The Ashen Godtear of the Fallen

Martial Soul: Ashen Godtear Of The Fallen

System: Assault, with control elements.

Story: Long ago, there was a divine being who lived in the infinitely vast cosmos.

He was the Master of all Energies, and was eternally cloaked in all sorts of them; his favorite, however, was undoubtedly the domineering and enrapturing True Divine Flame Of Pure Yang. Supposedly the most powerful being in existence at the time, superseding even the gods he had no knowledge of. As powerful as he was, because of his isolation, he craved only one thing: conversation. For uncountable years, he wandered space alone, spending time talking to himself and creating more of the grand conflagration we call stars to stave off his boredom. One day, however, when in the midst of creating a star, he heard a voice call out from it. Bewildered and overjoyed, he finished creating it and called out. It turns out, his longing for conversation rubbed off on his creation, giving it life. For a long time, divine being and the star carried out conversation and thought together, becoming inseparable. Finally, after a few billion years, the divine being discovered the existence of a strange being that possessed consciousness; humans. Shocked, he turned to his friend, the star, and told him of the discovery. The star seemed strangely unsurprised, and turned away from both the divine being and humanity. The divine being turned to see his friend, but was shocked to realize that his friend was silently shriveling up and shrinking. Abhorred, he called out to his friend. His friend called back, but his answer did not come from the dying star, but rather from the depths of the divine being's own mind. In that moment, from his friend's words, he learned the truth of his friend. His friend was not actually born of his creation, but was merely a part of his conscience that he had subconsciously separated and implanted into the star, hoping for a companion. In the moment that he became whole again, the being was absolutely crushed. He shed a single tear. That tear slid off his face an plummeted to the surface of that planet he had found. The tiny, almost microscopic remains of the star were swept up into the tear and became one with it.That little tear was the purest core of a god's most heartfelt and unfiltered emotions, ones that erupted with the most intensity that had ever existed, as well as some of his essence that was inadvertently added. In that moment, the god entered a great and indefinite coma that resulted from his great emotional tumult. Deep in space, he began to slumber, and it is likely he would never again awake if not from force. Together with the remains of the dead star (Solar Fragments), the tear fell towards the planet, and with its speed, it took merely a few thousand years for it to reach the planet. When the tear fell to the planet, it seemingly disappeared, never to be seen again. In actuality, it was held in stasis by the powers above, to wait for the one who would need its power most... 

The Inheritor: { Jiao Canyu (Surnamed Jiao, Given Name Canyu) }                Story: Age 1-6

        Originally to be born the clan who ruled over the continent of Zhao, he was fated to have everything he wanted, and become its ruler. His parents were Titled Douluos, and he had a myriad of relatives who would have loved and cared for him. There as even a festival brewing in celebration of the soon to be born heir to the clan. However, none of this was fated for him. On that fateful day, merely a week before he came into this world, the Neutron Flame Ancestor of the Cosmic Monolith descended upon the continent of Zhao. It scoured the entire continent of all life, leaving little more than ash, and merely three beings were left alive. One was his mother, barely alive and about to give birth. The other was his big sister, also heavily wounded, and the only reason she and her mother survived was due to the sacrifice of his father. The last… was the unborn Jian Canyu. Before his birth, his mother now saw it fitting to name him Canyu (Remnants). After childbirth, she took her final breath. When he was born, a celestial phenomenon occurred above them, but they did not notice, for his mother was taking her final breath, looking solely at her newborn son, and his sister was blind with grief (and ash). The only one who saw was little Canyu, just having opened his eyes…

        Having only his dying sister left, and being not even a week old, they were forced to leave the few ashen, emberous timbers that remained of their home. His sister was forced to be the one who would take care of him, so she carried him across the barren wasteland to the faraway coast. Before the calamity, she was an incredibly talented child, having reached rank 50 by 17. After, however, she became a cultivation cripple, her meridians clogged with ash and scarred beyond use. Her days were now limited. She was forced to walk barefoot across a vast, nigh endless deadland whose only landmarks were piles of ash and the occasional remnant of the world. Windstorms blew up ash, smothering everything and further infiltrating her body. Even little Canyu, bundled up as he was, inadvertently inhaled some, and developed a cough. After nearly a quarter of a year of shelterless trudging, they finally reached the coast. The sea clogged with ash was an incredible sight to behold, and there was even a tiny port built on the newly formed peninsula of ash. There, a simple ship from a neighboring continent was there to survey the damage caused by the calamity that could be seen from across the entire world. There, seeing as there was nothing but death, they sent a tamed spirit beast bird back to the continent with the news, and were preparing to leave. Canyu’s sister trembled as see saw the ship, and slowly walked towards it. She boarded the ship, and as soon as the crew saw her, laid against the ship’s side, and as she cradled her little brother, she smiled a strangely stunning smile. She took a rather pained breath, and in a barely audible voice, she muttered, “...his name is Jian Canyu...” She winced, and then, as if she was going to take a nap, she yawned, closed her hazy eyes, and after a moment, her breath stopped...

        Completely and utterly bewildered, the crew simply didn’t know what to do. After a few seconds, a young crewman simply known as Yan walked over and picked up the young Canyu. He was staring ahead with a hazy gaze full of unawareness and confusion. The crewman decided that he should take care of this feeble child until they reached home. After sorting through Canyu’s sister’s spirit tool storage device, they saw the mark of the Jian Clan, and a sense of shock and horror washed over them. If a member of the Jian clan was like this, then as for the rest of the continent...? They were very eager to leave now, and so they did. Yan spent most of his time with the child, and was trying to raise this strange little boy. Not only would he never smile, he was perpetually either sleepy or broodily sullen. He was very quick to learn the necessities of life like walking, speaking, and the like. Due to poor conditions, the return trip home actually took a full half year, and by then, the young Canyu was much more grown than before. He was, however, very sickly. He had a terrible cough, muddled eyesight, and his body could not take much of any stress. The only thing which made him shine was his mind. In that half year, he had read and reread every piece of text onboard, and frequently carried out conversations with the crew, the level of which were far beyond the level of a child whose age was not even of a year yet. Finally, they made land on the continent, and made way to give their official report. 

        After speaking with their commander about what they saw, they delivered the preserved body of little Canyu’s sister to them so that she could have a proper burial. Since Canyu’s status and true identity were uncertain, the higher ups decided to continue trusting him to Yan to raise him. Very quickly, 5 years passed, and Canyu was still just as proportionally lanky as before. It could be seen just how much the ash of the Zhao continent had affected him.  However, neither Yan nor Canyu said much of it, and focused more on Canyu’s studies. Not only was he a literary genius among geniuses, he had a great passion for it. It could be said, however, that he had developed quite the dark personality. While at most times, he acted at most rather recluse, at other times, he was outright seclusionistic and misanthropic. Whenever he encountered something that affected him negatively, like other rude children or something he doesn’t know, he would react very violently; one time, he broke another child’s arm for bumping into him by accident and spilling his milk. How he did it with his weak body was confusing, and even though he was punished, he showed no remorse. Otherwise, after those 5 years, his scholarly knowledge was considered boundless, and surpassed even many court officials. He was particularly fond of spirit study, and constantly immersed himself in it for days at a time. However, he never displayed the slightest tendency toward violence whenever Yan was around. So, unless he had shut himself away, Yan typically had him follow him. This all continued until Canyu was 5 years and 9 months of age. Then, suddenly, Yan disappeared. He left only a note to little Canyu. It read, “Little Canyu, I have to go on a journey. You should have awakened your spirit soul long before I’m back. Considering your lineage, you should have quite the talent, so study hard. Even if you don’t, then don’t be discouraged. I’m sure you’ll achieve some measure of success while I’m away, so work your hardest. It’s even possible that I may be gone for a number of years, so take care of yourself. It’s also about time you have that spirit tool you had with you when you were a baby, so I left some funds for you inside. Anyways, this uncle will miss you. Best of wishes, Yan”. Canyu stared at the letter for a few minutes, and then shut himself in his room for a few days. 

When he emerged, he hadn’t eaten in days, and looked a complete mess. His eyes were bloodshot, and in truth, he had silently cried for those days, doing little else. It could be seen that Yan’s departure had revealed a surprisingly soft and weak side of little Canyu, one that even he did not know he had. From then on, he lived alone, researching and reading. Shortly, 3 months passed, and it was time for him to undergo his Spirit Awakening. Very few of the children in his area had any mentionable soul power, and it was now his turn. When he walked up to the man, the man smiled, and said, “I’m sure that no matter how much soul power you have, you’ll have a very bright future, so don’t worry.” Canyu seemed to mull over it for a second, then nodded.         

Finally, it was time. He placed his hand on the orb… and it shone. It release a dark red light that, while dark, was so overwhelming that it obscured all vision. Nobody knew what was going on, but at the moment, one thing was certain. Little Canyu was undergoing incredible pain! His whole body shook, and his brain felt like it was going to swell out of his eye sockets! He swiftly took his hand off the orb and fell to the ground shivering. Now that they could see again, the man who was awakening his spirit rushed to his side. He quickly checked his vitals, and when he looked at his eyes, he was astounded. At that moment, Canyu’s right eye was completely changed. Rather than the soft grey tone it was before, the entire eye, white, pupil, and all were completely replaced with what appeared to be some sort of gemstone, looking somewhat like a fiery red opal. The left eye remained the same as before, but that right eye was simply too attention grabbing! There also appeared to be a slight bloody ring around the eye, as if it was forced in. Astounded, the man turned to the orb, and took in a sharp gasp. As it turned out, he had Full Innate Spirit Power. As for Spirit marks, nothing appeared on his hand. So, not only did he have Full Innate Spirit Power, he also had a variant spirit! The man gasped “Truly divine talent…!” He took Canyu to his home, and when he awoke a few hours later, the man described to him what had happened. A look of deep contemplation surfaced on his face, and then, for the first time in his life, he smiled. Even though it was quite small and subtle, It was a brilliant smile that seemed too pure and perfect for the child that was almost likened to a demon. The man was shocked, but he soon smiled as well. Seeing as how little Canyu was fine, he quickly left. Now that Canyu was alone, he let out a sly chuckle, “ that I have such power, it is only natural that I endeavor to take back what is mine…”. With little reason to stay in this place with no friends nor family, he quietly left town. He walked down the dusty road, and as the sky turned to dusk, he turned his head, scowled, and then kept walking… [END]

-{Unwritten Tidbits}-

        -The spirit that Jian Canyu awakened was obviously the Ashen Godtear of the Fallen released by the divine being and mixed with the Solar Fragments.

-Jian Canyu was to be born with twin spirits. One was the formless Absolute Fire attribute from his father, and the other was a spirit renowned for its nature of Absolute Fire, the Phoenix. This couple of Absolute Fire held immense power. Jian Canyu’s mother was a rank 95 Titled Douluo, titled Undying Blaze Douluo. His father was a rank 97 Douluo, title True Flame Emperor. While he was indeed supposed to have Twin Spirits, the celestial phenomenon that occurred that day imbued him with a different spirit. Due to that spirit’s inviolable nature, other spirits could not bear to coexist with it, and were inevitably absorbed by it. So, while he possesses many of the bonuses of twin spirits such as higher ring limits and higher power, he does not actually possess them, and can only have 9 spirit rings.

-While I had implied it, it should be said that the bodies of both Jian Canyu and his sister were invaded by the ashes of their continent. This ash is actually very strongly imbued with a fiery yang energy, which even further weakened his sister. While the ash also invaded little Canyu’s body, the yang energy was simply suppressed by the Tear. The ashes themselves damaged and invaded his body, but the yang energy was sealed within them, slowly dispersing throughout his life. It also damaged his meridians, but upon awakening his martial soul, the damage was repaired. The ashes, however, remained. They clog his 8 Extraordinary Meridians, making them incredibly hard to open compared to normal. They also make his normal meridians smaller due to clogging.

-The Neutron Flame Ancestor of The Cosmic Monolith is a 900000 year spirit being that descended from space, and seemed to be rather unconscious of its actions. It is, however, a vile 

existence that craves the destruction of all life. After descending, it entered a short 50 year coma to recover some of the injuries it had somehow accrued beforehand. Its “descent” was the remnants of its own attack it used to escape.


-The Ashen Godtear of the Fallen is the cumulative essence and emotional energy of a primordial divine being who held absolute and undeniable control over all forms of energy.

-However, due to the Astral Remains mixed in, the personal tendencies of the being, as well as the emotional energies of the being, the tear is almost completely attributed as Fire.

-When awoken, the tear is found to have replaced the soul master's right eye; this retains the normal use of the eye, but even if the spirit is not released, the new appearance of the eye will be shown. Can be covered, at cost of sight in that eye. Or sunglasses I guess. Huh.

-Even though the tear is in the eye, it does not specifically grant the eye its power.

-The Tear grants the soul master the ability to gain absolute comprehension of all forms of energy in their entirety.

-Due to its profundity and power, however, much of the knowledge is sealed away, and is only able to be unlocked when certain conditions are met. The more energies the soul master absorb, the faster comprehension will come.

    *These conditions are very high, and great comprehension is only available past the soul rank of 80, and must have incredible accomplishments in terms of the soul.

-The Tear's power itself is the release of the energy contained within the Tear and body. This is mostly applied to flame attributed energy, but at higher cultivation, the roster of available energies gradually increases. The methods of release, however, are limited.

-The amount of energy the user can imbue depends on their level of cultivation, as well as their spirit rings and their abilities.


-The soul master has control over most forms of fire energy, and is dealt negligible damage by them. With a rise in power, so too does this resistance rise.

-Energy attacks dealt to the soul master have their damage lessened by 5% across the board.

-The soul master can tell at a glance what elemental affiliation anything within sight has.

-The soul master can also more easily see hidden energy attacks, and energies within other energies.

-Any debuffs placed upon the user have their effectiveness lowered by 15%. (as seen below)


-The soul master forfeits 15% of all energy absorbed to the tear and the unlocking of the knowledge within without exception. This makes cultivation slower and attacks 15% weaker than they should be. This also affects buffs.

-The soul master is cursed to be incredibly emotional and bipolar. While this does not affect their battle prowess, it can easily lead to unfavorable situations. This side effect is only manifested when the spirit is awakened.

-The soul master is actually quite weak at the beginning, and must fully rely on minimal flame control and any spirit abilities they may acquire.

-If killed, then the Tear will not be destroyed, and can be obtained by others. Any who learn this will undoubtedly go after them.

- The soul master receives unusual animosity from soul beasts, for they can likely sense the nourishing energy of the Tear.

[Soul Rings]

  1. [418 Year Phoenix] [A young, weak Phoenix separated from its dead mother. This king of flames is a divine beast that is often considered inviolable.]

  Ability: The user is endowed with the trait of constant slight regeneration, and when the ability itself is activated, the illusion of a Phoenix feather appears, strengthening all of the user’s fire aspect by 66%, as well as causing slight mental damage to opponents. (Note: Only provides slight regeneration. No lost limbs (yet) or Nirvanic Rebirth. (Period)) 

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained: (From 50,000 Year Phoenix) - [Gust of Life] [Seemingly covered in Phoenix down, it has a special feeling of vitality washing over it.]

  Ability: Gust of Life. This left arm support spirit bone grants the user the ability of control over life force energy. They can endow their own or another’s life force to themselves or another. It should be noted that the target must either be willing, unconscious, or unable to resist for this ability to work. This ability has limited uses over a period of time, else it cannot be used for that time.

  2. [973 Year Lava Lake Lilypad] [A rather rare plant type spirit beast that resides in extreme climates. Spits out powerful fireballs to protect itself]

  Ability: Heart Locking Inferno Swarm. The user sends out a swarm of 50 fireballs that home in on their targets. They each possess a “charring” ability that reduces movement speed by 33% for each hit (effect decays for proceeding hits), and slows spirit power movement.

   3. [2287 Year Meteor Embercell] [A massive, single cell the size of a tank. It was somehow born on a meteor, and fell to the ground. It can multiply itself and its attacks, and has a rather unique quality of “osmosis” and “reverse osmosis” that intakes and expels powerful waves of energy and mass.]

  Ability: Unscrupulous Devourer. Intakes weaker pure energy attacks (to a degree) and restores some spirit power. Alternatively, the energy can be used in a pulsating shockwave that inflicts internal injuries with violent energy.

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained (40,000 Year Sun Tyrant Lion) - [Yang Wave Tyrant] [This right arm spirit bone glistens violently, instantly catching the attention of any who lay eyes upon it.]

  Ability:  Yang Emperor Shot. Shoots a small projectile of fiery energy at incredible speed. This projectile has a powerful piercing ability, and if it is stopped, it will explode. Has low spirit power consumption.

   4. [8934 Year Blackfire Specter] [A ghastly spirit beast that resides in the pitch black of a deep cave, it controls lightless fire that can burn away at one’s very soul.]

  Ability: Void Soul Refinement. The user emits a heart chilling flame that has a life extinguishing aura. When and if it invades the enemy, it will directly attack their soul, and additionally, their meridians. A single attack can cripple an unprepared opponent, or at least drastically reduce their fighting strength.

   5. [26113 Year Nebula Born Tadpole] [Said to be descended from a relatively power being that resided in highest orbit, they can survive in any environment, and use a peculiar celestial gas that infiltrates their enemies and corrodes them with its caustic properties.]

  Ability: Nebulaic Detonation Veil. The user releases a veil of nigh undetectable gaseous matter which will volatilely detonate at the whim of the user. If inhaled, the damage can, and most likely will, be deadly. It can, however, be suppressed.

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained: (70,000 Year 7-Tailed Spirit Fox) - [Simmering Hatred] [This spirit bone appears unnaturally alluring, and can incite lust, jealousy, and hatred from merely its presence.]

  Ability: This illusionary left leg spirit bone allows the user to warp the air with heat in normally impossible ways, creating illusions that stem from the enemy’s hatred. It also endows the user with the ability to release a heat clone that possesses 5% of the user’s power once every five minutes, with negligible spirit power consumption.

   6. [61425 Year Heaven Burning Ash Beast] [A powerful entity born from a great ash cloud of a volcanic eruption, it smothers all with its explosive power]

  Ability: Cremationary Spread. The user creates or controls pre-existing ashes that drift about. The ashes limit sight to an extreme, and, somehow, even partially obscure the sight and ability of Domains and the like. The ashes can also limitedly be caused to turn into dusted embers, giving the target burns.

   7. [98501 Year Black Incinerated Core Turtle] [A black turtle that lives in the deep mantle, it has a shell with peerless defensive ability, and has the ability slowly fry everything in a 5 mile radius with the incredible heat that it can radiate from its shell.]

  Ability: Spirit Avatar - Body Of The True Divine Flame Of Pure Yang. While they cannot assume the true form of that flame, this spirit avatar vastly increases the user’s vitality and the potency of their flame, as well as a drop in power consumption. Seeing as how this ring also came with an external spirit bone, it is intrinsically linked to it, and boosts its power exponentially.

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained: External Spirit Bone - [Core Tempered Black Iron Shell Armor] [This black turtleshell-like armor covers nearly every part of the body, provides completely free movement, and has a very domineering appearance. Most of its appearance is the description of black iron, but it is crisscrossed and fragmented with dark red lines that emit a threatening heat.]

  Ability and Usefulness: This rare external spirit bone is an armor that has a shocking hardness and defensive ability. It reduces the power of physical attacks by 50%, energy attacks by 75%, and reduces the internal aftereffects of all attacks by 66%. This only applies to where the armor covers. The armor is incredibly hot, and any contact will leave opponents with burns. The armor can also be used for bodily bludgeoning, and with the heat element added, it makes this armor almost perfect of close combat. This armor does not cover the face, the neck, or the backs of the knees, leaving small weak points. Its actual ability is to emit great waves of heat that can fry all life within a certain radius. At the rank of 70, it would be 1 kilometer. At rank 80, it’d be 5. At rank 90, it’d be 20. At rank 95, it’d be 50. And, for each rank after, it receives a 5X increase in range.

   8. [294108 Year Red Dragon] [A great fire attributed dragon whose wings could blot out the heavens and breath can boil the seas. Was in a indefinite slumber under the state of Zhao before the Ancestor descended. When the continent burned, it woke up, and began to roam the world once again.]

  First Ability: Asthenospheric Rupture. Molten rock and metal shoots out of the ground to seal foes by hardening. This not only burns the foe, but even if they can still move, their movement speed is slowed to an extreme degree. It also seals vision, hearing, breathing, and attacking if the target is sealed. Can be avoided to a degree, and requires a bit of time before the ability erupts.

  Second Ability: World Banquet. Summons the shadow of the Red dragon to gorge upon the enemy and their attacks. It then releases a roar that cracks the land and uproots trees. This severely dazes opponents for at least 2 seconds, and does significant internal damage to their bodies, very possibly fatal.

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained: [Slumbering Might] [This spirit bone is somehow covered in rosy red dragon scales, and gives off a sense of royalty.]

  First Ability: Exponential Timebomb. This spirit bone ability is peculiar, and actually gains power the longer the amount of time between uses and acquirement. Simply put, it is an explosion that emanates from the point the user wills, and has a 500 meter blast radius, creating a 1 kilometer diameter crater. Takes 3 seconds to deploy, and red light will spill out within the area affected. This ability can be used regardless of whether or not the user can see the place they are targeting, but can only be used from up to 5 kilometers away. The power of this ability depends on the user’s spirit power and the time between uses, and goes like this: If the user uses it with a day of charging, they can injure and possibly kill a 50,000 spirit beast. If given half a year to charge, it can injure or possibly kill a 100,000 year spirit beast. If given two and a half years, it can injure or possibly kill a 300,000 year spirit beast. If given 5 years, it can injure or possibly kill a 600,000 year spirit beast. If given 10 years, it can injure or possibly kill an 800,000 year spirit beast. And finally, if given 20 years, it can injure and possibly kill any spirit beast under the million year level. 

  Second Ability: Soaring Sovereign Wings. The use of this ability summons the fiery red wings of the Red Dragon, allowing the user to soar freely in the air. (Note: These aren’t limited by the constraints of normal wings, and allow for equal omnidirectional flight.)

  {+} Spirit Bone Obtained (324,910 Year Blood Dragon): [Demonic Lord Spirit Bone] [Exceptionally repulsive, this spirit bone has the appearance of a large clump of clotted blood and pus. It give of a fetid stench, and seems to be malformed. The malicious aura drifting off of it gives a very powerful feeling, however. Fits well with the Phoenix spirit ring and bone abilities.]

  Ability: Caustic World Corruption. Releases an exceedingly caustic aura that seeks to destroy any and all life it finds. It is released in the form of 5 globules of bloodlike liquid that move freely, not requiring the user’s attention. They can be dispersed by an enemy, but will reform in a few moments. Any who survive contact will have lost life essence, and it is doubtable that they will have as long of a lifespan as before. 

  Second Ability: Draconic Lineage Influx. The user temporarily absorbs some of the blood essence from the spirit bone, and takes on a slightly draconic form and appearance, sprouting scales, claws, and many of the traits characteristic of a dragon. Lasts for a maximum of 4 hours, and if overdrawn in either the physical aspect or the time aspect, there will be repercussions. Also grants the ability of the Blood Dragon Claw Crush, which sends a violent form of draconic energy to crush the enemy to death. 

  Former ( 9. [451175 Year Divine Hearth Lotus] [A lotus flower that lived just above the mantle under the northernmost point in the world, directly upon the pole. Forged by both extreme heat and cold, it reached the point where it was far superior to most any immortal herb, and became the True World Treasure.]

  First Ability: Hearth Domain. Staves off all foreign energies, and fills allies with vitality and willpower. 30% rise in speed for all allies, and a 25% drop in speed for enemies. Fills enemies with a sense of anxiety and inferiority.

  Second Ability: Nature’s Grief. Many roots that were extended deep into the mantle rise to strangle their opponents. Each root has the power of an approximate 50,000 year spirit beast, and the number rises with spirit power. (Eg. Rank 90 = 50 roots. Rank 95 = 2500 roots. Rank 99 = 50,000 roots.)

  Rather than granting a spirit bone, it reforged the Core Tempered Black Iron Shell Armor. This inspired a qualitative change, and granted it another ability. Its qualitative change granted it the aura of the holy beast, the Xuanwu Turtle. Its ability to release heat is now intensified as well, but the maximum ranges remain the same.

  Ability: Magnetic Core Lotus Shield. Summons a magnetic field around the user, creating an illusion of the Divine Hearth Lotus. This drastically raises the user’s defense against energy attacks, and interferes with enemy attack aim and accuracy. Used for forcing the opponent into close combat, where it’s heat ability can shine even more.

[True Ninth Spirit Ring]

After the slaying of this monstrous entity, it’s soul ring appeared. Because of its absolute hatred and resent, with some of its remaining consciousness, it forcefully attached itself to Jian Canyu. Its efforts in dominating, consuming, and starting to replace his 9th spirit ring were in the hopes that he simply couldn’t handle its power. And he was right; Jian Canyu’s body instantly turned black as charcoal, and began to show red cracks, bursting at the seams. Seeing as how this was to be his end, he shed a single tear… However, as that tear rolled down his rapidly dying body, a celestial phenomenon played out for the second time in his life! His body swelled with the same mysteriously dark, yet all enveloping light that appeared when he awakened his spirit, and then, very shockingly, he exploded! When the light died down, all eyes were upon him. His skin was now recovered, and even more shockingly, he was donned in divine armor that radiated fiery light! He exuded an aura of incomparable power, and behind him, instead of the spirit ring of the Divine Hearth Lotus, was now the ghastly red ring of The Neutron Flame Ancestor Of The Cosmic Monolith. Additionally, the cultivation of the Divine Hearth Lotus was now distributed amongst his other rings, directly raising their cultivation, especially this ring. Originally, it was just a 900000 year ring, but was raised to the absolute peak of its potential.

9. [999999 Year Neutron Flame Ancestor Of The Cosmic Monolith] [Spawned from the Cosmic Monolith, this ancient… thing came down from the endless expanse of space to terrorize the world. It bathed the entire continent of Zhao in its cosmic energies, leaving not even ash. It’s power is considered unmatched under the heavens, for it was accidentally forged in the remnant energy of The True Divine Flame Of Pure Yang.]

  First Ability: The use of this ability summons a vast host of cosmic energy, celestial bodies, and divine flames to rain down, creating a grand conflagration akin to the calamity that destroyed the continent of Zhao, albeit on a smaller scale.

  Second Ability: The shadow of The Neutron Flame Ancestor Of The Cosmic Monolith appears. The user and the shadow speak a word together, and in the user’s hand appears a spark of The True Divine Flame Of Pure Yang. This flame ignores all spatial, temporal, and worldly laws to destroy its target. The target cannot flee, and only if they possess an ability of similar divinity would they be able to clash with it.]

  {+}Spirit Bone Attained : Skull bone - [ God Eye of The Cosmic Monolith ] [ This skull bone not only replaces the skull, but also the left eye. The bone does not sparkle, and even looks undesirable. It has the appearance of a charred skull with a glass eye in the left socket. It cannot be changed from the skull bone, and is actually haunted by the consciousness of its “donor”.]

  First Ability: Monolith Domain. The user projects the will of the Cosmic Monolith into their victims. The true madness and horror contained within severely corrode the victim’s mind in mere moments, and the mental state of all enemies within the domain is directly crushed. For those allies of the user, They receive a direct boost of 75% increased spirit power… power, as well as a 50% boost in mental strength.

  Second Ability: The left eye of the user flares up, and the user partially bleeds into another dimension for 15 seconds. They are endowed with 100% increased speed, and are invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks. If used again in less than 48 hours, the user suffers extreme drawbacks, and the ability is weakened.

  Since Jian Canyu already possesses a spirit in his right eye, when the left eye was changed as well, he gained The Eyes of The Fire God. With both of his eyes now being considered divine existences, he can see the path to Godhood, and grasps divine power. This once again drastically boosts his power, and grants him an ability equivalent to the Boundless level of the Purple Demon Eyes.


  • Damn, you thescionofpride that was amazing. you know with this whole fire spirit competition i been looking for a cool attack spirit and i must say yours is probably the best I have read. The attacks and abilities were awesome like freaking awesome and the background. The background about Jian Canyu was dope and amazing. Man IF YOU MADE A FANFICTION ON THIS GUY I WOULD TOTALLY READ IT. THIS JUST LOOKS LIKE A  TOP CLASS XIANXIA CHARACTER AND NOVEL. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME SPIRIT.
  • Damn, you thescionofpride that was amazing. you know with this whole fire spirit competition i been looking for a cool attack spirit and i must say yours is probably the best I have read. The attacks and abilities were awesome like freaking awesome and the background. The background about Jian Canyu was dope and amazing. Man IF YOU MADE A FANFICTION ON THIS GUY I WOULD TOTALLY READ IT. THIS JUST LOOKS LIKE A  TOP CLASS XIANXIA CHARACTER AND NOVEL. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME SPIRIT.
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