[Spoiler] King of Gods Summary

Just finished the MTL which is actually readable.... if you still have any questions ask away while I still remember lol....I'm going to butcher the names cuz I'm bad with names and so is MTL. (Read the last para or so if you just want the mystery of Brahma universe solved)

The ranks are the body tempering (9 levels) -> ascended sky (7 layers) -> true spirit (spiritual master, true profound, true lord) -> Origin (origin core , great core) -> void god boundary (void god king , great emperor) -> Mystic light (Saint Lord, Saint King, Half-God) -> true god (true god rank 1 - 6, ancient god rank 7 - 9) Levels gets blurry around here (basically like in ISSH, quasi gods/peak Half-gods can build their foundation to step into a higher level of true god, for example quasi god can step into rank 5 true god (which is typical for holy land genius) -> Ancient Gods start comprehending profound truths when they max out at level 9-10 for 1 profound truth they reach God Lord (3 layers) God Lord comprehend Laws (initial - 1 layer one, small - 2, great accomplishment 3) When God Lords comprehend a complete Law -> God King If a God King has a complete ancestral weapon or has a original God eye -> Ruler level

After MC god eye fully awakens he learns that he is at the world level (and that Rulers are actually half-world level). And after world level (as MTL has it) is Good Fortune Level (either completely wrong or literal translation) I interpret that as hack mode.


In the translated version on GT, the floating crest competition just finished and he obtained the lightning inheritance.

Next up is the alliance competition in which the moon sect participates. MC wins, then the scarlet religion backs the Iron country to take over the sky country which affects the 13 clan/sect alliance. So MC has to go on the run bc the bad guys hate his guts and he is targeted by the scarlet religion hall master (aka skeleton). Zhao Yufei disappears again when 13 alliance gets taken over. (whatever happened to her grandpa? no1 knowsss). MC is around ascended realm peak.

He escapes to a distant country to find Princess Qin to save the 13 alliance and here he is accidentally forced to be engaged with his second/last (he met Yufei first) love interest, Liu Qinxin. He escapes/ditches her which pisses off her father so much that he ranks up to true lord level. But then he swears to return to marry her bc he's guilty/feels like he owes her, anywhooo they are tied by fate now. (Wise man Lu (the oracle) had three students-dao of fate, charm, and something else, they all died except the dao of charming Princess Qin, the dao of fate student was Liu Qinxin's master. He explores a notorious pirates interitance and gains some cool skills. It turns out that pirate dishonored Princess Qin so his plan to ask her for help fails.(sky peng great country)

Next is big competition is Saint Region True Dragon Meeting, and he is one of the reps for sky peng. Origin Core venerables look over the meeting. He is around spiritual master level now. After the meeting, if enough talent potential better inheritances appears. Heavens Secret, Ice, etc. appears. Scarlet Realm Inheritance is stolen by Scarlet religion through some loophole.(I think MC hair is blue around here his God eye transforms around true spirit realm and he goes to sleep for a while - it goes green -> blue -> purple -> gold -> silver and I might be missing a color in between)

Suddenly a never before seen mysterious inheritance appears (purple sain ruins) bc Yufei has the spirit clan bloodline - high talent potential (immemorial race rank 19 or somewhere around there). Right, Yufei shows up in one of the other countries/sects participating in the true dragon meeting. And Qinxin goes to the Zither inheritance. Yufei is chose as inheritor by the remnant spirit of a mystic saint lord lady. There MC runs into three 2 star influences genius juniors (so the top dog is Void god king who are trying to break into the inheritance realm bc the remnant spirit is getting weaker). He pwns them and is given a token to return later to the inheritiance (purple sain ruins). He learns green flower territory is not a continent but a large island. (Cool move MC has is he can project his eye abilities cross space as a giant eye in the sky, he learns/copies eye techniques along the way)

My memory gets fuzzy around here so things might be out of order. He leaves the inheritance, travels around powers up, kills spiritual master yun hai in moon sect. (He also beats the skeleton hall master and enslaves him and they dig up the 100 corpse graveyard to make a ghost fog battle formation). (oh right, he gets thunder technique of great emperor of thunder from purple saint remnant spirit, it focuses speed and power)

At some point he goes back to saint ruins through the token bc of space holes that the 2 star influence void gods are creating.He helps fix the holes but some people get in. A space type eye dude breaks in but MC kills him but he happened to have a death token which sends the great emperor of death (void god 2nd stage) cross space strength to strangle him. MC successfully defends against it but long story short,great emperor of death is a god eye of death descendant and he senses MC has a god eye so through the death token so he sends his death guards to search high and low. (GEOD uses a eye technique to estimate MC location that takes a toll on him so he has to recuperate).

Meanwhile, MC goes to a towards the Zither inheritance to find Qinxin bc of his promise. He breaks through to Origin Core at some point and breeds king will (void gods have it). Has some skirmishes with death guards (skeleton hall master is still with him, piloting the ghost corpse formation ). He reaches true martial region and stays in profound true saint sect (3 star influence) to cultivate/hide from GEOD. In the sect, there a half god inheritance, he gains some more good stuff and also revives the half god that owned the inheritance through a blood rebirth (basically drop of the half god blood, half god will, and precious materials).

He enslaves half god Kun Yun which rebirths into a toddler. Kun Yun quickly builds his realm to true spirit. One of the great emperors Duanmu Qing in the sect goes and gets Zhao Yufei from purple saint ruins bc the remnant spirit is his relative/aunt? (Purple hair transformation). When he and Yufei leave to go the Continent Territory to help Duanmu Family (1 of 8 great families), MC also leaves to search for Qinxin. (Around this time, he discovers god eye source is linked to huge immemorial realm but he slowlyyyy gets used to the pressure - afterwards he is hunting common animals whose meat have immemorial aura)

There is another pirate inheritance. Within it there is a heavens secret inheritance/city where he gets some power ups (some immemorial race ice bloodline + new improved five element thunder cultivation technique that can reach mystic light realm, thunder body tempering technqie - which can help with breakthrough to god realm - resisting god thunder calamity). But he can't use these cultivation tech. bc of incompatible body. Instead he incorporates thunder calamity into his soul. (he gets the thunder calamity from the head of half god kun yun corpse who died from god thunder calamity)

He finds Zither inheritance located in brahma wheel palace and learns Qinxin reached the highest floor (each floor is related to dao of fate) but she died and her lingering thought leaves behind a copper coin which helps promote his soul intent/domain. He breaks through to Void God king at some point and by the final showdown with great emperor of death, he breeds Great emperor will. (skeleton hall master is origin core so he is not much help, half god kun yun is initial void god king while MC is intermediate void god king).

He "kills" GEOD and ends up getting cursed by him. (perishing language from shaman clan (rank 2 or so in immemorial race) technique. (GEOD nearly kills half god kun yun as well wiping MC's soul brand - he hides from MC). The curse basically is progressively destroying his body/cultivation. He travels back to green territory and at some point solves scarlet religion master (so much hype for this poor fellow and it was the skeleton hall master that squashed him).

Skeleton hall master is left in charge and Wise man Liu Wu tells MC that he will have to find eye of samsara to find reincarnated qinxin. To solve the curse he needs to find some other impossible thing or discard his current body. He makes the three 2 star influences (the one that tried to break into purple saint ruins and chase him) sign a contract to help green territory and vice versa. He dropped to origin core but still had great emperor will to scare void god king. (gains temporary nickname left eye monarch)

MC hurries along to continent territory edge and does a body possessing rebirth where he found a dying person who is actually named Zhao Feng(wind) - MC name is Zhao Feng(Peak). He rebuilds cultivation and conveniently uses the improved cultivation tech. that he couldn't earlier (five elements of thunder). He discovers actual immemorial races (thought to be extinct) in his eye source realm as he continues to explore it. Meanwhile he gets to next competition in imaginary god realm. He meets his friend from profound true saint sect, Nangong sheng - who gets the evil god inheritance there. MC also unleashes a black flood dragon (has world extinguishing dragon clan immemorial bloodline) that escapes the imaginary god realm. (an evil spirit also escapes...pops up way later). He learns god eye new skills (gold transformation) at some point where he analyze stuff/decompose and copy skill where he can copy certain items. He is around void god great emperor strength right now.

MC gets involve in crown prince struggle, he backs 9th prince (he also makes a new influence called Sovereign Palace). He offends Hidden Palace (4 star peak influence - aka has half god) bc he got all the good stuff from imaginary god realm. Each prince and team goes to compete for the ddragon throne (GoT anyone?) by collecting dragon aura or something.

Turbo speed turned on ......9th Prince wins -> finds samsara eye (evil - sends GEOD after MC again) at some point -> war with serene dynasty (saint kings appear, MC saint lord) -> half gods appear, Xin Wuhen (actually god clan immemorial bloodline) opens open god clan corpse realm (i believe it was his giant corpse) ->afterwards true god appears to reclaim treasure on MC (obtained from giant god clan corpse) - eye bloodline descendants unite to kill true god -> ancient god elder appears to carry off Yufei to Wild God region (where true gods go)

MC gets to go to Wild God region as saint lord bc of eye -> offends influence runs around -> goes to immemorial secret realm (which is actually his eye source) - gets spatial robe -> the other genius eventually get booted from realm because MC is owner. -> travels to spirit clan - meets yufei - almost gets laid -> promote directly from quasi god to 7th rank true god (Ancient god) thanks to god eye help. -> starts cultivating 5 profound truths and space profound truth as main + time profound truth ->quasi god eye rank - silver eye transformation at some point - starts getting hack abilities (making illusion -> reality) -> makes contact with heavens secret's heaven defying faction (bad) that is stealing and experimenting on the 8 god eye bloodlines -> MC promotes to god lord majoring in space and minoring in time law > helps Xin Wuhen god clan resolve crisis -> heaven mending inheritance - chaos divine power > Celestial Lord of heaven defying clan is end boss -> heaven secret's sage faction (good) - Wise man Liu Wu was a clone of Yu Tianwu(sage faction leader/celestial diviner)

Celestial Lord combines 8 quasi god eye rank pupils + some of MC blood to obtain weak Sun Ancestor eyes - god eye rank (also has immemorial race rank 1st fiendgod body). He wages war on God Eye rulers (god king with original god eye). Eventually he kills samsara god eye ruler first then annihilation eye ruler, obtaining their eye strength source + abilities- his Sun Ancestor eye becomes more powerful. Liu Qinxin is actually destiny eye ruler but she reincarnated to better comprehend dao fate or something like that. In final boss fight, God eye ruler of death, punishment, life, space-time, and myriad forms (some other ruler level folks also join in temporary but get outclassed pretty fast) unite to summon false Sun Ancestor eye. They initially gain an advantage over Celestial Lord but they suck at controlling the sun ancestor eye compared to Celestial lord which ends up allowing CL absorb some of their powers to promote his eye to false Sun Ancestor eye rank. Meanwhile MC is standing on sidelines watching, his god eye (known as illusion god eye) is getting stimulated by the fight and evolving Sun Ancestor eye. CL kills off life ruler and now they are no longer a match for him. MC eye awakens like 80% to Illusion Ancestor eye (he makes things happen with his mind e.g. enhance attack etc.) and mops the floor with CL.

CL admits defeat and Wise man Liu Wu/ Sage faction leader ask to pardon him and help heavens secret clan leave (both factions goal is to leave Brahma Universe bc they came from outside (real space). MC takes Sun Ancestor eye and puts in his right eye. Finally, MC's eye completely awakens, Wild God Continent, etc. all of Brahma universe disappears. It was all a dream hence Illusion Ancestor Eye. He wakes up in space like area.

A remnant thought (lets call him bob) of good fortune level (remember this level....) explains to MC that a war occurred in which bob died (some kind of buddhist universe shattered). Some of bob's powers dispersed and subconsciously created the Brahma universe formed (a imaginary universe). The top race in brahma universe is immemorial race fiendgod - which had two ancestors, Sun Ancestor eye and Illusion Ancestor eye. These two fight since there can only be one king of the hills and Brahma universe (the imaginary universe) shatters into a trillion fragments. They both die and Illusion Ancestor splits Sun Ancestor's eye into 8 god eyes, while his left eye is dispersed and falls on Zhao Feng. At this point, only Zhao Feng is "real". The remnant thought transfer the rest of powers to MC and he becomes new Sun/Illusion Ancestor at the good fortune level. He falls asleep again to recreate imaginary Brahma Universe. He sends heavens secret clan on their way and eventually bring Lin Qinxin and Yufei (and the cat) to the real space by rebirthing their souls and his to a new world (this one is real or is it?). Some fun aftermath chapters, where he is born again and struts around in regular cultivator body with good fortune level/hackmode soul, finds the cat and the girls and marries them both. The END.



  • Thx man, you would be really welcome to do that in other completed novels xD
  • RIIIcardo said:
    Thx man, you would be really welcome to do that in other completed novels xD
    I totally would if the MTL were readable lol... this one happened to be pretty readable :D
  • What is the real status of yufei's grandfather?
  • solgera said:
    What is the real status of yufei's grandfather?
    [spoiIer] Something I was wondering as well because he was never mentioned later on. Last time he was mentioned was either when he left with Yufei when avoiding the dude from moon sect (I'm positive here) or when he dropped her off with one of the sects that participated in the True Dragon Meeting (I could be imagining this one). This would have been around the 300 - 400 chapters. But I'm sure he wasn't mentioned later on unless I somehow missed it

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    The ending is very confusing and a major let down after all that text.  

    The whole "it is all imaginary" doesn't make sense. 

    His 2 future wives are not real, so how is recreating them and then rebirthing them meaningful?  Same with the cat. 

    How does helping out the CL and other sect help if they were all fake?

    I can't see how the English translation can help this make any sense.

    Then it starts an entire new novel, which abruptly ends.

    I liked the series overall, but this ending was very disappointing.