[Suggestion] Updates

Just a little suggestion to try and help with the new influx of novels and the almost certain increase in updates.
1) Personalized Update Streams: Possibly add a way for people to personalize the update streams, such as a filter that would allow them to limit the novels that show up in their update stream. That would reduce a lot of the clutter and allow people to easily see, at a glance, if the novels they prefer to view have been updated. Sight updates would be on all streams obviously, but just limiting the novels that update would be a huge boon for many readers.

If anyone else has any suggestions to ease the flow of updates, please make them known. If there is already a system being prepared or implemented, please just close this comment. Thank you for the time, and merry reading all!


  • I would love that^^ and a way to 'bookmark' the novels that you are reading.  If its too complicated to make personal updates then separating the 'recent posts' up by the translating groups so you don't have to dig so far down to find the link you want to find.
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    This is not enough?
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    I don't think personalizing the main page update stream is the way to go. I'd much rather have an account based bookmark system.

    Once a user has an account they should be able to subscribe to a story and be able to place a bookmark within that story for their current place. I went on a ski trip this weekend and being away for four days completely blew away my knowledge of where I was in multiple stories, plus with the higher volume of stories I can't as easily look back and find where I last was.

    I'm trying to go through some of the new ones and I'm tired of texting myself the chapter I read last at work so I can continue at home. Would also massively help with mobile <-> pc transitions, as clicking through 5-6 links on your phone to get to chapter 200/785 is not user or data friendly.
  • Well, I hate to be only able to repeat myself in every thread with suggestions but... We are going to get a new CMS, and are at the planning phase. We are going to compile a list of features we'd like it to have, and we'll try to include the most common suggestions there. It will take a bit of time, but it's coming. So please, bear with us for a little longer. 
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