[Suggestion] A ranking/rating system

I'm a very new person to WuxiaWorld, and Chinese light-novels in general, but now that I have read a few stories on this site I can say with confidence I plan to stick around for a while. That being said it is my experience that as a newcomer it is exceptionally hard to pick what story I am going to read next.

After Coiling Dragon (which is the story that brought me here) I had a hard time finding another story out of the options given to me, one thing that I think might of helped me make a more informed decision is if there were some sort of ranking system in place, it could a rating out of ten, a thumbs up or thumbs down, or even the amount of hits the story has gotten. Anyone of these would be enough for me to at least get an idea about the quality of the story.

Obviously this isn't something that can be easily done, but in my mind the idea at least has some merit. What do you guys think?


  • Until WuxiaWorld decides to implement this, you could use novelupdates.com
    It is a huge directory of translated novels, and has it's own ranking system.
  • yeah novel updates is pretty good but don't always just go by the ratings. you may find out that you actually like some novels that have lower ratings because everybody has different tastes. one last thing, since you read coiling dragon you should also read stellar transformations since it's "kind of" a sequel. 
  • We are going to make a new CMS, and we'll try to add the most common and/or basic features such system should have in order to make thigns easier for users when the number of novels grows. It's going to be tailored for our specific needs and will be made to handle our needs for a relatively long period of time, which a much higher number of novels. We are at the planning phase, and will make a list of features it should support. We'll try to take those suggestions and include them. Ratings and rankings are different concepts, but those will most likely be included. I can not give many details yet.
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