Subscription Service Model

Any thought of a subscription based service so we can gain a few things?

1) Guilt free reading

2) Bookmarking chapters of the many different novels I concurrently read (perhaps across wuxia and gravitytales)

3) Easier notification to subscription based readers of new novels that may be added ect ect

I would easily pay what I pay for Netflix or Crunchyroll to be able to make my daily reading a tad more organized.
Has this been discussed before?


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    In the webnovel world? I doubt anybody had such an idea. The translation scenario has changed a lot lately, but it's not a mature market, in my opinion. Translated webnovels have never been a bussiness as far as I know. Even now, WW may share some similarities with those monetization models, but at it's core, it's just a group of translators with personal projects that decided to collaborate and centralize their efforts. 

    If someone managed to create a profitable bussines out of thin air in such enviroment, then he should aim for world domination, as it would be an easier goal. There would be a ton of legal issues, and it would burn a not isignificant amount of cash, since it would operate at loss for god knows how much time. 

    There are ways to achieve the same goal as a long term objective using alternative revenue streams to lay the foundations to something similar to what you explained, but if that was possible, once someone gets things going on, who would risk a bussiness model that is getting them enough income (at that point) to jump blindly to an adventure that can basically make him go broke, with no prospective revenue for a long time, in an almost non existant market, without any measure of the amount of potential customers (it's quite hard to gauge the interest people would show) and a lot of know initial costs that set the entry barrier too high to even be worth of consideration. 

    Maybe if someone decides to create an unicor.. I mean startup, and prepares good marketing material, it may be possible to hook a good number of investors to get the snowba... BUSSINESS rolling. After that it's a matter of financial engineering. xD. 

    People say that Ren is going to dominate the world. If that counts, then Wuxiaworld has possibilities LOL

    IF SOMEONE HAS 200k $ TO SPARE shot a mail to [email protected] Huge returns GUARANTEED. 20% first year. 10 first big ass hedge funds will get a dedicated photo of our great overlord, RWX.

    [The last lines are obviously a joke with no malicious intention. Unless you are George Soros or any other big fish loaded with money. If that's the case, they are not.]
  • Maybe RWX should create an account at wahahahaha
  • Maybe RWX should create an account at wahahahaha

    Patreon is solution you seek.
  • Guilt free reading? Just donate.

    Book marking chapters? This is an interesting feature to implement but it can already be done through most browsers already.

    As for notification, there's already a pretty good email based system.
  • Matured market yet? :)
  • Matured market yet? :)
    It is mature in a different way.
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