The King's Avatar Anime

if any of you have read the king's avatar, but didn't know yet. Apparently it has been turned into an anime...honestly, this is the first Chinese novel I have seen that has been turned into an anime...really looking forward to it too. Any thoughts?

link to the anime if anyone wants it:


  • there was spirit sword mountain anime last season
  • only in Chinese ? i mean language in this anime 
  • Aliuss said:
    only in Chinese ? i mean language in this anime 
    the dub is in Chinese but there's English sub
  • There have indeed many novels turned into anime but the best one is probably The King's Avatar.
  • Haven't really had many chances to see any Chinese type animes. As for spirit sword mountain, it was alright, but compared to the king's avatar...the art style is completely different from Japanese type animes and was spoken in Chinese which was a different kind of experience for once, at least for me. Spirit sword mountain seemed to adapt to traditional Japanese art style with the dub being in Japanese. 
  • @AccursedDream Give a try to the chinese anime "Rakshasa Street", i loved it =)
  • sufod01 said:
    @AccursedDream Give a try to the chinese anime "Rakshasa Street", i loved it =)
    looks good, ill give it a try. where can i find more btw? where do i look. 

    also two questions about the king's avatar.
    1) was he kicked out of the team because they blamed him for them not winning the past 6 or so seasons? and like how the new vice captain of the team wasn't happy with how ye xiu lectured them and tried to teach them. was that another reason why he was kicked out?
    2) i dont really understand the powerful character card thing being transferred. First i understand that people can give the card to other people to use, but ye xiu was the one who made the battle mage was he not? so why was he forced to give up the character he spent so much time on to the team that kicks him out?
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