revealed. However, she was afraid that someday in the future after Xing Jue leaves, this Young Master Zhu will come back to take revenge.

    “Because that Young Master Zhu will be no threat to my Liang Clan, Young Master Xing strength very strong, Liang Mou admire.” At this moment Liang Clan Patriarch suddenly said to Xiaoqing, and immediately came in front of Xing Jue and respectfully said.

    He as an Advanced Rank Martial Master can feel just now, that Young Master Zhu strength drop incredibly fast, even reached a level weaker than him. Therefore he suspected that Xing Jue used some method to sealed Young Master Zhu strength.

    Although in the end, he didn't know what Xing Jue method is, the strength that Xing Jue display already enough to made him respected. Therefore at this moment Xing Jue position in his heart already turned 180 degrees, from the previously despised, transforms into respect, this is a strength issue, no matter where, as long as you have the strength then you will be recognized by people.

    “Thank you, Young Master Xing.” After heard Liang Clan Patriarch words, Miss Liang immediately responded, she came in front of Xing Jue body, and said with a smile.

    “No need to be polite Miss Liang, if you didn’t rescue us, perhaps Xiao Qian and I already buried in that river.” Xing Jue smiled and said. He felt very grateful to Miss Liang’s life-saving kindness, and today it just a small repayment.

    “Young Master Xing, Young Master Xing.” At this moment that doctor who previously Xing Jue and Xiao Qian doctor, old man Uncle Zhang, hurriedly run over.

    “Uncle Zhang, what happened?” Saw Uncle Zhang panic, Xing Jue also tense up, because today is Uncle Zhang day to diagnose and treat Xiao Qian, he was so nervous, could it be that Xiao Qian in trouble? Thinks about it, how could it be for Xing Jue not tensed up.

    Uncle Zhang is panting and running to Xing Jue. He relieved his rapid breath, then slowly raised his head, and excited said to Xing Jue: “Young Master Xing, Miss Xiao Qian wake up.”

  • Book 4 Chapter 52 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Xiao Qian Regains Her Consciousness

     “Uncle Zhang, you said Xiao Qian wake up?” After hearing Uncle Zhang's words, Xing Jue was excitedly yelling, and after saw Uncle Zhang nods, Xing Jue wildly laughed, his figure immediately moved, flashed and then disappeared from this backyard.

    Saw Xing Jue impatient figure, Miss Liang's heart welling up an indescribable grievance.

    Seems to see Miss Liang concern, Liang Clan Patriarch, arrived at Miss Liang side, after patted her shoulder two times, softly said: “Daughter, father know that you interested to Young Master Xing, but you and him not suitable.”

    At first Liang Clan Patriarch, very dissatisfied toward Xing Jue, felt that Xing Jue only an attractive young man simply did not worthy of his daughter, however now his way of thinking changed.

    After Xing Jue had shown his extraordinary strength, he thought that Xing Jue is a very promising youth, after all, to reached that high power in his age, this talent simply staggering, but because of this, now he thought that his daughter not worthy of Xing Jue.

    “Thank you, father. Daughter knew what to do.” Miss Liang said with a smile to Liang Clan Patriarch. She also understood what Liang Clan Patriarch intent. Xing Jue so outstanding, and she only a merely Martial Artist, how dare to be carried away by her's wishful thinking.


    “Xiao Qian” Xing Jue anxiously open the door and excitedly shouted.

    “Master” At this time Xiao Qian sit in front of the desk, comb her hair and freshen up, saw Xing Jue came in, charmingly smiled and softly said.

    “Xiao Qian, are you all right? Thank God.” Saw Xiao Qian all right, Xing Jue excitedly went to Xiao Qian side, and hug her, happily said.

    But Xiao Qian felt embarrassed and at a complete lost by Xing Jue sudden move. In fact, Xing Jue just felt too happy and didn’t have that feeling among men and women, in his heart Xiao Qian just like an elder sister, but also very important, now Xiao Qian finally recovered, how can he not happy.

    When saw Xiao Qian embarrassed expression, Xing Jue discovered that his action a little too far, then quickly let go, Xiao Qian, he felt embarrassed too.

    “Master, is Soul Devouring Secret Art safe?” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue body healthier than her, her heart also free from anxiety, then asked.

    “Yes, Soul Devouring Secret Art at here, but...practicing this Soul Devouring Secret Art difficult, this month, I constantly practiced, only can do slowly.” Xing Jue a bit depressed speak, he thought he has a good talent, no matter what Martial Skill, after read it, then he can practice the method quickly, but this Soul Devouring Secret Art baffled him.

    “Hehe, master, this Soul Devouring Secret Art does not simple as you think, even in the past at Soul Devouring Clan, not everybody can practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, only people who had great strong talent, and potential can practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.”

    “However, because practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art difficulty too high, every person who practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, there will be a clan elder that directing.” Heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian charmingly said with a smile. Regarding Soul Devouring Secret Art, naturally, she understands it more than Xing Jue.

    “No way?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue even more depressed. How could he think that this Soul Devouring Secret Art also so precious in Soul Devouring Clan, and want to practice it require special elder to give direction, now he didn’t have any people to give him direction, then isn't it tough to practice it?

    “Master, during that time after Soul Devouring Clan annihilated, we take few young master to flee, the elder gave direction to few young master practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xiao Qian also learned some. Therefore I actually can assist master to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian seems to saw Xing Jue worried, immediately said with a smile.


    “That’s excellent. There's no time to lose, and teach me now, that Soul Eruption, how can able successfully practice?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue sad face, instantly excited, then excitedly said.

    “Master, to practice this Soul Devouring Secret Art, require step by step, it needs to properly practice, then can carry on to the next practice.”

    “The simplest is soul healing, soul defense, soul attack, soul movement, and the last is Soul Eruption, and after successfully practice every level, will cause not little soul shock. Therefore if master wants to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art at ease, we have to find a place that nobody will disturb.” Xiao Qian slowly explained to Xing Jue.

    After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also a little more understand this Soul Devouring Secret Art, it turns out to practice soul need to step by step, previously every time he practiced, he didn’t understand thoroughly, now he finally knew the reason.

    At this moment Liang Clan living room filled with people, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian also sat at the seat of honor.

    “Young Master Xing, Xiao Qian Miss, just recovered, it might be better to rest in my house a few days, why must quickly leave?” Liang Clan Patriarch sat at head seat smiles and said.

    “Many thanks for Liang Clan Patriarch’s good intention, but Xiao Qian and I had mattered to do. then we will no longer disturb, thank you for your hospitality these days.” Xing Jue also smiled and said. No matter how Liang Clan Patriarch manner toward him, but he stayed at another people mansion, in fact, he lived in one month. Therefore he must say his gratitude.

    “Young Master Xing why said this words. You are not Inferior if not because of you Young Master Zhu probably already take my treasure daughter away.” Liang Clan Patriarch said with shame and smile.

    “Miss Liang already helped Xiao Qian and me. It’s natural for me to help.” Xing Jue laughed, regarding Miss Liang kindness, always been his concerned.

    After several polite words, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian left Liang Clan. In this process, Miss Liang didn’t speak and didn’t even dare to look toward Xing Jue, because she didn’t want Xing Jue to see the tears in her eyes. Until Xing Jue left, then she looked up, watching at Xing Jue back that gradually went away, and the tears in her eyes slowly shed.

    From Liang Clan Patriarch, Xing Jue found out that there is an ancient mountain in the middle Netherworld Empire. The mountain is vast, and there are fierce Demon Beasts in the mountain, ordinary people didn’t dare to approach that mountain, even some Martial Master, Martial Ancestor, didn’t dare to go into it.

    From Liang Clan Patriarch tone, Xing Jue can feel the danger in that mountain, but for Xing Jue, that mountain range is the best place for him to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    After decided their destination, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian started to rushed toward that ancient mountain, because he feels impatient, so Xing Jue walked speed promote rapidly.


    Just when Xing Jue in hurried. Without warning Xiao Qian fall, he turned his head to look and shocked to find out, at this moment Xiao Qian's face unexpectedly so pale and lying on the ground. Saw this Xing Jue quickly arrived at Xiao Qian side and started to pour soul into her body, after the soul poured, Xiao Qian face finally starts to change.

    “Xiao Qian, what happened with you? Didn’t your body completely recovered?” After saw Xiao Qian improved, Xing Jue nervously asked.

    “Master, actually Xiao Qian’s body, not affected much, but..” Xiao Qian hesitantly said.

    “But what? Say it” Upon seeing this, Xing Jue quickly urge her to said it.

    “Maybe because the previous injury is too serious, therefore caused Xiao Qian strength blocked at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor level.” Under Xing Jue question, Xiao Qian slowly said. In fact, after she woke up, she found out that there is something wrong with her body, but afraid that Xing Jue to be worried, so didn’t say anything.

    “Xiao Qian, why didn't you tell me? So how you able to restore your strength?” Heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue became tenser, because he was afraid that Xiao Qian unable to restore her former strength, after all, the wound that Xiao Qian received too heavy.

    “Master, I am not entirely clear, but I think that after a long time my strength should slowly restore.” Xiao Qian said with a smile. She looks like not worry about her injury.

    “Ah, Xiao Qian, in that case, we better not walked, let’s go to the nearby city and look for a relay station.” Xing Jue knew that Xiao Qian didn’t want him worried, so after silent a moment he slowly said.

    “Yes, master” Xiao Qian also know that now with her strength, she unable to walked fast for a long time, so she no longer tries to be brave and agree.

    And then not far away Xing Jue and Xiao Qian arrived in the city, Xing Jue didn’t immediately go to the relay station, rather went to the big restaurant first, he wanted to treat Xiao Qian a good food.

    After arrived at the restaurant, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian came into the second-floor luxurious private room, Xing Jue ordered a big table of good food, but Xiao Qian didn’t eat much, Xing Jue devours the food greedily.

    “Xiao Qian, why you didn’t eat?” Xing Jue is chewing the pork fat in his mouth, while looked at Xiao Qian gentle eat phase, said.

    He didn't think that Xiao Qian so shy while eat, looked at that well-behaved look, there is a feeling of a lady from a wealthy family.

    “Master, you eat more, Xiao Qian already full.” Xiao Qian with a smile replied, looked at Xing Jue's distressed table manners, Xiao Qian felt extremely happy.

    “Big brother, I forgot to bring the money, how about next time I double it?” At this moment, at the next door private room, suddenly came an old man’s voice.

    “F*ck you, who did you called big brother, your mother older than my grandfather.”

    “At this age, unexpectedly leave without paying, I thought that you are court death.” Meanwhile, a man’s voice also spread in.

    “Look, believed it or not. My family is very wealthy.” That old man jokingly said.

    “You old b*stard, still play with me, I think you want to be hit.” Obviously, that big man angered by the old man, and then loudly roared.

    “Bang” A loud noise, saw that private room is shaking, a form of big man flown into Xing Jue private room. looked at that big man lie on the ground and struggling to stand up, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian also appear somewhat curious.

    “You see big brother, why you are not careful, eh?” At this moment that old man voice once again sounded, appeared somewhat sloppy face but nice to look, wearing an extremely sorry clothes, just like a beggar old man, slowly walked from that hole in a wall that the big man just hit.

  • Potential friend? 
  • Book 4 Chapter 53 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Useless Old Man

    Saw the figure in front of him, an incredibly useless old man, in Xing Jue heart emerge a strange idea, that this old man“Not simple.” Although no matter how Xing Jue searched, this old man is an ordinary person, his body didn't have a slightest Martial Qi. However, Xing Jue heart had this strong feeling.

    “D*mn, you court death” The big man stood up, after patting the dust on his lower part body, angrily cursed, then once again raise his fist, wanted to hit the old man, saw that the old man quickly block his head with both of his hands, and look afraid.

    “Bang” With muffled sound, that big man fist, firmly held by not large palm, and this person is Xing Jue.

    “Attacked an old man, don't you feel ashamed?” After Xing Jue gets rid that man fist, he coldly stared the big man and said.

    “This..this.. He left without paying. I want to punish him and does not want to hit him for real.” Although Xing Jue just gently shook, that man similar to a bear has a significant strength, after turned around several times, finally stabilize his figure. As an Advanced Rank Martial Artist, naturally feel how powerful Xing Jue are. Then respectfully said.

    “I will pay this old man Bill, you withdraw.” Xing Jue looked at the big man and said. And respectfully said toward the old man “Old man, are you all right?”

    “Hehe, all right, all right.” The useless old man saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly rescue him, then smile and said, this smile look alright, but also expose a big yellow tooth.

    Saw that old man yellow teeth, Xiao Qian ruthlessly glances, thought that this old fellow, incredibly useless.

    This old man didn’t care about everyone look, rather smiling heartily, his eyes went to Xing Jue dinner table, after saw the table full of good food, then shouted loudly: “Wow, Did you two people eat this all food? Are you finish eating it?”

    “Hehe, old man, it is better to sit down and eat together.” However, Xing Jue is smart. Naturally, he understood the old man mean, immediately said with a smile.

    “Haha, in that case, I will be obedience, you are a really good young man.” The old man also impolite, he casually drags a chair and sits down, gorge himself with food.

    “This old b*stard” Coldly glance the old man, that waiter can not bear to see, muttering in his heart.

    “Waiter, bring a lot more good dishes.” Saw the useless old man eats energetically, Xing Jue turned around and said to that big man.

    “Yes.” After Xing Jue had spoken, that big man laughing and said, then prepared to go downstairs.

    “Bring me Liang jar wine.” At this time, that useless old man suddenly shouted to that big man.

    Saw that, the big man about to speak, Xing Jue stopped him and said: “Do as he said, go.”

    But that big man concerned about Xing Jue strength, does not dare to say anything, turned around and leave, muttering said: “Is this kid sick? Without reason treat an old beggar to have a meal, f*ck.”

    “Old man, is this dish suit your appetite?” After Xing Jue sent that big man away, Xing Jue also sat, smile and asked.

    “Although this is not delicious food, but not bad.” The old man smacked his mouth, said with a smiled. Obviously, he is very satisfied with this meal. It can be look from his distressed table manners.

    “Master, why did you invite this old man to eat?” At this time Xiao Qian arrived at Xing Jue side and whispered, because in her view this useless old man, is an ordinary person, he is not a famous Martial Artist. She really could not understand, why Xing Jue so polite to such old man.

    But Xing Jue only shows a faint smile, indicating Xiao Qian to sit down, and not say anything anymore. In fact, Xing Jue use his Soul Power and unable to feel anything special from this old man, but he still had this kind of special feeling in his heart, it's like something deep, suggesting him.

    “En? Miss, is there something wrong with your body?” This old man seems to hear Xiao Qian words, immediately after lift his head and size up Xiao Qian, curled his lip and said.

    After listened to the old man words, let alone Xing Jue, even Xiao Qian also surprised, this seemed like ordinary old man unexpectedly can see that there is a problem in her body?

    By contrast, Xing Jue felt excited. It seems like his feeling was right, this old man is not simple.

    “My body is healthy, what is the problem? You old man do not talk any nonsense.” But Xiao Qian didn't want to acknowledged and angrily said. Actually, she wanted to know this old man will do, because she didn't want to believe that this old man, can see her condition.

    “Obviously your soul is damaged, how could it be no problem, if you are not weak, please don't make any attention to the treatment words, perhaps later cultivation is, I am afraid that afterward don't think to cultivate half step forward.” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man helplessly shook his head, tilted his mouth and said.

    “Senior, since senior knew that there is a problem with Xiao Qian body, please senior help Xiao Qian to treat her illness, this younger generation ready to repay it with all my strength.” Finally, at this moment Xing Jue could not help to say. Since this old man can see Xiao Qian problem, probably he also has a method to treat it.

    “Who is senior, I am not senior, I only a homeless old man, this Miss's injury not light, how can I have the ability to treat her.” That useless old man shook his head and said with a smile.

    After heard the old man words, Xing Jue incredibly fast disappointed, could it be that Xiao Qian injury unable to be cured?

    “Master, no need to listen his babbling nonsense, I know my body the best, it's not that dangerous.” Xiao Qian also saw Xing Jue disappointment, so she quickly step forward to comfort.

    “Hehe, kid, did you want to cure her?” At this time, that useless old man said with a smile toward Xing Jue again.

    “Of course, I wanted to.” Xing Jue crazily nods, confirmed said.

    “Although I can't cure her. However, I know where she can be cure.” The useless old man, wipe his corner mouth grease with his sleeve and said with a smile.

    “Senior please indicate it clearly.” After heard the old man words, Xing Jue really happy, respectfully said.

    “Did you ever heard “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”?” The old man asked with a smile.

    “Not to conceal from senior, younger generation wasn't this Netherworld Empire person. Therefore didn't know about this Netherworld Empire thing.” Xing Jue honestly said. He indeed never heard “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”.

    “Oh? Unexpectedly you are not Netherworld Empire person, then where are you from?” The old man quite interested asked.

    “Senior, younger generation is from Imperial Wind Empire.” Xing Jue respectfully replied.

    “Em, no wonder, okay, today this old man will explain to you about Netherworld Empire matter, this also helpful for you.” After heard Xing Jue words, the old man said with a smile.

    “Younger generation would like to hear the detail.” Xing Jue excitedly said, no matter how at least there is hope for Xiao Qian injury now.

    “This East Sky Martial Continent has three big empires, Imperial Wind Empire where you are, here Netherworld Empire, and Nangong Empire.”

    “Imperial Wind Empire ruler called Imperial Wind Pavilion, probably you already knew. And Nangong Empire ruler called Nangong Aristocratic Family, this Nangong Aristocratic Family strength is tyrannical, can be regarded as the strongest forces in this East Sky Martial Continent.” The old man slowly said. Obviously, he extremely understands about this eastern Sky Martial Continent matter.

    And heard the old man words, Xing Jue also feel a bit shocked, Xing Jue also knows that this Eastern Sky Martial Continent has three empires. But the caused that made Xing Jue shocked is this Eastern Sky Martial Continent, there is more powerful influence compared with Imperial Wind Pavilion. He also understood that his teacher “Old Feng” words, that inside this Sky Martial Continent, there is someone outside someone, there is mountain outside the mountain.

    “However compare with this Imperial Wind Empire and Nangong Empire, Netherworld Empire is a bit special, there is no real ruler in Netherworld Empire, because there are two very powerful forces in Netherworld Empire, one called Netherworld Palace, and another one is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”

    “There are not much different between Netherworld Palace, Imperial Wind Pavilion, and Nangong Aristocratic Family, but this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village is somewhat special. If talked about fighting strength, it can't compare with Netherworld Palace. However it can contend with Netherworld Palace, do you know why?” Speak until here the old man looked at Xing Jue, asked with a smile.

    “Younger generation does not know, please senior to indicate clearly.” Xing Jue honestly replied. In fact, he also feels very strange, this Sky Martial Continent, always respected strength, whose strength better, whose is the Boss. Why that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village become an exception?

    “Hahaha, you are an inexperienced young boy, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, the reason why it is called Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, that is because this mountain village collected precious Treasure Pill, these Treasure Pill can treats all condition of the injury, high-quality goods to assist practice.”

    “Therefore depend on an excellent refining medicine method, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village had a lot of person with tyrannical strength. Even Imperial Wind Pavilion and Nangong Aristocratic Family has a deep relationship with Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, on this relationship, how Netherworld Palace dare to make a move to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village?” The old men said with a smile.

    “I see, unexpectedly there is some power like that in this world.” After heard the useless old man's words, Xing Jue understand. Subsequently, he can’t help to feel admire toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.

    “Mention about it, you kid still had some luck, today that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village is holding a rookie conference, and the reward of this rookie conference is called “Congeal Soul Pill” the Treasure Pill. this Treasure Pill is Low-Rank Earth Treasure Pill, and this Treasure Pill can cure this Miss injury.” The old man said with a smile.

    “Congeal Soul Pill? Among this world also has this type of medicine pill?” Hearing this, Xing Jue also startled. Thus he also admired that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village refine the immortality technique pill, then immediately asked the old man: “Senior, how to participate this rookie conference?”

    “This, I am not very clear, I only know that rookie conference will be held in three days later, the location is at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, and this time it attracted a lot of Netherworld Empire young generation powerhouses after all this treasure congeal soul pill can supplement Soul Power.”

    “Soul Power influential for fighting strength, although there is no impact, but as long as there is strong soul, will give a significant advantage in battle. Besides Soul Power and Martial Qi different and unable to practice, only after the strength is increased, the Soul Power will upgrade, therefore this able to increased Soul Power “Congeal Soul Pill” naturally great in demand.” The old man said with a smiled while warning Xing Jue that this rookie conference not simple.

    “Thank you for senior reminder, since the rookie conference were so urgent, younger generation will not remain stay here, does not know what this senior honored name, later, younger generation will visit to pay respect and to thank.” After Xing Jue heard this news, only burst with joy, and toward that old man respectfully said.

    “Hey, I am just a mountain countryman, there is no fix residence. You do not need to be polite, if not considering that you are a pretty good man, I was too lazy to tell you these, okay, time is late, you take your girlfriend to go to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.” The old man eats the dish, chewed and said.

    “What are you talking about? He is my master.” After heard the old man's words, Xiao Qian cheek slightly red, and quickly answered.

    “Oh? Called master, and not a girlfriend?” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man teasingly said, then immediately looked toward Xing Jue meaningfully.

    “Xiao Qian, don’t be rude toward senior.” Xing Jue quickly told Xiao Qian, and respectfully said to the old man: “Senior, in that case, younger generation will no longer disturb, hope that someday in the future will see each other again, younger generation asked senior to eat the meal.”

    After said that Xing Jue went out from the restaurant, Xiao Qian also followed closely after that.

    The old man came to the window, watching Xing Jue that quickly departed, said with a smile: “Master? It seems that this kid is not simple.”

  • Book 4 Chapter 54 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Hidden Medicine Mountain Village

    Netherworld Empire eastern part has a very rich enormous city. The city located at mountains on the side and water on the other, splendid and magnificent, besides the building in this city somewhat extraordinary, unusual palace, revealing an ancient aura. And this is the entire eastern empire extremely high reputation “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village”, one of the two rulers in Netherworld Empire.

    Hidden Medicine Mountain Village divided into the outer city, inner city, and main city. The outer city used to entertain distinguished guest, the inner city to conduct activities, and the main city is the base operation of the mountain village, and outsider cannot enter.

    At this moment at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city had gathered around ten thousand people. Naturally, all these people came for this rookie conversion, but only a few of them were attend the rookie conversion, and a majority of them came to watch the fun.

    After two days in a hurry, Xing Jue finally arrived at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city, and tomorrow is the day that rookie conversion held.

    Outside Hidden Medicine Mountain Village city gate, there is an endless stream of pedestrian, steadily walking toward the city, and these people came here for this rookie conversion.

    This moment outside the door of the mountain village, standing neatly ten men wearing a long white robe, and their white robe engraved with beautiful Treasure Pill, there is also a beautiful bottle gourd beside the Treasure Pill. They are Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples.

    This several disciples hand are holding an unusual spell, this is an examination spell, as long as the spell touch a person body, then the strength of that person will appear in this spell. Anyone who wants to enter this mountain village must being inspected and verify by this spell. To enter mountain village at least their strength must reach Martial Master level.

    Naturally Xing Jue and Xiao Qian very easy to pass the test, but when they discovered that Xing Jue at this age already reached Martial Ancestor, that several disciples also cast surprise eyes toward Xing Jue.

    This way practice talent, inside this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, only very few people and Xing Jue unexpectedly had such strength, besides with Xiao Qian, a similar Martial Ancestor, these several disciples guess that Xing Jue indeed Netherworld Palace person.

    The Hidden Medicine Mountain Village feel disgusted toward Netherworld Palace, because of Netherworld Palace fight over Netherworld Empire ruler, they used a few sinister work toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, but because they didn’t have enough evidence, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village can't do anything to them. Naturally, this Netherworld Palace views Hidden Medicine Mountain Village as an enemy, so when Xing Jue and Xiao Qian suspected as Netherworld Palace disciples, then they wrote “low” word invitation and gave it to both Xing Jue and Xiao Qian.

    “Why “low” written invitation? Previously that similar Martial Ancestor friend, got “middle” written invitation.” After saw their written invitation, Xing Jue somewhat displeasure said.

    This written invitation to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village divided into, upper, middle, and low, three ranks, and according to the different class, the treatment that they can enjoy in the mountain village not the same, need not much talking, this “low” word written invitation the worst.

    “I give you what then you take that, why there is so much nonsense?” Saw Xing Jue not willing, that disciples face fall, somewhat angry said.

    “Oh? It turns out, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person doing unclear affair?” Saw him unexpectedly get angry, Xing Jue also furious, somewhat didn’t worth the words said.

    “You” Heard Xing Jue speak like that, that disciple act out violently.

    “What's going on?” At this time, from mountain village went out a man, the man not old, around 20, he is wearing the same clothes a white robe, however on that youngster robe chest hanging two golden stars. This stars that several disciples didn’t have it. Obviously, this man status is better than a few of them, and this man unexpectedly also an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor.

    “Senior Brother Zhao” After saw this man went out, that disciple who speak with Xing Jue, quickly give a courtesy, immediately walked toward that man side, and whispered a few words.

    And after heard that disciple words, there is a touch of anger at this called Senior Brother Zhao disciple. He immediately came at Xing Jue side and coldly said: “You came to my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village as a guest, you shall obey my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village arrangement, the guest shall follow the host pleases, don’t tell me you haven’t heard the words? If you think that give you “low” word written invitation to you are not fair, then you can not enter my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”

    “Hehe, these brothers have misunderstood, I am not Netherworld Palace disciple.” Although that man before didn’t nicely speak toward Xing Jue, he still said with a smile.

    Because just a moment ago they were whispering, and depend on his extraordinary soul, it was heard by Xing Jue, therefore Xing Jue naturally also knew the reason why they bother him.

    “E..? Don't know which school you arrived?” After heard Xing Jue words, that disciple also surprised, immediately put away his anger, and politely said.

    Because he never imagines that Xing Jue can hear he and that disciple whispered conversation. Importantly that disciple deliberately uses his Martial Qi to lowered his voice, such a way to chat, other people whose cultivation is high, still tough to hear that, but Xing Jue unexpectedly able to heard, naturally it makes him admire.

    “Truthfully, we are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, recently we had something to do and arrived at Netherworld Empire. Then we heard that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, holding a rookie conversion. We heard that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village medicine technique is the best in the world, so with this opportunity, we came to experience it.” Xing Jue extremely polite replied. Unexpectedly his words toward this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, praised, after all, everyone like listens to praise words.

    “It turns out you are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, earlier why didn’t you said it, my name is Zhao Liang, don’t know what this brother name, if you don't mind, you can call me brother.” Sure enough, unexpectedly after heard Xing Jue is Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, this Zhao Kong disciple, manner had changed 180 degrees, politely said with a smile.

    “Brother Zhao, you are older than me. Naturally, I must call you elder brother, this little brother named Xing Jue, Brother Zhao, please look after me.” Saw that he already succeeded, Xing Jue also smiled back.

    “Haha, Younger Brother Xing, it was pure misunderstood, come come come. Let me be Younger Brother Xing guide.” Between the talked Zhao Liang smiling and bring Xing Jue, and Xiao Qian walked toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.

    Saw that Xing Jue and Xiao Qian unexpectedly enjoyed such treatment, the nearby pedestrian simply envies to die.

    Inside the Hidden Medicine Mountain Village outer city, there is a quite luxurious garret. Such garret only the person with “upper” written invitation can live, and the lowest person who can obtain that written invitation must be Martial Sovereign master.

    However, because of his relationship with Zhao Liang, Xing Jue can enjoy this treatment. At this moment in the living room inside that garret, Xing Jue and Zhao Liang sits, they were talking and laughing merrily, and Xiao Qian, went to her room to rest.

    “Younger Brother Xing, this time did you want to participate my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village rookie conversion?” Zhao Liang smiled and said toward Xing Jue.

    “Yes, Senior Brother Zhao, I don’t know how to participate this rookie conversion?” Xing Jue politely replied. In fact, he still worried how to participate this rookie conversion, but now he had Zhao Liang relationship. Naturally, it's not a problem to compete.

    After some understanding, Xing Jue knew that Zhao Liang is two-star refining medicine masters. Two-star medicine master inside this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, are equivalent to Imperial Wind Pavilion main court disciple, then in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, has a very serious right to speak.

    “In fact, this rookie conference didn't have any rule, as long as you have the courage to participate. However it also has a restriction, that is the age must be within 18 years old. Otherwise, it's not a rookie, but Younger Brother Xing age should not be a problem” Zhao Liang said with a smile.

    “However if Younger Brother Xing wanted to participate, I might be able to help you walk through the back door, anyway the preliminary competition for screen-out some group of people who take advantages, so Brother Xing Jue did not need to participate, wait until the finals, brother Xing Jue can directly participate.” Zhao Liang suddenly remembers that he still has this privilege, and immediately said with a smile.

    “In that case, then only put Brother Zhao to trouble.” Xing Jue politely replied. The people who participate this rookie convention a lot and the competition also require a lot of time, since it’s not necessary for him to participate, Xing Jue naturally very happy. After all, at this time it would be better for Xing Jue to do a lot more practice.

    And after exchanged conventional greetings with Xing Jue, Zhao Liang left, and he also sent people to give Xing Jue some light refreshment and fruits, although only short conversation, but Xing Jue can feel, that Zhao Liang is a warm heart person. And a decent man. Don’t know why, after practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art, Xing Jue's soul awareness become much deeper, and even able to feel other people personality.

    This ability, still not dominant, in the future if Xing Jue can control this ability, then whoever wants to play a dirty trick to Xing Jue is impossible.

    After together with Xiao Qian finished the light refreshment, Xing Jue returned to his room and started to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, according to Xiao Qian said. First, he focused on primary soul method, the soul healing.

    This soul healing, although it was the first step soul utilization method, it’s also difficult to practices, but Xing Jue understanding also not weak, soon he understand roughly it's method. The soul itself has a function to raise people health, but many people didn't know.

    When people break through from Martial Artist to Martial Master, the Soul Power inside the body began to increase, at this time body healing appeared, but many people think that this is because of Martial Qi effect, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

    After practice, the function of soul body healing will promote, after promoting to a certain level, the healing effect will show up, and this kind of result is what Xing Jue want to practice.

    Inside the quiet room, Xing Jue sits on the bed, invisible Soul Power slowly flowing out from his body, revolved around Xing Jue body, didn't stop move, but under this small movement, Xing Jue skin becomes more and more healthy.

    After feeling that comfortable feeling, Xing Jue smiling, although right now he wasn't injured, Xing Jue can also feel, that he already grasp the initial of soul healing.

  • An ability for healing the soul can really be helpful.
  • Book 4 Chapter 55 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Rookie Convention

    The next morning, “Rookie convention” the focus of public attention held as scheduled

    There are more than three thousand people who participate the rookie convention, however, after five days screening, only more than hundred people remain, and these people went into to the last final, there is only one winner, and that person will obtain low-rank Treasure Pill “Gathering Soul Pill”.

    In these five days, Xing Jue didn't go to watch the fun, rather hide in the room and concentration practice, after five days practice, Xing Jue already master the basic of soul healing.

    To ensure the soul healing result, Xing Jue even intentionally harm himself. However, this experiment indeed obtains a good result. If this happened then when Xing Jue is battling with a person and get injured, then he can self-healing in the battle, this method can not be said not strong.

    At these days, every day Zhao Liang come and see Xing Jue, and every day he talked about rookie convention matter to Xing Jue. Therefore after these days interact, the relationship between Xing Jue and Zhao Liang are getting better and better.

    Today, naturally without exception Zhao Liang came into Xing Jue garret, to talked about rookie convention with Xing Jue.

    “Younger Brother Xing, tomorrow is the final of convention, you can go to participate.”After entering the room, Zhao Liang drunk a tea first, then smiled and said to Xing Jue.

    “Yes, naturally I know about this, to be able to have these many days leisurely time, thanks to Brother Zhao.” Xing Jue said with a smile because when other people fight with all their might at the rookie convention, he leisurely hiding in the room practicing. If all the contestant who fights with their might know this treatment definitely will get furious.

    “Why talked like this, we are brothers, why use this words?” Zhao Liang look immediately change.

    Saw that look, Xing Jue helplessly smiled, this Zhao Liang temperament, too straightforward, and very generously man.

    “Right, Younger Brother Xing, at tomorrow's finals, there are three people, you must pay attention” Suddenly Zhao Liang remember something, and seriously said toward Xing Jue.

    “Oh? Which three people?” Xing Jue doubtful said.

    “A disciple of Nangong Aristocratic Family, two disciples of Netherworld Palace, these three people strengths are tyrannical. Especially the one who called “Wu Jun” Netherworld Palace disciple, he is known as Netherworld Palace strongest disciple in inner palace, and this person extremely ruthlessly, you must be careful if you met him. Zhao Liang slowly said, especially when he mentioning “Wu Jun” disciple, he extremely serious.

    “Many thanks for Brother Zhao reminded, but unexpectedly, a person from Nangong Aristocratic Family also came.” Xing Jue smiled and said, in fact for Xing Jue, as long as the opponent did not reach Martial Sovereign and a master level above that level, Xing Jue did not pay any attention, now Xing Jue is invisible in the same rank.

    After all, Xing Jue understood that this time to participate the rookie convention, the highest rank only Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, therefore Xing Jue naturally not too nervous.

    “Yes, at first that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple on behalf of Nangong Aristocratic Family came to purchase pill medicine, happen to catches up with this grand convention, then wants to try his skill.” Zhao Liang is explaining and said.

    “So that how it is.” After heard Zhao Liang words, Xing Jue understand the situation. Otherwise, Xing Jue also thinks that Nangong Aristocratic Family for this convention will especially send a disciple to participate.

    Importantly that Nangong Aristocratic Family was known as Eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest forces, with this forces, they do not lack any outstanding disciple, among the Imperial Wind Pavilion, have “Li Xiaohan” the new rookie, Nangong Aristocratic Family, definitely also has an extremely tyrannical new rookie.

    “Okay, Younger Brother Xing, today I came here to tell you about this matter, it's getting late, you should rest earlier, I wished you all the best in the final” Zhao Liang said to Xing Jue.

    “I accept Brother Zhao blessing words” Xing Jue respectfully hold his fist in the other hand said.

    After sent Zhao Liang away, then Xing Jue practice soul healing again, and then sleeping.

    The next day at “Hidden Medicine Mountain Village” inner city, bustling with noise and excitement, densely packed audience, has tens thousands of people. While at the top of the auditorium, sits five majestic old men, the old man robe engraved with three-star symbol. Obviously, these three-star old men are this Hidden Medicine Mountain Village leader.

    Because that three-star meaning, is very important, after these days chatting with Zhao Liang, Xing Jue also a little more understand regarding medicine refinement, that medicine refinement master divided into four ranks, the amount of their star explain their rank.

    The two-star medicine refinement like Zhao Liang can refine Black Rank high, middle, low, three grade Treasure Pill, no more than high-grade Treasure Pill. Refining still very difficult, and as for that there stars medicine refining master, naturally can refine Treasure Pill, that treasure pill has more powerful medicine pill, each Treasure Pill rank, are a priceless treasure.

    For this one pill, a low rank “Mix Pill” can attract so many powerful forces, it explained its precious.

    As for four-star rank medicine refining master, naturally can refine Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill, Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill, it has a terrifying medicine power, even if to make Xing Jue promote from Martial Ancestor to Martial God instantaneously is an easy thing, but that kind of Treasure Pill only exists in the legend.

    At least there is no one in this profound Eastern mainland can refine that Heavenly Rank Treasure Pill. Therefore that five old man on the stage represented the highest level of medicine refining.

    At the top square, compared with that five Hidden Medicine Mountain Village leaders, in the audience banquet there is a useless old man wolfs down the fruit, by a lot of people despicable looks, watched the old man embarrassing table manners, all the people guessed how this old man sneak in. However, that useless old man simply didn't care what they talked about, rather enjoying eating by himself.

    Finally, under Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder announcement, under everyone cheers, the final of rookie convention started.

    Xing Jue confidently stepped into the stage, in order not to let the people on guard, Xing Jue intentionally restrains his strength, although his strength is extremely weak at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, after a while entanglement Xing Jue knock down the opposite party.

    If encounter with Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, Xing Jue must bitterly fight and finally won. Therefore all the way, Xing Jue didn't show his true strength. Only after Xing Jue used Biting Wind Palm, that useless old man's eyes shine, and then smiled and stroking his long beard, then once again eating.

    Compared with Xing Jue who low profile, that Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, as well as that Netherworld Palace two disciples, it could be said that they fight over for limelight, the people repeatedly applauded again and again. Obviously, they are immersed in everyone crazy sound.

    After half a day of competition, the hundred people finals finally ended, only two competition stage remained, also has stood finally only the human. Naturally, these four people are Nangong Aristocratic Family as well as Netherworld Palace this three disciples, and the lowest-key Xing Jue.

    Nangong Aristocratic Family proud disciple faced with that strongest Netherworld Palace inner disciple “Wu Jun”, and Xing Jue faced with another Netherworld Palace disciple.

    Obviously, between these two competition stages, Nangong Aristocratic Family and Netherworld Palace disciple “Wu Jun” competition stage attracts more attention. It could be said that 95% people eyes went to that competition stage because in the end all the people want to take a look very much is the strongest forces in eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest forces. Which is the strongest, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, or Netherworld Palace the strongest inner palace disciple “Wu Jun”.

    Compared with Xing Jue competition stages seemed lonely.

    “Ai…” Xing Jue helplessly sighed, secretly said: “Why this people liked to watched the main focus.”

    “You.. You.. You.. Ah who hey! Very... Very… Quickly I ... I... I... You better not to come out.” At this time that Netherworld Palace disciple suddenly talked to Xing Jue, but after this disciple opened his mouth, Xing Jue found out, unexpectedly this disciple is stuttering.

    “I ah.. I, what did you care? You look at your bad luck appearance, your words are not clear, but also want to control this elder brother? You such trash, even today, if this elder brother does not kill you, you might be killed by other people.” Xing Jue coldly stares, mockingly said.

    “You… You... You... Court death!” This disciple who didn't have a clever talked, because of what Xing Jue said naturally angry to the extreme, apart from anything else, a palm stretch forward, round and round tyrannical Martial Qi extremely fast condensed in his palm, and finally, change into a meter extremely fast revolving flywheel. Aimed and throw toward Xing Jue.

    When that flywheel revolving, it starts to make energy wave, and an ear piercing sound, constantly resound.

    “Black Rank intermediate Martial Skill, this kid fierce enough.” Saw that extremely fast fly flywheel, then Xing Jue felt that Martial Skill rank, thought that this kid attacked to kill, it seems that he want to kill him.

    Obviously, because that disciple is out of his mind, thinking about this Xing Jue feels funny, immediately pretend, properly dodge that flywheel.

    After that flywheel rumble to the ground has started not small fluctuation of energy, above the surface that smashed out, there is a big deep hole.

    “Not hit the mark, not hit the mark” After dodge that stuttering disciple attack, Xing Jue deliberately stretched out his tongue, mischievously said.

    “..You..You..You..You..” Originally after Xing Jue dodge his attacked, that stuttering disciple heart extremely bad, when Xing Jue acted that way, he became angrier, finally continuously said that four you words, and didn’t say anything else. Then he no longer speaks, rather tightly his teeth, and constantly launched a fierce attack toward Xing Jue.

    However all of his attacks were avoid by Xing Jue, for other people it seems very dangerous, but Xing Jue enjoys it.

    “This kid, he is my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple.” Looked at Xing Jue body that wrapped by strong winds, that useless old man who is sitting in the corner of the auditorium said with a smiled.

    At this course event, Xing Jue from time to time still takes a glance toward the other stage. He wants to know that very much known as Eastern Sky Martial Continent strongest strength, Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, will show what kind of Martial Skill.

    And the cause that Xing Jue somewhat surprised is that Nangong Aristocratic Family Martial Skill very magnificent, and it might very great, it could be said that this is a top Martial Skill. At the beginning of competition it has the upper hand, but when the time pass, maybe it was because his consumption was too large, gradually fell into disadvantaged position.

    “Bang” Finally a strong clashed, that Wu Jun the Netherworld Palace disciple, beat that attacked.

    Saw that fall off the stage Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, Xing Jue became more cautious toward Wu Jun. That Wu Jun Cultivation Technique somewhat special, unexpectedly had numerous high-rank Martial Skill, meet up with coalition but can still keep his Martial Qi for a long time, which explains that he indeed has some cards in hand.

    After the fight of that competition stage ended, Xing Jue suddenly stands firmly, on his grinning face, raised a serious expression, and immediately said toward that stuttering disciple: “It’s over.”

  • Book 4 Chapter 56 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Late Night Gift Pill

    Between the talked, Xing Jue both palms spreads out, instantaneous two flames similar to a massive dragon, raise from Xing Jue palm, and then extremely fast condensations into two concentrated flame, then under everyone surprised look, it fused into an incredibly fast revolving fireball.

    “What a strong Martial Skill.”

    “Unexpectedly this kid have this ferocious Martial Skill?”

    The spectacular competition already finished. Therefore Xing Jue stage is the only competition stage that hasn't end and naturally becomes everyone attention. After saw Xing Jue use a very powerful  Martial Skill, the audience made a shocking sound.

    “Flame Dragon Bomb? It seems like this kid finally became serious.” Saw the fireball that incredibly fast revolving in Xing Jue hand, that useless old man recognized that is Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, then smiled and said.

    “Could this kid disguise himself as the pig to eat the tiger?” Saw that tyrannical Martial Skill in Xing Jue hand, that Netherworld Palace “Wu Jun” somewhat uneasy said. At first, they want to occupy this final two, so that this Netherworld Palace looks formidable, but unexpectedly that in the halfway fight Xing Jue come out, it seems that their plan soon will be destroyed.

    “Humph!” After saw Xing Jue use Martial Skill, that stuttering Netherworld Palace disciple coldly snorts, immediately his both palm stretched out, then ready to use a powerful Martial Skill.

    After saw that stuttering disciple act, Xing Jue sneering, because Xing Jue simply didn't want to give him any chance, he immediately moved, round after round of intense winds revolved on his body, his figure flashed and disappeared.

    “This is bad” Saw that Xing Jue unexpectedly disappeared, that stuttering disciple felt that there is something wrong, but when he want to react, it's already too late.

    At this moment Xing Jue like a ghost appeared behind him and saw that Xing Jue both palm fiercely stretch forward, that fireball instantly changes into a fierce flame of a huge dragon, use it toward that stuttering disciple. And sweep away toward that stuttering disciple.

    Saw that, the stuttering disciple quickly protect his face with both of his arms, and Martial Qi in his body condensed at his chest, and his arms, to get the best defensive power. Because in this situation he didn't have enough time to dodge, he also didn’t have sufficient time to use any Martial Skill.

    He can only make this defense, however his defense unable to stop that fire dragon strength, as long as he a little bit hit, he would get seriously hurt, even killed.

    When everyone thought that Netherworld Palace disciple soon would be killed, a black robe figure suddenly appeared in front of him, his palm stretch forward and an astonishing light cover emerge, tightly wrapped the two people inside.

    “Bang” Fire Dragon hit that cover, instantly make an explosion sound, the powerful flame filled most of the competition stage. Appearing that spacious competition stage on fire, it appear very gorgeous. Saw that scene, the audience couldn't help to cheer.

    When that flame disperses, Xing Jue found out that stuttering disciple unexpectedly safe and sound, and it was because that black hair old man blocked his attacked in front of that disciple body.

    “Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign?” Xing Jue saw this black hair old man strength, immediately calculated what he just showed some unique defense skill, otherwise, with his strength it impossible for him to easily withstand Xing Jue attacked.

    “Elder” After the flame dispersed, that stuttering disciple respond and immediately respectful said to that black hair old man, the weird thing is, at this time he did not stutter, it seems that he is terrified of that black hair old man.

    “Kid, what ruthless method.” That black hair old man didn't pay any attention toward that stuttering disciple, but laughing toward Xing Jue, but that smile fills with sinister and cruel meaning.

    “Fortunately, compared with your two Netherworld Palace disciples, still inferior.” Xing Jue faintly laugh. Just now Xing Jue attacked indeed hard. However, there are two reasons why his attack so severe.

    First, these two Netherworld Palace disciples, attacked very ruthless, every person who they fight, received severe injured, some people even get paralysis for a long time. Therefore Xing Jue naturally felt, that they are not very pleasing to his eyes.

    Moreover it because of Zhao Liang, Zhao Liang as Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person toward Netherworld Palace people could be said hate them to the bone, besides Xing Jue and Zhao Liang relationship is good. Naturally, he wants to help him to take revenge.

    “Good, good, good, in this Netherworld Empire, dare to say this words toward my Netherworld Palace, you kid very courageously.” After heard Xing Jue words, that man suddenly laughed, unexpectedly between the talked he suddenly want to attack Xing Jue.

    “Netherworld Palace elder, you violating the rule, please quickly retreated, otherwise don't blame my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village to be impolite” At this time, a Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder who in charge for the convention spoke.

    After heard that old man words, Netherworld Palace elder coldly snort, after profoundly looked toward Xing Jue, he steps down the stage with that stuttering disciple.

    Xing Jue sneered and didn’t pay any attention toward him, earlier if Hidden Medicine Mountain Village didn't dare speak for him, when the big competition ended, as long as Xing Jue obtained that “Gathering Soul Pill”, then Xiao Qian's strength will be restored. At that time let alone him, an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, even several Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign arrived, will only find death.

    Finally, Xing Jue under that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder announcement, enter this rookie convention finale. And to let both sides have a better condition, the final will be held tomorrow morning.

    Therefore after today's competition ended, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian returned to the garret and practicing for a while. The sky is dark, but when Xing Jue prepared to go to sleep, Zhao Liang rushed to come.

    Brother Xing Jue, how much assurance you have to win tomorrow's competition?” After Zhao Liang takes a seat, he quickly asked.

    “Maybe sixty percent.” Xing Jue smiled and said, that kid named Wu Jun boy indeed somewhat strange, therefore Xing Jue didn't dare to say hundred percentage can defeat him.

    “Younger Brother Xing, with this one, you should entirely certain.” After heard Xing Jue words, Zhao Liang faintly smile, mysteriously take out an elegant small box and place it in front of Xing Jue.

    “What is this?” Xing Jue curiously asked.

    “Open it and take a look” Zhao Liang mysteriously said.

    Xing Jue faintly smiled, then took that elegant small box. However, after opened it, Xing Jue instantly surprised, because at this moment that Treasure Pill inside the box unexpectedly sent out a faint light and sent out a fragrance, this is the fist time Xing Jue smell since birth.

    “Very fragrant, Brother Zhao what rank is this Treasure Pill?” After Xing Jue deeply smelled the fragrance, he felt that his whole body is more comfortable and curiously asked. Although now Xing Jue Soul Power increased a lot, regarding this Treasure Pill rank, he unable to tell, but Xing Jue felt that this Treasure Pill rank, absolutely not low.

    “Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, Transform into Dragon Pill” After saw Xing Jue surprised expression, Zhao Liang also very satisfied, then said with a smile.

    “It turns out a Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, no wonder it so fragrant, then Brother Zhao why this Treasure Pill called Transform into Dragon Pill?” Xing Jue also shocked because of this Treasure Pill rank, Black Rank high-grade product, this the first time for Xing Jue to see such valuable Treasure Pill, then curiously asked.

    “Transform into Dragon Pill, as the name implies, the person who eats this pill will be reborn, reincarnation to dragon effect. In fact, this Transform into Dragon Pill belongs to one of a kind temporary cultivation promotion medicine pill, according to Brother Xing strength, if you eat this Transform into Dragon, without any problem your strength will promote to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign for a short time.” Zhao Liang smiled and explained it to Xing Jue. Apparently, he understand this “Transform into Dragon Pill”.

    “What is Brother Zhao mean?” Xing Jue hesitantly said. Zhao Liang will not bring this Treasure Pill for no reason, so he must have his intention.

    “Tomorrow, before Younger Brother Xing battle with Wu Jun, you shall take this pill, if this happens then, Brother Xing Jue will win from that Wu Jun.” Zhao Liang said with a smile, his face fill with an excited expression, obviously think if that Wu Jun defeated in Xing Jue hand, he will feel very excited.

    “Brother Zhao, this unacceptable, this Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, so precious how can I accept it.” After heard his words, Xing Jue quickly decline said.

    Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, naturally somewhat precious, even if Zhao Liang have the ability to refine this Treasure Pill, but the chance of success is very small, therefore obviously Xing Jue cannot accept this generous gift.

    “Brother Xing Jue, between you and me, do you still need to be polite? Moreover, if you can win from that Wu Jun, it was a great help to me. As Hidden Medicine Mountain Village people, the most that we don't want to see is Netherworld Palace disciple have championship position.” Zhao Liang slowly said, there is even pleading in his words.

    “This..” After heard Zhao Liang words, Xing Jue become awkward. Naturally he realizes Zhao Liang intention, however this Treasure Pill too precious, even if Xing Jue accept this Treasure Pill unless it is essential, he will not use it. However at that time of he not use it and want to gave it back to Zhao Liang, he will not accept it.

    “Younger Brother Xing, please accept it, is it possible that you not willing to give me any face?” Saw that Xing Jue somewhat hesitates, Zhao Liang quickly said again.

    “All right” Saw that Zhao Liang so persistent, Xing Jue without any option said. Immediately put that Treasure Pill inside the Storage Bracelet.

    After saw Xing Jue accepted it, Zhao Liang feel relieved, afraid delay Xing Jue rest, therefore after several words, then quickly leave, and he also asked Xing Jue to sleep early to raise his spirit. Regarding Zhao Liang care, Xing Jue's chest feel warm, have such a good brother, Xing Jue felt very happy.

    Next day, at inner city it was equally lively like the last day, the only different was, today's people appear more excited, not because of anything else because today is very exciting competition.

    That Netherworld Palace disciple “Wu Jun” strength was known as the strongest inner palace disciple in Netherworld Palace, and yesterday Xing Jue also showed good strength, enough to win everyone admiration look, therefore today's finals highly anticipated.

    Under everyone heat look, Xing Jue slowly gets into final competition stage, but at this time that Netherworld Palace disciple named “Wu Jun” already standing there.

    “In fact, I admire you, today you dare to get into this stage.” After Xing Jue gets into the competition stage, Wu Jun looks at Xing Jue, said with a cold smiled.

    “Why?” Xing Jue asked something that he already knew the answer.

    “Because today you will die tragically.” Wu Jun coldly smile, then said.

    “Ha Ha Ha” After heard Wu Jun words, Xing Jue suddenly laugh, his face immediately turns cold, fiercely said: “Indeed today you will die tragically.”

  • Book 4 Chapter 57 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Fierce Cultivate Competition

    Suddenly, Xing Jue moved a step, his entire body turned into a black line, in extremely fast speed moved toward Wu Jun.

    But when Xing Jue about to approach him, Wu Jun sneering, then his body trembling, his upper body started to hover a black smoke and finally wrapped his whole body, afterward figure flashed, then disappeared.

    “Not good” Saw Wu Jun disappeared, Xing Jue feels something wrong, because Wu Jun also displays movement Martial Skill, and that Martial Skill rank not weaker than Xing Jue's “Storm Wind Technique”.

    Therefore Xing Jue quickly on guard, and immediately use Storm Wind Technique. And just in time, Wu Jun like a ghost appeared behind Xing Jue.

    Saw Wu Jun right arm moved, a blow contained a tyrannical Martial Qi, moved toward Xing Jue. At this time Xing Jue also used Storm Wind Technique, Xing Jue right arm stretch forward, then easily blocked Wu Jun iron fist, then his figure turn, and make a nice maneuver kick, with a sharp wind, then fiercely moved toward Wu Jun.

    Facing Xing Jue counter-attack, Wu Jun didn't care at all. His left arm unconsciously blocks, wanted to block Xing Jue's maneuver kick. And he underestimates Xing Jue.

    “Bang” With a muffled sound, Xing Jue round kick fiercely hit Wu Jun arm, that powerful strength makes Wu Jun shocked, he fall back twenty meters and then his figure stop and steady stand.

    “How?” Saw Wu Jun's distressed look, Xing Jue said with a smile. Don't look that Xing Jue is so weak and thin, but if he fights in close combat, and if the opponent strength level is the same rank with Xing Jue, he will not lose to anyone.

    And after heard Xing Jue words, Wu Jun's face trembled, at first he wants to rely on movement Martial Skill, wanted to make Xing Jue suffered unspoken grievances, but he didn't think that Xing Jue close combat ability so strong, he was unexpectedly defeated in one round.

    However, Wu Jun didn't feel afraid of Xing Jue, because his expertise is not close combat, but long-distance fight. Then Wu Jun didn't immediately burst into violence, both of his palms slowly opened, and after both of his palm spreads out, round and round tyrannical Martial Qi pour into both of his palms, and quickly condensed into incredibly fast revolving two flywheels.

    Saw that two incredibly fast revolving flywheels in Wu Jun hands, Xing Jue surprised, because Xing Jue once saw this Martial Skill. This Martial Skill was used by that stuttering disciple before.

    However that disciple only can display one flywheel, but this Wu Jun unexpectedly can show two in one breath, this explained that his strength far above that stuttering disciple.

    However, this also proofed Xing Jue's guess, that Wu Jun practiced incredibly powerful Cultivation Technique because inside his body had sufficient Martial Qi as the foundation. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to display this Martial Skill because to operate this pair Martial Skill method need very high requirement.

    And the consumption of Martial Qi also increased become two-fold, but unexpectedly Wu Jun dare to use this method, it explained that he didn't care about Martial Qi consumption.

    “Flying Wheel” He suddenly yells, that two flywheels in Wu Jun hands, appear like two black compact discs, that flywheels continuously send out round and round of ripples, and with a loud sound, incredibly fast fly toward Xing Jue.

    However, when he saw that extremely fast two flywheels flying toward him, Xing Jue sneers, then his figure moved, his body wrapped with strong winds, and then disappeared. And then that two flywheels in unison are attacked where Xing Jue just stood.

    After Xing Jue had dodged Wu Jun attack, he discovered that Wu Jun unexpectedly disappeared. And behind his body that flywheel once again makes a loud sound, when Xing Jue turned his head to see, he found out that two flywheels already bringing round and round energy ripples, flying toward Xing Jue, and behind that flywheels, Wu Jun sneered.

    At this time, Xing Jue admire Wu Jun, in short time he once again condensed two Martial Skill, an ordinary person can't achieve this, but this type of attacks for Xing Jue are useless. Xing Jue figure flashed, then once again he dodged that attack.

    However what most made Xing Jue didn't expect was after Xing Jue flashed. Wu Jun, actually once again threw two flywheels toward Xing Jue.

    “Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang.. Bang”

    The explosion sound continually resounds, above that spacious competition stage, Wu Jun make a mess, the blue smoke rises everywhere, but during this period Xing Jue always dodge, and Wu Jun continuously throw flywheels toward Xing Jue.

    “D*mn! Did you think you can do as you will?” Finally Xing Jue unable to endure Wu Jun's attacked. Thought, since you want that particular consumption, then I will accompany you to consume enough, although his Heavenly Rank High-Level Cultivation Technique still not at master level, but at least he already reached advanced level, he does not believe that his Martial force absorption faster than him.

    After thought about it, Xing Jue stands still, facing that flying flywheel once again, Xing Jue no longer dodge. Both of his palms spread out, then two bright palm light appeared in Xing Jue hand, and then extremely fast shoot toward that flywheels.

    “Bang” “Bang”

    With two loud sounds, two rays of light bump into that two flywheels, both of them collided, and make two tyrannical energy ripples. Just like two beautiful fireworks on competition stage.

    Just after both of his palms strike out, in Xing Jue both palm once again condensed two bright palm light, then ruthlessly moved toward Wu Jun.

    Saw that extremely fast two bright palm light, moved toward him, Wu Jun also a little stunned. At first, he wanted to rely on his own Earth Rank Preliminary level Cultivation Technique to suppressed Xing Jue, until when Xing Jue’s physical strength unable to endure, and then he can kill him.

    However after went through a fierce battle, Wu Jun himself had some difficulties, but Xing Jue appeared to be alright and started to counter-attack him, this time Wu Jun feel stupid. Thought, “Could it be this guy's Cultivation Technique is above me? Impossible, impossible” Wu Jun simply can not dare to imagine that someone can practice Cultivation Technique above him.

    Facing extremely fast bright palm light that moves toward him, Wu Jun does not have any idea to deal with it. The only thing he can do is run away, always running away, this makes Wu Jun lose his face, but at this time if he still wants to be alive, this is his only way out.

    Therefore after Wu Jun have an intense struggle in his heart, he clenched his teeth, then extremely fast run away. Therefore the fascinating scene appeared, Wu Jun who previously pursued Xing Jue with his flywheel, now being chased everywhere by Xing Jue.

    “This Imperial Wind Pavilion's little rascal is fascinating.”At this moment, sitting at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder podium, the three stars refining medicine master, said with praise.

    “Yes, really worthily as Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, he is powerful.”

    “He is indeed a character within the younger generation.” And under his praise, another four elders are also starting to praise Xing Jue. Apparently, Xing Jue can suppress Wu Jun to that degree. It's extremely comfortable for their heart.

    “D*mn! Who is this kid? The Cultivation Technique that he practiced fiercely than Wu Jun.” Compared with Hidden Medicine Mountain Village lead character, that Netherworld Palace black hair elder, extremely unhappy said.

    “Bang” “Bang”

    And two explosion sounds resound, a distressed figure surge out from the thick smoke, Wu Jun came out from the smoke. Under Xing Jue attacked, Wu Jun consumption is growing. Therefore his speed becomes slower, apparently he unable to keep up with Xing Jue speed. At this moment he is in an awkward situation, even his clothes also distinguished under that explosion, he appears somewhat worn-out.

    “What's wrong? Can't do this? Doesn't have any strength?” Xing Jue calmly smiled, he slowly walked toward Wu Jun who breathe heavily.

    “D*mn! You courts death!” Saw Xing Jue calm smiled, Wu Jun is angry, he found out that when he and Xing Jue fought, he just toyed with him, and he never gets the upper hand, from the beginning he already toyed by Xing Jue.

    Initially, although he chases after Xing Jue to hit him, Xing Jue easily dodges. However, after they switch and he became chase, he in a difficult situation, with his arrogant temperament, how can he bear it, moreover, at this time ten thousand people are watching.

    Suddenly, Wu Jun right fist tightly grips, round after round tyrannical silver-white Qi encircled his hand. Finally, his right fist turns into a silver-white glove, and that glove continuously sends out dazzling rays of light, Xing Jue can feel a terrifying aura from that glove.

    “Earth Rank Preliminary level Martial Skill” Saw Wu Jun's hand sparkling with bright silver-white glove light, Xing Jue shockingly said. At the same time, he started to admire Wu Jun status in Netherworld Palace, this guy not only learned Earth Rank Cultivation Technique but also learned Earth Rank Preliminary Martial Skill, obviously, he is the focus of trained.

    “Under this state, this boy dare to use this move.” When saw Wu Jun use this move, that Netherworld Palace elder worriedly said. However, his face praisely smiled, Because he felt that it was right for Wu Jun to displayed this move now, it is also his only opportunity.

    At this time, round and round of black smoke once again wrapped Wu Jun body, this is Wu Jun movement Martial Skill.

    Saw that Wu Jun once again use movement Martial Skill, Xing Jue knew that this kid is dangerous.

    He immediately thought to move. Then he uses Storm Wind Technique, his right fist grip. Then tyrannical black Qi from his fist surge out, and under everyone shocking eyes it condensed into a long black sword. That long sword appearance just like black Qi flame, constantly burnt. And it’s terrifying aura not weaker than that glove.

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    Book 4 Chapter 58 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Encounter an ambush

    “This boy, actually can use Earth Rank Martial Skill? Who is he?” Saw that long black sword in Xing Jue hand, the Netherworld Palace elder shocked. He starts to doubt Xing Jue background.

    Not only him, almost everybody on the scene are shocked, staring at that long black sword in Xing Jue hand. Under relative comparison, the long black sword in Xing Jue hand, more beautiful than Wu Jun silver-white glove.

    “Cut Soul Sword. This boy is not simple, didn't know when Imperial Wind Pavilion can produce this young boy, looks like it's time to go back and take a look.” Saw the long sword in Xing Jue hand, that useless old man eyes became shine, then said with a smile.

    “Death glove” Saw that Xing Jue use the Martial Skill that not weaker than him, Wu Jun bite his lip, immediately yelled out, then violently moved toward Xing Jue, although at this moment he didn’t have any confidence to win, this his only chance.

    “Cut Soul Sword” But facing that extremely fast moved Wu Jun, Xing Jue also not polite, his figure moves, then rushed, holding the Cut Soul Sword he ruthlessly cut Wu Jun down.

    The sparkling, dazzling silver-white death glove and with that black light Cut Soul Sword. Under everyone anticipation eyes, cross each other.


    “Ci Ci Ci Ci”

    The Death Glove collided with Cut Soul Sword, and it sent out harsh clash sound, and between the clash, it started to make a gorgeous black spark, and white spark, black and white spark mixed each other, it looked very beautiful. But every people who understand clearly know, that this is the crucial moment to determined the outcome of the battle.

    “Go to hell” At the moment Cut Soul Sword and Death Glove cross each other, Xing Jue suddenly shouted loudly, both of his hands hold the Cut Soul Sword firmly, his figure turn, his right arm wave, then saw the black light engaged with Wu Jun death glove.

    After that black light cut through, Wu Jun's death glove instantly shattered, at the same time, his arm also have a burning hot feeling.

    At this moment Wu Jun only feel that every meridian in his arm, muscle, even his blood vessel, at this moment have exploded. Although it's not a direct attack to his arm, however, Wu Jun's right arm indeed crippled.

    “Ah…” With a miserable cry, Wu Jun unable to endure the pain that came from his arm, his eye turnover, and then fainted.

    And upon seeing this, that Netherworld Palace elder moves sideways then came into the stage, saw that already fainted and broken meridian arm, he became furious. Immediately he looks toward Xing Jue wit murderous aura.

    However, regarding this elder murderous aura, Xing Jue calmly smile, and said:  “Elder, what’s up?”

    “Good, good, good, boy you have guts!”

    “But you remember me, no matter what influence behind you back to support you, I will not let you leaving Netherworld Empire alive.” That elder coldly said, even his voice tremble, he is really angry, after ferociously stared at Xing Jue, then he carries Wu Jun and leaves competition stage.

    Importantly Wu Jun is Netherworld Palace the focus to be trained, this time he suffered heavily injured, even if he returns to Netherworld Palace, he will be punished. Therefore now he hateXing Jue to the bone, although in the end, he didn't know Xing Jue is from which school, but now he only thought that no matter which school Xing Jue is, he will not let Xing Jue leaving Netherworld Empire alive.

    And after Netherworld Palace elder carried Wu Jun down the stage, soon afterward Xing Jue under everyone thunderous applause stepped into winner podium and received that soul pill from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder. Saw that sparkling blue rays of light “Gathering Soul Pill” in his hand, Xing Jue felt free from his anxiety.

    After Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elders knowing about Xiao Qian matter, they especially give Xing Jue Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, “BuildFoundation Pill” this Treasure Pill effect is to assist.

    Before taking another Treasure Pill, it better takes this pill first, so it can help the other pill obtain to get better absorption. Therefore before Xiao Qian take “Gathering Soul Pill”, if she takes this medicine first, and then take Gathering Soul Pill, the effect will be much better.

    Therefore after return to the garret, Xing Jue want to give Xiao Qian that Build Foundation Pill and the most that make Xing Jue happy was, unexpectedly this Build Foundation Pill have some effect to warm the soul. Although the effect was not obvious, Xiao Qian indeed felt that her strength started to improved.

    However this Build Foundation Pill's absorption require at least ten days to be effective, but after seven days recovered at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, almost all guests who attended the rookie convention were leaving, and naturally, Xing Jue also feel embarrassed, to make more disturbances. Therefore he decides to take Xiao Qian and leave here.

    Finally, under Xing Jue determine, Zhao Liang didn't urge him to stay, however despite he already agree with Xing Jue, but Zhao Liang still not feel reassured.

    Therefore before Xing Jue leaves, he gives Xing Jue Communication Talisman, this Communication Talisman is quite special, as long as the other person broke this Communication Talisman, the other person will know where that Communication Talisman position, thus it has the best tracking position.

    Zhao Liang gives Xing Jue this Communication Talisman because he is afraid that Netherworld Palace people will take revenge toward Xing Jue. Therefore if Xing Jue found something wrong, then he can immediately inform him, due to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village and Imperial Wind Pavilion friendly relationship, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village will fully help Xing Jue, and regarding this kind of protection, naturally, Xing Jue gladly accepted it.

    After leaving Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian then rushed toward mountain at the center Netherworld Empire. Now after he had Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue no longer worried about Xiao Qian condition, anyway after Xiao Qian body fully absorb the Build Foundation Pill completely absorbed, then Xiao Qian can take Gathering Soul Pill, at that time Xiao Qian's injury will completely heal.

    And on the other hand, Xing Jue filled with anticipation to practice that Soul Devouring Secret Art, as long as he can completely master Soul Devouring Secret Art, then Xing Jue strength will rapidly progress. At that time he can return to Imperial Wind Pavilion again, even if the Main Court disciple come and bother him, Xing Jue will no longer be suppressed.

    After two days in a hurry, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian finally arrived at that mountain. Looked at that huge mountain in front of his eyes, Xing Jue heart full of anticipation finally can practice at ease.

    “Ha HaHaHa boy, are you finally willing to come out?”

    Certainly, at this time a ruthless laughter suddenly sounded, after heard this familiar voice, Xing Jue body tremble, because this is not someone else voice, it is that black hair elder voice who in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village said that he would surely kill Xing Jue.

    As expected after he turned around to look, he is that black hair elder, and he is not alone, at his side, there is also another person, and his age also not much difference white hair old man, he and black hair elder wear the same long robe. Xing Jue is certain that he also Netherworld Palace elder, and unexpectedly that old man also Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.

    After saw these two guys appear, Xing Jue feel surprised, depend on his sharp soul, he didn’t found out that these two guys are following him.

    However after his surprised, Xing Jue smiled, and calmly said: “Both of you really determined, in order to put your hands on me, unexpectedly you veiled your aura for a long time, to follow me in two days, I really admire.”

    And during the conversation, Xing Jue quietly broke the Communication Talisman that Zhao Liang gave to him. This two guys veiled their aura to trace Xing Jue and Xiao Qian to here. Xing Jue clearly knew their goals. It must be to revenge for that rookie convention.

    But facing two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue didn't think that he can handle it by himself, so the best method, for now, is to pray for help.

    “Boy, you don’t need to play the trick, today, without a doubt, you must die.”

    “Moreover I wish to tell you, there is no short distance from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village to here, even if you're broke that Communication Talisman when the master who they sent arrived, you already turned into a cold corpse.” That black hair old man said with a smile, his face full of mockery. Obviously, he already knew that Xing Jue has Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Communication Talisman. Therefore they especially wait for Xing Jue walk far from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, and then show up.

    And after saw that black hair elder appearance, Xing Jue suddenly loudly laugh: “Did you think I didn’t know that secretly followed me? You have really underestimated me, if you think that I will never do anything against your trick, just come and try.”

    In fact, at this time Xing Jue regretting his decision, he didn't think that this Netherworld Palace person so cunning, in order to revenge they are willing to use this method, and now Xing Jue is in a dangerous situation. Although it is somewhat dangerous, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope, because Xing Jue still has an amulet that can kill Martial God “Heavenly Thunder Symbol”.

    “Oh? Boy, what kind of trick did you hide, you better use it.” But Xing Jue never saw that Netherworld Palace elder, and start to speak. Obviously, he didn’t believe that Xing Jue a mere Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, has a trump card in his hand that they can't handle.

    “Master, give me the Gathering Soul Pill” At this time Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side whispered.

    “Xiao Qian, your body have not completely absorbed Build Foundation Pill, if this time you take Gathering Soul Pill, it will influence the effect.” Xing Jue naturally understands what Xiao Qiandesire, then he tries to persuade.

    “Master, this time you must not think too much, you keep me inside your Storage Bracelet, and after an hour, you can take me out, at that time Xiao Qian can take care of them.” Xiao Qian said with full of confidence.

    “Brother, if you slow, it will cause trouble. Better quickly disposed this two little rascal.” At this time, that another elder suddenly said toward black hair elder, after heard his words, that black hair elder slightly nod, immediately that two people prepared to disposed Xing Jue.

    “All right” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue compromise. At this time he unable to think too much. Therefore he use his left hand to gently put out the Storage Bracelet on his right wrist, rays of light dispersed, then take Xiao Qian into Storage Bracelet.

    “You two old b*stard, I want to see how did you plan to kill me.” After he take Xiao Qian into Storage Bracelet, then Xing Jue mockingly said toward that two Netherworld Palace elders. During the talked Xing Jue thought to move, strong winds revolved around his body, his figure immediately change direction, and then went toward that ancient mountain.

    Because at this time Xing Jue has a plan, that is to stall for time, although Xiao Qian said after she disappear, he can release her. But Xing Jue know that in this one hour, Xiao Qian unable to take that Gathering Soul Pill's effect, in order to let Xiao Qian injury can completely heal, Xing Jue must give Xiao Qian enough time.

    And as long as Xing Jue can stall for a day, then naturally Xiao Qian can use Gathering Soul Pill's medicine strength, restore her strength to her initial level, and at that time this two old b*stard, will die.

    “Humph! I want to see how far that you can run.” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly running away, that black hair elder coldly said, his figure immediately flash toward the place Xing Jue disappeared to pursue, and the other elder also immediately following.

  • Book 4 Chapter 59 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Heavenly ThunderSymbol

    At the center of Netherworld Empire, there is an extremely ancient mountain. It is already over ten thousand years. Everywhere in the mountain were big ancient trees, different strange flowers, and grasses, as well as some aggressive Demon Beast.

    At this moment inside the mountain, a white figure running in extremely fast speed, and behind him, two black figures are following him.

    “D*mn! This boy run really fast, this kind of method can't go on.” That Netherworld Place black hair elder anxiously said.

    At first, he thought that with their speeds, they could quickly catch up with Xing Jue. But after entering the mountain, they found out that they made a mistake, not only Xing Jue speed is unusually fast, and also very cunning, they are unable to determine the direction where he escapes, they can only pursue Xing Jue aura.

    “Humph! Two stupid old man.” Xing Jue coldly snorts and mockingly said. With a keen Soul Power, Xing Jue can accurately feel that two Netherworld Palace elders location and Xing Jue can also hear the words that they said.

    Therefore, Xing Jue relying upon “Soul Devouring Secret Art” strong Cultivation Technique, plus with this, he can sense their Soul Power position, it can be say that Xing Jue plays with this two elder to running around in circles.

    However, this kind of method can't work. Although Xing Jue have Soul Devouring Secret Art, and his Martial Qi ten times deeper than ordinary people, but if he frequently used Storm Wind Technique, his Martial Qi spending rate also extremely fast. If he kept go on like this, his Martial Qi can't hold for one day. Xing Jue can’t even withstand for half a day.

    “Brother, let's use that move” after pondering for a moment, that white hair elder said. And after heard that white hair elder words, the black hair elder nods in agreement. Immediately this two people both palms are face to face, a white gas then envelope their body. Meanwhile, their aura also disappears.

    “En? Too bad” Naturally Xing Jue heard that white hair elder spoke, but what made Xing Jue shock was, after that white hair elder voice fall, he could not feel that two people aura.

    Previously Xing Jue can keep distance with them for a long time, because of Storm Wind Technique speed and his sharp Soul Power. But when he can't feel this two people positions, Xing Jue starts to tense up, however at this moment he unable to do anything, Xing Jue can only use all of his energy to run away toward the mountain.

    Deep in the mountain, a figure rapidly passing by, a large group of birds startled and flying to the sky. This figure is Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue already ran away in this mountain for half a day. After a half-day run in high speed, Xing Jue's Martial strength unable to endure, as the result Xing Jue speed became slower than before.

    Therefore at this moment, Xing Jue panicked, because he can't feel that two elder aura, Xing Jue didn't know when this two guys, will suddenly appear in front of his body, to give him a sneak attack.

    „Buzz humming sound”


    Indeed what he afraid of came, at this time, two black flywheels appeared in front of Xing Jue, with a strong wind, and a loud sound, incredibly fast flying toward Xing Jue.

    “D*mn!” Saw that extremely fast flywheel, Xing Jue loudly cursed. However at this time, he didn't have enough time think, the only thing he can do is dodge. But when Xing Jue just got away from that two flywheels, behind it there were two extremely fast flywheels.

    This time Xing Jue already raise high in the air, and it just impossible for him to dodge, in desperation, Xing Jue stretch out both of his palms, two bright light then rapidly condensation in both of his palm.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Along with violent shout, Xing Jue palm prints attack toward that two flywheels.

    “Bang” “Bang” “Bang” “Bang”

    With four explosion sounds, Xing Jue's sorry figure fall on to thick tree trunk, and two figure flashed around Xing Jue side, surrounded Xing Jue all escape route. These figures are that Netherworld Palace black hair elder, and white hair elder.

    “Boy, didn't you excellent at run away? Why not run? Why didn't you f*cking run now?” Finally, he catch Xing Jue, that black hair elder breathes heavily, angrily cursed.

    In fact, he and that white hair elder used a unique Martial Skill, can completely hide their aura, so others didn't become aware of them. However this Martial Skill, it's fine to walk normally, but if in extremely fast running, it will consume a lot of Martial strength. Therefore at this moment, this two people are in too much consumption conditions.

    “You make me run away, if I am not stubbornly run away, you two Netherworld Palace elders, team up to bully an Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, if this matter spread out are you not afraid to be laughed.”Xing Jue curled his lip, said it without fear. During the talked Xing Jue deliberately told them about his status as Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, for a little bit hope.

    “Imperial Wind Pavilion? So it turns out, you are Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, no wonder, but we didn't afraid your Imperial Wind Pavilion.” But after heard Xing Jue words, that black hair elder unexpectedly disdainly laughed.

    He already guessed that Xing Jue have a formidable influence behind him, but since today he wants to kill Xing Jue, so he already prepare for this, as long as he kills Xing Jue, no one will know that they are the murderer.

    “Attack!” After laughing, that black hair elder suddenly shouted, between the talked his figure quickly move toward Xing Jue, that white hair elder also incredibly fast move toward Xing Jue.

    Facing two extremely fast Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign move toward him, Xing Jue knew, that no matter how he wants to run away, he still can't escape, if he can’t run away, without a doubt he will die. Think about this, Xing Jue makes an effort to tiptoe, then once again run away.

    “Humph! Did you think that you can run away?” Sees Xing Jue want to run away once again, that two people figure turn, and extremely fast chase after Xing Jue, in this distance, they can catch Xing Jue.

    However when he saw that two people getting more and closer, Xing Jue suddenly sneer, according to Xing Jue current strength, must continue to escape, but fortunately, Xing Jue had a trump card in his hand, which was the Heavenly Thunder Symbol.

    Previously Xing Jue didn’t use Heavenly Thunder Symbol, that is because he waits until the right time, although Heavenly Thunder Symbol power is powerful, but if it didn't hit, it would be a waste. Therefore, Xing Jue waiting for an opportunity, and now, is the best chance.

    At this moment the two people who spend a lot of time chasing Xing Jue, already angry to the extreme and irrational. Therefore this is also the best time for Xing Jue to act. Saw that two people quickly approach him, Xing Jue sleeve suddenly wave, a sparkling thunder and lightning of Heavenly Thunder Symbol incredibly fast move toward that two elders.

    “Terrible” Saw that Heavenly Thunder Symbol that incredibly fast flies toward them, that black hair elder anxiously shouted, because he can feel the terrifying energy that Heavenly Thunder Symbol contained, but in this situation, they are unable to dodge, finally that black hair elder made a ruthless decision.

    Suddenly the black hair elder grabs that white hair elder at his side, and drag him to the front of his body, and hit that white hair elder back, with the aid of this formidable hit, it cause his body fall back at high speed.

    Naturally, that white hair elder didn't expect that black hair elder makes him as a shield, but when he want to react, it’s already too late, that black hair elder heavy palm, in extremely fast speed directly hit him, finally, bump into that extremely fast Heavenly Thunder Symbol.

    “Rumble” Accompanied with a loud roar, the Heavenly Thunder Symbol hit that white hair elder. in a flash, it sends out a great dazzling lightning, the lightning similar to a silver snake that fills the sky, extremely fast spreads, finally changes into a huge thunder net, wrapped that white hair elder in it, and under the continuous bombardment of that thunder, that white hair elder instantly annihilated.

    “What a terrifying spell” Saw that scary thunder net, that black hair elder who luckily escaped, feel a bit scared, if he does not catch and use his brother to act as the scapegoat, perhaps he already dies in that thunder net.

    “Old b*stard, you are so cruel” Xing Jue didn't think that black hair elder will use his same side as the scapegoat. He immediately feels more despise toward that black hair elder character.

    “Boy, you kills my brother, watch this old man tear you” After that thunder net gradually dissipated, that black hair elder fiercely said toward Xing Jue.

    “Oh oh oh, now you want to shift the blame to me? That spell, I only use it for fun. Obviously, you are the one who pushed your brother toward that spell, did you still have the nerve to talk about it?” After Xing Jue heard that black hair elder words, he curled his lip and mockingly said.

    “Young brother, I let you assume whatever you want, this old man will seal your foul-mouth first.” In the war of words, naturally that black hair elder not Xing Jue opponent, his both eyes stared, coldly said toward Xing Jue. Immediately both of his palm stretch out, then prepares to attack Xing Jue.

    “If you didn't feel afraid my Heavenly Thunder Symbol, you can come and try” Xing Jue slightly smile, didn’t care said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, that black hair elder suddenly stopped his body, he just experienced the might of Xing Jue’s Heavenly Thunder Symbol. Let alone him, even Martial God powerhouse hit by that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, will be a disaster. Therefore right now he was afraid to that Heavenly Thunder Symbol.

    “Boy, if you have it, you better take it out, this old man didn’t afraid of you.” After pondering for a moment, that black hair elder suddenly laughs and said. Because he guessed that Xing Jue, absolutely did not have that Heavenly Thunder Symbol, if Xing Jue still has that powerful Heavenly Thunder Symbol, naturally he can’t escape, he already crazily lost to him. Therefore he predicted that Xing Jue did not have Heavenly Thunder Symbol.

    “All right, correct, it already guessed by you, but even if I didn’t have Heavenly Thunder Symbol, I still could kill you.” Xing Jue suddenly smiled and slowly said. During the conversation Xing Jue sleeve waved, a strong fragrant pill the “Change into Dragon Pill” throw into Xing Jue mouth.

    And after “Change into Dragon Pill” get into his mouth, Xing Jue strength instantly start to rise, finally broke through Martial Ancestor, and reach Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level.

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    Book 4 Chapter 60 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    There is Enemy Come to Attack

    “Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign? How can it be?” Saw Xing Jue strength in an instant enhance into Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign level, that black hair elder extremely shocked said.

    “Old fool, accept your death” After his strength enhanced to Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor, he loudly shouted, his right-hand grip that Cut Soul Sword instantly condensed. His figures immediately moved, and change into a black line, moved toward that black hair elder.

    According to what Zhao Liang said, this Change into Dragon Pill have a time limit, and after he reach that limit time, the great power that already obtained will instantly dissipate. Therefore Xing Jue must quickly get the fight done.

    “Humph! You used a dishonest method, so what your strength enhanced to Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign? Do you think that you can compete with this old man! This old man will let you knew the gap between rank.” Saw Xing Jue moved toward him that black hair elder didn't feel afraid. He loudly shouted, two black flywheels condensed in his both palm, then immediately throw it toward Xing Jue.

    Facing that extremely fast flywheel, Xing Jue slightly trembled, and then quickly dodge. And just now, Xing Jue came in front of that black hair elder body, then raised the Cut Soul Sword in his hand, and then ruthlessly cut that black hair elder.

    “Humph!” Facing that incredibly fast Cut Soul Sword, the black hair elder coldly shouted, his figure moved, and then fly backward. He already saw Xing Jue’s Cut Soul Sword might, even his Netherworld Palace “Death Glove” not its opponent. Besides he didn't learn Death Glove, after all, that kind of Martial Skill, only the most prominent disciple had the qualification to practice it. Therefore he wasn't able to withstand Cut Soul Sword.

    So when Xing Jue used Cut Soul Sword, the only thing he can do is dodge, actually he already saw that Xing Jue use medicine pill to enhanced his strength, he also knew that there is a time limit for this kind of instant power.

    Therefore at this time, he wanted to stall for a time, as long as the strength that Xing Jue got dissipated, then he can quickly kill Xing Jue, after all, the gap between their rank is huge, at that time his powerful Martial Skill is useless.

    Saw that black hair elder dodge, Xing Jue sneer, how could Xing Jue unable to guess what that black hair elder thinking. Therefore earlier Xing Jue already prepared the countermove, and he will not give him any chance.

    Xing Jue right hand tightly grip Cut Soul Sword, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi continuously pour into that Cut Soul Sword. With a lot of Martial Qi pour, Cut Soul Sword send out dazzling black rays of light. Black rays of light sparkle as if it swallowed the surrounding air, look incredibly terrifying.

    “Cut Soul Sword second level, Sword Qi” After black rays of light appeared, Xing Jue loudly shouted, he waved Cut Soul Sword in his hand, then from that Cut Soul Sword a three-foot black sword Qi rush out. That black sword Qi appears like a bloodthirsty devil, and it sent out a burst frightened roar sound, finally moved toward that fall back black hair elder.

    “How can it be?” Saw that incredibly fast moved black sword Qi, the black hair elder shouted not right. Because right now he felt a terrifying strength from that Cut Soul Sword main body. But at this time faced with extremely fast sword Qi, he didn’t have any chance, from that distance, he merely in a dead end.

    “Boy, tomorrow you won't be alive” Facing this life and dead situation, that black hair elder crazily shouted, then a Communication Talisman in his hand appeared and crushed it, before that black sword Qi moved toward him.

    “Puchi” Without hindrance, that black sword Qi moved across that black hair elder body, it didn’t send out an explosion sound, but a muffled sound, just like sword gently touch the lake water.

    But this is the sound the sword Qi touch the blood, after the sword Qi hit, that black hair elder body cut into two, and finally fell into the jungle.



    “Did I finally made it?” Xing Jue weakly falls on the tree trunk, somewhat difficultly said, at this moment Xing Jue mouth breath heavily, the big sweat on his forehead slowly flowed on his handsome face. And Xing Jue aura also restored to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor level.

    Just now when he use that “Sword Qi” really exhausted, if Xing Jue didn't quickly consume that Change into Dragon Pill, it was impossible for him to use that move.

    “Ah... Sure enough, the side effects so great.” Xing Jue exhausted sat down on the ground. This was his first time use Cut Soul Sword the Sword Qi, previously because his rank was insufficient, he didn’t dare to use it.

    But today he finally memorized how to use sword Qi, but Xing Jue finally understood, why Cut Soul Sword practice method warn that he wasn’t allowed to use it, if his strength didn’t reach Martial Sovereign, because it creates a backlash.

    After resting for a while, Xing Jue’s body get much better, after his body recovered a little bit, Xing Jue didn’t stay here any longer and searched for a secret cave in this mountain.

    After entering the cave, then Xing Jue quickly summoned Xiao Qian from Storage Bracelet. However, after he summons Xiao Qian, Xing Jue face instantly become tense up, because at this time Xiao Qian looked pale, her body is in weak condition.

    “Master, give that two Netherworld Palace elder to Xiao Qian!” After Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue, she forced her smile, said to Xing Jue, and try to get up.

    “Xiao Qian, don't move, I already clean up that two old b*stard.” Xing Jue quickly supports Xiao Qian arm and said with a smiled.

    “Really?” However after Xiao Qian heard Xing Jue words, apparently somewhat surprised, then she immediately observed the surrounding and found out that she didn’t discover that two elders, then felt relieved.

    “Xiao Qian, what happened with your body?” Xing Jue asked the question with some worried. Logically speaking Xiao Qian already took the Gathering Soul Pill, even if it haven't completely absorbed, her body should get better, how could she become so weak.

    “Master, this is because Master’s Storage Bracelet rank is too low, not only there is no trace of Martial Qi in your Storage Bracelet, even the air also does not exist, although I took Gathering Soul Pill, but I unable to refined it, so it caused a backlash.” Xiao Qian bitterly smiles and said.

    “What? Unexpectedly there is this kind of matter.” Xing Jue opens his mouth, didn't know what to said. Because he didn’t know all of this issue when he listens to Xiao Qian request to take her into his Storage Bracelet. Xing Jue thinks that his bangle can put a living person, therefore according to what Xiao Qian said, but he never thought, because of this low-quality Storage Bracelet, he almost killed Xiao Qian.

    “Hehe, master, your Storage Bracelet level is too low, just use mine.” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue blank expression, charmingly smiled, then give Xing Jue Storage Bracelet on her hand.

    “How can I accept this?” Xing Jue embarrassingly said.

    “Master, this my Storage Bracelet is given by Soul Devouring Clan, now I should give it back to master, moreover, Xiao Qian didn’t have any precious things to keep, now master can use it.” Saw that Xing Jue does not want to receive her good intention, then quickly said.

    “E.., all right. Oh, can this Storage Bracelet keep living person?” After Xing Jue had accepted the Storage Bracelet, he said with a smile. Now he is quite sensitive about this question.

    “Yes, my Storage Bracelet can absorb Martial Qi, it has enough Martial Qi and air, it formed a different space, and can live inside it.” Xiao Qian replied with a smile.

    Xiao Qian’s Storage Bracelet, considered as a high-grade item, compared with Xing Jue’s worn thing, don’t know how many times better.

    “HaHa, this is a treasure.” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue felt excited saw that brilliant shining Storage Bracelet, after study it properly, he excitedly wear it on his hand. Xiao Qian is smiling, she takes Xing Jue useless thing and wears it above her white hands.

    Afterward, Xing Jue takes out some food from his Storage Bracelet and eat the food with Xiao Qian. This food was prepared for the time he practices Soul Devouring Secret Art after eating the food, Xiao Qian then started to refine the Gathering Soul Pill in her body. And this requires some time.

    In order not to disturb Xiao Qian refine Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue comes out the cave, when he came out, Xing Jue found out that at this moment the sky already dark, looking at the starry sky. Xing Jue climbs a tall tree, leaning against that thick trunk, enjoying the beautiful night.

    “Xiaohan, What are you doing right now?” Looking at the night sky, that big bright moon, Xing Jue muttered. Unaware, it already several months Xing Jue leave Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue misses his lovely Xiaohan.

    Looked at the starry sky, with a deep yearning, Xing Jue’s eyelids start to get heavy and finally fall asleep on that tree.

    However, Xing Jue didn’t know that at this moment an extremely dangerous man, is tracking his residual aura to search for him. And that was because before the black hair elder dies, he called people to came.

    Actually, at this time to deal with Xing Jue, Netherworld Palace deliberately sent a powerful inner court elder that already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.

    However the black hair elder thought that to deal with Xing Jue, he and white hair elder already enough. Therefore that powerful Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign elder didn’t follow them.

    Rather rest in a nearby Netherworld Palace base, but this afternoon, the Communication Talisman that he left for black hair elder suddenly broken. Therefore he realizes that there is something wrong, and then he quickly follows their trail.

    Although the aura that Xing Jue left behind is tough to find, but after carefully tracing for a night, he finally found out Xing Jue location, and extremely fast moved toward the cave location.

    At this time, in the Mountain the night already replaced by the morning light, the small animal in the mountain start to search for food, even at the deep place Demon Beasts start to howling.

    “Ah, that’s amazing.” Xing Jue lies down on the tree trunk, he lazily stretched his body, and then looked at not far away cave where Xiao Qian was, muttered: “In a few more hours, Xiao Qian should be successful.”

    When he think Xiao Qian injury completely recover, Xing Jue heart feels happy. After all, because of him Xiao Qian heavily injured, and only after Xiao Qian heals, Xing Jue will feel positive to start practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    “Someone is here.” Certainly, at this moment, Xing Jue was surprised, because he felt an intimidating aura, continuously move toward this location.

    “Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign?” After released his Soul Power, Xing Jue probe what level the powerhouse who extremely fast move toward his location.

    However, at this moment Xing Jue not too nervous because right now there are two guesses in Xing Jue mind. One this is the powerhouse who Hidden Medicine Mountain Village sent, and another one is Netherworld Palace sent, if he/she is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village person, naturally it's okay, but if he/she is Netherworld Palace person, that would be bad.

    Now Xiao Qian is refining that Gathering Soul Pill, absolutely cannot be disturb, if, at this time she is disturbed, she probably will have a backlash. Therefore Xing Jue decided, that no matter who is coming, he must go to stop him/she, even if Netherworld Palace person, he cannot let him disturb Xiao Qian.

    Think about it. Xing Jue figure moved toward that extremely fast move aura.

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    Book 4 Chapter 61 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Critical Moment

    Deep in the jungle of Ancient Mountain, a middle-aged man run at extremely fast speed. His speed comparable with Xing Jue Storm Wind Technique, he is a man with a long black hair with a square shape face, a pair of thick eyebrows and big eyes. However, his eyes send out a thick murderous aura, and this is Netherworld Palace elder who tracks down Xing Jue trail last night.

    Xing Jue killed his two Netherworld Palace elders, actually for him it’s nothing. However, he is the head of this mission, when he returns to Netherworld Palace, unavoidably he will receive reprimanding. Therefore, at this moment he is furious. After a night searching, he finally found out Xing Jue location. Therefore at this time, his speed rises to the peak.

    “Weng wengweng”

    But just then, two rays of light suddenly appear in front of him, after closer look unexpectedly it were two powerful shining palm prints coming toward his direction.

    “Humph!” However facing this two shining palm print, Netherworld Palace elder coldly snorts. He didn't dodge, his right palm tightly grips, and rays of light charge into his fist, there was a loud bang, that two shining palm print were smashed to pieces.

    “Get out!” After smashed that shining palm print, that man no longer moving forward but stands face toward that location where the powerful light was shot.

    “Ai.., indeed Netherworld Palace stray dog nose is useful.” After the man yell, suddenly a young figure came out from the thick grass and jumped into a tall tree trunk. Naturally, it is Xing Jue.

    In the end, Xing Jue wanted to take a look who is come to look for them, but after approaching this person, Xing Jue felt a strong murderous aura that he sent out. Therefore Xing Jue sure that this guy must be Netherworld Palace person, to prevent him approached the cave. Xing Jue chooses to attack him.

    “Boy, did you killed my two Netherworld Palace elders?” After that man sizing up Xing Jue, he coldly said.

    “So what?” Xing June faintly smiled, and say it without fear. Xing Jue knows that even he said “no” that man will not believe him because he is tracking his aura and came. Therefore he directly lay his cards on the table, in a confident manner.

    “Good good good, you are a brave boy, you know that I was tracking you, so why you didn’t escape, instead dare to show up, are you seriously not afraid of death?” But this man didn’t quickly attack Xing Jue but asked with a smile.

    “Afraid of death? There are no that two words In my dictionary” Xing Jue take a glance at him and sneer.

    “Oh, in that case, I'd like to see, In the end, are you afraid of death or not, or pretending not to fear death.” After heard Xing Jue words, that man instantly retrieved his smile and coldly said.

    His right fist immediately grips, and punches it against Xing Jue. However, this seems like an ordinary fist, sent out a powerful Martial Qi, and it is not weaker than Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm.

    “Biting Wind Palm” Naturally Xing Jue felt this fierce Martial Qi, so he does not dare to be careless.

    “Bang” That shining palm print collided with Martial Qi, and sent out energy ripples. Saw the energy ripple that incredibly fast spread out, Xing Jue felt admire toward Martial Sovereign strength. Unexpectedly an ordinary hit can defeat his Biting Wind Palm. This is the gap between ranks.

    But at this time, Xing Jue found out that man suddenly disappears, and at the same time, a formidable strength approaching from behind him. Does not need to say, it must be that man.

    “Humph!” Xing Jue coldly snorts, his figure jump, and leaving his previous position, at the same time, his body turn, and once again released that two shining palm print. At this moment, Xing Jue found out, that man standing at the place where he just stood, and he mockingly smiles.

    “Bang” With a loud sound, unexpectedly Xing Jue successfully hit that man body, saw that thick smoke in front of him, Xing Jue feels happy. Just when the thick smoke dispersed, that man jumps out from that thick smoke, and punch Xing Jue.

    But facing that incredibly fast man, Xing Jue expression change, because, in this distance, Xing Jue unable to dodge that man attack, even continuously avoid are impossible.

    “Bang” A muffled sound, that man fist hit Xing Jue's chest, and Xing Jue felt suffocated, a fresh blood from inside his body, finally sprayed from his mouth.

    One strike hit. Xing Jue like a broken kite, after flying in the air for a few meters, then fall on the ground.


    “D*mn is this the strength of Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.” After Xing Jue falls to the ground, he once again sprouts a mouthful blood and felt somewhat hard to believe said.

    No matter what, Xing Jue felt hard to believe that man is so strong, unexpectedly he uses his body to dodge Xing Jue's two Biting Wind Palm attack. And just now from his punch Xing Jue able to sense how powerful it's strength if at that time he didn't use Martial Qi to protect his chest, perhaps Xing Jue unable to stand up again.

    “What's wrong? Didn’t you just now felt very awesome? Where did that go?” That man slowly walked toward Xing Jue, while mockingly laugh.

    Saw that man who slowly walked toward him, Xing Jue didn't answer, he quickly use the soul in his body, and use soul healing, with the Soul power that continuously nourishing, the pain in Xing Jue chest start to slow down, and after a while, his body gradually get better. Xing Jue slightly grips his right palm, and ready to use Cut Soul Sword anytime, to launch surprise attack toward him.

    “Quiver quiver quiver, can’t even say the words? To be able killed my two intermediary Martial Sovereign elders, I thought that you are powerful, but actually, you are trash.” That middle-aged man mockingly said. But at this time when he is approaching Xing Jue, he slowly lifts his right fist, and ready to kill Xing Jue.

    But when the man approach, Xing Jue sneer, and think to moved, he use Storm Wind Technique, at the same time, the Cut Soul Sword incredibly fast condense and formed in his right hand, and after completed this move, he flashes.

    When that man found out, he knew that there is something wrong. The Cut Soul Sword in Xing Jue's hand, brought waves of strong winds and cut toward him, look at the incredibly fast Cut Soul Sword, the man became nervous.

    His previous arrogant manner dissipated, however, that man’s response also extremely quick, after he found out there is something wrong, he quickly dodges to the back, and his body started to fill with black smoke, after the black smoke diffuse, his speed extremely fast grow.

    “Humph! As expected you are also using movement Martial Skill.” Xing Jue saw that man body covered with black smoke, coldly said. Previously when that man sneak attacked Xing Jue, his speed fast, at that time Xing Jue already suspected that this man must be use movement Martial Skill, and it is indeed as Xing Jue suspected.

    However, when he saw that man unexpectedly dodge Cut Soul Sword, Xing Jue face became ruthless. Xing Jue right hand tightly grip Cut Soul Sword, then Martial Qi incredibly fast pours into Cut Soul Sword, and along with Martial Qi that continuously flowing, that Cut Soul Sword send out black rays of light.

    “Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi” with a loud shouted, Xing Jue make an effort to wield that black sword Qi, and then extremely fast move toward that man.

    Facing that fast Sword Qi, that man almost unable to dodge, he also felt that Sword Qi is terrifying. He immediately stretches out both of his hand, and after both of his palm stretch out, from the center of his palm a layer of transparent crystal appeared, finally wrapped his whole body, formed a crystal shield. Previously when that black hair Netherworld Palace elder rescued that stuttering disciple, he used that defense Martial Skill.


    “Weng weng weng…”

    After the Black Sword Qi had hit that transparent shield, it makes a loud roar, at the same time a tyrannical energy ripples incredibly fast spread out, this energy ripples blow outXing Jue very far away, then fall on the ground.

    Although he successfully blocks that black sword Qi. However, the black sword Qi light didn’t dissipate and consistently crushed that crystal shield. Then that shield starts to send out a loud friction sound, and continuously send out a dazzling spark.

    That black sword Qi gradually starts to shrink, however, that crystal shield finally dissipated, and that Black Sword Qi ruthlessly strikes that man body.


    Only this time, that black sword Qi didn’t directly kill that man like it killed that black hair elder, but only cut that man body, and sent out a muffled sound, and then that man spout a mouthful blood, and flew backward, finally fell into the jungle.

    “Succeed?” Xing Jue saw that man extremely fast fly, and finally, fall in the jungle uncertainly said. He didn’t know if his attacked successfully killed that man or not.

    “Puchi” Xing Jue once again spout a mouthful of blood, and weakly slumped on the ground. Right now Xing Jue face pale like a white paper, his inner part body is in a mess, he only felt that his entire body will explode, the piercing pain spread to Xing Jue whole body, and this is the consequence of using Sword Qi forcefully.

    In this state, Xing Jue unable to use his soul, the only thing he can do is waited for this painful feeling gradually dissipated.

    “Boy, what a good method.” But just then, the voice that Xing Jue didn’t want to hear the most suddenly sounded. Xing Jue turn his head with a great effort, and not far from his vision, that middle-aged Netherworld Palace elder slowly walked toward him.

    At this time that middle-aged man also appears in embarrassing state, more than half cloth on his body broke to pieces, and there is a deep scar on his chest and blood continuously flow out. Naturally, it was because of Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi.

    At this moment, that man limply walked toward Xing Jue, his murderous aura extremely thick. As an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, unexpectedly ended in this embarrassing situation, and almost lost his life to Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, how can he not be angry.

    However, when he looked that man who slowly comes toward him, Xing Jue unable to resist, because at this time his body unable to move, he can only helplessly looks that man step by step came toward him.

    One step, two steps, three steps, every step make a heavy sound, just like the god of death, at this moment that man hand is cover with a silver-white glove, that is Netherworld Palace Earth Rank Martial Skill “Death Glove”.

    He must give the cruelest strike toward Xing Jue. He won't give Xing Jue any chance to turn it over. His goal is very clear that he must kill Xing Jue.

    “Pfft” with a sound of heavy footsteps that man finally came at the front of Xing Jue body, Xing Jue see that inside that man hand is sparkle with dazzling rays of light silver-white glove, Xing Jue mockingly smiled.

    “Boy, go to hell!” Saw that at this time Xing Jue unexpectedly smile, that man angrily shouted, he immediately raise the death glove in his hand, then ruthlessly hit toward Xing Jue head, he wanted to smash Xing Jue like watermelon, it is the only way to eliminated his hatred toward Xing Jue.

    “Court death” But just then at this moment, a powerful female voice resound, at the same time, the tyrannical Martial Qi move toward that man, that glove in his hand to fall and finally struck to fly by that brutal strength.

    At once, that man falls on the ground and helplessly tries to get up. While he surprisingly found out, at this moment an enchanting outstanding beautiful woman wear a black skirt, slowly falling from the sky, and finally land at Xing Jue side.

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  • Book 4 Chapter 62 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Vice Palace Hall Master

    The one who comes exactly was the person who refining Gathering Soul Pill “Xiao Qian”.

    “Martial God?” Saw Xiao Qian landing on Xing Jue side, that middle-aged man surprisely said, because he can feel powerful pressure from Xiao Qian. The person who can give him an Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign this powerful pressure, only Martial God who above him can do that.

    “I am Netherworld Palace Inner Court elder, didn’t know who your excellency is, why did you attack without reason.” That man reaction not slow, he was aware that he couldn't afford to provoke Xiao Qian, he quickly received his shocked expression, and respectfully said.

    “Master, are you okay?” However, Xiao Qian didn’t look at him but quickly bend down. She lifted Xing Jue who was lying on the ground, concern said.

    “Did your strength recovered?” Xing Jue sat next to the tree, looked at Xiao Qian and said with a smile. Although at this moment he is severely injured, but after watched Xiao Qian rosy face, Xing Jue guessed that Xiao Qian should be successful.

    “Yes, master rest assured, I will take care of his life.” Naturally, Xiao Qing knew, to prevent this man disturbed her refined Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue received this multiple injured.

    As a servant, her master treats her so good, Xiao Qian incredibly touches, after helped Xing Jue to sit up, she smiled toward Xing Jue and said. But she gives a murderous look, toward that man.

    “Er... My uncle is Netherworld Palace vice-palace master, if you dare to kill me, he will not let you go.” That man saw that Xiao Qian unexpectedly so affection toward Xing Jue, and she also called Xing Jue master. Naturally, he also felt that their relationships are unusual, especially when he felt that Xiao Qian looked at him with murderous aura, he became anxious and quickly said.

    “Netherworld Palace? Compared with the identity of my master, simply worst than s*it.” After heard that man words, Xiao Qian sneer. She slowly walked toward that man.

    “You..” At first, he wanted to use his special status to scare Xiao Qian, but unexpectedly the other party didn't pay any attention to his status, saw that Xiao Qian steadily walked toward him, that man getting more and more scared, he turn around and run away toward that deep jungle.

    “Humph! Want to go” Saw that man run away, Xiao Qian coldly snorts, immediately she raise her right hand, her palm grip, a red light cover her palm, at the same time powerful strengths suck in, and under this formidable suction, that man figure incredibly fast moved backward.

    Saw his figure start to move back, that man incredibly panic, he clenched his teeth, his right fist grip, the death glove condensed in his hand, want the fight to the death with Xiao Qian, but he didn't want to get closer to Xiao Qian.

    Xiao Qian sleeve wave, then a tyrannical Martial Qi surge out from her sleeve and severely hit his chest.

    “Puchi” After hit by Xiao Qian Martial Qi, that man sprayed a mouthful blood, and death glove in his hand instantly dissipated, at this time, that man body sucked by red rays of light in Xiao Qian hand. Xiao Qian palm stretch forward, an invisible wave, starts to proliferate in her palm, and then lightly touch that man's chest.

    “Ah ah ah ah” However that light touch, instantly make that man painfully yell, it's like he can’t withstand that extreme pain, actually Xiao Qian's palm is Earth Rank Martial Skill, it's might is terrifying.

    If that attack hit a person, that person appearance won’t have a significant change, but inside his body will suffer a serious injury, at this moment, that man internal organ suffered from this deathly blow, it starts to split up his internal organs, even his muscle begins to break apart.

    “Puff” That man weakly fall on the ground, his body twitch. At this moment he looked at Xiao Qian with hatred because he knew, that right now he is in half dead situation. However, he didn’t have the ability to counterattack Xiao Qian attack.

    Look at that man hatred eyes, Xiao Qian charmingly smiled, her right palm once again wave, and then powerful strength spread out from her palm again. Saw Xiao Qian palm once again stretch forward, the sweat on that man forehead, instantly flow out, then loudly shouted: “If you dare, kill me.”

    However, regarding his shouted, Xiao Qian ignore him, and show a faint smile, then once again lightly pat that man body.

    “Xiao Qian, kill him!” At this time, Xing Jue suddenly open his mouth, from what he saw, Xiao Qian used an extremely cruel method to make that man suffer, he knew that Xiao Qian was venting her anger, but Xing Jue didn’t like Xiao Qian act this way.

    “Yes” However, after heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian figure stopped, then said. During the talked her right palm grip, round and round of tyrannical Martial Qi incredibly fast condense and make a terrifying strength enough to kill that man.

    “Ha ha ha, kill me, you will be buried with me.” Sense the terrifying strength from Xiao Qian first, that man crazily yells, his palm immediately stretches forward, a sparkling spell appeared.

    After saw the spell in his hand, Xiao Qian also surprised, without hesitation her right fist wave and ruthlessly smashed toward that man chest. However, it was too late, when that man hit by Xiao Qian, that man already broke that spell.

    “Bang” A strike hit that man chest, his inward immediately hollow, finally make a deep pit, his face of look pale did not have any life force.

    After killed that man, Xiao Qian quickly helped Xing Jue to get up, then softly said: “Master, just now that man broke the Communication Talisman, I didn't know what kind of person who will come this time, we better quickly leave here.”

    After finish said that words, didn’t wait for Xing Jue answer, Xiao Qian figure incredibly fast moves toward the deep of mountain.

    Meanwhile, inside Netherworld Palace main hall, a middle-aged man with black hair, closed both of his eyes, leisurely lying on a giant dragon chair. This man's appearance was somewhat similar to that elder who previously killed by Xiao Qian. At this moment besides this man, there are two beautiful and flirtatious woman sits and massage his body.

    And in front of these beautiful women, there is a woman who continuously sends fresh fruit into his mouth. This black hair man enjoying himself, tasting the delicious fruit, once for a while he caresses that attractive female body with his hand, this is Netherworld Palace vice-palace hall master, that middle-aged man's uncle, don’t look that his appearance is so young, he is hundred years old monster.

    At this time, a young Netherworld Palace elder, suddenly runs in a hurry, came in and fell on his knees, and panicky said: “Palace master, not good.”

    “What happen didn’t you know not to disturb me at this time?” This palace master glanced at that elder, unhappily said. He hates if someone bothers his rest.

    “Report... Report to palace master, your inner court relative elder's Communication Talisman broken.” Saw that vice-palace main elder unhappy, this elder become tense, but clenched teeth and said, because if this matter didn’t quickly report, perhaps his fate will be even more worst.

    “What did you say?” As expected, after hearing that nameless elder words, this palace master suddenly sit up, his manner also becomes tense up.

    “Where is that Communication Talisman last recorded?” That vice-palace hall master continues to ask. That inner court elder is his biological nephew, and he gift that Communication Talisman, use it to keep his life, if didn't meet the deadly moment, he will not break that Communication Talisman. But unexpectedly that Communication Talisman was broke, it explained that there is something happened with his nephew.

    “Report to palace master, at the surrounding of ancient mountain, southeast location” That elder quickly said.


    After that Netherworld Palace elder voice fall, that palace master figure moved, quickly run like thunder, burst out from this main hall.

    At this moment at surrounding ancient times mountain, Xiao Qian holding Xing Jue’s arm, incredibly fast moved toward the deep mountain, she previously heard what that man said, that his uncle was Netherworld Palace vice-palace master. Netherworld Palace is one of four big power in this eastern Sky Martial Continent, even vice-palace master also one of top character in these three big empires.

    Regarding that kind of character, Xiao Qian is not his opponent. As long as that person turn his palm, he can easily hit Xiao Qian and Xing Jue to death. Although what that middle-aged man said might be a lie, but if it's true, this time Xiao Qian and Xing Jue this time, can be considered provoked a terrifying existence.

    Therefore at this moment, Xiao Qian didn’t dare to be relaxed, she quickly hides her aura and incredibly fast escaped, leave the location where that Communication Talisman broke, the farther, the safer.

    “Terrible” However at this moment, an invisible pressure suddenly arrived, under this pressure, Xiao Qian even felt that her breath is difficult. Not only Xiao Qian but the area around here also covered inside that pressure, the Demon Beast that kept howling, instantly became silent, like a rabbit ran into a tiger, didn’t dare to resist.

    At this moment, at the location where that middle-aged man died. That vice-palace master who previously still in Netherworld Palace is floating in the air, and behind him, there are two dark red Qi that condensed into the giant wings. When that wings moved, it bring a strong winds, that strong wind waves, blow away that ancient trees, some slightly thin trees, directly blown.

    At this moment that vice-palace master expression is serene, looked at the middle-aged man who no longer alive. Although his face seems calm, but in his mind, he was furious.

    Previously his brother entrusted his nephew life in his hand, if not because of his big brother, it is impossible for him to have today's achievement. Although his nephew didn't work hard to succeed, but in his heart, he is extremely important, and now unexpectedly he was killed, how can he not be angry.

    “Killed my nephew, even if you run to the end of the earth, I will catch you, and tear you apart!” Suddenly this vice-palace master eyes look toward the direction where Xiao Qian ran away. Didn’t know why, although Xiao Qian hid her aura, but still hard to escape from this palace master control.

    During the talked, this palace master wings suddenly stir, and his body, fly high into the sky like an eagle. Finally, with that terrifying speed, he incredibly fast flies toward Xiao Qian direction, and a terrifying pressure is also extremely fast spreads. Covered this small mountain.

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    Book 4 Chapter 63 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Mysterious Old Man

    Inside the jungle of Ancient Mountain, two figures are extremely fast run, and these are Xiao Qian and Xing Jue.

    “Huhuhu..” Under this terrifying pressure, Xiao Qian constantly breathes heavily, in her heart she incredibly panics. Right now that senior hasn’t arrived, but he already suppressed Xiao Qian into this weak. When that senior appears Xiao Qian know that she will not have any trace of hope.

    Therefore at this moment, to get away from that tracing, Xiao Qian speed already promoted to the peak, she even started to burn her soul again.

    “Xiao Qian” Saw blue smoke on Xiao Qian body, Xing Jue sadly said.

    "Master rest assured, I will certainly protect you." However, after hearing Xing Jue words, she smiles and said. Then she immediately hurried up their speed by burning her soul. And her speed instantly increased several times.

    But even so, she still unable to get rid that terrifying pressure and the opposite party approached them in ultra-fast speed, if this goes on, in half an hour, Xiao Qian will be caught by that vice-palace hall master.

    At this moment above the Ancient Mountain, that vice-palace master hovering in the sky, behind him two huge dark red wings stirred up every time, his speed increase, this kind of speed can be said as terrifying.

    But at the same time, suddenly appear a formidable pressured that rapidly spread in front of that palace master. That powerful pressure completely engulfed him. This sudden change makes this vice-palace master surprised.

    “Does not know where senior is, why did you stop me?” That palace master quickly stops his figure, said to the empty sky in front of him.

    “The person you want to kill is my school disciple, if you move forward a half step, don’t blame me for being impolite.” At this time, a voice full of pressure sounded in front of that vice-palace master.

    And after hearing this voice, that palace master coldly snorts and then wants to move forward again. At once a powerful dark red Qi, start to arrive from not far away sky.

    That terrifying power makes vice-palace master tremble, look at that dark red Qi fill the air, this vice-palace master finally sensible, then politely said: “Does not know senior was assign from which school.”

    “Get lost!” However, after his respectful words said, from the sky transmit those two words. And after heard this words, that vice-palace master clenched his teeth, respectfully said: “Younger generation have offended, and also asked senior not to blame.” He no longer stays, turns around and incredibly fast fly toward Netherworld Palace direction.

    After that nameless vice-palace master walked away. The sky becomes calm again, suddenly from where the sound just spread. The space starts to make a creeping motion, then an old man figure appear. This old man is the one who previously directed Xing Jue to go to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village the “Useless Old Man”.

    However, at this moment this old man standing in the sky, his body sent out incomparable dignity, just like a saint, stand above the sky.

    “Boy, next time you must rely on yourself.” The old man looked at the deep of Ancient Mountain, said with a smile. His figure flashes and disappear.

    “Master, that pressure is gone.” Now Xiao Qian and Xing Jue already arrived at the deep of Ancient Mountain, and suddenly they felt the terrifying pressure gone.

    “Yes, I also can’t feel it, could it be that this deep Mountain can isolate aura?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said, logically that powerhouse came after them. It's impossible for him to leave without reason, at this moment they are in this deep of Ancient Mountain, the only thing that Xing Jue can think about that this mountain was able to isolate aura.

    “I do not know, no matter how, this place temporarily safe.” Xiao Qian smile, then helped Xing Jue to sit under the big tree, and then she also quickly sits down, tries to recover. Although she used soul combustion for a short time for her, the consumption was enormous.

    At this moment, because Xing Jue forcefully used “Cut Soul Sword, Sword Qi” the pain he felt already dissipated a lot. Therefore he can use Soul Power.

    He quickly transfers his Soul Power into his body, to executed Soul Healing. Maybe because Xing Jue injury is severe, his Soul Power becomes rapidly rise, and under that extremely fast move, Xing Jue even feels a bit out-of-control. Even though make a lot of effort to control, but his Soul Power still wants to explode and come out.

    “Bang” Finally, Xing Jue unable to control the Soul Power inside his body. It's like a volcanic eruption, burst out from inside his body, and what make Xing Jue surprised is at this moment his Soul Power color is black.

    After that black colored Soul Power burst out, it starts to revolve around Xing Jue, finally wrapped Xing Jue entire body, and under this black color soul wrapped, Xing Jue injury incredibly fast improved. That painful feeling also extremely quickly dissipated, finally his severe injury, miraculously healed.

    “Congratulation Master, your Soul Healing practice succeeds.” Xing Jue's action, make Xiao Qian at his side who tightly closed her eyes awaken, saw that black colored Soul incredibly fast revolved on Xing Jue's body, Xiao Qian happily said.

    “What? Did you say that I succeed? Xiao Qian, why did my Soul Power  colored black?” And after heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue felt somewhat unbelievable said.

    Although he already can use Soul Healing. He also knew that he didn’t control Soul Healing, and now under his body stimulus, he uses Soul Healing to the peak. However what makes Xing Jue puzzled is, the supposed to be invisible Soul Power unexpectedly now turned into black colored.

    “Report to Master, in fact, your Soul Power should be black colored. This is Soul Devouring Clan exceptional condition. Previously Master unable to control this power, therefore unable to use this Black Soul Power. However, now Master seems to be able to use it, and this is Master real strength.” Xiao Qian carefully explained it to Xing Jue.

    “Real strength?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also realize, because he is feeling, the Soul Power that wrapped around his body, completely different than previously, a lot stronger many times. He immediately thought to move, the Soul Power that revolved around his body immediately entered into Xing Jue body.

    “HaHa” After saw that he was able to control his strength, Xing Jue excitedly laughed.

    “Master, with this Black Soul Power, later you can practice, Soul Attack, Soul Defense, and also Soul Movement.” Xiao Qian once again smiled and said.

    “Aha, no wonder.” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue understand why practice Soul Devouring Secret Art must in step by step. It turns out if he wants to use Soul Power to increase Combat Power. First, he must simulate this Black Soul Power.


    But at the same time, Xing Jue suddenly heard a Demon Beast roaring not far away. The roaring sound contained formidable pressure. This pressure made Xing Jue trembled.

    “God Rank Initial Stage Demon Beast.” Xiao Qian who felt similar pressure, surprise said.

    “Xiao Qian did you said that this is God Rank Initial Stage Demon Beast?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue extremely shocked said. These days, at this Eastern Sky Martial Continent, although there are a lot of Demon Beast, generally only at Ancient Rank, God Rank Demon Beast is very rare, unexpectedly they can meet it here.

    Generally speaking, Demon Beast of this level, there is a chance to grow “Beast Soul” inside its body. That Beast Soul not only can help people who don't have Qi Sea and can't condense Qi Sea, the Beast Soul itself also contained formidable strength. If people use it to refining, then their cultivation can also increase, but if ordinary people want to refine Beast Soul is impossible. However, Xing Jue is an exception.

    “Yes Master, God Rank Demon Beast, have an absolute chance yo have Beast Soul grow inside its body, in the future if master refining a God Rank Demon Best Pearl, Beast Soul, Master can improve a lot of skills.” Xiao Qian excitedly said.

    “But, God Rank Demon Beast fighting strength very terrifying.” Xing Jue understood Xiao Qian idea very much, Xiao Qian wanted to kill that God Rank Demon Beast, but Xing Jue worried that Xiao Qian just burns her soul, her strength somewhat degenerated, it said that God Rank Demon Beast power compared with Martial Sovereign of human race and some even more stronger.

    “Master rest assured, Xiao Qian confident to kill it.” Xiao Qian faintly smiles toward Xing Jue, then turn around and walk toward that Demon Beast direction, Xing Jue helplessly shook his head, then hide his aura and followed.

    At this moment in the deep of Ancient Mountain, there is a cave, the cave position entirely concealed, if didn’t carefully look it’s hard to find that cave. And at that cave entrance, there is a huge wolf with dark red color who lie on his stomach. It’s size ten meters long, both of its fangs half a meter long, on top of its head has an unusual black horn. This incredibly fierce Demon Beast called “Black Horn Wolf”.

    “Unexpectedly it is Black Horn Wolf. Master, there seems something wrong with this Demon Beast.” A hundred meters from Black Horn Wolf inside the hidden thicket, Xiao Qian whisper.

    “Xiao Qian, what's wrong with it?” Xing Jue a bit puzzled asked. This is the first time for him to meets with this level Demon Beast, therefore he unable to understand it.

    “Report to Master, Demon Beast at this level had very high wisdom. Even some can speak human language. However, this Demon Beast is like ordinary Demon Beast, although its strength is tyrannical. However, it's wisdom still at low level.”

    “There are something fishy here, besides Master, you can see that it lie outside the cave, refused to enter the cave, and from time to time it sends out a roar, seems to warn the nearby Demon Beast not to get closer. This indicated that it protected something. Therefore I thought that there must be some treasure inside the cave.” Xiao Qian to slowly said.

    “Oh? Because of this then you must kill it.” After listening to what Xiao Qian said, Xing Jue also feels that it might be true. Then he excitedly looks at the mysterious cave behind that Black Horn Wolf body.

  • Book 4 Chapter 64 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Elder Cang

    “Roar” Seems to felt Xing Jue and Xiao Qian existence, that Black Horn Wolf, suddenly howl toward Xing Jue and Xiao Qian direction. Along with its howl, a powerful force rushed toward them.

    “Humph! Just in time” Saw that Xiao Qian coldly snort, her figure moved toward that Black Horn Wolf. Her sleeve wave and then dissolves that powerful strength.

    “Roar” After saw Xiao Qian came out, that Black Horn Wolf once again open its huge mouth, at the same time, that previous tyrannical strength went out from its mouth. Facing that sudden surge power, Xiao Qian doesn't feel afraid. Her sleeve waves a tyrannical Martial Qi collided with that powerful strength.

    “Bang” Two collisions start to make round and round of energy ripples.

    After that powerful strength once again dissolved, Xiao Qian figure moves and melt into space. Saw that Xiao Qian suddenly disappeared, that Demon Beast starts to howl crazily.

    “Just as Xiao Qian said, this Demon Beast wisdom very low.” Saw Xiao Qian use the power of space, Xing Jue said with a smile. He knew that Xiao Qian would give this Demon Beast a sneak attack.

    Precisely as Xing Jue expects, at the same time Xiao Qian disappeared, the space behind that Black Horn Wolf suddenly move, Xiao Qian's figure appear, and now in Xiao Qian hand red rays of light continuously condense, this is Xiao Qian strongest Martial Skill.

    However, when she ready to launch her attack toward that Black Horn Wolf, that Black Horn Wolf also felt that Xiao Qian appeared. It’s figure flash and disappeared.

    “Terrible, this guy cans teleport.” Saw that Black Horn Wolf suddenly disappear, Xing Jue nervously said.

    Saw that Black Horn Wolf disappeared, Xiao Qian smile. She didn’t feel nervous at all because she already realized that Black Horn Wolf position. Xiao Qian turn, the Martial Skill that brewing behind the space suddenly attacks.

    “Bang” A muffled sound, that Black Horn Wolf figure unexpectedly appeared, and Xiao Qian palm hit that Black Horn Wolf on its black horn.

    However, its black horn incredibly hard, under Xiao Qian powerful hit, not only it didn't look a bit damaged. Instead, it ejects Xiao Qian several meters and then stops.

    However, after Xiao Qian figure stabilized, that Black Horn Wolf suddenly lowers its head, raised up its sharp black horn, incredibly powerful move toward Xiao Qian. That black horn unexpectedly starts to send out red rays of light.

    Facing Black Horn Wolf that moves toward her, Xiao Qian didn’t dare to slightly careless, both of her palm spreads out, a lot of Martial Qi incredibly fast condense.

    Both of Xiao Qian palms start to send out circles red rays of light, this is the Martial Skill that Xiao Qian just displayed, but right now she display two Martial Skills.

    At this moment, that Black Horn Wolf already arrived in front of Xiao Qian body, that sharp black horn carried strong winds, firmly stab toward Xiao Qian, but Xiao Qian didn’t feel afraid, she raises both of her palms then ruthlessly hit its black horn.



    Palm and black horn collide, first it make fierce explosion sound then it sent out terrifying energy ripples, under this intense clashed. Xiao Qian, both hands tightly grip that Black Horn Wolf's horn.

    But Black Horn Wolf continuously push toward Xiao Qian, dash forward. Under that powerful pushed, Xiao Qian constantly backward. While being push back, a thick smoke starts to rise under her foot.

    “Go die!” At the time Xiao Qian falls into disadvantageous position, Xing Jue suddenly jumps from behind that Black Horn Wolf, his hand holds Cut Soul Sword, and ruthlessly stab it toward that Black Horn Wolf head.

    And facing Xing Jue sudden attack, the Black Horn Wolf unable to dodge, because most of the strength in his body concentrated at that black horn, and right now Xiao Qian tightly grabbed its black horn.

    “Puchi” Xing Jue successfully use Cut Soul Sword to pierce that Black Horn Wolf huge head.

    “Roar” After a whine, that Black Horn Wolf “Thump” fell on the ground. Its large body makes the earth tremble several times, a lot of smokes also followed.

    “Xiao Qian, are you all right?” After kill that Black Horn Wolf, Xing Jue arrived at Xiao Qian side and asked with concern.

    “Fortunately, Master attacked at the right time. Otherwise, I am not this Black Horn Wolf opponent.” Xiao Qian smile back, obviously it just a short fight, but she also felt that Black Horn Wolf power.

    After saw Xiao Qian all right, Xing Jue slowly walk toward that Black Horn Wolf body. Then his right-hand grip, once again Cut Soul Sword condenses.

    Because of this Black Horn Wolf fur hard, it's difficult to use a normal attack to split it, therefore for Xing Jue to searching for that Beast Soul. Cut Soul Sword is the sharpest weapon.

    “Puchi” After Xing Jue cut that Black Horn Wolf belly, Xing Jue face that filled with anticipation became disappointed.

    Because inside this Black Horn Wolf stomach, except for Demon Beast that hasn’t digested, as well as some organs, there is nothing inside.

    “Master, does not need to be disappointed, perhaps the real treasure is in there.” After saw Xing Jue disappointed expression, Xiao Qian smile, then pointed to that dark cave and said.

    “Yes, let’s us take a look, what kind of treasure is there in this cave.” Xing Jue brightly smiled, then excitedly run toward inside that cave.

    “Open” With a gentle hum, Xing Jue lit up a “light symbol”, and as the light went in, Xing Jue found out that this cave, not only ridiculously big, but someone is living in this cave.

    “Master, look” At this time, a stone table inside the cave, attracted Xiao Qian attention.

    Xing Jue expectation eyes, look toward that stone table. On that stone table, there was a golden bracelet that sent out rays of light.

    “Is that Storage Bracelet?” Saw that shining bracelet Xing Jue said.

    “Master, this is high-grade Storage Bracelet.” Xiao Qian excitedly said.

    “High-grade Storage Bracelet?” After heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue become excited. Since the last time he kept Xiao Qian in his Storage Bracelet, he almost killed Xiao Qian, after the incident, he knew a little about this Storage Bracelet.

    After went through some understanding, Xing Jue knew that high-grade Storage Bracelet could store human inside it, even inside the Storage Bracelet formed illusory Sun and moon, as long as at inside build a house, even if want to survive for a lifetime, it is not a problem.

    When Xing Jue knew that this was high-grade Storage Bracelet, he excitedly ran to that stone table and took that Storage Bracelet.

    “Who enter this cave without permission will die!” But at the same time, an old voice suddenly came out from that bracelet.

    “This bracelet can talk.” Xing Jue frightened by that sudden voice, not believed said.

    “Wrong, Master you see” Saw that happened, Xiao Qian rush to the front of Xing Jue body, looked at that Storage Bracelet shocked said.

    And after heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue also found out that Storage Bracelet starts to send out bright rays of light, and the light getting more and more flourishing.

    Finally start to transmit dense gas, what make Xing Jue surprise was that gas starts to condense into and old man.

    “Soul body?” Saw the illusory old man in front of him, Xing Jue surprised said.

    “He who went into this cave dies!” After that old man had appeared, first he looked at Xing Jue with fierce eyes, then coldly said.

    When the old man appeared, Xiao Qian becomes excited, and even her body start to shiver after carefully looked at the old man, Xiao Qian uncertainly said: “Elder Cang?”

    “En?” After heard Xiao Qian words, that soul body tremble, then began to look at Xiao Qian, after look for a while, the old man somewhat inconceivable said: “Are you Qian Ji?”

    “Report to Elder, it is exactly me, wonderful, cannot think that elder still exists in this world.” After that old man answered, Xiao Qian excitedly said.

    “Hehe, I also didn’t expect that you this girl didn’t die, and your body also so healthy.”

    “Yeah. The battle of that year, almost all of our Soul Devouring Clan people perished, now able to meet an old friend, can be considered a blessing” After ensured Xiao Qian identity, that old man excitedly smile, but then he sadly said.

    “Report to Elder. Our Soul Devouring Clan person hasn't entirely perished.” After heard the old man words, Xiao Qian quickly said.

    “What did you say? Say it again.” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man was shocked, then quickly asked.

    “Xiao Qian, who is this person?” At this time, Xing Jue who is nearby, finally couldn’t bear to ask. Because, between that two people conversation, Xing Jue heard that this old man seems to be Soul Devouring Clan person.

    “Report to Master. This person is Soul Devouring Clan elder “Elder Cang”.” Because of Xiao Qian extremely happy meet the old friend, she forget Xing Jue at her side, then quickly embarrassedly said to Xing Jue.

    “Master? Boy, are you Soul Devouring Clan person?” After heard Xiao Qian words, the old man immediately excited, then floating in front of Xing Jue body, his palm stretch forward, then gently press Xing Jue's chest.

    “Er...” Xing Jue felt frightened because of this old man sudden move. However, when he saw that he doesn't have any evil intention, he didn’t evade, and when that old man hand on his chest, Xing Jue felt that Soul Power inside his body starts to pour into that old man palm.

    “Oh my God, you are our Soul Devouring Clan person, great, great, hahaha... Heaven still not forget our Soul Devouring Clan” After sensing for a moment, the old man excitedly laughed, then both of his hands immediately hold Xing Jue shoulders, keep looking at Xing Jue.

    “Good, good, good, you are worthy as our Soul Devouring Clan person, you have extraordinary talent.” After looking at him for a bit, Elder Cang excitedly laugh. That smile is like he is getting reborn.

  • Book 4 Chapter 65 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Painstakingly Cultivate Start

    “Younger generation, pay respects to Elder Cang.” By this time, Xing Jue slow-witted guessed this old man identity. He immediately kneels on the ground, respectfully said.

    “Haha, no need to over-courteous, quickly get up, quickly get up..” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly kneel on the ground, the old man quickly helps Xing Jue to get up and said with a smile. He looks like an old man who treats his descendants kindly.

    Saw both of them, Xiao Qian who was nearby happily smiled.

    After some talked, Xing Jue knew that this person was one of Soul Devouring Clan elder. After Soul Devouring Clan had suffered extermination, he led Xiao Qian and everyone else, to protected young masters and evacuated.

    However because the traitor revealed their whereabouts, it caused their group exterminated, and he also killed, but his soul manage to escape, and finally came here.

    However, despite his successfully escaped, Elder Cang soul suffered a heavy loss, so it causes his strength to drop continuously, now Elder Cang strength falls into Intermediate Rank Martial God level only higher than Xiao Qian a rank.

    “Who could think that Elder Cang strength regresses into this stage. But Elder Cang back then...” After Xiao Qian heard Elder Cang strength regresses, she feeling sad said.

    “Yeah, doesn’t matter what happen that year, it has been very lucky for this old man can survive in the world until now. What most important now in this old man lifetime, surprisingly I still can see my clan later generation, this can be said unfortunate luck.” Speak till here, Elder Cang smiled and looked at Xing Jue.

    “I had heard about that Soul Lock Curse before, during that time clansman’s soul body, mostly die because of that Soul Lock Curse. Elder Cang can hold on until now, already very awesome.” After hearing Elder Cang words, Xiao Qian immediately replied.

    Soul Lock Curse is an extremely ruthless method, as long as within the soul body has Soul Lock Curse, Soul Power can extremely fast dissipate and finally die.

    “I can live until this day, thanks to the power of “Spirit”, otherwise it would be like the other clansmen, my soul will completely consume and then died.” Elder Cang faintly smiled and said.

    “Spirit? What is that?” Xing Jue somewhat puzzled said. This is the first time Xing Jue heard “Spirit” word.

    “Haha, Xing Jue, do you know Soul and Beast Soul?” After heard Xing Jue words, Elder Cang smile and asked.

    “This, of course, I know” Xing Jue confidently said. Soul is human body characteristic, while soul body, for example, this Elder Cang only purely soul. Xing June naturally know Beast Soul, but Xing Jue never heard about spirit.

    “Spirit is more rare and precious than Soul and Beast Soul.”

    “Spirit, not created by human body, and not created from the beast body, rather it create from heaven and earth, in short, “Spirit” existence in this Sky Martial Continent are very few.”

    “And each spirit poses a terrifying Soul Power. In the past when I was still at Soul Devouring Clan, I collected three spirits, two of them at the day of war were refined by the powerhouses in the clan.”

    “And this one was brought out by me. These years, if not use Spirit inside Soul Power, I already dead because of that Soul Lock Curse.” Elder Cang slowly said, seems to have a lingering fear.

    During the talked he inserted his hand into his body, after his hand finds something, an object like lotus flower appear on his palm, and this is Spirit.

    This “Spirit” color is pale blue, its shape like blooming lotus and the size of a palm. And on the surface of that spirit body also hover a pale blue gas.

    However, from such a weak gas, Xing Jue felt, incredibly powerful Soul Power.

    “Is this Spirit?” Look at the spirit on Elder Cang hand. Xing Jue felt shocked, such a strong Soul Power, if its use for refining, then his Soul Power will advance by leaps and bounds and reach a frightening level.

    “Unfortunately, clan inheritance Cultivation Technique, Soul Devouring Secret Art was gone. Otherwise, after Xing Jue learned Soul Devouring Secret Art, he can refine this spirit.” Elder Cang felt somewhat regrettable said.

    “Hehe, Elder Cang, what did you said is this?” After heard Elder Cang words, Xing Jue smiled, then his wrist move and immediately a black book appeared.

    “Soul Devouring Secret Art? Oh my God, it is Soul Devouring Secret Art, great, great” After Elder Cang saw Soul Devouring Secret Art in Xing Jue hand, he quickly grab it and constantly flip through the book. After found out that it is really Soul Devouring Secret Art, he excitedly laughed and said.

    “Report to Elder, on that chaotic day, I took Soul Devouring Secret Art.” Xiao Qian somewhat timid said. Soul Devouring Secret Art is clan inheritance Cultivation Technique, in fact, she committed a huge crime by secretly take it, and the punishment is beheaded.

    Although now Soul Devouring Clan already perished, but Xiao Qian who witnessed Soul Devouring Clan prosperous time, still feel deep fear.

    “Hehe, Xiao Qian, no need to be afraid, actually I would like to thank you, if not because of you, perhaps my Soul Devouring Clan inherent Cultivation Technique already gone.” Elder Cang said and smiled toward Xiao Qian. He can feel that Xiao Qian is nervous.

    “Thank you Elder” And after heard Elder Cang words, Xiao Qian also felt relieved, then happily smile.

    “Xing Jue, are you already practiced this Soul Devouring Secret Art?” Then Elder Cang once again looked at Xing Jue and asked with a smile.

    “Report to Elder, Xing Jue master it a bit, not only he succeed practiced Soul Devouring Secret Art but rely on his astonishing talent, he broke through Soul Healing level.”

    “Actually, this time we come here wanted to help Master Xing Jue practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.”

    “Now has Elder Cang, that is simply too good.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to answer Xiao Qian excitedly said. Perhaps because Elder Cang didn’t blame her for stealing Soul Devouring Secret Art, she felt extremely happy. Therefore she went a little too far.

    “You girl” Elder Cang looked meaningfully toward Xiao Qian, then said with a smile. Apparently, he didn’t expect that Xiao Qian understood how to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, and felt surprised.

    “Xing Jue, start from today this old man will direct you how to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art. It’s not easy to properly practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, although qualification is very important, but you must have some suffering too. Are you prepare for this?” Elder Cang look at Xing Jue and meaningfully said.

    “Yes, as long as I can be stronger, I am willing to have any suffering.” Xing Jue determined said, his words full of confident.

    “Good, start from tomorrow, this old man will direct you to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art, hahaha” Saw Xing Jue attitude, Elder Cang felt very satisfied, then laughed and said.

    Next morning, in the deep of Ancient Mountain, Xing Jue under Old Cang direction started to practice Soul Devouring Secret Art.

    “Xing Jue, first of all, you must practice soul defense, engage in battles with other people, good defense is the best foundation, now you mix Soul Power and Martial Qi together, and then concentrate it to the chest.” Elder Cang stood in front of Xing Jue body and slowly said.

    Xing Jue quickly does it according to what Elder Cang said.

    “Finished?” Elder Cang asked.

    “Yes” Xing Jue quickly nod and said.

    “Bang” Suddenly Elder Cang palm move forward, without warning, he hit Xing Jue chest. Powerful Soul Power directly hit Xing Jue to fly, after landing on the ground he directly sprayed a mouthful blood. Obviously, he has severely injured.

    “Insufficient defense, use Soul Healing to heal, come again after you healed.” Saw Xing Jue spray blood, on Elder Cang face does not have any pity and sternly said.

    With a lot of effort, Xing Jue cleans the blood at the corner of his mouth, and immediately use Soul Healing, started to treat his injury.

    After his injury gets better, he came in front of Elder Cang body and said: “Elder Cang, I’m ready.”

    “Bang” Saw Xing Jue stand up once again, Elder Cang’s palm without restraint move forward, Xing Jue once again struck to fly, but this time, not the same as before, only a bit blood slowly flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

    Saw his defense make a bit result, Xing Jue practice even harder, and this type of cruel practice occur for one week. One week later, Xing Jue finally able to resist Elder Cang palm without seriously injured.

    After that Xing Jue started attack training, and movement training, and every training more challenging and suffering than the other. After three months of brutal training, Xing Jue finally completely master that three kinds of soul methods, there is only one type left, Soul Eruption.

    But days later, Elder Cang didn't immediately let Xing Jue start training Soul Eruption, but have Xing Jue focus practicing his Cultivation Technique, and break through to Martial Sovereign level.

    Naturally, Xing Jue followed according to Elder Cang instruction, every day keep practice Cultivation Technique, devouring rich Martial Qi in this Ancient Mountain. Under this way of practice, after a month, Xing Jue finally broke through Martial Ancestor and reached that long-awaited Martial Sovereign level.

    “I broke through, I broke through, Ha Ha, I broke through” Xing Jue run out the cave and excitedly said toward Old Cang and Xiao Qian who in the middle of a conversation.

    “Yes, good, a few days earlier than I expected.” Saw Xing Jue broke through Martial Sovereign, Old Cang smile and said toward Xing Jue, and bringing Xing Jue, went to the practice place.

    “Xing Jue, do you know why I didn’t I let you practice “Soul Eruption” before?” Elder Cang stood in front of Xing Jue body and asked with a smile.

    “Does not know, please tell me, Elder.” Xing Jue puzzled replied.

    “Soul Eruption, it could be said that in Soul Devouring Secret Art control highest skill of soul, if it successfully practices, it will let you instantly promote from Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”

    “However, want to practice this kind of powerful method is hard, several times harder than before. Therefore before you reached Martial Sovereign and wanted to practice Soul Eruption is impossible.” Elder Cang looks at Xing Jue slowly explained.

    Xing Jue nod and smiled, he naturally knew Old Cang intention.

    “Okay, Soul Eruption required you to master soul defense, soul attack, as well as soul movement and gather them in the same place, you try to use these three skills together.” Old Cang slowly said to Xing Jue.

    “Yes” Xing Jue also nod back, and he acts according to Elder Cang said. But after a moment he helplessly said: “So hard, can’t do it.”

    “Haha, you’re on the right track. If you want to accomplished Soul Eruption, your body must undergo an extreme stimulus then you can fully use Soul Eruption, and next you must bear it.” Elder Cang slowly said, between the talked, his sleeve wave, a strange water jar appeared.

    “Okay, you go and fetch several buckets of water, fill this water jar, wake me up when its full.” Old Cang said toward Xing Jue with a smile, then lie down on the nearby stone, and go to sleep.

    “No way? Just this practice? It's too simple” Xing Jue said in a low voice, then he went to that unusual water jar, move both of his arms forward, and then tightly grab that water jar.

    “Rise” With loud shouted, Xing Jue, use his whole body Martial strength to get it up, but what made Xing Jue surprised was under his enormous strength, unexpectedly this water jar not moving at all.

    “Oh my God, what is this jar?” Xing Jue exhaustedly sat on the ground looked at the motionless water jar, and helplessly said. At first, he wanted to take that water jar and directly take it to the water source, and then carry it back.

    But he never imagines that this looks like ordinary water jar so heavy. Without choice, Xing Jue searched for two barrels in the cave and then run toward the water source.

    “Hehe...” Saw Xing Jue gloomily run, Old Cang opened one of his eyes, look at Xing Jue, secretly laughed.

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    Book 4 Chapter 66 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]

    Soul Explosion

    “Splash, splash, splash”

    One bucket, two buckets, three buckets, one hundred buckets, two hundred buckets, three hundred buckets, this seems like a small water tank, unexpectedly need three hundreds buckets of water to fill it up, Xing Jue ran more than a half day only to completed this task.

    “Huff huff huff huff” Xing Jue gasp for air, dragging his weak body to Old Cang side and said: “Old Cang, it’s full”.


    “Em? Did it fully fill just now? You boy a little slow” Old Cang lazily yawn, then said to Xing Jue with a smile.

    Xing Jue whispers with a voice that only he could hear, said: “You didn’t count how much water your worn-out jar able to load.”

    “Take off your clothes and jump in” Old Cang looked that full tank, said to Xing Jue.

    Xing Jue also does according to Old Cang said. He takes off two or three layers clothes and strips naked, “Splash” he jumps into the water tank. The water tank was very deep, and Xing Jue needs to stand so his head can barely out of the water.

    “Are you comfortable?” Old Cang asked Xing Jue with a smile.

    “Yes, it's very cold” Xing Jue smiled back, after he got into the water tank, his exhausted feeling of this day decreased a lot.

    “Next when your practice started, you have to prepare mentally.” Old Cang faces suddenly become serious, then he took out a small red bottle and said to Xing Jue.

    “Wait, I will drop this medicine into water, the water will stimulate your skin, before that I remind you, it will feel very painful.”

    “But only in that situation, it can arouse and strengthen your inner Soul Power, at that time, you must stay awake.”

    “When you finally can bear the pain, then use Soul Defense, attack, movement, fused and use them together.”

    “In the end, it depends on your luck, you can or can’t successfully practice Soul Explosion.” Old Cang slowly said to Xing Jue.

    “Yes” Xing Jue quickly nod, regarding Soul Explosion practice difficulty, he already had enough preparation in his heart.

    Old Cang vision tightened toward Xing Jue, he opened the cap of that red bottle, after the bottle opened, smoke came out, then Old Cang wrist turn, bright red liquid flowed into the water tank.

    After the liquid got into the water, it quickly spread out, soon the water in water tank turned into bright red, and the water surface started to make a boiling bubble.

    But what made Xing Jue unable to accept that when the liquid got into the water, a piercing painful feeling spread into his body.

    The pain is like countless needles pierce every cell in his body, as if someone holds knife and continuously cut his flesh, in short Xing Jue unable to endure that kind of pain.

    “Ah!” Finally unable to endure this kind of panful feeling, Xing Jue loudly howls, gradually his sight started to become blurred, and his head starts to become dizzy.

    “Control your emotion, stay awake” Old Cang voice suddenly sounded, just like thunder, explode in Xing Jue ear.

    Xing Jue instantly become clear-headed, Xing Jue clenched his tooth, constantly said to himself: “Xing Jue must persist, if not you will never become powerful.”

    Under his persistent, Xing Jue faces become extremely pale. Even his lip turned into purple.

    Not far away, Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue suffered, at the corner of Xiao Qian eyes flowed out a drop of tears, then quietly said: “Master, you must succeed”.

    As Soul Devouring Clan maidservant, during the escape, Xiao Qian saw many young masters received this cruel practice, and under this kind of practice, almost none of them succeed.

    At least among the young masters who become a fugitive, those young master were completely failed, so Xiao Qian deeply knew, how difficult to practice this Soul Explosion.

    After half an hour inside the water tank, finally Xing Jue unable to bear anymore and fainted.

    Saw that Xing Jue fainted, Old Cang face became tightened, and finally revealed a touch of sadness, then his sleeve waved and took out Xing Jue from the water tank.

    “Huhuhu” Xing Jue face pale, and he lay down inside the cave, his mouth constantly breath heavily. Xiao Qian sat at his side, her hand held a decoction (Chinese medicine), slowly pass it into Xing Jue mouth.

    “Xing Jue, can you still hold on?” Old Cang came in front of Xing Jue, slowly asked.

    “Yes, I can.” Xing Jue opened his trembling lips and without hesitation replied.

    “Em, have a good rest today, you can continue again tomorrow.” After Xing Jue had replied, Old Cang felt pleased and laugh.

    Next day, once again Xing Jue get into that bright red water tank, at the same time that painful feeling once again come through.

    Xing Jue clenched both of his fists and ground his teeth, holding this painful feeling. What he must do is keep awake in this pain, even for a while that is also a progress.

    Within days later, every day Xing Jue soaked inside that bubble water tank, after he fainted, Old Cang take him out, and then Xiao Qian fed him Chinese medicine.

    After that extreme suffering, Xing Jue body almost paralyzed, and unable to use Soul Healing. Therefore Old Cang specially prepared one type of recipe for Xing Jue, so his body can extremely fast restore with that Chinese medicine.

    That kind of self-destructive training, Xing Jue bears it for two months. Finally, two months later Xing Jue could remain awake inside this bright red water, not fainted. And this is not because of the strength of that bright red was weaken, but Xing Jue endurance increased.

    Xing Jue stood inside that water tank, closed both of his eyes, now all he have to do is to control the Soul Power inside his body, use defend, attack, movement, released three kinds of power together, and this difficult.

    However under Xing Jue effort, finally he gradually understands it a bit, he found out that these three power indeed can be used at the same time, but the process a lot more complicated.

    To practice Soul Explosion faster, Xing Jue got into this water tank every day, every day he soaked inside that water tank, not willing to give up.

    One month later under such practice, he finally made a breakthrough.

    This day, like usual Xing Jue, soaked inside the water tank, but at this moment he appeared calmer than moment two months ago, he is like standing in the water.

    Although on the surface he seems calm, however at this moment inside Xing Jue body, his black Soul Power extremely fast flow, during the flow his muscle and blood expand, each part of his body change.

    “Bang” Suddenly Xing Jue Soul Power burst out from inside his body, like a rising flame, wrapped around Xing Jue body.

    And wrapped under this Soul Power, Xing Jue strength gradually increase, his body slowly raise and finally separated from that water tank.

    “Succeeded! Master he succeeded, Elder Cang quickly come and see” Xiao Qian saw Xing Jue condition, excitedly shouted.

    And after heard Xiao Qian shouted, Elder Cang quickly got inside the cave.

    Saw Xing Jue floating in the air, the black soul in his body like a burning flame slowly come out from inside Xing Jue body, Old Cang showed an excited smile.

    “Xing Jue, take your soul into your body” Elder Cang suddenly loudly shouted.

    And after heard Elder Cang instruction, Xing Jue quickly take the flame above him into his body, after that black Soul Power got into his body, Xing Jue strength instantly raises, and finally broke through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.

    After that Xing Jue does a beautiful somersault, steadily fall on the ground, he immediately felt his strength, said to Old Cang with a smile: “Old Cang, take my fist”.

    Immediately a fist came out, several times more powerful Martial Qi than before attack toward Old Cang.

    “Fine” Regarding Xing Jue behavior that deliberately creates trouble, Old Cang laughing, then said.

    Old Cang sleeve wave, a Soul Power that not lose from Xing Jue Martial Qi, burst out, finally, with Xing Jue's Martial Qi fiercely clashed together.

    “Bang” Both side opposed each other, and start to make a terrifying energy ripples.

    “It's not finished yet” Saw his attack dissolved, Xing Jue laughed and said, immediately his several fists attack toward Old Cang.

    Old Cang received all of his attack, round and round of Soul Power came out from his sleeve and collided with Xing Jue's Martial Qi.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang”

    In this deep Ancient Mountain, round and round explosion sound constantly explode, frightened the nearby Demon Beasts and make them run far away.

    “Xing Jue, are you seriously want to go back to Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Inside the cave, Old Cang somewhat puzzled said.

    After Xing Jue successfully used Soul Explosion then he said toward Old Cang and Xiao Qian that he prepare to go back to Imperial Wind Pavilion. But Old Cang wanted Xing Jue to stay with him, with his guide Xing Jue practice will grow faster.

    “Yes, I must go back” Xing Jue firmly said.

    “Yeah... All right then after your strength reached Martial God, come back here, I have something to discuss with you.” After silence for a moment, Old Cang slowly said.

    “Yes, Younger Generation will obey.” Xing Jue respectfully said. He can see that Old Cang treat him important.

    Next day, under Old Cang, insisted, Xing Jue by Old Cang and Xiao Qian sent out from Ancient Mountain, he left alone.

    Old Cang and Xiao Qian stood above the Ancient Mountain, quietly watch Xing Jue figure that gradually went far away, there is satisfied smile on Old Cang face.

    Until after Xing Jue figure completely disappears, he unwilling to turn around and leave, Xiao Qian silently accompanied at Old Cang side.

    “Xiao Qian, because of my Soul Body, it’s inconvenient to walk around, these things are for you to find.” After a long time, Old Cang turned around and handed a small paper to Xiao Qian, slowly said.

    “Old Cang, don’t be like this, that Spirit for maintaining your life, in case..” After Xiao Qian had received the paper, she was surprised, because what was written above it are incredibly precious medicinal herbs, Xiao Qian knows what these medicinal herbs used for, it is used for refining spirit.

    But when Xiao Qian has not finished talking, Old Cang hand stop her, then said: “Xing Jue is my Soul Devouring Clan only hope, to make him grow up faster, this old man life not important, do it as I said.”

    After saying these words, Old Cang no longer listens to Xiao Qian words, and directly walked toward deep Ancient Mountain.

    Look at Old Cang figure that gradually went far away, Xiao Qian bites her lips, she immediately keeps the paper, then moves away from Ancient Mountain, started to search for that several heavenly treasures.

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    Book 5 Chapter 67 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Returned To The Inner Court

    After a month's journey, Xing Jue finally returned to Imperial Wind Empire, stand under the Floating Cloud Mountain, looking at that fairyland mountain, quite touch Xing Jue feeling.

    In one year, Xing Jue grew so much, whether his mind or his strength, no longer that previous kid.

    “Xiaohan, Four Eyes, brothers, I am back” Xing Jue looked at the broad road ahead, a disciple wearing blue pavilion robe return from a journey to Imperial Wind Pavilion, Xing Jue softly said, then walked toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.

    After Xing Jue returned to his Inner Court mansion, first he change into his purple pavilion robe of Inner Court, after all, it was Imperial Wind Pavilion rule. Every disciple must wear the robe according to their status.

    After change into pavilion robe, Xing Jue went to Four Eyes mansion. After one year not meets, Xing Jue misses him, think about Four Eyes excitement when he saw him, Xing Jue also felt excited.

    “What? Four Eyes went to Outer Court?” Xing Jue sat in Four Eyes living room mansion, extremely puzzled said.

    “Yes, Master Xing Jue, my Young Master went to Outer Court practice pavilion.” The young housemaid in Four Eyes mansion respectfully said.

    “Why he didn’t practice inside Inner Court, instead went to Outer Court?” Xing Jue once again asked.

    “Report to Master Xing Jue. This servant didn’t understand.” That maidservant shook her head replied.

    At this moment Xing Jue full of question, logically, after they entered Inner Court, the disciples of Inner Court almost no longer returned to Outer Court again. From environment of practice, Inner Court practice environment much better than Outer Court, but what make Xing Jue puzzled is why Four Eyes must go to Outer Court to practice.

    With this question, Xing Jue came to Outer Court practice pavilion, and when Xing Jue arrived at the Outer Court, he caused a lot of commotion among Outer Court disciples.

    And all of these naturally all are because Xing Jue is wearing purple pavilion robe, this is a symbol of Inner Court disciple. In Outer Court disciple’s eyes, Inner Court disciple is very extraordinary.

    And among these Outer Court disciples, unexpectedly there are a lot of people who know Xing Jue, hearing the new disciples narrated his past achievement, Xing Jue also felt a little nostalgic.

    Because Xing Jue didn't know at which floor Four Eyes practice, so he just stood in the hall waiting, and it doesn't matter for him.

    Some bold female disciple, run over and start talking to Xing Jue. What troubling Xing Jue the most was every these girls are regarded as an outstanding beauty, it turned out that Xing Jue was a big catch.

    “Oh, isn’t this Xing Jue, why did you come to my Outer Court” At this moment an old man voice suddenly sounded, Xing Jue looked back, it's the elder who manages Outer Court practice pavilion, and has some fate with Xing Jue.

    “Hehe, Elder, I came to find Four Eyes, does not know if Elder saw him or not.” Xing Jue surrounded by that group of female disciples, when this Elder appeared, it could be said that he rescued Xing Jue life, Xing Jue walked two steps and then went to the elder side, and said with a smile.

    “So because of that, He is practicing at third floor, since you look for him, I will help you call him.” During the talked this Elder brings Xing Jue to third floor and leaving behind a group of dumbfounded female disciples.

    “Elder, when there is a disciple practice inside, can you open this profound iron gate?” Xing Jue following behind the Elder, somewhat puzzled said. As far as he knew when a disciple practice inside, other people unable to open the profound iron gate, unless forcefully break that profound iron gate.

    “Hehe, because the last time you mistakenly enter the practice room, afterward Great Elder felt that this practice pavilion is not perfect, and improved this practice pavilion.”

    “And after six months revised, finally achieve this plan, as long as the elder has the particular spell key, he can force to terminate a disciple practice.” That Elder answered Xing Jue question with a smiled.

    After heard Elder words, Xing Jue laughs, because previously when he mistakenly enter practice space, he almost lost his life.

    “Oh right, Xiao San also at this Outer Court practice pavilion, do you want to call him?” That Elder asked with a smile.

    “Oh? Xiao San also at here, yes, called him too.” After heard this Elder words, Xing Jue felt a bit puzzled, these two guys, among his brothers, can be described as his closest brothers, why both of them went to practice at this Outer Court practice pavilion to practice, it looks like there is some special reason.

    Thinking about this, Xing Jue became more impatient to ask the question.

    The Elder take out the spell key and then walked to the two room doors in front of him, and touch it to every one of them, and after a while, that two practice room profound iron gate slowly raised.

    “F*ck, What's the matter? Who interrupt my practice?”

    “Elder, why did you interrupt my practice?”

    After that two profound iron gates opened, first came out a cursed voice, then went out two familiar figure, and they are Four Eyes and Xiao San.

    “You two boys, have a big temper.” Saw these two boys, Xing Jue smiled and loudly said.

    After heard Xing Jue words, that two people tremble, then quickly turn their eyes toward him. When saw Xing Jue, they overjoyed, then they rushed toward Xing Jue with tears.

    “Big brother Xing Jue, you come back.” They came in front of Xing Jue, said with cries and grumble.

    “Hehe, you two talk to me first, as a dignified two Inner Court disciples, why went to Outer Court to practice?” Xing Jue smiled then said.

    “Er...” And after heard Xing Jue words, they were silent.

    “Say it quickly” Xing Jue saw they appearances, knew that there is something happened, then sternly asked.

    “Big brother Xing Jue, it's like this, not long after you left, some people from Inner Court started continuously seek some trouble, they also declared as long as has a relationship with you, we are not allowed to survive in Inner Court.”

    “Since then, we are not allowed to entered Inner Court practice pavilion. Many brothers cannot bear with their harassment, start to depressed, at this moment the elite rank sixth “Gao Le” spoke, as long as we break our relationship, and become his subordinate, he will no longer make things difficult for us.”

    “After that, everybody announced that they cut off their relationship with you, and threw themselves to be Gao Le subordinate, finally only remain Four Eyes and me only, without any choice, we had to practice at Outer Court.”

    “In this one year we painstakingly cultivated day and night, and finally broke through Martial Ancestor level, and a few days ago we had reached Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level. But compare with “Gao Le” the different still too much, after all the other person was Martial Sovereign, the powerhouse of that rank was too strong.” Xiao San slowly said the grievance in his heart goes without saying.

    “Good, good, good, Gao Le right?” And after heard Xiao San words, Xing Jue said three “good” words, and then his smiling face instantly became cold.

    “Yes, according to what I know, Gao Le also Inner Court Second Elder disciple, therefore regarding his action, the Pavilion Law Enforcement didn’t dare to do anything.” Xiao San said again.

    “Second Elder again. Right, didn't Xiaohan hear your bitter experiences?” After heard it was Second Elder tricks, Xing Jue somewhat puzzled asked.

    At that time Xiaohan indeed had let him go with her words, and because of Li Xiaohan existence Second Elder didn’t come to make any trouble toward Xing Jue, then why now he did that.

    “We didn’t understand about this, only heard, soon after you went out, sister-in-law practiced in closed door. Besides, sister-in-law didn’t know us, how could she care about us.” Xiao San somewhat depressed said.

    Regarding Xing Jue's girlfriend who owns remarkable abilities, they only heard about it and never seen her.

    Xing Jue also thought so, when Li Xiaohan announced their relationship, he just wanted to protect himself, as for Four Eyes and Xiao San, because their relationship with him nobody dares to provoke them.

    And after he left Imperial Wind Pavilion, Four Eyes and all were weak and nobody care, that’s why they attacked Four Eyes and all, think about this Xing Jue have no choice to believe that Second Elder is an incredibly sinister man.

    At that time when Xing Jue rejected his offer to join his family, such a trivial matter, unexpectedly hang on his heart.

    “Four Eyes, Xiao San, these days make you suffered, start from today, in this Inner Court no one dares to bully you again.” Xing Jue gently pats Four Eyes and Xiao San shoulder and said with a smile, if he is not offended that Inner Court Second Elder, they will not suffer like this.

    After that, Xing Jue walked toward “Gao Le” mansion, of course, Xiao San and Four Eyes tried to stop Xing Jue, after all, Gao Le already reaches Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign strength, Inner Court elite rank six.

    However after they knew Xing Jue strength now, they completely change their manner, and following behind Xing Jue to attack that Gao Mansion.

    Inner Court Gao mansion similar with Xing Jue former Outer Court mansion, it has dozens of Inner Court disciple in his mansion, some chatted, some compared notes, some talked nonsense, live a comfortable life, and among these dozens of disciples, some were Xing Jue's former brothers.

    And inside this Gao Mansion, even the gatekeeper is Inner Court disciple, and today who responsible for guarding the door happens to be Xing Jue's former brothers.

    “Quickly look, it's Xing Jue, Xing Jue come back” One of disciple saw Xing Jue, then panicky said.

    After heard that disciple words, another disciple also saw Xing Jue and the others, and then their feelings started to become complicated.

    At that time, when they just join Outer Court, they often being bullied, because of this they become Xing Jue subordinate and Xing Jue didn’t say anything toward them.

    Later they get into Inner Court, in order to raise their strength Xing Jue use his own points and purchased Martial Skill for them, and now they actually betray Xing Jue, naturally they feel ashamed.

    At the same time, Xing Jue and the others arrived at Gao Mansion door, saw these two familiar brothers, Xing Jue actually smiled then said: “Call Gao Le, and tell him to come out.”

    And after heard Xing Jue words, that two disciples understood Xing Jue purpose to come. After all, they once followed Xing Jue, they somewhat understand Xing Jue, Xing Jue never loss anything.

    Now his brothers were cruelly bullied, Xing Jue naturally will not tolerate that, a disciple quickly ran into Gao Mansion, another disciple lower his head and does not dare to look at Xing Jue.

    Soon after that disciple enter the Gao Mansion, from Gao Mansion rushed out dozens of Inner Court disciple, and almost all these people has Martial Ancestor strength, several of them already reach Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor level.

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    Book 5 Chapter 68 [Sweep Away Inner Court]

    Gao Mansion Might

    “Oh, isn’t this Four Eyes and Xiao San, the last time beaten not enough to make you miserable, this time you came and asked for beaten again?” Among them, a man who already achieved Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor came out.

    Look at the three people in front of the gate. He recognized Four Eyes and Xiao San, then he grinning and walked toward them.

    And after Four Eyes and Xiao San saw him, their courage become small, and they tremble. Apparently, they have suffered a lot because of this person's bullied.


    But before that big man approaching, Xing Jue sleeve wave and a Martial Qi rush out, finally, under the crowd shocked eyes, it fiercely blew that disciple away.

    And that disciple directly flies upside down, finally knocked against Gao Mansion door pillar and fainted.

    In response, all of those Inner Court Disciple frightened, unexpectedly only in one move that Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor man knocked down.

    What a strong strength, could it be that he is a Martial Sovereign, when they thought the person in front of them is a Martial Sovereign, they terrified of Xing Jue.

    After all, even in this vast Inner Court, there are only six people who already reached Martial Sovereign level, and all of these six individuals are an influential figure, regarding the people of this level, they didn’t dare to provoke.

    “Gao Le you come out and receive your death! Did you want me to enter your Gao Mansion?” Xing Jue didn’t care about the crowd expression and their attitude. He loudly shouted in front of Gao Mansion.

    “How arrogant” At this time, from inside Gao Mansion spread out a loud shouted, immediately all the disciples who in the doorway quickly disperse, and make a way. A black face man slowly walked on that path.

    “Are you Gao Le?” Xing Jue takes a glance at the man in front of him, disdain said.

    “That's right” After Gao Le came out, he loudly said.

    “Are you Xing Jue?” Gao Le immediately sized up Xing Jue and found out that he didn’t know this person.

    However, after he saw Four Eyes and Xiao San at his side, Gao Le guessed Xing Jue identity, a person who able to take this two guys. But he never met Xing Jue before

    “Since you knew it was me, then you should be aware why I came here today, kneel down and beg for forgiveness, or I will beat you until you beg for mercy.” Xing Jue slightly laughed, his words was domineering.

    “Joke, you a man who depend on a woman for a living, still wanted to beat me until I beg for forgiveness? That’s ridiculous. All of you said it, yes or not? Hahaha” Gao Le suddenly loudly laughed.

    Naturally, he already heard that Li Xiaohan was protecting Xing Jue. Therefore in his eyes, Xing Jue is a useless person who depends on woman.

    And under his lead, the Inner Court disciples behind him also loudly laughed. Now they have Gao Le. They were not afraid of Xing Jue.

    After all, Gao Le also a Martial Sovereign, and he was elite number sixth. Therefore in their hearts, even Xing Jue already reached Martial Sovereign level, but compared with Gao Le, he was a little bit worse.

    “Actually can or can’t, try it, and you will see.” Xing Jue slightly smiled, then his figure flash, his body change into a straight line, then move toward Gao Le, at the same time his five fingers gripped tightly and punched Gao Le.

    “Humph!” Facing Xing Jue fist, Gao Le didn't stay still, his right arm wave, an equal strong fist came out and collided with Xing Jue fist, ferociously explode.

    Saw Gao Le unexpectedly wanted meet force with force, Xing Jue's mouth sneer. Xing Jue fist seemed ordinary, but his fist contained soul attack power, the power of his fist not weaker than Biting Wind Palm. And Gao Le dare wanted to meet force with force with Xing Jue, and it simply like brought trouble to himself.


    “Puff puff puff”

    Two fists resist, Xing Jue does not lose even a hair, he looked at Gao Le, and because of Xing Jue's fist he moved back several steps and then stabilized his figure.

    Moreover, a lot of blood continuously flowed out from his right arm which he just used to attack Xing Jue. Even the clothes above his right arm smashed into pieces.

    After he faced Xing Jue attack, Gao Le right arm becomes crippled.

    “I will kill you!” Feel no response from his right arm, Gao Le crazily roared.

    His left fist gripped, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast condensed, and finally condensed into a long silver blade in his hand. That long blade contained a terrifying power that made people feel shocked.

    However faced with Gao Le's crazy counter-attack, Xing Jue mouth slightly raised. His figure flashed, like a ghost he appeared at Gao Le side.

    When Gao Le responds, Xing Jue fist that contained a terrifying power, severely hit his chest.


    In one attack, Gao Le sprays a mouthful blood, then his body weakly fell to the ground and fainted.

    This one attack, Xing Jue precisely hit Gao Le's Qi Sea, although he didn’t break Gao Le Qi Sea. However, this serious injured will take Gao Le about a year.

    Saw their Boss, unexpectedly defeated by Xing Jue in two rounds. Everyone regarded Xing Jue similar to a devil. The fear in their heart goes without saying.

    As long as Xing Jue looked toward them, they cannot help to take several steps back. They were afraid that Xing Jue would see them not pleasing to his eyes, and attack them.

    Facing a cowardly group of people, Xing Jue didn’t want to pay any attention, his right palm grip, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast condensed, finally punch Gao Mansion above the door “Gao Mansion” two large words.

    Along with Xing Jue fist attack, a powerful Martial Qi broke that Gao Mansion signboard two words.


    With an explosion sound, that Gao Mansion signboard crushed by Xing Jue, and then scattered on the ground.

    “Start from today, a person who dares to attack my brothers will end like this man.” After Xing Jue broke that signboard, he turned and pointed at that fainted Gao Le, and coldly said.

    Everyone stand and trembling, and not said anything.

    Saw the result that he want has worked, Xing Jue didn’t stay there, showed a faint smile, lift his right foot and ready to leave.

    “Big brother Xing Jue” At this time, a disciple who followed Xing Jue before, opened his mouth.

    After heard his voice, Xing Jue footsteps suddenly stopped, then slowly turned around, said with a smile: “I am not your big brother, please don’t call me big brother anymore.”

    He didn’t care that disciple make what kind of expression, he turned around and directly walked toward his Xing Mansion. Four Eyes and Xiao San proudly smiled and follow behind Xing Jue.

    Start from today, Xing Jue name will loudly rise in Inner Court once again, and Xing Jue came back stronger than before.

    “Haha, so cool, that Gao Le who everyday show off his strength, unexpectedly defeated by big brother Xing Jue hand in two rounds, too satisfied.” Xiao San sat in Xing Mansion living room and loudly said. His excited appearance, just like he was the man who beaten Gao Le.

    “Right, I saw several disciples who rely on Gao Le help, after Xing Jue beat Gao Le there was regret on their face, it felt refreshed.” Four Eyes smiled and said.

    “Hehe, well you can’t blame them, under that circumstances, actually they were involuntary do that.” Xing Jue smile and said.

    In fact, in Xing Jue's heart, he didn’t blame those who leave him. It’s just, Xing Jue unable to accept them again.

    Then Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San talked for a long time at Xing Mansion.

    The news about Xing Jue smashed Gao Mansion, extremely fast spread. This matter caused a sensation in Inner Court. Now inside the Inner Court, everybody talked about this issue.

    At the deepest of Inner Court, inside the main hall of Inner Court Second Elder, also talked about that.

    At present, the Inner Court Second Elder imposingly sat on large dragon chair, and his calm face started to emit a faint of anger.

    Behind him stood a man wear a purple pavilion robe, and this man strength already reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level. And this is Inner Court elite list, rank second “Hu Bin”.

    Underneath the main hall, an old man humbly stood there, and this old man is law enforcement elder, Elder Zhu.

    “Elder Zhu that Xing Jue dare to smashed disciple mansion of the same school, how are you going to deal with this matter?” Inner Court Second Elder slowly said.

    “Report to Second Elder, I presume this attack toward Xing Jue not quite good, in the future that girl Li Xiaohan...” Elder Zhu awkwardly said. After the last incident, he somewhat afraid of Xing Jue.


    “You, as a dignified law enforcement elder, afraid of a little girl?” Second Elder didn’t wait for Elder Zhu finished talk, angrily said.

    “Yes, what Second Elder said was true, this humble officer muddled headed.” Saw Second Elder angry, Elder Zhu frightened, and his body trembled, then he quickly said flattery words.

    “Humph, it's good if you know it, moreover if you handle things according to what I said, if some people look for some trouble in the future, I will protect you.”

    “What will you do next, I think you should know it, go.” Second Elder slowly said, then his sleeve wave, indicated Elder Zhu to leave.

    “This humble officer asks to be excused.” Elder Zhu respectfully said, then quickly leave.

    “Master, why you didn’t let me teach that Xing Jue a lesson?” After Elder Zhu left, Hu Bin somewhat puzzled and said.

    “That boy should be handed over to Inner Court Law Enforcement, in a few day there will be four big influence jointly hold “Hunt Competition”. Now what you need to do is to maintain your strength. ”

    “Now Xu Changqing not in the Inner Court, you are the number one in Inner Court, in this hunt competition, you must not lose our Imperial Wind Pavilion good reputation, no matter what must keep our previous second position.” Second Elder slowly said.

    “Humph, Xu Changqing, if he still in Inner Court, the elite list number one position, already fell into my pocket for a long time.”When Second Elder mentioned Xu Changqing, Hu Bin felt dissatisfied said.

    “Did you forget how you were beaten by Hu Changqing two years ago? In two years, with Xu Changqing talent, to reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, is not difficult, on the contrary, you, two years already passed, you remain Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.”

    “Your speed is too slow, and Xing Jue sooner or later will become the second Xu Changqing and step you under his foot” After heard Hu Bin's words, Second Elder suddenly said in rage.

    “Disciple wrong, in the future disciple will concentrate practice, and not let down Master expectation.” Saw that Second Elder got angry, Hu Bin quickly came in front of Second Elder body, bend down and hold his fist in the other hand, respectfully said.

    “It’s good if you know it, leave.” Second Elder waved and slowly said.

    After Hu Bin asked to be excused, he slowly went out of from the main hall.

    Inside the empty main hall, only Second Elder left behind, looked at this vast space, Second Elder usually domineering act, helplessly sighed, whispered: “Why every talented disciple, not willing to join my family? Ah...”

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