Invincible (无敌天下) by Shen Jian (神见)



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    I think you mean much denser instead of more compact. While they have similar meaning compact refers to something being small or possibly being squeezed to make it smaller and fit into a smaller space. Density refers to the measure of how compact a substance is. If you are describing how compact, heavy, or more substantial a substance is then you use density. It is often used to describe muscle quality and the quality of other materials in novels.
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    Editor: lecourrielxiii


    Chapter 104: Slander and Trust


    Fei Hou called out his martial spirit ‘Silver River’ and swung both of his arms. And a Silver River was seen surging in midair, and when the attacks from the surrounding bandits crashed into the Silver River, ‘dang dang dang’ sounds of metals clashing could be heard, reflecting the attacks back onto the attackers.

    Some unfortunate bandits escaped too slowly and were thrown to the ground, their own swords stabbing into their feet.

    “My leg!!!”

    Amidst painful howls, these bandits jumped around like kangaroos holding their feet.

    Seeing this scene, the rest of the bandits were scared and retreated swiftly.

    Fei Hou scoffed at their reaction, and his arms kept swinging out and his Silver River martial spirit turned into a solid entity-- a silver-colored river meandered through the group of bandits, and where it curved, screams reverberated in the air. Some bandits were smashed to the ground and some bandits were flung high up in the air.


    Since stepping into Xiantian realm, Fei Hou’s attack power had more than doubled. How could these Sixth and Seventh Order vermins resist Fei Hou’s attacks?

    Instantly, a large number of bandits laid on the ground, and seconds later, only the Bandit Head remained standing, albeit in a daze.

    Recalling his martial spirit back into his body, Fei Hou slowly walked towards the Bandit Head.

    “You, you, don’t kill me!” The Bandit Head exclaimed in fright.

    “Who sent you over?’ Fei Hou asked icily.

    The one-armed Bandit Head had a frantic look in his eyes.

    “I say, two Sirs, please stop putting on an act!” Suddenly, at this point, Liu Mu that was standing next to Chen Li spoke.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Liu Mu walked out of the group slowly, glaring fiercely at Fei Hou and Huang Xiaolong, saying “We have been traveling for more than half a month safely without any incident, but it happens that right after meeting two Sirs, we ran into a group of bandits, what does it represent?”

    A sharp edge flashed across Fei Hou’s eyes, but Huang Xiaolong waved his hand to stop Fei Hou and he faced Liu Mu with great interest, spurring him on: “Continue.”

    Liu Mu sneered: “This group of bandits was called here by the two of you!”

    “Oh, we colluded with them? Had them come here?” Huang Xiaolong maintained an aloof expression, “And our motive?”

    Liu Mu snorted and his voice sounded icy, “Reason? You know very well in your hearts.” Then, he turned around, and fixed a deadly stare on the one-armed Bandit Head, threatening “Speak, was it them who instructed you to kidnap our Miss?”

    That one-armed Bandit Head was agape.

    “Say, am I right?” Liu Mu’s gaze bored intensely at the Bandit Head, and a vague ominous light flickered across his eyes. Noticing that, the Bandit Head immediately nodded his head vigorously: “Yes, yes, yes, it was them who told me to come here and kidnap your Miss!”


    Liu Mu spun around, and said to Chen Li, “Miss, you heard him; they instructed these bandits to kidnap you. I have reminded you earlier, we don’t know these two people’s background. Evil lurks in the human heart!”

    Chen Li shook her head, disagreeing “Steward Liu Mu, there must be some misunderstanding; Senior Fei Hou is my savior, and he saved my life before and with Senior Fei Hou’s strength, he doesn’t need to instruct other people to kidnap me.”

    Liu Mu persuaded, “Miss, you must be vigilant. He might have his purpose in saving you that year; seven years have passed and how could there be such a coincidence for Miss to encounter them at the same place? Moreover, this Bandit Head has already confessed.”

    Chen Li still shook her head; she doesn’t believe Fei Hou would act this way for it wasn’t necessary.

    If Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were the main culprits, at this moment, both of them could kidnap her without any resistance; was there a need to use so much effort?

    At this point of time, Huang Xiaolong clapped his hands.

    Everyone shifted their attention to him.

    Huang Xiaolong looked at Liu Mu, “I have to say, your little play is better than I have expected.”

    Liu Mu’s face darkened, “What do you mean?”

    “What do I mean?” Huang Xiaolong repeated coldly: “You arranged for this group of bandits.”

    Hearing this, the people present were taken aback.


    Liu Mu had an angry expression on his face, “You’re slandering, absolute slander! I have followed Miss more than a decade and there is no doubt about my loyalty and devotion to Miss. You are retaliating because I exposed your trick, that’s why you turn around and slander me!” He quickly turned towards Chen Li, protesting: “Miss, you must not believe them!”

    Chen Li shook her head at Huang Xiaolong, “Young Master Huang, Liu Mu has been by my side since I was little, and these past dozen years, he has loyally protected my safety. It cannot be Uncle Liu.”

    To her, Liu Mu was even less a culprit compared to Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

    Liu Mu’s cold stare fell on Huang Xiaolong, “As a stranger and outsider, do you think we will believe your nonsense?”

    Huang Xiaolong turned towards Chen Li: “You really trust him?”

    Chen Li nodded, “Others I dare not say, but Liu Mu, I absolutely trust him.”

    Although Chen Li did not say it out loud, the dissatisfaction towards Huang Xiaolong was obvious in her voice.

    Evidently, she agreed with what Liu Mu said, Huang Xiaolong slandered Liu Mu because Liu Mu first pointed the finger at them.

    Liu Mu was someone who watched over her since she was little, and the feelings between them were very deep. Huang Xiaolong’s accusation made her heart uncomfortable.

    Huang Xiaolong turned back, to Fei Hou he said: “We’re leaving.”

    Since Chen Li stated her firmly position, there was no need to say anymore.

    “Yes, Young Lord!” Fei Hou replied respectfully.

    Chen Li blanked for a moment, and she called out to Fei Hou anxiously, “Senior Fei Hou, this isn’t what I meant.”

    Fei Hou shook his head, saying nothing. He quietly followed behind Huang Xiaolong and left.


    But before Huang Xiaolong left, suddenly, his palm struck the one-armed Bandit Head’s chest as he was passing by. The Bandit Head let out a scream as he flew out, crashing into countless trees. When he hit the soil, there was no breath left.

    Chen Li and everyone in her party were shocked.

    And before their shocked eyes, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou mounted on their horses and sped away.

    Watching the two silhouettes grew further away, Liu Mu’s shock turned into great relief. His eyes furtively swept passed the Bandit Head’s corpse and the rest of the bandits, and a frown appeared on his forehead that lasted less than a second.

    A bunch of garbage!

    “Miss, should we also leave this place?” Liu Mu asked Chen Li.

    Chen Li nodded in agreement.

    Thus, not long after Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou departed, Chen Li, Liu Mu, and the rest of her party also journeyed out from the mountain area.

    “Obviously that Liu Mu is in cahoots with that group of bandits.” After leaving the area, Fei Hou spoke: “Pity that Chen Li trusts that Liu Mu too much.” Fei Hou tilted his head up to the sky and sighed.

    Huang Xiaolong nodded silently.

    Continuing on, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou weren’t in a rush, allowing the horse to run comfortably.


    On the other side, one day after Chen Li and her party separated from Huang Xiaolong, they crossed a mountain pass when they suddenly ran into a group of black-clothed men. The way these black-clothed dressed were similar to the bandits from last night, and it was clear as day, they belonged to the same group.

    Watching the retreat path around her being blocked off, panic rose in Chen Li’s heart.

    These black-clothed men besieged Chen Li and her party in the middle, without wasting a word, and they started slaughtering with the weapons in their hands. In just a short while, all of Chen Li’s guards and servants were killed, but what surprised Chen Li was that these people ‘spared’ Liu Mu. They did not attack him at all.

    While Chen Li was still surprised, one of the bandits stepped forward towards Liu Mu, and in a polite manner, he greeted him: “Steward Liu.”

    Liu Mu nodded.


    Chen Li’s eyes were wide with disbelief.


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    Chapter 105:  Running Into Each Other Again

    “Uncle Liu, it really was you!” Chen Li’s face was filled with disbelief as she stared at Liu Mu. Even at this moment, she can’t will herself to believe what was happening is real.

    “That Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were right,” Reaching this point, Liu Mu wasn’t afraid to admit it, and he nodded his head in all frankness and said: “The group of bandits earlier was arranged by me.”

    Chen Li trembled with anger yet she scared at the same time, she gritted her teeth, asking: “Why?!”

    Liu Mu sneered, “Why? You should ask your Father for the reason. Chen Li, don’t blame me after you die for the only one you should blame is your Father!”

    “Blame my Father?” Chen Lu repeated stupidly, not understanding.

    “That’s right. Your Father uprooted the Long Family that year; pity he didn’t realize that not all from the Long Family were annihilated!” Liu Mu recounted coldly.

    “Steward Liu, what’s the use of telling this to her? The Young Lord is awaiting our report.” The bandit dressed man behind Liu Mu stepped forward and said.

    Liu Mu nodded in agreement and signaled with his hands. The surrounding bandits stepped up and captured Chen Li.

    “What do you want to do? Where are you taking me?!”  Chen Li was terrified and her voice shook as she shouted fearfully.

    “Taking you where?” Liu Mu scoffed, “Don’t worry, the time for you to die hasn’t come. Young Lord already said that letting you die so easily can’t satisfy the hatred in his heart. Young Lord ordered us to bring you back for him to enjoy a month or so, and only when he’s tired and bored of you then we’ll send you on your way. After that, we’ll generously deliver your body back to Chen Manor so that your Father can appreciate the ‘scenery.’

    Chen Li’s eyes shot fire as she glared hatefully at Liu Mu: “Liu Mu, my father was good to you; you’re a traitor, biting the hand that fed you!” Chen Li spat saliva right onto Liu Mu’s face.

    Liu Mu wiped the saliva off his face with his fingers and his tongue licked one of his fingers; a burning light shone as his eyes roamed over Chen Li’s curvaceous body, and leered sinisterly, “Didn’t expect even your saliva is so fragrant, it wasn't for Young Lord’s prior instruction, I would ‘service’ you right now!”

    Chen Li was so furious that her bosom was heaving exaggeratedly.

    “Take her away!” Liu Mu shouted.

    “No need to handle these corpses, just leave it here and let those wild beasts take care of them.”

    “Yes, Steward Liu!”

    Liu Mu and the group of bandits took the kidnapped Chen Li and left the scene, taking some off-roads through the forest instead of the main pathway.

    Half a day later, they arrived at a mountain path in the wilderness.

    But when the group of bandits wanted to continue on, Liu Mu suddenly halted his steps; horrified, he stared straight ahead at the two silhouettes traveling in his direction.

    These two people turned out to be Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou who left their party two days ago!

    He actually ran into them again!

    At this point, Chen Li also noticed Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou up ahead, and joy lit up her small face. Her dull, desperate heart saw a ray of hope. However, at the moment, her mouth was sealed shut, unable to call out, constrained to making only ‘ooo wu owo’ whining sounds to attract their attention!

    Some distance away, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Ho who were going about their way noticed Chen Li, Liu Mu, and the group of bandits and they too were surprised. Neither of them thought they would meet again so soon after separating from Chen Li’s party.

    Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou exchanged a glance and nudged their horses forward.

    “Steward Liu, what’s the matter?” The bandit behind Liu Mu asked after seeing him stop suddenly with a frightened expression; feeling puzzled, he went up and inquired about the matter.

    Liu Mu quivered slightly as he pointed to the front at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou that were approaching them: “They, it’s them!”

    “Them?” That bandit was confused.

    He already saw the two people approaching them, but he can’t see what’s so special about them.

    Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou reined their horses and came to a stop in front of Liu Mu. Huang Xiaolong’s eyes swept through the group of bandits and paused for a second on Chen Li before he turned to Liu Mu, “I say, isn’t this Steward Liu? I didn’t think there would be such a coincidence that we would run into each other again-- it really does seem like fate!”

    Liu Mu did not say anything and the expression on his face grew increasingly ugly.

    “And isn’t this Miss Chen Li?” Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Hmm, where are you’ll heading to that you need to tie up Miss Chen Lu’s hands and seal her mouth?”

    Liu Mu maintained his silence, but the male bandit behind him was angered: “Kid, this has nothing to do with you, if you know what’s good for you, you better scram far away this moment. Otherwise, I’ll cut you into two pieces!”


    However, just as his voice ended, a sharp light ray from a sword flashed by and that bandit’s eyes protruded in shock as the light in his eyes dissipated. In less than a second, his body tumbled stiffly to the forest floor with blood spurting out from his throat like a fountain, dying the soil red.

    The rest of the bandits were startled, and then, all of them swiftly drew out their swords as they burned with fury looking at both Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

    “Stop your actions!” Liu Mu barked at the group of black-clothed bandits.

    He understood very well if Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou wanted to deal with them, it would be just a matter of seconds.

    The bandits that were preparing to rush towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou stopped after hearing Liu Mu’s order.

    Liu Mu looked at Huang Xiaolong as he squeezed out an amiable smile, “Young Master Huang, Senior Fei Hou, this matter has nothing to do with you; if you can walk away, my Young Lord would repay the kindness in the future!”

    “Young Lord?” Huang Xiaolong put on a haughty expression on his face, “Didn’t you claim the two of us to be the masterminds behind the incident?

    Didn’t you say that you have followed your Miss for more than a decade and that you’ve always been loyal and devoted? Didn’t you also accuse us of slandering you?”

    Liu Mu didn’t know how best to answer the flurry of questions from Huang Xiaolong whereas the sealed mouth Chen Li felt ashamed. At that time, she had proudly declared that she trusted Liu Mu, yet she didn’t expect in the blink of an eye she was captured by Liu Mu and these people.


    “What exactly do you want?” Moments later, Liu Mu asked with a sullen expression. Saying this, he took out a bag of money and lobbed it forward.

    “There is a gold card with a hundred thousand gold coins inside, exchangeable at any bank in the Yuwai Kingdom.”

    Huang Xiaolong caught the bag of money, yet the expression on his face remained aloof: “A hundred thousand gold coins?”

    Seeing this, Chen Li became anxious and she shook her head vigorously, making muffled sounds hoping to dissuade Huang Xiaolong.

    “A hundred thousand gold coins can only send off beggars.” Huang Xiaolong stared directly at Liu Mu.

    Liu Mu’s brow scrunched together, gritted his teeth and threw out another money bag: “Inside this bag is another card with a hundred thousand gold coins!”

    Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “There is roughly a hundred of you here, are your lives so worthless? How about this, I’m also not a greedy person. One life, a hundred thousand gold coins.”

    One life a hundred thousand gold coins, that amounts to over ten million!

    Over ten million gold coins!

    When Liu Mu understood the underlying meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words, and his anger erupted, “You’re f*cking kidding me?” He finally realized, Huang Xiaolong was playing with them from the beginning!

    “So what if I’m playing with you?” Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly; his eyes glanced at Fei Hou and without the need for words, Fei Hou understood Huang Xiaolong’s meaning. Fei Hou’s silhouette flashed and vanished from the horseback, appearing right in front of Liu Mu. Liu Mu’s eyes widened in fear, watching Fei Hou’s palm slide past his throat, sharper than a weapon.

    Shocked, Liu Mu stood in the same spot while Fei Hou did not move an inch as he waved his hands, and Liu Mu and the rest of the bandits fell down by the dozens as miserable screams reverberated in the forest.

    Not needing a long time, the cries and screams stopped, leaving only Chen Li breathing as she stood petrified in the same spot.

    After he finished dealing with Liu Mu and the group of bandits, Fei Hou came beside Chen Li. With a wave of his long sword, Chen Li shut her eyes tightly in fear. Fei Hou’s sword actually slashed the rope that bound her hands.

    When all is done, Fei Hou returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

    “Let’s go,” Huang Xiaolong spoke, ignoring the other side, and he and Fei Hou galloped away on their horses.


    Seconds passed by, and Chen Li braced herself and opened her eyes, watching Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s backs disappearing from view. Looking at the outcome around here, she suddenly broke out in tears.


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    I think you mean much denser instead of more compact. While they have similar meaning compact refers to something being small or possibly being squeezed to make it smaller and fit into a smaller space. Density refers to the measure of how compact a substance is. If you are describing how compact, heavy, or more substantial a substance is then you use density. It is often used to describe muscle quality and the quality of other materials in novels.
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    We changed it to 'higher viscosity'

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    Editor: lecourrielxiii

    Chapter 106: "I’m His Old Man!"

    A long time after Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou had left, a gust of cold wind blew, sobering Chen Li up to her current situation. She left the place in a haste and when she was running, she passed Liu Mu’s corpse and tripped over it.

    Falling face down, tears mixed with soil and sand, dirtying her face and hands. Enduring not cry out as she struggled to get up, she quickly ran off in the same direction Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou left earlier, towards the Yuwai Royal City.


    Two days later.

    Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou stood before the huge city gates, and Fei Hou nearly couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart; he’s back, finally!

    The Yuwai Royal City gates were same as before, no big changes at all.

    “Let’s go in!” A short moment later, Huang Xiaolong spoke.

    Repressing the excitement in his heart, Fei Hou nodded ‘yes’ enthusiastically.

    Two figures entered through the city gates.

    Passing through the city gates, the two of them strolled along the bustling streets in a relaxed manner, going along with the flow of people. Drinking in the lively atmosphere, Fei Hou was a little emotional. Seven years passed, and the Yuwai Royal City was just as he remembered it,  but many of the shops had changed businesses, and some buildings were renovated and these newer additions were somewhat strange to him.

    Huang Xiaolong nodded secretly as he observed the prosperous and bustling streets of the Yuwai Royal City. Compared to the Luo Tong Kingdom’s Royal City, the condition here was way better. Moreover, judging from the buildings and infrastructure of the city, they were a level higher than the Luo Tong Royal City.

    There were two more days until Fei Hou’s eldest grandson’s wedding day. Since they already arrived in the Royal City, neither of them was in a rush to reach the Fei Manor, taking their own sweet time strolling in the streets.

    A couple of hours later, it was already noon. As they passed by a large restaurant, Fei Hou stopped and happily said to Huang Xiaolong: “Young Lord, this Absolutely Luscious Dishes Floor is one of the three best restaurants here. Their specialty, Fiery Wine, is tastier than the Delicious Restaurant’s Snow Moon Wine. Should we go in and have a drink?”

    Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Fiery Wine? Very well, let’s go in and taste some.”

    Thus, without further ado, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou walked into the Absolutely Luscious Dishes Floor.

    Once he entered, Huang Xiaolong saw the lower floor consisted of over a hundred tables and all of them were seated with customers, leaving none open or empty. At this time, a person with the owner’s attire and appearance was hurrying towards Fei Hou, asking eagerly “You are Marquis Fei Hou?”


    Fei Hou nodded. “Boss Chen, these past few years that I didn’t come, your business is flourishing nicely ah!”

    This middle-aged man happens to be the restaurant’s boss. In the past, Fei Hou patronized the restaurant often for their dishes and Fiery Wine; the two of them can be considered old friends.

    “Hehe, Marquis Fei Hou jests. The few years that we haven’t seen each other, yet Your Excellency looks younger than before.” The restaurant boss laughed, “Unlike me, getting older every day.” As he said this, his hand gestured courteously, “Marquis Fei Hou, this way please, to the second floor; I’ll tell the small ones to arrange your table and dishes!”

    Fei Hou nodded his head and went up to the first floor with Huang Xiaolong.

    The second floor was just as boisterous as the lower floor, and it seemed to have no empty tables available, but the boss had swiftly arranged it for them.

    Not long after both of them had sat down, the dishes were sent up.

    There were also two jugs of wine – two big jugs of wine served with custom made fiery red cups resembling moving lava.

    The fragrant wine teased Huang Xiaolong’s nose as he poured some out into a cup and tilted the entire content into his mouth; a sweet dry taste  flooded his senses as the wine rushed down his throat, turning into a strong, burning sensation that spreads out in an instant as if every blood cell in the body was about to combust, and a feeling of contentment and elation rose in the drinker’s heart.

    “Good wine!” Huang Xiaolong praised aloud.

    Cups raises endlessly between Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

    As Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou enjoyed themselves, discussions from tables nearby passed into their ears.

    “Did you hear, the King personally conferred Yang An the title of Marquis!”

    “Tsk tsk, that Yang An is only twenty-one years old, and he’s already a Marquis. This is a first for our Yuwai Kingdom; in my opinion, in another few years that Yangan will probably be conferred the title of a Duke!”

    “This is because that Yang An is our kingdom’s number one genius, a monstrous genius! One year ago, he was already a peak late-Ninth Order,  and with his cultivation speed, I say he can breakthrough to the Tenth Order within this year!”  

    “A twenty-one-year-old Tenth Order, what a monster! In another few years, Yang An will be representing the Yuwai Kingdom to participate in the Imperial City Battle, and with his talent, a top ten spot is almost guaranteed!”

    Noises of discussion filled the second floor, and in the dozen or so tables, practically every table was talking about something related to that Yang An.

    “Oh, Yang An?” Hearing bits and pieces of these discussions, Huang Xiaolong became curious.

    “I never would have imagined Yang An, that kid is also a Marquis now!” At this moment, Fei Hou sighed: “That year when I left, that Yangan had just broken through to the Eighth Order.”

    Huang Xiaolong looked at Fei Hou.

    Fei Hou explained to Huang Xiaolong, “Young Lord, this Yang An’s martial spirit is a top grade twelve martial spirit, the Roaring Sky God Lion, and he is our Yuwai Kingdom’s most talented genius ever, currently attending classes in Yuwai Academy. Perhaps later on, he will participate in the Imperial City Battle in Duanren Empire together with you, Young Lord.”

    “Top grade twelve martial spirit, Roaring Sky God Lion,” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

    Except for Jiang Teng, his Senior Brother Chen Tianqi, and the Duanren Empire’s Emperor, this Yang An was the fourth person he had come to know to possess a superb talent martial spirit.

    But Jiang Teng’s martial spirit was a top grade eleven spirit, the Scared Bright Tiger, whereas this Yang An’s grade twelve spirit threw Jiang Teng off by a long road.

    Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou kept drinking while eavesdropping on the conversations around them. A short while later, they paid the bill and left. When Fei Hou was paying, the boss came out and proceeded to discount the amount by half before sending off Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou in person.

    Leaving the restaurant, both of them headed straight to the Fei Manor.


    Roughly an hour later, they came to the main street leading to Fei Manor; although there was still two days before Fei Ming’s wedding day, the main door of the manor was already crowded with people in a merry mood and an endless stream of horses and carriages bearing gifts.

    Obviously, these are people from noble families paying congratulatory visits due to the occasion.

    Standing in the street before the sign plate of Fei Manor, bubbling emotions filled Fei Hou’s heart and when he stepped into the Fei Manor with Huang Xiaolong, his excitement nearly spilled over.

    However, just as they were about to step across the doorway, the two guards at the sides of the door suddenly raised their hands, blocking their path: “Where are you going here? What matters do you have with the Fei Manor?”

    Fei Hou blanked for a moment before asking, “You two don’t recognize me?”

    The two guards scrutinized Fei Hou from head to toe, and one of them laughed, “I say old man, who do you think you are? Why must we recognize you?!”

    Fei Hou was dazed by the answer, and a deep frown appeared on his forehead-- looks like these two guards were hired in the years after he had left so neither of them recognized him.

    He turned around, a little embarrassed as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

    He didn’t expect for something so awkward such as this to happen even before he returned to Fei Manor.

    Huang Xiaolong gave him a faint smile and did not say anything. Only Fei Hou can handle this matter.

    At this point, Fei Hou told the two guards: “Call your Patriarch out.”

    The same guard smiled wider, saying “Call our Patriarch out? Old man, I think you don’t realize the situation. You think our Patriarch is someone you can see just cause you say so?”

    “I’m his old man!” Fei Hou’s temper came out!

    But in the ears of the two guards, it sounded as if Fei Hou was cursing their family’s Patriarch and that made their expression turn cold.

    “Old man, be frank and tell us, did you come here to make trouble? Your blind dog eyes, how dare you make havoc here, look around and see where this is!”

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    Ahahaha!! I almost feel bad for these guards being as ignorant as they are and how pitiful they will be acting soon, by the way I love the term that was used to say Fei Hou is their bosses father "I'm his old man!"  :) :p

    (Ah I'm so embarrassed my weirdness and over excitement showed in my writing)
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    Editor: lecourrielxiii

    Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man?


    Make trouble?

    Your blinded dog eyes?!

    Look around and see where this is?!

    Fei Hou was floored being treated this way in his own home; anger and frustration bubbled inside him whereas Huang Xiaolong behind him was shaking his head while smiling bitterly.

    “Impetuous!” Fei Hou bellowed; his right hand suddenly waved forward, bringing a violent gale that whirled at the two guards away, throwing them heavily onto the ground.

    The two guards screamed at the top of their lungs, raising a commotion the in mansion’s surroundings. Passersby and nobles who came to send congratulatory gifts nearly jumped out of their skin, and they instantly retreated.


    At this time, loud footsteps were heard rushing to their direction from the inner yards of the mansion and a group of mansion guards appeared, around twenty of them.

    Leading the group of guards was a thick-bearded, middle-aged man. A thick, black beard covered three-quarter of his face, making him look particularly fierce and vicious; judging from his attire and demeanor, this middle-aged man must be the guards’ captain.

    “What is happening?” The moment this thick-bearded man rushed to the scene, he shouted out the question as he came beside the two miserable guards.

    Struggling to get up, the two guards said to the middle-aged man: “Captain Lin, it was these two people! They came to make trouble at our Fei Mansion; he berated our Patriarch and attacked us first!” A finger pointed towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

    That thick black-bearded spun in Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s direction, and his expression sank. His mouth opened and a cold voice sounded, “Did you two eat a bear’s heart or leopard’s gallbladder? You dare come and make trouble in our Fei Mansion? Do you know what kind of place is the Fei Mansion?”

    Huang Xiaolong rendered slightly helpless with the situation; it seems this black beard middle-aged is also someone who doesn’t recognize Fei Hou. Fei Hou was away for seven years, so how much did the guards change in during this period of time?

    Fei Hou also was speechless.

    “Tell Fei Rong to come out!” Fei Hou stated bluntly with a nerve twitching on his forehead.

    The thick black-bearded man was angered hearing Fei Hou refer to their Patriarch by name as this was naked disrespect towards their Patriarch, and his face darkened considerably: “Go! Capture these two people, let the Patriarch to judge their crime!”

    “Yes, Captain Lin!”

    The Fei Mansion’s guards acknowledged loudly in unison, and all of the guards rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou. However, just when the group of guards wanted to make their moves, Fei Hou’s palms slapped the void before him gently.

    “Seal of Thunderstorm!” Tens, no, hundreds of handprints flew out like rain during a violent thunderstorm right onto the bodies of the Fei Mansion’s guards, sending them flying off in all directions.

    Over twenty of Fei Mansion’s guards lay groaning on the ground.

    Captain Lin’s face changed for the worse; Fei Hou’s strength had far exceeded his estimation as he himself was a Ninth Order, and he guessed Fei Hou to be, at the very least, a Tenth Order.


    While this was happening at the front, Fei Rong was sitting in the main hall chatting with several other families’ Patriarchs.

    “Patriarch Fei, congrats, congrats ah; your dearest son and Miss Tao are getting married-- this is a great event in the Royal City ah!”

    “Yes ah, Miss Tao is the pearl of Duke Tao’s palm and the famous number one beauty in our Yuwai Royal City. Fei Ming, this kid really knows how to win the beauty’s heart, even this Uncle Chen is feeling envious of him!”

    Fei Rong chuckled, and just when he was about to speak, suddenly, loud shouting came from outside, and this realization surprised everyone sitting in the main hall. Is there still someone who dared to come and make trouble in the Fei Mansion?

    At this point, a loud miserable scream resounded in the air; Fei Rong could tell it was Captain Lin Chenghu’s voice, and his brows creased. Lin Chenghu was a Ninth Order expert: who could the person that injured him be, a Tenth Order?

    “Everyone,” Fei Rong stood up: “Please excuse me for a moment.”

    The several Patriarchs in the main hall and exchanged looks among themselves, and one by one stood up with Fei Rong.

    One of them said: “We will go out together with Brother Fei and see what’s happening. Let’s take a look who has such big guts to come and create trouble here in the Fei Mansion!”

    Fei Rong smiled, “Okay, I thank everyone here.” Fei Rong stepped out of the main hall with the Patriarchs, heading towards the Fei Mansion’s main door.


    Moments later, Fei Rong and the group behind him arrived on the scene.

    When Fei Rong reached the entrance area, his steps suddenly stopped and his body trembled. Noticing the silhouette near the entrance, Fei Rong was taken over by happiness and surprise.

    The Guards Captain, Lin Chenghu, that was slammed away by Fei Hou earlier saw Fei Rong came out, and joy bloomed over this thick-bearded face as he scrambled to get up and reach Fei Rong’s side: “Patriarch, it is these two people! They came to cause trouble in Fei Mansion!”

    However, Fei Rong didn’t look like he heard a word Lin Chenghu said, pushing him away to the side. Fei Rong walked and reached the middle-aged man who hit all the mansion’s guards in a few brisk steps. Fei Rong shocked everyone present when he suddenly knelt down: “Father, you have returned!”

    Father, you have returned!

    Lin Chenghu’s jaw dropped.

    The several Patriarchs that came with Fei Rong were stunned.

    The passersby and noble families that came to send congratulatory gifts were shocked, and the initial two guards that blocked Fei Hou’s path stiffened on the spot.

    Father?! The two guards turned deadly pale in the blink of an eye. That means this middle-aged man was really Patriarch’s Old Man?! Not someone here to make trouble?!

    Thinking of this, even their lower part shrunk in fear.

    Fei Hou turned around, seeing saw his son, his solemn face relaxed: “Stand up!”

    “Yes, Father!” Fei Rong answered respectfully, standing up. Fei Rong was full of smiles. “Father, you finally came back!” Seeing his Father back, Fei Rong was truly delighted from the bottom of his heart. The day after tomorrow is his son’s wedding day, and Father rushed back in time to join in on the ceremony-- this was the greatest gift of all.

    Fei Hou grinned, and then his expression suddenly became solemn as he said to Fei Rong: “This is Young Lord, quickly come and greet him!”

    Young Lord?!

    Fei Rong was greatly surprised as he inspected Huang Xiaolong visually. He looked at his Father with a puzzled face; why would Father recognize a fifteen, sixteen-year-old boy as Young Lord?

    “What are you dilly-dallying for?” Seeing his son rooted there with hesitation, Fei Hou’s voice grew solemn and he snapped.

    Detecting the vast difference in his Father’s expression, Fei Rong’s heart nearly jumped out from his throat. Evidently, his Father wasn’t playing a joke on him.

    “Fei Rong greets the Young Lord!” Fei Rong no longer dared to be slow.

    Huang Xiaolong reached out and helped Fei Rong up, “Patriarch Fei, no need to stand on ceremony, please stand.”

    This turn of event greatly baffled the Fei Mansion guards and the nobles around.

    Fei Mansion’s legendary Old Man was finally back, but he recognized a young man as Young Lord?!

    What was this young man’s identity?!

    At this point, the Patriarchs of other families behind Fei Rong hurried to pay their respects to Fei Hou: “Greeting, Senior Fei Hou!”

    Fei Hou nodded.


    “Father, let’s return inside the yard?” Fei Rong asked Fei Hou.

    “Okay.” Fei Hou agreed, and to Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou made a ‘please’ gesture and invited Huang Xiaolong into the mansion: “Young Lord, please!”

    Huang Xiaolong can do nothing with Fei Hou’s gesture and became the first to walk in and he was followed by Fei Hou, Fei Rong, and the Patriarchs of other families.

    When all had left, the guards and Lin Chenghu were still standing in the same spot in a daze.

    In the Fei Mansion’s main hall, Fei Hou requested Huang Xiaolong to sit on the main seat whereas he sat on his side. Fei Rong and the others can only sit in the normal seats in the hall.

    Although Fei Rong has many questions and doubts about Huang Xiaolong, he didn’t dare to ask about it in the open.

    “Where is Fei Ming, that brat?” Fei Hou asked after taking a seat.

    Fei Rong replied respectfully, “Father, Fei Ming went out with Miss Tao. I will send someone to inform him of your return, and tell him to come back!”

    Fei Hou nodded his head in consent.

    However, at this time, a Fei Mansion guard ran in abruptly in panic, hollering “Patriarch, it’s bad. Young Master Fei Ming was beaten until he was injured!”

    “What?!” Everyone in the main hall’s expression’s looked ugly.

    “What happened exactly? Who did it?!” Fei Rong’s fury erupted.

    That person simply does not put the Fei Mansion in his eyes.

    Next Chapter: Tmr

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    My bet is the new Marquis with that precious kitty for a martial spirit beat Fei Ming up, maybe for his girl, maybe not.
    Basically it's about the woman yea?
    Life is an ass.
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    And Death doesn't give a shit.
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  • Editor: lecourrielxiii


    Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something To Me?   


    That guard hesitated a moment before reporting truthfully: “He was been beaten by Yang Zhanfei!”

    “Yang Zhanfei!”

    Those in the main hall were shocked, and the angry expression on Fei Rong’s face diminished a level.

    Huang Xiaolong noticed the unfavorable expressions in the main hall, and could not help but ask, “Who is this Yang Zhanfei?”

    Fei Hou replied respectfully: “Yang Zhanfei is that Yang An’s younger brother!”

    “Yang An?” This relation was out of Huang Xiaolong’s expectations.

    That number one monstrous genius of the Yuwai Kingdom, Yang An? On the way here, the name he heard the most number of times was this Yang An. He did not expect that Yang Zhanfei would be Yang An’s younger brother!

    “Where is your Young Master now?” Huang Xiaolong turned to ask that Fei Mansion guard.

    Fei Hou, Fei Rong, and the rest also turned to look at the guard.

    The guard quickly replied: “At the Thousand Virtues Street!”

    “Thousand Virtues Street?” Huang Xiaolong shifted his gaze onto Fei Hou, “How far is this Thousand Virtues Street from Fei Mansion?”

    “It is just three streets away, not far!” Fei Hou promptly answered.

    “Let us hurry over and see.” Huang Xiaolong stood up.


    Subsequently, under Fei Hou, Fei Rong, and the Patriarchs’ lead, Huang Xiaolong and the group showed up at Thousand Virtues Street a short while later. What welcomed them was the view of a group of people encircling another group in the middle. The encircling group was laughing, mocking, and pointing, having a merry time judging from the expressions on their faces.

    When Huang Xiaolong’s group neared the center, an arrogant loud voice sounded: “Your mother, with this ugly face of yours you think you’re worthy of Tao Zhe? Don’t assume your Fei Mansion is almighty; in my eyes, Fei Mansion is nothing at all!”

    “Let me tell you, Fei Ming, today this father beat you up, so what! What does your Fei Mansion dare to do? That Dad of yours is also nothing but a toothless tiger!”

    The encircling crowd broke out in raucous laughter.

    Obviously, it came from that Yang Zhanfei’s servants and guards he brought with him.

    “Yang Zhanfei, I’ll fight you to death!” A furious roar cuts through the noises.

    And seconds later, a painful scream ensued.


    Fei Rong’s face paled hearing that voice. Anger and wrath erupted inside his heart, the Fei Mansion guards sprinted into the encirclement, breaking it and scattering the crowd away. Huang Xiaolong and the rest saw a twenty-five or twenty-six-year-old young man lying on the street with blood stains on his face while a beautiful young girl in her early twenties tried to lift the young man up with a worried face. At the same time, her face contained fury glaring at another young man dressed in golden brocade robe opposite them, not far away.

    This beautiful young woman should be Tao Zhe, and that young man in golden brocade robe – Yang Zhanfei.

    “Fei Ming, how bad is it?” Tao Zhe propped Fei Ming up and anxiously asked.

    Fei Ming only shook his head.

    At this time, the Fei Mansion guards had already cut a path through the crowd and Fei Rong was seen rushing up front.

    “Dad!” Fei Ming called out seeing Fei Rong, but as his voice landed, his eyes caught sight of another silhouette behind Fei Rong; surprised, his voice trembled when he cried out: “Grandfather!”

    “Grandfather, you’re back!” Ignoring his injuries, Fei Ming hastened precariously towards Fei Hou.

    Fei Hou nodded and flashed an affectionate smile as he quickly took over holding up his grandson up and checking the extent of his injuries. Fei hou let out a breath of relief. His grandson’s injuries weren’t as bad as it looks; it seems that Yang Zhanfei still had a sense of proportion.

    Yang Zhanfei was greatly shocked within when he saw Fei Hou; an old man that had disappeared for so many years actually came back? He knew Fei Hou was a peak late-Tenth Order.

    “Heyhey, Fei Mansion guards’ action is quite efficient-- even the Patriarch came!” Yang Zhanfei’s poisonous tongue wagged. “Don’t worry, that Fei Ming’s life is in no danger! But he might not be so lucky next time.” He looked at Fei Ming as he spoke these words, “When you see me in the future, hide far away, otherwise, I will beat you up every time I see you!”

    “We’re leaving!” Yang Zhanfei motioned with a hand wave, signaling the servant and guards behind him.

    “Stop!” Just when Yang Zhanfei was about to leave with his servants and guards, a loud snarled resounded.

    Yang Zhanfei’s leg paused inches above the ground, his head looked back and saw the one who spoke was Fei Hou.

    Fei Hou slowly stepped towards the young man.

    If he allowed this young man to pat his ass and leave just like that, then the Fei Mansion wouldn’t face any face to show in Yuwai Royal City anymore!

    Yang Zhanfei calmly looked on as Fei Hou approached him slowly, “You are Fei Hou? You want to avenge your grandson?” Saying this, his eyes swept through the numbers of Fei Mansion guards, “You want to bully us having fewer people?”

    Fei Hou opened his mouth about to answer, suddenly, Huang Xiaolong appeared next to him, “As long as you can take one palm from me, we’ll allow you to leave.”

    Yang Zhanfei glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong, but all of a sudden, a smile emerged on his face “Kid, what did you say? Take one palm from you? Repeat it again, this father didn’t understand clearly.”

    The servants and guards behind Yang Zhanfei broke out in laughter whereas Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent.

    “Kid, where did a kid that hasn’t weaned milk like you run out from, can you even make decisions?” Yang Zhanfei said after he managed to stop laughing.

    “He is my Young Lord, his meaning is my meaning!” At this time, Fei Hou interjected.

    Young Lord?!

    Yang Zhanfei was dumbstruck looking at Huang Xiaolong when he heard Fei Hou’s words, and he was greatly surprised.

    Fei Hou actually referred to this teenage boy as Young Lord!

    The servants and guards behind Yang Zhanfei were also observing Huang Xiaolong with shock in their eyes.

    Getting over his shock, Yang Zhanfei coldly said, “Since it is like this, I also want to see how you can defeat me with just one palm!” A cruel light glinted across Yang Zhanfei’s pupils.


    Although Fei Hou referred to Huang Xiaolong as Young Lord which greatly shook his heart, he did not take Huang Xiaolong seriously. Or it was more accurate to say, he’d never put a sixteen-year-old kid in his eyes, much less defeat him with just one palm!

    At this point, the crowd sensibly retreated back. Yang Zhanfei and Huang Xiaolong stood in the middle with waves of energies fluctuating in the air.

    The crowd’s focus was entirely on the two figures in the middle, especially Fei Rong. His eyes followed Huang Xiaolong tightly as he wanted to know Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

    What does this young man have that made Father acknowledged him as Lord?!

    “Dad, he is?” Fei Ming asked Fei Rong, pointing at Huang Xiaolong. Just now, his Grandfather actually acknowledged in public that young man is his Young Lord, and the shock and surprised he felt was much stronger compared to Fei Rong.

    “Are you ready?” Huang Xiaolong asked in a nonchalant manner as he looked at the opposite side.

    “Million Stars Holy Boxing!”

    Yang Zhanfei suddenly dashed out, making a sneak attack ㅡ his fist punched towards Huang Xiaolong’s chest. The attack arrived almost instantly in front of Huang Xiaolong and countless starlight shone like pillars as a discernable, holy aura spread out from the center.

    Everyone present was startled for none of them imagined Yang Zhanfei would launch a sneak attack.

    Including Fei Rong.

    “Careful!” Fei Ming blurted out in anxiousness-- that Yang Zhanfei is a peak late-Seventh Order.

    When everyone thought Yang Zhanfei’s attack would hit the mark, Huang Xiaolong made his move. He raised one of his hands and slammed out an attack against the fist.

    “Boom!” A loud explosion reverberated in the air.

    Yang Zhanfei wailed tragically, flying out and crashing heavily onto the streets, causing the entire street to shake.

    One palm!

    Not one person dared to utter gasps of surprise loudly.

    Fei Rong was stupefied whereas Fei Ming who shouted for Huang Xiaolong to be careful was transfixed on the spot with his mouth the shape of an ‘O’.

    The servants and guards that came with Yang Zhanfei were so scared they forgot to help Yang Zhanfei up from the ground.


    Huang Xiaolong slowly walked towards Yang Zhanfei, the latter had fear written all over his face; his butt scraped the street surface in horror, “You, you, what do you want to do?!”

    “What do I want to do?” Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of him.


    Final release: Tmr (yes, I'mma leave you with a cliffy~~)

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