[Suggestion] Discord!

The High Gods should operate and distribute a permanent link to a Discord all Wuxia fans can congregate and actively talk to each-other on. I'd love to be able to interact with people who're interested in or are well read in Wuxia/Xianxia style novels, and even moreso those who are bi-lingual who might want to help me translate some names in Chinese or want to converse and potentially help improve the English/Chinese/Korean of the other individual. Thoughts?


  • There is a link on the main site tho. Look at the very bottom of the page
  • My thought if you wish to learn a language: Do it properly.
  • I'm not too concerned about learning another language, the only real problems are effort and conversation. Once I'm actually capable of conversation, my understanding of the language will naturally and rapidly evolve. The only real shame thus far, is I've not been truly interested in learning another language until recently. I used to be interested in Japanese, and I used to be interested in living there. But where I learned about some xenophobic tendencies and disrespectful attitudes, I finally decided it wasn't the place for me. Indeed, as a forward thinking individual, I'd always been a little hesitant because I didn't want my decendants to be troubled by Japan being swallowed by the sea eventually. 

    As for China, I'd never really considered it before, but I should've been. The main reason was because I've been most commonly informed that chinese is the most difficult language to learn, and with the kanji or whatever the chinese call their characters, you need to memorized MANY to be able to read well in chinese from what I understand. That being the case, I'd always shied away from it a little. But, that being said, Shaolin Kung Tao was what I was most formally trained it. And, honestly, when speaking of things like martial arts, meditation, and cultivation, it sort of feels like a spiritual home.

    China has also been playing the game well, making good moves, being a powerhouse while also keeping their heads low enough that they aren't anyones major threat. Given the common theme of respect for elders and prior generations, and their ancestors, I've come to think that perhaps China has its head on straighter than most other countries. You always should be keeping an eye out for future generations, and should always respect the mistakes and the learning of the past. China seems to be doing thus, where-as other nations are merely falling back into past mistakes, repeatedly. China is corrupt, but China has always been corrupt, and there's just part of the game. Indeed, you can play the game around the corruption, seemingly. 

    Where-as, where I live, such powerful actions would no doubt lead to my death. I'm not a fool. There are too many people, with too much money, keeping and eye on the 'herd'. And if one with power and potential starts to rise too swiftly, they will cut it down and suppress it to the utmost extend. There is no manner of climbing the ladder of success, unless one does it helplessly. And real success is not measured by profession, but how many professions you command.
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