Spoiler Summary for Volume 29

I have not seen any posts for a Summary for Volume 29 so here I go. This Volume has 42 chapters. Here is from Ch 1-22. Part 2 to follow (need sleep first).

- Ji Ning returns to Brightshore Kingdom after almost 80,000 years and finds Su Youji waiting for him and the Brightshore Kingdom Leader waiting. 
- He is congratulated and gets a Space-Time disc that is a one-time use lifesaving item that allows him to teleport away.
- Ji Ning is going to venture out but he meets the Sword Palace Master where he makes Ji Ning make a Heart Lantern for the palace which acts as a life slip from other novels to confirm if he is living and breaks if he dies. 
- Ji Ning has also been provided a special retainer that has the ability to leave a divine clone. That clone stays at the Brightshore Kingdom so that he can relay information to them which includes asking for assistance when in danger. Nearby Dao Lords are the ones that will help when they are notified.
- Ji NIng has been provided a Star Atlas by the kingdom which introduces 6 big factions They are:

1.Dao Alliance
2.Brightshore Kingdom
3.Aeonian Clan
4.Special Lifeform Clan which are based in the Wind and Rain Country ruled by Eternal Emperor Feng Yu. Many special lifeforms gather here
5.Ancient Practitioner Clan where they have secret techniques that make them stronger than their counterparts. They are ruled by Eternal Emperor Ming Lan.
6. Darkness Empire  - Mysterious outsider empire.

- Palace Master explains that the Kingdom has good relationship with other factions but are enemies with that Darkness Empire and mortal enemies with the Ancient practitioners. He also warns that Dao Alliance has many factions that are in conflict with each other.
- Both his retainers break through to Dao Lord level. Dan Bao does it first. 
- They travel through Transfer Arrays until they come across two parties of World Level cultivators fighting.
- He finds out that they are from Calmwind Temple and Vastheaven palace. He helps those from his faction and the observing Elder Gods get extremely shocked because Su Youji calls him Master.
- Ji Ning quickly overpowers the 5 World Level gods from Calmwind Temple and captures them (places them in his gourd). The 5 of them broke Jade Slips to request assistance before getting sucked in. The name of the Vastheaven disciple is Dong Mu and he was picking up his disciple  and his disciple's companionbefore they got attacked.
- They are thankful and already heard of him through Dao Lord Solesky informing the palace in advance. They are suprised because they were told Ji Ning was an Elder God but appeared before them as an Elder God.  
- 2 World Gods and a 3rd Stage Dao Lord Hu Feng make preparations to assault the Vastheaven party.
- During the journey, Ji Ning agrees to helping Dong Mu's disciple because his Talisman of Welcome was given to the elder discple.
- Both parties finally meet each other and engage. Ji Ning activates his Ying Yang Sword Intent Domain where Lightning and God water combine to form sword lights. This breaks the Wind secret technique of Dao Lord Hu Feng and astonishes him. Dao Lord Hu Feng brings out his blade and breaks through the domain. Ji Ning then calls out the Golems from Emperor Mirrorsnow. The swordsman golem could not subdue the Dao Lord intially until Su Youji uses Flying Immortal Nine Boundary Technique to daze the Dao Lord. He then gets sucked into a gourd along with the 2 World Gods who are his disciples.
- They  finally arrive and gets welcomed by the three Dao Lords. Solesky is pleased because of Su Youji's breakthrough. All the other disciples are in extreme shock because Ji Ning has two Dao Lord retainers that broke through without the aid of Samsara pills.
- After being welcomed to the palace, he goes into closed door cultivation. The Black-Robed Ji Ning in Three realms uses Sword Intent to halt the River of Destiny in an attempt to take out the souls of his parents. This gets the attention of the people there including Buddha Maitreya, Sun Wukong and Subhuti guesses it was Ji Ning since he is the only one strong enough to do this. Windfiend confirms this and greets Ji Ning along with Subhuti. 
- Ji Ning finally succeeds after great effort against the backlash of the Three Realms and is congratulated by the top level cultivators.  He also breaks his heartforce bottleneck and reaches the 5th level.He restores his parents with chaos nectar and they finally reunite. They get introduced to the top level guys as well. They were thinking "how did our son get to know these guys?"
- Ji Ning made his own Darknorth Major World and recreated Swallow Mountain with places such as Serpentwing Lake. He introduces them to their granddaughter Brightmoon. Ning finally meets his old gang there and his dad and Uncle White finally meet again. 
- Brightmoon narrates everything that happened when they were gone. Immortal Diancai and Northson help with the explanation which shock his parents. 
- Ning meets with old acquaintances such as Baiwei and Sloppy Daoist at Mount Innerheart and expounds on the dao to share his insights with the people there.
- Ning main body goes to Solesky and Solesky mentions ning forgot to tell Solesky that he captured Dao Lord Hu Feng. Ning lets Solesky decide the fate of the captured Dao Lord and Solesky warns Ning that Calmwind will not take this lightly. 
- Ning asks Solesky for techniques and abilities to give to Three Realms. These techniques are below the Dao Lord level and Ning pays 3 million bottles to acquire.
- Meanwhile in the Calmwind Temple, 7 world level disciples discuss what happened with Dao Lord Hu Feng and Saint Lord Calmwind decides that he should head out to Vastheaven Palace. He is equal in strength with Solesky and does not fear him.
- Back in 3 realms, Ji Ning makes different types of sword techniques to pass down with his Five Stances being the core. Also, Ji Yichuan trains Brightmoon in sword arts. Ning gets a sudden insight after observing them and goes to a star and prepares to break through.
- In Vastheaven palace, Dao Lord Battlemaster foresees the coming of Saintlord Calmwind. The Dao Lords agree that they are not strong enough to face Calmwind outside their formations of their temple while Solesky's avatar can't match Calmwind since he only has 80% strength of the main body. They have all disciples stay in.
- Calmwind arrives and after talking with the Dao Lords, he camps outside Vastheaven palace since he could not breach their formations.  He kills anyone that would approach their encirclement. Ji Ning needs to leave the palace and reunite with his Primal Twin to break through. He sends out a divine clone that evades Calmwind.
- Ji Ning finally breaks through to Dao Lord (Chapter 17) and goes to 2nd step in just 1000 years (10 years in actual time but accelerated it). This startles his retainers as well as the other Dao Lords at Vastheaven palace. Ning asks for information about the skills and techniques of Calmwind as he prepares to face him. The Dao Lords are doubtful until Ning has Solesky receives his attack. Solesky is satisfied and confirms if he was a Sword Monarch during his time with Brightshore Kingdom(Ning told Solesky when he got welcomed in the palace).
- Ning heads out and fights Calmwind. Ning uses his Northern Rainbow Swords (Those 6 swords crafted by the Eternal Emperor). Ning breaks the secret technique of  Calmwind using the Eternal Armor that reduces damage by 1/1000 for attacks below Eternal Emperor level. Calmwind finds that he is unable to hurt him and calls out to Solesky to discuss terms of surrender. They agree on renumeration and swore that there will be no more conflict between the two sides except for small scale fights below the Dao Lord level.
- They celebrate their victory while Solesky confirms he is still at Waveshift world. Ning decides that he will go adventure to the Dao Alliance.


  • Thanks for the hard work brotha! Keep them coming :D
  • Minor correction. He doesn't break through to 2nd step in this volume, only 1st step.

    Rather, Ning wants to conceal just how strong his Ultimate Dao makes him at only the first step, so he lies to everyone and says he got to 2nd step.

    He does break through to 2nd step early in the next volume though.
  • zyar12 said:
    Minor correction. He doesn't break through to 2nd step in this volume, only 1st step.

    Rather, Ning wants to conceal just how strong his Ultimate Dao makes him at only the first step, so he lies to everyone and says he got to 2nd step.

    He does break through to 2nd step early in the next volume though.
    Thanks for the clarification!
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    OK guys, this is the rest of it:

    - Solesky warns Ning before leaving that Dao Alliance has 8 big Holy Cities. He needs to go get a Dao Alliance token so he can go to places in the holy cities unrestricted. Solesky warns that Dao Alliance has many factions and can be chaotic.
    - Ning sets off and decides he wants to go to 3 realms first nearer compared to the Dao Alliance. He also worries that once Subhuti and Windfied will break through, they wont have a safe path through the vortex to leave the 3 realms and wander across the Endless Territories.
    - He almost arrives in 3 realms but suddenly he felt his Azure Flower Seal Imprint appears and his Azureflower space feels a resonance towards an area in the Primordial Space around the 3 realms. He searches and suddenly finds a void that can suppress daos. He goes in and tells Su Youji and Dan Bao to wait outside. 
    - Inside the void, Ning cant use divine will and goes through a dangerous vortex. After that, there are invisible waves inside that attack the soul directly. So dangerous that it could kill ordinary Dao Lords of the 1st step easily.
    - Going further, he finds golden mist  at the inner area then gets ambushed by an armor creature that formed from the mist. He finds there are more of them and proceeds to stealthily pass them using his Shadowless technique. 
    - He notices that they are gathered around a Ten Thousand Jewel Golden Fiend which is a golem that possesses 4th step Dao Lord strength. He decides to break through and snatch it from them relying on his sword techniques and his armor. He captures some of them and finally takes the golem.
    - He comes across an estate world not long after and notices that there is no golden mist. As he journeys along, he gets ambushed by another armored creature . There are more of them and they seem to be as strong as Calmwind. Ji Ning uses Shadowless to escape again. Ning finally reaches the estate and notices the Azureflower emblem on the gate.
    - Ning goes into a trance after seeing a design carving which affects his true soul. It was strong enough to affect his divine clone and avatar as well. He was able to overcome this and strengthen his dao heart.
    - He goes inside and sees a vast world and notices formations gathering energy for 3 trees. One of them produces Sky Crystal sacred Blood Fruit which is One of Eight Great Sage Blood Fruit.He could not recognize the other 2. After picking the fruits, he passes through an arched bridge and sees 2 old cultivators.
    - One of them(red eyes) strikes him right away which sends him flying. The strike bypassed this  armor, defensive ability and sword techniques.
    - The other old cultivator(silver) scolds the one that attacked because they are Eternal Emperors but yet he struck a Dao Lord. It is revealed that they were trapped by the owner of the estate and they were powerless against that person. The owner of the estate left over 30 million chaos cycles(hope I translated it correctly) ago and has not come back yet.
    - The Red eyed cultivator wanted to kill Ning but cant pass the bridge. The Silver eyed cultivator reveals that there are more treasures inside. Ning decides to leave since he cant get pass through them and that he isnt strong enough. He resolves to come back once he is stronger.
    - He goes out to his 2 retainers and they resume their journey. They finally arrive at the 3 realms and his retainers meet his Primal Twin for the first time. Ning has with him numerous techniques and divine abilities obtained from Solesky as well as millions of chaos nectar/gems.
    - Ning proceeds to Bright Heard Island in Swallow Mountain and summons Autumn Leaf. He makes an estate called Three-Realms Secret Pavilion where he stored all the treasure and makes Autumn Leaf the steward. He then summon Mo Cha (golem that surrendered after his Dao Lord master died) and makes him guard.He will arrange more rules with his master for the pavillion.
    - Subhuti is very pleased after reading some of the techniques, he predicts the 3 realms will produce powerful cultivators because of these techniques and abilities brought by Ning. However, Subhuti is worried since not everyone can leave the powerful vortex of 3 realms. Ning shares that he discovered a void road and set rules to have the people pledge to not reveal it.
    - Ning finally sets off to the Badlands Everworld while Windfined and Subhuti decide to wander outside. They are confident in their survival skills because of their master in space-time.
    - During the journey, Su Youji breaks through to 2nd step Dao Lord and they finally arrive at one of the 8 holy cities which is Sky Wood City ruled by Eternal Emperor Skywood. The city is very big with thousands of Dao Lords residing there. They are greeted by a Dao Lord (broke through via Samsara pills) and after verifying his identity, provides Ning a Dao Alliance Token. The receiving Dao Lord is surprised that he has Dao Lord retainers.
    - They go inside the city and visit the Techniques Area to purchase techniques. Ning buys all of Dao Lord Allgod's techniques. He then proceeds to the Flying feather building (treasure house) to buy equipment. He makes his Youji and Dan Bao pick stuff to buy while he request for God Water and God Lightning to complete his technique. He finally buys them after some bargaining while Youji gets a conch that increasis her charm abilities and Dan Bao gets a pill stove but he attracts attention of 2 Dao Lords unintentionally. They want to kill Ning and plunder his items. They are 3rd step Dao Lords.
    - As soon as Ning leaves the building, he gets ambushed by 2 Dao Lords and proceeds to kill them. Moments later their master, revealed to be 4th step Dao Lord Kong Sa arrives and swore that he will take revenge for his disciples. Ning doesn't leave Flying Feather building since Dao Lord Kong Sa cant attack him when he is inside.
    - He settles in while he waits for an auction that is coming up in one months time. He also purchases information on Dao Lord Kong Sa which includes his techniques. Dao Lord Kong Sa specializes in Dao of Darkness. He can control space and has good escaping abilities. Ning decides to train in his Novessence techniques since he got the necessary God Water and God Lightning for them.
    - The Auction finally starts, Ning purchases an expensive Flying Boat while trading in the Ten Thousand Jewel Golden Fiend and Sky Crystal sacred Blood Fruit.
    - Ning finally comes out and they finally face. Dao Lord Kong Sa summons blackmist to surround Ning meanwhile he uses the purchased Flying Boat to escape it. The Flying Boat exceeds Heavenly Dao limits hundreds of times. Dao Lord Kong Sa catches up because he already set up formations to stop Ning from getting away. Dao Lord Kong Sa then summons his alien race disciple to tie him down. This female alien race Dao Lord is 4th step Dao Lord and uses ropes to attack. Ning overwhelms her with sword techniques. Ning finally uses his Novessence techniques (Dao Lord Allgod 9 secret techniques)  and captures her in his gourd.
    - Dao Lord Kong Sa continues the battle and brings out a dark sabre. They continue to clash and Ning brings out his Ying Yang Sword  Domain but Dao Lord Kong Sa is very difficult to injure. Dao Lord Kong Sa uses soul attack but fails as well. He recognizes Ning's techniques as the one passed down by Dao Lord Allgod. He wants to capture him and requests the help of Dao Lord Si Jia who is a special lifeform that is stronger than Dao Lord Kong Sa.
    - Ning notifies Brightshore Kingdom that he is in trouble and he is contemplating using the Emperor Dao-Seal that was provided to him last volume.
    - Reinforcements finally came as Dao Lord Fu Yi and Dao Lord Tian Fu arrive. Fu Yi is a Heartforce palace Vice Lord but Dao Lord Si Jia arrives as well. Dao Lord Tian Fu begins attacking the formation Ning is trapped in but it seems he does not have the strength to break it forcefully.
    - Ning has no option left but to use the Emperor Dao-Seal which causes a huge scene. It is so strong that it gets the attention of Emperor Skywood.
    - The Dao Seal summons a Sword Shadow that supresses space-time. Dao Lord Si Jia is angry at Dao Lord Kong Sa for getting him caught up in this and used his life saving treasure to escape. Dao Lord Kong Sa tried to use 2 of his valuable treasures to block but he dies anyway. The Sword Shadow breaks the formation and keeps its momentum until it leaves the everworld. Ning then plunders Dao Lord Kong Sa's belongings.
    - Dao Lord Fu Yi and Dao Lord Tian Fu finally approach him after the fall of the formation and invite him to their dwelling. His news of safety reach the others such as Water Monarch Huo Jin and Feng Yi.
    - Meanwhile at Skywood City, Emperor Skywood confirms it is an Eternal Emperor level sword intent as he talks with his guest, Eternal Emperor Blueflame. They eavesdrop on the conversation and confirm they are from the Brightshore Kingdom. Emperor Skywood then gets information about what happened. Emperor Skywood then arranges for Ning to receive a Dao Alliance Immortal Palace Token. He wants to win Ning over because of his future potential. Eternal Emperor Blueflame is revealed to be from the special lifeform clan and heads off to visit the Terror Sea.
    - Ning and his Brightshore Kingdom peers continue to drink and discuss travels. They also discuss the death of one of their peers, Dao Lord Eastside. The Dao Lords want to go to Eastside's territory and make sure everything is safe over there but they still are preparing for their Daomerge. Ning decides to visit Eastside's territory. 
    - The Dao Lords get a visit from a messenger, Ning's Immortal Palace Token is delivered. The token has a soldier symbol on it and he is informed by Fu Yi that if he gets stronger, his token can be upgraded to a general token where he can get great benefits from the immortal palace. Ning stays in Skywood City for a few years than finally ventures off.
    Volume End. Next Volume should be his adventure in Eastside's Territory. 

    Please let me know if there are corrections needed so I can edit. 

    I'm not going to do Volume Summary for next volume. (I find it a bit difficult to mtl that volume)
  • If anyone is doing it pls announce, i may decide to do it if i got time
  • If anyone is doing it pls announce, i may decide to do it if i got time
    I havent seen any other volunteers at this time. You're very welcome to do it bro!
  • Didn't Ning break through in heartforce when he revives his parents ? I think he goes directly from peak 4th level to peak 5th level.
  • Evaansan said:
    Didn't Ning break through in heartforce when he revives his parents ? I think he goes directly from peak 4th level to peak 5th level.
    Thanks for pointing this out! I'll put this in. 
  • Thanks for the summary. I was no longer surprised when I learned that something was up in the Three Realms. That realm was probably isolated by some very powerful expert, same case in Swallowed Star where the Milky way galaxy and the other galaxies surrounding it was isolated from the rest of the empire due to a dead expert's doing. It also reminded me of Yi Yun's world (from TMW) which was isolated from the twelve greater heavens due to some sort of seal. 
  • wait, i read the other spoilers and stuff but, who's this Dan Bao guy?, when did he show up?
  • Neon711 said:
    wait, i read the other spoilers and stuff but, who's this Dan Bao guy?, when did he show up?
    Dan Bao=PillSaint
  • tombec94 said:
    Neon711 said:
    wait, i read the other spoilers and stuff but, who's this Dan Bao guy?, when did he show up?
    Dan Bao=PillSaint
    Oooo, it's cool that he picked him up
  • Hey can someone summarise book 30 cause it's been a while since hautrefrost's updates
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