What content do you like? How about YY novels?

Hi guys! I come from Chinese. I an from baidu tieba (a popular online community in China) called yy novels (yy小说吧).

In China there is a category of web novels called yy novels. Here 'yy' is short for '意淫' which means Psycholagny. However, it doesn't mean porn novels. Typically the hero of yy novels has several lovers or wives. This is not gender discrimination, we also have '女尊小说' which means the heroine has several lovers or husbands. Actually all current categories can be yy or not, like Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Historical, Si-fi, etc. So it is more general than the 'normal' classification.

In our tieba, we summarize a rule that many web novel readers agree, which is '全初全收,无雷无郁闷'. We also call it 'nine-character mantra'.
  • ‘全初’ means all-virgin. 
  • ‘全收’ means all the hero's lovers will finally married with him.
  • ‘雷’ and '郁闷' means the content is annoying, depressing, or even infuriating —— generally speaking, the content which can make you uncomfortable. The serious ones are '雷', and the minor ones are '郁闷'.
So the 'nine-character mantra', means the hero's lover are all virgins at the begining, and finally married with him; In the novel there are no annoying, depressing, or infuriating content.

Do you guys also like this category of novels? If so, I am considering to build a group to discuss the novels.

PS. Do you have a good choice for the online group? In China we usually use wechat and QQ. But I think they are inconvenient since the censorship.


  • I personally don't care much for the harem trope, particularly when it's found in different sub-genres where too much emphasis is placed on it. As a sub-genre itself, perhaps it can work since that's the content and audience in which the author is specifically targeting. When it's not, such as a handful of LN I see here on the site, it's very poorly done and becomes just one more negative aspect. That and the whole virgin factor...it's pretty obvious that's nothing more than a fetish and fanfare.
  • i don't mind harem type stuff as long as it is done well and isn't just forced into a story. too many times a harem is just forced into a story without any build up at all. it is just jadelike this and that, beauty to topple kingdoms, falls for mc right away, they do it and you never hear from them again. some of these novels are 2000+ chapters so you would thing that the authors could spend a little more time on each harem member and develop actual relationships. it is not like they don't have the chapters to do it as most waste half of a chapter on explaining things we already know because they wrote the same thing at least about 100 times already in 20 chapters. 
    another problem is you have is novels that are a direct rip from other novels but with a piss poor story as well as a super forced harem. actually they would be more of a clone of another novel like how many novels are like infinite stratos or shimai no maou no testament. so many of the same thing makes it boring and annoying.
    i think part of the reason people hate things like harem or "yy novels" is because it is not done properly and forced into stories where it doesn't fit. 
  • Indeed, when a harem is done right, it can be really good. Hell, when it's unclear whether or not it'll become a harem but several female characters are interesting and decently developed, it's even us readers who are hoping that it'd become one; such is the case with Release that Witch.
  • I honestly don't give a damn as long as the MC's Harem don't get vandalised by someone other then the MC. Be it in the past, present. or future.
    You are either on my side,
    By my side,
    Or in my FUCKING WAY!
          Choose wisely....
  • 呵呵    小时候看完一本书   主角有三十多个老婆。。。
  • 呵呵    小时候看完一本书   主角有三十多个老婆。。。
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