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Keep everything with a grain of salt as always:


○After picking up flame fairy he heads of to Sword Palace to join up and becomes amazed when he sees how amazing the place is with it's crazy sword intent spewing everywhere
○It also has black armored dao lords guarding the palace from it's outposts
○Ning pulls out his Sword Palace token and one of the dao lords called Fu Dan politely welcomes him and asks him if it's his first time here
○Fu Dan is amazed Ning has a token and actually came from Star Island 
○Once Ning enters the palace he finds out where that crazy ass sword intent was coming from, it was from two drawn characters made by an Eternal Emperor called Feng Xue (風雪帝君) 
○To put it simply, Bright Horizon Empire's founder was powerful and wanted to direct his dao lords in their cultivation to make them stronger, back then the 12 palaces didn't exist
○He made the rule that if you were strong enough to fight an Eternal Emperor you could open up your own palace hall and Feng Xue was the first person to achieve his dao fusion and become and EE
○After he became an EE wrote the two characters and those characters are supposedly to contain his achievements into the Eternal Stage of the Dao of the Sword
○Flame Fairy looks at the characters and says she doesn't understand jack about them and Ning says he doesn't either, he muses that will probably have to reach Dao Stage 3-4 before he can gleam some insight into the characters
○Ning and the Fu Dan walk along a road and hear some demented and crazy laughter, the voice says that even after 100 chaos cycles he still hasn't passed the test
○Turns out if you don't have a token like Ning does, you have to take a test to enter Sword Palace and it's piss hard; there are many layers to this test and a lot of World Gods are trying to pass this test to gain entry
○All those world gods are eyeing Ning casually strolling with Fu Dan with envy, haha
○They continue strolling until they pass a spar happening with a red haired guy with a big ass sword and another guy with six arms; the six armed guy is using all his arms to crazily spam attacks with magic treasures, techniques, etc but the red haired guy is easily dealing it all like nada
○Ning goes pale at the crazy high skill the red haired dude's sword techniques are and Fu Dan identifies him as Sword Monarch Yan Kuang
○Turns out Sword Palace has more than 100 Samsara Dao Lords and 200+ World Gods, if a World God becomes good enough in the Dao of the Sword that they can kill a Stage 1 Dao Lord, they get awarded with the title Sword Monarch
○There are currently 6 Sword Monarchs and being one earns you the same respect as you would get being a dao lord, at Sword Palace only
○Yan Kuang is basically sparring with other world gods and helping them out as a senior, Ning muses that he doesn't even use an Eternal Weapon to fight and still has peak World God strength, he admits that this guy is way above him in sword techniques and all the other world gods are frail and comparable to him
○After that tidbit, Ning and the Fu Dan walk off but they're stopped by the Yan Kuang, he says he won't challenge Ning right now since he just joined but he requests a spar 2 days later; Ning agrees to it 
○Fu Dan says Yan Kuang is a zealous, straightforward dude that loves competition, he'll even spar with weak people and is easy to make friends with so he's friends with many World Gods in Sword Palace
○Fu Dan takes Ning to an ancient building where the palace keeps it's sword techniques
○Along the way, Ning notices nearly 200 black armored dao lords in front the building either mediating, eating, or doing something else and he says why there are 200 dao lords when he said there were only 100 dao lords in the beginning
○Fu Dan explains that even though the people in Sword Palace treat each other fairly as brothers and what have you, there are differences in status
○You can become a Dao Lord through two ways: the hard way by comprehending the Dao of the Sword enough to break through into Dao Lord; The second way is by taking the Heavenly Stealing Samsara Pill as a World God, though you will be forever stuck at Dao Lord Stage 1
○Fu Dan explains that there are many World Gods who simply didn't have enough potential to ever breakthrough to Dao Lord naturally, so they only had one option: the Heavenly Stealing Samsara Pill
○All of those who take the pill wear the black armor and Sword Palace actually has about 2,300 of these guys and in the eyes of "real" dao lords their status the lowest
○Throughout the Bright Horizon Empire there are many like these guys who end up taking the pill, it doesn't help that the founder of the empire said that as long as you are a Dao lord you can freely join the 12 Palaces, so naturally there's an ass load of these forever low class dao lords throughout all 12 Palaces
○Ning feels bad about Fu Dan's situation since he's one them
○These guys still keep at it because even though they can't advance, they can still train in sword techniques to further their strength, obviously to a certain extent
○Once Ning enters the building, he checks out a random technique and finds it to the same level of quality as his one [Nameless] technique, unfortunately it's an incomplete technique
○Fu Dan tells him to worry about since the building has been gathering sword techniques since forever ago and the building has about 10 Million techniques to browse
○Ning shits himself at the number of techniques, but Fu Dan explains that 99% of these techniques are incomplete 
○Do note that this building mostly has Dao lord level techniques but also has some Eternal level techniques (incomplete of course) 
○Fu Dan says anyone can come and nothing in the building is off limits, you can browse everything  
○Ning considers this to be a treasure trove because progressing the Dao of Sword you need to analyze many sword techniques for their essences and that jazz
○Fu Dan smiles and says this place can't even compare to the top 3 places in Sword Palace (Ning is shocked find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!)
○Ranked 3rd is a place called Dao Lord Cloud Area, where people fight powerful constructs in matches to get rewards: There are 4 stages that give different rewards- beating the first stage you will need the strength of a Dao Lord stage 1 and it will give you the black armor that most of weak dao lords have (Like Fu Dan and all the other eternal cannon fodder) 
○Beating the second stage will give you blue armor and you need Dao lord stage 2 strength (you see the pattern), 3rd stage will give you silver armor, and the 4th stage will give you gold armor (an important note is that all armor above the black armor is top-grade eternal armor, the shitty black one is only top-grade dao armor)
○The 2nd ranked place is called Secret Pavilion and it holds divine abilities and secret techniques left behind by supreme beings, in addition to inheritances left by eternal emperors and supreme dao lords it seems, newcomers can choose 1 divine ability, secret technique or inheritance to take to learn
○The 1st ranked place is called Sword Tower Forest and it holds 83,612 towers, each one holds the signature technique and remaining sword intent of that user; you need to reach the level of skill of a Sword Monarch at minimum to obtain recognition by the Sword Tower to leave your technique and sword intent here
○Sword Tower Forest even has the techniques and sword intent of deceased eternal emperors and supreme dao lords and other supreme beings here
○Ning meets the Palace Master and talks to him about the road Dao Lords can take to reach Eternal Emperor which depends on how many Dao you fuse and asks how strong one would have to be to bring back the dead (soul destroyed); he says a Ruler-class Eternal Emperor with complete insight into the Dao of Space-Time could POSSIBLY be able to undo the destruction of a Truesoul (i.e bring back waifu's soul back to life) Ning says he take any chance to bring his waifu back
○In the Secret Pavilion, he chooses a tech called Nine Source God Water Secret Technique because of his affinity to water, thunder, and lightning and how they all complement each other; after this he heads to a place called Divine Weapon Valley in Sword Palace to get help in getting the 4th scroll in the set Eternal Emperor Xue Jian made (you pass all 4 scrolls' test and you will get a reward from him)
○After paying hundred thousand bottles of chaos nectar he is told that they will call him when they find the 4th scroll
○The main thing about Divine Weapon Valley is that even the lowest weapons are Eternal Weapons, but of course Ning has eyes on a broken sword (all other swords are simply stabbing into the ground but the broken sword is the only sword put on a table out of thousands and thousands)
○After asking around, he figures out it chooses it owner obviously and hasn't chosen anyone since it's master died (even the two previous Sword Palace masters came and got rejected by it)
○Ning sets up his immortal estate and tells Flame Fairy to go to the Fire Palace to see if she can get in and she agrees, nothing much happens
○The scene shifts to king of the Bright Horizon Empire who is a Ruler-class Eternal Emperor, he's been raising some kind of really powerful "fire mystical creature" as his own kid because he wants another powerhouse for his empire
○The Ruler has found a separate universe and wants to send his kid (the fire creature) there so he can eat the universe and grow stronger, but he can't go he can only tear open the hole to the different universe
○He gather all 12 Palace Masters and tells them to select 4 World Gods to travel with his kid to protect him, and they all feel it's hard to choose because they all have genius monsters in each of their own Palaces (like Sword Monarchs but for different Palaces and the like)
○They decide to only use people who have earned recognition of from Towers (like the Sword Towers in Sword Palace) as a pre-requisite for selection, and they come up with 66 candidates and obviously Ning isn't in those 66.
○Sword Palace master calls his Sword Monarchs and tells them about the event and says to try to do their best to get selected (Sabre Palace is the 1 number palace out of the 12 by the way); Ning trains like a madman as usual hitting up the Dao Lord Cloud Area to fight constructs and also challenges the scrolls and has beat all 3 
○He gets a message from Divine Weapon Valley that they got the final scroll he needs and pays for it, heads to fight the final guy (an old man) and beats it; all 4 scrolls combine into one large painting and a image of Eternal Emperor Xue Jian appears tell him to kowtow 3 times to accept him as his master if he wants, Ning kowtows and gets transported to Eternal Emperor Xue Jian
○He only meets a recording and it transmits memory fragments of Xue Jian's own technique [Heart Seal Form] which has a 10% success rate of becoming an Eternal Emperor, obviously Ning rejects this path as he has own path to follow, but uses the technique to later create the 7th stance of his Nameless technique
○In doing so he also obtains recognition from the Sword Tower Forest and a brand new tower is formed, Ning's tower. People congratulate him and what not, the 12 Palace Masters and the Ruler of BHE are surprised that in less than a 1000 years he obtained recognition of sword tower, added him to the list
○When the time for the selection comes, the Ruler makes all 67 candidates go to the Dao Lord Cloud Area and the top 4 people will be selected
○Ning wows 12 Palace Masters and the Ruler by making it to 2nd place and is selected to go through (like we didn't expect this)
○All 4 candidates are asked to go report to the Ruler and they meet him, he explains that they are to serve as his kid's bodyguard when they visit a foreign universe and they will receive his thanks, (having a Ruler-class EE owe you is real nice many ways, etc) The kid's name is Skyfire Mangya, by the way I just realized (shit)
○They head through the portal and arrive in the other universe and a bunch of world god bandits recognize them as foreigners and want to kill them, but they get annihilated cause Ning's crew can fight at the Dao Lord level, lol (Ning can fight up to Dao Lord Stage 2 opponents at the moment)
○They interrogate a couple of world gods and find out a sect called Nine God Star is recruiting people and to enter you have to kill 1000 world gods (did I mention that world gods are as common as a blade of grass in this universe?)  
○Along their travel they accidently fuck up and kill a weak stage 1 Dao Lord from Nine God Star and freak out lol, one of Ning's crew is proficient in the Dao of Space-time and tries to cover up the murder and they bail they fuck out (killing world gods is nothing but a dao lord will get some attention)
○Funnily enough a Stage 3 Dao Lord from Nine God Star investigates the incident and undoes the space-time cover-up and finds out that 5 world gods with dao lord level strength killed the stage 1 dao lord (Ning's Crew), instead of getting angry he wants to quickly find them and recruit them lol but by then they have long left the area
○The volume end with them finding the area that BHE's Ruler told them to go, a mysterious domain place and all that jazz

Alright fuck me that was hardcore parkcour, I might do Volume 28 later if my mind allows me. Enjoy F5 sect


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  • Yeah I'll try doing Volume 28 today if I got some spare time to dick around. If anyone would like to point out any things I got wrong, do tell me cause it's sort of hard making out the chicken scratch in lnmtl
  • Well, just details that I remembered differently- for example, fake dao lords can still technically advance, it's just ridiculously unlikely. Likewise, it's not 'the more dao you fuse' for the tier of Daolord you are. It's "the strength of that Dao" and "Have you fused a strongest type Dao". Doesn't matter if you have fused 10 or 2 of them, strength-wsie (it matters utility wise).

    Then there are untold details like how the whole group are all around the same level (space guy is a bit stronger as he has 2 different strongest Dao, but they aren't fused yet).
  • Alright, here's what I got from volume 28

    As always I'm gonna smash my head against lnmtl so if anyone can correct things I've misunderstood point 'em out, thank you kindly. Take everything with a grain of salt (or more) 

    Fuck me, volume 28 has 48 chapters... Is this my heavenly tribulation? kek  :s

    VOLUME 28

    ○Ning and his crew (BHE's Ruler's son Skyfire Mangya, Heart Monarch Feng Yi, Water Monarch Huo Jin, and prince Qing Huan) all begin entering this ancient domain that they were ordered to enter under the BHE's Ruler (need to have a command token to enter the domain safely)
    ○Apparently this domain's pretty powerful, if Ning and company weren't allowed but still barged in even they would be crushed into fine powder 
    ○The goal of this expedition is for the 5 of them to reach the core of this ancient domain because the core of this place can allow a person to have a true transformation in quality (presumably cultivation wise)
    ○Qing Huan summons his shuttle and tells everyone to hop in cause this is gonna be a long ride, the crew has noticed that this domain is fucking huge and if they're not flying in the shuttle it could take countless years to traverse it
    ○Ning makes an internal remark that he still has 1 chaos cycle to reach Vastheaven Palace and has plenty of time to dick around
    ○Qing Huan estimates it will take about 10,000 years for them to reach the core, presuming they don't run into dangerous situations
    ○As they fly along, they find a floating island with people traversing along it, but they are covered by some nebulous fog
    ○They wonder how it could be because simply put the domain is fuckhuge and the amount of people that can enter it is very low; they notice that this one person is traveling really slow, and they discover that this girl is only at the Wanxiang level of cultivation, she isn't even an immortal; she's still in the mortal stages of cultivation
    ○They talk to the girl called Lian Yu and find out this island/mainland also harbor countless lifeforms, human and monster; there are other mainlands that can be traveled to through an ancient teleportation array like Black Devil Continent and Star Ocean 
    ○They ask what the highest cultivation is in this mainland and she says that after people pass their heavenly tribulation they ascend and can't come back
    ○After mindwiping the girl's memories of them they leave, they postulate that after a cultivator crosses their tribulation they are kicked out by the ancient domain or get killed by it since they don't formal access to enter it
    ○The other theory is that after they cross their heavenly tribulation they fly upwards to another world controlled by a major power in the ancient domain, most likely a supreme Daolord; they believe that since people can't return to the mainland after becoming immortals they can only survive in a magic treasure world and decide to be extremely vigilant of this supreme daolord out there
    ○Ning and crew hop back on the shuttle and continue cruising towards the ancient domain's core for hundreds of years doing their best to avoid anything dangerous and not getting greedy with discovering treasures, but about 1308 years in while traveling through the void they encounter a daolord wearing a green robe and he was hostile to them upon first sight
    ○The green-robed daolord was several billions of miles away but they still got identified, Ning and Co. shat themselves and ran off into the distance as fast as they could and the shuttle almost got hit, after they run away the daolord uses his divine sense that stretches out for 1 trillion miles and can't find them, the daolord wonders who those followers belonged to and snorts before leaving
    ○After escaping they all shit themselves in fear cause that daolord was at the daomerge stage and they realize that the closer they get to the core, the higher the chance of them meeting daolords compared to world gods
    ○After 2,800 years they trudge through a particularly fierce spacial storm and end up landing on another mainland (there are countless mainlands throughout the ancient domain and those that harbor life always have an ancient teleportation array)
    ○Simply put traveling through the void poses the risk of encountering a daolord and that'd spell their death so they decide on traveling through the array instead; mind you they won't always travel through arrays because daolords are the ones who put those arrays down
    ○What they fear is ending up in a mainland that still has a daolord hanging around because that's big trouble for them, thankfully the daolord in this mainland is in reclusive cultivation and he should be in it for at least 1 million years so it's cool for now
    ○The mainland they landed in is light in Qi because the array needs Qi to power itself up and thus it's very hard for the cultivators in this mainland to break through into the void stage of cultivation, the array in this mainland transfers people another mainland called spirit immortal realm where there is a lot of Qi to breakthrough and possibly become a Celestial Immortal, so there is a bigass city centered around the array
    ○This entire mainland is also fuckhuge, it is larger than the size of the Three-Realms for comparison and is hundreds of billions of miles long
    ○The array to travel to Spirit Immortal Realm activates every 100 years and there are 61 years left so Ning and his crew have to wait it out; don't get me wrong they could start up the array with Chaos nectar but that would alert the Daolord that someone is around cause it's only supposed to activate every century
    ○Everyone has to wait 61 years so Ning decided to set up a house in a forest and lived like a mortal fisherman for 30 years and one day met a kid in the forest while fishing called Qing Zhu and while watching him drill a hole in a piece of wood he gained some insight for his Blood Drop stance in his Brightmoon art and as a result he becomes able to pierce through space itself with his technique which was a massive gain since he has gotten any stronger in the 4000 years since they started the journey (his crew especially skyfire mangya has gotten much stronger, lel)
    ○In order to compensate Qing Zhu for his unexpected contribution, Ning imparts into his mind Yin Yan Sword Technique and Blood Drop Technique into his mind after helping boost his body with some of his sword light, he basically calls him his disciple and tells him if it's predestined they'll meet again, lets him know his name and daoist title before pissing off lol
    ○After the array activates Ning and his crew pass through to Spirit Immortal Realm and discover that there are over 100 hundred Elder God level constructs ready to suck up anyone that passes through into a cloth bag of holding and billions of mortal cultivators get captured into terror as soon as they pass through the array
    ○These billions are cultivators are taken to a prison to be tortured, Ning and Co. speculate that a weak daolord must be the owner of all these elder god constructs and decide to investigate the prison while being careful as they can
    ○Lo and behold they get spotted by the daolord in the prison after interrogating some of the prisoners on what the hell is going in this mainland, negotiations break down and they kill the step 1 daolord
    ○The party frees the prisoners and the get a huge boost of huge karmic virtue from doing so, they comment that even saving 300 chaosworlds does not give this much karma
    ○They are led to believe that this mainland hosts 2 daolords and they can't leave the mainland without breaking the control node sealing the mainland so they travel to the daolord's residence
    ○The beat some step 3 daolord constructs after a hard fight (captured them) and finally enter the core of the residence and find a Thousand Leaves Bright Rainbow Flower, which apparently requires an innumerable amount of resentment to grow
    ○The daolord finally shows his face and says now that they've seen this place has Thousand Leaves Bright Rainbow Flower they can't leave alive, he tries threatening them by saying they've annoyed an eternal emperor but they don't budge, he also says with the power of the mainland's formation even daomerge level people can't defeat him 
    ○He says he'll let them live if they make a lifeblood oath to become his eternal servants and naturally Ning and Co. and reject pissed off
    ○They can't kill this daolord so Feng Yi pulls out a powerful Dao Talisman that actually kills the daolord in 1 shot, ofc
    ○Ning and Co. take all the mortals in the mainland in their magic treasures and destroy the entire mainland, upon destruction they discover a massive Space Fire Deep Stone mine that would make even Eternal Emperors move to acquire it, this mine might be the largest one in this universe
    ○This ore is very high class and can be made into a variety of items, the problem is the mine is fucking huge (at least 100k miles long) and the problem is you need to be a step 3 daolord to even begin to mine the bloody ore so the crew is shit out of luck and can only leave without taking it
    ○Turns out the Eternal Emperor wasn't even concerned cause he has another pressing matter to deal with. The owner of Spirit Immortal Realm is Emperor Three Silkworm and he's been in hiding after he pushed another Eternal Emperor called Fu Bo too far by killing his 2 disciples and steal a precious cultivation material; he's been chased for the last 900 chaos cycles 
    ○After they leave, the crew decides to split all treasures they got and Ning gets another command token so Flame Fairy can journey with them without being killed by the ancient domain; Flame Fairy has reached a terrifying strength with her illusion techniques and now has peak World God strength; Ning wants her to journey with them so he can get a daolord retainer by the end of this
    ○There were 3 command tokens looted so in addition to Flame Fairy joining, Qing Huan's follower Skywolf and Feng Yi's follower Yan Hui joined the party, totaling 8 people touring the ancient domain total
    ○Afterwards Ning visits the construct (called Mo Cha) he captured, who is a 3 step daolord and gets him to submit under the condition that Ning does not erase his intelligence
    ○The construct talks about Emperor Three Silkworm and also informs Ning that he and the other constructs under his command now have actually been mining the massive Space Fire Deep Stone mine they found (remember it?) and they have been at for more than 30 chaos cycles 
    ○His original master had taken more than 20 chaos cycles worth of the mined ore, but Mo Cha brings out Space Fire Deep Stones he been mining for the last 9 chaos cycles, the estimated worth of this batch is about 10 million cubes of chaos nectar ($$$$)
    ○Mo Cha also explains matters about the Land of Origin, the place where this domain created and where the core is, it is prohibited to fight in the Land of Origin under the order of the Spirit Destruction-Court 
    ○Once they reach the edge of the Land of Origin they must pass a test before they can enter because this isn't a land anyone can just enter, once they do they meet some uncle world god who greets them and they have a talk over wine
    ○The world explains that the Land of Origin is separated into two areas- the outer area and the inner area; he says 1 in 100 world gods will be able to enter the inner area; but both areas are treasure troves with rare treasure and the lot
    ○The inner area is the most special because three chaos cycles ago a daolord found a cosmo treasure
    ○Cosmo treasures are treasures above Eternal weapons, and naturally the choose their own masters. It is revealed that the broken sword that Ning saw in Divine Weapon Valley in Volume 27 (look at vol.27 summary) was a cosmo treasure. Other palaces also have their cosmo treasures and these treasures make eternal emperors chase them, that's how powerful and rare they are
    ○The world also mentions that other than accidentally pissing off some powerful daolords, they have to make sure not to piss off two eternal emperors, one of which is Fu Bo from last time (he's pretty powerful cause he knows a technique to create Dao Talismans that can create a body with 80% of the original's strength, everyone covets this technique but also fears him cause he has NINE bodies all at the EE level; it takes 3 chaos cycles to make 1 talisman)
    ○To enter the inner part of the Land of Origin (you guessed it) they must pass another test by walking a big chain that affects your mind while also fighting ghosts for 1000 meters to pass, the move you move forward the stronger the ghosts get
    ○The crew all takes a shot at the test but only 2 of the 8 pass the test, Ning and Feng Yi, everyone else fails the test and stay on the other side practicing to eventually get to the other side
    ○Ning and Feng Yi both start touring across the inner part and they come across a battlefield in which 35 eternal emperors have died and their corpses remain, along with their stuff (although they died you can't just loot them, you need to pass tests they left behind to be able to inherit their stuff)
    ○Feng Yi finds a EE who was a heartforce cultivator and decides to hunker down and try to pass the test, so Ning goes off to find a compatible sword EE to try to take a test
    ○He ends up not choosing any of those 35 EE because he discovers three supreme beings in the Dao of the Sword after spending like 6K years finding them
    ○Of three dead EE one of them is a Ruler-class EE with a great sword type cosmo treasure, he is presumably the leader of the dead trio
    ○To pass the test and get their inheritances he must pass through 36 worlds in the test and at every 12 worlds he can choose to back out and leave
    ○He makes it 19th world and fights a blue armored guy who trashes him a good bit until he has another breakthrough in his Soleheart Sword stance and the fight ends up in a draw cause Ning can only block the guy and not really defeat him
    ○The blue armor guy tells Ning to he can become a recorded disciple of his master and get some treasures, but not a true disciple cause Ning didn't match his master's standards. He also tells Ning to bail when he reaches the 24th world for his own good but Ning doesn't listen cause he's a madman for da sword
    ○When he makes it to 31st world he fights a white robed man who is brothers with the blue armor guy and loses to Ning, he offers Ning a single treasure and his master's sword technique inheritance, but Ning refuses and heads to the 36th world to fight the final boss for the Ruler-class rewards
    ○Ning fights the last world where are three volcano giants who all fight Ning together and he gets thrashed again until he unifies Blood Drop Sword Intent, Shadowless Sword Intent, Heavenbreaker Sword Intent, Yin Yang Sword Intent and Soleheart Sword Intent together into his complete Dao of Sword and beats the giants
    ○At this point the blue armor guy, the white robe guy, and the last guy only called the tall and strong guy (respective for the two eternal emperors and the Ruler-class EE) are all bickering with each other as to who Ning will accept as their master and receive their inheritance. The tall and strong guy says that only Ning can decide
    ○Ning decides to accept in becoming a recorded disciple of the dead Ruler-class EE and receives Ruler Cloth Armor 
    ○He actually tries to ask the great sword cosmo weapon if it wanted to come but Ning got rejected lol because the sword didn't like his "personality"; the sword likes men are "heroic such as the sea, deeply such as the man of mountain." Ning laughs cause he knows he doesn't fit the description 
    ○After this he basically gets kidnapped by a woman called Venerable Dan who is a Ruler-class EE and is asked by her if she can borrow the Ruler Cloth Armor he got for half a month and she will fufill any request as long as it's in her power
    ○Venerable Dan is a big boss and she even has five regular Eternal Emperors as followers 
    ○After casually strolling he sees an entire lake of chaos nectar in her estate and asks what it's for to which she replies, alchemy. Ning is interested alchemy and asks to be taught and that's the request he makes, he gets a scroll called 7 Chapter Pill Leaflet which he is sworn under lifeblood oath not to reveal, only to his own people if they take the oath too. He gets the first 3 chapters and is told that if he or someone else completes all 3 chapters he should them to her 
    ○Did I mention that she gives Ning the same Dao Talisman that Fu Bo uses to create his 9 bodies? Basically a free body right there  
    ○He uses these alchemy skills to upgrade one of his major techs Ninth Stage God Thunder Secret Technique, you get the drill
    ○While he tours around Venerable Dan's estate he finds a weapon shop and decides to buy a Life Source Divine Weapon which once bonded to a master can grow as it eats treasures and grows; how many treasure it can eat is decided by the insight into the Dao of the Sword of the user; these weapons can even evolve into cosmo weapons if one gets lucky enough (costs 30 million chaos nectar cubes)
    ○Eternal Emperor Qi Huo, one of Venerable Dan's followers is the seller of the weapon and asks to meet Ning
    ○After talking with Ning, Emperor Qi Huo says he will make the weapon for free as a gift since it's their first meeting; he will make a custom made one and it'll be piss expensive because of Ning's proficiency with his complete sword dao which emphasizes perfect offense and defense with no flaws
    ○Emperor Qi Huo asks if he any special requests and Ning had the balls to ask for 6 Life Source Divine Weapons for his six arms-three heads
    transformation and even Emperor Qi Huo is astounded at the request
    ○Qi Huo says it would cost 500 million cubes of chaos nectar to fufill that request and Ning has no choice but to mention the Space Fire Deep Stone mine as compensation
    ○Qi Huo shits himself and they immediately leave to verify if the mine is there and of course it's there so deal is settled after Venerable Dan also comes to check out the mine; he always gets his set of 6 swords after all (he calls them Northern Rainbow Swords)
    ○At some point Ning's crew had to leave without him, they knew he wasn't dead but was in some other dimension (Venerable Dan's estate chilling out) but it had been 10,000 years already and they needed to go home; Flame Fairy was pretty much worried sick about him and continued to wait for him until he returns 80,000 years later at BHE's Sword Palace (them's some waifu material right there) keeping in mind they couldn't talk with Ning through Divine Sense since he was in another isolated dimension chilling out
    ○After this he enters the portal to leave back to BHE (it's been 80,000 years by now since he left Bright Horizon Empire)

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    Yeah, shit I dunno about that. Volume 29 is another big hitter with 42 chapters so if I feel nuts I'll do it today or maybe a couple days later, who knows. 

    It's also hard getting used to making these summaries cause you have judge whether to add stuff in or not, some stuff might become important later and you have go back and add it in, so I get these fucking towers of text by the end of it.

    I feel that I add too much unnecessary content/filler stuff so my summaries get all huge compared to mineralwater's style of summaries and the rest. 

    td;dr I'll try doing volume 29, we'll see what happens; just me being insecure since it's my first time slamming my head into lnmtl
  • Thx for vol 28th summary! keep up the good work!
  • I'm so confused.. What's the difference between the Sword Palace and Vasthevean Palace?
  • Suran said:
    I'm so confused.. What's the difference between the Sword Palace and Vasthevean Palace?
    the difference is they're completely different places.
  • jonnycon said:
    Suran said:
    I'm so confused.. What's the difference between the Sword Palace and Vasthevean Palace?
    the difference is they're completely different places.
    This made my day  :D
  • jonnycon said:
    Suran said:
    I'm so confused.. What's the difference between the Sword Palace and Vasthevean Palace?
    the difference is they're completely different places.
    This made my day  :D
  • jonnycon said:
    Suran said:
    I'm so confused.. What's the difference between the Sword Palace and Vasthevean Palace?
    the difference is they're completely different places.
    I was thinking that the Sword Palace was just a faction inside the Vastheaven Palace lol
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    From what I read of the summary....the vasthaven palace wouldnt even be considered an ant against the sword palace. vasthaven has 3 daolords....sword palace has thousands of daolords and an eternal emperor
  • XEXT said:
    I'm going to go read Hatsukoi 1/1 now that the patch is out. Later 
    Is Hatsukoi 1/1 Visual Novel any good?

  • XEXT said:
    I'm going to go read Hatsukoi 1/1 now that the patch is out. Later 
    Is Hatsukoi 1/1 Visual Novel any good?

    It turned out to be a rather boring read, but I wasn't expecting much from such a bland moege. 10GB waste of hard drive space. 

    Do yourself a favor and pass it, or at least wait until they translate all the routes. The currently translated routes are a snoozefest. 
  • XEXT said:

    ○Ning pulls out his Sword Palace token and one of the dao lords called Fu Dan politely welcomes him and asks him if it's his first time here
    ○Fu Dan is amazed Ning has a token and actually came from Star Island 
    Where did he get a token i thought he only had the token for Vasthaven Palace?
  • XEXT said:

    ○Ning pulls out his Sword Palace token and one of the dao lords called Fu Dan politely welcomes him and asks him if it's his first time here
    ○Fu Dan is amazed Ning has a token and actually came from Star Island 
    Where did he get a token i thought he only had the token for Vasthaven Palace?
    He gets the token/talisman to enter sword palace in volume 26. Look at Mineralwater's volume summary, it should be there. Probably lol
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    the token isn't mentioned in the summary but it's basically a proof of membership he gets when he joins at the end of volume 26
  • @XEXT fam will you be doing more of these novel summaries? I really like them...I've read mtl too...and your summaries actually make more sense than what I understood of the volumes :P
  • @XEXT Will u be doing vol 29??
    PS: please do..please do
    *puppy dog eyes*
    A Hero Without Equal....A Lonely King
  • Next time on Desolate Era Z, Ji Ning faces the deadliest foe yet.
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