A Theory about the Desolate Era ending

In the last chapter of DE, we see that main aim of the Sithe Chaoslord was to revive the "universe" that existed long before the 9 Chaosverse came into existence. Now what if , all Sithe Chaoslord was trying to do , is to take control of the revived "universe", and become something similar to a "Grandmist Controller" ? I mean , apart from doing that, I can't really find anything logical behind the Sithe Chaoslord's actions...

Since we haven't seen the Lords of Chaos to have any ability to create anything like a cosmos, but reviving a similar existence that existed in the past doesn't include in the "creation" territory, it's more of a "time control" thing. And maybe , by mixing the energy of a Chaoslord and a Grandmist Controller, one can become a true Omnipotent , not just limited to one's own territory?

Now I know DE story might not be related with CD or ST, but IET never denied this part did he? At least I haven't seen or read anything like that. Maybe in the next novel from IET, we will get to know further information from this topic.

Tell me what you think

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  • I tend to think that he was just trying to push himself to a new level of power.

    Part of the theme of Desolate Era is that there are no upper limits. You can just keep cultivating and cultivating and cultivating and you'll just keep breaking through the new levels.

    I tend to fall into the camp that in terms of feats Ji Ning was already above the level of a Grandmist controller by the time he first became a Daolord.
    A Chaosverse has 10,000 major words and a million minor worlds. Already that's way beyond the scale of the Yulan continent that Linley starts off in. And even the infernal realm would just be Ji Ning's adventures as an immortal. He was a major player in the war between his chaosverse and the Seemless chaosverse, which was already on the same scale as the battle at the end of Coiling Dragon, based on the reference points we're given for both series'.

    And Ji Ning has conflicts way beyond that war. Putting him --in my mind-- way above a Grandmist controller.

    As a side note, I Eat Tomatoes has in fact stated that Stellar Transformations and Coiling Dragon are a duology.
    Desolate Era is completely unrelated.
    I'll see if I can dig it up the source for that tomorrow. It was in an inverview with the author and I'm pretty sure I had to resort to google translate, given my very basic understanding of written Chinese (Hence the reason why I read on here instead of reading raws.)
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